1. Physics

    How much heat is needed to melt 14.3kg of silver that is initially at 44°C?
  2. Quick Question #2

    How did Max Planck came upon/discover Quantum Physics? thank you
  3. Physics Can someone please help thnks

    reply to my post earlier julie thnk u please
  4. Physics

    Explain why a balloon expands when heated and contracts when cooled.
  5. Physics

    Find the magnitude of the dot product of the two vectors B=6i+j+2k, D=-1+3j. What is the angle between B and D
  6. physics

    compute the mass of the following assuming if it to be a sphere of radius 6370km
  7. Physics

    A man walks 3km E and then 4km N. What is his resultant displacement?
  8. Physics 30

    Vectors A) 3.5 cm North B) 4.2 cm West Algebraically subtract B from A(B-A) Whaaaa? Please help

  10. physics

    what is diffraction? When does it occur? Which waves will defract more when passing through an opening?

  12. physics

    what will be the distance time graph for a train standing at a station?
  13. physics

    When measuring kinetic friction, why is it necessary to move at a constant velocity?
  14. physics

    Does the kinetic energy of a car change more when it speeds up from 10 to 15 m/s or from 15 to 20 m/s? Explain.
  15. physics

    what is the wavelength of neutron (m=1.67x10^-27kg) travelling at 3.0x10^4 m/s?

    determine the speed of a 2.0g insect that has kinetic energy of 0.020 J.
  17. Physics

    Why is the momentum in a spaceship traveling in space not conserved? Can someone please explain? thanks
  18. Physics

    a freight train has two engines, each with a mass of 50,000 kg. pulling
  19. physics

    Distance covered per unit of time is called _________.
  20. physics

    a guy walks one lap at 35 miles per hour, what is his velocity?
  21. physics

    a 3.5 kg bowling ball is 6.5 m above the ground. How much potential energy does it possess?

    Do the mass of a body determine the gravity they possess(sun)
  23. Physics

    An airplane travels at 880 how long does it take to travel 1.50km
  24. physics

    a 20.0L sample of hydrogen gas has a mass of 1.80g. What will its density be in g/ml?
  25. Physics

    what is the amount of gravity im m/s on each planet in the solar system. I need to know by Wednesday. Thanks
  26. physics

    Show that the acceleration of a hamster is 5 m/s2 when it increases its velocity from rest to 10 m/s in 2 s.
  27. physics

    all electric charges are multiples of the charge on an electron, or atom?
  28. physics

    determine the velocity of a charge that push by the 16 volts source
  29. physics

    i need to make a working model on the applications of electric generator
  30. physics

    How far will 350 joules raise a block weighing 7 newtons?
  31. Physics

    How can you determine the polarization axis for a single sheet of Poloroid?
  32. physics

    In our country and in most of other countries ,the Celsius scale is more commonly used . Can you think of a reason for this?
  33. Physics

    You drive a car 2 h at 48 km/h then 2 h at 62 km/h. What is your average velocity? Answer in units of km/h
  34. Physics HW Plz help

    What is the frequency of a blue light with a wavelength of 487nm?
  35. Physics

    the force required to accelerate a mass of 10.0kg at 4.00m/s^2 is
  36. physics

    Which is the vector quantity that describes the shortest path between two points?
  37. physics

    Explain the difference between a GET and MOSFET on the basis of their construction and working
  38. Physics

    For centripetal acceleration, if the radius increases, does that mean the angle is decreasing?
  39. Physics

    What is the KE (in J) of a 2650 lb Honda Civic traveling at 100 mph?
  40. physics

    when a car goes around an 8-km track in 20-minutes. what is the average speed and velocity.
  41. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 1500 kilogram object moving at 25 m/s?
  42. Physics

    What is the maximum amount of force a human can exert in newtons?
  43. physics

    what is the resistance of air gap in plug key in a circuit.
  44. Physics

    If your car accelerates from rest at a steady rate of 4 m/s2, how soon will it reach 84 km/h
  45. physics

    a force of 20 n acts on a 5 kg block. calculate the acceleration of the object.
  46. physics

    A car has a uniform velocity of 108km/h. How far does it travel in 1/2 min
  47. physics

    Calculate the angular velocity of the minute hand of a clock.
  48. Physics

    What is the average useful power output of a person who does 5.90×106 J of useful work in 7.90 h?
  49. physics

    exercise 4.1 suppose the pilot start agin from rest
  50. physics

    what is the refrevtion of waves? And what are the laws'of refraction? Also about phase change.
  51. physics

    Which is the vector quantity that describes the shortest path between two points?
  52. physics

    A projectile is launched straight upwards at 45 m/s. Three seconds later, its velocity is A. 75 m/s B. 30 m/s C. 15 m/s D. zero
  53. AP Physics B

    What's the equation to find the maximum height after a spring decompresses?
  54. physics

    find a unit vector parallel to the resultant of vectors : A=2i^+j^-k^& B=3i^-2j^+2k^
  55. physics

    What emf is required to cause 12 amperes to flow through a resistance of 7.2 ohms?
  56. physics

    What is the value of the gravitational acceleration at a height of 2000 km above the surface of the Earth?
  57. Physics

    How does the index of refraction relate to the speed of light in a substance?
  58. physics

    how long does it take a 19kW steam engine to do 6.8x10^7 J of work?
  59. Physics

    What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave if it has a wavelength of 1.4 km? The speed of light is 3 × 10 8 m
  60. Physics

    A boy walk 1km due north.what is his displacement?
  61. physics

    Explain the term uniform acceleration and average speed
  62. Physics

    When an object is immersed in a fluid describe the buoyant force?
  63. Physics

    I just have a question....How to know if the volt is -ve or not? and How to know if a charge has deficit or excess electrons ?
  64. Physics

    how much energy is required to change 40 g of ice at -10 C to steam at 110 C?
  65. Physics

    What is the power output of an engine the does 60,000J of work in 10s?
  66. physics

    If the speed of an object is doubled its kinetic energy is multiplied by
  67. Physics

    Given the following vectors: A = (28, 110°) B = (63, -30°) Determine A + B. Specify the sum as both Cartesian and polar.
  68. physics

    a 4kg bird is flying with a velocity of 4m/s2. what is the kinetic energy?
  69. Physics

    the energy of a ball rolling up an inclined place plane is?
  70. Physics

    Why does a pencil look broken if you hold it at an angle in a beaker of water?
  71. Physics

    1. Given t1/2 to be 0.0137 seconds, how long should it take to reach 87.5% of maximum charge?

    how long in seconds does it take for a car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h2 if acceleration is 10 m/s2?
  73. physics

    Essay on how accleration due to gravity is used to benefit mankind
  74. Physics

    If radius = 1.25 when i am swinging a bucket around and around what is the slowest possible speed i can go without it spilling?
  75. Physics

    What is the efficiency of an athlete who consumes 3000kcal of food and does 2.5 x 10*6 J of useful work?
  76. physics

    44 foot skid from a jeep cherokee, how fast was it traveling.
  77. physics

    A car accelerates from rest at -2.10 m/s2. a. What is the velocity at the end of 4.0 s? b. What is the displacement after 4.0 s?
  78. physics

    what are the draw backs of hugyen's wave theory of light?
  79. physics

    An isotope of iodine is I-126.how many protons, neutrons &electrons does it have
  80. physics

    What are the 3 primary subatomic particular? What is the charge on each? where in the atom is each particle located?
  81. Physics

    If a clock says 10:30 am and the second hand rotates 960 degrees what time would it be?
  82. Physics

    Find out the resultant of two forces of 4N and 7N acting at an angle of 140°
  83. physics

    A bicycle starts from rest and reaches 6.0 m/s after 4 seconds. What is its acceleration?
  84. Physics

    I need to find some information about the 'wave packet' thoery about light. Can you please tell me how I should do this.
  85. physics

    calculate the electrostatic force between charges of -2.4 µC and +5.3 µC, placed 58cm apart in a vaccum.
  86. physics

    what is the distance and displacement of the race car drivers in the 15m?
  87. physics

    How long does it take a 25 kW steam engine to do 5.6 × 10^7J of work? Answer in units of s
  88. physics

    what happens when a resistor is used to heat a brass rod and allowed to cool?
  89. physics

    How much work must be done to bring three electrons from a great distance apart to 5.5×10−10 m
  90. physics

    how can a racing bicycle have the same linear momentum as a pick-up truck?
  91. Physics

    A truck starts from rest and accelerates at 2.0 m/s² for 4.0 s. How far will it have gone at the end of this time?
  92. physics

    a cannonball is fired straight up at 60m/s. how long does the flight last?
  93. physics

    two forces 5N and 7N act on an object respectively.When will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?
  94. Physics 102

    What would be the path of the Moon if somehow all gravitational forces on it vanished to zero?
  95. physics

    . Two positive point charge of 12 μC and 8 μC are 10 cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4 cm closer is,
  96. gr.10 physics

    could someone please help me with this? Rearrange and simplify for r when A=3.14r^2 by the way, 3.14 is supposed to be pi, but i don't know how to write it...
  97. Physics

    Why does the volume of air bubble increase as it rises toward the surface?
  98. Physics

    What are some careers that relate to waves and sound? Can you give some examples of how it's used please?
  99. Physics

    How much force is required to accelerate 7.0 g object at 11000 "g's" in a centrifuge?
  100. physics

    two forces of 5 N respectively act on an object.when will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?
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