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  1. chemistry

    If a chemistry student collected 825 mL of gas at 25 degrees C and 7.90*10^2torr, how many moles did she collect? PV=nRT Put P in atmospheres. torr/760 = atm. V is volume (in LITERS.) solve for n, the number of mols. R is a constant of 0.08206 L*atm/mol*K T is temperature in ...
  2. French 1

    F Rewrite the following sentences replacing the expression of time with the word in parentheses making any necessary change.My response are bulleted. Please check for me. Thanks again much!!!!! 1.(hier) Aujourd'hui, personne nelave la voiture. (Yesterday) Today, person nelave ...
  3. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the force per meter pushing two straight wires in an extension chord apart when 1 A of DC current lights a 100W study lamp. The separation of the wires is 2mm, and the insulation behaves like a vacuum. Again, I don't know how I can do this without ...
  4. literary

    I am writing my father's obituary - he passed away unexpectedly on Monday. He was from a very small town and always quoted verse that ended with "And when I go (return) home, I am a boy again" Walt Whitman. Dylan Thomas. Please. Please. I have a deadline tomorrow noon.
  5. Math- Need Help..

    I'm having trouble with a question from one of my math assignments and it's driving me crazy. Its: -2/5x - 9 < 9/10 (two-fifths and nine-tenths) I tried doing it a few times, it might be easier than it looks and I just don't understand. If someone can help, that would be ...
  6. writing

    Hi my writing isn't very good Is there a site with exercises so i can improve my writing skills. Like short stuff. I only have 3 weeks till the next term and i don't know how to structure an essay is there a site with some info ? thanks again, Jim
  7. Geometry / Algebra 1

    (a) The surface area of the prism shown is 314 square meters. Write an equation that u can solve to find the value of w. side a=wm b=8m and c=(w+4)m (on the picture) I'm guessing u use the formula surface area=2ab+2bc+2ac??? Well if so I need all that solved into y=ax*2+bx+c ...
  8. Calculus

    Hello, I really need help on these two homework problem. >< In problem #1, I believe it is related to the exponential functions and their derivatives Calculus II? So, surely there should be a ln in the solution as well? I would like a step by step process ...
  9. MIS (java)

    Download A04.txt and copy it into a new Eclipse project named {NetID}A04. Rename (refector) {NETID} to {NETID} Modify the return type of magicEightBallIf and magicEightBallCase so they return a String instead of printing the result. Create a static method named...
  10. Math

    To Reiny: Hi, thank you for your time Reiny and your info. I am so sorry but on the first one I accidentally put 0 where I should have put =9. In other words, the first equation should have said (9n+1)squared =9. Really sorry to have taken up your time with the wrong equation...
  11. Math

    I have been asked to solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. I tried replacing with various numbers but even though the they work in the equations my graphs change from consistent to inconsistent. Please help.
  12. Math

    How would you solve a problem like this with logarithims? I tried to start a couple of different ways but I kept getting stuck. Do you take the logs of both sides right away or do you do something else first? 17c^2/3 = 44
  13. math

    can someone check my answer please? solve using multiplication principle. -4x>1/11 The way I solved it was dividing both sides by -1/4 to isolate x then I simplified left side which is -1/44 simplifying it to -1/11 is this correct or did I miss a step somewhere?
  14. Math-

    Solve the problem. If the answer is an amount of money, round to the nearest dollar. Maria has saved $420 at a bank. She wants to accumulate $1250 to attend computer camp. What percent of her goal has been reached? A) 33.6% B) 0.336% C) 30% D) 3%
  15. Math

    A cup of coffee costs 80c less than a burger.Together they cost 220c. Use this information to form an equation and solve it. This question I can't get my head around. It's due in 2 days but I would like to get it done sooner. Thanks.
  16. Math

    Manuel earns $400 per week plus a 3% commission on everything he sells. Write and solve and inequality to find out how much he must sell to have a weekly income of at least $700.
  17. Math, Algebra

    choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality (3y-6)/3 +4 <= -2 OR (4y-8)/2 -1 >= 5 Someone please help me and show me how to solve this. The numbers in parentheses are over a fraction, which is the number next to the slash. I can do the graphing myself, I ...
  18. MATH

    Can someone help me solve these problems? Thank you. [SQRT(2x2 + 5x + 6)]=x . [SQRT(x + 3)] = 2[SQRT(x)]
  19. math

    Solve 2 + cos^2(theta)=3sin^2(theta) for 0=< theta < 360
  20. math

    Solve for x: [Sixth root of 27]+[cube root of x] = 6/(3-[square root of 3]
  21. Math

    log(base5)x+log(base25)x+log(base125)x=33 solve for x
  22. Math

    Given RS || TU, m∠7 = (3x - 10), and m∠3 = (2x + 5) what is m∠1 I don´t know how to solve this. There´s a pic but i can´t post it.
  23. Math

    Solve the system by the addition method. −5x+7y=4 4x−y=−17
  24. math,correction

    Can someone correct my answers thanks. Problem #1 The equation h= -16t^2+112t gives the height of an arrow, shot upward from the ground with an initial velocity of 112 ft/s, where t is the time after the arrow leaves the ground. Find the time it takes for the arrow to reach a ...
  25. Math

    Translate and simplify "six less than twice the sum Of a number and three. I was not sure how to set it up Is it 2(x+3)-6 Or would it be set up 2x+3-6 I can solve it once I know how to set up the equation. Confused. Thanks for your help
  26. Math

    Please help me! I know I am not showing my work but I don't even know how to solve these! Please help me! Tell whether the given equation has the ordered pair as a solution. 1. y = 6x; (3,16) 2. y = -4x; (-2,8) 3. y = x - 3/4; (2,1 1/4) PLease help me understand how to do ...
  27. Math word problem

    George has 21 coins with a total value of $12.75. He knows he only has quarters and dollar coins in his pocket. How many coins of each type does he have? Create a system to solve.
  28. SS again please help me asap

    which of the following best describes the life style of up country residents? homes were decorated with portraits and silver men and women worked hard to operate farms houses had special rooms for visitors families lived in bustling towns with close neighbors
  29. english

    13. Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice? A. Our friend, who travelled from Tennessee, was quite tired when he arrived. B. We need help with organization, structure, and spelling. **C. The pots clanged to the kitchen floor, the kitten cowered under the ...
  30. physics

    I have two equations: #1) Tcos(theta)- 6.86=0 #2) Tsin(theta) = mass X acceleration I know that my acceleration is velociy squared/ radius (my given radius is 40cm) I'm supposed to solve for T and angular acceleration. I know I'd be able to do that if I could find what theta ...
  31. PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE !!!!!!!!

    A mass of 11 kg is placed on a frictionless incline which is inclined at an angle of 69 degrees above the horizontal. It is held in place by a rope which is attached to a wall at the top of the incline. The rope is angled 13 degrees above the direction parallel to the incline...
  32. Religions of the World

    Need a little help. I know the meaning but finding difficulty with popular usage for these terms.. What differences did you find between the popular usage and actual definitions? for Karma, Reincarnation, Yoga, Guru and Chakras. Karma means action and the result of action. ...
  33. Social Studies

    What country (if any) controlled Gambia in 1914? We were supposed to create a chart with controlled countries in Africa (I have a map in my textbook), but Gambia is so small that there is no room for the color to show which country (again, if any) it belongs to.
  34. ALGEBRA again still need help !

    need help solving this word problem, converting from words to an equation 48 equals a number increased by 6, and the sum, all multiplied by 5. I have the answer, but I am unable to set up an equation. answer - x=3 3/5
  35. physics?

    A falling rubber ball of mass m hits the ground with a speed of v and bounces straight up again after a 20% speed loss during the collision. The magnitude of the impulse it receives from the ground is A 0.2mv B 0.8mv C mv D 1.8mv
  36. math

    Recognize that rectangles that have the same area can have different perimenters. Do rectangles with the same area necessarily have the same perimeter?Give an example to support your answer. How I would handle this is to first look at the formula. Area=Length*Width Make up a ...
  37. probability

    Ivan rolls a dice he the rolls it again what is the probability that the first roll will be odd or the sum will be odd?
  38. math

    Jamie is 5 years older than Ella. Jamie's age is 11 years less than three times Ella's age. The system below models the relationship between Jamie's age (j) and Ella's age (e): j = e + 5 j = 3e – 11 Which of the following methods is correct to find Jamie's and Ella's age? (4...

    Please don't do that again or you will be banned from this forum.Your question is pretty vague. What observation table are you using? There are thousands of different types of data tables. Is it in Microsoft Excel? Give more details. Try reposting your question with more exact...
  40. calculus again

    Suppose lim x->0 {g(x)-g(0)} / x = 1. It follows necesarily that a. g is not defined at x=0 b. the limit of g(x) as x approaches equals 1 c.g is not continuous at x=0 d.g'(0) = 1 The answer is d, can someone please explain how? Thanks. lim x->0 {g(x)-g(0)} / x = 1. You ...
  41. chemistry

    having trouble posting but will try again. translate the following verbal description into scientific notation. magnesium ribbon is burned in pure oxygen gas. thanks The reaction forms magnesium oxide (MgO). Se if you can write the balanced reaction.
  42. astronomy

    Earths temperature averaged over the year is about 300 Kelvin. At what wavelength does it radiate most strongly? What part of the electromagnetic spectrum does this wavelength lie in? Can you see it? ( you answered my question but it doesnt go under 3000K on the chart. can you...
  43. More Music

    Okay, so I'm getting the hang of this. Anyway, the first "Theme" of Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto is plain to me. But where does the second begin? And what is it? Again, I have to write a paper on this, and besides a VERY basic, rudimentary comprehension, I have no technical ...
  44. Physics

    Rocket-powered sleds are been used to test the responses of humans to acceleration. Starting from rest, one sled can reach a speed of 424 m/s in 2.35 s and can be brought to a stop again in 2.16 s. Find the acceleration of the sled while accelerating. Answer in units of m/s2
  45. physics

    Rocket-powered sleds are been used to test the responses of humans to acceleration. Starting from rest, one sled can reach a speed of 533 m/s in 2.45 s and can be brought to a stop again in 2.37 s. Find the acceleration of the sled while accelerating. Answer in units of m/s2
  46. Science Struggle

    Rocket-powered sleds are been used to test the responses of humans to acceleration. Starting from rest, one sled can reach a speed of 533 m/s in 2.45 s and can be brought to a stop again in 2.37 s. Find the acceleration of the sled when braking. Answer in units of m/s^2
  47. vocab

    When he had travelled a few yards further he glanced at the card "indifferently". Surprised, he turned it over and looked again with interets. ("The Green Door") Whenever you glance "indifferently" you show that you are not .. a. clumsy b. cautious c. casual d. intrigued ...
  48. Affine ciphers, modular inverse

    So using the inverse of 17 modulo 26 I have -3(y-4)(mod 26) first am I correct? (I originally started with -3(y+22)(mod 26)) And im now trying to decipher a simple message. Which I will plug the numbers of the letters into the equation instead of y. Again am I doing this ...
  49. maths(urgent)thanks.

    a parabola with turning point at (1,-2) and passing through the origin.find the equation of this parabola. how do i do this? can someone please show me how to solve it step by step?thanks! You know that at x = 0 the function is zero. Because the turning point is at x = 1 must ...
  50. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve using the multiplication principle. 10x= -90 The solution is x = -9 please check
  51. Math

    Im trying to help my daughter with a question. I cant remember how. Please help!!! How do you solve 7 times the square root of 3 divided by the square root of 5.
  52. Math

    Solve the inequality: 2x-1 / 3x-2 < 1 [the < is actually less than or equal to] I got one of the answers, x is less than or equal to 1, but there's another. How do you find that answer? Thanks
  53. Math

    Solve: 1.) 2x² + 24 = x² The answers I obtained were: x = i√24 and x= -i√24 are these correct? 2.) 9x³ = 25x 3.) 5x² - x = 7x² - 5x - 2 4.) 2x² = x³ + 4x - 8 ~Thank you
  54. Finance math

    how do i solve this problem? Find the future value of $4300 at 4% compounded quarterly for 3 years. future value =
  55. math

    Solve Equation by Adding or Subtract fraction using Addition property of Equality or Subtraction property of equality. x-5/6 = 1/10
  56. Math

    a frame is made from a 28 inch length of trim and surrounds a 48 square inch picture. solve for the dimensions of the picture
  57. math

    directions solve the multiplication/division puzzle. fill in the blanks. x,/ 40 600 8 ______ ______ 7 _______ _______
  58. Math

    ten pounds of potatoes cost $2.55. How much will 6 pounds cost? Write and solve a proportion. Justify your steps.
  59. math

    Use factoring by grouping to solve the following equation. 4x^3 + 8x^2 − 9x − 18 = 0 x = 1 (smallest value) x = 2 x = 3 (largest value)
  60. Math

    5(2c+7)=80 Dis.Property Use Dis. Property Combine like terms Solve using inverse operations
  61. math

    Solve. Check for extraneous solutions. 1) (/3x+7) = x-1 2) (3/2x)-3=9 Note: (/3x+7) is the square root of 3x plus 7 and (3/2x)-3=9 is 3 times the square root of 2x - 3 equals 9.
  62. math

    Solve. Check for extraneous solutions. 1) (/3x+7) = x-1 2) (3/2x)-3=9 Note: (/3x+7) is the square root of 3x plus 7 and (3/2x)-3=9 is 3 times the square root of 2x - 3 equals 9.
  63. math

    Solve. Check for extraneous solutions. 1) (/3x+7) = x-1 2) (3/2x)-3=9 Note: (/3x+7) is the square root of 3x plus 7 and (3/2x)-3=9 is 3 times the square root of 2x - 3 equals 9.
  64. math

    Solve. Check for extraneous solutions. 1) (/3x+7) = x-1 2) (3/2x)-3=9 Note: (/3x+7) is the square root of 3x plus 7 and (3/2x)-3=9 is 3 times the square root of 2x - 3 equals 9.
  65. math

    35 students attended class on monday tuesday 26 students attended what was percent of decrease,show steps to solve
  66. math

    Attendance of game was 78,000 four times attended on the next game how many attended show steps to solve
  67. math

    Brent has #3.35 in quarters and dimes. He has 23 coins in all. How many quarters and dimes does he have? Write a system of equations to solve
  68. math

    A persons height is 161 and the persons shadow is 280, and a objects height is 345. Solve by using proportions
  69. math

    Person's height is 163 and the person's shadow is 290. The objects shadow is 345. Solve by using proportions
  70. math

    Persons height is 165 and the persons shadow is 285. The objects shadow is 345. Solve by using proportions
  71. Math

    Help me solve this input output table? 1 1 2 3 3 6 4 10 5 15 6 21 So what equation should I do to get from the number in the first column to the number in the second column?
  72. help with math!!!!

    Solve each system using substitution. Tell whether the system has one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. 13. -x + y = -13 3x - 1 = 19 15. 1/3y= 7/3 x + 5/3 x - 3y = 5 17. 3x + y = -13 -2x + 5y = -54
  73. Math 6 proportion

    21% reptiles, 11% are birds. There are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Is this the correct proportion that I wrote to solve? 11/21 = r/1,500
  74. math help

    the sum of three consecutive odd integers is 435. What is the largest of the three integers??how do I solve this problem?? Please help
  75. math

    Evaluate: -3/4 - 1 3/8 A: - 17/8 B: -1 C: 17/8 D: -5/8 I put C but its was incorrect. I'm to sure what the correct answer would then be. can you show me how to solve it and how to achieve the correct answer?
  76. math

    Use the line graph to solve. What was the difference in water levels between Week 2 and Week 4? A. 10 m B. 1 m C. 0.10 m D. 0.01 m the water kecvers is 5.3 and 5.4
  77. math

    I need to solve this problem , bought 6 ribbons each ribbon is 1/4 yard long how many yards of ribbons do i need to buy?
  78. math

    solve 2x3 -+4r2 if r=1 and s=5 is it 25x25x25=15625 42x42= 1764 15625-1764=13861 I think I got it
  79. Math

    good day please help with this indefinite integral,especially what formula i can use to solve it-2x+1/(3x^2+3x+5)dx.Find the indefinite integral.
  80. math

    Consider the line 4x +3y= 12 a.) Solve the equation for y b.)State the slope of the line c.)State the y- intercept Show all working.
  81. Math

    Solve the problem! A recipe calls for 2/3 cup of sugar. You want to make 1/3 of the recipe. How much sugar should you use?
  82. math

    Using taylor series solve lim x→0 ((sin^-1 6x)-(sin 6x))/((tan^-1)(6x)-(tan 6x) I don't know how to start this problem
  83. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 21 inches. What is the measure of its width if its length is 3 inches greater than its width?..... Please help me solve this question...
  84. Math 4

    There are 20 teachers and 705 students in Corey's school. What is the ratio of teachers to students? How would I solve this problem? PLZ help me! :(
  85. math

    If side of triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5 and its perimeter is 24 cm, find measure of each side of triangle. How to solve this Questions please show.
  86. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 94.6. If one number is 19 times the other, what are the two numbers? Please explain how to solve. Thanks
  87. Math

    Write a percent equation that can be used to solve the following problem: 820 is 20% of what number? A. n = 0.2 x 820 B. 820 = 0.2 × n C. 0.2 = n × 820 D. none of these
  88. Math

    Don't understand how to solve this problem: 12. A, B, C, and D are points on a line, and the lengths of the line segments are: AB = 12, BC = 4, CD = 7, and DA = 15. Which of the following is a possible order for the points? A.A,B,C,D B. A,C,D,B C. A,D,C,B D. A,C,B,D
  89. math

    Solve the system by elimination. State whether the system has one solution, infinite solutions, or no solution. x + 3y = –5 4x – y = 6 please help thanks
  90. math,bobpursley

    Is this the correct way to solve these math problems and are the answers correct. Directions:Solve the following applications. Science. Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How long is tehe mountain trail? 2/3 (x)10= 6 and...
  91. math, beginning algebra

    Can someone correct this for me. Directions:Solve 6x-1 divided by 5 minus 2x divided by 3 equals 3 My answer: x = 6 yes If this is what you mean, [(6x-1)/5]-(2x/5)= 3 then yes, x=6 If you mean [(6x-1)/(5-2x)]/(3)=3 then no, x = 0.75
  92. math,help

    is this correct solve and graph the solution set 3(x-4) > 7x-9 my steps 3x-12 > 7x-9 3x-7x > -9+12 -4x > 3 (-4x)/(-4) > (3)/(-4) x< -(3)/(4) how do i graph it also well, everything to the left of -.75 is x. so then am i correct or completely wrong...
  93. math,correction

    i am really trying is this correct. solve: 5(x-2)^2 = 3 MY ANSWER THAT I GOT IS: X = 2 +- (SQRT (3) )/(5) no. 5(x-2)^2 = 3 (x-2)^2 = 3/5 x-2 = +- sqrt (3/5) x= 2 +- sqrt (3/5) so the whole fraction of 3/5 is inside the sqrt yes
  94. Math Help Please!!!

    Solve the equation:(x+3)/-3=(x+3)(x-1) Divide both sides by (x+3), multipy both sides by -3. I Will be happy to critique your work. will it be x=-2? no. 1=-3(x-1) 1=-3x+3 -2=-3x x= 2/3 check that.
  95. math

    use the quadratic formula to solve this equation. 4x^2-8x+3=5 use the formula x=-b + or - the sqrt of b^2-4ac/2a yes, the 2a divides into all. Memorize it.
  96. Math

    The sum of three consecutive integers is 417. Let n be the first one. Write and solve an equation that will determine the three integers.
  97. Math

    ( / means absolute value) Solve: 3+/2y-1/>=1. Graph the solution set on a number line. The number line I have is: -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 I'm confused on what to do.
  98. Math Help

    I'm not really sure on how to prove statements are right with properties as reasons. How would you solve this? If x + c = 0, then x = -c Statements: 1. x+c=0 2. (x+c)+(-c) = 0 + (-c) 3. x + [c+(-c)] = 0 + (-c) 4. x + 0 = 0 + (-c) 5. x = (-c) Would 5 be the substitution property?
  99. MATH

    i am thinking of a number. if you multiply it by 7, then add 15, and finally subtract 3^2 you get 48. write and solve an equation that describes the number (x) that i am thinking of. how do i find it? what is x?
  100. Math

    a store earned $797.30 for the sale of candid apples at $2.28 each. write & solve an equation that represents how many candid apples were sold? Thanks!!
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