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  1. math

    Simplify the radical expression by rationalizing the denominator: 2(square root)108 / (square root) 180y Please show me how to set up and how to solve
  2. math problem

    please help me solve if I open a book to two facing pages, the product of the page number is 342 what will the two page numbers be
  3. Math

    Write this statement out as an equation and solve. Lauren’s house is 30 feet wide. Its length is 2 1/2 times its width. How long is Lauren’s house?
  4. math

    give a problem that you could simlify using the communitive and associsative properties. then,show the steps to solve the problem an label the comunitive and associative properties
  5. math

    Two non-negative numbers are chosen such that their sum is 30. Find the numbers if the sum of their squares is to be a maximum. Explanation to solve this would help !
  6. math

    Use proportions to solve this problem: Lisa ran 3 miles in 21 minutes. At that rate, how long would it take Lisa to run 5 miles?
  7. Math help

    Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions.
  8. Math

    Ricardo spent $37 for a jacket which included $2.38 in sales tax. Write and solve an addition equation to find the price of the jacket before tax
  9. math plz help ;-;

    1. Solve the system by any method: 2x-5y=-1 2x-y=1 How many solutions does the system of equations below have? Explain your answer. y=3/5x-1 y=6/10x+3 plz help me ;-; i don't understand how to do this, sorry ;-;
  10. math

    A square patio rug has side lengths of 1/3(x+2) inches a. Write a linear expression involving the perimeter of the square, P in terms of x. b. Solve for x in terms of P.
  11. Math

    Vinay made a Password that consists of 3 digits. None of the digits are the same. How many possible passwords did Vinay choose from? Please explain how to solve.
  12. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square. If the solutions are real, give exact and approximate answers. Otherwise, list the exact solutions. 7x^2-4x+1=2x^2-7x+3 Please help!!!!! :(
  13. Math

    Can you guys please check my answers? Evaluate x/y for x = 2/3 and y =6/7 1. 7/9 2. 8/10*** 3. 9/12 4. 12/21 Simplify the expression (3/7^2) 1. 3/7 2. 6/14 3. 9/49*** 4. 5/9 What is the simplified form of the expression 7[63 ÷ (52 – 22) – 1]? 1. 10 2. 42 3. 14*** 4. 350 ...
  14. math

    Solve for x and y using elimination ax+by=c bx+ay=c This question has been confusing me for a long time, and I can't seem to find the answer by solving using elimination. Thanks for helping me :)
  15. Functions

    I need help with the following question. I am sure how to tell if something is a function or not. Determine whether the realtion is a function. {(-6,2),(-2,5), (3,2),(3,-7)} I think its not a function, but then again I think it is cause you have different x's going to ...
  16. CHEM

    To identify a diatomic gas (), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10 and 23.0 and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27 . Identify the gas.
  17. chemistry

    To identify a diatomic gas (), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 2.4- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.70 and 28.0 and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 4.7 . Identify the gas.
  18. Math

    Simplify the exponential expression. Assume the variables represent nonzero real numbers. (2^-1 x^-5 y^-5)^-2 (2x^-2 y^4)^-2(4x^-2 y^4)^0 ______________________________________ (2x^-5 y^-5)^2 the line by the way means to divide. i have no idea how to solve :( All i know is the...
  19. Quick math help

    On my test over parallel lines and proportional parts in triangles today, there was a question that asked to solve for x. There was 2 problems with x in them in the triangle. So would I just have to multiply each part by two and set them equal to each other?
  20. Math (Trig Review)

    Evaluate the expression without using a calculator (Make a sketch of a right triangle) tan(arccot 2) Thanks in advance! I'm trying to refresh my memory of these kinds of problems and I'm having trouble on how to solve this problem
  21. Math

    If the growth rate of a population is 1.5% how long will it take that country to double? 46 years. Use the above question to help answer this. In 2002 16.4 million babies were born what is the birthrate as a percentage and as per 1000 births? How do I solve this one?
  22. Math check my answers

    1. Evaluate. 8d - 10 for d = 4 A.32 B.22*** C.26 D.46 2. write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 coins and c coins. A.c + 3*** B.c/3 C.3c D.c-3 3. Find the solution of the equation from the given numbers. x - 2 =16: 14, 18, 21, or 12 A.12 B.14 C.18*** D.21 4.use mental ...
  23. Math ( Can You check my Work?) = 3n - 1 2. an = 2(2n - 3) = 4^n = (2/3)^n 5. an = (-1)^n(n + 5) 6. an = (-1)^n + 1(n + 6) 7. an= n+3/2n-1 8. a1 = -5 and an = an-1 - 3 for n ≥ 2 9. a1 = -6 and an = -2an-1 for n ≥ 2 10.a1 = 4 and an = 3an-1 + 2 for n ≥ 2 11. Find a8 when a1...

    A train traveling at a constant speed rounds a curve of radius 200 m. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling swings out to an angle of 17.0° throughout the turn. What is the speed of the train? Again, use your formulas. Simple plug-n-chug with radial/angular force.

    ANIMAL SCRAMBLE rearrange the letters in each word below, add one letter, and you will find the name of the animal! (i just don't get this one) 1. meal 2. rash 3. pride 4. grope 5. parole 6. bare 7. mall 8. master 9. some 10. again 11. brave 12. lease
  26. Science

    Need help on this multiple choice question, thanks! Microscopic airborne particulates that reflect incoming solar radiation and thereby tend to cool the atmosphere are called: a. CFCs b. aerosols c. greenhouse gases d. indoor air pollutants e. hazardous air pollutants Thanks ...
  27. Word problem

    Plantets A, B, and C orbit a certain star once every 2, 5, and 12 months. If the three plantes are now in the same straight line, what is the smallest number of months that must pass before they line up again? I do not want the answer, I just do not understand how to set up ...
  28. Physics

    A particle is projected vertically upwards from ground level with an initial velocity of 34.94m/s. Neglecting air resistance, calculate the total time taken, in seconds, for the particle to hit the ground again. Take the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity to by 9.81m...
  29. books

    I'm sorry to ask again but the answer has to come from Chapter 18 of the book "In the Garden on Beasts" And the question is At this point in Hitler’s rise to power no military action was taken to halt his ascension. What would have been the most likely outcome of preemptive ...
  30. Math

    1. A rangers tower is located 44m from a tall tree. From the top of the tower, the angle of elevation to the top of the tree is 28 degrees and the angle of depression to the base is 36 degrees. How tall is the tree? 2. An engineer determines that the angle of elevation from ...
  31. re math

    Many people know that the weight of an objectvaries on different planets,butdid you know that the wieght of an object on earth also varies according to the elevation oj an particualr ,the weight of an equation follows this equation:w=cr -2 squared, where c is ...
  32. Public finance

    Please help me understand the problem provided below and suggest a solution. I thank you for your time and cooperation. Consider a public goods problem in which each person has the same income M and preferences as given by Uj=ln(g1+...+gN)+3ln(Cj) Assume for simplicity that ...
  33. Physical Education

    If a player serves two faults in a row, he or she will _____________. a. Lose the serve b. Lose a point*** c. Serve again d. Lose two points
  34. Math

    The Wilson family is at it again.. they are installing new carpet for their home. Their rectangular shaped living room is 25 feet long and 18 feet wide. THeir rectangular shaped game room is 4 feet shorter in both length and width of their living room. What is the area of the ...
  35. Pre-Algebra

    If the perimeter of a rectangle is 38 ft and the width is 9 ft, find its length. [Hint: The perimeter of a rectangle is given by P = 2L + 2W.] I don't know why this is a problem for you. P = 38 and W = 9. Solve for L. You have only one unknown in the equation. If you don't ...
  36. English III

    Hi it's me again! Could someone proofread this for me? Thanks so much! HOW ABOUT BETTER PARENTS? BY: Thomas L. Friedman In Thomas L. Friedman’s column “How About Better Parents” he discusses parent’s influence in their child’s education. He states that “Parents ...
  37. chemisty

    To identify a diatomic gas (X2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00-L bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10 atm and 23.0 C and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27 g . Identify the gas.
  38. physics

    To determine an athlete's body fat, she is weighed first in air and then again while she's completely underwater. It is found that she weighs 690 N when weighed in air and 36.0 N when weighed underwater. What is her average density?
  39. Calculus (Cross Section) again

    A half of a pepperoni stick is 10 cm long. Assume that a cross section perpendicular to the axis of the pepperoni at a distance x from the end if a circle of radius rad(3x). What is the volume of the pepperoni
  40. Calc I

    if f(t)=sqrt(4t+1) find f''(2) I got the first derivative to be: 1/2(4t-1)^-1/2 * 4t^3 and i'm trying to figure out if i need the product rule again to find the second derivative -1t^3(4t-1)^-3/2 * 4t^3 The answer if -4/27 and I'm not sure how to get that if I'm doing the ...
  41. chem

    To identify a diatomic gas (X2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 4.3-L bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.90 atm and 21.0 C and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 9.5 g . Identify the gas.
  42. Country Reports

    Sorry, I have another question about Iceland's government. :) It wants to know What is (are) thename of the house(s) of government in your country? -and- What are the names for representative to the national government? (senator, assembly member, ect.) Once again, I can't use ...
  43. Language Arts (unfortunately, once again)

    I hate to ask a similar question twice, but I am unable to describe the relationship between slain : snail :: flair : frail. I know the first three of five letters are switched, so would my relationship phrase be "switched" or "is switched to?"
  44. maths

    write the equation in slope-intercept form. then graph the equation. 1. 6x-4y=3 2. 2y+5x=10 can you please help me with at least one of them? thanks! also, where it says 'then graph the equation', I know we can't graph here, so you can ignore that. but if you know any other ...
  45. Physics again sorry

    A solenoid of 200 loops of wire that cover a length of 0.1 m. The solenoid carries a current of 4.0 A. What is the strength of the magnetic field inside the solenoid? In this instance do I assume that this time r is 200 x 0.1? Or is it still just 0.1 and I ignore the 200?
  46. Science

    [I choose b.] Where are some of the unique ecosystems of the U.S? Pacific Northwest and California the Flordia Everglades and Hawaii c.both (a) and (b) d.none of the above The U.S. has many unique ecosystems. Please think through the question again and post a ...
  47. English

    How do you know if your sentence is a run on example... 1 I went home and ate and ate. 2. Before lunch I played volleyball; after lunch, I played again. 3. I thought about what he'd said soon I realized he was right. 4. You and I and the whole team will go. I picked #2
  48. physic

    HI!can anyone help me please, just on part b.Thank you so much. A spherical steel ball bearing has a diameter of 2.540 cm at 23°C. (a) What is the diameter when its temperature is raised to 94°C? ___ cm (b) What temperature change is required to increase its volume by 0.9%? ...
  49. Physics

    two identical brass balls mounted on wooden posts initially have different amounts of charge, one plus 3 uC and the other plus 15 uC. The balls are allowed to touch and then separate again. What is the final charge on each ball?
  50. math

    determine the area of triangle abc when side ab= square root of x, side bc= square root of x, and side ca= the square root of the square root of x. So how do I solve it. How do I add the square root of x + the square root of x + the square root of the square root of x? what is...
  51. Physics

    An electron is accelerated from rest through a potential difference that has a magnitude of 2.70 × 107 V. The mass of the electron is 9.11 × 10-31 kg, and the negative charge of the electron has a magnitude of 1.60 × 10-19 C. (a) What is the relativistic kinetic energy (in ...
  52. maths pls help

    1. Solve the following simultaneous equations: log2 xy = 7 log2 (x^2/y) = 5 2. If log y x =a and log z x=b where x is not equal to 1, express the following in terms of a and b: logy (yz) Solve the following simultaneous equations: y = 2 log3 x y+1 = log3 9x Thanks! I tried to ...
  53. Algebra

    I'm not sure how to solve these problems. Simplify (3xsquare - 2x)divided by 15x - 10 Subtract (2y/x-y) - 5x/4y Solve (27/x) = (8 - 5/x) Simplify (7m^7n^4/8m) divided by (9m^2n^9/5n^2) 1) 3x^2 - 2x/ 15x - 10 factorize both the numerator and denominator x(3x-2)/ 5(3x-2) = x/5 (...
  54. math

    i need to integrate: (secx)^4 dx let u = sec x dv =sec^3 x dx Start with this. Then, you will have to deal with the integral of sec. You should be able to solve it after a few steps. Looks a little messy.
  55. Math

    you want to use a square section of your yard for a garden. You have at most 52 feet of fencing to surround the garden. write and solve an inequality to represent the possible lengths of each side of the garden.

    PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM: 4((3x-6)/(6x+2))^3 * ((42)/(6x+2))^2 okay, here your going to use PEMDAS. Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction go in order of PEMDAS. does that help? (3+4}2*-(2*4)2 4=
  57. math

    help!!need an answer 3x+4y=12 (0, ),(2/3, ),(0, ),(-2/3, ) anybody? It looks like maybe you are supposed to take the equation 3x + 4y = 12, and solve for the values of y that correspond to given values of x. For example, when x=0, 4y = 12 and y = 3. Therefore the first "answer...
  58. Math

    George can spend $34.80 for his dinner. He wants to tip the waiter 20% of the cost of his meal. How much money does he spend on the tip? Translate the question into an equation. Do not solve.
  59. MATH

  60. MATH

  61. Math

    I can't figure out 6 - 2/3r = 1 1/2 The way we're learning how to solve it, is by using the LCD. the LCD I use is 6 The book says the answer is 6 3/4 But I keep getting the wrong answer.
  62. Math

    Solve by completing the square x^2-18x=10 Could you please explain this process. I have read through the text over and over and I just do not understand the process.
  63. 6th grade math

    the base of the great pyramid is a square with an area of 571536 ft squared. If one of the sides of a similar figure is 5 cm what is the area of the figure? How can I solve this?
  64. math

    How do I set-up/solve this problem? Please help me. The half-life of the radioactive isotope gallium-70 is 20 minutes. If the initial amount of gallium-70 is 25 milligrams, when will 10 milligrams be left?
  65. Discrete Math

    Let A={0,1,2,3,4}. Define a function f from A to A by f(n)=2n mod 5. a/ Is f one-to-one? b/ Is f onto? Could you show me how to solve this problem, please? I have no idea what this function is. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  66. algebra,math

    Solve the equation. Check both solutions and only write the real solution. the square root of 6m minus 5 = m A. {1} B. {5} C. {1, 5} D. no real solution I think its B
  67. math

    solve each triangle using either the Law of Sines or the Law of Cosines. If no triangle exists, write “no solution.” Round your answers to the nearest tenth. A = 23°, B = 55°, b = 9 A = 18°, a = 25, b = 18
  68. Math

    List all possible rational roots, use synthetic division to find an actual root, then use this root to solve the equation. x^3 -7x^2 +13x -7=0
  69. 6th grade math

    your mother gave you $13.32 with which to buy a present.This covered 3/5 of the much did the present cost? can someone please help me and also show me how to solve this?
  70. math

    Solve the problem.A collection of dimes is arranged in a triangular array with 14 coins in the base row, 13 in the next, 12 in the next, and so forth. Find the value of the collection.
  71. math 3

    A fruit farm sells a 10 lb box of navel oranges for $42. If the farm sells 374 of these boxes, how much money will it make? Please solve thx
  72. Math

    For example 80 71 43 65 45 is the winning number and 51 69 18 81 37 is the machine number,how do i solve this problem to get the accurate next winning numbers from 1-90? Tutor me the exact calculation and formula please.
  73. Math 2 questions :/

    Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? 3x ¨C 3 = ¨C4x 2y + 4 ¨C y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y ¨C 2 = 2(y ¨C 1) Write the inequality and solve for the following problem: The result of 6 subtracted from a number n is at least 2. n ¨C 2 > ...
  74. Math urgent! :( plz help

    3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? 3x - 3 + -4x 2y+ 4 -y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y -2 =2 (y-1) Write the inequality and solve for the following problem: The result of 6 subtracted from a number n is at least 2 n - 2>6; n > 8 n-6&...
  75. Math

    Solve the following triangle, rounding side lengths to the nearest tenth of a unit and angle measures to the nearest degree. angle a = 153 degrees, b= 5, a=10.5
  76. MATH

    Find the formulas for the functions f(g(x)) and g(f(x))when f(x) = 2/x and g(x) = 2x^2-1 f(g(x)) = ? g(f(x)) = ? for f(g(x)) would it be 2/x(2x^2-1) or g(f(x)) 2x^2(2/x)-1? Would i solve like this? also when I tried to input the answer after solving didn't get the answer. ...
  77. Math

    Use the initial condition y(0)=4 and step size h=.25, calculate the backward Euler on [0,1] for the ODE y'=10y-10y^2. Solve the ODE exactly and compute the errors at t=1.
  78. Math

    You are working as an assistant to a chef. The chef has 6 cups of berries and will use 2/3 cup of berries for each dessert he makes. How many desserts can he make? Where do I start to solve this problem?
  79. Math 222

    Please help me solve this Quadratic Formula with steps on how you got the answer. Sorry my addition and equal button doesn't work. -x^2 plus 3x plus 5 equal 0
  80. college math

    A survey indicated that 3 out of 5 doctors use brand x aspirin. If 2000 doctors were surveyed how many used brand x? please show me how to solve this ?
  81. Math

    I have two more questions :)) If 1/3 is equivalent to 33 1/3%, what percent is equivalent to 2/3? A: 33 2/3% B: 150% C: 66 2/3%**** D: 65% Which proportion can be used to solve the following percent problem? What is 50% of 70? I came up with x/50 = 70/100
  82. Math

    concrete is to be mixed using cement and sand into the ratio 2:5. how much sand will be required to mix with 96 pounds of cement? use proportion to solve
  83. Math (Algebra 2)

    What is the probability of choosing an H or a vowel? Honorable is the word. This is how I answered it Its mutually exclusive because of the key word "or" which is the Union. P(H)+P(Vowel)=1/9+4/9 Answer is 5/9 did I solve this right? Thanks
  84. 6th grade math (student)

    Throughout the season, drew scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 10 in the first 6 games. How many did he score in the last 4 games? Write the equation and solve.
  85. math

    Use the formula to solve for c. Choose the right answer. Amount Financed (m) = $275 Number of Payments per year (y) = 12 Number of Payments (n) = 18 APR (I) = 12%
  86. Math (written answer)

    IDK HOW TO SOLVE THIS WRITTEN ANSWER PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP! write an inequality to represent a situation the temperature stayed above -15 degrees
  87. math

    . Bonita uses her debit card to withdraw $40 from her savings account every week for 7 weeks. What is the change in her account balance at the end of 7 weeks? help solve
  88. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square. If the solutions are real, give exact and approximate answers. Otherwise, list the exact solutions. 2y^2=-12y-3 Please help!!!!!!:(
  89. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square. If the solutions are real, give exact and approximate answers. Otherwise, list the exact solutions. 12x=-3x^2-14 Please help!!!!! :(
  90. math logic correction !!

    What comes next in the sequence? st, nd, rd, th, __, __. Sorry about typos in previous question. th, th These are the two-letter endings to "ordinal" numbers, starting with the "first". See Thanks for your example, but I still don...
  91. Math

    Math - Cindy, Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 8:44pm At Bobs diner, it costs $8.00 to purchase two hamburgers and one order of fries. The "family pack" costs 30.00 and comes with six hamburgers and six orders of fries. If the prices are constant,how much does one hamburger cost? ...
  92. Math check

    The problem is solve x= sqrt10x-4-2 So it would be x=sqrt10x-6 right I have as x=4 is that right? or is it 2,4
  93. math

    Find the reciprocal of a. - 1/10 (-4-7) b. ½ / ¼ (hint: solve these first then find reciprocal of the answer) Responses
  94. Math

    How would you solve the following 2 equations for "X"? x-4(divided by)12=7(divided by3 and 100(divided by)30=4(divided by)3x
  95. math

    please show me how to solve this equation.I need step by step, because I just do not get it. 7/2x + 1/2x = 3x + 12/2 + 5/2x HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!
  96. MATH

    Could someone please show me how to solve this Prove tan(-theta) = -tan(theta)
  97. Math

    How to solve: There are 40 chickens and cows in the farmyard. There are 100 legs in all. How many are cows and how many are chickens
  98. Math: Inequalities

    How would I solve this inequality and graph? (x+2)((x^(2)-x+1)) > 0 I got x > -2 and x^(2)-x+1 > 0 How would I graph x^(2)-x+1 > 0 because I can't factor it.
  99. math

    I Have to solve for an equation 6<x+5<11.I Got this for the equation 1<x and x<6.I'm not to sure on what to do next to got the solution.
  100. math

    a right 90 degrees triangle/ label L,J and K. JK is 7 and angle L is 31.6.solve the given right triangle
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