physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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  1. physics

    Find the height from which you would have to drop a ball so that it would have a speed of 6.4 m/s just before it hits the ground.
  2. physics

    Find the height from which you would have to drop a ball so that it would have a speed of 6.6 m/s just before it hits the ground.
  3. physics: Heat

    You have 325 g of water at 18C. What is the most ice (at 0C) that you could put into this water and have it all melt?
  4. Civics

    I have to write a one page report describing the problems associated with urban sprawl. We are watching a video called Sprawling from Grace, which talks about America being so dependent on transportation. We have to use examples from the video as well as our own ideas. I need ...
  5. Geology

    Can someone give me a good resource from the site on the Flordia Everglades? I need information about the rocks and volcanic activity within the Everglades. I have the answers to the questions, but I do not understand the site and how to find sources to back it up. It...
  6. science need help

    So I have a portfolia for science and we have to make a food web and it has to be about animals native to were we live but I live in broken arrow and I just moved here so I know nothing like that and everytime I try to do the research I can never find anything so do any of you...
  7. Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue could I please receive ur help on my homework. I have to do a presentation and Its a media project which I have to represent, its on the Freedom Writers- the book, and two media clips. The media clips are Hannas suitcase and Paperclips. I also got a quote as well which...
  8. Economics

    The economic concept of guns or butter means that A. a person can spend money on either sports equipment or food. B. a company must decide whether to manufacture guns or butter. C. a government must decide to produce more or less military or consumer goods. D. a government can...
  9. Physics

    A satellite is orbiting the earth just above its surface. The centripetal force making the satellite follow a circular trajectory is just its weight, so its centripetal acceleration is about 9.81 m/s2 (the acceleration due to gravity near the earth's surface). If the earth's ...
  10. Physics

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data The asteroid Icarus, though only a few hundred meters across, orbits the Sun like the other planents. Its period is about 410 d. What is its mean distance from the Sun? 2. Relevant equations Keplers Law T_1 ^2 / T_2...
  11. diversity

    How will you apply the knowledge you have learned about effective business communication and cultural diversity to your current/future job and college courses? First, think about your current or future job and college courses. Second, make a list of the things you've learned ...
  12. Rose Five Senses

    Hi, I have to write a poem about roses. What are some descriptive words that I could use to describe the roses' five senses to me. Sights Sounds Smells Tastes Feels (internal) Feels (external Also, if you have any descriptive sentences, that would really be helpful. This is ...
  13. egypt

    can any one please tell me info about egypt like about cario...... because i need tomake a leaflet about egypt please help me.....
  14. AED 201

    Use a Microsoft® Excel or Word table function to propose and create a schedule of school-related tasks for a typical teaching day from the time you arrive at school until the time you leave school at the end of the day. Remember to take into account the education level you ...
  15. About previous Physics post/answer from Bobpursely

    So do you mean to say....Ferris wheels use motors, therefore meaning that electrical energy is present. Electrical energy from the motor is then turned into kinetic energy. Electricity, generated from a switch and wires, travel through the motor which makes a magnetic field. ...
  16. chemistry

    Use this article to answer questions about mass spectrometry and how it was used to identify lead isotopes in the air around Mexico City. Determination of Particulate Lead Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometry: MILAGRO/MCMA-2006 Observations (Ok I read the article and I just can't ...
  17. English

    I urgently need your to revise these statements. Thank you. 1) Our science teachers are enthusiastic about the idea of carrying out a common science project in English with both your and the French school. 2) However, the head of our science department would like to discuss ...
  18. Music

    So I can't follow links, but I am doing a slideshow about losing someone you care deeply about, (yes it is for school) and I am trying to find a certain song. It is country, I cannot remember the name of the song or the artist, but i know that it is two names (the artist, it ...
  19. Atoms

    You discovered a new atom! Wow, everyone at your lab is impressed!! Some are saying you may be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine!!! If this is going to happen, you have to find out as much about the atom as you can, and you don’t have long to do it. The lab was ...
  20. AP Biology

    The respiration of plants is a biochemical reaction and should have a rate determined by the Arrhenius equation, k = Ae-EA/RT. Here, k is the rate, A is a constant, EA is the activation energy for the reaction, R is the gas constant, and T is the temperature in kelvins. If the...
  21. English

    I got a speech to do on a English topic called CONFLICT & RESOLUTION. I have to do a speech on either a : person - biography or autobiography novel movie theme a poet and conflicts can be: interpersonal intrapersonal intergenerational intercultural A large scale conflict e.g. ...
  22. physics

    Posted by sandhu on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 6:23am. A block starts with a speed of 18.0 m/s and slides for a distance of 2.2 m down a 40° ramp (ìk = 0.43). What is its final speed? (m/s) physics - drwls, Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 9:19am Final KE = PE loss - (work...
  23. English (poetry)

    Create a symbol and write a short essay on what the symbol means. This should be a piece of short fiction using the symbol as the central focus in the essay or a poem either using the symbol as a focus or describing the symbol’s meaning. Be sure you have: Created a symbol ...
  24. physics

    Because of the pressure inside a popcorn kernel, water does not vaporize at 100°C. Instead, it stays liquid until its temperature is about 175°C, at which point the kernel ruptures and the superheated water turns into steam. How much energy is needed to pop 95.0 g of corn if...
  25. Physics

    Because of the pressure inside a popcorn kernel, water does not vaporize at 100°C. Instead, it stays liquid until its temperature is about 175°C, at which point the kernel ruptures and the superheated water turns into steam. How much energy is needed to pop 95.0 g of corn if...
  26. poem

    Is this a good title? Believe in yourself If there ever is a time That you shall fall Pick yourself up And stand up Be proud who you are Every single day Believe in yourself And you succeed that way Think about your future Think about your dream Push yourself forward And try ...

  28. English(its related to business writing class)

    Hi I have to write Request Letter. The professor said becareful about these 2 points. 1. Use full block style. 2. Project a "you attitude." What does this both mean, can you explain to me in simple English, since english is my second language. :) Here's a good webpage that has...
  29. Science

    Explain why condensatin forms on a glass containing a cold drink. Only so much water vapor can be in the air at any temperature, and at cooler temps the air holds less. Air is very cold near the surface of the glass. hi plz help me i whant some information about teeth for my ...
  30. Calculus

    Find the minimum distance between the curves y=e^x and y=lnx. Hint: Use the fact that e^x and lnx are inverse relationships. I have no idea where to start. Thanks! calculus - Reiny, Monday, January 18, 2016 at 9:02pm to get you going: let P(a , e^a) and Q(b, lnb) be the ...
  31. do i do this??

    SAT I scores around the nation tend to have a mean scale score around 500, a standard deviation of about 100 points, and are approximately normally distributed. What SAT I score within the population would have a percentile rank of approximately 16? Im not sure how to do this...
  32. English

    i have to make creative story abt me having mental illness. i really having trouble with this. i not know what mental problem to write about and how write it. i please really need help. in class we also watch movie A Beautiful Mind and this guy see delusions and have ...
  33. History

    Imagine you are living in Los Angeles in 1944 and have just read about the case of Korematsu v. the United States. Write a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times telling which opinion in the case (majority or dissenting) you support and explain why. Help please? I have ...
  34. Math

    You are about to leave for vacation, but you forgot your socks! You go back to your room but lights are out, can't see. You remember that in your draw you have 10 pair black, 10 pair white and 11 pair blue all mixed up. How many socks do you need to take out to be SURE you ...
  35. Social Studies

    Using your knowledge from the text and Chief Joseph’s speech, what can be said about the treatment of Native Americans during this time period? How might many Native Americans have felt? Do you think you would have agreed with Chief Joseph if you were one of the chiefs to ...
  36. Organic Chemistry

    (i can't upload an image so i have to explain the spectrum) My spectrum has peaks at 0.85 ppm (integration = 1.49) 1.2 ppm (integration = 7.93) 1.5 ppm (integration = 1.11) 3.6 ppm (integration = 1) the only one that shows clear peaks is the one at 3.6 ppm, which appears to be...
  37. Physics 30

    How would I figure out the horiz. distance if I have the velocity and the vertical distance? I also have the acceleration. What formula could I use?
  38. college physics

    Find the height from which you would have to drop a ball so that it would have a speed of 8.4 m/s just before it hits the ground.
  39. Physics

    From what height would a car weighing 9990 N have to fall to gain the kinetic energy equivalent to what it would have when traveling 64.87 mi/hr?
  40. Physics

    You have a neutral balloon. What is its charge after 12000 electrons have been removed from it? The elemental charge is 1.6 × 10−19 C. Answer in units of μC
  41. history

    hey i needinformation on sioux american indiands i need a syte wi everyfin on it b4 2moz :( im gona fail mi project plzhelp These sites have a lot of information about the Sioux nation. (Broken Link Removed) tell me about iandiands in the ...
  42. physics

    A gate is free to rotate without friction about its hinges at H. The gate is initially at rest. A 4.00 kg ball of mud is thrown at 18.0 m/s towards the center of the gate and the path of the mud is perpendicular to the plane of the gate. A) Compute the magnitude of the mud's ...
  43. Criminal Justice

    Discuss the merits of the idea that genetics are a source for criminal behavior. Make sure to provide examples that can be found through research studies and have evidence linking genetics and crime, including twin studies, adoption studies, and testosterone studies. What are ...
  44. math

    I cannot figure out how to make a 3 circle veen diagram from the following problem. Can someone please help me? Country-westren songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison, and trucks. A survet of the local country-westren radio station produced the following results: 12 ...
  45. math

    i really need help, i have no idea how to answer this question ! A stone is thrown off a cliff. it reaches a maximum height of 30m after 2 seconds, then falls into the water below. it hits the water after 5 seconds a) how high above the water is the cliff ( The maximum height ...

    i need to write a biography and a birth certificate on george brown. but i have no idea what a biography, birth certificate are suposed to look like use search engines and use images Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Your parents probably have a copy of your ...
  47. math-moneyfractions

    i have some math questions that i really ,really,need help with asap if any body can explain some of these questions that will be great help.Ok here are 3 of the questions i am about to type now ok the first one says,whole 16 nickels 3/a of the nickels much ...
  48. Can I publish a book?

    I've been writing lately, and it's about time that I've gotten a job. So, my question is, if I want t publish and sell the stories I write in my free time, would I have to go to a company to have it published, or can I just make my own cover and publish and sell on my own?
  49. Physics

    I have a forumla question. I have this formula x=1/2t^2. Is this the formula to find the acceleration that is caused by gravity?
  50. Art

    Can you please have a look at these sentences, please? 1) This information about the Augustan Age was not asked for in your test. You weren't supposed to introduce the Augustan Age. You should have focused on both Walpole's and Pitt's policy, the rise of a new middle class and...
  51. MLA citation

    Which type of writing assignment would benefit the most from the use of outside sources? A. The first act of a play about John F. Kennedy B. An essay describing your favorite kind of automobile C. An informative essay about the transformation of a caterpillar D. An essay about...
  52. Critical thinking

    More than forty years after President JFK’s assassination, it’s no easier to accept the idea tha a loser like Lee Harvey Oswald committed a crime of the century all by himself with a $12.78 mail-order rifle and a $7.17 scope. Yet even though two thousand plus books and ...
  53. Biology

    Imagine that you have been asked to provide an explanation about the structure and function of this system to a specific segment of the general public, perhaps a group of senior citizens, pregnant women, or student athletes, who want to learn more about normal functions of ...
  54. language arts, plays

    On October 1, 1956, The Diary of Anne Frank opened simultaneously in seven cities in Germany. At the end of the play, the audience sat silently without applauding. Not long after the play’s opening, Germans began openly expressing remorse for the Holocaust. This was an ...
  55. Literature

    I have to write an evaluative essay on the short story A Christmas Memory. In my opinion, it was a wonderful story which was fun to read. The character of Buddy and his cousin reveal much about human life and the complex world that we live in, by the struggles they face ...
  56. physics

    Which of the following statements about work is or are true? (More than one statement may be true.) A. Negative net work done on an object always reduces the object's kinetic energy. B. If the work done on an object by a force is zero, then either the force or the displacement...
  57. Physics help

    A 31.0 kg child on a swing reaches a maximum height of 1.92 m above their rest position. Assuming no loss of energy: a) At what point during the swing will she attain their maximum speed? b) What will be her maximum speed through the subsequent swing? c) Assuming this maximum ...
  58. Bio

    1. A control group differs from an experimental group: A. in the number of test organisms used. B. by the independent variable. C. in several ways. D. in no way. is it A 2. A theory and a hypothesis are different in that: A. you must have a theory before you can form a ...
  59. Physics

    Hi, I have a question for physics An object with mass m = 20 kg is released from a height h = 60 m above the ground. After 2 seconds, the object's quantity of energy Thanks for your help mvh Oddbjørn
  60. physics

    A physics book of unknown mass is dropped 5.00 m. What speed does the book have just before it hits the ground? Assume that air resistance is negligible
  61. Statistics in Psychology

    QUESTION 25: In a study you obtain the following data representing the aggressive tendencies of some football players:40 30 39 40 41 39 31 28 33(a) Researchers have found that  is 30 in the population of nonfootball players, 1X 5 5. 2 Using both tails of the sampling ...
  62. Math

    ç 2x^3 + 3x^2 + x + 1 dx --------------------- -2x + 1 [2x^3 + 3x^2 + x + 1]/(-2x + 1) = ax^2 + bx + c + d/(-2x + 1) ----> 2x^3 + 3x^2 + x + 1 = (ax^2 + bx + c)* (-2x + 1) + d Find a, b , c and d by equating the coeffients of equal powers of x on both sides. Then you can...
  63. History Essay

    I Need help with this essay The Purpose of this essay is to analyze the relationship between wealthy nations and supporting of the arts. -Think about the early years if the renaissance,and the spanish of the ducth today -include examples of artistic accomplishments. What have ...
  64. English III

    Okay so I am reading the book The Scarlet Letter and it is like really boring, so far. I am about a chapter in and my homework is really hard! I have to read a sentence the packet gives me and interpret the darn thing. It's driving me insane because these things are really ...
  65. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant based on concentration is Kc = 190 for the reaction of carbon monoxide with hydrogen gas at 1000K. What can you infer about the relative rates of the forward and reverse reactions when the gases have the following concentrations at this temperature? [...
  66. Physics 11

    A 62kg cyclist changes the speed of a 12kg bicycle from 8.2m/s to 12.7m/s. Determine the work done. I've already answered & gotten this question correct, however it made me confused about the concept. I found Ek. & Ek to find change in Ek which was 3479.85. He did work against...
  67. math

    At about what age will a person have lived one million seconds.Please help I am having a hard time with this
  68. U.S. History

    I'm have to do a essay about why the Second Amendment is important to us. I need some help writing it. Has to be at least 1000 words.
  69. english

    I need an example of a research report for me to look at. I have to answer questions about one and I'm having trouble.
  70. algebra

    Can I have a brief summary about Sierpinski's Triangle? Also, what is a conflict resoultion dealing with discrete math?
  71. Science

    I have to do a powerpoint project about "Reducing Waste". Although Im stumped on how to organize it. So can someone think of an outline for me.
  72. Macro Economics

    Can it be considered acceptable to policy makers to have about 7 million people classified as unemployed in the U.S.? Explain.
  73. 8th grade

    Speculate about how the invention of the microscope might have helped doctors to understand what caused diseases?
  74. history

    Any web sites that will have a brief, informative biography of John Calvin?? About his life and influence on Calvinism.. Thank you!
  75. English I

    I need help. I have to argue in a paragraph about whether "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath is surrealistic or not. I don't even know how to start it.
  76. Health - independent learning

    I don't get this statement that I have to do for a personal survey. "I take in about the same number of calories that I burn."
  77. history

    i have to write a double spaced one page essay on the battle of passchendaele, but i don't know anything about it. help please?
  78. math

    The cubed root of x+5=3.In solving this I get x=22. Is there another possible solution for x? Can I have this quick? Thank you so much. It is due in about 1 hour. Thanks again
  79. grade 5

    can i have the biography of the most famous black inventor.About his life going to school and growing was like. thank you
  80. Chemistry

    What mass of water, in grams, would have to be decomposed to produce 13.3 L of molecular oxygen at STP? How do I go about doing this problem?
  81. science

    if you lived in the southern hemisphere about the same distance from the equator as new jersey what seasons would you have and when
  82. english

    I have a Question about The Merchant of Venice By william shakspear. What are Some promises made in the stor??? Please help!
  83. earth

    please give me some important tips about a topic 'tiger in trouble'. I have to prepare a chart on this.
  84. Thank you

    Thank you can you tell me why no one can help with my real question about ratios. I have submitted it twice now, it really has me confused and I don't know what to do. Please help me
  85. KittyKitKatKoo

    Does anyone know why the Germans might not have talked about the Holocaust until years after the war had ended? Thanks!!
  86. biology

    can you give examples of analogous structures????? please i have tried about 4 differet websites and no one has helped
  87. English

    True or False: When doing peer review, you don't have to worry much about technical terms. Your classmates will know what you mean.
  88. L.A.

    Has anyone here read A Retrieved Reformation? I have to write a dramatic scene about a conflict in that story. What conflicts can I use?
  89. english

  90. geometry

    I have the basal and volume as hints to find out about the object's height. Is there a specific formula I can follow?
  91. Social Studies

    Assignment: an essay about Rome's Three Heirs - Any ideas on how to start sorry don't have a clue help, anybody.
  92. Science

    Hi, I have to revise for an upcoming test and I was a little bit confused about selective breeding. Please help Jiskha :)
  93. Math

    Michael saves $423 dollars a month for college. About how much will he have saved after 4 years?
  94. Geometry

    Please help! I can’t figure this out, I’ve got the equation but that’s about as far as I can get. I have to find C sin24/77=sinC/162
  95. Calculus

    How do you find Altitude and slope slope is the derivative of a function: for ex. if you have f(x)=x^2 + x, at point (1,2) f'(x)=2x+1 your slope is 2(1) + 1 = 3 =m to find the equation is y-y1=m(x-x1) so you have: y-2=3(x-1) gives you: 3x-1 is your equation for a tangent line ...
  96. reading

    How is grandmother's dream different from reality? >Last night I dreamed of an old lover I had not seen him in forty years. When I awoke, I saw him on the street. His hair was white, his back was stooped. How could I say hello? He would have puzzled all day about who the ...
  97. English

    1.Where (has,have) they gone for their picnic? 2.(Has, Have) Hiromi opened her birthday presents? 3.Where (has,have) she put the other gifts? 4.(Has,Have) her friends seen her other presents yet? 5.(Has,Have) I shown you how to play this game? 6.(Was, Were) we late for the ...
  98. Macroeconomics

    Has anyone ever done a project on Macroeconomics in the Middle Earth? (based on Lord of the Rings?) I need help NOW! What a wonderful idea!! I presume you have read LOTR. You could do the whole middle earth or just a just an area such as the Shire or Gondor. Topics to include ...
  99. calculus

    is average rate of change and average value the same or will you get a different answer for each this is calculus so it's the mean average. it's using the formula and integrating. I don't understand your question, but I can assure you that average rate of change and average ...
  100. COM 155

    I am to label each paragraph as either: Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. I am confused by #2 and #4 can someone please check my answers 1. Alice Axia’s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly missed deductions. ...
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