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Math help please Ms. Sue agian

Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (3 points) I need help with this one too. Thank you! :)


Solve for x 2^x+1 - 2^x = 112 Put this in exponent form: (3¡îx)(¡îx©ø) Put into equation form: Horizontal stretch of 2, up 3, left 6, reflection on x-axis. Please help me with these three so I can work on the rest using these as examples. Thanks so much for your help!!!!:)


If a navigation error puts a plane 2 degrees off course, how far off course is the plane after flying 121 miles? Round to the nearest tenth of a mile. Just explain how to solve, please.


Whats the quickest way to tell how many solutions you will have. in a problem? a. solve for f(-X) b. set the equation equal to zero c. the highest deree will be equal to the number of solutions. My answer choice would be C. Am I correct?

Math Help!

tan (2theta + 8) = -0.489 theta = ? i'm on my last attempt to solve this problem on my hw. I tried subtracting 8 from -0.489 then trying to find the inverse but no luck.... I got -4.245 as one of my answers,-0.7267, no luck so far :(


Hello! I need help with this question. I know that I'm using the Law of Sines, but I'm confused on how to solve. I have to also round my answers to the nearest tenth for degrees and to the nearest hundredth for sides. Thanks! Given: A = 60 degrees a = 9 c = 10 Find: b= C= B=

math grade 12

Sara got 85% and 89% on her first two Maths tests. What must she get on her third test to have at least a 90% test average. Assume three tests, represent the problem with an inequality and then solve it.


Skyler = 32.35 LuiZ = 21.78 Todee= 28.19 Together= 28.19 U sing the individual times for your tema member. Erige an equation to model the work done and solve that equation for the estimated time that it takes to complete the task together.


Hi, I need help on this problem:Solve the system of equation by giving an ordered pair for 14x +3y = 115 7x +3y = 80 Use the 3 Methods in your work. Thank You, I am not sure how to use graphing, substitution, and elimination, please show these methods.


Use a proportion to find the missing side length in the following similar figures. Both are triangles one is small and the other is bigger. The small is 4m and 2m the big one is 9m and you have to solve for x on it. A. x=4.5 m B. x=18 m C. x=8 m D. x=2.25 m Not sure?


Sarah can afford $255 per month for 6 years on a car payment, what is the price of a car that she can afford at this time? Assume an annual interest rate of 8%. I do not remember how to solve for problems like this one.


"solve each problem and write your answers in scientific notation." 1. (6.0•10^5) •(3.0•10^4) 2.(5•10^-2)/(2•10^3) 3.(2.56•10^6)•(3.56•10^2) 4. "In a recent year , the population was about 2.52•10^7 people. Its land area is about 4.05•10^5 km^2. What was ...

Math - Calc 2/Algebra

I'm trying to find the partial fraction decomposition of: 10x^2+2x-2/x^2(x+1) I already found B=-2 and C=6 Plugging in the numbers, I get: 10x^2+2x-2=Ax(x+1)+(-2)(x+1)+(6)x^2 How do I solve this for A? Maybe this is just some algebra that I'm rusty on. But I'm having trouble ...


A chef makes 4 different quiches as the special of the day. At the end of the day, each dish had 3/8 of the quiche left. How much quiche was bought in all? Could someone please explain how to solve this problem?


Solve for x and y if 5^(x−y) = 625 and 3^(2x) × 3^y = 243. (note: I posted a similar question to this before, but this uses indices) (Also note: Answer is, x = 3, y = -1 ; 7, and the question if inputted into an online calculator, is incorrect.) Thnks for your time.


Jean is seven years older than her brother Bob if he is three years older than their sister Mary. If the sum of their ages is 40 Siri how old is each you must set up an equation, solve and explain each step

advanced math

what method would be the best if i want to solve more than one ordinary differentials equations? or how would i attack this kind of problem? for example: dy/dt = (1-y)/(1+x+y) dx/dt = (y-x)/[2(1+x+y)] i just need a starting point cause i couldn't think of a way~ :P any help ...

Math, Quadratic Functions

A rectangular chicken yard was built against an existing barn wall (as shown in the picture). 30 m of fencing was used to enclose the yard. a) Find the dimensions of the yard its area is 108 m! How to solve this problem..?


A person walks on the building. He slips 1m for every 5m he climbs. If the building is 53m high and he takes 5 seconds to climb 1m . Find the total time taken by him to get on the top of the building . Please- solve this problem using integers.

Anatomy & Physiology

A woman who had measles as a child gets the disease again after her younger brother contracts the disease. This probably occure because od a defect in which mechanism? A.viral mutation B. Artificial acquired immunity C. Natural acquired immunity D. Passive immunity


If I have a unit vector of (2.06 j)m/s(I have no i vector because it's 0 on a horizontal impulsion, in accordance with my problem,how do I convert that into polar notation? Will I be doing rcos0, with r being 2.06? . But then again I have no angle, just the angle of before the...

Algebra help!

1.) Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and using back substitution. -x-y+z=1 x-y-4z=-7 4x+y+z=6 2.) Perform the indicated row operation, then write the new matrix. -4 4 | 4 9 -6 | 5 -2R1+ R2 ---> R2 3.) Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented...


The numerator of a fraction is 7 less than the denominator. If the numerator is increased by 2 and the denominator by 9,we again get the same fraction. Find the fraction.


Genral solution of: 2tan x + 3=0 Solve for x if: 2tan x +3 =0 and x E[-180;180]


Solve this 5+6 whole number 1 over 2+2whole number 7 over 10


How do i solve for this identity..... cos2theta=2-sec^2theta/sec^2theta

math help!

(2-√2)/(3+√2) can you plz tell me how to solve it? plz hurry up

Math- please help!!!

please help me solve these problems! Thank you! 1. Simplify: (3p^5)(5p^2)+(7p^3)(2p^4) 2. Simplify: (6x^2-2xy+3y^2)-(4x^2-xy-y^2)


(<=) less than equal to sign (>=) greater than equal to sign Solve 2.7(<=)b+5 a. b(>=)7.7 b. b(>=)-2.3 c. b(<=)2.3 d. b(<=)-7.7


Solve the system using substitution. x = y − 6 y = 6 − 3x A. (0, 6) B. (6, 0) C. (0, −6) D. (−6, 0)


how do i solve 3√8x^2y^3 - 5x√32y^3 or 4√98y^11 - 9√128y^11


square root (x-3)-square root(x)=3 can someone please solve this for me


In the sentences below, which of the bolded adverbs is used to describe an adjective? A. Troy was TOO cold to continue ice skating. B. Gia ran VERY quickly to get to the bus on time. C. Jack grumbled LOUDLY about his history grade. D. Nora looked SADLY into the mirror. I ...

Mousetrap Cars (again)

What is the history of the mousetrap cars?

Psychology-Ms Sue

Ms Sue, can you help me with psychology again? T_T


how is the oxide of arsenic worked out when its in its gas state please help im flumuxed Please clarify your question? What do you mean by "worked out? the question states determine the molecular formular of the oxide of arsenic when it is in its gaseous state evidence arsenic...


i don't understand these mmath equations. 1) 6y = 24 2)y / 7 = 2 y=_________ On number one i know that if there is a letter next to a number it means multiplication.and i still don't know how to solve it. On number two i don't understand anything at all:(


for every left-handed person there are about 4 right-handed persons. If there are 30 studentsa in a class write and solve a proportion to predict the number of students who are right-handed.


Could someone please help me. Solve the linear equation by substitution. Y=10-2.2x 5x+y=70 For the first equation I am getting x=21.4 and for the second equation I am getting y=-37. The answers are 21 3/7 and -37 1/7. Could you show me how you do this so I can see where I went...


Kelly was helping a friend with cleaning her bedroom. Kelly spent two hours and cleaned 80% of the room. what fraction of the room did Kelly help clean? How would I solve this - divide?

Math / Algebra 2

Use trigonometric identities to solve each equation for the given domain. sin 2θ = -cos θ for 0 ≤ θ < 2π *Anyone who has any idea which identity to use is welcome to help.

math; solve problem

it is recommended that there be at least 13.65 sq ft of ground sace in a garden for every newly planted shrub. a garden is 32.2' by 21'. find the maximum number of shrub the garden can accommodate.


One leg of a right triangle is one less than twice the other. The area of the triangle is 18 square feet. What is the length of the 3rd side of the triangle? Solve by factoring. A= 1/2 (b)(h) 18= 1/2 (x)(2x-1)


Please take a look at my work below and provide a good critique: Solve the differential equation using the method of undetermined coefficients or variation of parameters. y'' - 3y' + 2y = sin(x) yc(x)= c1*e^2x+c2*e^x y"-3y'+2y=sin(x) r^2-3r+2=0 (r-1)(r-2)=0 r1=1, r2=2 yp(x)=...


Only a chemist can be trusted with the combination to the safe containing a ton of money. The combination is the pH of solution A, followed by the pH of solution C. (for example: is the pH of solution A is 3.47 and the pH of solution C is 8.15 the combination to the safe is 3-...

Algebra help needed please!!

I have a few questions I need help with! 1. Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and using back substitution. If the system is linearly dependent, give the solution in terms of a parameter. -3x+y-z=-4 6x-2y+2z=8 -12x+4y-4z=-16 2. Solve the system by ...


g/5+2>10.......solve Please read: Now try adding -2 to both sides. then multiply both sides by 5


please check my work. 1. The number of words (x) Tina can type per minute is at Least 50. write and graph and inequality. (I broke it down to these 2 choices because the A & D was incorrect) B. x is less than or equal to 50 C. x is greater than or equal to 50 ~~~~ 2. Gavin ...


we must apply a force of magnitude 82.0 N to hold the block stationary at x=-2.0 cm. From that position, we then slowly move the block so that our force does +8.0 J of work on the spring–block system; the block is then again stationary. What are the block's positions, in cm...


The apparent equilibrium constant for the reaction A + B <==> 2C is Kc= 4.11 at 298.2 K. Given that the initial concentrations of A, B, and C are .10M, .10M, and zero, respectively, find the equilibrium concentrations of A, B, and C. I had this long, drawn out equation ...

Financial Acct. (again) sorry

Hi again, I was wondering if anyone might know how to check my answers to these questions on accounting...thanks!! 1. The current portion of long-term debt should a. not be separated from the long-term portion of debt. b. be paid immediately. c. be reclassified as a current ...


tan60=2 tan30/1-tan^2 30 sqrt(3)=I'm confused of that 2 but i guess it means to multiply. again.. sqrt(3)= (2) sqrt(3)/3 / 1- sqrt(3)/2 ^2 now i don't know how to square tan . if u can show me in details i would appreciate it. this is just a practice problem and i want to ...


I have removed all your posts (English and English 2) from overnight because of the incredibly objectionable content. Currently, you are also blocked from posting anything. If your posting privileges are restored, please make sure you do not post any type of objectionable ...

English Writeacher

I want to thank you for advice and help in my English course. On my 9 page final I missed 7 questions, but what was so bad it was on complex and compound complex sentences my weakness I knew. I made 93 on final. I have a 96.83 grade average for course. Again Thank You for help...


Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A: Reaching for the lightbulb. Greg fell off the stepladder. B: Thinking he might be hurt Robert ran in to help.*** C: Changing a lightbulb is not difficult. D: Holding the stepladder, Robert watched Greg try again.

Physics help again!

A ball is thrown horizontally off a 35 m tall building. It hits the ground 80 m from the bottom of the tower. a. what is the balls time in the air [i got 2.67] b. what is its initial velocity? [i got 0] c. What is the magnitude and direction of its velocity as it strikes the ...


Could somebody please help me with a few Math questions? 1. Provide an appropriate response. True or False? 100.567 is between 10 and 100. 2. Use an annual percentage rate table to solve the problem. A family purchased a new ski boat for $20,000. The loan agency required a ...


Could someone please help me solve this problem, the age numbers that I am working with are 10yrs old 55yrs old and 75yrs. old. I need to know at my age of 55, in years, how old was the older person of 75 when I was born? Could you please write an equation that models how old ...


solve for the second derivative and set to zero f"(x) = ((x^2-4)*sin(2x)- [(2x)(1+cos^2(x))]/ ((1+cos^2(x))^2) i don't know how to set it to zero and solve i get this: (x^2-4)(sin(2x))= (2x)(1+cos^2(x)) thanks for help

Algebra 1 urgent

(a) The surface area of the prism shown is 314 square meters. Write an equation that u can solve to find the value of w. side a=wm b=8m and c=(w+4)m (on the picture) I'm guessing u use the formula surface area=2ab+2bc+2ac??? Well if so I need all that solved into y=ax*2+bx+c ...

algebra 1

Solve the following problem: Kate bought a car for $20,000. A study shows that a car will depreciate (go DOWN in value) by 15% each year. How much is Kate's car worth after 5 years? a) Formula used: ___________________________________ b) Substitute values: ...

Physics-Please help

I have a question about the International Space Station-Its been orbiting earth at 350km-If the radius of the earth is 6,370 km, what is the period of orbit for the Space Station? Secondly, if it was moved to a geosynchronous orbit, what would the new altitude of the station ...

TRig WIth LoGs help1!!

i have problem i can't solve and the book is no help.. anyone got osme hints or somehting i could start off doing? the problem is... Solve for x: log(x^3)= (log x)^3 Rewrite it as 3 log x = (log x)^3 The use algebra (divide each side by log x) to get (log x)^2 = 3 log x = (+ ...

basic geometric

The width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters less than the lenght. The perimeter is 64 centimeteres . would you please help me, answer these work. than you. L = length W = width ================ eqn 1: 2L + 2W = perimeter = 64 cm eqn 2: W+6cm = L Solve the two equations ...


A 250 g block is dropped onto a relaxed veritcal spring that has a spring constant of k=2.5 N/cm. The block becomes attached to the spring and compresses the spring 12 cm befor momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done on the block by a) the...


I would appreciate any help thanks select two intergers between -12 and +12 write two equations that have the two intergers as solutions. solve the equation using addition/subtraction method

5th grade math

what is the range for the following number? 900,700,500,600,600,300,600,200,100,200? pleASE! EXPLAIN HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM..

Grade 10-Math

x+2y=3 5x+4y=8 I isolated x+2y=3 to make: x=3-2y then i began to sub in equation one with equation two: 5x+4y(3-2y)=8 5x+12-8y=8 after that i began to try to solve the equation but my answers were not correct. any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have the problem: A triangle has a base of 3.6 cm and an area of 22.32 cm squared. What is the height of this triangle. The teacher gave us the answer key and I know the answer is 12.4 but I don't know how they came to that answer. I can't figure out how you are supposed to ...


We are studying pythagorean Theorem. How do I set this up to solve? A jogger goes half a mile north and then turns west. If the jogger finishes 1.3 mi from the starting point, how far west did the jogger go?

Math(Please respond, thank you)

The original equation was 1.7e-3 = (0.0015 -x)^2 / (0.025 +1/2x)(0.025 + 1/2x) Square root of both sides is 0.0412 = (0.0015-x) / (0.025 + 1/2x) Solve for x and when I put in -0.001 or 1.0e-3 it says that it is incorrect, I don't know why??


Malcom has 1/2 gallon of soup. He pours the same amount of soup into 8 bowls. which equation represents the fractional part of a gallon of soup, n, in each bowl? Please he;p solve with the letter n. thanks


Posted by NEED HELP on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 9:12pm. Have three problems and I'm really confused how to solve/simplify 1. 4/3+square root of 5 2. -4/-4+4square root of 2 3. 1/1+ square root of 2


Whoever can help with a question I posted earlier. I am very sorry; I put the wrong variable in the question. Question is to solve for y and not "x" as my previous message and the equation is: x = 3(r + ty) So sorry for the confusion. Please help at your earliest. Thank you.

Math 8th grade

How would I set up this problem to solve it: Gene offers 30 mins. and 60 mins. driving lessons. He gave 8 lessons that lasted 7 hours. How many 60 minute lessons did he give?

math Please help!!

Using a scale factor of 1 inch = 16 feet, what are the blueprint dimensions of a room that is 20 feet x 28 feet? A. 1.5 in x 2.5 in B. 1.25 in x 2.25 in C. 1.25 in x 1.75 in D. 1.5 in x 1.75 in Could anybody tell me how to solve this problem, please? I really need help. God ...


Welsh Corgis generally have shoulder heights between 24 and 32 centimeters. Anne wants to compute the corresponding range for the skull size of Welsh Corgis. She once again uses the formula relating the estimated shoulder height H (in centimeters) of a dog to the internal ...


1.Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two pears and five apples cost $3.30. How much does one pear cost? Hint: You have two unknowns (variables), so you need two equations. Write one equation for each situation and solve the system of equations. 6P + 3A=3.90 2P + 5A=3.30 ...

Chem (Help!)

I need help in using gas laws to solve problems. I need help with this question: What is the pressure in atmospheres exerted by a 0.500 mol sample of oxygen gas in a 10.0 L container at 298 K? Also what formula would I use to solve the pressure in this problem? Also in order ...

Discrete math

Question: Use logical equivalnces to show that the propositions !p -> (q->r) and q -> (p v r) are logically equivalent. I AM SO DAMN CONFUSED! I tried to solve !p -> (q -> r) first and I only got to !p -> (!q v r) I cant see any other rule that would apply ...

Algebra II

Find the solution if possible. If there is not enough information to solve the problem or if it has no solution, say so. If extra information is given, identify it. 14. A collection of 30 coins worth $5.50 consists of nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are twice as many dimes...

Advanced Alegebra

How do I solve the following problems? My homework was to correct a puiz that I failed, but I do not know how to solve these problems..please help! Solving systems of equations using elimination: 7.) 10x - 10y = 0 5x - 4y = 8 Answer (8,8) I got the right answer because this ...

part 2

These didn't want to post for some reason, let's try again, these are the questions: 1. When a company modifies its pension benefits the way General Motors did, what name do we give the added cost? How is it accounted for? 2. What does GM mean when it says its “unfunded ...


1. ¨C9x ¨C 5 = ¨C95 a. 17 b. 11 c. 10 *** d. ¨C10 2. w over four ¨C 4 = 3 a. ¨C4 b. 28 *** c. 3 d. 11 3. d over three + 10 = 7 a. 51 b. 20 c. 0 d. ¨C9 *** 4. 2(2 ¨C 2x) = ¨C3x a.¨C4 b. 4 *** c. 6 d. 0 5. 2.9n + 1.7 = 3.5 + 2.3n a. 3 *** b. ¨C3 c. 1.3 d. 1 For ...


Three pigs entered a race around a track. Piggly takes 6 minutes to run one lap. Piglet takes 3 minutes to run one lap and it takes Wiggly 5 minutes to run one lap. If all three pigs begin the race at the same time, how many minutes will it take for all three pigs to be at the...

Physics Experiment

In the experiment Standing Waves,if you continue to lwer the water level after recording l(m) at the first sound resonance at fixed tuning fork frequency, you will hear the sound again but sound gets louder (second resonance). At this point, by what factor has l(m) increased? ...


A motorist is driving at 20m/s{\rm m/s} when she sees that a traffic light 200m{\rm m} ahead has just turned red. She knows that this light stays red for 15s{\rm s} , and she wants to reach the light just as it turns green again. It takes her 1.0s{\rm s} to step on the brakes ...


10. Solve each radical expression. Check your solution. 1=√(-2v-3) 11. Solve each radical expression. Check your solution. √(n+5)= √(5n-11) 12. Tell which solutions, if any, are extraneous for each question. √(12-n)=n; n= -4,n=3

Math - Check My Answers, Please

Please help me by checking the following answers for me. 3. A student is attempting to solve the equation below for the variable x. Which of the statements below best applies to the mathematical work shown? Given √(4x-6)=12, I square both sides, so (√4x)^2-6=&#...


Could you show me how to work through this problem? Show me steps Solve for s. Show all steps. –3s ≥ 18


/ - fraction sign, not a division sign Solve the following equation -4=7/33x a. x=132/7 b. x=-132/7 c. x=-7/132 d. -33/28


I believe Lance meant to write x = -5/18 I am wondering why you have two minus signs before the number 13. Two minuses make a plus, but usually they are not written that way. combine like terms -18x=5 solve for x x=5/18 what does x equal in... -2x-18=16x--13


How would you solve these compound inequalities word problems? 1. The human ear can distinguish sounds between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz, inclusive. 2. For a man to box as a welterweight, he must weigh more than 140 lbs, but at most 147 lbs.


A firm pays $1.75 for each copy of a magazine and sells each one for $2.50. There is a fixed monthly cost of $40 for printing the publication. If the firm wants to make $550 dollars next month, how many magazines do they have to sell? Write and solve an equation that ...


The distance d1 in miles, a small plane is from its final destination is given by d(t) = 250 – 100t, where t is the time, in hours, remaining for the flight. Find and discuss the meaning of the intercepts of the graph of the function. (You must first solve and graph this ...


1. Use MATLAB Optimization Tool to solve the following problem: minimize [2x1^2+2x1x2+x2^2-10x1-10x2] subject to [x1^2+x2^2≤500] and [5x1-x2 ≤ -4] . 2. Please hand-check all the Kuhn-Tucker conditions for your answer.


At 472 deg C the reaction reaches equilibrium with the following composition: [H2]=7.38atm, [N2]=2.46atm, [NH3]=0.166atm. Into the equilibrium mixture 1.5 atm of N2 is introduced: a. Calculating Kp and Q, determine in which direction the reaction will proceed after addition of...

2nd Grade Math

Jordan spent $6.37 on a book and $1.23 on a magazine. How much did he spend all together? First estimate the costs and the totals. _____+______=______ Then use partial sums and solve. _____

MATH help

sketch + describe graph of the curve parametrized by: x=1-3cos^(2)t y=-2+4sin^(2)t -infinity less than t less than infinity how would i go about solving this. i know that usually i can solve for t and than plug that in. But for this, i tried using cos^2 + sin^2 = 1... but i'm ...


Please show me the steps to solve this problem: The total shipping weight of two crates is 358 pounds. One crate weighs 124 pounds more than the other. What does eah crate weigh?


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