physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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1. When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence to support the idea? A. observations of nature B. laboratory experiments C. extensive fossil collections D. genetic sequences 2. How did Darwin and Lamarck differ in their thinking about change ...

une lab de physics

Hello, we are doing a lab dealing with diffraction gratings. The problem I have is that we are supposed to find the number of slits, N, based on gathered information. I have x, L, d, m, and w, just not N, which is what I am trying to find. I also have the wavelength. Is this ...


I know I said I didn't know how to start my last question and them figured it out on my own but this one I have tried to work out and really can't get. We have two carts that have magnets to keep them from touching. One cart is initially at rest and we push the second cart ...

A Raisin in the Sun

What is your impression of Mrs. Johnson and her message? (Could you just check to see if my answer sounds all right?): My impression of Mrs. Johnson and her message is that she is basically a good person, though a little nosy. She says nice things about the Youngers and asks ...


A 5.4 kg wagon is pulled along a horizontal surface. The acceleration of the object is 0.9 m/s^2. What is the coefficient of friction between the surfaces? Any help is much appreciated! I am not sure how to go about the problem other than I think I must use the Fn (normal ...


aside from any grammar or spelling mistakes how is this essay! Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? With no guidelines how can you match a book definition of loyalty. Loyalty is essential in human life, but what is it. The dictionary will describe loyalty as ...

english story

we have to write a dramatically story about a man and a woman who met in their holidays. can somebody help?? Why don't you outline a story, then start writing? We will be able to critique your ideas. Note that the story could have an element or two of suprise....what if the ...

Critical Thinking

I am in week 7 and after week 5 and 6 am doubting my self on my homework that is due tommorrwo can you look to see if this is actually an argument the conclusion indicators were not as apparent in this reading this week. In fact, well after it was confirmed that no more than 3...


Write an equation for the translation so the graph has the given vertex. 1. y=-|x| vertex (-5,0) 2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3) 3. y=-|x| vertex (p,q) I really have no idea how to even begin these, but I do know the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11 and #3 is y=-|x-p|+q Thanks in advance. ...


carbon dioxide (CO2) is the gas mainly responsible for global warming (the greenhouse effect). the burning of fossil fuels is a major cause of the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. carbon dioxide is also the end product of metabolism. a general overall equation...

Calculus I don't understand

Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y = 10 x and y = 5 x^2 about y =0 Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by y=8 x^2, x = 1, and y = 0 , about the x-axis. I saw some...


Is it possible for AB = 10, BC = 2x + 5 and AC = 5x, given that point B is the midpoint? If you are talking about lengths of a line segment ABC, with B the midpoint, then AB + BC = AC 15 + 2x = 5x 3x = 15 x = 3. But also we must have AB = BC for B to be a midpoint 10 = 2x + 5 ...


Does infrared radiation or ultraviolet radiation have wavelengths that are shorter than visible light? My answer is ultraviolet radiation. I am really sure about this one. Am I correct?


1. What class are you in? I'm in the second class. I'm class 2. 2. What year and what class are you in? I'm in the second year and second class. I'm a student in class 2-2. (Are the questions and answers correct? Do you have more questions and answers about that?) 3. What is ...


The value of g at the Earth's surface is about 9.8 m/s2. What is the value of g at a distance from the Earth's center that is 9.5 times the Earth's radius?


Derive a formula for the maximum speed v of a simple pendulum bob in terms of g, the length L, and the maximum angle of swing theta. I don't know how to go about this, I thought to use T = 2pi*sqr(L/g) and since F=MA, I divide A by time and . . . but I know this is completely ...


A uniform rectangular marble slab is 3.4m and 2.0m has a mass of 180kg.its originally lying on surface flat ground with It's 3.4m*2.0m surface facing up.How much work is needed to stand it on It's short end?(hint,think about its centre of gravity)


Taking the age of Earth to be about 4 ✕ 109 years and assuming its orbital radius of 1.5 ✕ 1011 m has not changed and is circular, calculate the approximate total distance Earth has traveled since its birth (in a frame of reference stationary with respect to the Sun).


consider the following molecules:SiH4, PH3, H2S. What is similar about these molecules? What is different about these molecules and why?


1) He wonders whether he should make a stand (do you know a synonym?) against the mass of troubles and by doing so put an end to them. Hamlet is aware (realises??) that the end of the troubles can be brought about either by killing the king or by taking his own life. 2) The ...


the p-value for a significance test is .0358. a correct interpretation of this p-value would be: a) about 3.6% of the data are significant b) about 3.6% of all samples are significant c) about 3.6% of all samples would produce a test statistic at least as extreme as ours if ...


I have a few questions that I'm stuck on. 1. Identify how the pronoun is used in the sentence. Just today Terry bought a picture for her. direct object indirect object object of a preposition*** (I think this is the answer because of the preposition for her, Terry is the one ...


hi im trying to do a problem that involves multiple battereis, one capacitor,and multiple resistors, and im told that the circuit has been connected for a very long time... i found the current passing through each battery using kirchoffs rules, but now i have to find the ...


Does anyone know about the novel "Tales of the Good Woman, by a Doubtful Gentleman" by James Kirke Paulding. I can seem to find a summary anywhere, and a summary is all I need for my assignment. I have seen one but it doesn't really make sense to me.

AP bio

Explain why adaptations of organisms to interspecific interactions do not necessarily represent coevolution. What would a researcher have to demonstrate about an interaction between two species to make a convincing case for coevolution? i don't understand what this is asking...


its not a homework ? but i was reading my literature book and i came accrose this.... "letter to president roosevelt" by albert enstine and i read it , but i have no clue what he is talkin about and i wanted to no what was his main point of the letter???? plez tell me don't ...

To Bill -- psychology

I've removed your 20-question, multiple choice post. Your instructor assigned this exercise/test to find out what YOU know. If you have a problem with a couple of the questions, please post them along with your thoughts about possible answers. Then we'll try to help you.

organic chemistry

We learned about E and Z structures but im confused :S i have a question that involves a benzene ring and a cyclohexane ring on the same side of a double bond but i don't know which one has more prority over the other...can someone plz help? thx


Write a 150–200 word paragraph about the most helpful information you have learned from your other second-block course on how to make sound financial decisions. Underline your topic sentence and bold your clincher sentence.

Literature. I have 25 assignments by midnight

Imagine that you are alive and in London during the Elizabethan age. You're at the Globe Theater to see a play. Describe it creatively. Refer to at least five of the details which you read about the Globe in the lesson above.


Many studies have shown that extinction is a natural process that occurred long before humans ever evolved. Explain the importance of conservation genetics in the survival of endangered species. Why should we be so concerned about extinction now?

American Gov't

Which statement is NOT true about Congress? 1.)It was originally intended to be an elite governing body 2.)The vast majority of its members have college degrees 3.)The age requirement is the same for both houses 4.)Most members are lawyers


Which of the following salts is NOT more soluble in acidic solution than in pure water? A. ZnS B. AgCN C. Ba3(PO4)2 D. ZnCO3 E. BiI3 The answer is E, but I don't know why or how I would go about answering a question like this. What would I have to consider to determine this?


Hello! I need some help on how to write my (1000-1500 word) analysis paper. My class is about language acquisition in children and I had to analyze a child's spontaneous conversation. I have analyzed it, but I'm unsure of how to write it up. Please help! Thanks!


a high speed sander has a disk of 2.74 cm in radius that rotates its disks about the axis at a constant rate of 503 rev/min. determine the linear speed of a point 2.33 cm from the disk's center. answer in units of m/s


Design an array of individual solar cells that woulproduce 120 volts DC. About how large an area of solar cells would be needed to produce 2 kWe of/ output power at noon on a clear day


A solid disk rolls along the floor with a constant linear speed v. (a) Find the fraction of its total kinetic energy that is in the form of rotational kinetic energy about the center of the ball. Krot/Ktotal = ?


A thin cylinder of copper has a mass m=50g and is 1 meter long. what is the minimum current that has to flow through the cylinder for it to levitate in a magnetic field of 0.1T. would i use B=uI/2pi(d) im confused about what d is and how the mass relates to this...

Physics 203 ( College)

Four particles, one at each of the four corners of a square with 2.5-m-long edges, are connected by mass less rods. The masses of the particles are m1 = m3 = 2.0 kg and m2 = m4 = 7.0 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the system about the z axis.


A student reading his physics book on a lake dock notices that the distance between two incoming wave crests is about 0.65 m, and he then measures the time of arrival between the crests to be 1.8 s. What is the approximate speed of the waves?


A mass M can slide with negligible friction inside a tube bent in a circle of radius R = 1.28 m. The tube rotates about its diameter; the mass is in equilibrium at θ = 50.0°. Calculate the number of revolutions the hoop makes in 108 s.


Find the net torque (magnitude and direction) produced by the forces F1 (F1 = 17.3 N) and F2 (F2 = 26.1 N) about the rotational axis shown in the drawing. The forces are acting on a thin rigid rod, and the axis is perpendicular to the page. (x = 0.323 m, y = 1.021 m, = 28.6°)


Find the net torque (magnitude and direction) produced by the forces F1 (F1 = 17.3 N) and F2 (F2 = 26.1 N) about the rotational axis shown in the drawing. The forces are acting on a thin rigid rod, and the axis is perpendicular to the page. (x = 0.323 m, y = 1.021 m, = 28.6°)


a disk has a mass of 2kg and a length of 2 meters and it oscillates about an axis that is 1.5 meters from the center of the disk. It is initially displaced at an angular displacement of 0.2 radians and released. A) What is the equation of motion? B)What is the kinetic energy ...


victoria falls is about 108 m high, and sometimes as much as 550,000,000 m3 of water rushes over the edge each minute. what is the waterfalls total power? use a density of water of 1000 kg/m3.


When using a light microscope to look att two hairs crossed over each other... Under low power were both hairs in focus at the same time? What about medium power? What does this tell you about the depth of field as you increase magnification. The answer to the focus part is no...


Thank you. Here are a few sentences I wrote on travelling by train. I don't know the correspondent English terms. I hope you can help me. 1) Check the train times and the fare. Then buy your ticket at the ticket office. You can buy a single or a return ticket. 2) In Italy you ...

language arts

Could someone suggest one way that teachers can integrate content and instruction in an English language arts classroom. It will give me an idea how to anwser the question. Thank you

litreature- king lear

write a journal in king lear : the idea tha power corrupts but suffering can redeem is farily common plots support this theme


Are humans "blank slates" when they enter this world or do we as humans come into the world with certain truths or idea (whether logical, mathematical, scientific, or moral)?


This is KINDA a homework question, but would it be a good idea to review the topics learnt in seventh grade for maths before going into eighth grade? Thanks :)


All sentences in a paragraph must relate to the idea that the topic sentence in the paragraph introduces. 1.True 2. False I say true. Please recheck my answer.

Social studies

Which of the following is a key idea of transcendentalismo? Belief in human reason Belief in personal insights Belief in expansion of the country •• Belief in isolation from other nations


Question: Based on Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment, what can you conclude about the existence of a smallest unit of electric charge, of which other charges are multiples? Include a diagram of Millikan's original apparatus. So i found lots of great websites, so please don't ...

health care administrator

can any one tellme some ideas of things to do to advance along the way in this career change i am doing out side of going for my bachelors and maters degree.. Not sure where to start. I have thought about being a CNA to get my foot in the door someplace. People don't want to ...


poof read for me I am very sorry about her mother who has killed by drunk driver Zeke and I felt bad about Kate because she lost her mom. I wish her mom was alive and never get upset.


Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Describe the stages of sleep. In which stage do we dream? What are the five common beliefs about dreaming? What are the two common theories about dreams?


Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=x^2, x=y^2, about the axis x=-5... i just cant seemt to get the numbers to work out well and get answer please help...thanks

Social Studies 9

Which aspects of Napoleons life does H.G wells emphasize. What does the infomation about napoleon and what does it tell you about H.G wells. is the information reliable or relevant in either case ? PLEASE NO GOOGLE SEARCHES . they don't work for me .


I am writing an argument essay about how wedding cakes are high art. I am having trouble with how I should write my introduction paragraph. I need to write about something that will get my audience interested in my topic but how?


"solve each problem and write your answers in scientific notation." 1. (6.0•10^5) •(3.0•10^4) 2.(5•10^-2)/(2•10^3) 3.(2.56•10^6)•(3.56•10^2) 4. "In a recent year , the population was about 2.52•10^7 people. Its land area is about 4.05•10^5 km^2. What was ...

Help! Communication

HELP!!! effective verbal message formation is about being. 1) Supportive of others 2) Critical of the motives of others 3) informed about a decision process 4) intentional in one's learning. I think the answer is 2 but i'm not sure.


Help! I need to create a three-column list of body art. With the following headlines: Temporary, Minor body alterations and Major Body alterations. So far I have: Temporary: Henna, body and face paint, make-up Major Body Alterations: implants, reductions, liposuction, lifts ...


One of the five charateristics of living things is being able to reproduce. Do all living things have to have all charateristics? Mules are living things and most are sterile. (I have heard of a few cases where a mule has given birth.) What about women who are sterile, they ...


I'm reposting you a few sentences I checked myself again, because you told me they were too wordy. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A ghost appears to Hamlet...


One student is pushing on a chair with a force of 260.6 N directed at an angle of 30 degrees above horizontal while a second student pushes on the same side of the chair with a force of 21.0 N at an angle of 15 degrees below horizontal. What is the magnitude, in N, of the sum ...


1). A major source of increasing economic inequality in the U.S. is the fact that: A) the U.S. is a racist society B) the overwhelming majority of new jobs have been in the lowest paying sectors C) Social Security payments are unable to keep up with inflation. D) none of the ...


please help me on this... 1. In "A Portait of the Artist as a Young Man," Stephen's questions reveal he is: a. indiffernt about his life. b. concerned about hsi place in world. c. angry about his life. d. hopeful and happy about his life. i think its a? 2. The main character ...


Can someone please help me with this physics question? I have most parts of the question answered already. (i only need help with b and c). Thanks The motion of a body is described by the equation 3.50 sin (0.100ðt)where t is in s and y is in m. (a) Find the amplitude 3.50 m...

life orientation

what you are talking about if you are talking about alcohol abuse


equation log_b a = c. a) If 0 < a < 1 < b, what can you conclude about c? b) If a < 0 < 1 < b, what can you conclude about c? Please help !


Chinese artists often express their philosophies using calligraphy. Which is the best definition of philosophy? A. a complex idea B. a religion C. a way of practicing creativity D. a system of guiding principles I think its C. Please answer as soon as possible.

Logic Research

Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in th morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students ...


Can you please give me images about how to make a timeline? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The following site has samples of timelines: Thank you SO much!It really helped me! i have write abt ...

religion , edit

How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion? Contemporary BUddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion by meditation which is like praying to their gods inorder to keep away the illnesses and evil. It helps the religion feel in ...


Which of the following must be true about the structures of axons and muscle cells in order for nerve impulses to stimulate muscle contraction? a- Axons and muscle cells must both have structures that make and secrete the same small molecules. b- axons and muscle cells must ...


Which of the following must be true about the structures of axons and muscle cells in order for nerve impulses to stimulate muscle contraction? a- Axons and muscle cells must both have structures that make and secrete the same small molecules. b- axons and muscle cells must ...


Which of the following must be true about the structures of axons and muscle cells in order for nerve impulses to stimulate muscle contraction? a- Axons and muscle cells must both have structures that make and secrete the same small molecules. b- axons and muscle cells must ...


Hello, please proof read this analytical report. I would also like to know what else I could consider in it. Thanks. Workplace Safety Analytical Report. Introduction Every year more then 15, 000 young people get injured at workplace (stated by Learning to Work Safely by ...


I have been given this question and with very little knowledge of physics and a book and flex studies that I am not finding very explanitory. I am not sure I am on the correct path as the vlaues I have seem very large. I would appreciate any help/assistance anyone could give. ...


If a solution has a lot of particles, is it going to have a low or high boiling point? For instance, would NaCl have a higher or lower boiling point than C12H22O11, based on the amount of particles it has (NaCl has more than C12H22O11)? Are you thinking of solutions with ...


A textbook is 23cm long, 18cm wide and 4cm deep and its mass is 1.8 kg. Find the work required to accelerate it from rest to an angular speed of 2.75 rad/s spinning about the: -length axis -width axis -depth axis


a jeepney of a mass 1500kg is travelling at a speed of 20m/s (about 70km/h) a. what is the kinetic energy of the jeepney? b.suppose the driver suddenly steps on the brakes. if the force is 7500 newtons, what will be the distance traveled by the jeepney before it stops?

Physics help please

While punting a football, a kicker rotates his leg about the hip joint. The moment of inertia of the leg is 3.75 kg/m2 and its rotational kinetic energy is 175 J. What is the angular velocity of the leg, in rad/s ? I'm not even sure where to start...


In first gear, or low gear, an automobile's engine runs about three times as fast as the drive shaft. In second gear, the engine does not have to run as fast; usually it runs about 1.6 times faster than the drive shaft. Finally, in third, or high gear, the engine runs at the ...


Would I talk about what I am expected to do in a Amish family as well as how I live with no electricity etc..... This Question is about the recent question of subordinate member and 3 day journal question I asked.


Hey you :) Can you please read that letter to my host family? Can you maybe give me tips what I can add? what I don't have to say? And look up the grammar? Thank you Minnie Dear Host Family, My name is Minnie. I’m 21 years old, my birthday is on 2nd September. I study to ...


Hi, can anyone please tell me what does a doctor do, what skills do they have or need, what are the degrees and trainings and how much money they earn? I need to now this for my H.A.C.E. project mark which will effect my result in my report card and i have to write four pages ...


I have an essay and my topic is "our views of the past change as we mature". So I am stuck on what pieces of evidence I should write about. I am thinking of writing a narrative, and I want my "mature view" to be that the world doesn't evolve around me forever. 1 piece of ...


our class was given an extra credit assignment where we have to design a mobile that has both the net forces and torques = 0. i have all of the masses know i just don't know how to find radii. no two masses can be in the same position nor can they be at the center of mass...i;...


A tire placed on a balancing machine in a service station starts from rest and turns through 4.93 revolutions in 1.47 s before reaching its final angular speed. Calculate its angular acceleration. It must be in units of radians. Please help. I have 20 attempts to do this and I...


why are you more likely to have an accident on your bicycle if you are riding it on a gravel or wet pathway?how do i explain this using newton's law(s)? thanks consider newtons first law. Then, consider friction on the tire on gravel, wet vs dry pavement. isn't it newton's 3rd...


Hello! I have to write an affirmative congress speech on this bill, but I'm not really sure about what the bill means..? Can anyone help me figure out what it's talking about/what I'm trying to affirm? "A resolution to promote justice and human rights in syria." "1. whereas, ...


i have to make a poster about fossil fuels and i don't really know anything about them, so can you give me some information about them?


Other questions have been asked about the article "Contolling Irrational Fears After 9/11 and Identifying at least two arguments and answering the questions on the syllabus. -I have found two which I think can be used. Will you please let me know if these are proper arguments...


How can I find the horizontal asymptote of: y=e^x/(2e^x+5) i know you have to do the limit as x approaches infinity... but that is about all i know... mulitply the numberator and denominator by e^-x y= e^0/(2e^0 + 5e^-x) y= 1/(2 + 5e^-x) now, take lim as x >> int. Notice...


Hi I wrote an essay about antisemitism in Iran during the 1979 war. I titled it "life in Iran" but my teacher says that the title is weak. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should rename the essay?


In English, I am writing an essay about lawsuits. Is it true some people have sued restaurants because they spilled coffee on themselves, supposidly making them infertile? Or is this just a rumor? I want my essay to be as factual as it can be. Thank you!!


i have to draw comic strips of book- the adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain for my english hw.--basically depicting a few scenes about any three favourite characters in the book. Want it by Evening


If a friend would ask you why the price of bananna's is higher during certain times of the year. Using what you have learned about the laws of of supply and demand, explain to a friend how the market affects the price.


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