math..solve for u again

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  1. algebra1

    I will be happy to critique your thinking. can u use one of them and show me how to solve it and i'll do the rest? like i don't know how to do these and i need to know how. assume that Q varied directly as x and inversely as y. 1) if x is tripled and y is doubled, what happens...
  2. Math

    How many 300mg clindamycin capsules are required to compound a prescription as follows "clindamycin 3%, propylene glycol 5%, isopropyl alcohol qs ad 360mL"? (again just need help to set this problem up)
  3. English

    I urgently need you to check this. Thank you, Writeacher. 1) Sorry for disturbing you again. Our secretary told me she hasn't received your headmaster's email, yet. 2) Can you please send it again to the following email address.....? We'll be organizing a link to your school ...
  4. Math and Reading

    Please help me, my son struggles in the 6th grade. I am afraid that he might have to repeat again. He has low grades in reading and math.I have spoken with his teachers, and they say lack of motivation. How do i help him so he can do what he needs to. I really cant afford ...
  5. math

    The measures of two supplementary angles are in the ratio 5:1. What is the measure of the smaller triangle? A/B = 5 A + B = 180 Solve those 2 equations in two unknowns. B is the smaller angle. Hint: substitute 5B for A in the second equation. Then only B is in the equation, ...
  6. Algebra 2

    Can someone see if I got these correct? 1. Solve log5 x = 3. x = 125 2. log3 (x - 4) > 2. x > 13 3. Evaluate log7 49. log7 49 = 2 4. Solve log3 x = 4. x = 81 5. The graph of a logarithmic function y = 3^x is a reflection of x = 3^y over the line y = 0. False 6. Evaluate ...
  7. math

    How do I solve this? A mixture of nuts has a ratio of 5 parts peanuts to 3 parts cashews. How many ounces of cashews are in a 24 oz mixture? I am thinking 9 oz., but how do you write a problem to solve this
  8. math

    Solve 2 + 2 sin θ = 3 cos^2 θ. Give the general solution and then give solutions in [−π, π] How do i solve for theta?
  9. English

    * According to the spacing rules, write the following sentence again in the blank. 1. Iamapoliceofficer. -> __________________ (Is the expression correct?) * I have sent the MTCN number to you with my cell phone. However, you can not verify the name of the sender. You also ...
  10. 5th grade math (dividing fractions)

    Hi.. I need help figuring out this problem, sovling for x: 3 divided by x/9 = 5 and 2/5 I was able to solve: x divided by 3/4 = 6 by multiplying 6 x 3/4 = 4 1/2. Just not sure how to solve the first problem. If I change 5 2/5 into mixed number,I still don't know what to do ...
  11. Math check

    The problem is solve x= sqrt10x-4-2 So it would be x=sqrt10x-6 right then how would I solve for x
  12. chem

    Consider the equation A <-> in a 1L container. At 7.57C, the molar concentrations of A and B are 7.228M and 1.976 (respectively). Suddenly, 1.831 moles of A are added to the system. What is the change in deltaG of the system (Answer in kJ) At first, I thought I would use...
  13. English

    1. Listen again and check on T if the sentences match with the dialogue. Check on F if they don't match. 2. Listen again and check T if the sentences match the dialogue. Check F if they don't match. ----------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'on' or 'with'?
  14. Please Math

    8. p + 4 < –24 p < –20 p < 28 p < –28 p < 20 9.p/8 ≥ –5 p ≥ 40 p ≥ 3 p ≥ –13 p ≥ –40 10. –5p > –30 p > 6 p < 6 p > –35 p < 35 11. Which inequality matches the graph? 3x + 1 > 4 3x + 1 ≥ 4 3x...
  15. Math

    When you solve the system shown by the elimination method, which statement is true? y + 3x = 10 −y − 3x = 10 A. You eliminate y; the sum of the coefficients of y is zero. Then, you can solve for x. B. There is no solution; x and y are eliminated and you get the ...
  16. math

    If you make a glass in the shape of a right circular cone (martini glass) how wide would the glass be if it is 4 inches tall and again holds 12 ounces?
  17. Math HELP!! FAST!!

    Can someone help me solve this and write the answer in simplified radical form? (z - 5)^3 + 32 = 0 Oh, solve for "z"... obviously. . . z-5 = (-32)^(1/3) z-5 = 8^1/3) (-4)^(1/3) z = 5 - 2(4)^(1/3) or 5 - 2cuberoot(4) Thanks!!! But one other question, it's just 5 - 2 cuberoot(4...
  18. English

    Writeacher, I'm posting you the rephrase again. I varied a few things, Thank you very much for you cooperation. 1) Mr. B refers briefly to the incident in the summer house. He excuses himself by saying that on that occasion he didn’t want to do her any harm but be a little ...
  19. economics

    (2 points) Suppose that the following equations describe an economy (C, I, G, T, and Y are measured in billions of dollars and r is measured in percent; for example, r = 10 means r = 10%) 􀜥􀵌170􀵅0.6...
  20. @ elena - intro to physics

    I posted this question earlier and thank you for respnding, but the answer you give me was incorrect. I try looking at hw you solve and cant find the mistake but when when I check your answer it said it was wrong. Can you please look over it again, I greatly appreciate it a ...

    Two objects are placed on a frictionless incline which is inclined at 65.5 degrees. A mass of m1 = 7 kg is tied to a wall, which is at the top of the incline, by rope 1 which is parallel to the incline. A mass of m2 = 13 kg is tied to m1 by rope 2 which is also parallel to the...
  22. Math

    how would i solve this? 2x+2y=12 would i solve for x or y? Im stuck!!
  23. Math

    (i) Solve the equation 3y^2-5y-2=0 (ii) hence, solve the equation, 3(1/x-1)^2 -5(1/x-1)-2=0
  24. MATH

    SOLVE FOR X THANK U LIFESAVERS Solve for x Log(x-6) +Log(x+3)=1
  25. math

    hOW can I solve this by elimination? I know how to solve by substitution but not elimination 3x – 2y = 0 9x + 8y = 7
  26. math

    the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76. what is that number? PLEASE HELP ME I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!! Mathematics is a language, so translate the English into "math" let the number be x "the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76", .... what does "sum" mean? x...
  27. math

    Solve for the indicated variable A=1/2 bh Solve for b 2A = bh, so b = 2A/h ok thanks so on this example C=2pie r Solve for R Would the answer be 2C/pie=r ???? ok thanks so on this example C=2pie r Solve for R Would the answer be 2C/pie=r ???? Divide both sides by everything we...
  28. science fair

    Writeacher, its me again i just wanted to know if the experiment of the math test and music is enough for the multitasking project or should i include another experiment to prove the hypothesis. thank you soo much.
  29. math

    what is the square root of 5z-2, then it says plus 7=10 First, subtract 7 from each side so you now have: sqrt(5z-2)=3. Then square each side, so you now have: 5z-2=9. Then add 2 to each side so you have 5z=11. Then divide each side by 5 and the answer is z=11/2. thanks ...
  30. Math

    Solve for the missing variable: ALL FIGURES ARE SIMILAR. Figure 1: 8m-side 1 and 6m-side 2. Figure 2: 20m-side 1 and r meters-side 2. r=? Solve for r. Can you help me? Thank you.
  31. Physics

    Suppose we had a straight tunnel, through Earth's center, to a point on the opposite side of the planet, and used it to deliver mail to the other side. With what speed would our packages pass through Earth's center. So: ag = (GM)/R2 Mins = (4/3)πR3*ρ So, I'm assuming...
  32. Algebra: Steve

    I already asked this question,I just wanted to clarify the answer. Problem: The polynomial f(x) has degree 3. If f(-1)=15, f(0)=0, f(1)=-5, f(2)=12, then what are the x-intercepts of the graph of f? Steve: clearly, f(0) = 0 so, f(x) = ax^3+bx^2+cx = x(ax^2+bx+c) -1(a-b+c) = 15...
  33. math

    Find the values of theta (0,2pi) that satisfy sin theta= square root 3 over 2 Solve 2costheta sintheta-sintheta on (0, 2pi) please I really need help in knowing how to solve these questions. quite urgent. I don't understand how to do them at all.
  34. math

    how would you convert the repating nonterminating decimal to a fraction? explain the process as you solve the problem/0.1515... remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem how would you convince a fellow student that the number 0.57 is a rational number?
  35. Algebra 2

    Can someone explain how to figure out these types of problems? Solve log3 (x - 4) > 2. Evaluate log7 49. If log5 4 ≈ .8614 and log5 9 ≈ 1.3652 find the approximate value of log5 36. Solve the equation, log4 (m + 2) - log4 (m -5) = log4 8. Solve, 2^x = 15.
  36. To Everyone at Jiskha

    I would like to wish all the teachers/professors at Jiskha a very Merry Christmas ( and "Happy Holiday" to those who maybe celebrate a holiday other than Christmas) and lots of health, happiness and prosperity for the coming year. I would also like to take this opportunity and...
  37. English

    In this sentence, where do the commas go: Again I ask you implore you to help me Mr. Janus. In here, pay special attention to introductory elements, parenthetical elements, and nouns of address (at the end of #4). Let me know ...
  38. Math

    Convert 86 inches to yards, feet, and inches? Why the inches again?
  39. Math...again

    Two circles have circumferences of π and 3π. What is the ratio of the area of the circles? the diameters? the radii?
  40. math,help!!!!

    How do i do thois problem?Please help. Problem #1 solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 Subtract the lower equation's left and right terms from the upper equation's corresponding terms. The first step will get you this: x = 2 Now that you know x, use either of the...
  41. math- last time then i'm giving up

    im sorry but this problem is part of a major grade i have in my pre-ap algerbrea 2 class.... ummm... okay lxl <--these are going to be absolute value bars. 1. Solve lax+bl <or equal to c for x in terms of a, b, and c where a>0 and c>0 2. Now solve lax+bl >or ...
  42. Math

    1. What are the steps to solve this problem? 0.000027 ÷ 0.000009 Requirements: • Explain how to use scientific notation to solve the problem. • Describe how to divide numbers written in scientific notation. • Give you final answer in simplest form. (5 points) Steve ...
  43. Math PLEASE HELP

    No one was answering my questions for the first question I posted so I posted it again. answers for 12345: 1. 9 3/5 2. 4 1/2 3. 4 3/4 4. still 7 6/9 5. still 10 16/18
  44. math

    find the coordinates of the point where the tangent to the curve y=x^3 +x +2 at the point (1,4) meets the curve again. [ans:-2,-8] pls help me i don't understand the question....
  45. math-calculus

    i think i do something wrong again(2x+1)/(x-3)-(4x-1)/(2x-3) = 0 (2x-3)(2x+1)-(4x-1) = (0)(x-3)(2x-3) 4x^2+2x-6x-3-4x-1 = 2x^2-3x-6x+9 4x^2-4 = 2x^2-3x-6x+9 -2x^2-9x+13 i put this in quadratic formula and i think it wrong becaue i get 9/2 and 0for x and it have to be 2/3.
  46. 5th math

    ms. sue please!explain to me one again i'm not getting it yet. 1/4+1/8= ? step by step please!! thank you..
  47. Math

    A document that is 30in x 40 in is redrawn 1 1/2 scale and redrawn again at a 1/2 scale. What are the final dimensions? On this i have no clue what to do.
  48. Physics Help

    An industrial die machine is used to stamp out holes in pieces of sheet aluminum. the die strikes the surface of the street of metal at a speed of 10 m/s, passes through the 0.635 cm thick sheet, reverses its direction, and is again moving at 10 m/s as it passes the top ...
  49. Physics

    An industrial die machine is used to stamp out holes in pieces of sheet aluminum. the die strikes the surface of the street of metal at a speed of 10 m/s, passes through the 0.635 cm thick sheet, reverses its direction, and is again moving at 10 m/s as it passes the top ...
  50. Math

    Suki is trying to solve the equation 62.75 + x = 92. Determine whether Suki could use each statement below to reason and solve the equattion a. Suki can add 62.75 to both sides of the equation. b. Suki asks,"What number can be added to 62.75 to 92?" c. Suki thinks,"x is the ...
  51. 5th grade math

    Which answer shows data with a range of 49? A. 45,69,92,59 B. 95,59,52,89 C.99,66,51,52 D.55,99,78,50 if you select one of the answer .How do you solve the problem.? i was wonder how ?please explain your answer please!! so the next problem i try to solve by myself.for me thank...
  52. math

    Hi, I'm trying to solve this problem and I can't seem to come up with the answer that the answer book says. It is 3 = -20/3 + b So I want to solve for b I add 20/3 to both sides so I get 3 + 20/3 = b When I make the same denominators, I get 9/3 + 20/3 to be 29/3 = b The answer...
  53. math solutions

    solve the equation abx=cy for each of following the variable x the variable a the variable c solve the equation ay/x the variable y the variable z the variable x solve each of following for variable y 3y=ab ab=cy ayc=bx bx/y=R zy/x=b
  54. math

    Could someone please check my math questions? any help will be greatly appreciated! 4. Solve: 5|2x + 1 | = 55 Divide both side by 5: |2x+1|=11 2x+1=11 and 2x+1= -1 +1 +1 +1 +1 2x = 12 2x = -10 X=5 x=-6 What my teacher said was wrong~~ 2x+1=11 and 2x+1= -11 YES, for both of ...
  55. math - y-intercept

    hi, how would we find the y intercept , given slope of 11/2.54 and points (5,1.49). can you show me the steps so i can solve it. tnx y=ax + b where a is slope, b is y intercept. Put the points in the equation... 1.49=11/2.54 (5) + b solve for b. x + y = 1 what does the graph ...
  56. Math

    Two shirts cost $12.50. How much will it cost to buy five of the shirts? Select all the pairs of ratios that form a proportion. Which are: 1/6,4/20 7/9,28/36 14/18,21/27 30/80,6/18. For which value of m is 4/16=m/24 a proportion? Solve the proportion. t/16=40/50 Can You Help ...
  57. Math

    Can you please check my work since my professor wont. Thanks 50% of 45 solution=90 Predict the height of a woman who's humerus is 40 cm long using H(x)=2.75x+71.48 solution= 181.48cm Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at...
  58. Math

    For problems 1 and 2, determine how many solutions there are for each triangle. You do not have to solve the triangle. 1. A = 29°, a = 13, c = 27 2. A = 100.1°, a = 20, b = 11 For problems 3-6, solve each triangle using the Law of Sines. If there is no solution, write “no ...
  59. Math- Outcomes and Probability

    Can someone please explain to me how to solve this question? If no digit can be used more than once, how many 5-digit numbers can be formed using the numbers 3,8,1,2,5, and 7? I have no clue how to solve this problem, the wording always tricks me. Answer choices: A) 360 B) 717...
  60. math

    I just need a little help I got this far and got stuck again. 0.10 mm=0.010cm V= (4/3) (0.010cm) ^3= 1.3333x10^-06 M= (1.3333*10^-06cm^3)*(4.0*10^14g/cm ^3) =
  61. math

    a ship covered a distance of 41 km due north and then 23 km due east and again 15 km towards north far is it from the point where it started?
  62. Math

    Purchased 297 square feet of carpet at $18.50 a square yard, what is the cost? 297 / 9 = 33 yards X $18.50 =$610.50 Do I divide by 3 again to get $203.50?
  63. Math

    Are you trying to solve for x, n or p? solve for n Show me how to work this problem. 2n = 4xp - 6 what is the problem? what grade r u in i am in 6 grade To get n all by itself, you need to divide by 2. But if you divide by 2 on the left, you have to divide by 2 on the right...
  64. algebra

    Junior ate 30% of the sandwiches at the picnic. If he ate 1 ½ sandwiches, how many sandwiches were there? you cant solve this right? We can't?? Sez who? Let x denote the number of sandwiches. Then we're told 30%x=.30x=1.5 sandwiches. So x=1.5/.30=?? something you can do. its...
  65. Math

    robby runs for 5 minutes. He walks for 10 minutes. He runs for 7 minutes. He walks another 4 minutes. He runs again for 8 minutes and walks again for 3 minutes. what is the range of minutes robby runs?
  66. Math

    1. What are the steps to solve this problem? 0.000027 ÷ 0.000009 • Explain how to use scientific notation to solve the problem. • Describe how to divide numbers written in scientific notation. • Give you final answer in simplest form. (5 points) I really need help with ...
  67. math ( i need help asap ) pls

    1. gavin needs to read at least 150 pages of his book this week . he has already read 82 pages . how many more pages p must gavin read this week ? a. 82+p >_ 150; p _> 68 b. p+ 82 _< 150; p _< 68** C. P-72 _> 150; P_> 222 D. P-82 _< 150; P _< 222 2. ...
  68. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 cm greater than it width. The perimeter is 58 cm. What are the dimension of the rectangle? I know the formula for Triangle Perimeter is 2(L+W) and the L is +5 more than the W but I can't write the equation for it. This is what I was thinking 58= ...
  69. math

    A ship corved a distance of 41 km due north and them 23 km due east and again 15km towards north direction. How far is it from the point where it started?
  70. Math

    Write an equation for the problem. And solve it. Sierra caught 3 times as many fish as Lily. They caught a total of 20 fish. 3x*2=20 ---is this right? if it is plz help me solve it thanks u You can say 3n+n=20 n= lily's fish.
  71. Rational Inequality with Absolute Value

    Here's a question I'm having trouble with: |x|/|x+2|<2 Solve for x. I'm trying to use the case method to solve this problem. Basically I just need confirmation that I did this correctly. I'm doing this through distance learning so I can't ask a teacher until Monday. Case 1...
  72. math

    I'm working on a problem where I was given a table and had to find the exponential equation of best fit. The table is about the number of views of videos. The equation is y = 12.0143(1.7498)^x I had to estimate the number of views after 2 weeks and that is 30,307 views. The ...
  73. math,help

    can someone help me with this i am lost now i've been doing math for the past 8 hrs. Problem # 1 solve: 4(x-10)-3x=x-40 Problem # 2 solve for t: a = p + prt Problem#3 translate to an algebraic equation 7 less than the quotient of a number and 3 is twice the same number problem...
  74. Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review - Book 1 (HW)

    C = 2nr!?!??!??! Since the NYS Math Exam is coming up (in my district in my school we have it next week). You see in my class were not done with our geometry and ratio, proportion unit and plus we are missing one unit: algebra. We didn't get to solving the formulas. Ratio and ...
  75. MATH

    20. A certain computer can perform 105 calculations per second. How many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds 21. Write the steps to solve the following problem. Explain your steps as you solve it. What are the steps to show the quotient in simplest form? 0.000027 ÷ 0....
  76. Math

    Same as before, except I forgot to write how would you have verify it and explain how to solve it. the length of a rectangle is (x-3) inches long, and the width 3 2/5 inches. If the area is 15 3/10 square inches, write and solve an equation to find the length of the rectan
  77. Math

    I tried again with another question: What percent of 62 is 58? Use the percent equation (which is part=percent times whole) 58=62x Divide 62 on both sides. I rounded to the nearest tenth and got 93.6%
  78. math

    Write an inequality to solve each problem.Then solve the inequality. 1. Marcus wants to buy baseballs.He has $35. What is the most each baseball can cost? 2. Melinda charges $4 per hour for babysitting. Mrs. Garden does not want to spend more than $25 for babysitting. What is ...
  79. math

    i don't get this question consecutive integers are integers that differ by one. you can represent consecutive integers as x,x+1,x+2 and so on. write an equation and solve to find 3 consecutive integers whose sum is 33 how do you solve this
  80. Math

    A piece of wire was cut in the ratio 4:7 . The longer piece was 42 cm . Find the length of the shorter piece. Use RDW to solve . Use RDW strategy to solve .
  81. physics

    sorry mr bob purlsey again to annoy you. so i did all my calculations and read about hooke's law yesterday and presented to my teacher. however i was not allowed to used hooke's law because we haven't learned it yet and i did not know how to connect potential energy to force ...
  82. math

    missed this in parade magazine, please answer for me man owns cows and chickens that total 30 when the son couned them his answer was 74 legs how many chicken did the farmer own x=cows y=chickens x+y=30 4x+2y =74 please finish for me Solve one equation for one variable. Take ...
  83. math

    Can someone help me figure this out. The difference of two numbers is 80. The second is 8 less than 5 times the first. What are the two numbers? first write an equation 5x-8=y and then solve it Tiff gave you part of the solution. 5x-8=y However, there is the other equation. x-...
  84. Algebra

    For questions 1-5 solve the equation. 1.-2v-7=23 (A)15 (B)8 ★ (C)-8 (D)-15 2. X/3-10=-12 (A)-6 (B)-66 (C)6 (D)66★ 3. d/3+10=7 (A)51 (B)20 ★ (C)0 (D)-9 4. 2(2-2x)=-3x (A)-4 (B)4 ★ (C)6 (D)0 5. 2.9n+1.7=3.5+2.3n (A)3 (B)-3 (C).3 (D)1 For questions 6-7, Simpifly the ...
  85. math

    can anyone help with this? suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y Step 1: Solve for y in equation (1...
  86. (Math) Help me solve this Pls.

    Write a linear system of equations that can be used to solve these problems. Then, solve to get your final answer 1. An exam worth 145 points contains 50 questions. Some of the questions are worth two points and some are worth five points. How many two point questions are on ...
  87. math

    Stock worth $40 a share dropped in value by 10% on Monday. Then, it dropped again by $10 the next Tuesday and, finally, increased by 45% the following Friday. What was the final price of a share?
  88. Math

    A regular analog clock that doesn’t have AM or PM on it loses 7 minutes per day. It is set to the correct time. How many full days will it before it has the correct time again
  89. entrepenuers

    what lessons we can learn from successful entrepeneurs? Do you mean entrepreneurs? One quotation I've heard several times struck me as I read your question: "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." (Samuel Beckett, Another thing I ...
  90. Physics

    A fully loaded elevator weighing 2000 lbs accelerates upward from rest, attaining its rated velocity of 20 fps upon reaching a height of 25 ft. Solve for the tension on the cable lifting the elevator. What is the minimum required power of the lifting motor if 10% is allowed ...
  91. algebra

    I sent a math equation to be solved because i am comfused on what to do with the whole numbers and I got one reply that is not correct. Here it is again. Simplify. Assume no denominator is equal to zero. -10m-1y0r _______________its a fraction set up. -14m-7y-3r-4
  92. Pre-calc Solve logarithmic

    ln sqrt(x-8)= 5 I would like help to solve this what i did was to take away the square root i squared both sides coming up with (ln sqrt(x-8))^2= (5)^2 ln(x-8)=25 am i alowed to do this with ln in the equation? then i subtract 8 from both sides ln x = 17 e^(ln x)= e^17 e ...
  93. Calculus

    Let h(x)= x^3 + 4x -2. Let g(x) represent the inverse of h(x). Find g(14). I know that if (a, f(a)) is on h(x), then (f(a), a) will be on g(x). I also know that if f^-1(a)=b if f(b)=a. I thought that if I could find the x value(s) at which h(x)=14, I would be able to find g(14...
  94. Math

    I have another problem that I don't know how to solve. A car travels along a straight road, heading east for 1 hour, then traveling 30 minutes on another road that leads northeast. If the car had maintained a constant speed of 40 mph, how far is it from it's starting position...
  95. maths

    I need explanation to this question.solve 48 base12 multiply by 15 base12.i can solve it by first converting to base ten and back to base 12,but i need to be able to solve directly in base12.Thanks
  96. MATH!!!!ASAP!!!

    How can i graph this equation by plug in numbers???? x^2-y^2=9 HELP PLZ!!!!!!THX ALOT!!!! Assign numbers to x and solve for y then put them in a graph: let's say x is -3 Then 9=y^2+9 y^2=0 y=0 Ok now x= -4 16=y^2+9 y^2=5 y=2.236 Also you can assign y a number and solve for x ...
  97. math

    1.What is the diameter of a sphere that has a volume of 3052.08 m^3? My answer is: 9m 2.What is the radius of a sphere that has a volume of 2304π m^3? My answer is:12m ~If i get it wrong please explain it to me how to get it, i know the formula and how to solve it with points...
  98. Math

    Given g(x) = print_coeff(m,1)x print_const(b), find g(print_coeff(n,1)a) I was told that the answer for this is a. However, I have no idea how to solve it. Please help me understand. I have no idea how to interpret what you have written. It is not standard algebraic notation. ...
  99. math

    Solve the problem by stating the equation you would use to solve and then solving it. Be sure to show all of your work. In a local election, 53,400 people voted. This was a decrease of 7% over the last election. How many people voted in the last election? Round to the nearest ...
  100. Math

    I just need to know the formula to solve this problem. I will solve it myself. Problem: A woman has $1.70 in dimes and nickels. She has 5 more dimes than nickels. How many nickels does she have?
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