physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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  1. Macroeconomics

    I've been reading my textbook, watching Khan Academy, and Googling to no avail. Can someone please help me with the following questions? 1 - Which of the following is NOT true about the national income identity given by the equation: S+(T-G)=I+CA? A) If CA is negative and ...
  2. Roper

    You've made the finals of the Science Olympics! As one of your tasks, you're given 1.1 g of copper and asked to make a wire, using all the metal, with a resistance of 2.0 (ohms). Copper has a density of 8900 kg/m^3. What length will you choose for your wire? What diameter will...
  3. english1A - argument/these

    Oh shoot. I keep forgetting to change my Word document to a text document. for some reason it doesn't post here if I don't. My introduction... let's see if this works. Gender myths Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish, while others do not. ...
  4. Science

    Does anyone know anything about respiration?? Cause I have to do this chart thing and it says: Respiration uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water and water is used to carry out all _________. I don't know what the blank is I have read my science over and ...
  5. math

    Let S be the part of the sphere x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 25 that lies above the plane z = 4. Let S have constant density k. (a) Find the center of mass. (b) Find the moment of inertia about the z-axis. so far I have found that the magnitude of r(theta)x r(thi)= 25sin(thi)but I cant ...
  6. Chemistry

    Determine the unknown quantity in the following cell at 298.15 K. Pt(s) | H2(g, 1.0 bar)| H+(pH = ?) || Cl -(aq, 1.0 mol·L-1) |AgCl(s), Ag(s), ΔE = +0.36 V. (DrBob) I still wasn't able to figure out the other one--I posted again after that one, but I know there are a lot...
  7. algebra

    Two Questions: 1) A certain radioactive isotope has leaked into a small stream. 100 days later after the leak 10% of the original amount of the substance. Determine the half-life of this radioactive isotope. 2) During a research experiment, it was found that the number of ...
  8. Ununhexium/atoms

    I don't understand, according to the periodic table at web elements; An isotope of Element 116 (292Uuh) was identified in the reaction of 248Cm with 48Ca. It is very shortlived and decomposes to a known isotope of element 114, 288114Uuq. How can it be that ununhexium is ...
  9. science

    Which statement below does not apply to the moon? A. Does not have moving plates or volcanoes. B. Rotates just once on its own axis in about 28 days C. Rotates once on its axis in about 24 hr. D. Atmosphere is too thin to destroy asteroids I think it is C but im not sure http...
  10. Elem. Ed.

    Can you please help with this question? Home visits,where a teacher visits children from her classroom and their parents in their homes,are valuable to all concerned. Which of the following is the greatest challenge to this form of parent involvement? 1. Teachers' concerns ...
  11. Business Success

    PREPARING FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS 1. When looking for capital, bankers and other lenders will usually feel most comfortable investing in a/an A. really original idea for a business. B. chain of new businesses. C. brand new business. D. existing business with a proven record. 2. ...
  12. Algebra

    The diameter of the moon is about 3476 kilometers. The distance from earth to moon is about 384,400 kilometers. About how many moons could be lined up in a row between earth and the moon? Round to the nearest whole number. Please help answer thanks
  13. maths

    A survey o 85 students asked them about the subjects they liked to study 35 students liked maths,37liked history,26 liked physics,20 liked maths and history,14 liked maths and physics,2 liked all the subjects. a) how many of these students like maths and physics? B) how many ...
  14. Physics

    A playground merry-go-round of radius R = 1.92m has a moment of inertia of I = 221kgm^2 and is rotating at 14.0rev/min about a frictionless vertical axle. Facing the axle, a 29.8kg child hops onto the merry-go-round and manages to sit down on its edge. What is the new angular ...
  15. English

    Doing a book review assignment for Obasan by Joy Kogawa. It cannot be a typical summary , must be more essay like and have a thesis. I plan on discussing first and foremost a general quick plot summary emphasizing the important and prominent scenes of the book, which will fuel...
  16. geography/history

    where can i find out facts about my area, which is called simshill? Simshill is a district in Glasgow, Scotland. Since I didn't find much on the Internet about it (except about Simshill Primary School's decreased enrollment), I suggest you go to your local library for ...
  17. English

    1. Speaker 1 is going to make "a" speech about drinking alcohol. 2. Speaker 1 is going to make "the" speech about drinking alcohol. (Do we have to use 'a' or 'the'? Are both okay? which one is commonly used?) 3. When he makes a speech, the opposite team can make an argument by...
  18. science

    1. In paper chromatography, is the substance being tested the solute or solvent? Explain your answer. I think the substance being tested is a solvent. I think this because it is being dissolved to form the ink on the filter paper. 2. A bucket of paint spills on your classroom ...
  19. Science

    1. In paper chromatography, is the substance being tested the solute or solvent? Explain your answer.  I think the substance being tested is a solvent. I think this because it is being dissolved to form the ink on the filter paper.  2. A bucket of paint spills on your ...
  20. French 1!(I checked in my book and it's not there)

    PLease help me say this!I have another quiz tomorrow and I forgot how to conjugate it. VENIR je _______ tu _____ ii/elle/on ______ nous _______ vous _______ ils/elles _________ It is all here.
  21. Social Studies

    The leaders of the Virginia Company recruited more settlers and reorganized the colony. They allowed the new settlers to own land. Those settlers began to grow tobacco, a crop they learned about from the Indians. By 1612, Virginians were shipping tobacco to England, which led ...
  22. maths

    A town council intended to spend $70000 on buying trees. Because of the size of the order the supplies reduced the price of each tree by $10 and the council now decided to spend only $60000. If the number of trees finally obtained is 100 more than the number originally ...
  23. LA

    Both Ernesto from barrio boy and the boy in A day's wait interact with adults. Ernesto interacts with Ms. Ryan, while the sick boy interacts with his father. In a paragraph, compare and contrast how the boys interact with the adult. focus on how the boys think of the adults, ...
  24. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 8:52am. 1. Do you do any volunteer work? How about your friends? 2. Yes, I do. They do volunteer work, too. 3. No, I don't. They don't do volunteer work, either. (Are the answers grammatical?) 4. Do you do any volunteer work? 5...
  25. physics

    for a man of mass 75kg and height 185 cm claculate the following using standard anthropometric data. 1. length of his upper arm 2. mass of his upper arm 3. position of the centre of mass of his upper arm relative to the glenohumeral joint 4. radius of gyration of his upper arm...
  26. physics

    for a man of mass 75kg and height 185 cm claculate the following using standard anthropometric data. 1. length of his upper arm 2. mass of his upper arm 3. position of the centre of mass of his upper arm relative to the glenohumeral joint 4. radius of gyration of his upper arm...
  27. physics

    A man named Harold is standing in a train car that has no windows. Since there aren't any windows, he doesn't know how fast or in what direction the train is moving or whether it is accelerating or decelerating. Harold decides that he might be able to figure something out by ...
  28. Physics: Non uniform motion

    I have not done much physics before: I don't get how to do questions that deal with what happened in a particular SECOND So questions like: - A stone which is dropped from rest into a mine shaft falls a distance of 24.5 m DURING THE LAST SECOND. Find depth of the shaft or - ...
  29. College Physics

    Which one of the following statements about a thermodynamic engine is not true, i.e., which one of the statements is false? 1)The internal energy is always the same at the beginning and at the end of one cycle. 2)The absorbed and the exhausted heat have the same magnitude. 3)...
  30. Chemistry

    Hi! there's 3 questions..if you can help on any that'd be great..thanks! 1. Volatile liquids with lower boiling points often give better results than those with higher boiling points. Suggest a reason for this. 2. What effect would vapor condensation in the neck of the 15-mL ...
  31. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    14. Identify a prepositional phrase in the following sentence from the story: "If we don't play today, and we lose in the playoffs next week, we'll have played exactly half of a ten game schedule." (1 point) in the playoffs if we don't we'll have played next week 15. A synonym...
  32. High School Physics

    Paleontologists estimate that if a Tyrannosaurus rex were to trip and fall, it would have experienced a force of approximately 260,000 acting on its torso when it hit the ground. Assuming the torso has a mass of 3800 kg, find the magnitude of the torso's upward acceleration as...
  33. Social Studies

    Facts about Georgia. How do we persuade peolpe to come to a colony in the early days? Thank you In Georgia, many were in prison in England: They were given a choice to stay in prison or go to the colonies. I have that. What I need to do is create an advertisement on Georgia in...
  34. physics

    The aorta carries blood away from the heart at a speed of about 43 cm/s and has a radius of approximately 1.1 cm. The aorta branches eventually into a large number of tiny capillaries that distribute the blood to the various body organs. In a capillary, the blood speed is ...
  35. AP Physics

    Jean, who likes physics experiments, dangles her watch from a thin piece of string while the jetliner she is in takes off from Dulles Airport (Fig. 4-55). She notices that the string makes an angle of 24° with respect to the vertical while the aircraft accelerates for takeoff...
  36. history--Music in the 60's

    i have tp write ann essay in historey about important events in the 60's and i have chosen to do mine about music in the 60's and i would like to ask if anybody was alive in the 60's to help me? Post your questions. how did musicchange in the 1960's?? You should research the ...
  37. research paper question

    I am currently taking a class that focuses on the History of Hip-hop; I have to choose a hip-hop topic and write a 9 page paper about it. However, I am having a hard time choosing a topic: Do you have any topics in mind that would be easy to research?
  38. socials

    how useful be the terms developed and developing in pointing out differences in standaards of living among countries? i not know about this one because when you hear developed you think that this country place have everything it need and you hear developing you think that ...
  39. Chemistry

    Firstly, is this right?: Exothermic reactions have a negative enthalpy change value because the enthalpy of the reactants are greater than the enthalpy of the products *since the reactants have weaker bonds.* (especially the starred part, I'm wondering about) If so, how come ...
  40. hum205

    How is the culture of India reflected in the idea of the sacred cow? What influence does this have on the arts of India? Other than the sacred cow examples listed in your text, what is a sacred cow in the United States? How does that sacred cow influence U.S. culture? Does it ...
  41. hum205

    How is the culture of India reflected in the idea of the sacred cow? What influence does this have on the arts of India? Other than the sacred cow examples listed in your text, what is a sacred cow in the United States? How does that sacred cow influence U.S. culture? Does it ...
  42. hum205

    How is the culture of India reflected in the idea of the sacred cow? What influence does this have on the arts of India? Other than the sacred cow examples listed in your text, what is a sacred cow in the United States? How does that sacred cow influence U.S. culture? Does it ...
  43. English

    I just finished reading "By the Waters of Babylon" by Stephen Vincent Benet and I have no idea what any of it means. I don't understand where the narrator came from (i mean from what country or state), what the metal is that the priests take from the houses of the Dead, and ...
  44. Chemistry

    a paste of sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) can be used to relieve the pain of an ant bite. The irritant in the ant bite is formic acid (HCOOH), a weak acid. Which is the net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs? I know the reactants are NaHCO3 + HCOOH and...
  45. Physics

    Sorry for reposting this but I'm still confused with the last part... You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the International Space ...
  46. ethnic class

    I need help in answering these questions. Please help me answer and get a good understanding as of why so i can keep reviewing for my final exam. The exam won't be till 3months from now but i truelly want to understand the concept of these answers of what they are. 1. Did ...
  47. Math

    Solve using Determinants and Cramer's Rule? I was absent and missed the lecture on Cramer's rule and Determinants and have no idea how to start the homework.. The directions and problem are as follows: Using Cramer's Rule, set this problem up to find "a". Only evaluate the ...
  48. Physics, still don't get it!

    The "karat" is a dimensionless unit that is used to indicate the proportion of gold in a gold-containing alloy. An alloy that is one karat gold contains a weight of pure gold that is one part in twenty-four. What is the volume of gold in a 20.0 karat gold necklace whose weight...
  49. math check

    Would some please check these and see if I am doing them right thank you 1. Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)? Answer 1 1/2 x $2.00 = $...
  50. Solubility/English

    Ok so I have this procedure to rewrite in past tense passive voice please help me out here I have alot ofthings to do with this lab...your help isgreatly appreciated. Thankyou! 1) Set up a hot-water both by placing th 250/400mL beaker, about two-thirds full of water, on the ...
  51. Physics (Elastic Collision)

    A 0.400 kg croquet ball makes an elastic head-on collision with a second ball initially at rest. The second ball moves off with half the original speed of the first ball. (a) What is the mass of the second ball? (b) What fraction of the original kinetic energy (KE/KE) gets ...
  52. reading/english

    Carbohydrates are various combinations of sugar units, or saccharides, and are the major energy source for the body. Each gram of carbohydrate contains four calories. The average person requires approximately 2,000 calories per day. Since about 60 % of our calories come from ...
  53. physics

    Halley's comet moves about the sun in an elliptical orbit with its closest approach to the SUn being .59AU and its greatest distance being 35AU (1AU=Earth-sun distance) if the comet's speed at closest approach is 54km/s what is its speed when it is farthest from the Sun? you ...
  54. Stats

    A statistical test is performed, and its P-value turns out to be about 3%. Which of the following must be true? Pick all that are correct. a) The null hypothesis is true. b)There is about a 3% chance that the null hypothesis is true. c) The alternative hypothesis is true. d) ...
  55. Help now please, Chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen can be produced by heating 10.0g of mercury (II) oxide? Sulfuric acid is added to 8.10g of magnesium, how many grams of hydrogen are set free? I'll do the first. You do the second by following the first as a guide. 1. Write the balanced equation. 2HgO...
  56. English

    I just wanted to be sure about the position of the conjunctions. Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1) He fears they will have an accident, injure themselves or that their motorbikes could break down. 2) While I was getting ready for school, my sister had a ...
  57. ALGEBRA 1

  58. physics

    the speed of the fastest pitched baseball was 45 m/s, and the ball's mass was 145 g. (a) What was the magnitude of the momentum of this ball, and how many joules of kinetic energy did it have? (b) How fast would a 57 gram ball have to travel to have the same amount of (i) ...
  59. English

    Does Pretzels have fat? they only have 4 grams of fat! hope this helps! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It is not the fat but the SALT that most people worry about, as it may raise blood pressure. However, there are pretzels available that are not sprinkled...
  60. physics

    At the equator, the earth’s field is essentially horizontal; near the north pole, it is nearly vertical. In between, the angle varies. As you move farther north, the dip angle, the angle of the earth’s field below horizontal, steadily increases. Green turtles seem to use ...
  61. 7th American History

    I am working on a assignment the problem is: Be able to explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. Be able to talk about different types of transportation innovations, how they these innovations changed how ...
  62. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Why should all types of sexual activity be included when talking about abstinence? A: All types of sexual activity should be included when talking about abstinence because the mistaken idea that one can participate in other forms of sexual activity and still be considered ...
  63. english

    Before those “Do you own work!” comments come… Let me make it clear that I am NOT asking you to answer this. I am simply asking for some guidance on how to do this essay. Some ideas and information I could use to write in my essay would be dandy. Below is what I am ...
  64. English

    I urgenlty need you to chekc these sentences. Thank you. 1) As you are a scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Clil within a Comenius project, I would like to have your opinion about the objectives we should include in the project. 2) Could you let us have a look at your ...
  65. S.S

    Does having an unusual name, such as Chastity, Englebert or Moon unit, have an effect on how a child develops? The results of some previous studies agrees with the commonsense idea that such as name could cause a child to be rejected or ridiculed and thus could have a negative...
  66. Check my Essay?

    The story I am writing about is similar to a song called "Chain of Love" by Clay Walker. This song and the story, "What Goes Around Comes Around," by an unknown author have the exact same concept. "The Chain Of Love" “You don't owe me a thing, I've been there too Someone ...
  67. Grammar

    ***Is this correct? Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Once you have read each paragraph, complete the following chart to identify the type of paragraph for each. ...
  68. Grammar

    ***Is this correct? Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Once you have read each paragraph, complete the following chart to identify the type of paragraph for each. ...
  69. French

    I have to write a short paragraph about where I have already traveled. Can someone check this for me? J’ai déjà allé à d’autres états des Etats-Unis et le Mexique. J’ai allé au Californie, l’Utah, Le Colorado, L’Idaho, et Le Florida. Alors, je ne beaucoup ...
  70. Language Arts (8B)

    9. In which sentence is the word debates used correctly? (1 point) I love the debates Jill and I have because we agree on everything. Every morning, Jessica debates whether to have cereal or eggs for breakfast. We’re going to watch the final debates of the singing ...
  71. history

    i have to make a newspaper around the year 1830. Where can I go to find accurate free info about "NEWS" in that time period?
  72. Mathmatics

    I need help. I have no clue about how to solve this problem. Can someone go through it. Find the sope of the tangent line to the graph of the equation y=x^2(x-3) at x=-1 Thanks for the help.
  73. com 140

    how will you apply the knowledge you have gain about effective business communication in your current or future job and college courses?
  74. ocenography

    i have to search for a recent ocenaographic event to write a book report on has to be on the internet what is agood website or where should i go so i can read about it.....
  75. com 140

    How will you apply the knowledge you have gained about effective business communication in your current or future job and college courses?
  76. Accounting Ethics: Keeping it Clean.

    What did Arthur Andersen contribute to the Enron disaster? I have read about this and I am having trouble understanding it.
  77. S.S.

    I need help finding a current event for school. It has to have something about thankfulness and kindness and stuff in those catagories. It also has to be from Cleveland. Thank You!
  78. English

    In the Crucible, At what point does Abigail first begin feeling cold? What effect does this event have on Danforth? What does it suggest about her motives?
  79. us history

    Write an Essay about the different perspectives that a chinese native and a christian missionary might have had on the Boxers rebellion
  80. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid when the region enclosed by the curves y=((25-(x^2))^(1/2))and y=3 is revolved about the x-axis. I already have the answer = (256*pi)/3, but don't know how to set up.
  81. ART

    I have a 14k thimble with a SC mark inside a rectangle and a anchor next to it. Does anybody knows about this markings? I'll appreciate if you give me some info. Thank you.
  82. disabilities

    Does anyone know Asperger's Syndrome very well? I would like to talk to somebody privately about all my problems that RELATE to this disability I have.
  83. Science

    Okay, so I have been working on this question for about two weeks...craxzy right?! BUt help 1. How does salinity affect the temperature and density of water?
  84. World History

    I have to write a paper about the the similarities and differences of Ancient China and Persia. Anyone know any good websites I could use for research?
  85. @Tutors

    I have about 10 questions I would like you guys to check, do I submit at once or a couple at a time? Just checking because I do not want to get banned
  86. English ms. sue

    ms. sue for the article an ode to user friendly pencil i need to write thematic statement, but i not sure what to exactly say about it, cause its just about the author being ironic and making a point. also ms. sue do the title be ironic as well because odes be for heroes or ...
  87. Business Communications

    Which alternative indicates the message(s), if any, which can spend considerable time discussing negative aspects of a situation? A. Direct requests B. Persuasive problem-solving messages C. Sales messages D. Clearance messages This one gave me a bit more difficulties to ...
  88. English

    1. Talk with your partner using frequency adverbs. You should think of your favorite sport and work in pairs, and practice the dialogue. There are some blanks in the senences, so you should fill them out remembering the dialogue we practiced before. Are you following with me? ...
  89. Physics

    Hi, So I have this picture of a ramp with a ball going down. I have figured the average velocity, acceleration, and total distance. Now I have to find out the instantaneous velocity at half the distance? I a not sure how to find the instantaneous velocity, if anyone can help ...
  90. physics

    Find the minimum diameter of a 51.5-m-long nylon string that will stretch no more than 1.01 cm when a load of 68.9 kg is suspended from its lower end. Assume that Ynylon = 3.51·10^8 N/m2 physics - bobpursley, Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10:32am Hookes Law: elongation= force...
  91. please help me correct

    i have to write a project about amy project. i'll write for what i am trying to say but i hope you can help me put it in a better, organized sentence. our project is about flying paper airplanes outdoors and it was windy and i want to explain why it's a disadvantage for some ...
  92. Literature (If considered that)

    I need ideas for this question I have no idea what to write. Thanks. In the past marriages were often arranged by parents. They still are in many societies today. On one side of a piece of paper, list some of the things that might be said in favor of an arranged marriage. On ...
  93. Physics

    For a given initial projectile speed, you observe that the projectile has a certain range R at a launch angle A = 30 degrees. For what other launch angle will the projectile have the same range (assuming the same initial projectile speed)? Without the use of mathematical ...
  94. Math

    Sometimes scale drawings are shown on graph paper. Each square on this graph paper is 1/4 inch. Use the scale drawing of the living room to answer each question. There are 1,296 in.2 in one square yard. Use a proportion to find out how many square yards of carpet it would take...
  95. Math

    From an observation tower that overlooks a runway, the angles of depression of point A, on one side of the runway, and point B, on the opposite side of the runway are, 6 degrees and 13 degrees, respectively. The points and the tower are in the same vertical plane and the ...
  96. Chem

    Cyanohydrins can be made from carbonyl compounds by generating CN– ions from HCN in the presence of a weak base. In a similar reaction, –CH2CO2CH3 ions are generated from CH3CO2CH3 by strong bases. Which compound can be made from an aldehyde and CH3CO2CH3 in the presence ...
  97. physics

    I have a question based off of the response to the question I posted below. A dragster and driver together have mass 918.8 kg. The dragster,starting from rest,attains a speed of 25.8 m/s in .53s . Find the average acceleration of the dragsters during this time interval. Answer...
  98. English

    For my paper I have to write an old story made new and we had to pick one from before the 1900s, so i picked The tortoise and the hare. I was thinking about using rosa parks as a character, she was inspirational and was a real winner because she stood up for her beliefs. I was...
  99. math

    Let f(t) = Q0at = Q0(1 + r)t. f(7) = 75.94 and f(9) = 91.89 (a) Find the base, a. (Round your answer to two decimal place.) a = (b) Find the percentage growth rate, r. (Round your answer to the nearest percent.) r = % I honestly have no idea how to approach these problems. I ...
  100. science

    Juan starts a campfire using wood and then sets a pot of water over the fire. Describe the major energy changes that take place in the wood, the pot, and the water. This is a good thinking exercise. I will be happy to critique your thinking. Hello this is my homework...
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