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  1. psych

    an IQ test is given on a tuesday, when given the test again on thurs the child scores differently, this is an issue of what? function, reliablity, observation or reflection?
  2. physics

    a 70 kg block rests on the earth's surface. How much energy is required to move the block very far from the earth, ending up at rest again?
  3. Managerial Accounting

    Let me try this again How does shaving 5% off the estimated direct labor hours in the base for the predetermined overhead rate usually results in a big boost in net operating income at the end of the fiscal year?
  4. geography

    No question! Just a huge THANKS! For all the help! I know I'm on my own for Tests and since I am trying to maintain an A average I want to make sure I stay on the right track!!!! Homework counts as a big part of our overall grade. THANKS AGAIN!
  5. Physics 1 College Level

    A planet/moon has a mass of 77.89 × 1023 kg and a radius of 7.9 × 106 meters. What is g on the surface to the nearest hundredth of a m/s2? Once again, not really sure where to go with this. Out of the 10 problems I've only had trouble with this and one other.
  6. ms1998

    On a windless day, a bird can fly at a constant 10 m/s. It flies 6.0km east and then home again. How much time does the round trip take? I keep getting 600 seconds, but my teacher still tells me it's wrong.
  7. statistics

    The following is a list of 10 measurements: after adding and sub all 10 numbers I came up with a -29. Now it wants the sum 10/i,i than xi over 32. Do I x -29 and the 32 or do I divide. This is were I get very confused. I am sorry to ask again but I never taken statistic oh I ...
  8. Criminal Justice/Domestic Violence

    After an abusive attack, it is NOT unusual for the manipulative offender to do what? Leave for an extended period of time B. Beg for forgiveness C. Turn themselves in to the police D. Instantly abuse again I think it's B, but not sure
  9. Valentin Frech

    need to know what a card with the picture of a boy hiding behind a heart might be. I got: Carte de _ _ _ H _ I _ _ I don't know what it is :( 1.) Dis a tes _ _ _ _ combien tu les amies. 2.) Ce qu'on ressent pour ses amis. 5.) On en envoie une a celui qu'on aime. Thank you for ...
  10. math

    I'm sorry, but I am asking this question again because the response I received was a question that I could not answer - that's why I am asking here. Thank you. If someone asked: what can we learn from analyzing the standard deviation of a set of data that we couldn't learn ...
  11. Chemistry (Check)

    classify each of these statements as always true, sometimes true, or never true. __ST___11)The unit of a conversion factor must cancel. __AT___12)the conversion factor for changing grams and milligrams is 1g/1000mg ___ST__13)multiple conversions factors can be used to solve ...
  12. Math

    Assume a box contains three red jelly beans and two green ones. We consider the event that a red bean is drawn. Suppose I pick a jelly bean from the box without looking. I record the color but do not put the bean back in the box. Then I choose a bean again. What is the ...
  13. Algebra 2 (check)

    I have some problems that I've answered and I need someone to check to see if I'm right. Im just posting the questons and my answer,if its wrong I'll post my work,so here it is bear with me please and thank you. 1)name which sets of numbers to which -28 belongs. my answer = ...
  14. Math ASAP

    how do you solve 5x/2-10=x/4-1 and..... 3x/10=9/5 5x/2 -10 = x/4 - 1 Combine terms: 9x/4 = 9 9x = 36 x = 4 3x/10 = 9/5 15 x = 90 x = 6 the answer for 5x/2-10=x/4-1 is -2.875 and also i beleive the answer for numba 2 will be 1.8
  15. Math

    Can you show me how to solve this problem? You have a die, what is the probability you will not get a six, six times in a row?
  16. Math

    Solve each equation by completing the square. -36x=8x^2+28 -8x^2-3x=-5 5x^2-x-6=0 6x^2-24x-30=0 7x^2+8x-12=0 -10x^2 -9x+1=0 5x^2-x=4 -11x^2-8x=-7x-10 -3 1/3x^2+ 10x -27 1/2= -231/3
  17. Math

    Solve each equation by completing the square. -36x=8x^2+28 -8x^2-3x=-5 5x^2-x-6=0 6x^2-24x-30=0 7x^2+8x-12=0 -10x^2 -9x+1=0 5x^2-x=4 -11x^2-8x=-7x-10 -3 1/3x^2+ 10x -27 1/2= -231/3
  18. Math

    can you help me on this problem;; here is the problem, solve the equation. remember to gater like trems. FIRST!! k-5 / 6 = -7 ?
  19. math

    solve the inequality: n^3-7n+6<0 it said to use the rational route theorem, but i don't quite understand how to use it. any help?
  20. math

  21. math

    Find the value of k such that the system of linear equations is inconsistent. {4x-8y = -3 {2x+ky = 16 I know that the answer is k = -4 but I don't know how to solve to get that answer.
  22. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve by elimination method 2x + 3y =1 4x + 6y =2 What is the solution of the system N there is no solution
  23. math

    -5(2w+1)=25 can someone give me step by step insructions to solve this question because I don't understand what I am supposed to do first
  24. math

    what is the constant variation 3.2x+3y=6 4.3x-1=7y-1 write each lineat equation in slope intercepy form 1.x=-2y-7 solve the equation 1.x-15=27
  25. HS Calculus/math

    Solve the equation cotx=4 in the interval 0<(smaller and equal to)x<<(larger and equal to)2pie
  26. Math check please

    Solve w= (va)/(r^2+a^2) for a. I applied the quadratic formula a= (v/w +- sqrt (v^2/w^2 - 4*(-wr^2)) /2 and I have the answer as a= (v+/- sqrt[v^2+4w^2r^2]/w
  27. math

    Solve the equation, if possible 2(x+3)=2(x+8) a)all real numbers b) no solution i got 10 as the answer, but is the answer a or b?
  28. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 8 cm greater than its width. Find the dimensions of the rectangle if its area is 105 cm. How do I solve?
  29. math

    solve and simplify the answer completely by using pure imaginary numbers/complex numbers. 2x^2+3x+2=0
  30. math

    can someone explain step by step to solve system equations and example ill show here 3x+4y=-2 x=-2y
  31. math

    solve the system of equation by graphing then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and as dependent or independent 8x-4y=-20 4y-8x=-20
  32. math

    y=x^2e^x I am suppose to find the dy/dx of this the way i did it was x^2e^x times dy/dx of x^2 and got x^2e^x times 3x^2 this is not right and im confused on how to solve it help pls.
  33. math

    you competed in a 3.9 kilometer race you finished the race in 0.4 hours. which equation can you solve to find your speed, R?
  34. math

    the formula K = C + 273 is used to covert temperatures from degrees Celcisu to Kelvin. Solve this formula for C.
  35. math

    the sum of a numbers is 15 and their difference is 4. form a pair of simultaneous equations and solve to find the numbers.
  36. Math

    Solve the linear equation using any technique you have learned. Name the technique. Check. 3x + 12 = -7x - 28
  37. Math

    Solve the linear equation using any technique you have learned. Name the technique. Check. 3x + 12 = -7x - 28
  38. math

    Help! These are fractions, so bear with me: -5/8 x= -9/10 Solve with the multiplicaation principle. How do I do this? The fractions throw me off every time!!!
  39. math

    Help! These are fractions, so bear with me: -5/8 x= -9/10 Solve with the multiplicaation principle. How do I do this? The fractions throw me off every time!!!
  40. math

    Assume depreciation is the same each month. Write a problem involving depreciation and solve it. Where do I start?
  41. MATH!

    plz how do you solve these?- i keep getting the wrong answer 1. 3z/2 - 17/3 = 2z/3 - 3/2 2. 2/5b - 1/4b =3 3. 23 - 6g = 19 please show me step by step how you do these
  42. math/algebra

    solve the compound inequality. 2x-7 / 6 is less than or equal to -7, or 2x-7 / 6 is greater than or equal to 5 I came up with -35/2 or 37/2 but it's incorrect. help?!!
  43. math

    Write a real world problem that you can solve by writing an equation . The answer to the problem must be 6
  44. Math need by 9pm cst

    Solve by substitution method. Show step by step process. 4x+5y=27 x=26-4y
  45. Math

    Using the numbers 4, 9, 36 ... What is the sequence that I would put these numbers in to solve the equation ? - ? : ? Equals zero
  46. math

    Use Descarte's rule of signs to discuss the possibilities for the roots of the equation. Do not solve the equation -5r^(4)+6r^(3)+9r-15=0
  47. Math

    how to solve (√(2)/2) / (-2/√(2)) steps too please the answer is 1 in other words it's tan(π/4)= 1
  48. math

    how do you solve the exponential equation, 12^x = 14^3x? If someone could show me step by step I would greatly appreciate it. thank you! :)
  49. Math

    solve using the substitution method. If the system has no solution or infinite number of solution state this 4x+4y=-36 4x+4y=12
  50. math

    how do i solve this S(1)=10000(1-e^-.5(1)) the answer for this is 3935 buy i don't know how it came up with that answer. could anyone please explain to me how thanks in advance!
  51. Math

    how would you graph x>-2 and how would you solve the sum of two numbers is 3. their difference is 1. find the number.
  52. math

    Use quadratic formula to solve each equation 3k^2+6=6 I get 3/2 but I can't seem to get the other half of the equation such as x=3.7 or .26 etc...
  53. Math

    Solve for all possible values of x where O°≤x≤360°. tan x = -1/√3 cos x = 1/2
  54. math

    solve 4^(3-x)=7 to 3 s.f. showing all workings. I have got as far as -x =log(7)-3log4/log(4)
  55. Math Linear Algebra

    Find the inverses of the matrices. Let A = 1 2 5 12 b1 = -1 3 b2 = 1 -5 b3 = 2 6 b4 = 3 5 Find A^-1, and use it to solve the four equations. Ax = b1, Ax = b2, Ax = b3, Ax = b4
  56. Math

    I have to solve the equation by finding the exact solution. Please Help. 1/4 log(x)-log(10000)=4
  57. Math

    How do you do this..i have the answer i just need a step by step way to solve this.. sec(sin^-1 (2/5))
  58. math

    Solve the following equation. (Examples 1-6) 15x2 = -17x + 4 x = 1 (smaller value) x = 2 (larger value)
  59. math

    How do I solve this problem 3times the square root of 13 plus 7 times the square rrot of 13 equals to what?
  60. math

    Please show me how to solve: The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. The perimeter is 44 cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?
  61. Math

    I SERIOUSLY need help! Solve the linear system by using substitution. x=6-4y 2x-3y=1 Explanation too, please! Please and thanks!
  62. geometry

    show that the points A(-4,2) B(1,4) C(3,-1) D(-2,-3) are verticies of a square. please show me how to solve this type of math problem.
  63. math

    write a real-world problem involving multiple steps, then solve our problem
  64. Math

    Can someone show me step by step on how to factor/solve this problem explaining the steps? 5.50 = (0.02x^3 + 5x) / x
  65. math

    an 8- acre field can be mowed in 5 hours,how long to mow 1.6 acre?solve show steps
  66. math

    anni bought 4 bags of grapes. each bag has 19 grapes how many are in all . PS use multpulcation to solve
  67. math

    solve lim (5000t^2)/ (t+2)^2. the lim is t->infinity. can someone show me the calculation. the ans is 5000.
  68. math

    Einsteins famous formula E=mc^2 relates energy E,mass m and the speed of light c. solve the formula for c.
  69. math

    Can you solve this problem for me? Nina has twice as many nickels as dimess. In all, she has 70¢. How many nickels and dimes does she have?
  70. Math

    2. A rectangle whose perimeter is 80 m has an area of 384 m^2. Find the dimensions of the rectangle. Solve it as a polynomial.
  71. math 2

    Jawan solved 8 divided by 1/3 by using a related multiplication expression. which multplication expression did he solve?
  72. Math

    √(5y+1)-√(3y-5)=2, I need to solve algebraically, and state any restrictions on the values for the variables, which I can't remember how to do
  73. math

    write a real world problem that you can solve by writing an equation.the answer to the problem must be 6.
  74. Math

    Can someone please check these problems? Thank you! Solve each equation for the indicated value. 1. a-b=-c, for a I got a=-c+b 2. 4y+6x=12, for y I got y=-3/2x+3
  75. Math

    Question: Write a word problem using 7 groups. And then solve the problem Can you give an example?
  76. math, solving Oblique Δ

    can you help me to solve each triangle described below using ΔABC : 1)a = 10, A = 16°, B = 49° 2)a = 8, b = 7, A = 88°
  77. MATH

    Joelle set up the following proportion to solve for x. Determine if her proportion is correct. If not, explain what is wrong with it.
  78. Math Help

    Hi! I need help with this question. Thanks! Directions: To solve these problems, you need to find the inverses of these 2x2 matrices. a.) D= [-3 -6 6 12] b.) C= [2 1 7 3]
  79. Math

    Write an equation to represent the relationship " a number decreased by 7 is the same thing as 28" and then solve the equation
  80. math

    This is how the problem is like 2m^2p m=-5 p= -4 I try to solve it like this. 2*-5^2*-4= 200 Somehow I'm still incorrect. Can someone help?
  81. math

    -6 is given as a fourth term,-34 is a eleventh term what are the first three terms?can i solve it simultaneously
  82. math

    Solve the equation for n n!/(n-2)! = 90 I get n= 10 but when i plug 10 back into the equation i don't get 90 to check... My work: n!/(n-2)! =90 n(n-1)(n-2)/(n-2)! =90 i cancelled the n-2 and expanded the n(n-1) n^2 -1n -90 =0 (n-10)(n+9) = 0
  83. Math

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to solve this problem? Which algebraic expression is equivalent to the expression? -4(2x + 5)2
  84. math

    Connie has 18 and mae has 16 apple also. How many apple they have? Solve in four different ways.
  85. Very Urgent Help Here (Math)

    Please solve it step by step. Integrate: ∫(x^2/(√(x^2+1))dx
  86. math

    There are 30 students in the class. There are 4 more boys than girls in the class. What do I do to solve this? The ratio is 4:1? Then what do with the 30? I am very confused.
  87. math

    how long will it take of a sum of money invested at 80% simple interest the original sum. then solve it.
  88. math-precalculus

    help me please.. and please provide steps so I can follow. sec(2ϴ)=3... solve for all solutions on [0,2π]
  89. Math

    3. Explain how you can tell if an equation has no infinite solution, write an example and solve. I don't understand how you can tell, help?
  90. Math 6th Grade

    2 1/4 r = 10 A. 4 3/4 B. 4 2/5 C. 4 4/9 I having a little bit of trouble on this problem. Can you show me how to solve the problem?
  91. math

    Given a polynomial equation p(x)=0, which expressions could be a pair of irrational roots of the equation? please help I don't know how to solve this
  92. Math

    Complete the table Yards is blank Feet= 29 Inches= 348 Help find yards Help solve
  93. math

    A book publisher is shipping a new book in boxes of 200. If 30 boxes fit in 1 shipping crate, how many books are in 20 shipping crates? Explain the mental math you used to solve the problem.
  94. math,help

    is this correct solve and graph the solution set: -3x+10>25 -3x> 25-10 (-3x)/(-3) > (15)/(-3) x < -5 correct.
  95. math

    IF f(x)={(3,5), (2,4), (1,7)} What about 1/f(x)? would is be {1/5, 1/4, 1/7}? IF g(x)=sqrt(x-3) k(x)=x^2+5 how would I solve? (k-g)(5)= (g o k)(7)= k^-1(x)= (kg)(x)= nevermind. I know how to do them.
  96. math

    40 35 - 2+i 2-i How do I solve this? there is a division sign between the 40 and 2=i and another one between 35 and 2-i
  97. Math

    Solve the system by addition 2x-4y=7,4x+2y-1 can show one show me how to do this.
  98. math

    can you show me how to solve linear systems step by step????? 2x+y=5 x-y=1
  99. math

    1/4x-1/6y=-2 -1/6x+1/5y=4 solve for x and y its suppose to be x equals 12 and y equals 30 need steps thanks
  100. math

    solve for x 3x^2 + 2x - 5 = 0 you foil it and get: (x - 1)(3x + 5) but i don't know what to do from here. please please pleasee help.
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