physics please HELP !

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AP U.S History

Can someone please explain what Federalism is? I don't quite get it yet. Please be specific.


Please state the DOMAIN of the following, and explain how you obtained that answer please. g(x)=5^x


What is the name of the large gulf on the northern coast of australia? please please help

Algebra (please help!)

Factor. 0.25x^2 + 0.3x + 0.09 I am having some trouble with this one. Please help if you can. Thank you! :-)

Algebra, PLEASE help!

Factor. 0.25x^2 + 0.3x + 0.09 I am having some trouble with this one. Please help if you can. Thank you! :-)


Please help with comparing and contrasting "osmoisis and diffusion" also please help with an example of each. Thank you!!!


how has technology played a role in the swine flu.............................PLEASE answer PLEASE AND THANK YOU


please please explain solve using the addition and multiplication principles 5 + 2x <21

Political Science-PLEASE HELP

What are the system's greatest strengths and weaknessess? Please help fast.


please list out 6 functions of the blood and please write the reference of it

algebra, help please

(3 x 8)-2 + (3+6)=17, I need a word problem to match the equation and am stumped, could you please help


Find the derivative of (sin(^3)x)(tan x) Please explain to me in steps please , thank you

Science 8- Please Help!

Is light transmitted through frosted glass? Explain Please!

math-algebra please help!

Please me find the points to graph for the follow equations. x+3y<9, 3x+y<9, x>0, Y>0


Please help How do I solve the quadratic equation 3x^2 + 5x + 2 =0 Please explain the steps-I really don't get this


What is a tertiary industry? Please give me a specific answer please! =3 Thank ye! -Pancake

marketing,,please help me

is anyone can help me please for this question. why are supplier an mportant uncontrollable factor for many companies?


PLEASE HELP THANK YOU. I need to evaluate this equation with the following inputs. F(x) = 5x -12 Input: 3 and 2


What is the subject of the following sentence? Please help me figure this out! a. Please b. help c. me d. You (implied)

algerba 1 math

how do i solve the equation: -2(-8-4)^2+-8-4/4 please show step by stap HELP PLEASE

math problem

Please solve using the addition principle please do check x + 3/13 = 5/13


i need help on arrays and an expanded algorithm please wright as asap please


how do you find the coordinates of the midpoint of a segment? (it gives you the endpoints) PLEASE HELP!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Math Help PLEASE!

Find the equation of the hyperbola whose vertices are at (-1,-5) and (-1,1) with a focus at (-1,-7). Please and thank you.

To JMartina

Please do not post your e-mail address here. Repost your question, please.

7th grade math

solve for k -4k-8k+7=-53 Please explain how you found your answer!! Please help!!


what is (14x-5)+(6x-4)simplified? Please help I would appreciate and PLEASE show the work!! Thank you!!

college algebra, Please help!!

find the f and g, so that fOg= H H(x)=sqrt x^2+17 please show work


what does the vc/v and v/cv pattern mean?????Tell me pretty please please with a cherry ontop


Write the decimal 0.079 as a percent. Please Answer Correct Please :(

math asap

I don't understand can you please help bedtime 1. (-5)-(-6)+(-1) 2. (-3.1)-(-7.5)+(+1.8) 3. (-9)+(-2)-(-6)+(-5) 4. (+5.2)+(-2.6)-(-3.7) 5. (-8)-(+7)-(+10) 6. (+4.5)-(-3.25)-(+1.5) Please answer all 6 if possible thanks!


Please for the classification of metals, their uses in the home and the care of each metal. Please help me!!!!!!

aLGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

x+x/4=25/6 find x please show all the step thank you


could i please get help with my project please? also what does this mean: a linear function with a discrete domain?


solve using elimination please show how to come up with answer. 6x - 3y = 18 6x + 3y = -12 Please help!!!


Please can i have a list of adaptive features of terrestrial plants. Please


Multiply. (x+4)(x-2) = x^2+2x-8 Is the answer correct, if not can you please point out what I did wrong? Please and Thank you


What is been written wrong in the following sentence " i am please asking for airtime please "


Can someone please check my other answer from Saturday June 5 @ 10:29 please thank you ?!


How many arrays are there for modeling a rectangular quilt with 24 paper squares? please help


P +4- 2 (p-10)> 0 Please check, it was marked wrong P+4 -2p +20 > 0 -p+ 24> 0 -p >-24 P > 24 Answer choices are 29, 26, 24, 22 Please explain thank you

Physics/ Chemistry please help

Hemoglobin has a molecular mass of 64 500 u. Find the mass (in kg) of one molecule of hemoglobin. Thanks for your help, but I figured this one out on my own.


Most housewives use spin dryers to dry their clothes. Explain how water is removed from the clothes in a spin dryer. PLEASE EXPLAIN! :)

Physics-please help

You're given a ramp 0.5m in height with a 3m incline. A mass of 1kg is at the top of the ramp and there is a friction of 2N. If the ramp has a force of friction of 2N, what will the speed at the bottom of the ramp be?

Physics(Please respond)

A 12-kg crate is pushed up an incline from point A to point B. What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the crate? Point A is 2.0m and point b is 7.0m I am not sure how to start this.

Physics -- check answer please

Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees


A container of gas is at a pressure of 1.3x10^5 Pa and a volume of 6.0m^3. How much work is done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? Please help ;_;


a penny is placed .1 m from the center of a turntable. if the coefficient of static friction between the penny and the turntable is .5, the maximum linear speed at which the penny can travel without slipping is approximately a) .49m/s b) .7 m/s c) 1.3 m/s d) 1.4 m/s e) .2 km/s...


Keplers third law I understand. T^2/a^3 of one planet = T^2/a^3 second planet. But I can't do the algebra to solve for the second planet's a^3 (semimajor axis) Would someone walk me through the steps please? Thanks.


. A 2.0 kg particle is moving along the x axis to the left with a velocity of v= -6.0 m/s. Suddenly, between times t =0 and t = 4.0 x a net force = 3t^2 – 12t is applied to the particle, where F is in N and t is in s. Calculate the velocity of the particle at t=4.0 s. Please...

Physics URGENT

I did a lab on DC circuits, and we calculated the resistance of multiple resistors in parallel. Resistance of Resistor 1 & 2 = 1000 +/- 5% so R1 =1000+/- 50 R2= 1000 +/1 50 i need to calculate R using the equation... R= 1/R1 + 1/R2 I am confused as to what the uncertainty ...

Physics(Please help)

A fan blade is rotating with a constant angular acceleration of +12.4 rad/s2. At what point on the blade, as measured from the axis of rotation, does the magnitude of the tangential acceleration equal that of the acceleration due to gravity? I do not know how to start this.

Physics(Please help)

A gas, while expanding under isobaric conditions, does 660 J of work. The pressure of the gas is 1.40 x 105 Pa, and its initial volume is 1.70 x 10-3 m3. What is the final volume of the gas? Would I multiply the two values?


Find the electric field on the axis of a uniformly charged solid cylinder, at a  distance z from the center of the cylinder. The length of the cylinder is H, its  radius is “a”, and the charge density is ρ. (Assume that z > H/2).


A 12000 kg truck strikes the back end of a 750 kg car moving at 15 m/s. If the truck loses 7500 kg-m/s of its momentum to the car, what is the car's velocity after the collision? I'm not sure how to solve this one... Help please?!


I am finding the value of the time constant in a circuit from the graph and by the CR equation. When using the graph I am getting t= 50s and when using the equation t=CR the answer is 2.09. Can someone help me please?


need help combining these vectors (if you can please show me a step by step guide of combining these two. Thank you 56m at 296 degrees, then 83m 152 degrees


Derive an expression for the vertical position of a projectile in terms of its horizontal position. This sometimes called parametric equation or path equation for the projectile. I don't know how to get it please help. Thank you.


If a car travels 60 mi. north for one-half hour, 100 mi. west for one hour, and 60 mi. south for 30 minutes, what is the total displacement of the car? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


A container of gas is at a pressure of 1.3x10^5 Pa and a volume of 6.0m^3. How much work is done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? Please help me I really don't know what to do,,,


1. A 38kg object is traveling down the ramp and experiences a frictional force of 180N. Calculate the angle of incline and the friction coefficient between the two surfaces. Answers: μ(mu)=0.55 Θ=28.9 degrees But please show work and all equations/variables used.


At a Grand Prix, drivers sustain lateral accelerations (sideways) about five times the acceleration due to gravity while driving around curves at speeds of 288 km/h. Assuming a circular curve, find the radius of that section of the track.


How many days does it take for a perfect blackbody cube (0.0100m on a side, 30.0 degree C)to radiate the same amount of energy that a one-hundred-watt light bulb uses in one hour? I got no idea to do it. Please give me some hints!!!Thanks!!!

11th Grade Physics

A rocket is fired vertically from the ground with a resultant vertical acceleration of 10ms^-2. The fuel is finished in 1 minute and it continues to move up. What is the maximum height reached? Solve it!!! N Please solve it as i've to copy it in my correction notebook it's my ...


Find the x- and y-coordinates of the center of mass of the flat triangular plate of height H = 87.8 cm and base B = 50.7 cm shown in the figure. x = y = I have tried this problem a multitude of times and I cannot seem to get this right, Please help! I have used the equation ...


Who is credited with inventing the fluorescent light bulb? Some resources told me it was Nikola Tesla, yet others told me it was a collaboration of Peter Cooper Hewitt, Edmund Germer, George Inman, and Richard Thayer. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thank you.


A crate of oranges slides down an inclined plane without friction. If it is released from rest and reaches a speed of 4.883 m/s after sliding a distance of 2.01 m, what is the angle of inclination of the plane with respect to the horizontal? Please note: Give your answer in ...

physics help!

When a gas follows path 123 on the PV diagram in a rectangle shape labeled 1234 cycle, 449 J of heat flows into the system and 179 J of work is done. What is the change in the internal energy of the system? * I keep coming up with 270 but this is incorrect. PLEASE HELP :)


A race car moving at 157km/hr decelerates at -7.00 m/s^2 to a speed of 75.0km/hr A) how long did this take? B) how many meters did the car travel during this deceleration? I attempted this problem many times and i don't seem to get the correct answer please show all work thank...


The figure shows an Atwood machine (a wheel suspended from the ceiling with two masses connected by a string) with m1 = 1.0 kg and m2 = 1.1 kg. If m2 descends a distance 3m from rest in 3.6 seconds, what is the strength of the gravitational field, g, at this location (N.B. it'...

math-please help

x + 12 >or= to 1 What could x be? I think that it is -11 or less. I'm not sure though. Please help me! that is correct 11


Solve this : (8x^3 ) - (168x^2) + ( 864x) = 1120 please >>>>>>>>>> I need it >>> please

algebra- please HELP

What is the invers of: y=2log(x+1) and please explain this to me..not just an answer.


Please show me how to do this problem please. The ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters.

Please help with Chemistry due today

please help with the questions that I have submitted.


Could someone please explain the concept of electromagnetic radiation to me please? Thank you!

math -> exponents

please help me, I forget how to do the problem -> 3^-5 + 3^-4 / 3^-5 - 3^-4 .... the answer is apparently -2.. please help


solve for x and y when 5x-3y-2=0 and 7x+y=0. Please this is sooo hard. no clue how to do it. please show me how to do it.

Algeerba need bob pursely please

Please help me solve this 3/[SQRT(5) - 2]

fractions and decimals

please provide help with this 2 2/7 minus 1.75 please show workings thanks


Please help! (a^2)63 (-2x)^3 (p^2q)^3 -5c(2cd)^3 4y(y62z)63 (12a^5)^2b^3 6a(-ab)^7 (-2d^2)^6(-3)^3 please and thanc u!

Help Please

For social studies I sent replies, please do read them Ms Sue, thanks

math lol please help me

i know im asian but what is 19/38 in simplest form and please explain it to me T-T


please help me solve 24 divided by 142,please show working.

Math(Please help)

Identify the vertex, intercepts, and zeros of the function. g(x) = x^2 + 8x + 11 Please help!!


I really need help on these chemistry problems. Can you please help me work them. Please?

algebra II

please, somebody help me Divide. x^2+7x-37/x+9. Please help me. I need all the help I can get. Thank you so much.

math please help

whats eight divided by 1195 in long divsion please help.

Geometry :(

What is the equation for a line that passes through the points (-3,-3) and (6,15)??? A: y=-2x+9 B:y=-2x-3 C:y=-2x+3 D:y=-2x-9 Please please help and thanks :)


simplify the following ratio please 39:52 show workings please

Calculus (please help)

Evaluate the indefinite integral: INT dx/(64+x^2)^2 Please help with this one.

Chemistry(Please help, thank you!!)

What is the oxidation number of sulfur (s) in NaHSO3? I know that Na is 1 but I do not know what else to do. Please explain, thank you for your help!!


I do not understand point-slope and standard form. Please help me.


I do not understand point-slope and standard form. Please help me.

Math, Please Help!!!

solve the trigonometric equation sinx + 1 = 2.6635. Please help me!!!


Can someone please help me on this question or help me get started. (2x^y+x^-y)^3 = (2x^y+x^-y)(2x^y+x^-y)(2x^y+x^-y) = ??? Now what do I do next? please help and thank you

Math Help Please!

Find k so that x+2 is a factor of 2x^3-2kx^2-11x+5k. I don't know to solve for k. please help and thank you


45% is 28 100%=? Please show me the concept and the working out as well please

6th grade math (please please answer!)

9 + x = 17 I know that x=8 but I don't know how you figure it out

Math (please help)

What is the scientific notation of 95? Please give a simple explanation! Thanks :)


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