physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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  1. reading skills

    ) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade science, I have some experience with the faces and attitudes of ...
  2. math/algebra

    add:Express in simplest form 4x/(x^2 -18x +72) + 4/(x-6) factor the first denominator. Get a common denominator. Combine terms. I will be happy to critique your work. ok hers goes 4x/(x-6)(x-12) + 4/(x-6)= 4x + 4/(x-6)(x -12) or am I completely lost? you factored correctly. ...
  3. SAT Essay

    Assignment: Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, ...
  4. english

    This is my intro paragraph for my research paper about the importance of numbers in the bible. How is it, please offer some suggestions too, thanks: As I was reading the Old Testament, I noticed the use of different numbers and was curious about their significance. Numerology...
  5. Ap Chemistry

    at 25 degrees Cliquid A has a vapor pressure of 100.0 torr, while liquid B has a vapor pressure of 200.0 torr. The heat of vaporization of liquid A is 32.0 kJ/mol and that of liquid b is 18.0 kJ/mol. At what celsius temperature will A and B have the same temperature. I haven't...
  6. Math

    A boat is sailing due east parallel to the shoreline at a speed of 10 miles per hour. At a given time the bearing to the lighthouse is S 70 degrees E, and 15 minutes later the bearing is S 63 degrees E. Find the distance from the boat to the shoreline if the lighthouse is at ...
  7. Physics Please help!

    In each of the following cases, the mass is 7.99 kg and the radius is 7.50 cm. (a) What is the moment of inertia (kg/m2 ) of a solid cylinder rotating about an axis parallel to the symmetry axis but passing through the edge of the cylinder? (b) What is the moment of inertia (...
  8. American History

    Critics of American policy in Vietnam claimed all of the following except that a. the war was a civil conflict in which the United States had no part. b. the president had subverted the role of Congress in declaring war. c. the North Vietnamese Communists were armed with ...
  9. physics

    the paris gun of world war I was a super gun capable of firing a 234lb shell about 81 miles away. these shells are also the first man made objects to make it to a stratosphere. the length of the barrel of one of these guns was about 34 mETers. a projectile fired from a paris ...
  10. Physics

    A large engine with mass of 400 kg must be lifted 3 meters out of a truck for repair. A normal mechanic can lift with about 250 N of pulling force. They use a system of pulleys to do this. If we assume the engine starts on the ground, how long must the ropes be on the pulley ...
  11. English

    1. You have a warm heart. 2. You have warm hearts. 3. You two have a warm heart. 4. You two have warm hearts. -------------------------------- Does the subject in Sentence 1 singular? Does the subject in Sentence 2 plural? Is #3 grammatical? What about #4?
  12. The Yakuza (Opinion)

    The presence of the Yakuza is still prevalent in modern Japanese society and culture. However, there are many people who want to get rid of the Yakuza in spite of their prevalence - seeing their existence as harmful and detrimental to the Japanese image. Despite whatever ...
  13. Math

    WebWork = 28% Four exams = 6% each A final = 28% Labwork = 20% Suppose you obtain 100 percent credit on all WeBWorK assignments for this class. What is the minimum average percentage on the exams and labwork that will still get you an A in this class? (Remember an A is greater...
  14. pre-calculus

    I have absolutely no idea even where to start. Please help! The carnival has come to town with a ferris wheel that has a radius of 30 feet. People get on when passenger compartments are at the lowest, 2 feet off the ground. The wheel makes a full revolution in 20 seconds. ...
  15. English

    I have a creative writing assignment due tomorrow and I'm completly stuck. I have to write 15 lines of iambic pentameter about a long life I want to live, a ridiculous life or some parting words for the future. It's supposed to be something written on a tombstone (my teacher ...
  16. Grammar

    ***Is this done correctly? Write some examples of sentences that change the meaning of a word by using different modifiers? Eventually I realized what they were talking about. My grandmother is a very sweet woman. The man was extremely tall. It was freezing cold outside this ...
  17. please help asap

    can u help and give me feedback please Literary Analysis of Song of Becoming. Song of Becoming by Fadwa Tuqan is talking about growing up. Becoming legends. It’s about what happens after growing up. It starts off with “…they are only boys who used to frolic and play...
  18. Maths

    3. Which of the following examples would show a negative trend? A) height and weight of students B) test scores and height of students C) outside temperature and heating bill D) none of these 4. The scatter plot below shows the relationship between the time spent learning a ...
  19. English

    1. I don't know how to tie this ribbon. -Don't worry. Let me help you with that. (What is the meaning of 'with' in the last sentence? About?) 2. Why is that a problem? - Im so nervous. I could forget everything. (What is the meaning of 'could' here?) 3. I'll keep that in mind...
  20. Health, Debbie Please?

    Paula Patient's attorney asks Dr. Bob for medical records about Paula's car accident and promises to provide a written authorization form later. Dr. Bob gives the attorney Paula's entire file, including her records about treatment for HIV. Discuss any violations of HIPAA ...
  21. english

    I have to write an essay about the poem "The word is too much with us" by william Wordsworth. I have to talk about content and how he uses poetic devices to make his argument. Anyways, I'll probably be posting parts of essay through out today, so can you read my introduction ...
  22. Trig

    I have no idea how to do this problem From an airplane flying 2 kilometers aboce the ocean, a piolet sees two ships directly to the east. The angles of depression to the ships are 8 degrees 20 minutes and 75 degrees 40 minutes how far away are the ships? I know what the anlge ...
  23. physics

    1. Calculate the speed in m/s at which the Earth revolves about the sun. You may assume the orbit is nearly circular. 2. A satellite is about 6.5 x 10^3 km from the (center of the) Earth. Find its average orbital speed about the Earth. 3a. A certain satellite has a kinetic ...
  24. physics

    If I have a unit vector of (2.06 j)m/s(I have no i vector because it's 0 on a horizontal impulsion, in accordance with my problem,how do I convert that into polar notation? Will I be doing rcos0, with r being 2.06? . But then again I have no angle, just the angle of before the...
  25. Physics

    This assignment is about energy. But one of the new things we’ve just learned about is spring forces, so there should be a question about them. So the first parts of this question are not about energy. One end of a spring is attached to the ceiling. The unstretched length of...
  26. Quick english help

    Please check each of my answers from these short stories in "The House On Mango Street". Please correct me if I'm wrong! "Meme Ortiz" 2. What does the fact that Meme and his dog both have two names reveal about the neighborhood? A. People are desperately poor so they use their...
  27. Introduction to HS

    I am having trouble with a question. In order to get an idea of significant subject areas in a chapter, it is best to read the. A. Subheads B. Graphics C. Captions D. Table of contents In my study guide it states : Read all the subheadings and sub-subheadings. These will give ...
  28. Science 2

    One light year is about 9 trillion kilometers. Arcturus is a star that is 37 light years from earth. If you are about 11 years old now , how old will you be when light that is leaving. Arcturus today reaches Earth ? How far, in kilometers, will it have traveled? Show your work...
  29. eth 125

    I have an assignment that ask to describe an issue between Native Americans and the federal government. I found an article at indiancountrytoday that speaks of uranium mining and how it affects the water supply for over 15,000 residents. My problem: I do not know how to go ...
  30. algebra-Plz help

    Posted by bailey on Monday, January 8, 2007 at 8:32pm. Posted by bailey on Monday, January 8, 2007 at 2:12pm. The area of a rectangular blanket in square centimetersis 40x^2+2x-65. The width is 4x-5cm^2. Find the dimensions of the blanket in terms of x. Can someone plz help ...
  31. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. Rename four-sevenths as a percent. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary. (1 point) 47% 1.8% 57.1% 28% 2. Rename .709 as a percent. (1 point) 709% 70.9% 79% 7.09% 3. If one-third is equivalent to 33thirty-three and one-third%, what percent is equivalent to ...
  32. college physics

    the speed of light is about 3.00 x 10^8 m/s. convert this figure to miles per hour
  33. physics

    can anyone give me a site that "best explains" about Rotational motion/Angular. thanks a lot.. :)
  34. physics

    A rotating cylinder about 16 long and 6.2 in diameter what angular speed must it rotate?
  35. Physics

    The parabolic TV antenna receives electromagnetic waves from satellites. What is special about these rays?
  36. Physics

    What can we say about the force of an object when the mass increases and acceleration remains constant?
  37. Physics

    Make a predictive statement about the path dependence of accelerations due to gravity
  38. Georgia State History

    I have to write an essay about MLK Jr. and I need to have a speech he made in Georgia. Can someone please help me and give me any suggestion of speeches made by MLK Jr. in Georgia.
  39. eco

    during2004 the national average gas price rose from $1.50 a gallon to $2.25 a gallon. the government has stated that the high price of gas will remain as it is. discuss how this cost influences your decision to buy a new car. based on your budget, would you buy the large car ...
  40. chemistry

    A radioactive sample contains 3.25 1018 atoms of a nuclide that decays at a rate of 3.4 1013 disintegrations per 26 min. (a) What percentage of the nuclide will have decayed after 159 d? % (b) How many atoms of the nuclide will remain in the sample? atoms (c) What is the half-...
  41. Math Ms. Sue please

    2. Find the outlier in the data set and tell how it affects the mean. 4, 4, –6, –2, 14, 1, 1 (1 point) –6; it raises the mean by about 1. –6; it lowers the mean by about 1. 14; it raises the mean by about 1.9. 14; it lowers the mean by about 1.9. 5. 22.6 is an outlier ...
  42. Chemistry

    I did a lab that involve cooking meat and finding the mass of lipids, meat tissue and water. For a chicken sample the original mass was 20 gram. After cooking there was 15.5g of meat, and 1.5 g of oil, and 1 g of water. I am missing 2 g of the original mass. Anyone have any ...
  43. English please help.

    please read my paper for me .Please.please. Sir Gawain and Green Knight is an interesting poem. It has real mythic and symbolic power. It's an Arthurian story about the noble knight Gawain and the mysterious green knight. In this poem, Sir Gawain is full of inconsistencies and...
  44. Wife of Bath's

    1. Characterize the Wife of Bath's " philosophy" of marriage. Is this philosophy logical from her point of view? How? 2. What elements of the Wife of Bath's tale characterize it as a romance? I don't understand what #1. is asking me so I have no idea how to respond. I also don...
  45. Physics

    The orbit of a Moon about its planet is approximately circular, with a mean radius of 2.24 × 10 8 m. It takes 35.5 days for the Moon to complete one revolution about the planet. Find the mean orbital speed of the Moon. Answer in units of m/s Find the Moon’s centripetal ...
  46. US Gov.

    I am stuck on two questions that I can't find in the textbook or online and I don't have any idea how to get the answer since the class doesn't start until Thursday and the quiz is also on that day, please help. 1. It is proposed to split the state of California into two ...
  47. History

    Did Beatrix Potter have children? How many children did she have? She gave what she had to the National Thrust. I mean the author of the tale of Peter Rabbit. And were can I find the movie Miss Potter about Beatrix Potter?
  48. math

    The population of Alaska was about 128,535. That was about 20.5% about how many people lived there? how would the proportion go? 20.5/100 = x/128535 or 20.5/100 = 128535/x?
  49. Dog

    My dog just got out of a surgery where they went into his back and took out something that rushured. He's home now but he keeps on yiping unless I carry him around. He is on pain medication and the vet says that he not yiping because of pain. I have no clue what to do! What ...
  50. Math

    How do I transform this into simple radical form... I have no idea how to do this could you please tell me the logic behind how you do this and step by step thanks (5^(1/2)-3^(1/2))^2 thanks again Also can you tell me how to transform this one into radical form also 18^(1/2)-3...
  51. chemistry

    I have no idea how to begin solving these problems... Calculate the normality of a 1.0 molal solution of each of the following acids: a. HCl b. H2SO4 c. H3PO4 Calculate the molality of a 1.0 normal solution of each of the following acids: a. HCl b. H2SO4 c. H3PO4
  52. physics please help

    An astronaut stands at a position on the Moon such that Earth is directly overhead and releases a Moon rock that was in her hand. (c) What is the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the same 2.7-kg rock resting on the surface of the Moon? answer in mN I keep ...
  53. physics

    Which of the following statements is not true about resonance? Choose one answer. a. It is easy to get an object to vibrate at its resonant frequencies but difficult to get it vibrate at other frequencies. b. A simple pendulum has many resonant frequencies called harmonics. c...
  54. Writing

    Which word creates a transition that would introduce a summary or conclusion? (4 points) In addition Altogether Admittedly Initially *I think D but I am not sure, maybe B. Which word creates a transition that establishes chronological order? (4 points) Basically Similarly ...
  55. Algebra (please help!)

    The seats in a theater are arranged in parallel rows that form a rectangular region. The number of seats in each row of the theater is 16 fewer than the number of rows. How many seats are in each row of a 1161-seat theater? I have no idea how to solve this problem. Please help...
  56. Physics

    A gram of living plant material with Carbon-14 , decays at a rate of about 16 disintegrations per minute. When the plant dies, the Carbon-14 decays, with a half-life of 5600 years. A gram of the dead plant is found to decay at about 1 disintegration per minute. Calculate the ...
  57. English

    I have to write a research proposal for english! Here is what's written: Review your final research proposal draft one last time. Make sure that your topic focuses on some cultural aspect of one of the countries (Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, India, or Sri Lanka). Make sure that you ...
  58. Spanish Help?? (URGENT)

    Alright for an Spanish assignment I must make skit that talks about family. And I need to roleplay this skit infront of the class. The problem is that in the skit I must teach the class about family members ands their relationship. I need to do this in a group of 5. Does ...
  59. english

    i need help checking this paper can you please give me feedback Literary Analysis of Song of Becoming. Song of Becoming by Fadwa Tuqan is talking about growing up. Becoming legends. It’s about what happens after growing up. It starts off with “…they are only boys who ...
  60. English

    1. I have read the book the Secret. 2. I have read the book the Secret before. 3. I have read the book the Secret and know the content about it. (What is the meaning of #1? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  61. Chemistry

    When 442 mg of NO2 is confined to a 150. mL reaction vessel and heated to 300°C, it decomposes by a second-order process. In the rate law for the decomposition of NO2, k = 0.54 1/(M·s). A) what is the initial reaction rate? B) what is the reaction rate if the mass of NO2 ...
  62. Physics

    Rutherford, Geiger, and Marsden (his students) fired a beam of alpha particles at a gold foil. The alpha particles had an energy of about 3.6 million electron volts, a charge of +2e, and a mass of about four AMU (one Atomic Mass Unit is 1.66 x 10-27 kg. Gold has atomic number ...
  63. Chemistry

    I need to work out the density of the gaseous oxide of arsenic at STP in g L-1 I realise density = mass/volume but my answer works out very high!! I have already worked out the volume to be 52cm^3 (Cubed). the mass to start with was 0.702g and at the end of the reaction was 0....
  64. Physics

    I am doing this exercise for physics class where I have to place a penny on a ruler and balance it. And I don't understand what is the use of knowing the center mass of an object when making a calculation?
  65. physics

    Here's a physics problem. I don't care about the answer, i just want to know how to do it. don't have to be too detailed.. but i don't really kno how to start this 1.) A model rocket blasts off from the ground rising straight upward with a constant acceleration that has a ...
  66. English

    1. He cannot have told a lie. 2. It is impossible that he told a lie. (#1 mean #2. Right?) 3. He could not have told a lie. (What about #3? What is the difference between #1 and #3? What is the meaning of #3?)
  67. Physics

    Which of the following desceriptions about ideal gas is/are correct? 1)An ideal gas obeys Boyle's law only under high temp and low pressure 2)the molecules of an ideal gas have no size 3)the internal energy of an ideal gas consists of kinetic energy only A.1)only B.3)only C.1...
  68. Math

    Shantle and Kwamie are planning to buy their first home. Although they are excited about the prospect of being homeowners, they are also a little frightened. A mortgage payment for the next 30 years sounds like a huge commitment. They visited a few developments and scanned the...
  69. math

    An airplane is flying from Montreal to Vancouver. The wind is blowing from the west at 60km/hour. The airplane flies at an airspeed of 750km/h and must stay on a heading of 65 degrees west of north. A) what heading should the pilot take to compensate for the wind? B) what is ...
  70. stats

    This week we practice with Binomial Distribution. You can use Appendix Table E or Excel Function Binomdist. About 30% of adults in United States have college degree. (probability that person has college degree is p = 0.30). If N adults are randomly selected, find probabilities...
  71. English

    Mr Carter says we can't tell people about the steps in the sand. He says they're very important. ---------------------------- Does #1 as in the passage above mean #2, #3, or #4?? 1. We can't tell people about the steps. 2. We are not able to tell people about the steps. 3. We ...
  72. Writing/ New York Times

    i just read in the Editorial Section of the New York Times about Uinted States Losing the Good War.. You know where i can find more information on this? Every where i look its the same exact article. Where is it written not the same way but talking about the same thing? go to ...
  73. Geometry

    We're learning about classifying triangles with Side-Angle-Side, Angle-Side-Angle, etc. I'm kind of confused-- I have the definitions, but when I am shown a picture, I have trouble figuring out which it is. Could you please explain it or provide a link with a thorough ...
  74. science

    I have a science project about extreme habitat comparison.I have to choose two similar organisms that live in the same extreme habitat and compare them to find out how they are designed to survive.Can someone give me a good place to start my research?
  75. Introduction to College Planning

    I have to survey several people about what they would do if their roommate falls ill. Do colleges have extra dorms you can go to if you want to avoid the sickness? If your roommate is sick, can he/she be sent off to an sick wing of shorts to spend the night so you don't get it...
  76. English

    For an essay for my honors English class, I am comparing the character of Roger Chillingworth to a knife. While I do have some ideas to write about, do you guys have any tips on ideas I could use? More importantly, to those who have read the book, what type of knife do you ...
  77. Chemistry

    Hi. Is PO4(3-) polar or non-polar? Why or why not? Thanks! Look up the electronegativity of P and O. I think I remember that O is about 3.5 and P is about 2.1; therefore, each P-O bond is somewhat polar. Thus, the ion will be polar unless the Lewis structure (electron dot ...
  78. physics

    Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 2.41 x 10-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As a result, each object...
  79. Guru Blue

    Hi Guru, Getting through this thing a bit better now. My problem right now is I have spent a couple of hours searching for a site that can give me more information on the different catagories of begginer learners. Any links you may know of that can help please. I need to write...
  80. Accounting

    I have to write a paper for accounting and I have to write about how it affect my responsibility and how it will affect my future. I need to know how to get started on this.
  81. English

    1. I have lived in New York for 12 years. 2. I have been living in New York for 12 years. ---------------- #1 is grammatical? What about #2?
  82. Math

    Of the 597 students at Duzine Elementary School, 19% have a computer at home. About how many students have a computer at home?
  83. algebra 2

    The yearly Egyptian production of oil O(t) in millions of barrels, t years after 2000 can be approximated by, O(t)=-40.4t +2159 Using inequality, determine the years for which the production will drop below 1750 million barrels. This is what I have and know I have set it up ...
  84. Algebra 2

    The yearly Egyptian production of oil O(t) in millions of barrels, t years after 2000 can be approximated by, O(t)=-40.5t +2159 Using inequality, determine the years for which the production will drop below 1750 million barrels. This is what I have and know I have set it up ...
  85. Economy Essay Outline/Structure Help

    I'm writing a synthesis paper about why we should utilize middle-out economics (basically economics that focus on the middle class) I'm very new to the topic so I don't want to spread myself too thin or dive into something I don't know too much about. I'm planning on doing ...
  86. Education

    Hello, I have to make a flyer for my early childhood education program, to promote healthy pregnancies. Does anyone know how to go about making a flyer? I need a catchy title. I know what to put in the flyer just need a good title and how to make the flyer. Thanks Hi Clark, ...
  87. Chemistry

    Vitamin K is involved in normal blood clotting. When 1.05 g of vitamin K is dissolved in 25.0 g of camphor, the freezing point of the solution is lowered by 3.53 °C. The freezing point and Kf constant for camphor can be found here. Calculate the molar mass of vitamin K. I ...
  88. astronomy

    Why is there a argument about Pluto the planet. There's an argument about Pluto the planet because some people say that Pluto should not be part of our solar system and not be considered a planet due to it's size but other people think it should remain a planet. There have ...
  89. Chemistry

    A laboratory stockroom has a stock solution of 90%(m/v) sulfuric acid,H2SO4(aq). If a technician dilutes 50ml of the stock solution to a final volume of 300ml, what will be the new mass/volume percent concentration?(HINT: the dilution formula can be used for concentration ...
  90. Calculus

    The following table shows the percentage of the U.S. Discretionary Budget allocated to education in 2003, 2005, and 2009 (t=0 represents 2000) Year t 3 5 9 Percentage p(t) 6.8 7 6.2 (a) Compute and interpret the average rate of change of P(t) (b) Over the period 2003-2009 (...
  91. Calc

    The figure shows the graph of f(x)=xe^x, x greater than or equal to 0. figure: f(x) curve is drawn and under the max. point/ concave down curve there is an inscribed rectangle. with width from a(left) to b(right) and height up to a certain point of f(x). Let a > 0 and b >...
  92. Math

    HELP! i have no idea how to do this! A rabbit population satisfies the logistic equation dy/dx=2x10^7y(10^6-y), where t is the time measured in months. The population is suddenly reduced to 40% of its steady state size by myxamatosis. If the myxamatosis then has no further ...
  93. Chemistry

    Hi! I really really need help in this question: what observation is expected when: 1. an acid (nitric acid, HNO3) is added to a solution containing carbonate or bicarbonate ions? 2. silver ion is added to a solution containing chloride (or bromide or iodide) ions? Please help ...
  94. history

    I need 4 causes of Taft's problems in office. I have tariffs and coservation but I need 2 more. The Antitrust suits that Taft supported brought about the antagonism of big business reformers. On an international level, he had problems when US support went to Panama and against...
  95. Math

    Which statement is true about all prisms? A. Prisms have a pair of opposite faces B. The faces of a prism are congruent C. Prims have the same number of verticrs as edges D. The base of a prism is larger then the other faces.
  96. social studies

    Tim is extremely anxious about a merger his company has in the works with a larger corporation. Over the next few weeks, he becomes more high-strung and demanding at work. His secretary and other subordinates grow anxious, although they know nothing about the possible merger. ...
  97. Sta 112

    This is my question every one . Please help me have it already I had 6 as my answer. In a class of 50 student 28,22,20 of them offer physics,chemistry and biology respectively also 4 of them offer physics and chemistry but not biology,3 offer physics and biology but not ...
  98. Calculus

    Please.... I need your help! I posted this question yesterday and no one has answered it yet. Can anyone help me please? My question was: The Taylor series about x=5 for a certain function f converges to f(x) for all x in the interval of convergence. The nth derivative of f at...
  99. Language Plz correct me

    Grandma sands says it's quiet down where they are, but we think it's time Byron got an idea of the kind of place the world can be, and be maybe spending some time down south will help open his eyes. What can the reader most likely conclude about dad,s point of view? A. He is ...
  100. physics - please help

    Assume the earth is a uniform sphere and that its path around the sun is curcular. Calculate the kinetic energy that the earth has because of its rotation about its own axis. For comparison, the total energy used in the US in one year is about 9.33 x 10^9 J b) Calculate the ...
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