for my comparison essay i am analysis of the 2nd device for katy perry song fireworks.. i need help explaining this line into details. could somebody give me like at least 1-2 sentence explaining it. the device im using is

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  1. Math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. The sum of a number times 10 and 27 is at least −20..... How do I write this????
  2. Math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. Ten times the sum of a number and 27 is at least 26.
  3. english

    I need help with this question about annabel lee. Identify literary elements (mood, imagery, symbolism, contrast, comparison) and explain how they add to your understanding of the poem. Discuss two specific instances in the poem where you see a literary element. Copy and paste...
  4. AP World History

    Hi its Diana with the same question: How did coffee play a pivotal role in the French Revolution? (lots of details and go into the Enlightenment) But, I looked at the articles you sent me and I still don't understand how coffee influenced the Enlightenment. I am having so much...
  5. Physics Classical Mechanics

    A hydrometer is a device that measures the density of a liquid. The one shown in the figure has a cylindrical bulb of radius R attached to a cylindrical stem of radius r and length l. When placed in a liquid, the device floats as shown in the figure with a length h of stem ...
  6. Accounting

    On Aug 14th, One of our Partner's ( Compuville ) cash book showed a debit balance of $4,000.00. His bank statement showed a balance of $4,270.00. On comparison the following were found: * check issued amounting to $2,500.00 has not been cashed * The bank rejected checks ...
  7. Math

    On Aug 14th, One of our Partner's ( Compuville ) cash book showed a debit balance of $4,000.00. His bank statement showed a balance of $4,270.00. On comparison the following were found: * check issued amounting to $2,500.00 has not been cashed * The bank rejected checks ...
  8. music,making meladieos ms.sues? i need help

    1.which of the following is the longest? A. motive B. cadence C. climax D. phrase 2.what is the focal point in melody? A. the general shape B. the highest note C. the place of rest D. the beginning 3.what is a phrase? A. a place of rest in the music B. a musical idea with ...
  9. Computer Lit

    Does this look good? It's about Piracy and my position. Computer Piracy What is piracy? Are there pirates running around on the Internet? Piracy is theft, you’re stealing copyrighted work. You’re not stealing if you buy a book, a song on iTunes, or a movie off of a shelf ...
  10. math

    Use the following table to answer the questions. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) x 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9 y 3 2 6 1 3 3 3 2 5 3 (a) Find the equation of the line of best fit. yhat = + x (ii) Graph this equation on a scatter diagram. (Do this on paper. Your ...
  11. Statistic help

    Use the following table to answer the questions. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) x 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9 y 3 2 6 1 3 3 3 2 5 3 (a) Find the equation of the line of best fit. y hat = + x (ii) Graph this equation on a scatter diagram. (Do this on paper. Your ...
  12. English

    Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct them if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of conflict describes the ...
  13. English

    Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct them if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of conflict describes the ...
  14. Stats

    Dee's store monthly sales for April, May, June are three independent random variables with means and variances as follow: April: Mean: $9500 Variance: $1250 May: Mean: $7400 Variance: $1425 June: Mean: $8600 Variance: $1610 a) find the mean and standard deviation of the total ...
  15. Chemistry

    Fannie eats a dozen doughnuts every 36 hours. How many doughnut does she eat in a week? I used Dimensional Analysis(which isn't helping at all), but it keeps giving me weird number, like 36 over 2016 or 252 over 2016.
  16. French (need a website link quick question)

    I need a website link that will give me a practice test to Qu'est-ce qui and Qu'est-ce que. Where Qu'est-ce qui acts as a subject and Qu'est-ce que acts as an object. I also need a test on negative and affirmative commands. For example: Montrez-moi-la radio Answer: Montrez la-...
  17. Art

    Advanced Art Preservation 1) What advantage does multi-spectral analysis hold over the X-ray Machine? :Multi-spectral analysis can analyze pigments that an X-ray cannot detect :Multi-spectral analysis reveals what is not visible to the naked eye :Multi-spectral analysis can be...
  18. MATH

    These are my last few question that I need help with PLEASE STAY WITH ME MS. SUE 1. In 2012, the total population of Florida was 3,158,697 people. What was the population in scientific notation, approximately? A. 3.2 * 10^5 B. 3.2 * 10^6 C. 3.2 * 10^7 D. 32 * 10^7 2. If there ...
  19. English

    The cool shadows across the forest path moved as the sun moved. A lovely tawny gold fritillary, newly hatched, came by, hovering over the bushes, passing on. Then a banded white admiral with gliding graceful flight. Man and dog slept; the sun, gathering powder, made the moist ...
  20. Calculus

    Find the point P on the line y=4x that is closes to the point (68,0). What is the least distance between P and (68,0)
  21. Language Arts

    "President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 by Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears It shall flush the mountain ranges, And the ...
  22. writing

    Catherine received a 70 on her essay because the vocabulary was basic and there was a lack of clear and active voice. Which of the following areas of her essay were weak? A. Organization B. Mechanics C. Content D. Style
  23. NJHS (essay)

    hi, i'm currently applying for the national junior honor society, and i'm working on my essay. any ideas what i should include??? ps. i have no leadership experience and the section is blank! D:
  24. social studies

    According to Tardiff and Brizee, an essay that makes a claim supported by evidence is classified as an _______ essay. A. expository B. analytical C. argumentative D. explanatory My answer is A
  25. arithmetic

    An arithmetic n geometric sequence have the same first term 2.with the 2nd term x. the sum of the 3rd term of the AS is equal to the 3rd term of the GS. Give the first 3 terms of both sequences.
  26. French

    I really need your help What English word is similar to adorn? give an equivalent in French to decorate? Give two synonyms in English comprehension? please help and thank you
  27. math

    Let L be the line with parametric equations x = −8+2t y = 4+3t z = −4 Find the vector equation for a line that passes through the point P=(−2, 1, 3) and intersects L at a point that is distance 2 from the point Q=(−8, 4, −4). Note that there are ...
  28. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 5:06am. What winter sport do you like most? 1. I lke curling because it's fun to see players hit big stones. 2. I like bobsledding because it's thrilling to ride a bobsled. 3. I like speed skating because I like wild races. 4. I ...
  29. Chemistry

    An analysis of nicotine (MW = 162 g/mol) gives 74.0% carbon, 8.65% hydrogen, and 17.3% nitrogen. What is the TRUE (MOLECULAR) formula for nicotine? All I need are the formulas!!
  30. Java programming

    Need help not sure how do this Do an analysis of the following program: Write a program to input the dimension of a cylinder, and print the surface area and volume.
  31. English

    Can someone please explain this poem to me and also the literary devices used? Thanks! "Like This" If anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our sexual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like this. When someone mentions the gracefulness of the nightsky, ...
  32. Chemistry --Need Help!!

    Ive posted twice, but no one's answered yet...I could really use any kind of guidance--particularly for the 1st question :) 1)) The following two half-cells are paired up in a voltaic cell. How will lowering the pH affect the ƒ´E of the overall cell? ClO3-(aq) + H2O(l) + 2e...
  33. anthropology

    what does it mean when my teacher says write an essay that explores how issues surrounding diversity and culture inform your understanding of cultural anthropology....i totally don't understand the question what could be an example?
  34. HCA 220

    I am supposed have a draft ready tues, of my power point presentation. Its a medical story board. What exactly is a draft? Is this on paper like when writing an essay or slides?
  35. Legal Studies

    Hi beautiful people Is there any specific way for a conclusion to be written for a Legal essay? I know the introduction and structure of points are slightly varied and I'd just like to know if there are any pointers on conclusions. Thanks a heap Em
  36. English

    I'm writing an essay about sexist advertisements. When writing on such brands like Andrew Marc, Dolce & Gabbana, Geico (insurance), or Mustang (Ford car), do I italicize? Thanks!
  37. Living environment

    Why does meiosis and fertilization lead to the greatest variety of genetic combinations ? . iM doing test corrections and I am struggling to explain the question above . So far all i said was that that was the only answer that made sense but i need more details , please help ...
  38. Math

    I need SUPER help! A famer has to buy 100 animals, but can only spend exactly $5.00. He has to buy at least on of each animal a chcken for 0.01$, a cow for 0.10$ and a horse for 0.50$!!!! PLease HElp IT means so much I need it by Midnight tonight or else i don't pass my clas :(
  39. Algebra - area

    I hope I can explain this. I can't draw the shape here, but it is a triangular prism that looks like a wedge of cheese. The height is 20 cm and the three sides are 13, 37, and 40 cm. There is also a line drawn from the corner of the two sides that are 13 and 37 cm, that makes ...
  40. Letter

    I'm planning on writing a letter to Yale and Art Insitue of Chiacago. Not now like next year in 8th grade. So this year I'm writing down some ideas. What should I write to them. Please do not judge me and saying oh like you don't need to do this or oh this is stupid because if...
  41. math

    Write an algebraic expression that requires each of the following properties of real numbers to simplify, in the order given: the Distributive Property, the Associative Property of Addition, the Commutative Property of Addition, and the Distributive Property. Simplify the ...
  42. Math

    A bag contains 8 cinnamon candies, 16 peppermint candies, and 7 licorice candies. You are going to reach into the bag and pull out some candies without looking. What is the least number of candies that you must pull out, to be sure that you have removed at least three licorice...
  43. Math-Algebra 1

    Part 1: When writing linear equations, how do you determine which form of a line to use? Part 2: Choose 1 set of points from the choices below. Then, solve the problem and post your solution, showing your steps. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line that passes ...
  44. Geometry

    A plane is located at C on the diagram. There are two towers located at A and B. The distance between the towers is 7,600 feet, and the angles of elevation are given. a. Find BC, the distance from Tower 2 to the plane, to the nearest foot. b. Find CD, the height of the plane ...
  45. Math

    Need help least to greatest 0.5,0.05,5/8
  46. Essay Titlle

    I am trying to figure out titles for my essay. I want the essay about family, being brave when things are going down, having faith when things are a blurr, or about being courageous when things are very tough. It's all the same, but please help me pick a title of all this ...
  47. Science

    Which of the following is a problem with using solar power as a main source of energy? A. People do not yet have the technology to use solar power*** B. The sun is not close enough to provide solar energy C. Power from solar energy contains a large amount of harmful D. Solar ...
  48. Valentines Day Help

    Im doing a poem, and im stuck on one part. "Flowers that smells like.... I don't know what to put in the blank. I thought of flowers that smell like the crisp air, but I want it to be more valentiney. Really need help
  49. Chemistry

    Lactose Aspartame Sucrose Sucralose Saccharin which ones of these are polar, which are non-polar? and what is the structures of them? like their O-H bonds? i found answers to other sugars like glucose and fructose but need help for these
  50. English

    Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy when answering an essay question? 1.(Think about what you want to say and create a brief bulleted list or organizer before you begin writing.) 2.Write as much as you can as quickly as you can about the subject. 3.Take 15 ...
  51. Fundamentals of Cost Analysis (Economic Analysis)

    What would be the present value of an item that has a salvage value of $25,000 at the end of five years? Assume a discount rate of 3.8% for an end-of-year factor. Carry calculations to four decimal places.
  52. Chemistry

    (Qualitative Analysis) I know this is vague, but if i had a solution of unknown cations that appear light purple, what could be the possible list of cations in the solution? I thought Mn, Ag, Cu after doing my own tests, but i am uncertain. Just on a visual analysis though, ...
  53. English composition 1

    Read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. 2. Write the introduction for an essay that critically analyzes “Letter from Birmingham Jail” for the presence of persuasive techniques. 3. Label the major parts of your introduction: a. Hook b. Title of ...
  54. geography (agriculture)

    I have an A.P human geography test tomorrow and i can not figure out what some of these words mean. can somebody please help?? thank you so much. i need help on who carl saur is, mediterranean agriculture, transhumance, pastoral nomadism, and the green revolution.. please help...
  55. Thinking About What to Write About in an Essay

    I'm writing an essay about charity (which means "In its widest and highest sense, charity includes love of God as well as love of man. The latter kind of love is so closely connected with, and dependent upon, the former, that neither it nor its fruits, under the Christian ...
  56. algebra 2

    Define a variable and write an inequality. Then solve. A local summer basecall team plays 20 games each season. So far, they have won 9 games and lost 2. How many more games much they win this season to win at least 75% of all their games? Just think through the problem. They ...
  57. English

    In our text discussion, we compared a two-way conversation with a top-down situation, such as that which students encounter when listening to a lecture. What was this comparison intended to illustrate? A. The need to pay attention to an instructor’s lecture B. The value of ...
  58. Similes

    Write a simile to finish each sentence. 1. The old man's legs moved as slowly and as awkwardly as... 2. His face fell in folds like... 3. His eyes were grey like old snow. 4. His body looked old and used like.. 5. His smile was as young as... 6. He called his dog with a ...
  59. filing names

    I have a practice work sheet and I have asked people to explain to me and I still just don't get it ... so I am really wanting someone to explain the answers to me and why they are right. All it says on directions is choose the correct place for name. I think its the symbols ...
  60. english/ literature/ essay

    hi i need help with this.. what is the importance of recognizing cultural differences as a young person in today's global society?
  61. Communications

    Please HELP this is my first comparative essay and I need someone to review it and tell me if I am on the righttrack or if I am loosing the plot. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE
  62. social studies

    How did quebec act of 1774 influences the canadian society today? (i need to write an essay for this help ASAP)

    The Civil War and its impact on the District in the late 19th century... Help Please I'm writing an essay and i need info!
  64. English 2

    Need help with this-- "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations? Thanks -MC
  65. English 2

    Need help with this-- "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations?
  66. english

    i need help with an essay, it is comparing and contrasting true love vs. infatuation in Romeo and Juliet (please comment quickly)
  67. language arts

    i need to write an essay on why it is important to be obedient or to obey people or authority. i just don't have any ideas. help?
  68. Religion

    i need to write an essay about if anne frank's life is relevant to teenager's today. Please hele me!!

    2. Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. I don't need a whole essay just a summary
  70. anthropology

    I am so confused!! Can anyone help me by explaining what it means by international development? Provide 2 reasons in support and 2 against the position that anthropologists should be involved in applying their knowledge and skills to the goals of international development. And...
  71. Writing

    8th graders have a writing test coming up and they have to write an expository essay. The biggest problem is, I don't know what that! If you can tell me and also give me an example. Thanks -MC
  72. English

    Can someone give me some sentences to use, to describe yourself. I have to write an essay describing myself. and I only have about 4 sentences:P
  73. Marketing

    For this activity, consider one of the products below that you are familiar with. Think about how this product is marketed and write and essay describing it terms of each of the marketing mix elements (product, distribution, price, and promotion). You will be graded on your ...
  74. Reading

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help you ...
  75. Chemistry: Need Help

    Suppose there is a simulation of 25 helium molecules and 25 nitrogen molecules on the right side of a box before the rate of effusion. Suppose you carry out this simulation and it does not give a precise quantitative reflection of Graham's Law. -->What could be done to ...
  76. Business comunication

    As a professor at State University, you have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for one of your advisees who is applying for an internship. The student is now a senior and you have known her since she was a freshman. She has taken two courses from you, and she's ...
  77. Physics

    ou recently read that a new possibly habitable planet was discovered. The planet, Burt, receives 2100 W/m2 from it’s companion star. If planet Burt has a a radius of 7500 km and acts like a blackbody ( emissivity =1 ) and thus radiates same amount of energy it absorbs, what ...
  78. English

    1. Which sentence describes setting? As much as it saddened her, the first thing Nan had to do was leave her beloved family home. Marcy wanted to go to the dance, but Rob’s treatment of her that day gave her second thoughts. Steve was fairly short, with glasses and dark hair...
  79. Sociology

    I need help finding some resources and references for my essay. I tried google and all I got was free essay answers. Here is the assignment: o Explain how formal organizations have evolved over the past century. What differences were there in organizations a century ago, ...
  80. calculus

    The region R is defined by 1(</=)x(</=)2 and 0(</=)y(</=)1/(x^3). a) Find the number 'a' such that the line x=a divides R into two parts of equal area. b) Then find the number 'b' such that the line y=b divides R into two parts of equal area.

    Hey guys! I need some help on improving my vocal cords for my music class. I am 13 and I really need help with singing. My teacher says my voice sounds terrible and I would really like to sound pretty. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do instead of buying something????
  82. year 8 RE - re teachers

    Please could someone help me with my re homework. i need to write an essay.this is the question:- Show how religious beliefs and practices may be connected to the needs and concerns of people living at different times and in different situations. Please could you explain what ...
  83. English 4 help

    In this course,you studied literary works from the romantic period,the Victorian era,and the modern era.Describe the common themes from each era.Then explain the main elements of the historical context that contributed to the themes in each era. All I need is help on how to ...
  84. Probability

    Consider 10 independent tosses of a biased coin with the probability of Heads at each toss equal to p, where 0<p<1. Given that there were 4 Heads in the first 7 tosses, find the probability that the 2nd Heads occurred at the 4th toss. Give a numerical answer.
  85. eth- need info. please

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), are helping Native Americans to advance? If anything, what are organizations like ...
  86. English

    I am writing a character analysis of Laura from The Glass Menagerie, and I need to use quotations from the play. How do you cite these? Also, how do I know when to put a quote in a little indented paragraph thing of its own?
  87. Math

    How do I make 2/30 into a percent? I don't need answer only need to know how to solve.
  88. statistics

    24. Suppose there are five traffic lights that you need to pass while driving from your work to school. The probabilities that you will stop for these red lights are: 0 red light with probability 0.05, 1 red light with probability 0.45, 2 red lights with probability 0.30, 3 ...
  89. CIS 105

    Describe one technological device in 350 to 700 words. Include the following: When did it come (or will it potentially come) into existence? What scientific or technological reasoning explains how this potential has been (or can be) be reached? Think about the current ...
  90. Algebra

    The height of a rocket fired vertically into the air from the ground is given by the formula h(t) = -16t (2nd power) + 384t + 4, where t is measured in seconds. How long will it take to reach its maximum height and what is the maximum height reached by the rocket
  91. more news

    What is the Watergate scandal and why could this story not have happened in 2012? I know what the watergate scandal is, it was the political scandal that led to Nixons resignation where burglars who broke into the Democratic party headquarters had ties to his administration.. ...
  92. science( chem)

    For literature citation at the end of a lab report if only the text is used would that have to be cited as well? Or would it not be cited and on the page for literature citation I would type no sources cited? You have to cite anything and everything that is used along with the...
  93. Math

    1. The US Senate is composed of 2 senators from each of the 50 states. For a treaty to be ratified, at least two-thirds of the senators present must approve the treaty. Suppose all senators are present and 48 of them have voted in favor of a treaty. What are the possible ...
  94. Reading

    im reading this book called across five aprils. I need another quote from the book to go with my essay. i need a good quote from the part were Jethro finds his couisn, Eb, in the woods. Eb is a deserter. Jethro wants to get him help........ Do you have any suggestions?
  95. math (horizontal tangent line)

    Determine the point(s) if any at which the graph of the function has a horizontal tangent line. y=x^3+x I graphed this function out and it looks like there isn't any horizontal tangents. Am I correct or am I forgeting something? I tried finding the derivitave of the function ...
  96. research

    A quantitative analysis method which aggregates a number of (similar) individual studies into a large data set from which to compute an over all “effect size” (based on similar study procedures and treatments) is commonly known as…?
  97. DBA

    A quantitative analysis method which aggregates a number of (similar) individual studies into a large data set from which to compute an over all “effect size” (based on similar study procedures and treatments) is commonly known as
  98. fire

    Two line of same flow with different lengths, no elevation find: a. Total friction loss for line A b. Total friction loss for line B c. PDP (pump discharge pressure) for line A d. PDP for line B Layout: Line A=150' of 3" 300gpm combination nozzle Line B= 300" of 3" 300gpm ...
  99. Computer

    Give some examples where traffic analysis could jeopardize security. Describe situations where end-to-end encryption combined with link encryption would still allow enough traffic analysis to be dangerous. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key...
  100. Chemistry

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