physics please HELP !

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Physics- Newton's 1st and 2nd Law

Please help me :( Briefly explain the following scenario's using Newton's first law. a) Trevor wants to tow Kevin's car with his truck. He attached a small tow rope between the vehicles and leaves the rope slack (loose). Trevor quickly accelerates forwards making the rope ...

Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

Please help with the following: Dani wants to measure the volume of a pebble. Which tool will give the most accurate measurement? A. a ruler B. a tablespoon C. a measuring cup D. a graduated cylinder I think the answer is mostly D. Is this correct? Please help me by checking ...

Physics Help Please!!!! Graphs Please Please!!!

------A part is on an assembly line going between one station and another. if the part has a constant velocity ( and constant acceleration) , complete a sketch of the following two corresponding graphs. do not worry about numbers, but only the shape of the graphs. 1) Graph of ...

Math Help Please

Please show me how to put this in interval notation. Thanks! I know I solved this right, I think, but need to put it in interval notatioin. Please tell me if i am correct. Thanks! PleaseSolve: (x-3)/(x^2-25)<0 and write solution set in interval notation. This is what I get...


Four charges −8 × 10^−9 C at (0 m, 0 m), −7 × 10^−9 C at (5 m, 1 m), −1 × 10^−9 C at (−2 m, −3 m), and 2 × 10^−9 C at (−2 m, 4 m), are arranged in the (x, y) plane as shown. Find the magnitude of the resulting ...


does hawaii have waterways? If yes, please name the waterways of hawaii and how it can help to shape the lives of people living in Hawaii. Please somebody help me because I looked all over my online civics book and i did research on waterways of Hawaii and I still cant even ...


A balloon appears to be yellow when seen in white light. Explain the colour it will appear in a) green light and b) magenta light. I really don't undestand the subtractive theory of light, and it applies to this question. Can you please explain to me how to get the answer? Thanks


Four uniform spheres, with masses mA = 37 kg, mB = 30 kg, mC = 220 kg, and mD = 55 kg, have (x, y) coordinates of (0, 50 cm), (0, 0), (-77 cm, 0), and (44 cm, 0), respectively. Find the net force on sphere B due to the other spheres. What are the (a)x and (b)y components of ...

Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

A 1.2 m diameter wagon wheel consists of a thin rim having a mass of 11 kg and six spokes, each with a mass of 1.1 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the wagon wheel for rotation about its axis. Answer in units of kg · m2


The period of oscillation of a spring-and-mass system is 0.60 s and the amplitude is 4.1 cm. What is the magnitude of the acceleration at the point of maximum extension of the spring? I have too many unknowns to use the equation for frequency, period, acceleration, velocity. ...


A pendulum clock is accurate on earth, where the period of its pendulum is 1.00 s. (a) Find its period on the moon, where gravitational acceleration is 1.6 m/s2. (b) During a 2 h interval, what would be the elapsed time shown on the clock? CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE AN ANSWER WITH...


please help:- Two capactiors of 14microfarror and 6 microfarror are connected in parallel with a series 10microfarror capacitor across a 100v dc supply a)total capactiance b)charge on each capacitor c)voltage across each capacitor d) energy stored in each capacitor

Physics (vectors)

Please help me with this question. I have a triangle that is not a right triangle with sides A, B, and C.(no values).The arrow's heads of A and B are joined and the arrow's head of C is in the tail of B. How do you find the resultant, the vector equation, and the direction of ...

physics forces/kinematic

What does it mean that 1) A body can have zero acceleration but still in motion. 2) A body can have zero velocity but it's also accelerating. I don't really understand this two points, please explain it to me, thks!


Hey, I'm studying for my physics class, and I'm not sure how to solve this problem. Can someone walk me through it please? I'd really appreciate any help! John throws a baseball from the edge of a cliff with an initial velocity of 17.0 m/s at an angle 27.0° above the ...

Physics help please

An oscillator with a mass of 281 g has a speed of 119.1 cm/s when its displacement is 2.80 cm and 34.2 cm/s when its displacement is 7.80 cm. What is the oscillator's maximum speed (in m/s)?

Distributive property

How would I multiply these expression? 6(h-4) -3(x+8) -10(-a+5) PLease and thank-You Multiply the coefficient (outside the parentheses) by each term inside the parentheses. For example, 6(h-4) = 6h - 24 You do the others do you have 5th grade distributive property jiskha ...


A youngster shoots a bottle cap up a 15.0° inclined board at 1.92 m/s. The cap slides in a straight line, slowing to 0.95 m/s after traveling some distance. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35, find that distance. Can someone please show me the steps to solving ...


The nucleus of a copper atom contains 29 protons and has a radius of 4.8*10^-15m. How much work (in electron volts) is done by the electric force as a proton is brought from infinity, where it is at rest, to the "surface" of a copper nucleus? I really got no clue to do it. Can...


In a refrigerator, I know there is a liquid called refrigerant circulates through coils within the refrigerator to absorb heat from the interior. But what would happen if too much refrigerant was present in the system? Too less? Please use phase changes to explain your answers...


anyone who knows the answer to this question please show your work. drwls i know i posted this queestion before but you didn't reply to my comment. Your friend has climbed a tree to a height of 6.00 m. You throw a ball vertically up to her and it is traveling at 5.00 m/s when ...

Physics (please help!!!!)

A man of mass 80 kg and density 970 kg/m3 stands in a shallow pool with 31% of the volume of his body below water. Calculate the normal force the bottom of the pool exerts on his feet. (Take the positive direction to be up. Indicate the direction with the sign of your answer.)

Physics please help

A student doing Young's experiment measures a distance of 6.0 cm between the first and seventh nodal points on a screen located 3.0 m from the slit plate. a) if the slit seperation is 220 x10 to the -6, what is the wave length of light being used ? b) what colour is the light ?


Only two forces act on an object (mass = 4.00 kg), as in the drawing. Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object. Ftotal=Sqrt(60^2+40^2)=72.11(N) Angle=tan-1(60/40)= 56.3° (How did you get 56.3°) a= F/m=72.11/4=18(m/s/s) The ...


You will use the formula p*V = kB*N*T to find the depth of the box (front to back measurement). The volume of the box is given by the formula V = W * H * D. (You will need to convert the pressure from atm to Pa, or pascals, by multiplying atms by 1 * 105.) The height of the ...

Chemistry - HELP IGCSE

I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and I don't get the double bonding in covalent bonding I tried many websites , textbooks and other books and yet nothing worked Can someone please explain it clearely and in a simple way and please don't put any links for websites ca use ...

Physics (please help!!!!)

A skydiver is subject to two forces: gravity and air resistance. Falling vertically, she reaches a constant terminal speed at some time after jumping from the plane. Since she is moving at a constant velocity from that time until her chute opens, we conclude from the work ...

Physics- drwls please help

(a) Calculate the kinetic energy that the earth has because of its rotation about its own axis. Assume that the earth is a uniform sphere and that its path around the sun is circular. For comparison, the total energy used in the United States in one year is about 9.33 109 J. (...


Please help.. ʃ (4sin²x cos²×/sin 2x cos 2x)dx That's integration of (4sin^2x cos^2x over sin 2x cos 2x) dx i've got it from the back and it has an answer from the back page of the book but i want to know how to solve it..i really need it for practicing this subject......


Okay I'm DESPERATE. Can somebody please tell me what n^3-64 divided by n-4 is? And for x/x+2 - 4/x-2 - 1 is the answer 2(-3x+2)/(x-2)(x+2) see above. helpppppppppppppp me i am failing your fat

Ms. Sue,this is for you--please read

Would you please look on page 2,under Cultural Diversity and help me with the question I had asked earlier? Thanks!


wat are 2 ways newtons 3 laws of motion apply in volleyball!!! please help i looked everywhere!!! please I NEED THIS BY TOMORROW!!!!!!! thank you


How large was Alexander's kingdom in Macedonia? What distance? Please give a number using miles or kilometers please!?

PLEASE HELP- spelling

10 places, 10 foods, 10 animals, 10 things, 10 people, and 10 games with double letters PLEAse!!! I don't have much time

algebra 2

If x^2-x-1 divides ax^6+bx^5+1 evenly, find the sum of a and b. Show all steps and exlain your answer. Please, please help me out!! Thanks alot. =)


oh, please help me post a linear programming questiion with solution(graphical)please i need it nao..and i cant find it on the internet thx


Will someone please explain me the self-regulating nature of a marketplace? I read my text but it made me more please help!!!


I have no idea how to do these please help(: evaluate each of the following 1. 81^-1/4 (81 to the negative power of one fourth) 2. 125^2/3 3. 64^-3/2 4. 4^3/2 answers and work please


I have no idea how to do these please help(: evaluate each of the following 1. 81^-1/4 (81 to the negative power of one fourth) 2. 125^2/3 3. 64^-3/2 4. 4^3/2 answers and work please


Please help me I have been trying to get the answer and for some reason is not coming up correct can someone please help. evaluate the polynomial for x=1 3x^2-4x+6


(telephone call) Hello. May I speak to Tony? 1. - Who's calling, please? 2. - Who's speaking, please? (Which one do we have to use? Are both OK?)


Factor completley 12r^2 +36rf +27f^2 5x^5-20x^4+30x^3 Can anyone please help me with these two problems. I have to get them done and do not understand them. Please help me.


x.y=30 and x+y=10.3 ,what is x & Y. final answer is x=5.15+1.86i and y=5.15-186i, this way is by try and error (logic). but can somebody please show me how you do it by aljebra, please, thank you.


hi. please help. i need to do a presentation for weathering and erosion and i am not sure what the graphical representation means. does this mean photos or graphs? please help.

algebra 1

can some one please help me with this equation using the addition principle -9/5 + x = -2/9 Please explain how you got your answer in all phases. Thanks


please help! Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the point (-1, 1). y = 5x3 - 6x. y=? ...............i keep getting y=x+2 and its wrong. can someone please help?

Algebra Please Help

I have been out of school for a long time and not understanding these questions. Please help why is 5^0=1 can you explain when (-3)^n is positive and when it is negative.


Given that y varies directly with x, write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. x=1/3 <---(fraction), y=2 **Provide an explanation as well, please.


Could someone please tell me how to solve this problem: A pressure of 25.7 inHg would be how many kilopascals? Could you please list the steps on solving it. Thanks

Math Help Please

Would someone please be kind enough to explain steps for this one. Thank you. If m and n are positive integers and m is 250% of n, what percent of m is 2n?

Please can you help me (Probability)

Whether multiplying the same number to each value in the data set will affect its variance, please can you gave me an example. Thank you for your help.


show that (-3, 1) and (3, -1) and (1, 3) are the vertices of an isosceles triangle. find its area. please include explanation. this is really frustrating please help. thanks alot! :)


approximately how many times as much money does the smith family spend on miscellaneous item as it spends on utilities? 1] 4 2] 5 3] 9 4] 15 5] 50 please help me please

algebra 2

check my answer please find the number of zeros(x-intercepts) y=3k^3-6k^2-45k=k(3k+9)(k-5)= k(3k^2-15k+9k-45)=k(3k^2-6k-45) or should i do it 3k(k-5) (k+3)=3k(k^2+3k-5k-15)=3k(k^2-2k-15) which on is the right one please let me know.thanks


URGENT PLEASE HELP please help me understand how to draw a net, am i supposed to memorize these or is there a method for drawing nets for different shapes.


Ecological ________ - normal, gradual changes that occur in the types of species that live in an area. Help please and help me fast please!!!!!


Can I please get help on the questions for 'What do you get if a bunch of bad guys fall in the ocean?' on page E-53? Please help, been on this for about 3 hours already!

Literary terms

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Please give examples for the following: 1. Satire 2. Parody 3. Pathos 4. Bathos 5. Rhetoric 6. Logos 7. Ethos


5lbs 4oz to metric weight. Show all steps. Please help, I don't understand this cause I'm from Canada so we don't use lbs or oz. please help :)


What are the affects when posting warning signs where there is a history of wildlife collisions. Please explain using jot dots please .

math help

find the ratio of the volume to the surface area of the rectangular prism shown. L= 4x+8 W= x+2 H= 2x+4 please show all your steps please!!

english help please

Can someone please explain to me what I need to look for with possessive nouns I have a tough time with all that stuff

Maths- Please help

How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7500kg/m3, a 500mm diameter and a 10cm thickness. Please help

Language arts

How does the theme of raymond's run and An hour with Abuelo relate? Can you please help me Im having a hard time idk why but please and thank you.

math please help

The perimeter of a rectangular field is 380 yd. The length is 10 yd longer than the width. Find the dimensions. Please help and show work thank you


A fraction a / b can be expressed as a terminating decimal if b has no prime factors other than A) 2, 3 B) 3, 5 C) 2,5 D) 2,3,5 Please choose from the option and please show your work.

Social Studies

How did Augustus change the Roman Republic?? Can someone please help me?? can you give me some tips or a link for information please??


Could someone please tell me how the second president of the US, John Adams, lived prior to the war please? God bless you.


Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15?" A. 3 + (x-10)=15 B. 3x-10=15 (My answer) C. 3 (x-10) = 15 D. 3 x/10 = 15 Can you please check to see if I'm right? If I'm not explain, please and thank you


A 9.6 kg dog takes a nap in a canoe and wakes up to find the canoe has drifted out onto the lake but now is stationary. He walks along the length of the canoe at 0.53 m/s, relative to the water, and the canoe simultaneously moves in the opposite direction at 0.12 m/s. What is ...

Physics- Circuits Current & Voltage Problem

Please find this question onto y a h o o s e a r c h e n g i n e b y c o p y & p a s t e. Determine... (a) the current in each resistor (Indicate the direction of the current flow through each resistor through the sign of your answer. Take upward current flow as positive.) (b...


A passenger on a train traveling 90km/h on a straight, level track notes that it takes another train (180 m long and moving with constant velocity) 4.0s to pass by. What is the velocity of that passing train relative to the ground? **please include explanation** thnx!!


An elevator in a tall building is allowed to reach a maximum speed of 3.0 m/s going down. What must the tension be in the cable to stop this elevator over a distance of 2.4 m if the elevator has a mass of 1500 kg including occupants? Need step by step help please!


You design an engine that takes in 1.5 x 10^4 J of heat at 650 K in each cycle and rejects heat at a temperature of 350 K. The engine completes 240 cycles in 1 minute. What is the theoretical maximum power output of your engine? can you please also show what equations you use.


A car drives straight off the edge of a cliff that is 58 m high. The police at the scene of the accident note that the point of impact is 126 m from the base of the cliff. How fast was the car traveling when it went over the cliff? Can someone please solve?


Would someone please show me a way to work this out A ball is dropped from the top of a building 150 m high. (Ignore air resistance) A. How long does it take the ball to hit the ground? B. What is the speed of the ball when it hits the ground?


i need help i don't understand how to do this problem so please help me. A student lifts a 5kg chair 0.8m off the floor, walks at a constant speed for a distance 10m, and then puts the chair back down on the floor. calculate the total amount of work done on the chair.


A cheetah running at 30 m/s is pursuing a zebra going in a straight line at 14 m/s. If the zebra has a 35 m head start, how much time does it take for the zebra to catch up? (Please show all work. I know the answer, but I need the step by step instruction to understand.)


A crow sits on a clothesline midway between two poles as shown. Each end of the rope makes an angle of θ = 28° below the horizontal where it connects to the pole. If the combined weight of the crow and the rope is 11.1 N, what is the tension in the rope?


An applied force accelerates a 50-kg crate along a frictionless floor from rest to 5 m/s.The work performed by this force is most nearly 125 J 250 J(x) 500 J 625 J 1,250 J Can someone please explain this to me and help? I thought it was 250 J but my calculation was wrong.


A man holds a flower pot out a window 12m from the ground. He tosses the pot upward with a speed of 5m/s. How long does it take the pot to reach the ground? How fast is it moving just before it hits? Please show steps.


A particle of mass 100 gm is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 7 m/s. Air resistance is also acting on the particle according to the equation F = -0.2v^2. ( F = Force, v = velocity of the particle ). Find how much high the ball rises. Please answer it. Thanks in ...

Physics ~please help me!

1.) A car (m=1200 kg) moves form 2.0 m/s to 15.0 m/s in 100 m. a) What is the initial kinetic energy of the car? b) What is the final kinetic energy of the car? c) what is the net work applied to the car? d) what force is applied to the car? 2.) A simple pendelum is 1.5 m long...


A bat flying at 6.00 m/s emits a chirp at 40.0 kHz. If this sound pulse is reflected by an insect moving away from the bat at 2.00 m/s, what is the frequency of the echo received by the bat? Assume the air temperature is 25.0 ˚C. Would I need two different equations for ...


please help me i'm close to having no hair left. How do you rearrange 6y = 9 - 3x to make x the subject i've been at this now for at least 1 week and this is my last resort please please help you have been at this for at least 1 week ?? 6y = 9 - 3x (add 3x to both sides) 3x = ...


Can any one please please help me with popcorn experiment homework? The materials and 1 pack of Orville and 1 movie theater popcorn and let say the timing for both were 4.5 minutes. 1- what is the variables would you need to keep constant(control) in you experiment? Please ...


A rock is thrown vertically upward from ground level at time t=0. At time t=1.3s it passes the top of the tall tower, and 1.1s later it reaches its maximum height. What is the height of the tower? can someone please get me started....tnx in advance :)


for this question the answer is 680..the answer i get is 684 please help 1. it takes you 9.5 mins to walk with an average velocity of 1.2 meters per second to the north from the bus stop to the museum entrance. what is your displacement? i did: 9.5 * 60=570 570 * 1.2 = 684

Physics please help!!

A 30.0 kg child slides down a long slide in a playground. She starts from rest at a height h1 of 18.00 m. When she is partway down the slide, at a height h2 of 9.00 m, she is moving at a speed of 9.30 m/s. Calculate the mechanical energy lost due to friction (as heat, etc.).


A mass of 17 kg lies on a horizontal surface with a coefficient of static friction of 0.54 and a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.22. If a force, F, is applied parallel to the surface (+x direction if you prefer), what is the magnitude that F needs to be to begin to move ...


if the following sentance true or false, also can you please write the correct version of it if false. if you want a small volume of hot water, you should place the immersion heater near the bottom of the hot water tank.


A 80- kg child sits in a swing suspended with 2.6- m-long ropes. The swing is held aside so that the ropes make an angle of 46 o with the vertical. Use conservation of energy to determine the speed the child will have at the bottom of the arc when she is let go.


A 80- kg child sits in a swing suspended with 2.6- m-long ropes. The swing is held aside so that the ropes make an angle of 46 o with the vertical. Use conservation of energy to determine the speed the child will have at the bottom of the arc when she is let go.


1. When an ideal gas is expanded adiabatically in volume at constant pressure, the average kinetic energy of the gas molecule: A. Increase B. decreases C. Does no change i know the answer is B but can someone explain why please? i thought it does not change since its ...


When 1.60 multiplied by 105 J of heat enters a cherry pie initially at 20.0°C, its entropy increases by 470 J/K. What is its final temperature (C)? I use delta S = entropy change = 1.6*10^5*[1/293 - 1/T2] = 470 Solve for T2, but it's not correct. Please someone help me to ...


How fast must a ball be rolled along a 100 cm high table so that when it rolls off the edge it will strike the floor at a distance of 100 cm from the point directly below the table edge? Please show work.


How do I get the final velocity from Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2ad. Here are my following numbers: Vi= 0.3048 m/s Vf= ? d = 22.86 m a = 166 m/s^2 t = Not required Based on the numbers I have would I set it up this way??? Vf^2= 0.3048^2 + 2*(166*22.86) This process comes out to an ...


The problem statement, all variables and given/known data A body is thrown upward and remains in air for 10 seconds , the initial velocity at which it was thrown in is? The attempt at a solution g = -10 , t = 10 s , vf = 0 , vi = ? Vf = vi + gt 0=vi + (-10) (10) Vi = 100 but ...


Jesse Rose walks along a footpath for 6 minutes.She then cuts across a field, which takes a further 4 minutes.She walks a total distance of 900m. what is her average speed? could you please explain this step by step.


A 22 kg suitcase is being pulled with constant speed by a handle that is at an angle of 23 ∘ above the horizontal. If the normal force exerted on the suitcase is 150 N , what is the force F applied to the handle? I don't understand how the equations are suppose to be ...


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