physics please HELP !

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  1. Pre ALGEBRA

    what are the next three terms in the sequence -6, 5, 16, 27? A)38,49,60 B)37,47,57 C)36,45,54 D)36,46,57 i think its a Am i right Somebody help me please DAMON,MS.SUE, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME
  2. English

    please tell me how can we Use of get + past participle and identify in sentence? I got injured. He will get married. Please tell me by example.
  3. Algrebra, Graphs, Math

    How do I sketch my graph of X+Y=3? Please help! I don't understand. Do I need to solve this like the rest of my previous graphs if so, then how? Please Help!
  4. Math

    A rectangular prism has a volume of 7.875 m to 3 cube and a height of 3.5m . What is the area of the base of the prism? Please show me each step to get this. Please
  5. Math

    A rectangle prism has a volume of 6.84m^3 and a hight of 1.2m. What is the area of the base of the prism. Please show all steps in doing v this. Please
  6. physics (cross product vectors)

    Two vectors are lying in the xz plane: A=2.00i + 3.00k and B= -9.00i + 2.00k. a) What is the value of AxB? Check my solution: I found through calculations that the value is 23j. b) What is the magnitude |AxB|? I could do ABsin theta, but I have no angle between. So am confused...
  7. math

    someone please help please help don't understand solve each literal equation for the indicated variable. (solve for s) d=c-s ______ n
  8. Download please?

    Can anyone please download the prep guide for the nystce exam for me? My computer isn't compatible and I need it a.s.a.p. Thanks in advance.
  9. Pre-Algebra(please check)

    Please check these simplified expressions(my answer is after the ;) 4(2k-6)-8(3-3k); -16k-(-48) 9+(-2k)+(-4)-6k; -8k+5 -x+4x-(-8x)-9+2x+1; 13x+(-8) 5(-3x+6)+8x; -7x+30 8+6x+4-8x; -2x+12 5(-m-3)+4m-10; -9m+5
  10. algebra

    multiplying monomials - please advise if this is correct? If not please advise where I went wrong? -12sq*3s = -36sq^2
  11. 5th math

    ms. sue please!explain to me one again i'm not getting it yet. 1/4+1/8= ? step by step please!! thank you..
  12. TO Helper

    Helper could you please look through my other Algebra Math posts, I really need help, please and thank you.
  13. chemistry NEED SERIUOS HELP PLEASE!!!!

    a)issues of biodegradibility of plastic b)methods of waste disposal and the issues PLEASE HELP THANK YOU
  14. geology please help me urgent if you can please

    the question is below: explain the role of sedimentary rocks in the rocks cycle?
  15. Rational Forms

    List all the possible rational zeros of f(x)=3x^3-x^2+2x=2. Please help me. I don't understand how to do this. Can someone show me please.
  16. algebra

    -4r^2+21r=r+13 3s^2-26s+2=5s^2+1 Please, please could you be so nice and help me with step by step, I can't find right solution, Thank you so much!!!!
  17. Precalculus

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!! Find all solutions in the interval [0,2π). 7. 2 sin^2x=sin x Please answer asap
  18. Math

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!! Find all solutions in the interval [0,2π). 7. 2 sin^2x=sin x Please answer asap
  19. MATH

  20. Math help please

    1. The ordered pairs (1, 1), (2, 8), (3, 27), (4, 64), and (5,125) represent a function. What is a rule that represents this function? Y = x Y = 4x Y = x^2 Y = x^3 I don't know how to solve this please help!
  21. Maths

    Can someone please help me out here. I can't figure out how to do them. I need Pr(A) to do them with the formulas that I know. Please help! Given that Pr(B) = 1/5, Pr(A|B) = 1/3 and Pr(A|B') = 1/3. Determine: a) Pr(A and B') b) Pr(A) c) Pr(B'|A)
  22. Math! Please help!

    This is an inequality problem/question. I dont know if I'm right in solving this problem: 15 ≤-k/4-9 (k/4 is a fraction) Please help! I got 5.25 ≤k
  23. exponential functions help please

    hi i am stuck on this can someone please help me through it. Thanks. does the table represent an exponential function? X/1/2/3/4 Y/4/8/12/16 ikd?
  24. algebra

    help please!! write an equation of a parabola with vertex at the origin and the given focus focus at (2,6)??? Please help im lost!!

    ADDITIONAL INO ADDED AT BOTTOM a spectator at a hockey game is sitting in a seat situated 10.4m above ground leve. if the spectator has a mass of 52.6 kg, calculate her gravitational potential energy relative to: a)ground level Eg=mgh =52.6X9.8X10.4 =5360.99J b)the ice surface...

    Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. 2. Please include in your post the answer or response you ...
  27. physics

    The mass of each of the two blocks is 1.50 kg, and the insulated tank is filled with 220 g of water. What is the increase in the temperature of the water after the blocks fall through a distance of 2.50 m? I am trying to use the eq Q=MCTriangleT however i do not know where to ...
  28. Physics :)

    John and Joan walk in opposite directions around a circular path, starting from the same point. The path has a radius of 50.0 meters. John walks at 1.00 m/s, Joan at 1.25 m/s. How long will it take for them to meet? Can someone please explain this to me?! I keep getting it ...
  29. physics

    In the problem, please assume the free-fall acceleration g = 9.80 m/s2 unless a more precise value is given in the problem statement. Ignore air resistance. A stone is thrown vertically downward from the roof of a building. It passes a window 15.0 m below the roof with a speed...
  30. physics ..PLEASE HELP ASSIGN DUE SOON :(

    A microphone has an area of 3.0cm^2. It receives during a 6.00s time period a sound energy of 1.0x10-11J. What is the intensity of the sound? b). Using the intensity in the previous question, what is the variation of pressure in the sound wave if the speed of sound is 343m/s ...
  31. Physics (Velocity in two dimensions)

    Please explain, A clown in a circus is about to be shot out of a cannon with a muzzle velocity of 15.2 m/s, aimed at 52.7° above the horizontal. How far away should his fellow clowns position a net to ensure that he lands unscathed? The net is at the same height as the mouth ...
  32. Physics

    Just reposting. A cricket ball rotates at 1800 rev/min as it travels through the space in a straight line at 160 km/hr. How many times does it revolve after traveling 20m? Can someone confirm with me if 13.5 revolutions in 20m is right. That's the answer i got to. If it's ...
  33. physics, please help

    An object of mass m can slide without friction on a tabletop. A horizontal string tied to the object passes through a frictionless hole in the table and is connected to a second, hanging mass, M. If m is put into motion so that it moves in a circular path of radius r, find a) ...
  34. Math

    Can someone please please help me understand how to go about solving this? (not really answering it, but actually explaining it-pretty please?) "The zipper and the safety pin were invented in the 14th century. The safety pin was invented 44 years before the zipper. The sum of ...
  35. physics

    A satellite has a mass of 5850kg and is in a circular orbit 4.1*10^5m above the surface of a planet. The period of the orbit is two hours. the radius of the planet is 4.15*10^6m.What is the true weight of the satellite when it is at rest on the planet's surface? can anyone ...
  36. physics please help

    A 5.00 kg ball (ball 1), moving to the right at a velocity of +4.00 m/s on a frictionless table, collides head-on with a stationary 7.60 kg ball (ball 2). Find the final velocities of the balls if the collision is as specified below. (a) elastic collision ball 1 ball 2 (b) ...
  37. more physics ):

    A tennis player places a 51 kg ball machine on a frictionless surface, as shown below. The machine fires a 0.067 kg tennis ball horizontally with a velocity of 33.4 m/s toward the north. What is the final velocity of the machine? Can you please EXPLAIN how to get the answer?!
  38. physics ( please help me)

    A brick with a mass of 0.400kg is pressed against a vertical spring with force constant k=500 N(m^-1) such that the spring is compressed 0.200m. When the brick is released, how high does it rise from this position? (the brick and the spring are not attached. The spring has ...
  39. Physics (Please help!)

    Three resistors of different values can be connected together in different configurations. If all three resistors are used in a circuit, how many different values of total resistance can be produced? I can only find five... but the answer key says eight.

    a 33 kg lawnmower is pulled by a 100N force on flat ground. The handle makes a 10 degree angle with the ground. The coefficient of friction between grass and lawnmower wheels is 0.10. Calculate normal force, force of friction and acceleration
  41. Physics

    A spaceship is on a straight-line path between the Earth and the Moon. At what distance from Earth is the net gravitational pull on the probe from the Earth and the moon zero? Mass of Earth = 6×10^24 kg. Mass of Moon = 7×10^22 kg. Can someone please confirm if my answer of ...

    I can’t think of the word- please help!!! Hi. I am writing a story and need to find a word to describe the sound that bowling pins make when they are hit by the ball. The only word I got so far is “Crash”. I need a better word. Any ideas? I have tried a thesaurus, but it...
  43. physics!

    A pitcher throws a 0.140-kg baseball, and it approaches the bat at a speed of 40.0m/s. The bat does nonconservative W=70.0J on the ball in hitting it. Ignoring air resistance, determine the speed of the ball after the ball leaves the bat and is 25.0m above the point of impact...
  44. PHYSICS!!!HELP£¡£¡

    A pitcher throws a 0.140-kg baseball, and it approaches the bat at a speed of 40.0m/s. The bat does nonconservative W=70.0J on the ball in hitting it. Ignoring air resistance, determine the speed of the ball after the ball leaves the bat and is 25.0m above the point of impact...
  45. physics

    A massless spring with spring constant 16.7 N/m hangs vertically. A body of mass 0.220 kg is attached to its free end and then released. Assume that the spring was unstretched before the body was released. How far below the initial position does the body descend? please show ...
  46. physics problem

    The density of a sample of air is 1.157 kg/m3, and the bulk modulus is 1.42 · 105 N/m2. a) Find the speed of sound in the air sample. -----> I found it 350.3 m/s and its correct. b) Find the temperature of the air sample. Give answer in °C. ----> I cant find this :S ...

    VERY IMPORTANT FOR A PHYSICS PRESENTATION.. PLEASE HELP & EXPLAIN CLEARLY??? THANKS SO MUCH! (a) why is the centripetal force neede to keep a body moving in a circular path? (b) In what direction does a centripetal force accelerate the body on whic it acts?? (c) Upon what ...
  48. Alzheimer's please!

    Are there any websites where I can go too for treatments there are for Alzheimier's?PLease help!(It can not be a . com webpage) This is the website for the Alzheimer's organization.
  49. mat 117/algebra

    Find a value for k so the 9m^2-kn^2 will have the factors 3m + 7n and 3m -7n. Please show me how to get this and show the work please. Use that (a-b)(a+b) = a^2 - b^2 So, you can read-off that k = 49.
  50. AED

    help please. I need Interpersonal Development characteristics for infancy which is birth till 2 and i need it for earl childhoon which is 2-6 yrs of age please.
  51. Chemistry

    please I need help with this. what is the difference between molality, normality and molarity? and adhesive forces and cohesive forces? I am very confused. please help thanks
  52. english help please

    in the short story "gregory" by panos ioannides why does the author choose to use the title Gregory can someone please help me with the question thank you
  53. Math

    2(5x + 1) = 3(3x + 7) a) x = 19 b) x = 20 c) x = 21 Can you please explain it step by step please? I don't get the question and I want some easy, thorough explanation with a through guide of what you're calculating. Thank you so much!
  54. math algebra please help!

    my teacher: me: (1) x+y=670 " ? " (2) 7x+5y=3740 somebody please __________ explain this to me (1) -7x-7y=4690 step by step, thanks:) -2y=-900 y=450
  55. Algebra (please help!)

    Pretend the parentheses are absolute value bars. Solve: (x+5) < 5 The choices are: a. -10 < x < 0 b. -5 < x < 5 c. -10 < x < 5 d. -10 < x < 10 I'm not sure how to solve this and how the answers relate to the question. Please help if you can! Thank ...
  56. Science/Math

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other previous posts. Please take your time to look through them, thanks
  57. Science

    good day! can you please give me the wave explanation for colors? i need it for my report tomorrow. i need an immediate answer please!
  58. math

    my topic is all about sums and differences of a rational algebraic expression this is the problem 3a/ax+ay + 2a/ax+ay another problem is a/4a+1 + 2/4a^2-7a-2 another is 3/a-b + 4/a+2b please anyone else who can answer my assignment please HELP ME!
  59. algebra check + help please?

    How do I solve this? -90>( with an line under that sign) 4T I think you flip the sign or something? I'm not really sure.. Could someone please help?
  60. Math

    Please help me about solving kuadratic equations: X^2-2(1-3m)x+7(3+2m)=0 Find m parametter that equations to have the same solves x1=x2,so Discriminant D=b^2-4ac D=0. Please Help me.
  61. Pre Algebra

    Find the Original Amount: NEW AMOUNT: 210 75% INCREASE **please help me as soon as possible and explain steps please!**
  62. Maths

    The product of two consecutive positive numbers is 42 Find the numbers Please write this problem in quadratic equation form please
  63. Algebra II

    Hyperbolas: Could someone please tell me how to determine if the following indicate the foci are on the x-axis or the y-axis? x^2/4 -y^2/16 = 1 x^2/49 - y^2/9 = 1 x^2/36 - y^2/16 = 1 please explain how to set the equations up thank you
  64. spanish

    How do you say "This special is only valid today" Please don't use google translate or another translator. Please answer if you are fluent in Spanish.
  65. Help me please I dont know this quation

    How to affect lattice energy,charge on the ion and radius of the ion, the solublity of the substance. please if it is possible with example
  66. Algebra 1

    Help me please. y=2x x+y=0 im working on solving systems by graphing. I don't know how slope work yet, right now we working on x and y intercepts. I'm Lose please help
  67. math (immediate help please)

    how many different four digit numbers can be obtained by using all four of these digits 5,1,1,5? show work please
  68. math

    Find the slope-intercept equation of the line with the following properties. Perpendicular to the line -9x-8y=96; containing the point (-8,-8) Can anyone please explain and help me please.
  69. math

    Find the unit rate. Round to the nearest tenth. 344 miles in 11 hours i try and try i still don't get it please anybody could help me please =(
  70. Math -Ms. Sue please help

    Graph the inequality... y>-5x+3 All it shows is 4 graphs that are shaded - and I have to choose one...they are all dotted..can you help me please...
  71. please help me

    It takes Omar four minutes to eat eight carrot sticks. How long does it take him to eat one? Please answer and explain.
  72. Math

    [(-1)^3]^4-[(-1)^4/(-1)^3]^2 PLEASE HELP!!! The answer i come up with does not match answer on calculator. The big brackets are confusing me. Please help to explain this. Thanks so much for your help especially Steve
  73. Spanish

    Please list Typical foods of Costa Rica. Please answer. I need this in 1 hour. Thank you for persons who answer this question in advance.
  74. Algebra 2

    Please help me solve and find the excluded values for this problem. Also please show me the work for this problem I want to learn!@!@!. 49X^6+7X^7/28X^8
  75. Algebra

    Please check and see if my answer are correct 1). 24v^2w^5x^8-20v^7w^9= -4v^2w^5(5v^5w^4-6x^8) 2). 81-25z^2= (5z+9)(9-5z) 3). 5y^3-7y^2-15y+21=(y^2-3)(5y-7) 4). x^2+4x-12= (x+6)(x-2) 5). 3x^2-26x+16= (x-8)(3x-2) 6).4v^6+6v^5-18v^4= 2v^4(2v-3)(v+3) 7). solve for y y^2+6y+8=0 y...
  76. Math please check

    Find the equation of the line that contains the point (3, 2) and is parallel to the line 3x − 9y = 0. I know I solve for y and I get y= -3x/-9 but I am not sure where to go from here please help.
  77. math

    Mr. Steve, thank you very much to answer my question on Sunday, 23 August at 1:44 pm. But please, show me how to get : Number 1 : 1. D = -1 Dx = -2 Dy = -3 Number 2 : 2. D = -5 Dx = -14 Dy = -3 Because the steps to know that is important for me. Please...
  78. science please help

    Help please. According to the following diagram, approximately how much time goes by between phase H and phase B? explain your answer.
  79. Maths

    A median of a number is 5. A mean is 5. They're five different numbers. They're not integers. Workout the numbers. Please help me I got a test tomorrow please!:)
  80. math

    Please does anyone have ANSWERS for the UNIT 7 LESSON 8 SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES? FWI: It's Algebra 1 NOT PRE algebra please if I fail I'll get an F!!!!!!!
  81. precal Please Help

    1-cos (2A)/2sin A+ SIN (2A)= tan (A/2) I need to verify the identity I have no idea how to do that and I have a test please explain!!!
  82. Algebra

    Write the expression as a single logarithm. log_3 40-log_3 10 I'm completely confused with logarithmic equations!! Can someone please please help me understand?
  83. Math please help

    What are some common or unique formulas that we use in our everyday life? Please add information as to how and why we use the formula.
  84. geometry

    find the values of angles X, Y, and Z. x=91; y= 51;z=31 x=89; y=91; z=0 x=60; y=120; z=31 please HELP!!! math 7 B unit 1 geometry test!!!! anyone from Connections Academy 7th grade please help me
  85. Physics

    please check my answers, they are Capitalized 1. the SI base unite used to measure mass is the a. meter b. second. C. kilogram d. liter 2. how does a scientist reudce the frequency of human error and minimize a lack of accuracy? a. take repeated measurements b. use the same ...
  86. physics

    please show me a simple formula to solve this find the final equilibirum temperature when 10.0 g of milk at 10.0degC is added to 1.60 * 10^2 g of coffee with a temperature of 90.0degC. assume the specific heats of coffee and milk are the same as for water (Cp,w=4.19J/g*degC), ...
  87. Grade 11th Physics

    This question is based upon differential calculus. Velocity of the particle is given by the equation: v = (2t^2+5)cm/s. Find:- (i) The change in velocity of the particle during the time interval t1 = 2s and t2 = 4s. (ii) Average acceleration during the same interval. (iii) ...
  88. Physics

    A uniform rod 8m long weighing 5kg is supported horizontally by two vertical parallel strings at P and Q,and at distances of 2m,and 6m from one end. Weights of 1kg,1.5kg and 2kg are attached at distances of 1m,5m and 7m respectively from thesame end. What is tension in each ...
  89. Physics Help!!!

    One of the 79.0 -long strings of an ordinary guitar is tuned to produce the note (frequency 245 ) when vibrating in its fundamental mode. Part A- If the tension in this string is increased by 3.2 , what will be the new fundamental frequency of the string? F= ? Hz i understood ...
  90. Physics Help!!!

    One of the 79.0 -long strings of an ordinary guitar is tuned to produce the note (frequency 245 ) when vibrating in its fundamental mode. Part A- If the tension in this string is increased by 3.2 , what will be the new fundamental frequency of the string? F= ? Hz i understood ...
  91. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    Two ice skaters hold hands and rotate, making one revolution in 7.6 s. Their masses are 15 kg and 50 kg, and they are separated by 4.6 m. Find the angular momentum of the system about their center of mass. Answer in units of J · s Find the total kinetic energy of the system. ...
  92. physics

    A cylindrical brass container with a base of 80.0 cm^2 and height of 20.0 cm is filled to the brim with water when the system is at 25.0° C. How much water overflows when the temperature of the water and the container is raised to 96.1° C? (The coefficient of volume ...
  93. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    Two ice skaters hold hands and rotate, making one revolution in 7.6 s. Their masses are 15 kg and 50 kg, and they are separated by 4.6 m. Find the angular momentum of the system about their center of mass. Answer in units of J · s Find the total kinetic energy of the system. ...
  94. Physics(please help)

    Four very thin rods, each 8.3 m long, are joined to form a square. The center of mass of the square is located at the coordinate origin. The rod on the right is then removed. What are the x- and y-coordinates of the center of mass of the remaining three-rod system? I have no ...
  95. Physics Circular Motion

    A 0.40-kg ball, attached to the end of a horizontal cord, is rotated in a circle of radius 2.0 m on a frictionless horizontal surface. If the cord will break when the tension in it exceeds 75 N, what is the maximum speed the ball can have? May someone please walk me through ...
  96. Physics

    A small coin is inside a bowl. The bowl is a surface of revolution of the curve y=100x4 m−3. This coin slides around the inside of the bowl at a constant height of y=0.01 m above the bottom of the bowl. What is its angular velocity in rad/s? please just say the method , ...
  97. Help Please!!!- Physics

    A plane flies due north (90° from east) with a velocity of 100 km/h for 3 hours. During this time, a steady wind blows southeast at 30 km/h at an angle of 315° from due east. After 3 hours, where will the plane’s position be relative to its starting point? Show your work.
  98. physics

    A thick metal slab carries a current I A uniform magnetic field B points perpendicular to the slab (and into the page). If point P on the slab is at a higher potential than point Q , what can we say about the charge carriers that produce the current in the slab? Need some help...
  99. physics...damon please help

    Ten meter long steel railroad rails are laid end to end, with no space between, on a hot day when the temperature is 115°F. Six months later the temperature has dropped to -2°F.How much space now exists between each rail?
  100. physics

    An Olympic diver falls from rest from the platform 10m high. At what velocity does the diver hit the water is acceleration in 9.8m/s^2. Do I assume "rest" means a initial velocity of 0? Could the formula be: d= (vf^2-vi^2)/2(a) ? as in d=10, a=9.8 vi=0 vf = √(d x 2(a)+ ...
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