physics please HELP !

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  1. Physics (Electric Potential)

    Good afternoon! I'm stumped with this question here. Q: An electron starts from rest 32.5 cm from a fixed point charge with Q=-0.125μC. How fast will the electron be moving when it is very far away? I got an answer of 5.54 * 10^-16 J, but apparently it is incorrect. Please ...
  2. Damon or DrBob please help..chemistry/physics

    Question: 0.37 litre of an ideal monatomic gas (Cv,m = 3R/2) initially at 51 °C and 36 atm pressure undergo an expansion against a constant external pressure of 1.06 atm, and do 2.3 kJ of work. The final pressure of the gas is 1.06 atm. Calculate the change in enthalpy, Δ...
  3. physics help please :)

    From a height of 35.0 m, a 1.25 kg bird dives (from rest) into a small fish tank containing 50.0 kg of water. What is the maximum rise in temperature of the water if the bird gives it all of its mechanical energy? (delta)T= ?? degrees C
  4. physics help please :)

    From a height of 35.0 m, a 1.25 kg bird dives (from rest) into a small fish tank containing 50.0 kg of water. What is the maximum rise in temperature of the water if the bird gives it all of its mechanical energy? (delta)T= ?? degrees C
  5. physics

    If the price of electrical energy is $0.10 per kilo-watt*hour, what is the cost of using electrical energy to heat the water in a swimming pool (12.0m*9.00m*1.5m) from 15 to 27 degree C? Can anyone please give me some hints to do it? Thanks a lot!
  6. Physics please help

    Given a simple pendulum of length r and mass m, determine the oscillation period T if the perturbation angle θ is very small (i.e. θ < 10degrees). How can I derive an equation for period using just that info?
  7. physics

    a person pushes a box across a horizontal surface at a constant speed of .5 meter per second. the box has a mass of 40 kg and the coefficient of sliding friction is .25. The power supplied to the boxx by the person is... please Explain!!
  8. Physics

    The smallest object visible to the unaided eye is of 100 microns. If you use a microscope of m=1000, what is the size of the smallest object you can now see? (So=25cm) The answer is apparently 100nm. I am still confused as to why. Please help!
  9. college physics

    A violin string vibrates at 300 Hz when unfingered. At what frequency will it vibrate if it is fingered one-third of the way down from the end? (That is, only two-thirds of the string vibrates as a standing wave.) Please help!
  10. Physics

    Please help! Suppose that a 400 gram copper object (specific heat 0.092 cal/g/degrees Celsius) receives 900 cal. of heat. What is the temperature change? Explain your reasoning. Do not use algebra Thanks!
  11. physics

    you see lightning and then count 4 seconds till you hear the thunder. From this you conclude that the lightning strike occurred_______ a. 1400m away b. 700m away c. none of the above Can you please show me how to figure out how to get the answer?
  12. physics, HELP ASAP PLEASE!

    a car starts and accelerates uniformly at a rate of 2.0 m / s ^ 2 in 6.0 s. Then, it maintains its constant speed for 30 seconds. Finally, the shrinkage slows down uniformly and stops to 5.0 s. find the total distance traveled by the car.
  13. Physics

    Mike pulls a 4.5 kg sled across level snow with a force of 250 N along a rope that is 35.0° above the horizontal. If the sled moves a distance of 63.8 m, how much work does Mike do? please show steps/equation!
  14. Physics(Please respond)

    1) A 1320 kg demolition ball swings at the end of a 34.3 m cable on the arc of a vertical circle. At the lowest point of the swing, the ball is moving at a speed of 3.32 m/s. Determine the tension in the cable. F=ma (34.3)(3.32) = 113.87 Ia this correct?
  15. physics

    I need to calculate the horizontal, vertical and resultant velocity of a ball thrown a distance of 8.23m in a time of 1.73sec (assuming the ball lands at the same height from which it is thrown). The angle of the throw is unknown. Please help!
  16. Physics

    Help me understand this please You have a 2.00 kg block of lead. Lead melts at 327.5°C. CPb = 130.0 , and Hf for lead is 2.04 × 10^4 J/kg. Say you start at room temperature (25.0°C). How much heat must you transfer to melt all the lead?
  17. physics

    The cricketer in the previous question hit the ball off the bat with a velocity of 25 m/s at an angle of 38° above the horizontal. If the boundary is 60 m away, work out whether the ball clears the boundary without bouncing or not. help please!
  18. physics

    Wayne exerts a force of 70.9 N to pull a 409 N sled along a snowy path using a rope that makes a 48◦ angle with the ground. The sled moves 19.9 m in 4.3 s. What is Wayne’s power? Answer in units of W. PLEASE HELP!
  19. AP Physics

    A racing car travels on a circular track of radius 220 m, moving with a constant linear speed of 48.9 m/s. Find its angular speed. Answer in units of rads/s. I already mutiplied 2π x 220. But I don't know what to do from there? Any help please? Thanks!

    A skier is gliding along at 2.0 m/s on horizontal, frictionless snow. He suddenly starts down a 10 ∘ incline. His speed at the bottom is 15 m/s . a).What is the length of the incline? b).How long does it take him to reach the bottom? (Please show work)
  21. please help my physics

    A child of mass 40kg jumps off a wall and hits the ground at 4m/s.He bends his knees and stops in 1s.Calculate the force required to slow him down.How would this force be d/t if he didn't bend his knees and stopped in 0.1s?
  22. Physics

    At what speed would a 50kg person have to run to have the same kinetic energy as a 1000kg auto traveling at 100 km/h? Help ASAP please!! Show work step by step along with the equation
  23. physics 10

    Write 95.43×10^-4 in scientific notation. Since we need to have the decimal place so that there is only one number on the left I guess I do this: 9.543 And to get back to where I was I need to go -1 So would this be the right answer: 9.543×10^1 I'm confused may you please ...
  24. physics

    A person has far points 8.44cm from the right eye and 12.2cm from the left eye. WRite a presciption for the powers of the corrective lenses. Please help i tried to read to book and my notes but it doesnt show how to do this problem.
  25. physics

    a diesel engine rapidly compresses air in its combustion chambers. while this happens it squirtsa fine spray of diesel fuel into the chamber. explain why the diesel ignites. can someone please help? Compressing gases heats them.

    A circular curve of highway with radius 200m is designed for traffic moving at 100km/h, and is banked so that cars can make the curve even without friction at that speed. What is the correct angle of banking for this curve? Show steps, please.
  27. physics

    A 89 kg solid sphere with a 12 cm radius is suspended by a vertical wire. A torque of 0.37 N·m is required to rotate the sphere through an angle of 0.93 rad and then maintain that orientation. What is the period of the oscillations that result when the sphere is then released...
  28. physics

    You are on Mars and would like to send a probe into space so that it does not fall back to the surface. What minimum launch speed do you need? (The mass of Mars is 6.42x10^23 kg and the radius of Mars is 3.40x10^6 m) km/s Please someone also help me on this.I really don't know...
  29. physics- please help!

    Suppose you use a piece of fishing line to hang a large object from the ceiling. The line has a test strength of 125 lbs. Convert this to newtons, and determine the maximum mass that can be supported before the line breaks
  30. physics

    an 85kg concrete block rests on a flat surface with coefficient of static friction us=0.42. find the maximum force that can pull on the block with, angle of 38 degrees above the horizontal without moving the block? please help and show work
  31. Physics help please

    While punting a football, a kicker rotates his leg about the hip joint. The moment of inertia of the leg is 3.75 kg/m2 and its rotational kinetic energy is 175 J. What is the angular velocity of the leg, in rad/s ? I'm not even sure where to start...
  32. physics

    A Goodyear blimp typically contains 5400m^3 of helium (He) at an absolute pressure of 1.1*10^5Pa. The temperature of the helium is 280K. What is the mass (in kg)of the helium in the blimp? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS TO DO IT!!!THANKS A LOT!!!

    A proton is confined to a nucleus whose diameter is 5.5*10^-15m. If this distance is considered to be the uncertainty in the position of the proton, what is the minimum uncertainty in its momentum? I don't really get the uncertainty concept, and how can I do this question?...
  34. Honors Physics

    A mass, m1 = 5.00 kg, resting on a frictionless horizontal table is connected to a cable that passes over a pulley and then is fastened to a hanging mass, m2 = 9.0 kg. Find the acceleration of each mass and the tension in the cable. PLEASE HELP!
  35. Physics please help!!

    A 43.3 kg boy and a 60.0 kg girl are on the surface of a frozen lake, 10.5 m apart. Using a rope, the boy exerts a horizontal 5.90 N force on the girl, pulling her toward him. Calculate the magnitude of the boy's acceleration.
  36. physics

    The magnitude of the electric field between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor is 3.0X10^5 N/C. Each plate carries a charge whose magnitude is 0.17 µC. What is the area of each plate? can someone please work with it in numbers!!
  37. Physics (Momentum)

    Can anyone please help me with this question? I don't understand why the speed is v m/s. A sport utility vehicle is travelling at a speed of v m/s. If its momentum has a magnitude of 32,800 kg·m/s, what is the SUV's mass? Thanks I know that I have to use the formula p= m*v ...
  38. physics please help!!!!!!

    a mass is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 30m/s. a second mass is dropped 0.5s later from directly above a height of 60m from the first mass. when do they meet and at what height?
  39. physics

    100 kg car moving at 22 m/s runs into a horizontal spring with spring constant 4200 N/m. How far does the car displace the spring before coming to a stop? Please show your work.
  40. Physics

    1. Start from rest with constant acceleration of 2.11 m/s2 for 20.0 s. 2. Maintain a constant velocity for the next 2.75 min. 3. Apply a constant negative acceleration of −8.44 m/s2 for 5.00 s. (a) What was the total displacement for the trip? Please explain with steps and ...
  41. psychology

    Can someone please give me an example how sense and perception and behavior are link together I am not sure if I am understanding it to good So If I am wrong please let me know. I believe they are link in how we see things is not always how are mind perceives it so when our ...

    Which chemical equation is balanced? (1 point) H20 H2 + 2O2 2H20 2H2 + O2 2H2O H2 + 2O2 H20 2H2 + 2O2 i think its c
  43. 3rd grade

    Please help me to rhyming words. The word is sleep. And I need to use this words: strret,please,free,whel,resd,queen,each,sneeze,people,meet,team sea.need,dream,meat. Can you please let me know which one rhym, Thank you. 3rd grader need help!!!!
  44. English

    Could you please check this letter, please? Thank you. 1)I'm still looking for an accommodation in Yellowstone Park but everything is sold out from 8 to 12 August. 2)My husband booked a cabin in Old Faithful lodge last week under the name "Grande" and sent you details of his ...
  45. physics(please help)

    there's a bowl and inside it there's a stick that's the same distance as the radius. There's also "mu" on both sides of the stick. how would you calculate "mu" so it won't slip. using up=down right=left and clockwise=counter clockwise. The answer should be "mu"=(15^.5)-(2(3^.5))
  46. physics

    A steel beam is used in the construction of a skyscraper. By what fraction (change in L)/(Lo) does the length of the beam increase when the temperature changes from that on a cold winter day (-15 F) to that on a summer day (+105 F)? Can anyone please give me some hints to do ...
  47. help please physics

    Design an array of individual solar cells that woulproduce 120 volts DC. About how large an area of solar cells would be needed to produce 2 kWe of/ output power at noon on a clear day
  48. Physics

    Please someone help me out I'm so confused! A system consists of 2.0mol of an ideal monatomic gas at 375 K . How much heat must be added to the system to double its internal energy (a)at constant pressure or (b)at constant volume.

    Harry and Angela look from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is 15 m from the bottom of their building. They estimate that the balcony is 45 m high and wonder how fast they would have to jump horizontally to succeed in reaching the pool. What is the answer? Please ...

    Harry and Angela look from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is 15 m from the bottom of their building. They estimate that the balcony is 45 m high and wonder how fast they would have to jump horizontally to succeed in reaching the pool. What is the answer? Please ...

    Harry and Angela look from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is 15 m from the bottom of their building. They estimate that the balcony is 45 m high and wonder how fast they would have to jump horizontally to succeed in reaching the pool. What is the answer? Please ...
  52. Physics-Help Please!!!

    A 31.0 kg crate, initially at rest, slides down a ramp 2.6 m long and inlined 14 degrees with the horizontal. Using the work-kinetic energy theorem and disregarding friction, find the velocity of th crate at the bottom of the ramp
  53. Physics

    A bullet travelling at a velocity of 10metres per second hits a plank of thickness 10g. calculate the velocity of the bullet if it has to pass through 10 such planks. Please let me know the concept which I have to take to solve this problem.
  54. physics

    A block of mass = 0.85 kg is connected to a spring of force constant = 775N/m on a smooth, horizontal surface. 1) Plot the potential energy of the spring from = -5.00 cm to = 5.00 cm. 2) Determine the turning points of the block if its speed at x = 0 is 1.1 m/s I am so stumped...
  55. physics

    A block of mass = 0.85 kg is connected to a spring of force constant = 775N/m on a smooth, horizontal surface. 1) Plot the potential energy of the spring from = -5.00 cm to = 5.00 cm. 2) Determine the turning points of the block if its speed at x = 0 is 1.1 m/s I am so stumped...
  56. Physics(Please respond)

    1) A penny is dropped from rest from the top of a very tall building. Assuming the height of the building is 407 m and ignoring air resistance, find the speed with which the penny strikes the ground. I am not sure how to start this. Thank you!
  57. Physics(Please help)

    A jet flying at 106 m/s banks to make a horizontal circular turn. The radius of the turn is 3810 m, and the mass of the jet is 2.40 × 105 kg. Calculate the magnitude of the necessary lifting force. Would I use the equation Fc=mv^2 / r ??

    On the moon, the downward acceleration dur to gravity is only about one-sixth as large as it is on earth. if a 16 kg rock is put on a spring scale on the moon. What would the scale read? Give your answer in newtons.
  59. Physics

    A solenoid is 3.2 m long and has 500 turns per meter. What is the cross-sectional area of this solenoid if it stores 0.32 J of energy when it carries a current of 12 A? So I used L = 2*E / I^2; and then I used A = L*l / (uo * N^2) but my answer isn't coming out right at all. ...
  60. physics

    A 500kV power line has a maximum Voltage drop of 3% and is design to carry 1000 Amps. If the conductor has a 0.026 ohms/km resistance, what is the maximum distance the conductor can be run (to the nearest complete km)? Hint: P=IE, E=IR How do you solve this? Please help and ...
  61. quantum physics

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Suppose we have a particle in 1-dimension, with wavefunction Ae^(−|x|2d). What is the probability to find the particle in the interval [0,d]? Please provide your answer in terms of A, d, mathematical constants such as π (...
  62. Quantum Physics

    Suppose we have a particle in 1-dimension, with wavefunction Ae−|x|2d. What is the probability to find the particle in the interval [0,d]? Please provide your answer in terms of A, d, mathematical constants such as π (entered as pi) or e (entered as e). (Assume that...
  63. Physics Please help!

    If it requires 5.5J of work to stretch a particular spring by 2.3cm from its equilibrium length, how much more work will be required to stretch it an additional 4.5cm ? Express your answer using two significant figures. W=_____ J?
  64. Physics

    A cannon is fired horizontally from atop a 40.0 m tower. The cannonball travels 180 m horizontally before it strikes the ground. With what velocity did the ball leave the muzzle? Okay so this is my work for this problem. please help If I did something wrong. Thanks! 40=1/2(9.8...
  65. Physics

    A woman on a bicycle traveling at 10m/s on a horizontal road stops pedaling as she starts up a hill inclined at an angle of 10° to the horizontal. How far up the hill does she travel before coming to rest? I really don't understand this question. Please help!
  66. Physics

    A train moving at a constant speed of 100km/h travels east for 40min, then 30o east of north for 20 min, and finally west for 30min. What is the train's average velocity for the trip? The answer is 30 km/h (E 40 N) but I keep getting 66.6 km/h (E 30 N) help please!
  67. Re: PHYSICS

    A man (weighing 915 N) stands on a long railroad flatcar (weighing 2805 N) as it rolls at 18.0 m/s in the positive direction of an x axis, with negligible friction. Then the man runs along the flatcar in the negative x direction at 40.00 m/s relative to the flatcar. What is ...
  68. Physics please check

    Three moles of an ideal monatomic gas are at a temperature of 345 K. Then, 2531 J of heat are added to the gas, and 1101 J of work are done on it. What is the final temperature of the gas? delta U= 3/2nR(T final -T initial) (2531J - 1101J) = 3/2(3.0mol)(8.31)(T final - 345K) ...
  69. Physics/ Chemistry please help

    Hemoglobin has a molecular mass of 64 500 u. Find the mass (in kg) of one molecule of hemoglobin. Thanks for your help, but I figured this one out on my own.
  70. Physics

    Most housewives use spin dryers to dry their clothes. Explain how water is removed from the clothes in a spin dryer. PLEASE EXPLAIN! :)
  71. Physics-please help

    You're given a ramp 0.5m in height with a 3m incline. A mass of 1kg is at the top of the ramp and there is a friction of 2N. If the ramp has a force of friction of 2N, what will the speed at the bottom of the ramp be?
  72. Physics(Please respond)

    A 12-kg crate is pushed up an incline from point A to point B. What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the crate? Point A is 2.0m and point b is 7.0m I am not sure how to start this.
  73. Physics -- check answer please

    Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees
  74. Physics

    A container of gas is at a pressure of 1.3x10^5 Pa and a volume of 6.0m^3. How much work is done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? Please help ;_;
  75. physics

    a penny is placed .1 m from the center of a turntable. if the coefficient of static friction between the penny and the turntable is .5, the maximum linear speed at which the penny can travel without slipping is approximately a) .49m/s b) .7 m/s c) 1.3 m/s d) 1.4 m/s e) .2 km/s...
  76. Physics/Maths

    Keplers third law I understand. T^2/a^3 of one planet = T^2/a^3 second planet. But I can't do the algebra to solve for the second planet's a^3 (semimajor axis) Would someone walk me through the steps please? Thanks.
  77. physics

    . A 2.0 kg particle is moving along the x axis to the left with a velocity of v= -6.0 m/s. Suddenly, between times t =0 and t = 4.0 x a net force = 3t^2 – 12t is applied to the particle, where F is in N and t is in s. Calculate the velocity of the particle at t=4.0 s. Please...
  78. Physics URGENT

    I did a lab on DC circuits, and we calculated the resistance of multiple resistors in parallel. Resistance of Resistor 1 & 2 = 1000 +/- 5% so R1 =1000+/- 50 R2= 1000 +/1 50 i need to calculate R using the equation... R= 1/R1 + 1/R2 I am confused as to what the uncertainty ...
  79. Physics(Please help)

    A fan blade is rotating with a constant angular acceleration of +12.4 rad/s2. At what point on the blade, as measured from the axis of rotation, does the magnitude of the tangential acceleration equal that of the acceleration due to gravity? I do not know how to start this.
  80. Physics(Please help)

    A gas, while expanding under isobaric conditions, does 660 J of work. The pressure of the gas is 1.40 x 105 Pa, and its initial volume is 1.70 x 10-3 m3. What is the final volume of the gas? Would I multiply the two values?

    Find the electric field on the axis of a uniformly charged solid cylinder, at a  distance z from the center of the cylinder. The length of the cylinder is H, its  radius is “a”, and the charge density is ρ. (Assume that z > H/2).
  82. Physics

    A 12000 kg truck strikes the back end of a 750 kg car moving at 15 m/s. If the truck loses 7500 kg-m/s of its momentum to the car, what is the car's velocity after the collision? I'm not sure how to solve this one... Help please?!
  83. Physics

    I am finding the value of the time constant in a circuit from the graph and by the CR equation. When using the graph I am getting t= 50s and when using the equation t=CR the answer is 2.09. Can someone help me please?
  84. physics

    need help combining these vectors (if you can please show me a step by step guide of combining these two. Thank you 56m at 296 degrees, then 83m 152 degrees
  85. Physics

    Derive an expression for the vertical position of a projectile in terms of its horizontal position. This sometimes called parametric equation or path equation for the projectile. I don't know how to get it please help. Thank you.
  86. Physics

    If a car travels 60 mi. north for one-half hour, 100 mi. west for one hour, and 60 mi. south for 30 minutes, what is the total displacement of the car? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  87. Physics..

    A container of gas is at a pressure of 1.3x10^5 Pa and a volume of 6.0m^3. How much work is done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? Please help me I really don't know what to do,,,
  88. physics

    Suppose a liquid's starting temperature is 35 degree celsius. and its ending temperature is 20 degree celsius. Explain what happens to each form of internal energy. please help me
  89. physics

    A 20 kg sphere is at the origin. A 10 kg sphere is at (x,y) = (-30cm,0cm) and a 30 kg sphere is at (0cm,40cm). Calculate the gravitational force on the 10 kg sphere, resulting from the other two spheres. Please help! Thanks
  90. Physics

    It saves human life from the danger of electrical shock which can cause death, by blowing a fuse. How can “blowing a fuse” can rescue someone's life? Please answer. Thank you.
  91. Physics

    1. A 38kg object is traveling down the ramp and experiences a frictional force of 180N. Calculate the angle of incline and the friction coefficient between the two surfaces. Answers: μ(mu)=0.55 Θ=28.9 degrees But please show work and all equations/variables used.

    At a Grand Prix, drivers sustain lateral accelerations (sideways) about five times the acceleration due to gravity while driving around curves at speeds of 288 km/h. Assuming a circular curve, find the radius of that section of the track.
  93. Physics

    How many days does it take for a perfect blackbody cube (0.0100m on a side, 30.0 degree C)to radiate the same amount of energy that a one-hundred-watt light bulb uses in one hour? I got no idea to do it. Please give me some hints!!!Thanks!!!
  94. 11th Grade Physics

    A rocket is fired vertically from the ground with a resultant vertical acceleration of 10ms^-2. The fuel is finished in 1 minute and it continues to move up. What is the maximum height reached? Solve it!!! N Please solve it as i've to copy it in my correction notebook it's my ...
  95. Physics

    Find the x- and y-coordinates of the center of mass of the flat triangular plate of height H = 87.8 cm and base B = 50.7 cm shown in the figure. x = y = I have tried this problem a multitude of times and I cannot seem to get this right, Please help! I have used the equation ...
  96. physics

    Who is credited with inventing the fluorescent light bulb? Some resources told me it was Nikola Tesla, yet others told me it was a collaboration of Peter Cooper Hewitt, Edmund Germer, George Inman, and Richard Thayer. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thank you.
  97. physics

    A crate of oranges slides down an inclined plane without friction. If it is released from rest and reaches a speed of 4.883 m/s after sliding a distance of 2.01 m, what is the angle of inclination of the plane with respect to the horizontal? Please note: Give your answer in ...
  98. physics help!

    When a gas follows path 123 on the PV diagram in a rectangle shape labeled 1234 cycle, 449 J of heat flows into the system and 179 J of work is done. What is the change in the internal energy of the system? * I keep coming up with 270 but this is incorrect. PLEASE HELP :)

    A race car moving at 157km/hr decelerates at -7.00 m/s^2 to a speed of 75.0km/hr A) how long did this take? B) how many meters did the car travel during this deceleration? I attempted this problem many times and i don't seem to get the correct answer please show all work thank...
  100. Physics

    The figure shows an Atwood machine (a wheel suspended from the ceiling with two masses connected by a string) with m1 = 1.0 kg and m2 = 1.1 kg. If m2 descends a distance 3m from rest in 3.6 seconds, what is the strength of the gravitational field, g, at this location (N.B. it'...
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