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  1. math

    solve for unknown: log9 r=3/2 logG 2=1/3 Can you show me the steps how to solve this problems.Thank yo very much for your time
  2. math

    solve in three variables.. I'm very confused if what equation is the first to solve. 13y=10 x+y+z=39 16x+13z
  3. math

    Solve: (don't forget about imaginary numbers) 5x^2-7x+12=0 how do I solve this? do I need to use the quadratic formula? please help and thank you
  4. Math

    I missed these problems on my test and I want to see how you would do them the correct way! 1. Solve the equation: 1-2r-8=-3(6r-7)+4(r-1) 2. Solve the inequality: -55>-4(1+4x)-3
  5. Math

    solve for the vertex f(X) = (2x-2)squared -3xsquared +6 plss.. solve this for me deadline tomorrow in the afternoon.. need your help ma'am/sir.. thank you. :D
  6. Math

    Write a word problem that will use the equation 2/6x8/10=x in order to solve. Then simplify and multiply to solve.
  7. math

    marcy has a total of 100 dimes and quarters. if the total value of the coins is $14.05, how many quarters does she have? You need two equations to substitute into each other. You need one for the total number of coins, and one for the amount. d=# of dimes q=# of quarters d+q=...
  8. MATH

    in a contest, Bello. Adamu, and Lawi are asked to solve a mathematical problem. the probability that they solve the problem correctly are 1/5, 2/3, and 2/5. find the probability that:(1)None of them solve the problem correctly(2)At least one of them solve the problem correctly...
  9. math

    still can't solve .32x + .20y = 3.92 it's my last math question for the day!!!! What do you mean solve it? suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3....
  10. math,algebra

    How do you solve these types of math problems. Directions: Solve each literal equation for the indicated variable. A=1/2h(B+b) (For b) Area of a trapezoid It is just a matter of algebraic manipulation. A=(1/2)h(B+b) Multiply both sides of the equation by 2/h. B+b = 2A/h b = (...
  11. MATH

    about math EX. 9/10 is close to 1 THANKS AGAIN
  12. Math Help Please...

    x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. Multiply through by 3x x^2 -2x = 3 And solve. I don't get it... can you explain it more.then I can help you Margie
  13. Math

    i forgot how to solve problems like this... 2x^2-18x=0, x^2=6x+7, 6y^2+5y-6=0 also I need help on this one SOLVE FOR X CORRECT TO 4 DECIMAL PLACES x^2+6x+2=0 2x+4=3x^2
  14. math

    solve and graph the following inequality. -8p-5<-13 Can someone please help me solve this because i tried it but im not quite sure if i solved it right.
  15. math

    5/2 x + 1/4 x = 11/4 +x how to solve this? I get 11/4=11/4+x what steps do I have to take after that.. I would appreciate it if you showed me how to solve the whole equation! (: thnx
  16. Math- Gr.12

    Solve and use set notation. a) 6+2x > 0 > -10+2x Can someone explain how to solve this? I also had trouble doing this question: b) x+1 < 2x+7 < x+5 TIA !
  17. math

    I am supposed solve these SYMBOLICALLY but i don't know how since i was never taught in school. Could someone help me solve these? 1. 7(e^(2x))^3 = 35 2. 7^(x^2-x)=7^6 3. log3(5x)=4 Thank YOU very much!!
  18. math

    how do i solve this equestion i don't understan 2(x+1)-3x=3(3+2X) please give me details on how to solve it because i have 100 more to go and i don't understand a thing
  19. Math

    I am having trouble figuring out how to solve these logarithms. Could someone please help! log2(log4x)=1 and solve for x and y: (1/2)^x+y= 16 logx-y8=-3
  20. Math

    I am having trouble figuring out how to solve these logarithms. Could someone please help! log2(log4x)=1 and solve for x and y: (1/2)^x+y= 16 logx-y8=-3
  21. Math

    I still don't know how to directly solve this problem. Can someone guide to solve this system of equation by using the substitution method? Thanks! 1. Y=6x-5 Y=-x+9
  22. Math Gr 12

    We are learning to solve Factorable Polynomial Inequalities Algebraically. Question: Solve using intervals. (4x +1)(2-x) is greater than or equal to 0.
  23. Math

    Solve the following equation u+2=4 The question for me is how do I solve these types of problem. I already know that u=2, but I need to know the steps to get to the answer. Thanks, Kaai97
  24. Math

    Solve for the indicated variable p I don't know what you do to solve it. A=P+Prt
  25. Math - Algebra

    How to solve ;; x-y <5 . How would I graph it ? Or solve it ?
  26. math

    1.0 Solve for x: (a) 2x ¨C 3(x + 2) ¡Ý 5x ¨C( x- 5) (b) Solve simultaneously x - 5¡Ü 2 and x ¨C 1 ¡Ý 3 2.0 Find solution to: (a) 5/(x-1) > 0 (b) (3x+3)/(3x-x2 ) < 0
  27. Math

    Solve for x: x^4-15X^2+14=0 How would I solve this problem?
  28. Math 222

    Please help me solve for m? F equal mv^2/r solve for m.
  29. math

    If a+b=6, b+c=−3, and a+c=5, what is the value of a+b+c? i am not sure how to solve this but would you do this to solve it: A+B+B+C+A+A+C=6+-3+5
  30. Science

    I asked about this earlier and got an answer that caused me to rethink my process. Is this a good way to measure iron corrosion: weigh a nail, put it in water and let it rust, remove the rust (in my experiment the rust has come off easily, with just a wipe), and weigh it again...
  31. art - again!

    im sorry to be a pain and ask for help again ive nearly finished my art homework but i aim struggling to write a story about the Michaelangelo,creation of Adam painting any ideas what i can write or a start off question. sorry to be a pain. thankyou so much
  32. re -same question again

    sorry to post this question again but i am having trouble finding evidence of what jesus did not do . i don`t really understand the question like i mentioned in my last post does it mean that he did not get married or have children . i can`t find anything i can print off. i ...
  33. math again

    how do you graph x=4 would plotting the point (4,0) work?
  34. math

    I got $5.70 because I used the problem $4.20 divided by 4. By the way THANKS!!!! again.
  35. math help again

    which of the following is the smallest value a. 0.22 b. 0.2 c. 0.202 d. 0.022 e. 2.00 ??
  36. math again helpp

    0.6x + 0.8 = 1.4 Explain each step and identify the property
  37. Math

    Let f(x) = (3x - 7)/(x + 1. Find the inverse f^-1(x). Once again, thank you so much for helping me!
  38. math analysis

    (1/a)+(2/a^2)=0 Solved for zero I'm unsure about the process to solve this, when I do it like my teacher says, it doesn't work. This is for an online advanced math class in which you get three tries to solve the problem. I have already used two. Any help would be greatly ...
  39. maths

    how can i solve this question- disney has 2 clocks.unfortunately both of them are faulty.1 of them loose 2 mintues every hour while the other gains during that time.he sets both of them correctly at midnight on 31 decemeber 2003 that is at the precise moment the year 2004 ...
  40. HSPA

    In my school, I have to pass the HSPA in order to graduate. We had to take the Language and Math HSPA in March. In order for a student to pass the HSPA, you have to get a score of 200 or more on both parts. I received exactly a 200 on the Language part of the HSPA which mean I...
  41. math

    A has Rsx and B has Rs y.if A GIVES R4 to B, then B wii have twice as much as A.Write the equation connection x and y help me solve this problem.. solve for W: 2L+2W=38 please and thank you!
  42. math/algebra

    22. solve x/($a) - x/($b) = c what is this? The world wonders. believe it or not this was actually a problem that I have been given to solve. Any suggestions as to how I accomplish this?
  43. Math

    How do you solve second order initial value problems? I don't understand how would solve these questions..for example (d^2 y)/(dx^2 )=24x^2-10. When x=1, dy/dx = 3, and y = 5. Can anyone explain how?
  44. Math

    solve for indicated letter. f=2g, for g what is the solution for g? can someone please tell me how to start this? or how to solve this question?? I would appreciate it much
  45. Exponents and Logs (Math)

    Solve for x: 2^(-x+1) = 4(8^x) I try isolating the 4 but I can't seem to solve it correctly when using ln or log applications. The answer is supposed to be x=-1/4. Any help?
  46. math/calc

    How do I solve for an area under the curve when y = x^2 and solve for above the interval (1,2) ? Any resources where I could see examples would be helpful. Thanks!
  47. math

    Twenty-four less than three times x is equal to the product of five and x.Find x.solve show steps to solve
  48. Math

    One more question. Can you please show the steps of how to solve this. I feel like the way I'm solving this is wrong. Solve for x y and z X+5y+3z=7 2x+y+4z=1 2x-y+2z=1
  49. math right triangle

    the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 1 inch longer than one leg and 8 inches longer than the other. Find the length of each side of the triangle. Let l1, l2 be the legs. l1^2 + l2^2 = h^2 but h= l1+1 and h= l2 + 8 solve these for l1, l2, put them in the first equation and ...
  50. Math, Please Help! I don't understand!

    I need help because I don't understand how to solve this equation. 37. x/a - 1 = y/b for x So... does it mean solve for x? 39. V = 1/3 * pi * radius^2 * h for h So... does it mean solve for h? As you can see, I am really confused. Please help.
  51. Geometry

    A pair of complimentary angles have measure x* (star equals degree) and x*(again star equals degree) + 8*. What is the measure of the smaller angle? the problems looks like x* and x*+8* AGAIN THE stars stand for degree. I think the answer is 6, but not sure how.
  52. math

    Juanita runs every seventh day and swims every fifth day. If Juanita runs and swims today, in how many days will she run and swim again on the same day? She will run and swim again in ____ days.
  53. Math / Fractions

    Here is another one that I am having trouble with. Julio works as a quality control expert in a beverage factory.The assembly line that he monitors produces about 20,000 bottles in a 24-hour period. Julio samples about 120 bottles an hour and rejects the line if he finds more ...
  54. math

    I am helping my child with this. Can you show me how to Solve word problems by writing an equation with a variable to represent the given information and then solve the equatin.
  55. Math-Advanced Functions

    I am having trouble figuring out how to solve this logarithms. Could someone please help! log2(log4x)=1 and solve for x and y: (1/2)^x+y= 16 logx-y8=-3
  56. Algebra 2 (Math)

    Solve by the system of equations by substitution. x + 2y + z = 14 y = z + 1 x = -3z + 6 Anyone able to help me with this? I've been stuck on it all day and can't seem to solve it, it doesn't make any sense to me.
  57. English--Priss

    Is it alright to ask a question again and again until you get the answer you want? Goodness, you have been responded to, and several of us read that and did not have diverging views from what Writeacher stated. If you did the research, did the analysis, then "I" is most ...
  58. Poetry

    what is the rhyme scheme for the poem: Come, the wind may never again Blow as now it blows for us; And the stars may never again shine as now they shine; Long before October returns, Seas of blood will have parted us; And you must crush the love in your heart, and I the love ...
  59. calculus

    Me again. One last question! Again, just needed my answer verified with any explanation or walk-through. The position of a particle moving along a coordinate line is s=√(3+6t) with s in meters and t in seconds. find the particle's acceleration at t=1 second. a. 1 m/sec^2...
  60. math

    determine the equation of the line in y=mx+b form that passes through 1. (-8,1) & (-9, 2) 2. (3,7) & (-5, 9) 3, (-4,0) & (4,6) Part B ) For each equation Rewreite the y=mx+b equation in general form Ax+by+c=0 where A is positive b and C are integers In each problem, put in x,y...
  61. Algebra

    Once again, I have some confusing problems for math. If you know any answers, even if you only know one, please tell me the answer and walk me through it so I can actually understand how you get to it. Thanks! #1: A space craft travels at a speed of 8/10 of a mile per second. ...
  62. Math

    Hi, I am getting very frustrated. I am doing an online homework for chemistry and it's telling me to round to the nearest WHOLE number. So the answer I got was -1435.650.... And I typed in -1436. and said I was wrong and so I tried it again and typed 1.4 x 10^3, wrong again. ...
  63. Physics

    Two trucks, 300 km apart, are on a head-on collision course with one another. The first truck is moving at 100 m/s and the other is moving at 50 m/s in the opposite direction. A confused (but swift) fly starts from the front bumper of the faster truck and flies at 200 m/s ...
  64. Algebra 2

    Solve each system 3x+2y= -2 9x- y= -6 I know how to solve for x but i get really lost trying to figure out how to solve for the second variable
  65. MATH

    1.) solve the equation 2 x - 3 = 15 A. x=6 B. x=9 C. x=24 D. x = 36 2.) Solve the equation r - 4 = 11 --- 3 r = 45 r = 35 r= 33 r = 28 3.) solve the equation 7+ 3 m = 28 m = 18 m = 11 2 divide by 3 m = 9 m = 7 PLEASE HELP MS. SUE
  66. algebra

    solve for the indicated variable: a. temperature formula solve for F: K=5/9(F-32)+273 b. annual interest rate solve for R: A=P+Prt
  67. Algebra 2

    How do I solve these inequalities: e^3x>e^x-1 -6log (subscript of 4) x > -24 & how do I solve these: 8^x+1=3 e^x+2=50 8logx=16 I really don't understand how to solve these so can someone please explain them to me?
  68. Substitution Method-Plz help

    Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 solve for x in the second equation. x= y+2 Put that in for x in the first equation: x+y=-4 (y+2) + y = -4 solve for y. Then, x= y+2 i don't get it.How did you get that?What does x equal? re read...
  69. Algebra

    FIND THE GCF OF THE PRODUCT (3B+6)(2B-10) SOLVE... X^2=-6X x(x+6)= 0 x = -6 or 0 it would = 0 help me solve this problem.. solve for W: 2L+2W=38 please and thank you!
  70. algebra

    im trying to solve a literal equation, then solve the specific question first part is stumping me, im to solve for X ax=bx-c this is what I got ax-bx=c, but don't know how to get x by itself
  71. Math

    Using the intersection method, I need to solve the following equation: 5x-3.3=x-2.1 Can you point me on the right path? you have to get x's on one side, and the numbers on the other. then solve for x. Kira, Thank so much for your help, but how do you graph the equation to ...
  72. Math

    Hi: I was wondering how I would even start to solve a problem like this. Solve for x1, x2, x3, and x4: x1x2+x1+x2=524 x2x3+x2+x3=146 x3x4+x3+x4=104 Thanks, Manny
  73. Algebra

    Solve the inequality and express the solution in terms of intervals whenever possible. | x+3 | < 0.01 I know the answer is : (-3.01,-2.99) Please show me how to solve this type of math problem.
  74. math

    solve equation then check for extraneous solution please someone explain this to me. 6/6-4x/=8+4 then one that is solve the inequality s/x+3/4<2 I don't understand these problems and then it says to graph
  75. Math

    Use back substitution to solve the system of linear equations x-2y+z=8 y+z=5 z=2 **I tried to solve it eventho im still confused/lost. 1=3 idk ugh
  76. Math

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2,5) and (1,4)? a. -3 b. -2 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 I just need to know how to solve this problem or a simple formula to help me know how to solve these types of questions? Thanks, Kaai97
  77. Math

    Determine the point of intersection between a circle (x+2)^2 + (y-2)^2 =1 and the parabola y=-(x+2)^2 +3.can anyone please outline the steps to solve it I have tried solve by substitution but I get Stuck
  78. Math

    The graph of the equation y=4-x consists of all the points in the coordinate plane that satisfy the equation. List 5 points that satisfy y= 4-x. Also, what do you think is the minimum number of points you need to plot in order to draw the graph of y=4-x. Please explain Set y=0...
  79. physics

    sorry mr bob pursley to annoy you again. i read over hooke's law in wikipedia.but i don't know what is k.(my force constant. here my experiment and my values. i did three trials measured force applied of the elastic by streching 50 cm everytime. force applied average was = 5....
  80. Physical Science

    An object travels 6m in the first second of travel, 6m again durning the second second of travel, and 6m again druning the third second. It acceleration in meters per second per second(M/S2) is
  81. math

    solve for the indicated varialbe a=1/2h(B+b) solve for b
  82. math

    how do you solve for n? for example... 14=(1.4)^n how do you solve exp. ?
  83. Math-Fractions

    Solve the proportion. 5/x=9/x+8 Solve for x
  84. Math

    Hi! Can someone solve these for me pls? Y=10/x y=1/2x+4 solve for x and y thanks
  85. Math

    Solve the linear equation. Solve for x and y y=-3/4x + 1/4 y=3/4x - 3/4
  86. math

    x+y+5z=18 x+y+7z=26 x-4y-7y=-35 its a solve a 3 equation solve the system
  87. math

    area of a trapizoid:A==h/2(b1=b2). solve for h don't know how so solve it
  88. Math

    Solve for area of a trapezoid A= h(b1+b2) 2 Solve for b1
  89. math(please help me solve)

    solve the equation for c. c/3=4
  90. math

    Solve to solve for y 4x+10y equals 12
  91. Math

    Solve the inequality. -3p > -48 A p < 16 B p > -51 C p < -16 *** D p > 16 Solve the equation -2v - 7 = -23 A 15 B 8 C -8 *** D -15 x/3 - 10 = -12 A -6 *** B -66 C 6 D 66
  92. Math

    Solve this equation for x. ab+c/xy = 3d/4 How do you solve this? Please help.
  93. math

    my daughter is doing homework using greatest common factor, greatest common divisor, and prime factorization. She has this problem: Computers in the research room of the history museum are 30 wide, 30 inches apart and at either end of a row 30 inches from the wall. How many ...
  94. algebra

    solve the equation or formula for the indicated variable R=ts^2+3 a)s=under radical R-3/t (not under radical b)s=everything under radical R-3/t c)s=R (under radical)-3/t d)s=everything under radical R/t-3 Thanks again I feel really stupid not being able to grade my teens paper
  95. Tina

    How do I solve this? (2/3^2 divided by 4/5 divided by 1/3? I keep trying and anm coming up with the answer 25/4. Can someone check and see if I am wrong or right, and see what the answer is. Thanks! sorry- 2/3^ divided by 4/5 divided by 1/3 2/3 squared is 4/9. Divided by 4/5 ...
  96. Rational Zero Theorem

    I know how to solve if the leading coefficient is 1, but how would i solve it if its not 1. Ex. f(x) = 2x^3 + 7x^2 - 7x + 30 Can someone help me start that out? Then I'll use synthetic divison to solve for it.
  97. english macbeth act 3

    hey sorry i can't find the question iu poseted earlier so i'm going to ask's about macbeth act3.... how did the relationship between macbeth and lady macbeth change? again all that i know is that macbeth wants more power and lady macbeth is feeling hopeless, but ...
  98. Math help once again

    y = log x If y = 10, then what is x? How do I figure this one out? Miley is confused.
  99. Math Grade 5

    my daughter is doing homework using greatest common factor, greatest common divisor, and prime factorization. She has this problem: Computers in the research room of the history museum are 30 wide, 30 inches apart and at either end of a row 30 inches from the wall. How many ...
  100. Physics

    sorry to repost (again) but I'm not understanding how to solve this: A rocket is launched at an angle of 42◦ above the horizontal with an initial speed of 76 m/s. It moves for 9 s along its initial line of motion with an acceleration of 29 m/s^2. At this time its engines...
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