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Our difference is 6. We have a sum of 14. What numbers are we? We know number 10. How did you find 4? Please describe and solve the riddle.Write the number sentence.


I've been really struggling with this question, could someone please walk me through it. x+y=0.4276 (so, y=0.4276-x) x/23.947+y/56.105=0.01034 Solve for x.

8th Grade Math

The value of y varies directly with x. When y = -12 1/2, x = 50. What is the value of y when x is 11 3/4, rounded to the nearest hundredths? Can someone please show me how to solve this problem?

Math- HELP!

If a population of fruit flies doubles every 3 days. What is k, the proportionality constant? How would I solve this problem? What would initial value be?? Thanks!


The corners of a square lie on a circle of Diameter D = 0.35m. Each side of the square has a length L. Find L. - I'm not quite sure how to solve this problem

Math please help!!!

Solve the system of equations to find x,y,z (hint let d=x2 e=y2 and d=z2 . Find d e and f first) 2 means squared I don't have it on my keyboard. X2+y2+z2=9 3x2-y2-z2=7 Y2+2z2 =6


Write and solve an equation for each of the following. Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF. AB = 2x - 10, and DE = x + 20. Find the value of x and AB. I don't even know where to begin, please help.


I need help finding x for this equation e^x (x^2 + 4x + 2)=0 thanks. e^x = 0 or x^2 + 4x + 2 = 0 the first has no real solution (actually x would have to an infinitely large negative number) The second is a quadratic, use the formula to solve it.

English writing

From earlier I posted a question on how to write a thesis from the topic What is your favorite piece of furniture?Explain. When I sit in my recliner chair it helps me to solve math problems.

math-help solve please

find out how long it takes a $2700 investment to double if it is invested by 7% compounded semiannually. Round to the nearest tenth of a year . Use the formula A=P[1+r/n]^nt


Bob wants to start a lawn in an area that is 110ft by 70ft. One bag of seed covers 1200 square feet. How many bags should he buy? Please help me solve


Write an equation in standard form for the line whose slope is undefined that passes through (5,-3) Please help me solve, my answer is 5x-3y=0... It was marked wrong and i can not seem to figure it out.

math sequences and series

how do i solve if t1=1/2 and tn=tn-1+1/n(n+1), determine an explicit formula for the general term. (hint: it is neither arithmetic nor geometric. write out the first few terms)


Solve cosxtanx + sqroot3cosx - sqroot3/2tanx - 3/2 = 0 interval 0 to 2 pi exact answers and formula for the general solution as well as the specific solutions. Sorry Steve, missed it last night.


The diameter of a lead pipe is measured to be 2.40 cm and you are asked to convert to units of inches. Which of the following conversion factors can you use to solve this problem? Answer 12 in = 1 ft 100 cm = 1 m 3 ft = 1 yd Two of the these ?>None of these


In a science experiment, the temperature of a substance is changed from 42°F to -54°F at an average rate of -12 degrees per hour. Over how many hours does the change take place? **Write as an expression and solve THANK YOU!


the questions says if carlos eats 1/2 icream every night for dessert. He has 3 cups left. How many days can he eat a 1/2 cup before running out. How do I solve this problem

Math Questions

Find Part of a Group Use a model to solve. 7/8 x 16= Answer: 14 8x2=16 7x2=14 6/10x10=6 10x1=10 6x1=6 Please let me know if I have the above answers correct? Thank you

Math - Ratio or Proportion (I think??)

Hello, I'm looking for guidance on how to solve these two problems below. I think they are proportion or ratio problems, but I am not sure. 1. If 6 pounds of meat feeds 3 people for 5 days, how much meat is required to feed 5 people for 7 days? 2. If a dress that is made out ...


Please someone get back to me! I really don't know how to do this, need as soon as possible. Please help! A rabbit population satisfies the logistic equation dy dt = 2x(10to the exponent 6)y(10to the exponent6)- y; where t is the time measured in months. The population is ...


three fireworks are fired at the same time. The first one is fired every 64 seconds, the second one is fired every 84 seconds and the third one is fired every 96 seconds. How many seconds after they start will it take until all three fireworks are again fired together?


A 630. mL flask contains O2 at a pressure of 0.75 atm and a temperature of 20°C. What mass of O2 is present? I know you Use PV = nRT and solve for n = number of mols gas. Then n = grams/molar mass and solve for grams. 630 ml= 1l= 1000ml 0.63 L 20=293.15 k 0.75*0.63=n*0.0821*...


Please help Im am Grade 5 and my teacher is letting me do this. 1. Solve the solution by using elimination and substitution 3/x - 2/y = 14 6/x + 3/y = 7 2. Solve by eliminating x (this is solving 3 linear equations) then substitute to the other two equation x + y + 5z =2 (1) ...


Hello, I'm not sure how to go about this question. To get to work on the first day, Jose has the following directions. Travel 15 miles due East. Turn right and travel 12 miles due south. Turn right again and travel 10 miles due West. If Jose could travel in a straight line ...


two cruise ships sail from NY to FL.ONE ship make the round trip in 8 days.the other ship make the round trip in 10 days.both ships sail from ny today.which is the fewest number of days before both ships will sail again from newyork on the same day?

Solve the following polynomial equati

Solve the following polynomial equation for x : x^2 - 2( a+2)x + (a + 1)(a + 3).

physics again...

A 62.0 kg diver falls from rest into a swimming pool from a height of 3.50 m. It takes 1.92 s for the diver to stop after entering the water. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the diver during that time.


Can you please check these few sentences, please? Thank you. 1) I just wanted to know why two meals are not included in your rate and how much your hotel charges for a dinner. 2) Would you please be so kind and send me the details of your offer again?


Find expressions for the quadratic functions whose graphs are shown. One graph has the point (4,2) plotted in which the parabola passes through (U-shaped parabola- right side up) The vertex is at (3,0) and the parabola does not touch the y-axis for as much is shown. So, I did ...


Solve: cos(2x-180) - sin(x-90)=0 my work: cos2xcos180 + sin2xsin180= sinxcos90 - sin90cosx -cos2x - sin2x= cosx -cos^2x + sin^2x -2sinxcosx=cosx I'm stuck here. I tried subtracting cosx from both sides and making sin^2x into 1- cos^2x, but I still can't seem to solve the problem.


solve Ka for HX => H^+ + X^- given 0.1M LiX at pH=8.9 Chemistry - DrBob222, Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 6:32pm LiX(aq) ==> Li^+(aq) + X^-(aq) X^- is a base and hydrolyzes in water to X^- + HOH ==> HX + OH^- Make an ICE chart and substitute into the following: Kb = (Kw/...

math 2

beginning on.the first day of school ,mr. jones,gives his,son a,turkey sandwich for lunch every 6 days,and a banana with his lunch every 4 days. in how many days will mr. jones again give his son both a turkey sandwich and a banana for lunch?


1)The break-even point is the ticket price for which the event's income will equal expenses. Another way to think of the break even point is the ticket price when profit is $0. The equations given in an earlier problem were: P=((4000-25X)x)-7500 I=((4000-25x)x) S=4000-25x S=...


1))ten to the seventh power= 8^7 base 8 exponent 7. key Sequence: 8^7=2,097,152 2))ten to the six power= 10^6 base is 10 exponent 6 key sequence: 10^6=1,000,000 3))nine to the fourth power 9^4 base is 9 exponent is 4 key sequence:9^4=6,561 thanks i need someone to check my ...


need help again!!!!! Simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents. 8x^2 y^-2 . (4xy^2)^-1 __________ ____________ x^-2y x^2y i'm sorry i can't read your question that well. use "/" sign for fractions and "*" sign for multiplication please.

Ms. Sue

I just wanted to thanks to Ms.Sue for all of her help on behalf of everyone needing help on Jiskha Homework help. You have helped everyone find the correct answer and you are very knowledgeable with everything!!! Thanks Again -Lawyer


What is the product of NaC2O4 and Ag+? A. NaC2O4 and Ag+ do not form a product. B. AgNaC2O4 C. Ag2C2O4****** I think the right answer is C...please let me know - I asked once earlier but no one answered - thought I would try again.

physics hey bob

you help me solve this problem. but how am i suppose to if i don't know the mass of the car? on a level road the stopping distance for an automobile is 35.0m for an initail speed of 90 km/hr what is the stopping distance of the same automobile on a simalr road with the slope 1...


g(x)=(x^3)-(3x^2)+17 a)find and classify all critical points of g(x) using exact with x and y values. b)for what values of x is the function concave down; again exact x and y values.

pre algebra

Tell whether the events are independent or dependent. Then find the probability. You roll a 6 on a number cube. Then you roll again and roll a 2. Independent???


1. Samuel is 2/3 as old as his brother. In five years, he will be 3/4 as old as his brother will be. Find their present ages. a. If x = the brother’s age now, write an expression for Samuel’s present age in terms of x. b. Write an expression for the brother’s age in five...

French 1

I have tried posting this question a nummber of times. I have to rewrite the following sentences replacing the words in paretheses with object pronoun. 1.J'ai (mes ingredients) Je l'ai 2 Il regarde (toi et moi). Nous le regardons 3. Micheal Comprend ( toi et mes amis) Nous le ...


Three persons steps off from a pint. Their steps measure 40 cms, 42 cms and 45 cms respectively. At what distance will they be together again if their speeds are same?

Quick math help

Can someone please check my math Hw? Thank you!! Solve each system by elimination. 1. 8x+7y=-1 -9x-7y=2 I got (-1,1) 2. 4x+3y=1 -4x-7y=-13 I got (2,-2) 3. -7x-6y=-21 -x-6y=-3 I got (3,0) 4. -2x+3y=-16 -2x-5y=-16 I got (8,0) 5. -7x+2y=13 -14x+4=26 I got (0,0) 6. 15x-8y=14 -5x+...


I am suppose to simplify the following problems: sqrt(x)/x (isn't that already simplified?) e^(1+lnx) (I have no clue.) ln(1/2) (I know this problem translates--> e^x=1/2--> but how would you solve it w/o a calculator?) e^(3lnx) ([e^(lnx^3)]--> is it equal to 3?) sqrt...


Here's one last equation I can't balance: Al{subscript 2}(SO{subscript 4}){subscript 3} + ZnCl{subscript 2} -> AlCl{subscript 3} + ZnSO{subscript 4} Please help, and thanks again.


Is this right:if it still needs more can someone help me out what else can i say....thanks why are polynomials important? polynomials are important because the are used to determine and solve the unknowns in equations. Many natural processes can be modeled in math equations, ...

Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review Help!

19. The circumference of the circle below is 25.12 centimeters ***** There is a circle and then there is a line and written radius C = 2(pi)r Which is the best estimate for the length of the radius of the circle? a) 3 cm b) 4 cm c) 8 cm d) 16 cm please help i tried to solve ...


In a collection of nickels, dimes, and quarters worth &6.90, the ratio of the number of nickels to dimes is 3:8. The ratio of the number of dimes to quarters is 4:5. Find the number of each type of coin. Use a coin value chart to help. well, 4:5 is the same as 8:10 That makes ...


Hi again. I don't understand these two questions so um please help me. Also explain me how to do it. Please 1. An electrician charges $40 to come to your house. She also charges $55 for each hour that she works. The electrician charges you a total of $190. How many hours does ...


I need help understanding the question. This is for a World War I project. Thanks. Compare the ideologies, polocies and governmental methods of at least two 20th century dictatorial regimes [Germany, Italy, Spain, USSR] with absolute rulers from previous eras. Thanks again.=]

College Chemisty

The pH of water collected in a stormwater run-off downstream from a Union Carbide chemical factory is 4.82. Calculate the H+ ion concentration of rainwater. The problem may start with: pH= -log H+ = 4.82. The answer is 1.5x10 power -5. Again, Can you please show steps for maths.

Social studies (Update answer)

I think its B. ? If its wrong I swear I wont ask again. What is a limitation of any map? A. It shows only a part of the Earth. B. There is always some distortion. C. The scale affects what can be shown accurately. D. The seas are never in exactly the right location

Reposted - math - Ashley's question

L=length w=width ============ eqn 1 is 2L + 2w = 28 eqn 2 is w= (1/2)L+2 =========== solve for L and w. Post your work if you get stuck. Posted by Ashley on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 6:49pm. John made a rectangular pen for ...

college math

I do not understand a problem from a text book or how to solve the problem for the answer. Could shomeone show me the steps (show work) on how to solve this question. The sum of the intergers from 1 through n is n(n+1)/2. the sum of the squares of the intergers from 1 through ...


In an election, Kate lost to Lee by 32 votes. Because the vote was so close, they decided to have a re-vote. All of Kate's supporters voted fro her again, but some of Lee's supporters switched their votes to vote for Kate. Kate won by the revote by 6 votes. How may of Lee's ...


If 80% of a piece of wood is submerged in water before oil is added, find the fraction submjerged when oil with a density of 781 kg/m^3 covers the block. (Don't neglect the buoyant force of air before the oil is added). I thought to find the density of wood by setting the % ...


I need help with these two problems. I need to have all of the steps shown for full credit and I get lost along the way. 6x - 2y = 10 4x + 3y = 12 solve the system by elimination. solve inequality -2(2x-6)-4x>or equal to 3x-10 + 9 It's at this point in our lessons I keep ...

Math (Statistics)

The Centers for Disease Control reported the percentage of people 18 years of age and older who smoke (CDC website, December 14, 2014). Suppose that a study designed to collect new data on smokers and nonsmokers uses a preliminary estimate of the proportion who smoke of .30. a...


please help me simplify (x^3+8)/(x^4-16). thanks. The denominator is cleary the differerence of two squares (X^2-4)(x^2+4). That can again be factored to (x+2)(x-2)(x^2+4). The numerator can be factored using the trinomial simplification..


solve for the second derivative and set to zero f"(x) = ((x^2-4)*sin(2x)- [(2x)(1+cos^2(x))]/ ((1+cos^2(x))^2) i don't know how to set it to zero and solve i get this: (x^2-4)(sin(2x))= (2x)(1+cos^2(x)) thanks for help i did not get a clear response earlier so i am reposting. ...

sra McGuin

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help - - will need help again but right now just getting ready for conversation test - which I just have to practice and practice


Thankyou so much to all of you for helping me all of your ideas and sites you found have helped me alot. thankyou again. you are all stars!

Canadian Law

1)How has battered-woman syndrome been used in criminal court cases in recent years? 2)Compare the Lavallee and Malott cases. How are they similar and how are they different? 3)Why do you think many abused woman drop the charges against their abusive partners? 4)Men are also ...


can someone correct this for me please. Directions: Solve the following system by substitution. 5x-2y=-5 y-5x-3 what i received as the solution are : x = - (1)/(5) and y = 2 which it would look like: (-(1)/(5) , 2) correct.


can someone explain to me this one as well step by step...thanks Problem #2 Solve the matrix equation AX=B for X by finding A to power. A= 2_-1_3 -3_4_-5 -4_0_6 b= 9 6 -9 Solution is: 5.43 8.22 2.12

math equation

umm i learned this abt 6 months ago in an advanced class but i totally 4got, so help plz? the equation is: 420=x^2+x how do i solve for x? thx for the help :)


I'm haveing trouble with this problem, I've tryed all of the methods/tricks I have learned to solve these kinds of problems, and none of them have worked. (-5)x=3x-22


how would you solve these problem using distributive property question #1 5(45+5)=5(_____) question#2 9(42)-9(4)=9(30)+9(______) I need this before Sunday December 6,2009


How do I solve lim((3x^3 - 5x +2)/(4x^2 + 3)) as x approaches infinity? I divided everything by the largest power of x, but I ended up getting a denominator of 0. Do I have to factor this? (answer is infinity)


Solve the problem. Use 3.14 for ð. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. A cylindrical container has a diameter of 10 in. and a volume of 549.5 in3. What is the height of the container?


You earn $7.25 per hour babysitting. Write and solve an inequality to find how many full hours you must work to earn at least $200


1.)Name the property that is illustrated. a) 7 „e 6 ƒ­ 6 „e 7 b) 7 ƒy (1 ƒy 9) ƒ­ (7 ƒyƒn1) ƒy 9 2.) a) Identify the base in the following statement b) Solve for the amount. What is 81% of 285? 3.)a) Find the supplement of „£A. b) Find the compliment of „£A...

Math 116

Create an equation of a nonlinear function and provide one positive and one negative value for x. Please show steps in how to solve it as well.


Solve the equation by factoring, by finding square roots, or by completing the square. 4(x+8)^2=144 I'm not sure if I'm suppose to divide or multiply the 4 to both sides..


Solve each equation write answer on simplest form 1/4x = 6 2t = 4/7 Can you show me how to do didn't understand on class. Working on solving fraction equation. Multiply and divide


How would I solve for t if y equals 720 minutes of daylight and t=the number of days in 2012 720 = 713.7+152.7 sin [(2pi/366)(t-80.75)]

Math (trigonometry)

How do you solve this trig identity problem without factoring? I just used @ to represent theta: sin^4@ + 2sin^2@cos^2@ + cos^4@ = 1

Math 8th Grade

I have a bunch of nickels and quarters worth $7.85 in my [pocket. How do I write a system of equation to solve and determine how many of each coin I have!!

Math last question i promise

I have another problem: Solve this equation: $19.95 + $.99m + $65.32 = $144.67 I swear this is the last question! I'm sorry I am asking so much, I just need a little help.


Lea drove 420 miles and used 20 gallons of gas. How many miles per gallon did her car get? *my question is what would be the equation so I can solve it?


Two factors that make a product are sometimes called a factor pair . Describe how using factors pairs helped you solve the problems.


Two factors that make a product are sometimes called a factor pair . Describe how using factors pairs helped you solve the problems.


Two factors that make a product are sometimes called a factor pair . Describe how using factors pairs helped you solve the problems.


A rectangle is 7 feet longer than it is wide. If its area is 120 square feet, find its length and width. Represent this situation as an equation and solve.

math (Matrix)

solve the equations by using a) the adjoint matrix b) elementary row operations i) x+y+z=6 2x-y+z=3 x+4y-z=6 ii) 3p-3q+r=1 -3p+5q-2r=-1 p-2q+r=3 iii)-12a+b+17c=-14 2a-b+3c=5 8a+b-13c=-3 thanks sir/madam

math (Matrix)

solve the equations by using a) the adjoint matrix b) elementary row operations i) x+y+z=6 2x-y+z=3 x+4y-z=6 ii) 3p-3q+r=1 -3p+5q-2r=-1 p-2q+r=3 iii)-12a+b+17c=-14 2a-b+3c=5 8a+b-13c=-3 thanks sir/madam

finite math

using the formula for present value of ordinary annuity or the amortization formula to solve this problem. PV=13000 I= .015 PMT=550 n?


So I've been working on solving this system by addition/subtraction and I just can't get the right answer. Her is the system of equations I was given to solve by add/sub: 3x – y = –12 x + 2y = –18


Eric and Frank want to equally share 4/3 feet of rope. What length of rope should each friend get? Explain how to use a drawing to help solve the problem.


integral of ((1+sin(2x))^0.5)/(sin(x)^2) I tried all kind of substitution, simplification but unable to solve it.Need a hint only no solution please.


What is the smallest of 3 consecutive positive integers if the product of the smallest and largest is 21 more than 9 times the middle number? x(x+2)=21+9(x+1) I'm not sure if this is a good equation to solve it..?


the product of two consecutive positive even integers is 14 more than their sum .set up an equation that can be used to find the two numbers and solve it

Math (pre-celc 12)

Solve this algebraically for the exact values (Meaning find the x-intercepts): (1/x)=x/(3x+18) I'm not sure what to write as the common denominator. I thought it was: 4x+18 because (3x+x+18)=(4x+18), but I'm not sure what to do from there. Thanks!


Solve the system of equations to find x,y,z (hint let d=x2 e=y2 and d=z2 . Find d e and f first) !!where ever you see 2 it's supposed to be a squared sign!! X2+y2+z2=9 3x2-y2-z2=7 Y2+2z2 =6

To: SraJMcGin

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. Does this look better? Hola. Me llamo Danilo. Soy de Massachusetts. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es el trece de febrero. Mi clase favorita es las ciencias porque es muy interesante. No me gusta la clase de matemáticas porque...


I have another question that's got me stumped... The question of amendments to indictments is now mostly regulated by A: Common Law B: Statute C: Local rules of court D: Code. I believe it's D but then again I can't decide it it might be B. Can you direct me in the right ...

AP Physics

Again Chapter one Stuff... Discuss how the notion of symmetry could be used to estimate the number of marbles in a one-liter jar. I'm lost I'm thinkthing somewer along the lines of counting them up nice and simple but I have no idea


What is the frequency of radiation whose wavelength is 26.80 Angstrum ? at first i got 1.000e17 and it was wrong. now i only have 1 more try. i tried it again and got 9.993e16 but i don't want to put it in unless its correct. can you guys check my work?

Chemistry- DrBob222

0.2g of an organic sample W, analysed by combustion analysis results in 0.48g of CO2 and 0.1636g of H2O. We had a second sample 0.2g of W again producing 0.0618g of ammonia. Show that only C, H and N exist in W and find its emperical formula.


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