1. physics

    Why do the magnetic poles of cans reverse when turned upside down?
  2. Physics

    Two objects are moving about so that their total momentum is zero. What can be said about their kinetic energy?
  3. Physics

    What is the peak wavelength and observed color of a 50,000 K star?
  4. physics

    if the earth exerts a force 300n how much does the body weigh?
  5. Physics

    How far apart are a proton and electron if they experience an electric force of 5.10N?
  6. physics

    does each of the two lenses used in a microscope produce a magnification of the object being viewed?
  7. physics

    what is the speed of 1kg object when the kinetic energy is 1 joule
  8. physics

    The maximum displacement of a vibrating body on either side of its mean position is known as its
  9. Physics

    How does the length, thickness, and temperature of a wire effect the resistance?
  10. physics

    a car is moving at 40km per hour what is the velocity in meters per second?
  11. science[physics]

    why is the pressure more on ground when a person is walking than when he is standing ?
  12. Physics

    Find the modulus direction cosin unit vector 1) 4a-2b+3c (2) a-7b+5c (3)4a-3b+c
  13. Physics

    How come heat engines are more efficient when run at high temperatures?
  14. Physics

    A__2Min.______B_____2Min.________C This makes no sense to me. Can you amplify?
  15. Physics

    Find the modulus direction cosin unit vector 1)4a-2b+3c, 2)a-7b+5c, 3)4a-3b+c.
  16. physics

    why salt mixed in water before keeping egg and boil it?
  17. Physics

    If a clock says 10:30 am and the second hand rotates 960 degrees what time would it be?
  18. Physics

    Two identical charges are 36 mm apart. The electrostatic force between them is 1.3 N. What is the size of each charge?
  19. physics

    which is more work pushing with 115N over 15 m or lifting 20N 10meters
  20. Physics

    what maximizes our ability to recover elastic potential energy?
  21. Physics

    A 55 kg skier is going down a slope with an angle of 47 degrees. Mk= 0.15. How fast is he going after 6 seconds?
  22. Physics

    If 7.20 kg of ice at -5.00°C is added to 12.0 kg of water at 30°C, compute the final temperature.
  23. Physics

    What's the difference between Inertia and Impulse? Because the definitions sound really similar.
  24. physics

    a ramp is 0.5m high and has a slope of 4m long.what is the mechanical advantage?
  25. physics

    What is the acceleration for the turtle moving with constant velocity of 5m/s to tghe right
  26. physics

    A skier slides down a slope to the left at a constant speed.
  27. physics

    in what direction should a force be applied to produce maximum torque.?
  28. Physics

    How much work is required to stop an electron (m= 9.11 * 10^-31 kg) which is moving with a speed of 1.80×10^6 m/s?
  29. physics

    if velocity vector is changing but speed is constant, can there still be work
  30. physics

    What forces are acting on a puck that is on an air hockey table?
  31. physics

    what is the kinetic energy of a bear with a mass of 65 Kg and running at a speed of 20 m/s ?
  32. Physics

    Describe how the range of a projectile varies with launch angle.
  33. Physics

    Explain why a balloon expands when heated and contracts when cooled.
  34. Physics

    How much energy is released when 250 kg of anthracite coal burns
  35. Physics

    Light elements formed in Big bang theory ?
  36. physics

    Find modulus,Direction cosines,Unit vectors of (1)4a-2b+c,(2)a-7b+5c,(3)4a-3b+c.
  37. physics

    Find modulus,Direction cosines,Unit vectors of (1)4a-2b+c,(2)a-7b+5c,(3)4a-3b+c.
  38. Physics

    In order to stay in phase, do two waves need to have the same frequency? The same amplitude?
  39. physics

    what is the particle's average velocity in the y direction vy between t=0.200s and t=0.300s?
  40. physics

    How much energy is produced when the sun converts one kg of hydrogen into helium?
  41. physics

    . Two positive point charge of 12 μC and 8 μC are 10 cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4 cm closer is,
  42. Physics

    A mass accelerates uniformly when the resultant force acting on it is......?
  43. Physics

    What is the relative humidity on a 25.0 °C day when the air contains 14 g/m3 of water vapor?
  44. physics

    Athelet meseret defar runs at 10m/s. How long will take her to go?
  45. Physics

    A and B are vectors in the same plane. If A= 8i+6j. Find the vector B such that |A+B| = 14.14 units and A is perpendicular to B.
  46. physics highe school

    Explain the different sections of the graph in as much detail as you can?
  47. Physics

    How does the index of refraction relate to the speed of light in a substance?
  48. physics

    what is the value of electric field intesity at a point between two co centric sphere
  49. Physics

    What is the wavelength of a 512 Hz sound wave in 20 degree C air?
  50. physics

    Two point charges, +3.30 µC and -5.50 µC, are separated by 1.29 m. What is the electric potential midway between them?
  51. physics

    What voltage is required to store 6.90 10-5 C of charge on the plates of a 7.00-µF capacitor?
  52. physics

    plz tell me in which website can I get free engineering notes for first year B.E?
  53. physics

    Find the relation between phase difference and path dofferense
  54. sonogram physics

    How much time is required to image a structure at 5cm.?
  55. physics

    A fully loaded 737 aircraft takes off at 250 {\rm km/h}.
  56. physics

    find energy of a single photon of light when you have 5.4*10^12 hertz.
  57. physics

    Two charged spheres are 8.00 apart. They are moved, and the force on each of them is found to have been tripled
  58. physics

    a 3.5 kg bowling ball is 6.5 m above the ground. How much potential energy does it possess?
  59. physics

    610 C passes through a flashlight in 0.510 h. What is the average current?
  60. physics

    A bicycle starts from rest and reaches 6.0 m/s after 4 seconds. What is its acceleration?
  61. Physics

    By what distance must two charges of +2 C and +4 C be separated so that the repulsive force between them is 4.10 1010 N?
  62. Physics

    Does an object still possess any kinetic or potential energy at absolute zero?
  63. physics

    why is the color of the sky orange during sunrise and sunset? --pls help me on here-- thanks :)
  64. Physics

    what is the northwest and eastward components of a 550 kph velocity?
  65. Physics

    What is the electric force of attraction between charges of 3 C and -4 C separated by a distance of 2 m?
  66. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  67. physics

    How long does it take a 25 kW steam engine to do 5.6 × 10^7J of work? Answer in units of s
  68. physics

    If the speed of an object is doubled its kinetic energy is multiplied by
  69. physics

    If pressure is given by P=A+B by t and -c by D +v where t and v are time and velocity respectively then find dimensional formula of A, B,C&D.
  70. Physics

    Problem2-AFor A=-I+2j +5k and B=2j-3k,find: a) The dot productA.B b) The angle between the A and B
  71. physics

    does the flame of gas stove emit light?explain
  72. physics

    what 2 factors determine the size of the force of gravity? & what is the relationship between them?
  73. physics

    how many RPM are required to attain 1g with a radius of 840 feet
  74. Physics

    If a person runs the 100m dash in 10.0s, calculate that speed in m/s and km/h.
  75. physics

    How many electron can passes through a cross sectional area of a conductor per second
  76. Physics

    Why does a pencil look broken if you hold it at an angle in a beaker of water?
  77. Physics

    What is the maximum amount of force a human can exert in newtons?
  78. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1070 kg car traveling at 111 km/h?
  79. Physics

    what must be the minimum velocity of a missile if it is strike a target a 100m away?
  80. Physics

    what is the amount of gravity im m/s on each planet in the solar system. I need to know by Wednesday. Thanks
  81. Physics

    Two persons A and B are walking with a speed of 4 km/h and 5 km/h respectively in the same direction. Find how far will B be from A after 3 hours ?
  82. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1200 kg car traveling at 135 km/h?
  83. PHYSICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a wave has a frequency of 2 Hz. find its period ? please show work.....
  84. physics

    need help can someone please tell me Electricity is often converted into other forms of energy. List 3 examples.
  85. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 1.2 Newtons?
  86. physics

    why one cannot find the north pole of the earth using only a simple compass
  87. physics

    Is there any investigations of forced oscillations of the spring-mass system?
  88. physics

    if the distance between two bodies is increased by 25% then % change in the gravitational force is
  89. physics

    Explain why helicopters need 2 rotors to fly in a straight line.
  90. Physics

    What are some common examples of light refraction, excluding rainbows?
  91. Physics

    how fast must a roller coaster be going to get around a vertical loop with a radius of 15 m
  92. physics

    what is the heat capacity of a gold ring that has a mass of 7.00g
  93. Physics

    find the x- and y- component of vector R which has a length of 13cm at 30.0 degrees
  94. physics

    What is the apparent weight of a 55 kg person in an elevator accelerating downward at 2.2 m/s2?
  95. Physics

    Question contains pictures: h t t p : / / g o o . g l / M H k y 1 (delete the spaces between the characters for the URL)
  96. physics

    When a nucleus emits a beta particle, it's atomic number is ?
  97. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  98. Physics

    How can you determine the polarization axis for a single sheet of Poloroid?
  99. physics

    how long does it take a 19kW steam engine to do 6.8x10^7 J of work?
  100. PHYSICS 1A

    how much current is drawn by a lamp that has a resistance of 1.2 O when a voltage of 6.8 V is impressed across it/
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