math..solve for u again

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  1. Science

    solve the system of equations algebraically. show all your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone show me step by step on how to get the answer it's, there are answers like this that is going to be on my math test and I don'tget it.
  2. english

    hey its me again... i think i need to reword my issue. i am having trouble clearing up my thesis. I feel like i have the idea but it doesnt set me up to write an organised paper. the idea being that if Richard is God and Richard and Pi are one then Pi is God
  3. Chemistry

    So I thought i finally had figured out how to balance these equations but now this one with the formula in it has confused me again. Can you help with the next steps in balancing this equation? Maybe if I can get the answer to this one I can complete my other questions. O3 + H...
  4. Health

    Once again there was no reading material for this specific question: Which of the following is true? A. Some levels of tobacco use are safe. B. Some tobacco products do not cause cancer. C. All forms of tobacco are addictive. D. Waterpipes make smoking tobacco safer. My guess ...
  5. Algebra ASAP!

    Radio signals travel at a rate of 3 x 10^8 meters per second. How many seconds will it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of the Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 9.6 x 10^6. Can someone show me how to do this so that I can not ...

    My book does not have this question in it either. I tried various web sites. Maybe someone could help. Thank you "__________ is the solution to pollution" is an old axiom responsible for much of our problems in estuarine contamination. I am guessing that it possibly could be "...
  7. art

    Hey I'm working on a webquest about colleges comaring UCLA, FSU, PSU, and one of my choice. I'm wanting to major in graphic design and my Aunt told me a school acronym that sounded like FACTs. She said it was _____ of Art and Science. Any help with a list please? She won't ...
  8. solve the equation

    Solve the equation log[14](x+49) - log[196] x=1
  9. English

    Hi I have to do a presentation on the graphic version of the novel "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson. I plan on doing a powerpoint (it's on tuesday ahh). I was wondering what key points i should mention and describe. Please help, I am stressing over this. It is not the ...
  10. American Government

    Which of the following is NOT a key role of the President? to decide if laws are unconstitutional perform many ceremonial duties command all military offices during both peace time and during war responsible for executing the nation's laws I Think it's 3 or 4 not sure once again.
  11. SS CHECK

    2. What is the purpose of the separation of powers? A) to keep ordinary citizens involved in politics B) to prevent any branch from dominating the government C) to distribute work between state and federal levels of government D) to ensure that every president is supported by ...
  12. chemistry

    Use the table of complex ion formation constants to calculate the molar concentration of free Fe^2+ in 0.510M aqueous solution of potassium hexacyanoferrate(II) K4(Fe(CN)6) at 25 degrees celsius. I know the answer is 1.96*10^-6 m, but I'm at a loss on how to get there. I've ...
  13. Math

    Solve the linear programming problem by the method of corners. Minimize C = 3x + 7y subject to 4x + y ≥ 39 2x + y ≥ 29 x + 3y ≥ 42 x ≥ 0, y ≥
  14. Math Help

    Use an equation to solve the problem. 224 is 25% of what number? A. 224*0.25=w;560 B. 224=0.25*w;896 C. 224*0.25=w;56 D. 224=0.25*w;90 Is the answer C?
  15. Math

    Solve for the length of the unknown side in the following right triangle. (Side AC is the hypotenuse.) Round your answer to two places, where applicable. Side AB ? Side BC=12 Side AC=19
  16. math

    -5(4w + 12 ) = 15 use distributive property to solve -20w-60=15 -20w=-45 -20w/-20w=-45/-20 w=2.25 or 9/4 thanxz
  17. math

    Find the reciprocal of a. - 1/10 (-4-7) b. ½ / ¼ (hint: solve these first then find reciprocal of the answer)
  18. math

    I really need help. Please help. Solve for x: log(subscript)3(3x+1)-log(subscript)3(x-1)=2
  19. Math

    solve sin(2θ)+1=0 on the interval 0≤θ≤2pi
  20. Math

    Solve:(sec 35 degrees) (csc 55 degrees) - (tan 35 degrees) (cot 55 degrees)
  21. math

    solve 2sin^2 theta-7 sin theta= -3 for theta, where 0<theta<360 degrees
  22. math

    solve the system in interval [o,2π): y=sin^2(x)+cos^2(x) or x+π=cos^-1(y)
  23. Math

    Solve (sinx-1)(cosx -1/2) = 0 where 0≤x<2pi a) pi/3, pi/2, 5pi/3 b) pi/6, 5pi/6, pi c) pi/3, pi, 5pi/3 d) pi/6, pi/2, 5pi/6
  24. Math

    Solve the equation: 4x^2 + 100 = 0 Here is my work: 4x^2 + 100 = 0 - 100 - 100 4x^2 =0 /4 /4 x = -5 or 5. Did I do this correctly?
  25. Math

    Solve. There are 18 boys in a class. There are w fewer boys than girls. How many students are there in the class?
  26. math

    Solve 2s^3-4r^2 if r=1 and s=5 I did 2*5*5*5=250 4*1*1=4 250-4=246 I also added 2*5^3-4*1^2=246 Am I correct? Thanks
  27. Math

    Solve and prove the identity (tan x+ cot (-x))/ (tan x - cot(-x))= 1-2cos^2(x)
  28. math help

    could some please check to see if i got the right answers if not i will try again 1. Find the rate 392 feet/8 seconds A: 49 ft/s 2. Carlos works 8.25h and receives $102.30 pay What will he receive at the same rate if he worked 14 hrs? A: $173.60 3. A baseball team wins 11 of ...
  29. Maths

    I need to solve these anagrams of famous mathematitions PHRYGATOAS ADSHERECMI TFMARE GABBEBA COBFIICAN GHETGNINLAI LUDECI PRANIE LLCAOVEE The first one is PYTHAGORAS. For names of other famous mathematicians, check this site:
  30. Math

    Solve the following problem taken from Treviso Arithmetic, a math textbook published in 1478 by an unknown Italian author: A man finds a purse with an unknown number of ducats in it. After he spends 1/4, 1/5 and 1/6 of the amount, 9 ducats remain. It is required to find out ...
  31. Physics

    A truck traveling at a constant speed of 40.0 km/h applies its brakes and comes to a complete stop in 5.0 s. The truck starts again and accelerates at a constant rate of 0.80 m/s2. After restarting, how far does the truck travel before reaching its original speed of 40.0 km/h?
  32. chemistry

    To identify a diatomic gas (x2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 3.4L- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.20 atm and 22.0 C and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 4.7g . Identify the gas. Express your answer as a chemical ...
  33. Physics

    A string requires a 191.0 N force in order to break. A 1.75 kg mass is tied to this string and whirled in a vertical circle with a radius of 1.92 m. The maximum speed that this mass can be whirled without breaking the string is Again I just need the formula!
  34. Helpp!!! physic...

    In the experiment Standing Waves,if you continue to lwer the water level after recording l(m) at the first sound resonance at fixed tuning fork frequency, you will hear the sound again but sound gets louder (second resonance). At this point, by what factor has l(m) increased? ...
  35. Inequalities Interval Notation

    Solve: (2 + x)(5 + x)(4 - x) < 0 (write answer in interval notation) Which I think is xe (-infinity, -5) or (-2, 4) and Solve: (4x + 1)(3 - x) > or equal to 0 (write answer in interval notation) Which im unsure
  36. Pre Algebra

    I have work problem that I am unable to solve. Each hour Maggie baby sits she charges $2 plus .75 for each child. Write an equation for Maggie's hourly rate h in terms of the number of children c. Solve the equation to find the hourly rate when Maggie baby sits 3 children.
  37. English (Check)

    Rewrite each sentence that follows, adding a term of direct address. Be sure to punctuate the new sentence correctly. 1. Would you please read that poem again? A: Would you please read that poem again, Sarah? 2. Your report on the Puritans was fascinating, especially the part ...
  38. Algebra

    this is wierd to write but ill do my best. 12 4 square root 2 (the 4 is on top of the radical if that helps) - 7 4 square root 312 (again the 4 is on top of the radical) if this is confusing ill try to break it down more. thank you
  39. Physics

    What linear speed must an Earth satellite have to be in a circular orbit at an altitude of 186 km? What is the period of revolution? winterWX, Friday, February 16, 2007 at 9:36pm So GMm/r^2 = mv^2/r and I know that I need to solve for v but what do I use for the mass of the ...
  40. Science

    Why do reaction times(reflexes) differ from person to person? Wny does your reaction time improve when the same thing is done over and over again. ( slap in face 10 times)
  41. Science

    Why do reaction times(reflexes) differ from person to person? Wny does your reaction time improve when the same thing is done over and over again. ( slap in face 10 times)
  42. physics 1

    A floating cube is 10 cm on a side and has a density of 800 kg/m^3 . IT is floating in fresh water that has a density of 1000 kg/m^3. what percent of the cube is above the surface of the water? Again, my professor says it is 20%, but how??
  43. Algebra 2

    Is it me or does this problem not make sense? (you can't solve it) 5. Solve for x in the following system: 6x + 6y = -2 y = -x I also need help in these: 38. We can take the product AB only if the number of columns of A equals the number of rows of B. -True? 40. The graph of ...
  44. Physics, please help

    Distruive interference? Unless you put C in the line between A and B, this the asnwer is at infinity. Now on the line between A and B, the distance from A to C has to be an odd multiple of halfwavelength greater than C to B. Now, the distance between the speakers is two ...
  45. Math (integrals) (Substitution)

    I am given an integral to solve with given substitution values. I got an answer, but I'm not quite sure if it's correct as an online integral calculator gave a different answer. ∫ x sqrt(4-x) dx Given that u = 4-x . In this case, x = 4 - u du = -dx Now.. =- ∫ (4-u)sqrt(u) ...
  46. Physics

    What is the work required to raise a 10. kg object from the surface of the Earth to a height of 2.0 m? 5.0 J 20. J 2.0 E2 J 2.0 E3 J My answer was 20. J but this was wrong. Is the answer 2.0 E2 J? A net force of 9.0 N acts through a distance of 3.0 m in a time of 3.0 s. The ...
  47. Physics

    In Fig. 25-37, V = 12 V, C1 = 9.8 µF, and C2 = C3 = 18 µF. Switch S is first thrown to the left side until capacitor 1 reaches equilibrium. Then the switch is thrown to the right. When equilibrium is again reached, how much charge in Coulombs is on capacitor 1?
  48. Chemistry

    At the temperature of 30degree C and pressure of 1*10^5 pa, 30dm3 of H2 gas is burned with 30dm3 of O2 gas in a container of 60dm3. Calculate the pressure different after the complete combustion and cooling upto 30degree C again.
  49. Intermediate Algebra

    An airplane ascends 150 feet as it flies a horizontal distance of 1000 feet. How much altitude will it again as it flies a horizontal distance of 1 mile. (hint: 5280=1mile.)
  50. science

    A ball is thrown upwards and reaches the ground once again after 4 sec: (a)calculate the height that the ball reaches (b)the total distance covered by the ball (c)the velocity with which the ball hits the ground
  51. Algebra

    Solve for s: h=(square root of 3)times s/2 and solve for h V= (pi)r squared h / 3 Solve for s: h=(square root of 3)times s/2 Multiply both sides by 2. 2h = (sqrt 3)*s*2/2 which cancels the 2 on the right. 2h = (sqrt 3)*s Now divide the right side by everything except what you ...
  52. Algebra I

    A local gym charges nonmembers $8 per day to use the voleyball courts. Members pay a yearly fee of $150 and $2 per day to use the voleyball courts. Write and solve an equation to find how many days you must use the voleyball court to justify becoming a member. Can you please ...
  53. algebra

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain your answer. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain your answer. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your ...
  54. (:

    help with Quadratic Equations and Functions: 5)Solve 2x2 +6x = 4 by completing the square. 6)Solve 3x2 - 6x- 24 = 0 using the quadratic formula. 7)The area of a circle is 25 in2. What is the radius, including the units? Area of a circle is ¢³r^2. 8)The triangle has an area ...
  55. math algebra

    a diver dives from a cliff .when her centre of gravity is 46 ft above the surface of the water. her initial vertical velocity leaving the water is 9 ft per second. after how many secs does she hit the water? solve
  56. math 1350

    Find the three digit number that satisfies the following conditions: . Has a factor of 3. . Has a factor of 5. . Has a factor of 7. . All digits are prime. Describe the thinking process you went through to solve this problem.
  57. quick question regarding math

    If I solve an equation and it comes out to all real numbers, is going to be always true, sometimes true, or never true? I do not know why I am having trouble with this but really need help.
  58. chemistry

    ok this problem has made me crazy , 15 % is w\v ok , so i just the m1 , the mass of naoh i don't need the volume , so ill reformulate the problem again , I need the mass of naoh with conc.15% w/v in 176 g h2so4 ok
  59. Physics

    A meter stick balances at the 50.0-cm mark. You tie a 20N weight at the 20cm mark. Where should a 30N weight be placed so the meter stick will again be balanced?
  60. Science

    Which of the following does NOT describe a change in velocity? A. Your mom drives 60 miled per hour on the freeway.*** B. A kite flies up into the sky, then starts falling down again. C. Your puppy is running in circles around a large, circular table D. A boy riding a bicycle ...
  61. Quadratic Functions2

    Determine the standard form of a quadratic function whose graph has a y intercept of 8 and a vertex at (-2,-4). The answer is f(x)= 3x^2 + 12x +8 but I can't figure out how to get the answer. Solve x^2 + x=6, by factoring. The answer is x=-3,2 but I can't figure out how to get...
  62. Geometry :(

    this maths problem is wrecking my head.... 1.find the points of interesction of the line L and the circle k in the following L:x-2y=0 K:X Squared + y squared=25 I would solve both equations for y, and then you'll have a system with two equations and two variables: y = x/2 y...
  63. algebra 2

    Use the formula D=rt where D is distance, r is rate, and t is time. 1. Solve D=rt for rate. (1 pt) 40 2. Use the statistics given in Act Two and your equation from #1. a. At what speed (rate) does Rich run the 40-yard dash? (1 pt) b. At what speed (rate) does Julio run the 40-...
  64. algebra world problems

    1) the odometer on your car reads 20,186.7 after going 62.3 miles. write and solve an equation to determoine how many miles were on the odometere before going 62.3 miles. i wrote this; 0-62.3 = 20,186.7 2) michael bought a $25.00 gift for a friend. After he bought the gift, ...
  65. Math

    Darryl bought a surfboard from Wave Bye-Bye that was on sale for $140. The original price was $280. What fraction off was the discount? Wouldn't it have been 50% off if 140 is half of 280? unless it's a trick question... Mabey I guess I will put that. Thank you for your help. ...
  66. Math

    How would you solve for these word problems in one variable applications? 1.The maximum speed is allowed on main street is 25 miles per hour. 2. applicants must have at least 5 years of experience. 3 Ten less than a number,x, is greater than 32.
  67. Algebra help!

    Please help and I would appreciate an explanation as to how you got to the answer. 1.) Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and using back substitution. 0.09x-0.15y+0.39 -0.18x+0.35y=-0.88 2.) Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and ...
  68. Science

    Explain the law of motion needed to solve this problem and then solve it. On Planet Zorg a 30 kg barbell can be lifted by only exerting a force of 180 N. What is the acceleration of gravity on Planet Zorg? Predict how the motion of this object would change if on Earth. Is it ...
  69. Legal

    Also, can you tell me where to find information on General Appearance. This is my question I need to find the information on. If a party makes a general appearance in court before filing a plea, she is, in effect, _____ Thank you again!
  70. Implicit Differentiation

    Use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve y/x+6y=x^2–6 at the point (1,–5/31) . Again i think i'm messing up with the algebra here. I used quotient rule to get [(x+6y)(y')-(y)(1+6y')]/(x+6y)^2=2x I don't know how to go from here to ...
  71. Math

    Hello! I need someone o check a couple answers for me please! I really need to get my Math and Science done, so I might be coming back again for my answers to be checked or to have help =) . 1. A car travels 172 miles using 7 gallons of gas. At that rate, how far can the car ...
  72. Math

    A ferry boat holds 800 people. There are 260 people already on the boat. The owner of the boat wants to load several tour groups on. The tour groups come in sizes of 40 people or 50 people. The owner would like an equal number of each size of tour group on the boat. What is ...
  73. Matrices Word Problem

    The stopping distance of a car traveling 25mph is 61.7 feet, and for a car traveling 35 mph it is 106 feet. The stopping distance in feet can be described by the equation y = ax² +bx, where x is the speed in mph. (a) Find the values of a and b. (b)Use your answers from part (...
  74. Math

    How do you add this? -5/6 + 1/2 -5/6 + 1/2= 8/6 I know to find the lowest common denominator,which is 6, but the numerator is larger than the denominator which is 8/6. How do I solve? Wouldn't the answer be -1/3? yes, the correct answer is -1/3 They must have read both numbers...
  75. Math

    The demand and supply equations for a certain item are given by D = -5p + 40 s = -p^2+30p-8 Find the equilibrium price. Wouldn't you set demand equal to supply, and solve for P? I will be happy to critique your work.
  76. advanced math

    Hi, I am trying to solve graphing quadratic equations. One of the problems is written as -x^2= -2x-1. So if I wanted to put this equation in the proper quadratic equation form, would it be -2x-1-x^2, or -x^2+-2x-1? I'm really not sure.
  77. math

    Solve the problem. Give your answer to the nearest thousandth if necessary. A long-distance runner runs 3 miles south and then 7 miles east. How far is the runner from the starting point?
  78. Math

    how do I solve; two parallelograms have the same base length. The height of the first is half the height of the second. What is the ratio of the area of the smaller parallelogram to the area of the larger one?
  79. Math

    how do I solve; two parallelograms have the same base length. The height of the first is half the height of the second. What is the ratio of the area of the smaller parallelogram to the area of the larger one?
  80. math

    The formula R = -0.075t+3.85 can be used to predict the world record in the 1500 meter run, t years after 1930. Determine an inequality that world record will be less than 2.8 minutes. Solve for t.
  81. math

    A department contains 12 men and 17 women. How many ways are there to form a committee with 6 members if it must have strictly more women than men? It is strongly recommended that you do this on paper! how do i solve this in the calculator?
  82. Math. Please help!

    144/k=9 I don't understand how to do this using reciprocals, how my teacher wants me to solve the problem. Note: The fraction bar is in my paper, so it's 144 being the numerator, k being the denominator, and then =9 if that makes any sense.
  83. math Algebra I

    Perimeter of table top is 28 feet. The difference between 4 times the length and 3 times the wide is 21 feet. Find the dimension. (Use system of linear equations to solve.)
  84. Math

    Solve the following problem. The owner of a toy store is taking inventory of bicycles and tricycles in an unusual way. He said he counted 50 wheels and 40 pedals.How many bicycles and how many tricycles did he have?
  85. Math

    how do i figure out this equation? Joy knits a square blanket that has an area of 1,500 square inches. What is the approximate length of each side of the blanket? HELP !! Ms Sue! a 16 in b 27in 39 in 42 in i don't understand how to solve this!
  86. math

    Given two numbers whose sum is 56. Six times the larger is 72 more than 5 times the smaller. Find the numbers. Please help me solve this problem in a simple explanation so I can understand it.
  87. math

    melinda charges $4 per hour for babysitting. Mrs Garden does not want to spend more than $25 for babysitting. what is the maximum number of hours that she can have melinda babysit. the answer is $24. solve the inequality
  88. math

    Ursula spent a total of $52.34 on two new outfits. She bought two shirt for $12.99, a pair of pants for $18.50, and a skirt. If the sales tax was 7.5%, what was the cost of the skirt? Please solve and exlain. Thanks
  89. Math

    lee and his family are planning a hiking trip on the Appalachian trail. they are packing food in 2lb bundles. how many bundles can they make with 36 lb of food? write a number sentence to help you solve this problem.
  90. Math

    Please please help!!!!! Solve the inequality and write the solution set in interval notation 4x^3 -6x^2<0 2x^2 (2x-3)<0 2x-3<0 x= 3/2 Now I'm not sure about this 2x^2<0 x^2<1/2 sq root of x^2<sq root of 1/2 x=.7071 Right? When I plug it in the calculator it ...
  91. math

    ben has 15 puzzles and 27 cds, when he takes a trip he likes to bring one puzzle and one cd as entertainment. how many trips can he take with a different puzzle and cd pair?? and please show how to solve it.....
  92. Math

    Translate the following text into an equation involving ratios and solve it. " Anne is paid $45 per hour, if she works 55 hours in a particular week, how much will she be paid that week?
  93. Math Work

    I know that I'm using the Law of Cosines, but I'm confused on how to solve. I have to also round my answers to the nearest tenth for degrees and to the nearest hundredth for sides Given: A= 55 degrees b=3 c=10 Find: a= B= C=
  94. Homework (Math)

    I know that I'm using the Law of Cosines, but I'm confused on how to solve. I have to also round my answers to the nearest tenth for degrees and to the nearest hundredth for sides. Given: A= 55 degrees b=3 c=10 Find: a= B= C=
  95. math

    Tickets to a museum cost $3 and $8 for adults. a group of four visitors to the museum spent a total of $22 on tickets. Write and solve a system of equations to represent this situation. Interpret the solution
  96. math

    Formula for distance to the horizon for a satellite in orbit. d = sqrt(2rh+h^2) d = distance to the horizon h = height above sea level for the observer. r = radius of the earth ---------------------------------- Solve for h. ie. so I can plug in d and r and get a solution for h.
  97. Math

    Andrew is given a weekly allowance of $17.50 he uses $4.50 for lunch on Monday what amount at the most can he spend each day if he wants to spend the same amount each of the remaining 4 days write an inequality and solve
  98. Math

    The ages of three siblings combined is 27. The oldest is twice the age of the youngest. The middle child is 3 years older than the youngest. Write and solve an equation to find the ages of each sibling.
  99. Math

    If n+1 is the largest of four consecutuve integers, represent the sum of four integers. A 4n+10 B 4n-2 C 4n-4 D 4n-5 E 4n-8 I really don`t understand this question so I can`t provide my work. Can someone please explain to me how to solve these types of problems. Thank you
  100. Math

    a manufacturing process calls for the width of a part to be 10 cm. any part manufactured with an error of greater than 0.13 cm is rejected. parts with what widths are rejected? write and solve an absolute value inequality for this situation
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