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Math please check answer

please check my answer thanks What would be the amount of compound interest on $ 8,000 invested for one year at 6 %, compounded quarterly ? (need to show all of your work ) ok this is what I got $8,000 x 0.6 = $ 480 $ 480 / 4 = $120 $120 x 0.6 / 4 = $ 121.80 $8,241.80 x 0.6 /4...


For the answer to the following post, do you mean that the frequency does not depend on the radius? Posted by Johnny on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 5:49pm. The frequency of circular motion for a charged particle moving around in the presence of a uniform magnetic field does ...


The information on a one-gallon paint can is that the coverage, when properly applied, is 450 ft sq. One gallon is 231 cubic inches. What is the avg. thickness of the paint in such an application? Please explain how to do this. The answer should be in inches.


A merry-go-round accelerates from est at .870 rad/sec^2. When the merry-go-round has made 4 complete revolutions, how much time has elapsed since the merry-go round started? What is the angular velocity of the merry-go round? Could someone help, please


A car sits at a red light. Once the light turns in green, the driver accelerats at a rat of 3.5m/s^2. How far has the car moved after 6 seconds? I have so far d= (1/2)at^2 please check is it (1/2)(3.5m/s^2)(6 seconds) is the answer 1.75 m/s^2 x 6 sec=10.5 m/s^2? Thank you


A hydraulic jack is used to move an 8896 Newton car. If the area of the output piston is 8 times that of the input piston, how much input force is required to lift the the car? Is this where I do P=PA or F1(A2)/F2 = A1(f2)/F2 F1 = A1F2/A2 Please help set this up. F2=8896 A1=8 ...

Physics - still confused -Please help

In 9.7 s a fisherman winds 2.1 m of fishing line onto a reel whose radius is 30 cm (assumed to be constant as an approximation). The line is reeled in at constant speed. Determine the angular speed of the reel in rad/s. Thank you.


A airplane is approaching you at a speed of 360km/h. If you measure the pitch of its approaching engines to be 512 Hz, what must be the actual frequency of the sound of the engines? The speed of sound in air is 345m/s answer is 364Hz please explain steps?


I'm super confused about how to approach this problem. Please help. A ball of Styrofoam (ρ = 100 kg/m3) is totally submerged in water. The ball has a mass of 300.0 g What is the volume of the ball? If a string holds the ball when it’s in the water, what’s the tension ...


The bulk modulus of water is B = 2.2 x 10^9 N/m2. What change in pressure Delta P (in atmospheres) is required to keep water from expanding when it is heated from 12.4 °C to 31.1 °C? I know that the equation for pressure is Delta P = Force / Area but I have no idea what I ...


A baseball thrown at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal strikes a building 18 m away at a point 8 m above the point it is thrown. Find the time taken by the ball to hit the building. Please show me how to set the problem up.


A 30-W led bulb and a 90-W led bulb are wired in the parallel to a 120-V source. You plug in a third bulb in parallel with the other two and the current increases to a 4.5-A, what is the wattage of the bulb you added? Please explain how you got the answer in steps.


A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.1kg,the bullet laves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s. Find the final velocity. (a) 20m/s (b) 23m/s (c) 30m/s (d) 45m/s (e) 15 m/s Please kindly help me with the questions I posted. Thank you


Using the motor principle explain why a motor is rotating in the direction indicated. I seriuosly have no idea, please help explain this theory to me. PHYSICS - drwls, Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 2:15pm To help you answer that question, I'd need a figure that shows what kind...


a bimetallic compound strip of brass and iron is 10cm long at 20C. When heated over a Bunsen burner flame the temperature of the brass rises to 800C and the iron to 750C. Calculate the difference in lengths of the iron and brass. (Ignore the bending effect)...please help


A 2.6 kg block slides down a 25° inclined plane with constant acceleration. The block starts from rest at the top. At the bottom, its velocity is 0.80 m/s. The incline is 1.6 m long. (a) What is the acceleration of the block? m/s2 wb=m*g=2.6*9.8=25.48 fp=25.48sin25=10.77n Fn=...


A mirror on the passenger side of your car is convex and has a radius of curvature with magnitude 18 cm. (a)Another car is seen in this side mirror and is 13 m behind the mirror, if the car is 1.5 m tall, what is the height of its image? I can't figure this one out! help please!

Physics(Please help)

A paperweight, when weighed in air, has a weight of W = 6.95 N. When completely immersed in water, however, it has a weight of Win water = 4.26 N. Find the volume of the paperweight. Would I multiply the two values of weight and then by the density of water?


Help please A wire carries a current of 5.2 A from east to west through a 6.0 m section of wire in the earth's magnetic field of 1 × 10^-5 T at a location where the magnetic field points south. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force acting on the wire? 3.1 × 10^-4 N 3.1...

Physics 11

A string that is 90cm long with a diameter of 0.75 mm and a tension of 60 N has a frequency of 100 Hz. What new frequency is heard when the length of the string is 100 cm long. Anyone help me please?


please help with either or both 1. a charge of 10C is passing in 2 second through a cross sectional area of a conductor. calculate the intensity of magnetic field at a distance of 10 cm from the conductor. 2. An amount of 3X10^20 electrons is passing in a conductor in 2 ms. ...


A fisherman yanks a fish out of the water with an acceleration of 4.5m/s2 using very light fishing line that has a ''test'' value of 100N. The fisherman unfortunately loses the fish as the line snaps. What can you say about the mass of the fish? (please help)


need help with this question please a 1kg block starts at rest and slides down the incline. the coefficient of friction between the incline and the block is 0.1. The height of the incline is 2m, and the angle is 30 degrees. use energy consideration to find the block's speed at...

physics - PLEASE HELP

A vertical spring (ignore its mass), whose spring constant is 980 N/m, is attached to a table and is compressed 0.160 m. (a) What speed can it give to a 0.400 kg ball when released? (b) How high above its original position (spring compressed) will the ball fly?


(how do I go about solving this, i know i need to conver 88days to secs and that would be 126,720. but I don't where to go from there, help please) What is the average linear speed of Mercury about the Sun? (The distance from the Sun to Mercury is 5.80 1010 meters. The orbital...


Find the magnitude and direction of a)the resultant b)the equilibrant of two forces 10N acting in the direction N030'E and 15N acting in the eastern direction if boths forces act at a point. Please solve nd give the details especially the B parts of the question.

Physics - Please Help

A 60 year old person has a threshold of hearing of 81.0 dB for a sound with frequency f=10,000 Hz. By what factor must the intensity of a sound wave of that frequency, audible to a typical young adult, (sound level=43.0 dB) be increased so that it is heard by the older person...


Please help me solve !!! Water flows into a swimming pool at the rate of 9.83 gal/min. If the pool dimensions are 33.4 ft wide, 44.9 ft long and 19.9 ft deep, how long does it take to fill the pool? (1 gallon = 231 cubic inches) Answer in units of min


Four people sit in a car. The masses of the people are 41 kg, 47 kg, 53 kg, and 55 kg. The car's mass is 1020 kg. When the car drives over a bump, its springs cause an oscillation with a frequency of 1.00 Hz. What would the frequency be if only the 41-kg person were present? ...

physics please help!

A bat moving at 6.5 m/s is chasing a flying insect. The bat emits a 37 kHz chirp and receives back an echo at 37.65 kHz. At what speed is the bat gaining on its prey? Take the speed of sound in air to be 336 m/s. Answer in units of m/s

Physics Help Please

1) two cars start at the same location and accelerate for the same amount of time. if one car has twice the acceleration of the other, how will the final speeds of the cars compare? by how much farther will the faster car outdistance the slower car?


On her trip from home to school, Karla drives along three streets after exiting the driveway. She drives 1.85 miles south, 2.43 miles east and 0.35 miles north. Determine the magnitude of Karla's resultant displacement. explanation on answer please


Light is shone from a liquid onto the air. The angle of incidence in the liquid is 45◦. The angle of refraction is measured to be 60◦ to the nearest degree. What is the refractive index of the liquid can anyone help please, I'm really stoked with this question and I'm not ...

math -please help!! asap

what is the vertical and horizontal difference between the two eqautions on a graph? Here are the eqautions- y=2x+3 y=2x-4 please help me on this. These two eqautions when graphed are parralell to each other i believe. But im not sure how to calculate the difference in ...


it has been 2 hours, can't someone please help me? I need to know if what I did was right, I think it is wrong and one of the numbers is supposed to subtracted instead of added. 2.44(t+1)^2 = 2.44 (t^2-2t-1) d=2.44t^2-4.88t+2.44 & then 1.83t^2=2.44t^2-4.88t+2.44 0=0.61t^2-4.88...


A steel beam is used in the construction of a skyscraper. By what fraction (change in L)/Lo does the length of the beam increase when the temperature changes from that on a cold winter day (-15 degree F) to that on a summer day (+ 105 degree F)? I got 0.00144 for the answer, ...


A pendulum of a given mass is pulled back through a given vertical height and released to swing back down to a 'wall' where it impacts. Can i use mg delta h to get E kin; and then use E= half mv^2 to get the collision impact velocity? Would someone check my thinking please? ...

physics help please

Consider a system in which 3.60 mol of an ideal monatomic gas is expanded at a constant pressure of 101 kPa from an initial volume of 2.15 L to a final volume of 3.87 L. (b) Find the change in temperature for this process. ? K (c) Determine the amount of heat added to or ...


please help me!! i need to explain what is the easiest angle to lift an object. to use as less newton as possible/ the object will lay on surface that i can state its degree/ the degree that requiers the lowest force needed is 26.91 i found it but my proffesor wants me to give...


Water drops over 49 m high Niagara Falls at the rate of 6.0 106 kg/s. If all the energy of the falling water could be harnessed by a hydroelectric power plant, what would be the plant's power output hey can you please do this one step at a time, i couldn't understand the ...


A single photon in empty space is converted into an positron and an electron, each with rest mass 511Mev. (a) show this transformation is not possible (dynamaically). (b)How could this transformation be made posible. (c)what is the minimum photon energy required to enable the ...


Consider two objects, A and B, both undergoing SHM, but with different frequencies, as described by the equations xsuba= 2.0msin(2.0t) and xsubB = 5.0msin(3.0t), where t is in seconds. After t = 0, find the next three times t at which both objects simultaneously pass through ...


A highway curve has a radius of 123 m. At what angle should the road be banked so that a car traveling at 26.5 m/s has no tendency to skid sideways on the road? [Hint: No tendency to skid means the frictional force is zero.] I can't get this one right either please someone ...


A toy race car starts from rest on a circular track of radius 4.30 m. The cars speed increases at the constant rate of 8.80 m/s2. At the point where the magnitudes of the centripetal and tangential accelerations are equal, determine (a) the speed of the race car. b) the ...


At what rate will a pendulum clock run on the Moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.63 m/s2 , if it keeps time accurately on Earth? That is, find the time (in hours) it takes the clock’s hour hand to make one revolution on the Moon. provide solutions and ...

College Physics PLEASE HELP

A cylindrically shaped piece of collagen is being stretched by a force that increases from 0 to 3.0 x 10^-2 N. The length and radius of the collagen are 2.5 and 0.091 cm. Young's Modulus is 3.1 x 10^6 N/m^2. a.) If the stretching obeys Hooke's Law, what is the spring constant...

Physics; help please :)

A transverse wave is observed to be moving along a lengthy rope. Adjacent crests are positioned 2.4m apart. Exactly six crests are observed to move past a given point along the medium in 9.1 seconds. Determine the wavelength, frequency and speed of these waves. tHank you :)

Physics -- check answer please

Refraction is: a) the way light behaves when it goes through a narrow opening b)the way teo light sources interact to produce interference patterns c) the absorption of one component of the electric field d) none of the above are correct my answer: d

Physics II

Please can anyone explain. Thank you. A rocket is launched vertically from ground with a constant acceleration. If the rocket emits a burst of sound every five seconds after launching, find the difference of intensity levels observed at the launching site for the first and the...

physics - another question

Sam is sitting in her fishing boat watching a trout swim below the surface. She guesses the apparent depth of the trout at 2.0m. She estimates that her eyes are about 1.0 m above the water's surface, and that the angle at which she's observing the trout is 45 degrees. b) ...

Physics(Please check)

After 14.6 s, a spinning roulette wheel has slowed down to an angular velocity of 1.22 rad/s. During this time, the wheel has an angular acceleration of -4.51 rad/s2. Determine the angular displacement of the wheel. I did w0= wf + (4.51)(14.6) = 1.22+45.1 46.32(14.6) - (1/2)(4...

college finance

hey...last one please..please...the accelerating colection..please... Doria's Corporation makes sales of $2,160,000 per annum. The average age of accounts recievable is 30 days. Management considers shortening credit terms by 10 days. Cost of money is 18% how much will the ...

Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

A recording engineer works in a soundproofed room that is 47.5 dB quieter than the outside. If the sound intensity in the room is 1.40 x 10^-10 W/m2, what is the intensity outside? I have done this numerous times and it is still wrong! -47.5 = 10 log (1.4x 10^-10/1x 10^-10) -...


A cart of mass M1 = 4.00 kg and initial speed = 4.00 m/s collides head on with a second cart of mass M2 = 2.00 kg at rest. Assuming that the collision is elastic, find the speed of M2 after the collision. i keep getting the wrong answer please help me.I don't know what ...

11th grade: Physics

For each pair of frequencies below, calculate the ratio of their frequencies as a simple fraction, then determine which pair has the higher dissonance. a) 261.6 Hz and 392 Hz b) 349.2 Hz and 392 Hz I just don't know how to make these into simple fractions. Please help me


How does mass effect a free falling object? I was thinking that if the mass is greater then object would have a higher acceleration because due to it's weight it would have less drag on it from the air. Something of that sort. Could someone else this to me please.


(a) What is the gravitational potential energy of a two-particle system with masses 5.4 kg and 5.0 kg, if they are separated by 1.3 m? If you triple the separation between the particles, how much work is done (b) by the gravitational force between the particles and (c) by you...

Physics Year 7 (Help please)

Isabella drops a chunk of iron of mass m from the roof of her high school and it accelerates at g. Then she ties two chunks of iron together of mass 2m. Show that when she drops the double chunk, the acceleration of fall is also g. Thank you :)


At a low point in its swing, a pendulum bob with a mass of 0.2kg has a velocity of 4m/s. Ignoring air resistance, how high will the bob swing above the low point before reversing direction? Please explain and show work.


A hot iron horseshoe (mass = 0.43 kg), just forged (Fig. 14-16), is dropped into 1.60 L of water in a 0.26 kg iron pot initially at 20°C. If the final equilibrium temperature is 26°C, estimate the initial temperature of the hot horseshoe. Could someone please help me out ...


A 7.9cm diameter horizontal pipe gradually narrows to 5.9cm . When water flows through this pipe at a certain rate, the gauge pressure in these two sections is 31.0kPa and 21.0kPa , respectively. What is the volume rate of flow? in m3/s please help!

Physics please help!!

A basketball player throws the ball at a 38° angle above the horizontal to a hoop which is located a horizontal distance L = 5.6 m from the point of release and at a height h = 0.4 m above it. What is the required speed if the basketball is to reach the hoop? Not sure how to ...


A satellite with mass 6.00*10^3 is in the equatorial plane in a circular orbit. The planet's mass = 6.59 *10^25 and a day of length is 1.6 earth days. How far from the center (in m) of the planet is the satellite? What is the escape velocity (km?sec) from the orbit? please ...


A bullet whose mass is 1.0 x 10-3 kg leaves a 5.0 kg rifle with a muzzle velocity of 1.0 x 103 m/s. It strikes a stationary block of wood whose mass is 1.0 kg and remains embedded in it. The kinetic energy of the bullet as it travels towards the wooden block is?


Suppose a soccer player kicks the ball from a distance 31 m toward the goal. Find the initial speed of the ball if it just passes over the goal, 2.4 m above the ground, given the initial direction to be 44° above the horizontal. Help please !


A boxcar of mass 3.21 x 10^4 kg is rolling south at 5.16 m/s when it collides and couples with another boxcar of mass 5.18 x 10^4 kg that is rolling north at 2.38 m/s. What is the velocity of the coupled boxcars after collision? Take north as positive and express your result ...

tomball community college

could some one critique my english narrative for me please. If that's your narrative, sure. "C" in "could" needs to be capitalized. "Someone" is one word. "English" is capitalized. The period at the end should be a question mark. If there's more to the essay, it did not copy/...

Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

A small, spherical bead of mass 1.9 g is released from rest at t = 0 in a bottle of liquid shampoo. The differential equation of motion is dv/dt = g−b/m*v . The terminal speed is observed to be 1.6 cm/s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Find the value of the ...


A wheel is rolling ithout slipping at 487 meters per second to the right on a level surface. the diameter of the wheel is 100 centimeters. What is the angular speed of the wheel in revolutions per minute? Please walk me through your steps, don't just suggest a formula. Thank ...

Intro to Physics

A sample of an unknown material appears to weigh 295 N in air and 165 N when immersed in alcohol of specific gravity 0.700. (a) What is the volume of the material? ___________m^3 (b) What is the density of the material? ____________ kg/m3 I am getting the wrong answer. Can you...


way safety engineers build soft barriers so that cars hitting them will slow down at a safe rate. A person wearing a safety belt can withstand an acceleration of 300 m/s 2 . How thick should barriers be to safely stop a car that hits the barriers at 81.7 km/h? Answer in units ...


Please check for spelling and commas errors. If commas need to be placed somewhere please let me know where. Please let me know whether you want photographs taking of the altar during the ceremony or after the services. If you would prefer not to have pictures taking during ...

Physics check

A speeder traveling at 41 m/s passes a motorcycle policeman at rest at the side of the road. The policeman accelerates at 3.3 m/s2. To the nearest tenth of a second how long does it take the policeman to catch the speeder? Im sorry I am new to physics this is my first year and...


A person notices a mild shock if the current along a path through the thumb and index finger of one hand exceeds 80 ìA. In volts, calculate the maximum allowable potential for a hand with moist skin with a resistance of 67.7 kÙ. please help i am getting the wrong answer.why ...

Physics :(( help please TT

Consider a five-pointed star made of resistors as shown below. Each resistor has resistance R=6 Ω. Find the equivalent resistance in Ohms between the points A and B. Details and assumptions Note: Points ABCDE are labeled for easy reference if you need to use some ...


a block of stone has a density of 2.75 g/cm3. the block has a mass of 3.30 kg. it measures 6.00 cm wide by 8.00 cm high by L cm long. if i found L to be 68.6927cm by doing m=D*V, is that right? Also if it was in fresh water (density=1000kg/cm^3), would the buoyant force be 32,...


A rocket engine on a spacecraft of total mass 10,000kg ejected 1.4kg of hot gases every second at an average discontinuous speed of 240ms-1. 1- What was the force on the spacecraft? 2- What was the acceleration of the spacecraft? 3-If the engines were used for 30's, what was ...

English-Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue you know the description of the old house I did, well now I have to put all that into a paragraph. I want to make this paragraph seem really intersting and spooky. Ms. Sue could you please give me a spooky intro and conclusion for this, please. If not the conclusion ...


The density of liquid carbon dioxide is about 0.8 g/cm^3. What volume fraction inside the fire extinguisher (when full) is occupied by CO2? The density of CO2 gas is negligible compared to the density of liquid CO2. My answer was 75%. Please verify. Thanks.


A ball is thrown horizontally from a height of 16.01 m and hits the ground with a speed that is 5.0 times its initial speed. What was the initial speed? This question really boggles my brain. I have no idea how to solve this, given only the height. Could someone please steer ...


A skateboarder, starting from rest, rolls down a 14.0-m ramp. When she arrives at the bottom of the ramp her speed is 7.40 m/s. (a) Determine the magnitude of her acceleration, assumed to be constant. (b) If the ramp is inclined at 20.5° with respect to the ground, what is ...

physics please help

The femur is a bone in the leg whose minimum cross-sectional area is about 3.60 10-4 m2. A compressional force in excess of 6.90 104 N will fracture this bone. (a) Find the maximum stress that this bone can withstand. (b) What is the strain that exists under a maximum-stress ...

Physics please help!!

Piston 1 has a diameter of 0.524cm Piston 2 has a diameter of 5.64 cm. In the absence of friction, determine the force required on piston 1 necessary to support an object, m, with weight 1072 N. (Neglect the height difference between the bottom of the two pistons, and assume ...

Physics Help Please

Suppose a 65-kg person can run 1000m in 5min. Assume that each stride is 1.5m long, and with each stride the runner must supply an amount of energy equal to her kinetic energy. How much energy (in food calories) is required to run 1km? Is your answer realistic?


a radiation survey meter observed gamma radiation of 150 mR/hr. The air field ionization chamber has a volume of 580 cubic cm. If the electron generated by the radiation in the chamber are swept out by an electric field, what is the current produced? please answer, thank you ...


A 2.2-kg baseball is pitched to you at 21 m/s. You hit the ball back along the same path, and at the same speed. If the bat was in contact with the ball for 0.17 s, what is the magnitude of the average force the bat exerted on the ball? Please show all work and provide any ...


A red ball is thrown straight up from the edge of the roof of the building. A green ball is dropped from the same point 1.80 seconds later.a)if the height is 60.0 m, what is u(red)?b)if u(red) greater than u(max) determine u(max). Ive solved abut i cannot understand b, please ...


A taut massless string connects two boxes as shown in the figure. The boxes are placed on an incline plane at θ = 31.00. What is the acceleration of boxes as they move down the incline, given m2 = 1.6 kg, m1 = 7.6 kg, μ2 = 0.10 and μ1 = 0.20. Please help! I have no idea how...

Physics atwood machine - please help!

On an atwood machine, which mass has a higher momentum - the hanging mass or the mass on the table? Thank you!

Physics problem

An object with a mass of 100kg is dropped from an 80 meter high building and leaves an impression in the ground of 15cm. A.What is the time needed to hit the ground? B. What is the speed of the object when it hits the ground? C. What is the coefficient of the friction between ...

Physics problem

An object with a mass of 100kg is dropped from an 80 meter high building and leaves an impression in the ground of 15cm. A.What is the time needed to hit the ground? B. What is the speed of the object when it hits the ground? C. What is the coefficient of the friction between ...


please correct this sentence: the reason i A) WILL not be going to mexico is C)BECAUSE i will use up all my money D)IN ATTENDING an important meeting in singapore. E)NO ERROR i already know that the answer is c, but please explain. thank you.

Chemistry- DRBOB!! PLEASE?

molecular orbital theory? my teacher was like "im not teaching it, but its going to be on your test" can you please summarize what it is, i read the online sites,tehy don't make sense...


please help!! pretty please!! i need to know how to this problem ASAP! suppose you pay $1.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $3.00 for rolling a 5 or a 1, nothing otherwise. what is your expected value?

Algebra, check please?

5(N+2)=3/5(5+10n) And then I wrote down 5n+10 But what would do after that? I know that the equal sign basically cuts it inhalf so that it's two problems.. but I just don't know what to do from that point. Help please? -Allyson

AP World History

3.Explain the major tenets of Hinduism and its evolution from the Aryans to the Gupta. Please help with this question I have no idea how to answer its the last one could you give me some websites please. -Thank You


I do not get this at all, please help me. I know we cannot post links, but I uploaded the picture of my homework here: ht tp: //img560 .imageshack. u s/ img5 60/994/hom eworkc.jpg DELETE THE SPACES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

science(please help)

Which of the following has the greatest effect on the formation of rain or snow? A)cloud cover C)air pressure B)humidity D)temperature My answer is C) am i right, if not please tell me what you got.

English writing

Please ASAP can someone give me an introductory paragraph on the Truman show and the giver with the title and author and the thesis statement ? Please just an idea I need help

English I Speech

Can anyone please share their idea of a strong, powerful hook, background information and thesis about fracking? Please this urgent. Be quick like your life depends on it.


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