physics please HELP !

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    An "energy bar" contains 19g of carbohydrates. If the energy bar was his only fuel, how far could a 68kg person walk at 5km/hr ?
  2. Physics

    A proton collides head on with a helium atom at rest. Their combined velocity after the collision is 8 x 10^5 ms^-1. Calculate the initial velocity of the proton. *** HELP PO PLEASE!!
  3. Physics

    A proton collides head on with a helium atom at rest. Their combined velocity after the collision is 8 x 10^5 ms^-1. Calculate the initial velocity of the proton. *** HELP PO PLEASE!!
  4. Physics

    A proton collides head on with a helium atom at rest. Their combined velocity after the collision is 8 x 10^5 ms^-1. Calculate the initial velocity of the proton. *** HELP PO PLEASE!!
  5. Physics! Please help! :)

    A concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 0.61 m is illuminated by a candle located on the symmetry axis 2.61 m from the mirror. Where is the image of the candle? Answer in units of m
  6. Physics -- check answers please

    Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees
  7. Physics Help Please!!!! Check!

    if I weigh N on Earth and 5320 N on the surface of a planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet? mg=702N m=702/9.8=71.6 kg mg=5320N g=5320/71.6=74.3 m/s^2
  8. physics

    the speed of a wave in a 4 m rope is 3.2 m/s. what is the frequency of the vibration required to produce a standing wave pattern with 1 antinode? 2 antinodes? 4 antinodes? please help!!! i don't understand how to do this
  9. physics

    What would be the charge on five alpha particles?(An alpha particle is helium nucleus) I started with 2 from the helium multiply by 5 and got 10. I don't know what to do next. Please help???
  10. physics

    Toby is jogging at a constant speed of 3 m/s along a winding path. He is accelerating even though he is going at a constant speed. how is this possible? please help..
  11. Physics

    An amt of ice was added to a 8.25 kg tubof water at 25.0°C. If their final temp is 18.2, what mass of ice was added? Please help, I keep getting the wrong answer
  12. Physics

    A car travels 3.0km due south and then 4.0km due west.what is it displacement from the starting point. R^2=A^2 B^2 am not sure if dat is the formula please help me
  13. physics

    A brick is thrown upward from the top of a building at an angle of 35° to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 15 m/s. If the brick is in flight for 2.7 s, how tall is the building? (in m) could someone help me please!!!
  14. Physics (PLEASE HELP PRONTO)

    A cart with a mass of 5.35 kg is placed on a frictionless ramp at an angle of 14.2. The cart is released and rolls down the ramp. Find the acceleration.
  15. Physics

    Find the unit vector parallel to the vector : C=12i+24j-8k. A.9/7i+5/7j+1/7k B.3/7i+6/7j-2/7k. I think B is correct. Please tell me correct option and method of finding.
  16. Physics

    Please show each step: If you want to heat 100 kg of water at 20 ° C for your bath, calculate the amount of heat in water. Then it shows that this is equivalent to 8360 kilojoules.
  17. Physics

    If a stone is thrown with velocity 10 m/s. How high will it reach after 10 s. Take g = 10 m/s^2 I want to know if this question is practically possible. I tried to solve this problem and ended up getting the answer in negative. Please help me!!! Afterall time of fall is ...
  18. Physics

    A dock worker applies a constant horizontal force of 79.0 N to a block of ice on a smooth horizontal floor. The frictional force is negligible. The block starts from rest and moves 11.0 m in the first 6.00 s. What is the mass of the block of ice? *I notice two very common ...
  19. English-Please Help

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other previous posts and correct them if they need to be corrected. Please halp me, I've been waiting for quite a long time. I'll appreciate all the help you could give me, thank you very much:-) My posts are still on this page, ...
  20. As physics

    the figure below shows the graph of force,F (y axis)acting on a trolley of 0.4kg against time,t (x axis) 20--------- ........._-- ........._...-- ........._....--- ........._......--- ........._.......----- 0........5............9 The velocity of the trolley is constant ...
  21. biology

    if a solution has a pH of 4 mix to a solution that has a pH of 9 what will be the pH of the mixed solution? will it be acidic or base? please show me how to calculate it.please i need the answer before tomorrow morning. thank you so much. I had been to other sites but i didn't...
  22. teachers aide

    Please someone post the answers of Resources of Educating Young children with Diverse Abilities (PART-3) so i can fix my answer because it's my last exam and i don't want get low mark.please---i am so confused with few answers. Please post the answers!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  23. Need Math Help Please

    in probability why are tree diagrams more useful than to use tables ?? please explain to me in a paragraph so i understand completely and could you please show me an example where i would have to use the tree diagram, and why i couldn't use a table???
  24. Physics

    Two geekie physics students with a combined mass of 131 kg jump into their old car to run out for some late night pizza. The distance between the front and back axles of the car is 2.9 m. When they get in the car, the springs compress a total of 9.3 cm. On their way to the ...
  25. Physics Please Help Today Part 2

    Here's a pic C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\physicspic.jpg 0.0100kg particles have been glued to a rod of Length L=6.00cm and negligible mass and can rotate around a perpendicular axis through point O at one end. How much work is required to change ...
  26. math

    1) Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, –3) onto point D'(2, 5). 2) Triangle ABC has coordinates A(1, 4); B(3, –2); and C(4, 2). Find the coordinates of the image A'B'C' after a reflection over the x-axis. Note: PLEASE ANSWER NICE AND NEAT AND CORRECT PLEASE AND ...
  27. 6th Grade Science Help PLEASE!

    Hi, so I did the coin drop experiment. I finished project, wrote my hypothesis, my data, my observations, and my conclusion. What I need help is that in this experiment I don't know which on is the independent and dependent variable. That's all I need. Can someone please help ...
  28. History

    Hey, I have an essay question: Compare and contrast the views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton on the Constitution, National Bank, and Foreign Affairs. I have already researched this topic but I don't think I have enough sources. If you know of any sites that could ...
  29. physics

    Find the minimum diameter of a 51.5-m-long nylon string that will stretch no more than 1.01 cm when a load of 68.9 kg is suspended from its lower end. Assume that Ynylon = 3.51·10^8 N/m2 physics - bobpursley, Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10:32am Hookes Law: elongation= force...
  30. Physics(Please just check, thanks)

    Using a force table the direction and magnitude had to be found for the following measurements: F1 = 200 grams at 30 degrees; F2 = 200 grams at 120 degrees The magnitude and direction found was 280 grams at 257 degrees. Using the magnitude and direction of F1 and F2 I need to ...
  31. Physics please help?????

    (a) At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a force F=(2.9N)i-(1.7N)j+(5.7N)k while the object's velocity is v= -(3.2m/s)i+(4.5m/s)k. What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? (b) At some other time, the velocity consists of...
  32. physics

    two people are pushing a car of mass 2000kg. if they each push with a force of 320N at an angle of 15degrees to each side of the car, calculate the acceleration of the car, assuming no resistance... please help
  33. physics H----please help!!!!

    Suppose a cord is a heavy rope of mass 1.0 kg. Calculate the acceleration of each box and the tension at each end of the cord, using the free-body diagrams. Assume the cord doesn't sag. (m1 = 8.5 kg , m2 = 12.5 kg and FP = 36.0 N)
  34. please

    A 65.0 kg student is standing atop a spring in an elevator as it accelerates upward at 3.85 m/s2. The spring constant is 3000 N/m. By how much (in m) is the spring compressed, assuming that the local acceleration due to gravity is 9.80 m/s2?
  35. Physics-please

    When a sound wave passes from air into a solid object, which of the following wave properties change? -Frequency -Wave Speed -Amplitude -Wavelength all that apply
  36. Physics

    The mass of the object was 8 kilograms. The object was acted on by a foce of 20 angle 80degrees newtons. What was the acceleration of the object? Please walk me through the steps instead of just suggesting a formula.. Thank you!
  37. Physics

    Can anyone please help me with this question? I don't understand why the speed is v m/s. A sport utility vehicle is travelling at a speed of v m/s. If its momentum has a magnitude of 32,800 kg·m/s, what is the SUV's mass? Thanks I know that I have to use the formula p= m*v ...
  38. Physics, still don't get it!

    I'm sorry bobpursley I don't understand your response, please clarify. When an object of mass m1 is hung on a vertical spring and set into vertical simple harmonic motion, its frequency is 12 Hz. When another object of mass m2 is hung on the spring along with m1, the frequency...
  39. Grade 12 Physics

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY QUESTION I AM REALLY STUCK!!!!! SOMEONE ANYONE!! I need some help, my brain hurts already just over analyzing this question! [_] [_]Thanks! [_]
  40. physics

    hi can someone please help me with this question. The SST Concorde flies at a speed of Mach 1.5. What is the half-angle of the conical shock wave formed by the Concorde at this speed?
  41. College Physics

    I need help with this question, A 4-ohm resistor is connected in parallel with a 6 ohm resistor. What is the total resistance of this pair of resistors? I know the answer is 2.4 ohms, but I don't know how to get it. Please help!!
  42. Physics- Work related

    If 2.0 J of work is done in raising 180 g apple how far is it lifted? I would assume that 2/180 = x but I divided it and it does not sound right.. please someone help.
  43. Physics

    If a car drives off a 40 m high cliff with a horizontal velocity of 15 m/s, how far from the base of the cliff will the car strike the fround? Could someone help with the equation, please
  44. physics PLEASE HELP!

    The coefficient of kinetic friction between a suitcase and the floor is 0.26. If the suitcase has a mass of 70.0 {kg}, how far can it be pushed across the level floor with 680 {J} of work?
  45. physics

    please help: 2 horizontal forces, one 180.0 N and the other 200.0 N, are exerted in opposite directions on a boat on a lake. What is the net horizontal force on the boat? Thanks for your help.
  46. physics

    1. what is the specific heat of an object if the heat needed to change its temperature from 40degree celsius to 75degree celsius for 75 kg of it is 536 kcal? Please show me how to oompute it.
  47. physics-please answer

    A coconut thrown horizontally at 20 m/s from the top of a hill 63 m high. How far from the base of the hill does the coconut hit the ground? Select one: a. 42 m b. 13 m c. 66 m d. 72 m
  48. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with a speed of 9.35 m/s at an angle of 25.0 ∘ above the horizontal. If the ball lands at the same level from which it was kicked, how long was it in the air? Please help!
  49. physics multiple choice MCQ 7- i need help please @all respective sir & bro

    the unit of energy in S.I units is? a. watt b. joule c. joule/s d. joule/m e. joule m
  50. Physics

    A sample starts with 1000 radioactive atoms. How many half-lives have elapsed when 875 atoms have decayed? I am not sure how to solve this, please help!!
  51. physics

    Can anyone please help me with answering this? : A person of mass 75 kg stands on a scale inside an elevator. What can you infer about the motion of the elevator if the scale reads 735N and 900N?
  52. Physics-help please!

    A wave on a rope is 6.1m . a.) What is the wavelength of this wave? b.) If the frequency of the wave is 6.2Hz, what is the wave velocity?
  53. mssue can you please view

    can you please view my last postage. i hope you can understand me. If you think i don't appreciate your help well let me tell you how greatful i am of having each and one of you tutors all i want is to feel clear about a topic that i'm in question that's all.please view my ...
  54. Physics

    A spring has a spring constant that is 120 N/m, and has a 0.1 kg block attached to it. The spring and mass sit on a horizontal surface that has no friction. The block is pulled 0.2 m and then released. Please find the frequency of the oscillations, the period of the ...
  55. physics

    The fundamental frequency of a string fixed at both ends is 375 Hz. How long does it take for a wave to travel the length of this string? Please check my answer Solution: f=v/2L v=2Lf t=1/2f=l/v 1/2(375hz)= .0013 sec
  56. Physics

    A helicopter is ascending vertically with a speed of 5.20 m/s. AT the height of 125m above the earth, a package is dropped from a window.How much time does it take for the package to reach the ground. ****Note: Please show the steps.
  57. physics

    hey, if someone could please help me solve this: object kicked at 45 degree and travels 82 m b4 hitting the ground. what was its vo? how long was it in the air? how high did it go? tell me if this is right, i got 740m for the height... doesnt sound right..
  58. physics (making a yo-yo)

    I am required to make a yo-yo that will unwind at a slowest rate possible, without using friction as a factor. Will it help if I make it hollow, so it would have more rotational inertia? Any other ideas? Please help!!
  59. physics

    calculate the image position and magnification for an object 3cm tall laced in front of mirror with a focal length of 12cm, if the object is placed at 2f... I got: di: 24cm and m=-1 please tell me if this is right.. thank you so much :)
  60. Physics

    Please help ! Finish the following statement: "The greater the number of lines on a diffraction grating of a given size," a)the greater b)smaller then a)the range of wavelengths that can be diffracted b)the distance between the bright fringes produced
  61. Physics (Projectile Motion)

    Please reply to this one urgently: Horizontally moving plane at 600kmph speed, at a height of 1960km, drops a package at point A and it drop at point B. Find the distance between A and B.
  62. Physics

    A person walks 3.0847x10^1 m East, then turns around and walks 8.677x10^0 m West. The total time to walk this distance was 7.8624x10^2 s. What is the speed of the walker, expressed to 3 significant figures? please help me im so confused
  63. Physics Help Please :(

    Projectile Motion A rifle is fired horizontally and travels 200m East. The rifle barrel is 1.90m from the ground. What speed must the bullet have been traveling at? Ignore Friction.
  64. physics

    A convex mirror has a focal length of 19.0 cm. Determine the object location for which the image will be one-fourth as tall as the object. i know that 1/f=1/do=1/di. when i put the numbers into the equation i keep getting 23.75 and its saying that its wrong. can you please ...
  65. physics

    A flowerpot falls from a window sill 37.6 m above the sidewalk. What is the velocity of the flowerpot when it strikes the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2. Answer in units of m/s Please show me the formula and steps i would use to solve this, Thanks!
  66. Physics please help!!

    You are walking at 4.40 km per hour across a frozen lake in the snow. You do not realize that with each step you turn 0.40 degrees to your right. If your step length is 58.0 cm what is the diameter, in meters, of the circle that you are inadvertently tracing out?
  67. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A skier of mass 71 kg is pulled up a slope by a motor-driven cable. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. How much work is required to pull him 64.6 m up a 33.8 slope (assumed to be frictionless) at a constant speed of 2.53 m/s? Answer in units of kJ
  68. Physics(Please check)

    A 5-kg ball is thrown straight up in the air with an initial speed of 24m/s. After its release and before it hits the ground when is the ball in free fall? My answer is at all times. Is this correct? Thank you.
  69. Physics(Please respond)

    There is a diagram of a ball being thrown in a horizontal diection at 30m/s and there is an angle of 48degrees and a side with 4m. How long is the ball in the air? I am confused because I am not sure of the equation. I know that is is something like y = yo + ? - 1/2gt^2 Thank ...
  70. Physics

    The liquid in the tube has a density of 1.48 g/cm^3 . The atmospheric pressure is 1.013 X 10^5 newtons per square meter. What is the pressure P in the container? Please walk me through your steps, don't just suggest a formula. Thank you very much.
  71. Physics(Please check, thanks)

    A football player kicks a ball with a speed of 25m/s at an angle of 40 degrees relative to the horizontal. Ignore air resistance. 1) What is the ball's range? R= V0^2 sin Q / g Is this the correct equation to use?
  72. Physics

    How many newtons of force are necessary to accelerate a 0.0050 kg mass at the acceleration (a) of 9.81 m/s2 with the force expressed in the correct number of significant figures? (F = ma) 0.04905 N 0.049 N 0.05 N 4.91 × 102 N Please help me :( It's just one little question.
  73. Physics

    For safety in climbing, a mountaineer uses a nylon rope that is 55 m long and 0.9 cm in diameter. When supporting a 82-kg climber, the rope elongates 2.0 m. Find its Young's modulus. I got 34737.433 but that is not the right answer please help!
  74. Physics

    A 60 W light bulb at 120 V is left on in your house to prevent burglary, and the power charges 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, how much will it cost to leave the bulb on for 30 days? Please show how to work this
  75. physics

    An aeroplane flying at 350km/h in a direction of N 40 degrees E strike a wind blowing from N 50 degrees W at 75km/h calculate the resulting velocity of the aircraft? need help trying to work this out. please. any help would be great.
  76. Physics

    A meteorite weighing 1860N strikes the earth with a velocity of 45.2m/s. What is its kinetic energy? Write in SN to one decimal place. When I plugged in (1/2)(1860N)(45.2m/s)^2, I got the answer 1.9e6, but it was incorrect. Please help. I'm really confused!
  77. physics

    Choose one of the Laws of Thermodynamics (zeroth, first, second, or third) and give a brief summary of its development. Who is credited with "discovering" it and when? How did the four laws come to be ordered as they are? Please explain in detail
  78. physics

    Please, anyone help me please. Q: An object is placed 17.8 cm from a first converging lens of focal length 13 cm. A second converging lens with focal length 24 cm is placed 10 cm to the right of the first converging lens. (Take the direction to the right to be positive.) (a) ...
  79. Physics... Please help me! I REALLY need help.

    A .30kg softball had a velocity of 15m/s at an angle of 35 degrees below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with a velocity of a)20m/...
  80. MATH

    Harriet needs to ship a small vase. The box she will use has a volume of 216 cubic inches. If the side lengths are all the same, what is the length of each side of the box? Hint: V = S^3 PLEASE ANSWER NICE AND NEAT AND CORRECT PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! =) :-) AND EXPLAIN IT GOOD...
  81. physics please help

    The drawing shows a collision between two pucks on an air-hockey table. Puck A has a mass of 0.030 kg and is moving along the x axis with a velocity of +5.5 m/s. It makes a collision with puck B, which has a mass of 0.055 kg and is initially at rest. The collision is not head-...
  82. Physics help please!

    A cylindrical metal can with a radius of 4.25 cm is floating upright in water. A rock is placed in the can, causing it to sink 0.0230 m deeper into the water. What is the weight of the rock?
  83. Physics continuation - Damon please help

    Can you help me with this question, too? Suppose that the boat is supposed to arrive at a point directly across the river from its starting point. a) What should be the heading of the boat?
  84. physics uncertainty

    experiment times: .15, .13, .16, .14, .15, .14, .15, .14 so i found the average to be .15 and the highest value was .16 the lowest value was .13 so what is the uncertainty? (in other words... .15 plus or minus what number?) please explain. thanks
  85. physics help!!

    a plane moving horizontally at 120 m/s drops a package from an elevation of 240 m. How far did the package go before it hit the ground? Step by step directions please!
  86. physics

    please help: A repelling force occurs between two charged objects when the charges are of a. unlike signs b. like signs c. equal magnitude d. unequal magnitude
  87. physics

    You exert a force of 455N in pulling 15.0m of rope using a pulley system to lift a 935N object 5.0m. What is the efficiency of the pulley system? Please help, I appreciate it a lot.
  88. Physics

    What is the difference between magnetic field of a bar magnet anf the magnetic field around a current-carrying coil? Please answer with a good explanation.
  89. physics

    A fisherman's scale stretches 3.5 cm when a 2.1 kg fish hangs from it. I know that k=590 N/m and f=2.7 Hz. How do I find the amplitude of vibration if the fish is pulled down 3.2 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down? Please help!
  90. physics

    if it takes 726 watts of power to move a mass 36 meters in 14 seeconds, what is the mass? i really need like, step by step help please? asap. thanks, michelle .
  91. physics

    a golf ball is launched at a 37 degree angle from the horizontal at an initial velocity of 48.6 m/s. state the initial velocity in rectangular coordinates. please show me how to figure this out
  92. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A ball bounces to 45 percent of its original height. What fraction of its mechanical energy is lost each time it bounces? What is the coefficient of restitution of the ball-floor system?
  93. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A ball bounces to 45 percent of its original height. What fraction of its mechanical energy is lost each time it bounces? What is the coefficient of restitution of the ball-floor system?
  94. Physics(Please help)

    A football is kicked with a speed of 18 m/s at an angle of 65° to the horizontal. How long is the football in the air? Neglect air resistance Would I use the equation y=y0 + voy t -1/2gt^2 ?
  95. Physics

    A 14.0 kg bucket is lowered vertically by a rope in which there is 181 N of tension at a given instant. What is the acceleration of the bucket? May someone please walk me through this problem step by step. Thank you
  96. Physics(Please respond)

    A system does 210 J of work on its environment and gains 80.6 J of heat in the process. Find the change in the internal energy of (a) the system and (b) the environment. I am not sure how to start this.
  97. Physics(Please respond)

    A system does 210 J of work on its environment and gains 80.6 J of heat in the process. Find the change in the internal energy of (a) the system and (b) the environment. I am not sure how to start this. Thank you for the help.
  98. Physics

    Help me please I'm stuck on this question 2.In a thunderstorm at 20.0°C, Karen sees a bolt of lightning and hears the thunderclap 3.00 s later. How far from Karen did the lightning strike? Show your work.
  99. Science (Physics)

    Two resistors 3ohms and 6ohms are connected in parallel across a 6V battery, what is the current flow through the 3ohms resistors? Just the formula please.
  100. Chemistry

    Can someone please tell me what to expect from Beginner High School chemistry? Is it mostly applying mathematics like physics? Or basically memorizing like biology? Thank you!
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