physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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The Floor To Be Tiled Is A Rectangle I want To Know The Approximate Area Of The Bathroom Floor i Have String Handy And i Know That The Length of my tennis shoe is about 1 foot how can i find another way to describe the area of my room ?.


In English, we're learning about the Holocaust and we are answering to "related-to-your-life" questions and below are some questions that I do not understand. Please help! Thank you. Does the U.S. control any countries? Do we have a Chancellor of the US? Who could be re-...


a kite is flying at an angle of elevation of about 40 degrees. all 80 meters of string have been let out. ignoring the sag in the string, find the height of the kite to the nearest 10 meter


If you wanted to make a barometer that had a column of liquid about 6ft tall what would the density of the liquid have to be? 1meter=3.28ft 1in=2.54cm Density Hg=13.6g/ml 1atm=760torr

Persuasive Essay

Will someone help me organize my persuasive essay? I've decided to write about the FITNESSGRAM and why high shcool students who have taken the required courses of physical education should be exempt from it.

life orantation

Make six suggestions on how to combat the violations of human rights identified by you in the previous questions and indicate any organisations you have come about in your research and indicate how they combat the discriminations.


3 boxes are in a room. You know that one contains apples, one contains oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges, nut you don't know the contents of the specific boxes. The boxes are labeled, "apples," "oranges," and "apples and oranges," but each box has the wrong ...


Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) We have fifty-five minute lessons except for the first and the last lesson which last sixty minutes 2) I have 5 hours of lesson on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have afternoon lessons only (?) on ...


During an average lifetime, a person sheds about 40 pounds of dead skin. In the United States, life expectacy for men is about 73.6 years. Life expectancy for women is about 79.2 years. How many pounds would a man shed in a month and how many pounds would a women shed in a ...


I am about to do an extraction experiment, and needed help with a question to improve my understanding. Any help appreciated. 1. You have 150 ml of a solution of benzoic acid in water estimated to contain about 5g of the acid. The distribution coeffcient of benzoic acid in ...


The diameter of a tire is 2.5 ft. a. Find the circumference of the tire. b. About how many times will the tire have to rotate to travel 1 mile? (1 mile = 5,280 ft)


ok i have 10th grade math next year and i don't even know half the stuff for this year and its summer brake and im worrying about math..what do i do


my teacher said to find out about a sequce and find the man it is named after . it is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21........ and i have got to find out the rest

Physics- drwls please help

(a) Calculate the kinetic energy that the earth has because of its rotation about its own axis. Assume that the earth is a uniform sphere and that its path around the sun is circular. For comparison, the total energy used in the United States in one year is about 9.33 109 J. (...


I urgently need you to check the following sentences on job satisfaction.Thank you. 1) This newspaper article is about job satisfaction. It claims that the root of job satisfaction lies in your attitude and expectations. 2) First, it is essential to consider the kind of ...

Canadian Pacific Railway

How did the CPR employment practices discriminate agnst Chinese workers? Why do you suppose Chinese railway workers decided to remain separated from the other workers? They were paid 1 dollar a day for the work they did, which was less than half the salary paid to white ...


This is about the questions again -- can you tell me if I worded this right and you can figure out the answer to the question with the info provided? Thanks!! A bullet is speeding at 250 m/s and it punctures an apple at rest. With the bullet inside the apple, the apple and the...

modern world

I don't understand what the difference is in how does the view of history influenced by Darwinism differ from the view of history influenced by the Enlightenment idea of progress??? Darwin didn't intend his theories of evolution to apply to humans and their history. He was ...


Thus, the Nurse sees the purpose of the asylum as a place to be conformed is to persuade the patients to accept and function in the Outside world of rewards and punishments. How do I reword "to be conformed"? I don't like the idea of using "to be" in any essays.


"¡Voy a llevar mi camara a la obra de teatro esta noche!" "No es una buena idea. Creo que no _____ sacar fotos en el teatro." a. se afeita b. se venden c. se habla d. se permite D?--it's allowed


How do you align standard such as TESOL English Learner standards? Once aligned, how can they be used as a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLs? Please give me some research idea.


12. When an author uses a concrete object to represent an idea or emotion it is called (1 point) style symbolism mood aphorism 13. What does “renaissance” mean? (1 point) renewal recollection rebirth return My answers: 12.b 13.c

World History

How did Renaissance thinkers think the individual was defined? Explain how this idea can be compared with the value of an individual in ancient Roman and medieval European societies. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!


ok this is juist the first question.... 1)When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence to support the idea? A)observations of nature B)laboratory experiments C)extensive fossil collections D)genetic sequences plzz help!!!!


what is the basis for the economic theory of mercantilism that drove the exploration and settlement of north america by Europeans? my answer is mercantilism is roosted in the idea that a nation's power stems from authority of absolute monarch. Is this right?


Jarren's training and improved diet give him ______ Which of these best completes the sentence to express the idea that Jarren is in peak physical condition? 1. (vigor) 2. ambition 3. muscle 4. fatigue Ms.Sue is this right


To purchase your first home, you may be required to borrow funds from a bank. You have just graduated from college, and your dream is to own your first home. Before you begin looking for your dream home, you need to learn more about funding options and the process required to ...


Explain the following observations using chem principles: When table salt and sugar are dissolved in water, it is observed that: 1. Both solutions have a higher boiling point than pure water. 2. the boiling point of .1 M NaCl solution is higher than that of .1 M C12H22O11 ...


1. Choose two of the scientists you read about in the Stories of Scientists unit. Compare and contrast these scientists. Answer this question in no fewer than two paragraphs. Be sure to include specific details about each scientist’s life, career, and personality in your ...


After reading about the Malaria problem in North Borneo and the subsequent attempts to eliminate it, do you believe the beneficial effects of spraying pesticides on Sabah outweighed the resulting unexpected and harmful effects? What do YOU believe? If you'd like to post your ...

Human Services

Develop a number of hunches about the clients in the following vignettes. What is the basis of your hunch (theory, experience, knowledge about social conditions, etc.)? Leah is a 13-year-old runaway living on the streets with a group of three other teens. They show up at the ...

CIS 105

As you have discovered, there are a variety of computers available, from the smallest computer in a domestic device to the supercomputers used in industry. Despite the different uses of computers, they all have basics elements in common—each computer system involves hardware...


i have to act out the first half of act3 scene 5 in romeo and juliet and i have to have some props. does anybody have any ideas for what i could use?

Counting and Probability

Suppose I have a bag with 10 slips of paper in it. Eight of these have a 2 on them and the other two have a 4 on them. How many 4's do I have to add before the expected value is at least 3.5?


Natural causes? Erosion, from wind and water. I cannot seem to find any specific natural causes of sand deposition. I have read all of my chapters and google searched "sand deposition" and can't get anything useful...


• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences. • Identify all ...


Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students ...


You have a blind date with a physics major. From your social networking experience, you know that 10% of physics majors are immature, 50% are narcissistic, and 90% are boring. Assume that immaturity, narcissism, and boringness are independent events. Calculate the probability ...

English -ms. sue

ms. sue for my mental illness story i be writing, what narration I use? teacher say i can use same one in yellow wallpaper or come up with own unique style. I not know what be better than first-person narration? I think of third person narration but i not know if i be able to ...




A disk rotates about its central axis starting from rest and accelerates with constant angular acceleration. At one time it is rotating at 7 rev/s. 55 revolutions later, its angular speed is 21 rev/s. (a) Calculate the angular acceleration. (b) Calculate the time required to ...


how to add frecions ? Do you mean fractions? if so you have to add the numerators and keep the same denominator. For ex. 2 over 5 + 2 over 5 = 4 over 5 what are you talking about sorry


so for an essay we are supposed to write about three achievements that we are most proud of. the thing is i don't really have any achievements (no sports, etc). can anyone give me examples of achievements?

World History

I need help finding examples of imperialism in today's world? And then explain why is it an example of imperialism. PLEASE HELP THANKS ALOT Try the following: Tam, First decide what ...

Stressed syllables

Here is a list of words now can someone help me find the stressed syllables: 1. diff(icult) 2. (imag)ine 3. (fam)iliar 4. relative 5. compan(ions) 6. (won)derful 7. impat(ience) 8. (coun)tryside 9. for(gott)en 10. univ(erse) 11. un(iver)sal 12. (acc)ident 13. (acc)idental 14. ...


Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students ...


In a P-T graph, does time always have to be on the x-axis(bottom)?


What two ways can waves interact? ^I have no clue what its asking


If a cannonball and a BB have the same speed, which has the longer wavelength?


In what two situations will a car have balanced force?


How fast does a car have to accelerate to go from 10.0 m/s to 30 m/s in 125 meters?


Could you please help me: Does plasma have a definite shape or volume?


Hi simple question which of these have the dimension as length? A) a*t^2 B) v^2/2*a C) a*v D) (v^2*m)/F


Why do ironic compounds have high melting points?


Three vectors, A, B, C have the following x and y components: Ax = 6.7, Ay= -2.3; Bx = -5.5, By = 4.5; Cx = 3.2, Cy = 7.2. What is the magnitude of A + B + C ?


when can an object have its original mass but zero weight?


How high would you have to go in the atmosphere for half of the mass?




What does it mean to have a 99.1% experimental uncertainty or percent deviation


The volume of a block of lead that has a mass of 33.6g would have to be?


What effect does the normal force have on the coefficients of friction?


Three vectors A,B and C have the following x and y components Ax = 3.6, Ay=-3.4; Bx=-5.5, By=1.9; Cx=2.5, Cy=3.4 What is the magnitude of A+B+C?


Why we have to know refractive index and can use this in normal life?


I am working on a geometry problem where I have to build a mobile of the quad. family. I have to state the properties of each figure. For a parallelogram I have 1. opp. sides are congruent 2. opp. angles are congruent 3. diagonals bisect each other and are congruent. For a ...

business question

I am given a project to Develop and Incorporate a Business. I decided about video game business for example companies that make big systems like xbox. What is the concept? Type of Entity?: LLC Reason for selecting Entity? Financial Assistance? Marketting Audience? who are the ...

essay cont. to Mrs. Sue

I disagree with Petre’s view that colleges don’t help students in real life situations. It is true that colleges mainly focus on teaching students on what’s written in books. However, colleges do offer classes and variety of workshops that help students see the general ...


i sorda know how to do this problem, but i am gonna ask anyway. ADDITIONAL INFO: consider a regular deck of cards without the jokers. Cards are replaced after each draw. Find the probability of each of the following. QUESTION: P(pair of red kings) wow that's a hard one i have ...

com 220

I thought I chose to write my final about Capital Punishment but instead I accidentally chose Affirmative Action. Now i have to create a full sentence outline that includes arguments and counter arguments that support my thesis statement. My thesis statement is "Affirmative ...

typing my research paper

If I am a slow typer and my research paper is due tommorow when I started researching about 3-4 weeks ago. How can I finish by tommorow? I only have my works cited page ,title page,and 3 body paragraphs. Don't waste time posting messages when you should be furiously typing. ...


Write half page for each topic. What do you feel about? or something you wish to know or learned ? in college about? 1. Test preperation. 2. Faculty expectaton. I believe this is an assignment your teacher wants YOU to write. Anyone else's opinions about test prep or faculty ...


1. What makes “The Seafarer” an elegy? a.It celebrates the speaker’s faith in God. b.It describes a strong and fearless traveler. c.It focuses on feelings of loss and mourning. 2. What is the fate of the speaker in “The Wanderer”? a.He must endure a perilous journey...


I have no idea What to do. What does it mean by 'draw what you think the visible range spectrum of this dye would look like.' To get the A, I used Beer's law. So I got 9.265nm for Absorbance. What should I do for the next? The question is ----Next Simon checks the ...

Writing Assignment

I have to write a short essay on a movie called the seventh seal and I was wondering about a certain part that interested me and that would be where he is playing chess with death can any one give me some help with this... like what does it mean... and ect to it why does he ...

History GuruBlue

Often, religion is used to demonstrate optimism by stating that God, or a higher spiritual power, promises victory to the country ( I found this on the internet) What does this mean and can it be an ideology? (We have to be pro-war that's what the teacher said) I'm kind of ...


I have nearly completed my Child Day Care Management. They give me a project sheet Competency Goals I II II, etc. the first Goal is about to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment. Please just I want a example, is like a essay? Thank you.


I have checked these sites out and they don't answer the question, what molecules is lipitor composed of. I just need to know its its a carbohydrate, protein, amino acid. One site said something about statin but im not sure if that is a molecule. someone who knows please help ...


find an Ottawa Citizen news story about Scott Starson. Some issues to reflect upon in your thought paper:] 1. At what point should physicians or family members have the right to impose treatment on an individual with a mental disorder?


can u write five lines of a story about u and some explorers in the forest and something happens as monsters leave the clearing. it doesn't have to be that descriptive as I am going to improve it by adding adjectives and other punctuation. thank you. P.S please do it as soon ...

Math - Fundamental Theorem

We can actually use the Zeros Theorem and the Conjugate Zeros Theorem together to conclude that an odd-degree polynomial with real coefficients must have atleast one real root (since the non-real roots must come in conjugate pairs). But how can we get the same conclusion by ...

9th Grade Biology

Sometimes, a new experimental result may seem to go against a well-established scientific theory. Often, such results seem like they are the results of researcher error. Regardless, scientists cannot just ignore new findings that disagree with accepted ideas. Which statement ...

English - essay

Hi. Im writing a short story about a girl who helped the army during world war II and i wonder would you know any famous quote about life/its challenges or anything that could suit the topic that I could use to finish off? Thank you


I have to find out some facts about the dwarf planet vulcan. I have tried wikipedia but it was no help. Can any one please give me some facts or websites that can. This may be what you need.


Last year, the personal best high jumps of track athletes in a nearby state were normally distributed with a mean of 229 cm and a standard deviation of 19 cm. What is the probability that a randomly selected high jumper has a person best between 229 and 248 cm? According to a ...


About 7% of men in the U.S. have some form of red-green color-blindness. Suppose we randomly select one U.S. adult male at a time until we find one who is red-green color-blind. How many men would we expect to choose, on average? Design and carry out a simulation to answer ...


Thank you for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. I included the alternatives. 1) I get angry with my brother when he behaves differently from what I expect him to (OR: differently than I expect, differently from expected). 2) He is satisfied, ...

science (chem) Rf values

consider a sample that is a mixture of biphenyl, benzoic acid, and benzyl alchohol. The sample is spotted on a TLC plate and developed in a methylene chloride cyclohexane mixture. Predict the relative Rf values for the three components in the sample. For assistance use the ...


help me write a paragraph, using several sentences, to describe a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. Use at least five different pronouns in your sentences. Identify all pronoun in...


with earths mass 6 x 10^24 kg and radius6.38 x 10^6, how does the inverse-square law show that in space shuttle territory, 200 km above earths surface, the force of gravity is about 94% that at Earths surface

Physics Dynamics

A 10-kg block is pushed against a vertical wall by a horizontal force of 100 N. What is the coefficient of static friction between the block and the wall if the block is about to slide down?

Check essay, I added a little to it, thankies :)

Rock Climbing can be a tough sport, indoors or outdoors, but it can also be fun and adventurous. If you do not have the proper knowledge of clothing/equipment and techniques, then maybe rock climbing isn’t for you. Rock climbing can be joyful, but for it to be joyful you ...

us history

how did the fear of alienating the border states affect nothern strategy during the war? President Lincoln is "reported to have said that he hoped to have God on his side, but he had to have Kentucky." That's from this article:

simple question! i sware!!

Can you tell me how the number twenty-eight (28) is in everyday life? Or in other words where can you find it in everyday life? thank you! i don't need a website just give me an idea... thanks! Look at the calendar. help.. I got that already but thanks anyways.. Thank you for ...


The density of the sun's core is about 160 g/cm. The density of the earth's core is about 13.0 g/cm. About how many times denser is the sun's core than Earth's?


1. When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence to support the idea? A. observations of nature B. laboratory experiments C. extensive fossil collections D. genetic sequences 2. How did Darwin and Lamarck differ in their thinking about change ...


When a cannon with a longer barrel is fired, the force of expanding gases acts on the cannonball for a longer distance. What effect does this have on the velocity of the emerging cannonball? (Do you see why long-range cannons have such long barrels?) Please help; need a ...


Thermal energy is caused by motion of? 1. mixing water molecules contained in a beaker 2. molecules in soild liquid and gas phases 3. mixing molecules together 4. molecules that have reached equilibrium the density of an object with the volume of 60.0 mL and a mass f 400.0 g ...

A Raisin in the Sun

What is your impression of Mrs. Johnson and her message? (Could you just check to see if my answer sounds all right?): My impression of Mrs. Johnson and her message is that she is basically a good person, though a little nosy. She says nice things about the Youngers and asks ...

une lab de physics

Hello, we are doing a lab dealing with diffraction gratings. The problem I have is that we are supposed to find the number of slits, N, based on gathered information. I have x, L, d, m, and w, just not N, which is what I am trying to find. I also have the wavelength. Is this ...


I know I said I didn't know how to start my last question and them figured it out on my own but this one I have tried to work out and really can't get. We have two carts that have magnets to keep them from touching. One cart is initially at rest and we push the second cart ...


A 5.4 kg wagon is pulled along a horizontal surface. The acceleration of the object is 0.9 m/s^2. What is the coefficient of friction between the surfaces? Any help is much appreciated! I am not sure how to go about the problem other than I think I must use the Fn (normal ...


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