math..solve for u again

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adding dashes where needed There was a loud boom -- what a fright from the back of the theater. We all turned around -- I even jumped up to see what it was. It was part of the play -- imagine that meant to add suspense. I'd love to see the play again -- maybe next week -- and ...


Two lovers have a spat and swear they will never see each other again. The girl walks due south at 6 mph while the boy walks at 10 mph on a heading of North 60 degrees West. How fast is the distance between them changing 30 minutes later?


Two lovers have a spat and swear they will never see each other again. The girl walks due south at 6 mph while the boy walks at 10 mph on a heading of North 60 degrees West. How fast is the distance between them changing 30 minutes later?


Americans chose willow strips to make baskets because they were easy to blend and A-east to find •• B-rare and valuable C-multi-colored D-waterproof Correct me plz Okay I'm really sorry for posting this question again but I'm really sure it's A because willow grows in ...


I apologize for asking too many of these questions, but I need to know for sure if I'm doing this right. "Thus the creation of infinite universes from this world of nothing was prevented." I'm confused if it is was or were again. When I say it to myself, I think 'was' sounds ...


. Evaluate the expression. 2(y + 2) for y = 3 (1 point) –4 8 10 2 2. The cost in dollars of a field trip is 64 + 14n, where n is the number of people attending. What is the cost for 48 people? (1 point) $736 $126 $896 $910 3. Write a word phrase for p – 4. (1 point) a ...


I will try this again. I have to identify the verb and tell if it's transitive or intransitive. It is related to wheat, oats, and barley. is related=intransitive In Japan the hollow stems serve as water pipes. serve=intransitive

Math 222

I am having difficulties trying to do rational expressions. I have to use the words Domain, Excluded Value, Set, Factor, and Real Numbers to show how I got the answer. Can someone please help me solve this one? g^2-6g-55 ___________ g


1. What is the surface area of the cylinder in terms of pi? The diagram is not drawn to scale. A) 990 pi in^2 B) 342 pi in^2 C) 378 pi in^2 D) 504 pi in^2 The radius is 9 and the height is 19. when I solve this, no matter what the formula is, I always get 523, which means ...


Solve the equation using square roots 2x^2-128=0 A. -sqrt8, sqrt 8 B. -64 or 64 C. -8 or 8 D. No real number solutions I am stuck between A and C and i also have another problem similer to this one and its the same thing i am confused as do i leave the sqaure root on or no.


A person is standing 50meters away from a target whos center is 90cm off the ground. The height to the person's eyes is 66inches. Find the correct height for the target if the person is standing 4.5 meters from the target. I have tried a couples times to solve this problem and...

Functions - more info

Sorry, I forgot to enter all the info before. Below is the updated info for the problem. What's the best way to solve functions? I can do basic ones, but have trouble with the harder ones. I'm having trouble with the following: Inputs x 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Outputs y 0, 2, 6, 12, 20 ...


A bag got mix up 6 pairs of shoes – 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 purple. Picking randomly in the dark, how many shoes must I pick before for sure that there is one matching pair in red or blue? Ms Sue answered 4. Request for explanation please. math - Ms. Sue, Tuesday, January 29, ...


What does 3x^3-3x+2=0 come out to? How would I solve this? Is the x cubed supposed to be x squared? You can compare the equation with the identity: (a+b)^3 = a^3 + 3 a^2 b + 3 a b^2 + b^3 which you can rewrite as: (a + b)^3 = 3 ab (a + b) + a^3 + b^3 (1) The equation you want ...

Chem - DrBob222 & drwls

Just want to say thanks to you guys for the help you gave me during the last couple of months. It was all in preparation for the National Chemistry Test and I just received word I have been selected to be in the running for the National Chem Team. Thanks again.


According to your calculations a reaction should yield 5.67 g of oxygen O2. What do you expect the volume to be at 23 degrees C and 0.985 atm? I got the all the amounts 5.67 g 23 degrees C = 296 K .985 atm And use the ideal gas law Can you help me out by starting it again


I asked this before and did not get a response so I am trying again. (Note, I didn't know how to type the symbol for pi) What is the derivative of: 2pi^2r^4 would it simply be 8pi^2r^3? I was thinking the 2pi^2 is simply the equivalent of a constant in front of the r^4 and so ...

English Again

Place an F to indicate which of the following is a sentence fragment or an S to indicate if it is a complete sentence. 1. (S) Clyde refused. 2. (F) In the heart of cottage country. 3. (S) Inevitably, things change. Just making sure, since I'm not 100% sure on these 3. Correct ...

com -- To b-more-nappy

I deleted your last post in which you expect us to proofread an essay you copied verbatim from an internet site. Bobpursley and I both showed you that that is not your work and is indeed, plagiarized. If you post it or any other plagiarized work again, you will be banned from ...


german defeat at stalingrad is thought of some historians to be the point in which the defeat of germany became expected. why is this? my friend not come again can please make my sentence proper? it because it place they get most desperate and it where they suffer the most and...


Hi, I have 3 problems here need to be solved, help me please 1.Evaluate ∫ sin2x sec^5(2x)dx 2. If f(x)=√x and P is a partition of [1,16] determined by 1,3,5,7,9,16,find a Riemann sum Rp of f by choosing the numbers 1,4,5,9 and 9(yes 9 again) in the subintervals of ...

need help math

Solve the problem. Roberto invested some money at 7%, and then invested $2000 more than twice this amount at 11%. His total annual income from the two investments was $3990. How much was invested at 11%?


Calculate the molar solubility of BaSO4 in a solution in which [H3O+] is 2.5 M. I can almost solve this on my own. If you know the following equations: BaSO4 = Ba2+ + SO42- SO42- + H+ = HSO4- HSO4- + H+ = H2SO4 and I know [H+] = 2.5 M along with the following equation: [Ba2...


Hello. I'll be grateful for your help. 1)Is it possible to use "deal with" in the same meaning as "solve" in the context "I hope they will solve the Middle East conflict"? 2)Which is the correct position of the preposition in the sentence "the region has been aspiring to ...


can scuttle have any prefixes or suffixes or can it be changed into a noun, adjective, or adverb? What are some antonyms of it? Please help i am so confused Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Don't be too impatient! The volunteer teachers do not monitor ...


Another question on the subject of coins. We have to evaluate another group's metal choices. My friends' group chose gold for the outer layer and zinc inside. Why is zinc a good choice? I know it's relatively inexpensive, but it's soft. Why would someone choose zinc? Thank you...

language arts

Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? A. Yesterday, Sarah experienced rock climbing for the first B. Sarah seemed nervous at first. C. She climbed very well for a beginner. D. I think Sarah wants to go ...


Of the 1st graders who were asked, 1/6 like math best, 2/3 like reading best, and 12 like science best. How many first graders were asked their favorite subject? THINK: Into how many equal parts should the picture be divided? Draw a picture to solve the problem.


Of the first graders who were asked, one sixth like math best, two thirds like reading best, and 12 like science best. How many first graders were asked their favorite subject? Please provide a "Draw a Picture" strategy to solve the problem.


The perimeter of a rectangular carpet is 70feet. The with is three -fourths the length .Find the width. 38. The length of a rectagular room is six times as the width . The perimeter 84 yards. find the width. 39. The width of a rectangle is 12 less than the length. The ...

Math 101

1. Best Rentals charges a daily fee plus a mileage fee for renting its cars. Barney was charged $123.00 for 3 days and 300 miles, while Mary was charged $216.00 for 5 days and 600 miles. What does Best Rental charge per day, for mileage? 2. There were 44,000 people at a ball ...


solve the equation 1. squareroot of 2x+1+4=3 2.x= squareroot of 12-x 3.squareroot of 5x-2=3 4.x=squareoot of 9x-14


Solve: sqrt(7x-5)+sqrt(15x+4)=sqrt(30x+31)


Solve: sqrt(7x-5)+sqrt(15x+4)=sqrt(30x+31)


F6P = 0.504(1.3 − F6P) -solve for F6P?


6cos^2 theta + 5cos theta=1 Solve for theta

easy math

√(100 - 20√5 + 5 + 15 - 6√15 + 9) solve.


Please solve this word problem, It will take at least 360 points for Kiko"s team to win the math contest. The scores are 94,82, and 87, but one of Kiko's teammates lost 2 of those points for an incomplete answer. How many points must Kiko earn for her team to win the contest?


please help!!I've been staring at this forever!! 1. Every year, Annie makes a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time. Sketch a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time from the description given. Draw a separate graph for each description. Explain...

Computer Science - MATLAB

thanks mathmate. It's way above my head to. I got another question Consider the following two equations: x^2 + y^2 = 42 x + 3y + 2y^2 = 6 Define a symbolic equation for each, and solve it by using MATLAB's symbolic capability. Could you solve these equations by using matrices...

Algebra 2345678!!

Solve the system of equations using the Addition method. 2a + 3b = -1 3a + 5b = -2 The addition method tells you to find common multiples of a coefficient, then add the equations together to eliminate a variable. If you multiply the first equation by 3 and the second by -2 you...


HELP?! 1.-9^2 2.(5x^9y)(-2x^-2y^-3) 3.(a^1b^-2) / (a^-2b^4) 4.(7x^-1/y^4)^-2 Scientific notation: 5) .0000745 Decimal Form: 6) 9.3*10^6 Solve: 7.3√-27 8.√(-5a)^2 Simplify: 9.√60x^5y^2 10.√75x^3 / √3x


solve log(7x-3)+2log(5)=2+log(x+3) I've attempted to do this question and I ended up with log(7-3)+log(5^2)-log(x+3)=2 but I don't what to do next or whether I did something wrong.

Math(Please check answers)

1) Solve the equation: 15(7x-6) = 3x-5 My answer is (-85/108) 2) Mary and her brother collect coins. Mary has 4 times the number of coins that her brother has. Together they have 175 coins. How many does Mary have? My answer is 140 3) Perform the indicated operations. Express ...


Food script I had to do for French. Involves two people. Can someone please check it and give feedback if something is incorrect. 1. Bonjour monsieur. 2. Bonjour garcon. 1. Vous desirez? 2. Je voudrais le poulet frit avec jus de raisin. 1. Très bien, monsieur. /he goes get ...


(4 − 2x)−2 x=-2 y=4 z=-3 how do you solve this? i have solved it and gotten 6 for my answer many times and it says it's wrong. other equations are (y − z)−3 and (x − 5y)0. i cant get them right


how do you solve using midpoint equation if you only have one pair of points? like to use midpoint equation you usually get two points (4,3) and (5,2) but ive been given only one point (3,1). how do i solve for midpoint with only one set of points? help please


I posted this earlier and no one responded so I am going to try again. I have to Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics, so here is what i have. which deals with the atom as a system of electron(s) and a nucleus and nuclear phys


To identify a diatomic gas (), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10 and 23.0 and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27 . Identify the gas. Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Anonymous: Re: Grammar

I checked the first 25 answers you posted for your 50-question grammar test. You have 10 of the 25 wrong for a 40% score. I couldn't take any more! Please do not post this test again. I'm sure your instructor does not want the test posted in a public forum.


A balloon contains 3.3 liters of nitrogen gas at a temperature of 90K and a pressure of 101 kPa. If the temperature of the gas is allowed to increase to 25∘C and the pressure remains constant, what volume will the gas occupy? V=_____L? Ty again!

Help me again in stats

Find the corresponding z-score to the given value and determine whether the value is unusual. A weight of 225 pounds among a population having a mean weight of 161 pounds and a standard deviation of 23.0 pounds.

Algebra 1

11) Tell which real number corresponds to the situation. During a quiz, a person loses 1800 pts. answer: -1800 12) Solve for y z=yq Answer: z-q=y 13) Solve using the multiplication principle 10x=-90 Answer: x= -9 14) Collect like terms 20w+w+14/19w Answer: 413w 16) A mountain ...


please hel me to solve the following application. Crafts. Mark uses 1 pt 9 fl oz and then 2 pt 10 fl oz from a container of film developer that holds 3 qt. How much of the developer remains? Is this US liquid measures? There are 16 fluid ounces to the pint, and 2 pints to the ...


In the xy-plane, line l passes through the origin and is perpendicular to the line 4x+y=k, where k is a constant. If the two lines intersect at the point (t,t+1), what is the value of t? I tried drawing a picture of the problem described above, but I don't understand what I ...


240 m of fencing material is going to be used to enclose three sides of a rectangular lot. What should the dimensions of the lot be so that the enclosed area is as large as possible? (I'm supposed to solve this using a quadratic equations but I don't know how...)


Hi. So we had a long test with this question.. I was wondering how to solve it? Coz our teacher didn't discuss the answers.. and most probably we'll have the same type of question during midterms.. Find the Solution Set 9/|2-5x| - 4/y^2-3y = 5 2/|2-5x| + 2/ 3(y^2-3y) = 1/3 ...


Solve the quadratic equation 2x to the 2nd power -3x-2=0using the quadratic formula. Read the information in the assignment list to learn more about how to type math symbols in MS Word, such as the square root.


If h=6, the IVP becomes dP/dt=P(7-P)-6, P(0)=Po Solve the IVP in implicit form though you should apply initial conditions. How small does Po have to be for the population to become extinct in finite time? explain using phase portrait.

Math- Exponent Laws.

Simplify, "put the power into a single positive exponent." -(-2)^0*(-2)^3*(-2)^-4/(-2)^3 please help I am so lost on how to solve this problem!! I have been trying to figure it out for days. the - in front of the (-2) is very confusing.

Math C30

Does anyone know a simple way to solve identity problems? Is there a good wedsite I could learn from? I am having a really hard time with them because of the many steps involved in the way that I have been shown. (FOIL, common denominators, etc.)


Please help me solve this problem: My great-grandfather invested $ 9. in a savings account in 1909. The amount of money in the account doubles every nine years. QUESTION; WHAT YEARWILL IT BE WHEN THE VALUE OF HIS INVESTMENT HITS $1 MILLION?................

Math Question

To solve this problem, use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the third side. Next, find the other five trigonometric functions of theta (sin, tan, csc, sec and cot). Cos=5/7

Math help

Mt. Everest is more than 8000 m high. How fast would an object be moving if it could free fall to sea level after being released from an 4750-m elevation? (Ignore air resistance) How would I solve this?


a customer went to a garden shop and bought some potting soil for 17.50 and shrubs. if the total bill was $71.00, how much did each shurb cost if they all cost the same? write and solve an equation. show your work


A right pyramid,with a square base and four equal isosceles triangles ,is cut from a square piece of paper which is 3x cm long.If the area of the shaded part is 54 cm2, find the value of x.Please help me to solve this problem.


Solve the integral of (x*e^2x)/(1+2x)^2 by first using u substitution and then use integration by parts. I am very confused on how to do u-substitution with this because no mattter what I let u be equal to the du never comes out to be anything in the equation? The correct ...


This is for solving exponential/logarithmic functions: (This is a base e Logarithmic function I would assume): e^(4x)/10 =4^x-2 ? I understand the properties of logs for the most part, but I have a hard time figuring out the step-by-step process on how to solve exponential/log...


Four tubes are set up in the lab at sea level as shown by the figure. The letter under each tube corresponds the question with the same letter. 1 atm = 101300 Pa = 101300 N/m2 ρwater = 1000 kg/m3 (a) What is the pressure pushing down on the surface of the water in tube (a...


5. 4x + 2 = x + 8. (1 point) x = 4 x = 3 x = 2 x = 1 Solve the inequality. 6. q – 12 ≥ –13 (1 point) q ≥ 1 q ≥ –1 q ≥ 25 q ≥ –25 7. 12p < 96 (1 point) p < 8 p < 108 p < 84 p < –8 8. < –18 (1 point) g < –23 g >...


5.   4x + 2 = x + 8.  (1 point) x = 4 x = 3 x = 2 x = 1 Solve the inequality. 6.   q – 12 ≥ –13  (1 point) q ≥ 1 q ≥ –1 q ≥ 25 q ≥ –25 7.   12p < 96  (1 point) p < 8 p < 108 p < 84 p < –8 8.    < –18...


The greater of two consecutive even integers is six less than twice the smaller. Find the integers. Let the smaller be x. That means that the larger is x+2. From your statement x+2=2x-6 Solve for x. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.


Is there any one who knows if I am right? Do not solve, show possibilities of Descartes's rule of signs for roots. 4x^3-9x^2+6x+4=0 f(x)=4x^3-9x^2+6x=4 - + + one change =4(-x)^3-9(-x)^2+6(-x)+4 - + - + three changes Positive Negative Imaginary 2 1 0 1 2 0 3 possible roots


Use the law of cosines to solve ABC with A=126.3, b=45, and c=62.5 I did all the work to find a but my problem is finding B a=96.2 Sin(B)=45sin126.3/96.2 B=Sin^-1(45sin126.3/96.2) It's not going through in my calculator


what percentile score is equivalent to the lower quartile? but here i just have been asked that. like i have not being given any mean or asked to solve one. what do i do?


Can some one explain the step of the following: 1. Graph the system of Inequalities (What will be the points) y>= -4 x>=5 2. Solve by the substitution method 5x+3y= 7 x=59-7y 3.Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept (What are the points) y= 4/3x+3 Thanks....


7x+5y=-26 x=28-6y solve using substitution okay so then 196-42y+5y=-26 then combined like terms so 196+37y=-26 37y=-222 y=-6 is this part correct?


1. Consider the following equation. xy + 7x + 5y = –8 (a) Differentiate both sides with respect to x to complete the following. ( blank )y ' + y + blank =0 (b)Solve for y ' in terms of x and y. (c) Calculate dy/dx at the point (4,-4). Can anyone help me on this questions I'm...


If Nefertiti could pronounce her name in six tenths of a second. At that rate, how many times could she pronounce her name in 15 seconds? (write and solve a fraction division problem to answer the question)


How can I find the vertex, axis of symmetry? I know to find x and y intercepts i use the quadratic formula. I am given the parabola y=x^2+6x+5 I do not want the answer.. Just please explain to me how to solve for it. what method do I use???


Ok so you're supposed to solve the system by method of substitution. And the problem is: -2/3x + y = 2 2x - 3y = 6 So i put y= 2/3x into the second equation which looks like: 2x - 3(2/3x + 2) = 6 and then 2x-2x-6=6 So like everything cancels out? So then what do you put as the...


If 10 points are arranged on a circle, how many lines are needed to join every point to every other point once? First solve simpler problems to determine a pattern.

7th grade math Pygorean Theroem Ms.Sue please

Explain if a triangle with the given lengths is a right triangle. 1. 18, 24, 30 2. 7, 24, 25 3. 13, 14, 15 I really do not know how to solve these problems! I have no idea how!!!! Please help!

8th grade math for Ms. Sue

How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I don't know how to solve this or what the answer is. Please help!


I have two questions That I need help with please!! 1. solve the following exponential equation. what is the exact solution? what is the decimal approximation when rounded three decimal places? 2.


solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+64x+64>0 show work please

math check answer plz

you earn $7.50 per hr to help ur uncle in his shop. you earn $33.75 . write and solve an equation to find how may hrs u worked. I put $7.50 x hours= $33.75 and hours is 4.5 is that correct?

math---help! 1 question

pls help me! 21. Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (3 points)


In New York a taxi costs 72 cents for the first 1/10th of a mile and 15 cents for every additional 1/10 mile. How much does it cost to drive 6 miles? Set up and solve? Thanks

finite math

Using the formula for PV (present value) of an oridinary annuity or the amortization formula to solve this problem. PV=13000 I=.03% PMT=500 n=? I have done it over and over and can't it correct

SAT Math

9, 13, 17, 21, ... In the sequence above, each term after the first is 4 greater than the previous term. What is the difference between the 105th term and the 99th term? I have no idea how to solve this problem


How do you solve this please show with steps I'm very lost, I tried to put it in square root and I tried to multiply my approaches do not add up to the answer which is supposed to be 9/125... (3^1/3 • 5^ -1/2)^6


**Write an equation and solve: A diver begins at sea level and descends vertically at a rate of 2 1/2 feet per second. How long does the diver take to reach -15.6 feet? THANK YOU!!!!


Solve this problem plz... A shopkeeper buys some eggs at 15 cent each.6 of them are broken.while rest are sold at 20 cent each if he makes a profit of $4.8.find eggs he bought?


Solve the system of equations using substitution, elimination by addition, or augmented matrix methods (your choice). Show work. 3𝑥 − 2𝑦 = 5 5𝑥 + 3𝑦 = 21


When measuring the volume of a tennis ball, your water level rose from 50ml to 68ml. What is the volume of the ball? I don't know if I divide or add to solve. Here is the choices. 118,108,18,8.


Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. Show your work. [-4b-8]+[-1-b^2]+2b^3;b=-2 Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. 9[9-8x]=2x+3. Show your work. I really need help with both of these problems.

Math problem help

This problem is so hard I've tried solving it but I keep getting stuck. Could someone help with showing the steps please... Solve the system of equations for x and y by letting a=1/x and b=1/y, x does not equal 0 and y does not equal 0. 3/x+2/y=2/3 8/x-4/y=2/9


Marge said that she subtracted 20 from both sides of an equation to solve it. Kollin thinks that the equation she was solving could have been 6+t=20. Does Kollin's reasoning make sense? Explain.


hello me again! i am now looking at the wounderful painting of "little blue horses" by Franz Marc, dose anyone know any good websites where i can find the background history of this painting! i would be very greatful, an also if anyone konws of any quotes that i could use e.g...


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