1. math fractions and decimals

    How do you can you change a decimal to a fraction when the fraction looks like this 0.43 3/4 or .16 2/3 .How can I change this to a fraction?I tried dividing it by 100 but it doesn't give me the right answer.
  2. math

    show how to simplify before you multiply 3 1/2 x 2 2/7 4445456743+38067738476= change both mixed fractions to "improper" fractions 3 1/2 x 2 2/7 = 7/2 x 16/7 =8 (after you cancel)
  3. math

    i am having to add, subtract, multiplication and division on fractions. whloe numbers with fraction. My question is that i do not know how to do fractions at all and i need some help
  4. Math

    Prompt. Use equivalent fractions to order therse fractions from least to greatest: 2/3,1/2, 4/12, 5/6. Explain the steps you took to find your answer.
  5. Statistics

    A total of 16 mice are sent down a maze, one by one. From previous experience, it is believed that the probability a mouse turns right is .38 a) What is the probability that exactly 8 of these 16 mice turn right? b) What is the probability that 8 or fewer turn right? c) What ...
  6. math

    -8 2/3 - -5 1/3 How would you set up? Go here and scroll to 4 http://www.themathpage.com/ARITH/add-fractions-subtract-fractions-1.htm the answer would be -3 1/3
  7. math

    I need to know how to do percents. Example: what is 6% of 18?
  8. Math

    3/4 changed to percents? would it be 75%
  9. math-percents

    what percent is .624?
  10. 7th grade

    this is from homework work book . write each fraction or mixed numberas a decimal. use bar notation if the decimal is a repeating decimal
  11. English

    1. We can turn off the water when we are not using it. 1-1. We can turn off the water when we do not use it. 2. We can turn off the water when we are brushing teeth. 2-1. We can turn off the water when we do not brush teeth. ==================== Which ones are grammatical? Do ...
  12. math

    7 1/6 - 6 4/6 = ? could you please show me the steps to do this problem? thank you, ryan 7 1/6 = 6 7/6 - 6 4/6 = -6 4/6 ------- 3/6 = 1/2 mixed fractions are useless in calculations so the first thing you have to do is change them to improper fractions 7 1/6 + 6 4/6 =43/6 + 40...
  13. math

    Describe some practical applications for fractions in your daily life. What are the challenges you have experienced regarding the use of fractions? Explain your answers.
  14. Math

    Describe some practical applications for fractions in your daily life. What are the challenges you have experienced regarding the use of fractions? Explain your answers.
  15. fractions

    How do i add two negative fractions?
  16. equivalnet fractions

    what are two equivalent fractions for 5/15?
  17. fractions

    ordering fractions least to greatest 3/7 1/9 2/3
  18. Math - fractions

    Name 2 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7
  19. Math - fractions

    Name 4 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7
  20. math

    Decimal numbers with digits both before and after the decimal point, such as 16.75, are referred to as: A. the quotient. B. the remainder. C. mixed decimal numbers. D. decimal point numbers.
  21. Pre-algebra

    how do you change interst to percents?
  22. Percents (Math)

    Need help, please. What percent of 30 is 2 1/2?
  23. math 1350

    If the following fractions are arranged from smallest to largest, then which fraction would be in the middle? Explain. Show all work using fractions(NOT DECIMALS). 2/3, 4/5, 3/7, 5/9, 3/4
  24. Decimal lesson

    I need to find a sample lesson plan on rounding decimals using the number line.... and converting fractions to decimals. Do you know where I could find these lessons?
  25. math

    write two decimals that are equivilant to: 0.68 0.9 I think you mean two fractions because the decimal representation is unique (with some exceptions we'll skip for now) 0.68 = 68/100 = 34/50 = 17/25 0.9 = 90/100 = something you can do now
  26. elementary math

    I am going to be a teacher one day. I need help explaining this: A student asks whether it is easier to add fractions or multiply fractions. What my respone should be?
  27. Math

    Convert these unlike fractions to equivalent like fractions and add them. You must use the LCD to get the answer correct. If possible, reduce the final sum. 1/7 = ?/? + 3/14 = ?/? __________ ? - ??
  28. physics

    Hi! could anyone help me with this question please, I really don't know how to do this at all. Thank you so much. Question:A 330 turn solenoid with a length of 21.0 cm and a radius of 1.40 cm carries a current of 2.10 A. A second coil of four turns is wrapped tightly around ...
  29. math

    how do you find percents and degrees when there are 50 people and not 100
  30. math

    Can your x-axis values be percents in a bar graph?
  31. math/fractions

    Ok one more question. I had this problem: Kristi jogged for 3/5 of an hour, swam for 1/2 of an hour, and rode her bicycle for 3/4 of an hour. How long did she exercise? I took it to mean you had to add all the fractions together. So I found the lcd of all three numbers which ...
  32. Algebra I

    **Match each word or phrase w/ its definition** Word Bank: A) least common multiple (LCM) B) repeating decimal C) reciprocals D) dimensional analysis E) terminating decimal F) least common denominator (LCD) G) multiple ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GIVEN QUESTIONS W...
  33. Physics

    A car of mass = 1200 traveling at 60.0 enters a banked turn covered with ice. The road is banked at an angle , and there is no friction between the road and the car's tires.What is the radius of the turn if = 20.0 (assuming the car continues in uniform circular motion around ...
  34. Geometry

    Write an equation of a line in slope intercept form that is parallel to y = 3x+6 and passes through the point (-10, 2.5). Do not use spaces and enter fractions as improper reduced fractions when needed.
  35. Algebra

    3 gears are connected so that the two turns of the first wheel turn ii wheel nine times and the three terms of ii wheel turn the third wheel 5 times. A. If you turn the first wheel once, how many times does the third wheel turn? B. How many times must you turn the first wheel ...
  36. physic

    An SUV is negotiating a horizontal unbanked turn. The radius of the turn is 20m, the center of gravity of the vehicle is 1m above the ground and in the middle between the left and right side. The seperation of the left and right wheels is 1.8m What is is the greatest speed at ...
  37. Precalculus

    Suppose 3 mg of a drug is injected into a person's bloodstream. As the drug is metabolized, the quantity diminishes at the continuous rate of 6 % per hour. Find a formula for Q(t), the quantity of the drug remaining in the body after t hours. Find approximations to two decimal...
  38. Algebra 1

    How do you put percents into degrees? For example: 25%= ?degree
  39. math

    how you figure percents like percent of438 to 789
  40. Math - Percents

    If 200% of a number n is decreased by 12.5%, the result is 28. What is the value of n?
  41. math

    Match the term with it's meaning real numbers irrational numbers rational numbers integers whole numbers natural numbers radical square root perfect squares cube roots terminating decimals repeating decimals truncate radicand a decimal which can be expressed in a finite number...
  42. math (stats)

    Enter your answers as decimals or fractions, rather than percents. In a family with 7 children what is the probability of having 4 boys and then 3 girls, in that order? (Exclude multiple births and assume all outcomes are equally likely). Preview In a family with 7 children, ...
  43. Math

    What is the rotational symmetry as a fraction of a turn and the angle of the smallest turn of letter I
  44. science

    when you turn on a lamp, then turn it off, explain what happens to the circuit.
  45. algebra

    find the L.C.D of each of the following and groups of fractions and then express the fractions of each group in terms of the L.C.D of that group... please show work 1\2,3\4,11\16 2\3,1\8,5\12
  46. math

    find two fractions with a sum that is greater than 1.6 but less than 1.9. write your fractions in simplest form and compute their exact sum.
  47. Math

    From these fractions choose <,>,or= to make a true statement 1. 11/21<2/3 2.1/2=9/18 3. 2 3/8>2 8/24 Order the fractions from least to greatest 3/5 1/4 1/2 2/5 Answer: 1/3 2/5 1/2 3/5 6 3/4, 6 1/2, 6 5/6, 6 3/8 Answer: 3/8 1/2 3/4 5/6
  48. math

    write the pair of the fractions as a pair of fractions with a common denominator : a.) 2/4 and 7/8. b.) 3/10 and 1/2. my answer for the a.) is 16/32-28/32. for b.) is 6/20-10/20 please let me know is my answers is right or not
  49. Fractions

    Is the answer to 3/9 x 4/8 same as the answer to 4/9 x 3/8? Why or why not? 3/9 x 4/8 = 1/6 4/9 x 3/8 = 12/72 (I multiplied straight across after reducing the fractions as much as they could be reduced)
  50. math

    cecile tosses 5 coins one after another a. how many different outcomes are possible b. draw a tree to illustrate the different possibilities c. in how many ways will the first coin turn up heads and the last coin turn up tails d. in how many ways will the second and thrd and ...
  51. math

    identify the rotational symmetry asa fraction of a turn and the angle measure of the smallest turn
  52. arithmetic

    a stock clerk had 600 pads on hand. He then issued 3/8 of his supply of pads to division X,1/4 to division Y and 1/6 to division Z. The number of pads remaining in stock is? I don't get how to solve this problem. In arithmetic problems, the word "of" indicates that you should ...
  53. math

    I forgot how to add and subtract mixed # fractions. How do you do it? ex) 3/7+5/6=1 11/42- How did they get this answer?? ex) 5 6/13-2 8/13=2 11/13- How did they get this answer?? ex) 3/7+5/6=1 11/42 You need to find a common denominator when adding or subtracting fractions. 3...
  54. percents

    If I need to mutliply 80.00 times 8.25%, where do i put my decimals fot the percentage?
  55. Math

    Order the decimals and percents from least to greatest 0.12, 0.21, 1 / 4, 0.4 my answer is 0.12 because 1/4 equal. 25 and 0.4
  56. high school

    which one of the fractions contain like fractions A.6/7or 1/5/7,B.3/2or 2/3 C.5/6or10/12,D.3/1/2or 4/3/4
  57. Math

    What is the solution of 1/3 + 3/10 + 1/5? Hi, I don't really know how to add fractions very well yet. Can you explain how to add these 3 fractions? Thanks so much
  58. fractions

    do you have fractions on this website? Yes
  59. Decimals to Fractions(simplify the fractions)

    0.2=1/5? 0.9=9/10 0.80=4/5? 0.55=11/20
  60. ordering fractions

    order these fractions 1/3 1/8 1/6
  61. fractions

    Find 3 equivalent fractions for 4/12.
  62. physics

    A woman is riding a Jet Ski at a speed of 27.9 m/s and notices a seawall straight ahead. The farthest she can lean the craft in order to make a turn is 21.0°. This situation is like that of a car on a curve that is banked at an angle of 21.0°. If she tries to make the turn ...
  63. physics

    A woman is riding a Jet Ski at a speed of 20 m/s and notices a seawall straight ahead. The farthest she can lean the craft in order to make a turn is 20°. This situation is like that of a car on a curve that is banked at an angle of 20°. If she tries to make the turn without...
  64. physics

    A woman is riding a Jet Ski at a speed of 20 m/s and notices a seawall straight ahead. The farthest she can lean the craft in order to make a turn is 20°. This situation is like that of a car on a curve that is banked at an angle of 20°. If she tries to make the turn without...
  65. Math

    Adam wants to compare the fractions 3/12, 1/6, and 1/3. He wants to order them from least to greatest and rewrite them so they all have the same denominator. Explain how adm can rewrite the fractions.
  66. Math/fractions

    I need help with subtracting fractions I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Please help. 3/7-9/21 Fist you find a least common denominator, right? So it's 21 Do you then multiply 3/7 to 3/3 so it will be 9/21 So, 9/21 - 9/21 = 1
  67. math

    will some one please!!!! please!!! help me I'm doing wacky wordies, only have 3 to do!!! decimal decimal decimal ed ot overs pos'-i'-tive' thanks so much!!
  68. Math

    My question is: WRite the percent as a fraction and as a decimal. 0.06% I don't know how many places I need to move that decimal to convert this percent into a decimal.
  69. Mathematics 1

    Find the L.C.D. of each of the following groups of fractions and then express the fractions of each group in terms of the L.C.D. of the group. 1/3, 3/5, 21/25, 13/15
  70. Calculus - Partial Fractions

    What is the integral of 7e^(7t) Divided By e^14t+13e^7t+36 Using partial fractions
  71. math

    caculate the following fractions 1/3+ 2/3+ 5/3 what is the answer to these fractions and show houw you get the answer. please.
  72. Algebraic fractions

    Algebraic fractions: Add the following and express your answer as a single fraction. 9/y^2÷2y/10
  73. math

    the difference between two fractions is 1/10. the smaller fraction is 4/7. what is the sum of the two fractions?
  74. maths

    calculate the area 1.76 and 1.76 writr your 2 decimal answer to the two decimal places. i'm not sure if its 3.0976 and to the two decimal place its 3.10 could someone tell me if im right. thankyou
  75. Algebra

    sorry clicked wrong button. solve: 9 -1=x-11 ____ _____ x-5 x+5 these are supposed to be fractions Your equation is illegible, and can be interpreted too many ways. Try writing it on a single line, using parentheses for clarity and / for fractions
  76. 6th Grade

    what fraction of a turn does a minute hand turn through between 6:25pm and 7:15pm 10:24pm and 11.58pm
  77. Physics

    Two identical racing horses go around a semicircular turn in a racecourse. The horses have the same speed, but horse A is on the inner side while horse B is on the outer side of the circular turn. Which horse has the greater acceleration while in the turn?
  78. Math/Fractions

    I have this fraction: 6 2/9 + 1 3/4 - 3 5/6= Okay First I changed the mixed numbers into improper fractions. I got this: 56/9 + 7/4 + 23/6 Then I thought you have to find the least common denominator, which for 9,4, and 6 would be 36. Then I muliplied the fractions by 4, 9, ...
  79. Math

    Write 8 fractions equal to one-half (not including one-half) using only the digits 0, 1, 2 and 5. Each digit may be used more than once, but you may not use decimal points or arithmatic operatons. Numerators cannot be larger than 100. You may not use negative numbers.
  80. math

    which of the following percents can also be expressed as a mixed number? a.310% b.49% c.7.4% d.0.001%
  81. Math percents

    a) 2/5 of 80% of 3000 cm b) 3/5 of 150% of 50 mL c) 4/5 of 12.5 % of 10 cm2 please explain how u got the answer thank u!!!!
  82. Help with math

    Explain how you could write 35% as the sum of two benchmark percents or as a multiple of a percent.
  83. Math

    Explain how you could write 35% as the sum of two benchmark percents or as a mutiple of a percent
  84. Math

    2/5=what I assume you are looking for a decimal. Just divide 5 into 2, and the answer will be the decimal. However, if you are looking for a percentage, multiply the decimal by 100. I hope this helps. If not, repost with a clearer question. Thanks for asking.
  85. Math

    How do you rename as a fraction and decimal 55 5/9% You should know that 5/9 is 5 repeating, so the decimal is 55.5%(with a bar over the decimal part). 5/9 is the fraction
  86. Calculus

    State the growth factor in each of the following situations. Newspaper readership is declining by 7 1/3 % per year. A bouncing ball rebounds to 1/3 of its previous height. Dont know how to solve these fractions:\ I just hate working with fractions.

    1. 1/10 x 3/4 A.15/2 B.2/15 C.3/40 D.40/30 2.4/5 of 40 A.32 B.1/32 C.12 D.44/5 3.1/3 of 3 A.1/18 B.1/3 C.1 D.1/9 this is the Lesson 4: Multiplication of Fractions Review Math 6 A  Unit 7: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions quiz, so if you know the rest of the answers plz ...
  88. math

    Arrange the fractions in ascending order. Or, if the fractions are equivalent, answer "Equivalent". 7/22,2/5,9/24
  89. Math

    The sum of two fractions is 1. If one of them is 3/8 greater than the other, what are the two fractions?
  90. equivalent fractions and the numberline

    Draw a number line to show how are these fractions are equivalent 3/4=6/8 and 1/4=2/8
  91. Math

    1/6 is the sum of two unit fractions. how may pairs of unit fractions will equal 1/6?
  92. Math:[

    how do you turn decimals to fractions? http://www.webmath.com/dec2fract.html This is a good tutorial. wdwqdr What is an Improper Fraction?
  93. math 6th

    3/8 as a decimal is 7/5 as a decimal is 21/7 as a decimal is 5/3 as a decimal is
  94. math

    what number is 24% of 95. Sorry but i don't understand how to get numbers using percents. another problem im stuck with is what percent of 90 is 60
  95. Math

    Explain how u can write 35% as a sum of 2 benchmarks percents or as multiple of a percent? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  96. math

    Stocks are always quoted in A. quarter lots. B. quarters of a dollar. C. decimals. D. percents. B?
  97. Math

    Stocks are always quoted in A. quarter lots. B. quarters of a dollar. C. decimals. D. percents. c?
  98. Math

    I need help figuring this out, I tried to simplify 3 times this are fractions, I can't express fractions in here.. -4/7x=12/35 (-7/4) x (-4/7) = -7/4 x 12/35 1 times x = 84/140 I am having trouble simplifying I got so far 42/70, 21/35 and are wrong please help
  99. Physics

    A 765-kg car is travelling north and makes a gradual turn to the east at a constant speed of 15 m/s. The radius of the turn is 112 m. I calculated the angular velocity to be 0.135 m/s and the friction force needed to be 1410.86 N. What is the smallest radius for which the turn...
  100. Calc easy

    Having trouble getting the correct solution. The integral of “x squared” in the numerator and “x squared plus x minus 6” in the denominator. S X2 / (X2 + x – 6) dx Thanks! That's a messy one. According to my table of integrals. The answer is -x/6 -(1/72)loge(x^2 +x -...
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