math probelm need serious help!!!

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math probelm need serious help!!!

4x-(9-3x)= 8x-1


Okay so I need help with this question: How many grams of NH3 can be produced from 3.87 mol of N2? Can someone tell me how to do this probelm? Maybe do the question with a different set of numbers just so that I can see how to do it? Thank you!


write a word probelm that has more than one step in the solution


1. I think you are not serious, are you? ..................................... Does 'serious' mean 'injured severely'? ======================================= 2. I don't think he is serious, is he? (Does 'serious' mean 'thoughtful' or 'injured badly' here?)


i need to find 3 pet peeves and 2 solutions for each. the probelm is that i cant find any wsolutions. ive found so many diffeerent pet peeves but no soltions. PLZ HELP ME:(


math sequence probelm


What is the author's tone of Maniac Magee? Is it light-hearted, humorous, serious, sarcastic, intense, or depressing? What do you think? I think it's serious but i can't explain why. Is it because even though people think Jeffrey is a crazy kid, the author wants everyone else ...


Please someone answer one of kiki's questions. I need serious help


For many years the recovery of gold-that is, the seperation of gold from other materials-involved the use of potassium cyanide: 4AU + 8KCN + 02 +2H20 -> 4KAu(CN)2 + 4KOH What is the minimum amount of KCN in moles needed to extract 29.0 g (about an ounce) of gold? Now my ...


how do i verify a question when i am solving for Y.. yet i need to subsatoute X first to find Y. such as in this probelm to find Y ((xy)/(x+4)-(2y/x)=3 solve for Y i end up with........lets say that X=4 Y= (3x^2+12x)/(x^2-2x+8) Y=6 now how am i supposed to verify am i supposed...


my friend asked me how to do this probelm and i could not figure it out for the live of me. its simple im pretty sure. (6-5i)/(6+5i) I tried using the conjugate method and my answer did not come out correct. can you please answer this?

Algebra i need serious help

|x-3|=|3-x| find x???

Sci 230

I need serious help with week 7

math - reqents

i need sOme seriOus heLp . On . some . linear equatiOn . inequalities packet that i have . please HELP =[


Choose the sentence that is written in active voice. A. A serious accident was prevented on the highway by Roger's quick thinking. B. Roger's quick thinking prevented a serious accident on the highway. C. A serious accident was prevented on the highway. D. A serious accident ...

stats need help

Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample who answers “...

stats need help

Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample who answers “...


hi, i need help on this assigments can you help me please i need to find the following definitions please help me. 1. The danger of overdiagnosis 2. The power of diagnostic labels 3. The confusion of serious mental disorders with normal problems 4.The illusion of objectivity


hi,i need serious help with my h.w. i m in speech class and i need to find FREE persuasive or informative speeches on global warming or on global poverty online (or any other good topic). i v been searching online 4 2 days straight nd i can't find anything. can u pleez help me...


i need serious help, I'm trying to plot table of values for sketching graph (parabola)for y=x^2-5x+3 xy values are 0,3 1,-1 2.5,-3.25 3,-3 4,-1 5,3 6,9 are these values correct, I'm having problems graphing.


I have this question that's bugging me and will be grateful if someone can show me the caliculations also so that I can do others on my own bat. "David Brain, CEO of ACME STAINELSS STEEL INC, has appointed you as an environmental consultant to assess the possibility of a ...

math word probelm

If Leah is six years older than Sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41, then how is Sue?


Identify a serious error you find challenging to overcome in your own writing. What effect would making this serious error have on a document that you might have to write as part of your future career?


2. The National polling organization conducted a phone survey of 850 American adults on what they considered to be the most serious problem facing nation’s public schools; 30% said violence. This sample percent is an estimate of the percent of all adults who think that ...


I need some serious Assisting. PLEASE!!!!I am doing a project on gender and gender roles including identities and the equality and inequality. The Culture is Native American. I need help a.s.a.p. This is my last week in this class. Please, please help me. Thank you so much. I ...


I need some serious help with the follow three questions. thanks Public Goods Homework Problem


x^4+3x-2/(x^2+1)^3(x-4)=(Ax+B)/(x^2+1)+(Cx+D)/(x^2+1)^2+(Ex+F)/(x^2+1)^3+H/(x-4)+G/(x-4)^2.find ABCDEFGH?plz solve it a partial fraction i serious need the solution urgently

Health (Ms. Sue)

Describe what you would do if you saw a co-worker committing serious safety violations at work. A: If I saw a co-worker committing serious safety violations at work, there are several actions I would take. First, I would advise this co-worker to not commit these serious safety...


why is the idea of a zombie apocalypse possible. this is serious i need to write a 5 page paper on it and i have NOTHING D:


According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 10% of all major automobile crashes result in serious injury to at least one person involved in the crash. The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that there are approximately 20 major automobile crashes per month...


According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 10% of all major automobile crashes result in serious injury to at least one person involved in the crash. The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that there are approximately 20 major automobile crashes per month...

bole seniour school

construct flow chart for generating the nth fibonacci serious using two seed numbers read from the user input two seed number lengthe of the fibonacci serious


1. He has a severe illness. 2. He has a serious illness. 3. He is severe. 4. He is serious. (Are both the same and interchangable?)

Earth Science

which two criteria must be met before scientists can use radiocarbon dating? I need serious help dudes lol


hi my name is hedi and i am in serious need with help with some math problems dealing with polynomials can some one please help me? Determine whether each expression is a polynomial. If it is a polynomial, state the degree of the polynomial. (This is the question) 1.5x^3+2xy6^...


Facetious remarks often communicate serious ideas. An example is this comment by Mark Twain: "One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives." What is the serious meaning behind that remark? What might be the benefit of ...

Algebra I

I need some serious help. c = 0.25(t-300) + 69.95 where t>300. Will someone help me please?


I have this math probelm z-(3z)/(2-z)=(6)/(z-2) in my book it says to solve the equation. I have worked this problem many times and I keep comming up with different answers. When I use an online calculator to check my work it is giving me an answer of z=-3 I have not gotten ...


need help on this assigment i need to know how can i start this assigment because im getting confuse on it. Assigment Because of DSM's powerful influence, it is important to be aware of its limitations. Analyze the four limitations discussed in the textbook: 1 The danger of ...


how does twain use humor to present serious ideas what does this reaveal about twain as a person help me please need this to be done in 5 hours thank u


Could you please check the first part of an interview I need to prepare on engangered species? Thank you. 1) The interviewee works for an organization, which safeguards the conservation of hundreds of endangered species around the world. 2) These species need not only special ...


I need serious help! does anyone know a really helpful website tofind otu the meanings of all the elements of design and the principles of design! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

psychology-help please

I'm workinng on assignment and need help a)The danger of overdiagnosis b)The power of diagnostic labels c)The confusion of serious mental disorders with normal problems d)The illusion of objectivity and universality THANKS!!!


There are two ways of learning in terms of the mathod; one is a serious formal way, and the other is an entertaining enjoyable way. Both ways have merits and demerits. To a low-level students, an entertaining enjoyable way seems to be much better than a serious formal way. ...


If 50.0 kJ of heat are added to a 20.0 gram ice cube at -5.00 degrees Celsius, what will be the resulting state and temperature of the water? I need some serious help with this! I think I'm making it much harder than it really has to be.


I have an assignment regarding an argumentative essay the title is "drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people." I need 1 to 4 pages if you could help me on this.... It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

English 3 :/

I need serious help writing a thesis statement and body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph with 2 quotes and a connotation of the quote for each quote for The Scarlet Letter. Please help!

Equation from Three Points*HELP*

Write the standard equation for the circle that passes through the points: (0, 0) (6, 0) (0, - 8) You must include the appropriate sign (+ or -) in your answer. Do not use spaces in your answer. x 2 + y 2 x y = 0 HELP PLEASE I NEED STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION!! I KNOW THAT THE ...


I need a list of essay topics for an arguement essay? It doesnt have to be a serious topic like abortion or the death penalty or anything. ideas? thanks in advance

Criminal Justice/Terrorism

the general public needs to understand that if the U.S. becomes more serious about protecting its citizens from terrorists: A. taxes will be raised. B. we will be asked to give up our access to sensitive information. C. we will rely on federal agencies for our protection. D. ...


i need some serious help with limits in pre-calc. here are a few questions that i really do not understand. 1. Evaluate: lim (3x^3-2x^2+5) x--> -1 2. Evaluate: lim [ln(4x+1) x-->2 3. Evaluate: lim[cos(pi x/3)] x-->2 4. Evaluate: lim x^2+x-6/x^2-9 x--> -3 5. ...


I need serious help on this....please help guys.. i've to turn it in in an hours... Balance th following equation in acid Solutiong and determind if it is spontaneous under standard conditions. NO3^-1 + Sn^+2 ---> NO + Sn^+4 Please do not post duplicates.


1. Research projects that have won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, serious scientific work. 2. Research projects that have ever won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, serious scientific work. (Does #1 mean #2? What is the meaning of 'have won'? Does 'have won' mean 'experience in the past?) ...

science- need some help

ms. Sue I have to do a powerpoint presentation I do not know where to start I am having a serious hard time on this 4th of July. Please help. I need some information that can help me start Power Pointpresentation that describes environmental benefits and challenges of ...

probability April-004

In a random sample of 95 sections of pipe in a chemical plant, 16 showed signs of serious corrosion. Construct a 98% confidence interval for the true proportion of pipe sections showing signs of serious corrosion, using the large sample confidence interval formula.


Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample who answers “...

ap stats

Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample who answers “...


If the burn is large or involves the face, feet, groin, or buttock, see a doctor. If not the burn should be treated as minor. See treatment for minor burns, below. Which of the following questions might you ask yourself to monitor comprehension? a. How serious is a burn that ...

Human Services

Garison Ford has complained that his supervisor has not given him an opportunity to take on any of the more serious field assignments in the unit. He thinks it is because of his age and he cites age discrimination... I need 3 Pros and 3 Cons of how to handle this situation...


how do you do a powerpoint for a biodiversity museum exhibit. I need to do a presentation. Are you making one or visiting one? Are you in need of info on how to use PowerPoint, or what to say? If the latter, be more specific. We cannot prepare presentations for you here. ill ...

Boston question: Serious question, not a joke

I have a question, and I know it may seem not serious... but in school I am learning about the Boston massacre. My question is: Is there a common reason that these tragedies happen in Boston? The Boston massacre, the Boston bombing... Just kinda curious is there is some ...

world history - NEED SERIOUS HELP

hey somebody please help me!! were told to make a front page newspaper on the following : italian renaissance renaissance society creativity in the renaissance protestant reformation spread of protestantism where can i get articles about this ?

serious math help!!!!!!!!!!!

Explain an easy way to estimate the area and circumference of a circle if you know the radius or diameter


I need some serious help with this question. Thank you!!! 8. Social media is used as a form of mass communication in modern society. Consider which communication theories and forms of communication are used to influence consumers. Give two examples.

None of my questions are being answered

I need serious help for the questions i put on here and no one is helping me? ive tried using different names, subjects and said please and thank you and no one has yet helped me. I'm not impressed by this. Thanks but no thanks for the help. Jake/cabe/eliza

social studies

if you do it once, it's good. If you do it twice on the same day, it's a serious crime. what is it? One possibility is getting married (to different people). However, both don't need to be done the same day to be a crime. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

College Algebra

Hello - I am stuck on this problem and I'm in serious need of some help. I don't understand this question at all. The problem is: Find the equilibrium quantity and equilibrium demand function for the given: Supply: P=45q Demand: P=q^2+10,000


I need to write an essay on the topic[prompt] Do you think all children should have to be vaccinated against serious disease before they are allowed to enter school? I can't seem to find many helpful sites.. I tend to not believe in all vaccines, just a few.. Thanks, Jarrad


which of the following answer choices contains a metaphor? A) his skin was sand paper B) the sun sparkled like a diamond C) she wanted to be like the birds and fly away D) they felt free when they ran through the door im not trying to cheat i just need serious help! ~ Kakashi ...

Socials Studies

Why were the rules of the bison hunt so strict? Why might some punishments involve destruction of property? The rules were so strict because it was dangerous and can cause death and serious injuries. Am I right? That's my answer for the first question and I need help on the ...


1. Ever since he was a baby, he suffered from a serious illness. 2. Ever since he was a baby, he has suffered from a serious illness. ============= Which one is correct? Are both grammatical? Then what is the difference in meaning between them? The difference between 'suffered...


1. John has a book, doesn't he? 2. John has a book, hasn't he? --------------------- Is #2 used in British English? =============================== 3. I think he is serious, isn't he? 4. I know he is kind, isn't he? 5. I believe she isn't diligent, is she? 6. I think he is ...


According to a Gallup Poll conducted in March of 2009, 38% of American adults polled believe that global warming will pose a serious threat to them or their way of life in their lifetime. Assuming a sample size of 1000, calculate a 95% confidence interval for estimating the ...


I need help writing an intro and conclusion for an essay. The thesis is : Socrates is depicted differently in Plato's dialogue and Aristophanes' Clouds in terms of the education he provides and his beliefs. I already wrote most of the middle, and am having serious writers ...


A 1.3 kg mass accelerates at 8.2 m/s2 in a direction 23 degrees north of east. One of the two forces acting on the mass has a magnitude of 7.85 N and is directed north.Determine the magnitude of the second force. Im in need of serious help I only have one try left



Behavior problems (dogs)

Please check my answer thanks A prospective client phones about her dog's behavior problem. When they go for a walk, the dog starts out walking nicely, until it finds an interesting scent. Then the dog stops and refuses to budge. She's a large dog, and the owner has tried ...


1. Ever since he was a baby, he suffered from a serious illness. 2. Ever since he was a baby, he has suffered from a serious illness. ----------------- Which one is grammatical? Are both OK? Which one is commonly used? In #1, the present tense is used and in #2, the present ...

Criminal Justice - Defense Lawyer ?

I am working on a project towards my criminal justice degree and need to find out what a defense lawyer typically charges per hour, specifically for serious crimes. Does anyone know a typical rate would be or where I can find this information?


I need serious help. Tried to work it out but I just couldn't get the correct answer. Benjamin and olivia are putting a new floor in their kitchen. To get the floor up to the desired height, they need to add 1 /8ft to subfloor. They can do this in one of two ways. They can put...


what is the complements and is it predicate nominative or predicate adjective? 1.Does the lemonade taste too sour? 2.The window washers on the fifteenth floor appeared tiny. 3. Why does he always look so serious? 4. Our candidate for the city council was the winner in the ...


They can be funny or serious what is the simplesubject


5x-9y=113x+7y=19.......plz help serious..........


I need some serious help. I am a grade 10 student and I have this assignment due for tomorrow, but I can't get past the first question. The first part of the question asks me to calculate the volume of a box (prism) measuring 100mm by 60mm by 40mm. I got that part- the answer ...

AP Chem need serious explanation

Calculate the number of moles of carbon atoms present in 1.4 g of ethanol (C2H6O). i get that you calculate the number of moles of ethanol whic i got was .03039 but how do you get the moles of CARBON from that.


Needing SERIOUS help with circumference and area circle-wise. Help? I'm not really sure where I'm messing up at, but could someone explain all the forumula stuff with area to me in layman's terms?


I am trying to built a cross section of a beam. I need a strong light wood, that would give the best efficiency. A force of 1500lb is going to be applied on it. So i have to make sure it wont break. What is the best choice of wood beam, and also what kind of beam is better, a ...


Why risky sex is a serious matter?


Serious is to careful as nervous is to____________


That you over slept is a serious matter

math urgent help!!!

I need serious help with this problem. it is making me pukk my hair out!!! Yolanda and Yoko ran in a 100-yd dash. When Yolanda crossed the finish line, Yoko was ten yd behind her. The girls then repeated the race, with Yolanda starting 10 yd behing the starting line. If each ...

Developmental Psychology

There are a number of ways that emotional or psychological problems can develop in children. Problems can result from anything that disrupts a child's sense of safety and security. This could include things such as an unstable or unsafe environment, separation from a parent, ...


how do you treat someone that has a serious depression? thanks in advance.


why is having abdominal fat a serious concern

Visual Basic

Help with code Enter 10000 for total sales Base pay cont $900. Commission 6% Gross pay base pay - commission Deduction 18% Net pay gross pay -deduction Need serious help


'What is the tone of the poem El Olvido? Describe the speaker's attitude towards the subject and support your description by commenting on word choice and rhythm.' This is what i got: The tone of the poem 'El Olvido' is very solemn as the speaker describes all the dangers of ...

Human Anatomy

Which vertebral curvature abnormality is the most serious? Why?

social studies

two serious disadvanteges suffered by the patriots


23. Choose one of the following questions to respond to. Your response should be at least two paragraphs long. Respond in a well-organized essay written in complete sentences. a. Explain the significance of the full title of the play: The Importance of Being Earnest (A Trivial...


These problems I really don't understand and really need serious help :) 1.What the product of (5.1 x 10^3)x (3.2 x 10^3)?(Please express your answer in scientific notation) 16.32 x 10^6 1.632 x 10^7 16.32 x 10^9 1.632 x 10^10 2.What is the product of (7.28 x 10^-2)x(9.1 x 10...


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