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  1. math

    A rocket is fired at sea level and climbs at a constant angle of 70° through a distance of 10,000 feet. Approximate its altitude to the nearest foot. how do you solve this?/
  2. math

    will smeone please help me solve this question. Simplify the expression. Write your answer in the lowest terms ans leave it in factored form. __3y__ + ___4__ y(4y-1) 4y-1
  3. Math

    Find the length of the side of the largest square nut that can be milled from a piece of round stock that the diameter is 15mm. Use the 45-45-90 degree formula to solve.
  4. Math (Algebra)

    The Problem is that 3 people go to lunch. They decide to share the $12 bill evenly. How much does each person pay? The Equation is 3x=12 #1. What is the value of x? #2. Solve for x #3. Answer the question.
  5. Math (Algebra)

    3 robots go out to lunch. They decide to share the $11.91 bill evenly. How much does each robot pay? Equation: 3x = 11.91 #1. What does x represent? #2. Solve for x. #3. Answer the question.
  6. Math

    Use the formula to solve the problems. B × In The amount that results when $6,000 is compounded at 7% annually over eight years=____ The interest earned in this case= ___
  7. Math Help

    I really need help on this. I tried doing it on my own, but, I got stuck. Thanks! (a) List any approximate x-intercepts values. (b) Set y = 0 and solve the resulting equation; y=x^3-4x^2-25x+100.
  8. math

    If the lengths of the sides of a rectangle are integers, and if one side is 2 more than another, then the perimeter could equal A. 1998 B. 1999 C. 2000 D. 2002 I started this, but I'm not sure what they're asking and I don't know how to solve it.
  9. Math

    Solve the proportion: The local technology store had discounted all of their products 40%. What will your purchase price be if the tablet you are looking at originally costs $475.00
  10. Math

    How to solve this problem 8.3 was added to a certain number. This sum was then divided by 11.2. Finally, the quotient was multiplied by 8. This product came out to 16. Please help I'm in 5th gradethank you..
  11. Math

    You have $5 for lunch. You bought a turkey sandwich for $2.25. Write and Solve an inequality to show how much more you can spend. Thank you in advance for the help. I cannot seem to figure this out!
  12. Math

    Here it just says this: Solve triangle ABC. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place.) b = 67, c = 33, ∠A = 70°
  13. math

    For exersizes 1-4 describe the population, the sampling plan, and the sample 1. A magazine for teenagers asks its readers to write in imformation about how they solve personal problems
  14. Math 6b

    You roll a number cube twice. Find P(even then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. I don't know the answer to this one but I'm just asking for the process so I can solve it.
  15. math

    a block of wood in the shape of a cubiod has lenght 2.5meter and breadth 1.5 meter and heightt 2 miter how many cubical blocks each of edge 50 cm can be cut from it plz solve
  16. Math

    5.Solve the proportion using cross products. (1 point) 18/20 = k/110 a.99 b.122 c.3.3 d.2.9 I'm confused please give me the answer and how you found it so I can do it on my own next time
  17. math

    The length of a room is double its breath. Its height is 5m the area of four walls ( including the door and windows) is 210sq m. Find its volume solve this sum
  18. math

    The length of a room is double its breath. Its height is 5m the area of four walls ( including the door and windows) is 210sq m. Find its volume solve this sum
  19. Math

    please help me I am not really sure about this please check answer thanks :) Mary has decided to purchase furniture. She has 2 choices she can pay the full amount of $4,200.The other choice is to finance the furniture for two years with an installment loan. The loan requires a...
  20. chemistry

    A solution of sodium cyanide nacn has a ph of 12.10. How many grams of nacn are in 425ml of solution with the same ph? I do not understand how to calculate this question. Who helps me to solve it for me. Thank you. The right answer 209gm. A 0.446g sample of an unknown ...
  21. 12 Chemistry

    So I forgot, but I have one more I want to check while I am here (I seriously have a need for perfection, and want to include all of the details I can :P). So, what evidence is there that the esters synthesized in the lab are soluble? Again, thank you so much!!
  22. dog behavior repost

    please check my answer again thanks Pupillary constiction in the presence of bright light is an example of what reponse ? A active tropic B passive tropic C unconditioned D conditioned I now say it's C
  23. Health

    Blood typing is based on ______ on the surface of the red blood cells. A. antigens B. protein C. antibodies D. a Rubella titer i am thinking B again im not 100% just wanted to see if i was correct. please help
  24. religious education

    i need to write an essay about discrimination. it needs to be 5000 words (i know!) please could someone help me find some good sites that i can get some info on. i might be asking again if i get stuck thanks in advance :)
  25. Ms Sue design technology

    sorry to post again but could you check if this is right what angel wings kindly suggected. a product which a designer has thought out of the box robotic vacuum cleaner or a robotic mower.
  26. To:Ms.Sue

    Sorry Ms.Sue but I have a question on the previous answer you gave me and I hope you don't mind answering it,thanks. Earlier you say "What examples do you know about the good that people do who contribute to the community? " Could you explain to me what this mean? Thanks again.

    Please accept this as an apology. I wasn't trying to spam this forum I truly believe it's great and I am grateful for the amount of tutors who volunteer their time!! I was very shocked that's all. I am once again sorry
  28. science

    If Faraday hd used a more powerful battery in his experiments with electromagnetic induction, what affect would this have had on his galvanometer's measurements of current when the battery was fully connected? explain your reasoning. Thanks again!
  29. math

    what is the dollar value of ending inventory if there were 17,000 units on hand on December 31? January 1 beginning inventory 5,000 units @$0.89 February 15 purchase 10,000 units @ $0.69 April 15 purchase 2,000 units @ $1.09 July 15 purchase 4,000 units @ $0.99 October 15 ...
  30. Physics

    A particle leaves its orgin with a velocity of 4 i m/s and a constant acceleration of (-2i + .5j) m/s^2. At the time the particle reaches its maximum X corrdinate a) what is its velocity? b) what is its position vector? I'm not sure which equations i should use. solve for the ...
  31. Jay

    Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance for helping to solve this problem. Have a great day. Here is the question? Use the point-slope form to write the given slope and point. Leave the equation in that form: slope 7/8, passes through (-2,-9)
  32. algebra URGENT!

    Solve the system using elimination. 2x – 2y = –8 x + 2y = –1 And this one: Solve the system using elimination. 3x – y = 28 3x + y = 14 Pleease help me :(
  33. Algebra II

    1. 4^x - 3(4^-x) = 8 I got where 4^x = 4 + square root (19), but I can't solve further. The answer is (log (4 + root (19)) ) / (log 4). 2. log (x^2) = (log x)^2 Solve for x Thanks!
  34. math

    I have a table and was given an equation of best fit - the table is about the growing US population. My equation of best fit is y = 106.7236(1.0124)^x I found my y intercept and the population in 2013. Now it is asking when will the US population break 400 million. In 2013 the...
  35. math

    how do you solve: integral:(x-1)sqrt(x) dx There aren't any limits of integration Add the integrals of x^3/2 dx and -x(1/2) dx. Use the rule that the integral of x^n is x^(n+1)/(n+1), where n is any constant.
  36. Math!Please Help Me!

    Solve the following quadratic by either factoring or using the quadratic formula: 6x2 - 5x = 6 6x^2 -5x -6 = 0 (3x+2)*(2x-3) = 0 Take it from there
  37. Math

    How would I solve the quadratic equation: 2x^2 + 6x = 0 I would factor out 2x to give 2(x+3)=0 2x^2 = -6x; 2x = -6; x = -3. hopefully thts the answer!
  38. MATH

    how would you solve this equation? the measurement of a triangle is 2m more than the base. The area is 17.5m^2. Find the length of the base.
  39. math

    when I try to solve the equation 9x-5y=4, my answer is y=9/5+4/5. is this correct because I am having trouble trying to do a table of values for this equation.
  40. Math

    solve: 4x+18=22 please help. i just need to understand how to do this for i have many problems like this on my final, and i have forgotten how!
  41. Math

    How many feet are in 2 3/4 miles? (Hint: 1 mile=5280 feet) How do I write a proportion to solve this problem. Please help, thank you.
  42. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve the following systems of equations x + 6y = (1) x+ 9 - 6y (2) What is the solution of the system? I get N for no solution
  43. math

    How can I solve this problem. A restaurant has 7 booths and 20 table. Write tth ratio of booths to tables as a fraction.
  44. Math

    solve by the elimination method. what is the solution of the system? type a pair, an integer or a fraction, N if no solution, and I for many solutions. Q: x + 8y = 17 -x + 2y = 3 A: N?
  45. math

    i need to solve this equation by completing the square: x^2-14x+1=0 i don't' know how to do this, nor do i know what complete the square means. please help.
  46. Math

    Can you please help me solve these problemss: 1. _____mL= 1 dL 2. _____dg= 1 dag 3. _____cL= 1 hL 4. _____cg= 1 dag 5.______daL= 1 kL 6. _____hm= 1 km
  47. math

    solve by the substitution method 3x + 6y = 27 -2x + y = 12 what is the solution of the system..(type an ordered pair, or N if there is no solution) has to be like (3,5)please help me
  48. Math - Indefinite Integration

    Use integration by parts to solve: I = f (x^3)(e^(x^2)) dx (Let "f" represent the integral) Let u = (e^(x^2)), dx = (1) / (2x(e^(x^2))) du Let dv = x^3, v = (x^4) / (4) I = (1/4)(x^4)(e^(x^2)) - (1/4) f (x^3) (2(e^(x^2))) du ... and now I don't know what to do. I don't know ...
  49. math

    How do you use RECIPROCALS to solve equations without variables. I do not want the answer to the equation. I want the steps to solving it with RECIPROCALS. Thanks! ex. 37.6 + 2.5 ----------- 48(7.8 - 10.5)
  50. math 117

    Solve the system of equations by graphing Then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and dependent or independent
  51. Math

    Please help! They are asking for 2 solution sets and I don't know where to start. Thanks in advance! Solve and write interval notation for the solution set. 3 – 8x < –5 or 3 – 8x > 19
  52. math

    solve the system of equation by graphing then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and as dependent or independent 8x-4y= -20 4y-8x= 20 i don't understand it.
  53. Math

    Can someone please help me? 33 1/3% of 7,500 is what number? (Write the equation and solve it ) this is my equation: 33 1/3% = 7500 100 Base= x
  54. Math

    If the odds in favor of an event A are 3 to 1, what is the probability associated with event A occurring? I am so confused with this question could you show me how I could solve it?
  55. math 115

    2/7 over = 1.6 20 over r solve for r not looking for just an answer, would appreciate the formula for solving, thanks
  56. math

    find the slope, if it exists x=-2 m = can someone show me how to solve this question?? I've never seen this question before....
  57. Math

    Solve the quadratic equation using any technique you wish. Name the technique. Check. 12x2 + 10x = 0
  58. math

    Solve for x: sin3x=1/2 Can someone please help me with this porblem? I'm not sure if my answers are right, but I obtained x=ð+12ðk/18 and x=5ð+12ðk/18.
  59. Math

    Solve the equation for x in the interval 0<x<2pi 1/ 1+tan^2x = -cos x How would i do this? im thinking of maybe changing the 1+tan to sec^2x?
  60. Math

    Solve the quadratic equation using any technique you wish. Name the technique. Check. 12x2 + 10x = 0
  61. Math-Fractions

    How would I solve these two problems. (We have to simplify our answer) 5/7 divided by 8/21 12/7 divided by 9/21
  62. Math

    Solve the quadratic equation using any technique you wish. Name the technique. Check. 12x2 + 10x = 0
  63. Math

    Solve the following equation. 4.7 = 1.13x^2 Do i square root the 1.13x^2 first? or divide both sides by 1.13?
  64. math

    I hope you understand because I'm trying to make I look like what it looks like for my homework. how would I solve: x = 1 4 2
  65. Math need by 9pm cst

    Solve by elimination method. Please show step by step process. 7r-4s=-7 4r+7s=61
  66. math

    how long would it take for the investment to triple using this equation: A=3200e^(0.062t) and would i solve this
  67. Math

    Solve each of these systems using the substitution method. Make sure to check your answers ! 2x + 3y = -4 x - 2y = 5 Question 1 answers x = 1, y = -2 x = -1, y = 2 x = 1, y = 2 x = -2, y = -1
  68. math

    i only need help on these two: *2/3y=10+4x 5x=1/3y-8 *5x=4y-30 2x+3y=-12 DIRECTIONS:use linear combinations to solve the system of linear equations.. thanks :)
  69. math

    if you have 15 coins in a bag and their total amount is $2.70 how many quarters and dimes are in the bag? Use substitution to solve
  70. Math

    I cant figure this question out. I could use some help. Solve for x lnx-lnx^2+ln5 = 0 Simplify the answer
  71. Math - Solving Logarithms equation

    Solve the equation below. Please show all of your work. Log3((x/2)-9) = 4
  72. Math

    i don't know how to solve this, i'm so lost. determine the exact value of c cot( 4c- pie/4) + tan ( 2c + pie/4)= 0 please help me!!! THANK YIU
  73. MATH

    Solve the equation. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest. If there is no solution, enter NONE in the answer boxes.) x2 - 5x + 5 = 0
  74. Math

    Solve the equation. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest. If there is no solution, enter NONE in the answer boxes.) 4x^2 = 7x + 2
  75. Math C30

    Equations containing circular functions and unit circle... solve 2cosx sinx + sinx = 0

    solve (+14)(x-17)(x+6)>0 I have a solution for x>17 but the answer on my paper asks for a solution set {xline x } help how do I write this
  77. Math

    x^3 + 8x^2 = 20x How do I find the root of ^ that equation? 2x^2-10x+12 = 0 ^ I found that one by... 2(x-3)(x-2) x-3 = 0 x = 3 x-2 = 0 x =2 ^ Is that the correct way to solve for that one?
  78. Math

    x^3 + 8x^2 = 20x How do I find the root of ^ that equation? 2x^2-10x+12 = 0 ^ I found that one by... 2(x-3)(x-2) x-3 = 0 x = 3 x-2 = 0 x =2 ^ Is that the correct way to solve for that one
  79. Math

    Explain how to solve? Which equation below shows the equation y = – 1/4x + 4 written in standard form using integers? A) 2x + 3y = 21 B) 3x – 2y = 21 C) –2x + 3y = 21 D) –2x – 3y = 21
  80. Math(Please help)

    .50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help.
  81. math

    Hello. Please, help me solve this: Parabola y = ax^2 + bx + c passes through the point (2;-6). Find the values of a, b and c, if vertex of parabola is (4;-10).
  82. math

    How would I solve this: Mr. Merrill has 3 times as many nickels as dimes. The coins have a total of $1.50. How many of each coin does he have?
  83. math

    Can someone please help? Solve the differential equation dy/dx = 6xy with the condition y(0) = 40 Find the solution to the equation y= ______
  84. math

    If 16<square root x <25, then what two integers is x between? please help me solve with a step by step method so I can get this. thanks for your time and help
  85. Math

    Solve the equation for d 0.2(d-6)=0.3d+5-3+0.1d I had d=-16 Work: 1. distribute 2. 0.2d-1.2=0.3d+5-3+0.1d 3. 0.2d=0.4d+3.2 4. -0.2d=3.2 5. divide 6. d= -16 I even did a check 0.2(d-6)=0.3d+5-3+0.1d 0.2(-16-6)=0.3(-16)+5-3+0.1(-16) 0.2(-22)=0.3(-16)+5-3+0.1(-16) -4.4=-4.4 Is ...
  86. Math helppp

    The area of a playground is 64 square yards. The length of the playground is 4 times longer than its width. How can I solve this?
  87. math

    When it says "eight less than twice a number is 12 more than four times the number" will its equation Be, 2n-8=4n+12? And if that is true how could I solve it?
  88. math

    solve for x x-3(x-1)=6x-3-8x a) infinite solutions b)no solution c)0 d)-1 (x-3)(x-1)=-2x-3 so I believe from the information given the answer would be b) no solution. Is this correct?
  89. Math

    Could someone please help me solve this radical equation of 2x+7-2=x It's suppose to have the radical sign but I don't know how to put it on here. Thank you
  90. math

    Which one of the following is an even number? A. 198^7 B. 19x98 C. 19^87 D. 1+9+87 I know I can just solve each one but is there a faster way?
  91. Pre-Calculus

    Hi! I'm having trouble with this math question; can someone help? Thanks! :) Given the function f(x)=x^2+9, solve. a.) Find f(-3) b.) Find f(x-2)
  92. math

    How can I solve this question, Write 83.9% as a decimal, and write 0.038 as a percentage. I just can not remember how to do this. Sorry and thank you for your help and time.
  93. Math 222

    Please help me solve this equation? Sorry my addition and equal key does not work. -x^2-3x plus 5 equal 0
  94. Math

    I need to find what the total commission of 14% on a $3000 sale. Can u please show in detail how to solve this. Please and thank u. :)
  95. Math

    Solve the equation (5y+1)^2 + 5(5y+1) + 6 = 0. Do not expand first. I solved the equation up to 25y^2 + 35y + 12 = 0 and not sure how to proceed from here on.
  96. Math-Algebra

    Can I please have help as to how to solve a system using substitution? I have a quiz coming up and I want to ace it. :) Thank you.
  97. math

    Write a real-world problem that you solve by writing an equation.The answer to the problem must be 6. 4 divided by 24=6
  98. math

    Solve this plz The area of a rectangle is 1680msq.if it's diagonal is 58 m long find the length & width of the rectangle
  99. math

    Write a real-world problem that you could represent with the equation 4x+5=37. Solve the equation to find the answer to your question.
  100. Math

    1) Given that p(-3), p(-1), and p(5)=0, which expression could be p(x)? A)x^3-x^2-17x-15 B)x^3+x^2-17x+15 C)x^3-3x^2-13x+15 D)x^3-9x^2+23x-15 I would appreciate if someone could show me how to solve it
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