physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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The head of an industrial machine moves in a straight line horizontally backwards and forwards from a central position. The movement can be modelled using the sine wave d = 80 sin ( pie t), where d is the horizontal distance (in cm) from the central starting position, and t is...


Which two things does a budget compare? A.Saving and interest B.Income and expenses C.Income and investments D.Expenses and expenditures B? Which of the following is a true statement about budgets? A.They encourage people to spend as much money as possible B.Setting up a ...

World History Honors

I have to create 10 questions about the Guillotine? My first one is Why did Robespierre prefer suicide than being sentenced to death by the guillotine? However I also need the answer and I believe that it may have had to be because he was too embarrassed to be hanged in front ...


A Norman window has the shape of a semicircle atop a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the largest possible Norman window with a perimeter of 31 feet? A = x(31/2-1/4 (2+pi) x)+.5pi(x/2)^2 This is what I...

Math 7

A photo studio offers different sized prints of the same subject. The original print measures 8 inches by 10 inches. A printer enlarges the orginal the orginal by a scale factor of 1.5, and then enlarges the second image by a scale factor of 3. What are the dimensions of the ...


I was asked this question for homework but I don't even know where to begin. It has 3 parts to answer. 1) add all lone pairs and make multiple bonds with the framework shown to satisfy the octets and make the best Lewis structure. 2) For the C-N bond(s) in each molecule ...


Dear Antell I have read Liane Beam Wansbrough’s article on the topic of cosmetic plastic surgery, and I am writing to express my viewpoint and feelings as I feel so strongly about this subject. Whilst I can appreciate why you would choose to help young teenagers who have a ...

Environmental Science

I am writing a report on greenhouse gases. Most of it is very depressing about how greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the pats decade. I want to highlight, however, greenhouse gases, if any, which have decreased. Can you think of any?

health care

I am asked to write an essay on at least one item not covered in my text about improving the patient intake process; the text seems to cover all relevant points. My question is: can I approach this assignment by stressing the need for electronic medical record? Does this sound...

us history

1. Using what you have learned about President George Washington, which of these government characteristics would George Washington support? Absolute power of the president Alliances with other nations Strong central government *** Powerful political parties 2. Read the ...


1. He still felt fun about the show to watch the dynamic movements of the dancers. 2. He still felt funny about the show to watch the dynamic movements of the dancers. 3. He still felt fun to watch the dynamic movements of the dancers about the show. (Are they all grammatical...


1. I was upset with what he said. 2. I was upset about what he said. 3. I was angry with what he said. 4. I was angry about what he said. 5. I was angry at what he said. ------------- Are they all grammatical? Which prepositions do we have to use? Is 'with' is commonly used?

9th grade HEALTH


tough physics question

A 500 turn solenoid with a length of 20 cm and a radius of 1.5 cm carries a current of 2.0 A. A second coil of four turns is wrapped tightly about this solenoid so that it can be considered to have the same radius as the solenoid. Find the following when the current in the ...


1. Why is Lincoln giving a speech at Gettysburg? A.To declare the Confederacy an outlaw nation B.To declare that to goal of the Union is to abolish slavery C.To dedicate a national cemetery for Union and Confederate dead D.To try Confederate soldiers for treason A? 2.When ...


A hydroxide ion (OH−) in a glass of water has an average speed of about 600 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the electrical force between the hydroxide ion (charge −e) and a positive ion (charge +e) that is 1.0 × 10−8 m away (about the separation of 30 atoms...


Hi! I have some questions from a study guide in my physics class, and they give me the answer, but I have to show how to get the answer. I did most of them, but need help with these. Here is problem #4: What is the increase in thermal energy to a 2000 kg bus and its ...

Algebra I

Thanks Reiny, but I'm still lost. I understand how you multipled by 10X on the right to get 17x, but you went too fast on the left, and I have no idea how you got 10x^2-20 from the starting left side. Can you show each step? Thanks, Carol x - 2(1/x) = 17/10 multiply each term ...

com 220

ok so for my final essay I have chose to write about teenage pregnancy but Im a little confused as to which direction I want to go on my paper...any suggestions? I was leaning more towards the education about teen pregnancy how little education there is for kids today...also ...


an apple weighs about 1N. what is its mass in kilograms ? what is its weight in pounds?


A 5 kg block of average density .625 kg/m^3 has a volume of about _____ cu. m


A 5 kg block of average density .625 kg/m^3 has a volume of about _____ cu. m


what can you say about the forces on a brick lying still on the floor?

Phys Science

ok i posted it twice and no one has yet to help me about my physics


how did nikola tesla change the world? and why students do not know about him and his inventions?


What are some scientific questions that can be asked about projectile motion?


I have a question about sets. If you have uppercase letters and lower case letters and they question is asking are these equal or equivalent or neither. I believe it would be equivalent because they are the same but different. Please help thanks

Algebra 2B

Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range −< < 1 0 m . Choose two different initial values. For this new linear function, what happens to the function’s values after many iterations? Are the function’s values getting close to a...


HELP!! I have no idea to get this answer :( a doctor wants to estimate the HDL cholesterol of all 20-29 year old females. how many subjects are needed to estimate the HDL cholesterol within 4 points with 99% confidence assuming the standard deviation is 10.8? Suppose the ...

Physics - Mini Lab

The reason I didn't do this was because I was gone the day they did this at school. And the teacher said I couldn't do it at school. So I need help and my teacher is a jerk, so I have no idea what to do. Please help me. I really need a good grade in this class. Please and ...


I have 3 questions: 1) If ABC and DEF are three- digit numbers, which of the following could be the number of digits in the product of ABC and DEF? i. 4 ii. 5 iii. 6 I don't have the vaguest idea on how to do this and what type of math it is part of... My answer is 6 only but ...


I have to build a DNA and RNA structure. It must stand on its own. What materials would you suggest i use? Thank you.


Which statement BEST describes the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer? A. Kings derive their power from the consent of their subjects. B. Kings have a divine right to absolute authority over their subjects. C. Government’s principle duty is to protect the individual rights of ...


The free-fall acceleration on the surface of Jupiter is about two and one half times that on the surface of the Earth. The radius of Jupiter is about 11.0 RE (RE = Earth's radius = 6.4 106 m). Find the ratio of their average densities, ρJupiter/ρEarth.


I got the question on corruption in the play hamlet for homework. I wonder should I focus on the Danish court in general (for example the way Hamlet refers to the world around him as 'an unweeded garden' or containing 'things rank and gross in nature', the way corruption ...

Language Arts

Underline who or whom to complete each sentence correctly. 1.(Who, Whom) is your favorite athlete? Underline Who 2. I disagree with Alan, (who, whom) likes basketball players Answer: Not Sure 3. About (who, whom) is that article written? Answer: Not Sure 4. (Who, Whom) did you...


How much calories can you have each day? That depends upon your weight and activity level. Check this site.


I have a question based off of the response to the question I posted below. Sorry, i wanted to make sure that i clearly understood,so My question about the third solution is: Is the horizontal force zero N? or is it 721.3N? A dragster and driver together have mass 918.8 kg. ...


How do i go about this question? Suppose a car is traveling at 20.0m/s, and the driver sees a traffic light turn red, After 0.530s has elapsed (the reaction time), the driver applies the brakes, and the car accelerates at 7.00m/s2. What is the stopping distance of the car, as ...

Thinking About What to Write About in an Essay

I'm writing an essay about charity (which means "In its widest and highest sense, charity includes love of God as well as love of man. The latter kind of love is so closely connected with, and dependent upon, the former, that neither it nor its fruits, under the Christian ...


A cubical block of wood 0.100 m on a side and with a density 550 kg/m^3 of floats in a jar of water. Oil with a density of 750 kg/m^3 is poured on the water until the top of the oil layer is 0.035 m below the top of the block. 1. How deep is the oil layer? Please tell me the ...

Language Arts please help

1)Which of the following best describes an expository essay? an essay that uses casual, conversational language an essay that tells a story about a real-life experience an essay that explains an idea by breaking it down*** an essay that uses humor to achieve the author's ...


these are practice questions that i have the answer to, but i don't know how to solve them: 1.A human hair is approximately 50um in diameter. Express this diameter in meters. 2. if a radio has a period of 1us, what is the wave's period in sesconds? 3. A hydrogen atom has a ...

history(am i correct)

o Explain how the U.S. became involved in the politics of Southeast Asia. o Explain how this involvement affected the U.S. political climate of the 1950s. can you please help me find some info for this please. So i have a better understanding to do a powerpoint presentation. i...

history plz help

Explain how the U.S. became involved in the politics of Southeast Asia. o Explain how this involvement affected the U.S. political climate of the 1950s. can you please help me find some info for this please. So i have a better understanding to do a powerpoint presentation. i ...

Oral report

I have to do an oral report and i have never realy written one before so how should i start off, like should I say my name or talk about the topic ...? Thanks: Leslie

Criminal justice

You have read about many of the important players in the criminal justice process: judges, prosecutors, jury, etc. Which do you think are the most important and why? You don’t have to rank them, but explain who you believe would be in your top 3 and why.

Criminal justice

You have read about many of the important players in the criminal justice process: judges, prosecutors, jury, etc. Which do you think are the most important and why? You don’t have to rank them, but explain who you believe would be in your top 3 and why.


I have to write a paper about the role anthropologists play in migration with 3 examples. They just study migration, right? so would I just pick 3 examples of different people that have migrated?


I want to become a Construction engineer when I am older. In class I have to make a presentation about wanting to become a Construction Engineer, the only thing I can't find is how long you have to go to college to be able to do this work. Can you help me?


what was america's response about joining the league of nations (after ww1)? a- the public thought that america should lead the league of nations b- the public generally supported the idea but wanted to play a smaller role c- it supported the president and actively took part ...

English Thesis Statement

Critique my thesis please? Sartre uses the ideas he lays out in “Self-Deception” in his short story “The Wall” to establish the connection between bad faith and living toward death, and to reject the Freudian notion of the unconscious in favor of the idea that ...

international economy

Hi. My name is Niels, and i come from Denmark. i go to business school, and i am doing a project right now about North Korea. it is includes the two subjects: society, and international economy. the exact thing i am writing about is: North Koreas economy, the people in North ...

To yvonne/GK

Yvonne. Did you type all of the question about osmosis? correctly? I have struggled with it and something about it doesn't seem right. GK. Doesn't the NaCl enter the equation? And shouldn't the mass MgCl2 be less than 0.5000 gram? The total NaCl + MgCl2 has a mass of only 0....

health information

Paula Patient's attorney asks Dr. Bob for medical records about Paula's car accident and promises to provide a written authorization from Paula later. Dr. Bob gives the attorney Paula's entire file, including her records about treatment for HIV. Discuss any violations of HIPPA...


Sorry, a little more about liaison svp. You explained that it is ok to have a liaison between "vais" and "à" but how about "tu vas à" and "ils vont à"??? Would there still be a liaison??? And there isn't a liaison when I say "tu manges une poire", or " nous mangeons une ...

health information

Paula patient's attorney asks Dr. bob for mdical records about Paula's car accident and promises to provide a written authorization from Paula later. Dr. Bob give the attorney paula's entire file, including her records about treatment for HIV. Discuss any violations of HIPAA ...


Interestingly, there have been several studies using cadavers to determine the moment of inertia of human body parts by letting them swing as a pendulum about a joint. In one study, the center of gravity of a 5.0 kg lower leg was found to be 18 cm from the knee. When pivoted ...


A 6.4 ton military fighter must land on a flight strip. If the plane lands at a speed of 368 mph, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.72 between the wheels and the ground. If the runway must be at least 150% as long as the shortest possible landing distance of the ...


An insulated beaker contains 250.0 grams of water at 25oC. Exactly 41.6 g of a metal at 100.0oC was dropped in the beaker. The final temperature of the water was 26.4oC. Assuming that no heat is lost in any other way, calculate the specific heat of the metal. a. 0.159 J g-1 K-...

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Find the value of the following expression: (2^8 ⋅ 5−5 ⋅ 19^0)−2 ⋅ (5-2/2^3)^4 ⋅ 2^28 (5 points) Write your answer in simplified form. Show all of your steps. (5 points) Please somebody help me I'm so confused. I know I'm supposed to use ...


the cube root of the volume of a cube gives the length of one side of the cube. volume=343cm cubed a. find the side length of the cube shown b. find the area of each face of the cube i have no idea how to do this!

1861 England

Did anything major occur around the 1860s in England? Other than inventions and England's take on the American Civil War. You'll have to change the year and then check month by month to find out. This includes things that happened in the world, so...


A physics student of mass mm = 100 kg gets a summer job painting houses. On his first project, he builds a platform using large pine board with a mass of mb = 60 kg The board has an overall length of L = 8.5 meters and set on two 1 meter tall saw horses so that l = 2.25 meters...


I read a text about a girl/boy comparing the choise of a career/job with a jigsaw puzzle. My teacher asked me to tell who this person is and were this person is going? I have trouble with were this person is going. I have to do one paragraph !! Please help !!

World History

The Mongols have a terrible reputation in history as pillagers who destroyed all that met their path. How does this depiction of the Mongols compare with the same people who brought the Pax Mongolia? help please, I don't get it. I have to do this for History, But I don't know ...


I have to do a project on energy efficient ways to run cars. First I have to pick a car and tell about how it runs. I also need statistics to prove my findings. If anyone knows a good web page or pages, please feel free to tell. Thank You.


I have a compare and contrast essay to do, and i need it to be really good, its about Oniomania and Frugality.I have already made my list for the compare and contrast part but i cant come up with a thesis statement to link the two and also separate them at the same time... plz...


I have to record observations for every main character on "The Simpsons", like the satirical characteristics, then I have to describe the comments or criticism made about society through the character. When I watched the season 10 episode "Lisa gets an A", I couldn't find the ...

world history

Was there any course of action that Abraham Lincoln and his administration could have persued that might have prevented the outbreak of war between the North and the Confederacy ? need answer in detail both about the evidence and conclusion...need the answer in order to write ...


I can't think of a good topic for an informative speech. I've tried a few different ideas but they were too boring. I want something entertaining so I will be more comfortable about speaking and have fun with it. It needs to be something I can research and have a visual aid (...


I'm currently reading 'The Haunting of Hill House' by Shirley Jackson (and enjoying it very much). However, I am confused by a certain passage. Could anyone who has read the book explain it to me? It's near the end... "Are you two talking about me"?she [Eleanor] asked over her...

Physics help

A ladder of length 2L and mass M is positioned on level ground leaning against a wall such that the angle between the ladder and the horizontal is α. The coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the wall and between the ladder and the ground is μstatic = 0.65. ...


During a throw an athlete exerts a net average torque of 100 Nm on a discus about its axis of spin. The mass of the discus is 2 kg and its radius of gyration about its spin axis is 12 cm. If the discus was not spinning at the beginning of the throw and the throwing action ...

plagiarism am i correct? plz help

answer True or False to the following statements. It is plagiarism if 1. only one or two words in a sentence found in a textbook are changed without using quotation marks. (false) 2. it is my own original idea. (true) 3. information is used directly from a journal article or ...


0.255 kg catcher is attached by a 45.0 cm long massless cable to a frictionless axle. The catcher is initially at rest. A 0.144 kg ball with a radius of 0.0875 m rolls without slipping from a height of 1.25 m and is captured by the catcher. For a solid ball, I = (2/5)MR2. (a) ...


How Many Capillaries? The aorta has an inside diameter of approximately 2.1 cm, compared to that of a capillary, which is about 1.0×10−5m (10 μm). In addition, the average speed of flow is approximately 1.0 m/s in the aorta and 1.0 cm/s in a capillary Assuming that...

music -year 8

i`m doing a school project in music about buddy holly. i need info about when he died and how, all about his music , if he was married had any children . thanks so much to everyone who helps!


Determine the work done by a person when lowering an object of mass 2.6 kg by a distance of 2.4 m. The person applies a force Fext such that the object moves with constant speed, i.e., without acceleration? My ans: W=F*d F = ma But it's saying constant speed so a=0 However, I ...


The United States Department of Agriculture reported in Vegetables and Melons Outlook in 2007 that the average America consumes about 7.4 x 10^3 potato chips in a year. Since Idaho had about 1.5 x 10^6 people in 2007, how many potato chips would Idaho residents have consumed ...

Physics Please Help Today Part 2

Here's a pic C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\physicspic.jpg 0.0100kg particles have been glued to a rod of Length L=6.00cm and negligible mass and can rotate around a perpendicular axis through point O at one end. How much work is required to change ...

Research paper

Hello, would anyone help me out i have to do a research paper conducting a compare and contrast of two religions. Can anyone be kind enough to give me an outline set up for this kind of paper. I have the information on both relgions but I don't know how to do the set up what i...


Hi im writing a short story, how would i format this paragraph. Can i keep it as one paragraph or should i separate the Quotation into its own pargraph? im confused... As she boarded the shuttle, she noticed two girls who looked about her age. She wondered if they went to her ...

Algebra I

The sum of three numbers is 147. The second number is 4 more than two times the first number. The third number is five less than three times the first number. Find the three numbers. Can you please solve it? I have no idea how to do this. Thanks a lot for any help!


Late one night on a highway, a car speeds by you and fades into the distance. Under these conditions the pupils of your eyes have diameters of about 7.0 mm. The taillights of this car are separated by a distance of 1.2 m and emit red light (wavelength = 669 nm in vacuum). How ...




Suppose the observed motion of a moving airplane, illustrated by a distance vs. time graph, is nearly a straight line with zero distance traveled at zero time. State what this shows about the relationship between distance and time, name the type of relationship, and tell what ...

Physical Science

Sodium (Na) reacts with chlorine gas (Cl2) to form sodium chloride (NaCl) as shown in the equation 2Na+Cl2=2nacl If 4 moles of sodium react, how many moles of chlorine gas will react? I have no idea what to do.......... I need some assistance thanks


1.I'm worried about my looks. I want to become more handsome. What should I do? - Why don¡¯t use organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don¡¯t put organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don¡¯t you wash your face more often? - Why don¡¯t you have double eyelid surgery? - ...


A 6-kg bowling ball with a radius of 14 cm is spinning about a vertical axis (with its center of mass motionless) at an initial rate of 3 turns per second. Friction with the floor, however, causes the bowling ball to rotate more and more slowly until it stops after about 22s. ...


With a halogen X, a metal M forms ionic compounds MX, MX2 and MX3. The lattice energies of the compounds are -1340, -3840 and -7020 kJ/mol, respectively. The ionization energies of the metal are 360 (for M+), 1236 (M2+) and 2990 (M3+) kJ/mol and the sublimation energy is 334 ...


find the volume generated of the region bounded by the parabola y=x^2 and the line y=b when revolved (b>0): a.) about the x-axis b.) about the line y=-1 c.) about the line y=a, where a>b

Physics - mass of a galaxy

A star at the edge of the Andromeda galaxy appears to be orbiting the center of that galaxy at the speed of about 200km/s. The star is about g*10^9AU from the center of the galaxy. Calculate a rough estimate of the mass of the Andromeda galaxy. Earth orbital radius is 1.40*10^8


Hi! I have some questions from a study guide in my physics class, and they give me the answer, but I have to show how to get the answer. I did most of them, but need help with these. Here is problem #1: A skier with a mass of 60.0 kg is standing at the top of a snow covered ...


Thanks for those who answered my previous question! I have just one more: x^2-625=0, what is the GCF? How is it deterimined? It does not appear to me that there is one. How would it then be factored and have the zero-product powers applied? Then, what about 120x^2-34x-21=0 (...


Case - Can This Survey Be Saved? "What's troubling me is that you can't just pick a new random sample just because somebody didn't like the results of the first survey. Please tell me more about what's been done." Your voice is clear and steady, trying to discover what ...


From: Siegel, A.F. (1997). Practical Business Statistics, 3rd Edition. Irwin/McGrawHill. Case - Can This Survey Be Saved? "What's troubling me is that you can't just pick a new random sample just because somebody didn't like the results of the first survey. Please tell me more...


This Question is in accordance to the book "The Scarlet Letter" Is Arthur Dimmesdale a remarkably strong character to have carried his burden of guilt for so many years? Or was he weak for not having the courage to confess? Given what we know about him, would he have been able...


Which of the following sentences displays an INCORRECT use of interjections? A.No, I have not told Laura about the surprise! B.Great! I will make a reservation for the restaurant right away. C.Well, now that I think about it, maybe we should choose another date for the dinner...


What would be the concentration of dinitrogen pentoxide after 6.00 X 10(2) seconds and how long would it take for the concentration of N2O2 to decrease to 10.0% of its initial value in the following equation... N2O5 to NO2 and O2 initial concentration is 1.65 X 10-2mol/L rate ...


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