physics( i have no idea how to go about gettign th

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a bakery sells bagels for $0.85 each an muffins for $1.10 each the bakery hopes to earn $400 each day from these sales. Write an equation that represents the total amount the bakery would like to earn selling bagels and muffins each day. (sorry I have no idea how to do this...


Which is a form of active transport? A. Proteins open up channels in the cell membrane. B. Proteins push molecules through the cell membrane. C. Proteins create openings on another side of the cell membrane. D. Proteins enter and exit the cell freely. i have no idea which one ...

i need to know the major legal issue

And the lawyers want to know what is "fundamentally different" about it. Mr Brady's evidence is that he came up with the idea of having movements in each half of the split face watch case for the forward and return hand movements, all controlled by an electronic integrated ...


2. X - 7 > 10 X > ____ 3. 3x ≤ 21 X ≤ ____ 4.5a - 2 < 18 A<____ 5. 2t+8 ≥ -4(t+1) T ≥ ____ Could someone Please help me I have no idea how to do this

Community service

Help! I need to do 40 hours of community service by 2 weeks. In my nieghborhood there are no libraries, or anything and I have no idea what to do. I need to do this because it is mandatory for honor students like me! The past month went by , because of homework and projects ...


14. What is the number of moles in 42 g of NaCl? A. 1.8 mol NaCl B. 0.72 mol NaCl C. 0.61 mol NaCl D. 1.2 mol NaCl I'm sorry, I have no idea what I'm doing here.


Hello everybody! I have posted a question yesterday on creative classroom.Thank you for the answers.I have checkqued those web sites and picku out the activity with shoe box diorama.So my learners could make a shoe box dioramas (the topic would be different plants and animals...


I still have a few doubts on some sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them. 1) You have to go (?) through the metal detector. 2) Nature was an instrument of God (but not "an The English Renaissance was less connected to (not with) the visual arts. 3) During this ...

Socials-Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, thanks to you, I have got to know a lot about Voltaire. Seriously If I have to pick a philosopher that I would agree with, then it would be Voltaire as well. In my book there was very little info about him, so that's why I didn't really get to know him as much as I ...


can you explain briefly about fluid statics?


what did galileo state about the motion of objects?

Sociology - Essay

I'm doing an essay about the 4 purposes of prison and how they are being met in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". I have to do 4 of the 6 paragraphs with 2 points, 2 proofs, and 2 analysis. The paragraphs that I'm doing now are about protection and deterrence. My two ...


A solution consisting of water and ethanol is found to have a refractive index of 1.3541 at 20 degrees C. The refractive indices at 20 degrees C of water and ethanol are 1.3330 and 1.3610, respectively. Determine the molar composition (in percent) of the mixture by assuming a ...

11th grade English urgent

actually i am not clear about the question too. we have done a story of N. Scott Mamaday where he describes about his horse which he later sells to a Spainish man. He says " I knew where the journey was begun, that it was a learning of the beginning, that the beginning was ...

world history

i have to write an english paper, but its a history-ish paper. The prompt says:"Research the style of fighting and combat from the Ancient Greeks and Romans in comparison with today. Include information about any of the following: training, weaponry, tactics, and psychological...

personal finance

Brenda has received a $10,000 gift from her mother and is trying to decide how to invest it.She thinks she would like to invest it in stocks because she knows that stocks have been earning about 10%rate of interest over the last several years.What aspect of investing is Brenda...

Short Story Ideas

I need short story ideas. I have to write a short story for my Creative Writing class, but every idea I've brainstormed has turned out awful. I wanted to write a tear-jerker or something emotional, but I am not certain anymore. Thus, I am open to suggestions.


I am still not able to get this: These are all factors of production: natural resources, human resource and, capital resources, I have to give five examples of each that go into the production of an automobile. Is there any sites that could help me with this? I really don't ...

English (Summer Reading Essay)

During the summer of 2008 I read several different books. The two books that I enjoyed most were SUB 4:00 by Chris Lear and Salt A World History by Mark Kurlansky. I have been asked to “…discuss which author was more successful in creating a good piece of literature. Use ...


You want to get an idea of the magnitude of magnetic fields produced by overhead power lines. You estimate that a transmission wire is about 11m above the ground. The local power company tells you that the line operates at 13kV and provide a maximum of 86MW to the local area. ...


Your assignment is to review the case study starting on page 150, “Closer Look: The Stanford Prison Study.” Write a paper answering the following questions: • Considering the effects this experiment had on its subjects, do you have any ethical concerns about conducting ...


CRITICAL THINKING: The term ”weight” in physics has the following very specific meaning: “The weight of an object is the name given to a particular force: the gravitational force exerted by the earth on the object, giving it an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 near the surface ...


CRITICAL THINKING: The term ”weight” in physics has the following very specific meaning: “The weight of an object is the name given to a particular force: the gravitational force exerted by the earth on the object, giving it an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 near the surface ...

Physics- Circuits Current & Voltage Problem

Please find this question onto y a h o o s e a r c h e n g i n e b y c o p y & p a s t e. Determine... (a) the current in each resistor (Indicate the direction of the current flow through each resistor through the sign of your answer. Take upward current flow as positive.) (b...


Read this excerpt from “Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth. In which sentences does she make an emotional appeal to the audience by talking about her personal hardships? 1). I think that 'twixt the negroes of the South and the women at the North, all ...

science double check answers

1. What is the alignment of the Earth, moon, and sun during a lunar eclipse? A)Earth, sun, moon B)Earth, moon, sun C)Sun, Earth, moon** D)Sun, moon, Earth I know that for a lunar eclipse the earth is in the middle, so i just wanted to double check 2.A scientific law A)can have...


Two fair coins are flipped simultaneously. This is done repeatedly until at least one of the coins comes up heads, at which point the process stops. What is the probability that both coins come up heads? I think it would be 1/2 but the answer is 1/3 and I have no idea where ...

world issues

By the time people reach young adulthood, they have an idea of what causes them stress. The text discusses several sources of stress. What sources of stress did the text identify of which you were previously unaware? Has your reading helped you identify any new sources of ...


1. The boy was in danger. 2. The boy was dangerous. (Are both the same?) 3. I have my friend's picture. 4. I have a picture of my friend. 5. I have a picture of my friend's. (Are they the same? Does #3 mean #4? What about #5? What is the difference between the three sentences?)

help me please!

help! name some black women who have overcome great challenges w+4.5=8 rosa parks. black lady who refused to get out of a seat on a bus

Help in Understanding

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 8:45pm. How did the conflict occur? Was it just because of the land? I'm having some trouble understanding. Please explain to me. About the Red River Colony - Ms. Sue, Friday, May 6, 2011 at 9:18pm The conflict was about land. The ...

Phyics Word Problems

I have a few questions that I need help with and one that needs to be checked please? t takes 6 seconds for a stone to fall to the bottom of a mine shaft. How deep is the shaft? (I know I have to use this formual d=vinitial+1/2gt^2, I plug in these numbers d=0+1/2(9.8m/s^2)(6^...

College Physics

Although they don’t have mass, photons—traveling at the speed of light—have momentum. Space travel experts have thought of capitalizing on this fact by constructing solar sails—large sheets of material that would work by reflecting photons. Since the momentum of the ...


I have to write an observational essay, and the topic is my backyard. I have a lot of sensory details down for it, but I'm not exactly sure how to make my essay 5 paragraphs long..I don't really have anything to describe about my backyard except for its appearance since I havn...


I have a question about the International Space Station-Its been orbiting earth at 350km-If the radius of the earth is 6,370 km, what is the period of orbit for the Space Station? Secondly, if it was moved to a geosynchronous orbit, what would the new altitude of the station ...


Hi. This is my question: An art student wants to make a string collage by connecting six equally spaced points on the circumference of a circle to its center with string. What would be the radian measure of the angle between two adjacent pieces of string, in simplest form? ...

PLZ Help History--@Ms. Sue or @Reed

On which idea did Patriots and Loyalists most disagree? The colonies had important economic and cultural ties to Great Britain. Certain rights and freedoms are important for citizens to have. The colonies were better off governing themselves without British influence.*** The ...


3. Fish have a two chambered heart called a single loop. discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this system. 4. Amphibians have a three chambered heart. Discuss the importance of the extra chamber in terms of the obvious physical differences that amphibians like frogs have from...


What is the equation in standard form of a parabola that models the values in the table? x -2 0 4 f(x) 1 5 -59 Please help.I have somewhat of an idea a(-2)^2+b(-2)+c c=1 a(0)^2+b(0)+c= c=5 a(4)^2+b(4)+c c=-59 4a+2b+c=1 0a+0b+c=5 16a+4b+c=-59 4a-2b+5=0 16a+4b+5=-59 4a-2b+5-5=0-...


A uniform disk of radius 0.5 m and mass 3.9 kg is rotating about its center of mass. Its moment of inertia about its center of mass is I=(1/2)mR^2. Its angular velocity as a function of time is given by (t)=7kt^6/t1^7 where k = 3.8 rad and t1= 5 s. Find the magnitude of the ...

English lit

So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story ( Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution ) I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas. So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a surprising ending. You ...


Yep its me again... sorry for re-posting this question but I am quite desperate here and I need to have this question answered, sorry if that sounds rude. IF 2.0 J of work is done raising g apple how far is it lifted? I know W= Fd hence I divided instead of multiplying and I ...


A team of 6 scouts plans to cross a lake on a raft they designed. The scouts have wooden beams with an average relative density of 0.80. The beams measure 30cmx30cmx3m. The average scouts' mass is about 65kg and for their safety, they want the top of the raft to be at least ...

effective persuasive writting

how would you encourage a leluctant peer reviewer. I would ask a question first That's a good idea, but what kind of question(s) would you ask? Depending on what they are reviewing, there are many different questions that could be asked. Here are some possibilities. What ...


***I know the identifying is done correctly I just need to know if the paragraph is grammatically correct and makes since. ***Sorry that it was so long I hope this is better. Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary...


For the most recent seven years, the U.S. Department of Education reported the following number of bachelor's degrees awarded in computer science: 4,253; 5,578; 6,406; 7,334; 8,728; 11,298; 15,182. What is the annual arithmetic mean number of degrees awarded? About 9,120 About...


For the most recent seven years, the U.S. Department of Education reported the following number of bachelor's degrees awarded in computer science: 4,253; 5,578; 6,406; 7,334; 8,728; 11,298; 15,182. What is the annual arithmetic mean number of degrees awarded? About 9,120 About...


Bonjour! For our French class, we are making a French dish and my partner and I have decided to make "Tarte Chocolat Coco" We think that we have a pretty good idea about how to make this, but could someone give me a translation of this recipe so we don't mess it up? Some of ...

Social Studies

When structural functionalists argue that deviance is functional for society, they point out all of the following except: A)Deviance clarifies moral boundaries and affirms norms B)deviance promotes social unity C)Deviance promotes social change D)Deviance opposes the ...


I need help figuring out these two problems. I think I have the right idea about solving them but I'm not exactly sure. 8. Two companies market new batteries targeted at owners of personal music players. DuraTunes claimes a mean battery life of 11 hours, while RockReady ...

Math! Please Help!

1. What is the simplified form of (–3x^3y^2)(5xy^–1)? I think it is 15x^4y 2. What is the simplified form of –9m^–2n^5 × 2m^–3n^–6? I have no idea on this one. :/ 3. A rectangular pasture has a fence around the perimeter. The length of the fence is 16x^7 and the ...

Biology I

Charles Darwin- Evolution? 2) Where does variation occur within an organism that causes evolution? 5) What is the main source of evidence for evolution? 6) What was the occupation that Darwin was originally studying for? 8) What did Darwin believe about species before he went ...

English; Help/Check.

You were to listen to two authors (see chapter 11 for the list of authors -- click on any two of the links, and listen to the two authors you chose). Now you need to identify specific examples of the following: * Central idea (explain the main idea of what the author was ...


1. She poured water all over my painting and ruined it. (Can we use 'spoiled' instead of 'ruined'?) 2. boil (water changes into moist) 2-2. boil (water changes into moisture) (Which definition is right?) 3. He doesn't care about his family. He is not worried about his family. ...


A vector can be used to represent the path of a drill tip used to bore a deep mine shaft in Sudbury one quarter of the way to the centre of the Earth. Represent the vector using a directed line segment and Cartesian co-ordinates and describe which representation may be more ...


Can you look at my rough outline to see if my points and my main idea is relevant to my focus? And if it isn't, please give me specific ideas on how to improve? ---- I'm writing a paragraph on the focus: A leader is a representative of the totalitarian control over the ...


1. He could have given me some advice. (Does this sentence mean that he didn't give me some advice?) 2. He cold have told a lie. (Does this sentence mean that he didn't told a lie? Or does #2 mean #3?) 3. He may have told a lie. • English - Writeacher, Tuesday, June 20, 2017...


Step 1: Choose four of the following questions to ask Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad: Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith? What is your perspective or feelings about the other monotheistic faiths? What is the holy book of your faith, and how does it compare to ...


I am taking the SATs soon and i feel like i have a lot of reasources, but i don't have enough time to study all of it, how do i condense? What is the most important i think my best section would be math, then writing, then reading.. (i don't think sending me links will help, ...


A uniform cylindrical spool of mass M and radius R unwinds an essentially massless rope under the weight of a mass m. If R = 12 cm, M = 400 gm and m = 50 gm, find the speed of m after it has descended 50 cm starting from rest. Solve the problem twice: once using Newton's laws ...


You have just received good news. You have inherited $1,000,000 from a distant relative. You have to meet two goals with the money: one, start a small business and not spend more than $250,000 in total in the next 2 years, and two, save for your retirement in 30-35 years. How ...

History of Religion

I have two questions for you and for both of these it would help to know something about the Roman Catholic Church in the past. Anyway, firstly, did dioceasan bishops always have to reside within the confines of their dioceases? Also, who was the first to propose that the ...


Thank you how about the next three I have a bad habit to impulse buy , so I have to be carefully and only allow myself a certain amount of money when I go to the store. The credit card is his but he allows me to use it for emergencies. Tiffany is my cousin who is going to live...


I've written the articles and created the advertisements. In addition to that, I have to create three addional creative pages for a trendy magazine from the 1920s. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of a magazine of the time. Are there horoscopes in 1920s magazines? What is ...


for my homework i need to find out about broughton airbus factory.i need to write a report and a paragraph about these questions:- where it is what alterations have been made to the factory how it helps the airbus industry how the wings are transported to other countries when ...


I don't know what to talk about in my essay fot Salt and SUB 4:00 I'm follwing the format and am writing about Salt first. Sense the book dosen't really tell a story I can't really critizize charecter development, time and setting or anything. Can I have some suggestions ...


i was wondering whether anyone came accross a tory in a newspaper or magazine recently about something unbelievable related to health. I have to facilitate a discussion in my life ed class about a health topic and i thought i would find an unbelievable story that is really ...


A Ford Focus goes about 2 meters down the road for each revolution of its tires, which, when new, have treads about 1 centimeter thick. If it goes 80,000 km (50,000 mi) before its tread is gone, find the average thickness of tire lost durin each revolution. Compare this ...

Writing Sentences and paragraphs

Paragraph 1 Background You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one ...


Can you please help me express these concepts in a simpler way? Thank you. 1)What do you call mistakes concerning the agreement of subject and verb? (Just grammar mistakes?) You have shifted from the past to the present when 2) In your paragraph you failed to give an example ...


Remeber that it is areas under a density curve, not the height of the curve, that give proportions in a distribuiton. To illustrate this, sketch a density curve that has its peak at 0 on the horizontal axis but ahs greater area within .25 on either side of 1 than within .25 on...

help i have no idea!!!!!!

3.Sam is a mailman who delivers mail in a mail truck. His route is 2 kilometers long. He usually starts his route at 8:00 am and finishes by 12:00pm If Sam decided to get a bigger route that is 12 kilometers long, what does his average speed need to be to start and finish at ...

6th grade science fair project

Each week up until fair time we have to turn in one aspect of our project. This week it deals with our conrol, dependent and independent variables and constants. I will tell you that I got my idea form sciencebuddies. My project is Ocean Currents: Modeling the 'Global Conveyor...


Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)?


Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)?


Can you give me an example of what a feature article could be about on the concept of "The Individual and the Family"? All I can think of is about what the teenagers in the society today act like, but nothing about with the family.


Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)?


The Enlightenment idea of “natural rights” is that _________. Select one of the options below as your answer: A. monarchs rule by divine right B. people have natural rights that governments cannot arbitrarily take away C. ethical principles are capable of being discovered ...


My head is spinning from this chapter! I've done most of the questions by myself but I have no idea what formulas I should use for these last two. Can you walk me through them so I can understand what I need to do? 1. What volume of 5.0 M HNO3 is required to neutralize 2500 ...

Chemistry - Solubility

Calculate the solubility of copper(II) sulfide in a solution that is 0.150 mol L^-1 in NaCN. I am very confused on what to do. Since there are no common ions, I know that this is not the common ion effect. Also I do not believe this is a pH effect question. Is this a complex-...


I'm writing a comparison paper on artworks and I'm just thinking either to write about two women painting (European/modern women) OR two churches Gothic/Romanesque). Which one do you think will have more visual/background information? I was thinking to write about the two ...


I have some physics problems that I would like to get checked please?


Both forest fire and why leaves change color in the fall present factual information. write an essay of your own about one of these essays. in your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then discuss how the method of ...


ana wants to write a descriptive essay about a place tha is important to her 1-which of these would best help ana prepare to write aboute her plkace a-reading stories about places she has not visited b-closing her eyes, picturing her place and listing details c-Listing places ...

College Psych

Which of the following is NOT a cognitive factor involved in personality? a) A high degree of self-efficacy b) Surface Traits c) An external locus of control d) A low degree of self-efficacy e) An internal locus of control Please help I have no idea. If I had to guess I would ...


Which of the following events did not take place? a. Teiresias blames Creon for causing his birds to behave strangely b. After Creon fails to save Antigone, he buries Polyneices c. In the Paen, the Chorus implores Dionysos to head Thebes d. The messenger announces Haimon's ...


A van came around a corner a hit me as I gently pulled off in a small car to help my court case we measure I was pushed over 40 meters How can I give an idea as to how fast he must have been travelling? Unfortunetly it is on the Isle of Man on a no speed limit road however it ...


Can someone check these? 1. What device, developed in 1970, is able to make images of individual atoms? 1. The X-ray crystallographer 2. The laser 3. The Brownian motion detector 4. The scanning electron microscope My answer: 4 2. Which of the following is smallest? 1. Proton ...


meaning of graw I have never heard that term in physics.


The following questions refer to the following system: 500 mL of 0.02 M Mn(NO3)2 are mixed with 1.0 L of 1.0 M Na2C2O4. The oxalate ion, C2O4, acts as a ligand to form a complex ion with the Mn+2 ion with a coordination number of two. Mn2+ + C2O42- goes to MnC2O4 K1 = 7.9 x 10...


A set of density rods is designed to illustrate the concept of density. The idea is to create cylinders of equal diameters and masses, but varying lengths, to show which have the largest and smallest densities. (a) Derive a formula that will predict the ratio of the length of ...


no idea how to do this problem A kid at the junior high cafeteria wants to propel an empty milk carton along a lunch table by hitting it with a 3.0g spit ball. If he wants the speed of the 40g carton just after the spit ball hits it to be 0.30 m/s, at what speed should his 3.0...


Are there any websites about medieval attitudes about Jews? In google i mostly get websites about a book.

Calculus BC

Find the volume if the region enclosing y=2x, y=0, x=3 is rotated a)about the y-axis b)about the line x=3 c)about the line x=4.


What effect did the highland clearances and the Irish potato famine have on canada? Do ayou know anyone of Irish or Scottish ancestry? How and when did their family come ot canada? Pretend you are a scottish or Irish farmer who must immigrate. Write a short speech to your ...

English composition

1. You have to drink about 2 liter water for your helth. 2. I do a crucial carp exercise to make my intestines healthy. It is important to have a proper bowel movement in the intestines. ====================================== Hello. Thank you for your help. Are the sentences ...


i have two questions about cellular respiration that i cant get..: 1. why do you keep breating heavily for some time even after you have completed strenuous excercise? (i think this has to do with lactic acid fermentation???) 2. why do winemakers want to keep fermenting grapes...


We just learned about mitosis and my teacher is giving a test over it and other things tomorrow. We have to write the mitosis steps in order, label the chomatids, nuclear membrane, spindle fibers, and centrioles, and have a sentence describing them. How could I remember this?

Calculus - Find volume of cylinder

There is a cylindrical tank lying horizontally on the ground, its diameter is 8 feet, and length is 25 feet, the depth of the water currently in the tank is 2 feet. (1 gallon=231 cubic inches) How many gallons of water are in the tank? How many gallons of water will it take to...


(Is my answer right or wrong because i have no idea.) Why is the caspid protein important? The caspid includes protein that enable a virus to enter a host cell. The caspid protein of a typical virus bind to the surface of a cell and "tricks" the cell into allowing it inside.


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