for my comparison essay i am analysis of the 2nd device for katy perry song fireworks.. i need help explaining this line into details. could somebody give me like at least 1-2 sentence explaining it. the device im using is

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  1. Calculus

    Let R be the region bounded by y = 1/x, the lime x = 1, the line x = 3 and the x-axis. The line x = k divides R into two regions of equal area. Determine k.
  2. English

    The stories and poems in this unit deal with suspense. Pick one of the works from this unit of study and explain how the author created suspense and how the use of suspense affected your enjoyment of the text. (One story is "The most dangerous game") I would like someone to ...
  3. math 2

  4. Quotes in essays

    I want to put a quote at the very beginning of my essay. How do I go about doing that? Should it be the same or a smaller font than the rest of my essay? I'm planning on putting the quote, then starting a new paragraph to begin the actual essay. Should I center it? Skip how ...
  5. English

    What is Szymborska's overall opinion of humanity in "A Contribution to Statistics?" Support your response with at least two details or quotes from the poem. ___ I'm kind of torn on this one, because I want to say it's a pessimistic tone on humanity...but I'm not too sure.
  6. English

    3. How does Malik relate with his mother in “The Next Adventure”? How do their interactions change over the course of the story? Use specific details and evidence from the text to support your response. Your response should be at least two complete paragraphs.
  7. Writing Essay

    All of the following statements about reading skills are true EXCEPT : A. Different activities require different types of reading. B. It is best to use skimming when you look for specific information. C. "Study Reading" requiers attention to details. I got B.
  8. English (Understanding Sentence)

    It's from "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]" Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability; it comes through the tireless efforts of men willing to be co workers with God, and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social ...
  9. Homework

    I am going to a school for gifted kids on September and I am very excited! However, they gave me like 5 packets of hard homework that are very time consuming. On top of that, I have to read countless books, write book reports about them, and then choose 1 book and write like a...
  10. English

    I'm doing a 3000-4000 word essay on the book A clockwork Orange.Here's my topic: An Analysis of the "evil" character Alex Is this topic too broad? Should I narrow it down? Or is it just crap and I should come up with another one? Thanks for the help. First define "evil" as ...
  11. history

    PLEASE HELP. I need someone to help me on an overdue history essay that concerns Ancient India and The Caste System. I'm super confused and my mind's all over the place. No, I'm not asking someone to do it for me, just ANYTHING to help :) Here is the directions if anyone cares...

    we had to take this news lead and turn it into a broadcast sentence PORTAGE, MI — The Portage Public Schools Board of Education said former Superintendent Richard Perry engaged in several acts of misconduct all stemming from his “extramarital affair” with the district’...
  13. Psycology

    I. Classical Conditioning For the scenario presented below, identify the five major elements of classical conditioning: NS, UCS, UCR, CS, CR. Each answer is only ONE OR TWO words, just like the examples we discuss(ed) in class. If you write a sentence, it will be incorrect ...
  14. Grammar and Composition

    Hi, I have started working on the Phone Book Character essay again. i did the drafting sheet just now. I will try to do as much of the essay as i can, while ofcourse still asking questions from you guys when i need help, but mostly i want to do it on my own. as soon as i ...
  15. english

    you are to write a one or two paragraph essay on a topic of your choice. can i get some guidence and maybe a couple of good topics i should write about. i don't even know how to write a one or two paragraph essay. like how long should the intro be and the body and then how do ...
  16. essay writing

    what is the last thing you should do before turning in your essay? A.Write the second draft. B.Proofread the essay to make sure it is free from errors. C.Revise and edit changing and rearranging the contect. D. All of the above .I CHOSE D.
  17. mba stats class, help!!

    a door to door sales person for a household appliance has learned from her past experience that out of 10 demonstrations of her appliaance only 4 result in actual sales. This week she needs to make at least 5 sales. At least how many demonstrations does she need to perform to ...
  18. Physics

    A rabbit runs in a straight line with a velocity of +1.3 m/s for a period of time, rests for 11 s, and then runs again along the same line at +0.65 m/s for an unknown amount of time. The rabbit travels a total distance of 1080 m, and its average speed is 0.79 m/s.What is the ...
  19. math

    What would you need to multiply by in order to solve this system of equations using the linear combination (elimination) method? {6x−2y=4 7x+5y=3 Multiply the 1st equation by 3 and leave the 2nd equation alone. This will eliminate the y's when you add the two new equations ...
  20. Language Arts

    In an essay, explain how the alliteration in full fathom five helps convey the atmosphere of the poem. Think about where is the poem is set and what is described. Then, give two examples of alliteration in the poem, and describe how they add to the atmosphere. Use the reading ...
  21. Language arts

    Which sentence best uses grammar for clarity and style? 1. A flashback is a device in which a story is interrupted to present a past event. 2. A flashback is a device where a past event interrupts the story. I believe its the second one because of its clear independent clause...
  22. English Proofread Due before 12 tonight

    1. Rowan opens his essay with a physical description of Miss Bessie. Why are these details important to his purpose? At the beginning of the essay, Rowan used a physical description to grab the reader attention. He thought that if he told how the reader looked, than it would ...
  23. College Algebra

    A rectangular dog pen is to be made to enclose an area of 144 sq. ft. The pen is to be divided into 2 equal sections by a section of the fence. Assuming a total of 400 sq. feet of fence, find the dimensions of the pen that will require the least amonut of fencing material. Ok ...
  24. English

    Can you check this sentence, it's really urgent. Before sending you details of my credit card, I would like you to confirm the offer made to me by Mr Smith, your Reservation Executive.
  25. Writing

    Someone plz give me interesting topics for argumentative essay
  26. chem

    What is the total pressure on the gas after the 760 mm Hg has been added? FIRST PHASE atmospheric pressure= 760 torr gas volume= 60 mL (760 mm Hg added to 2nd phase) SECOND PHASE atmospheric pressure= 760 torr Gas volume= 30 mL **image looks like a J. in the 2nd phase, there ...
  27. Science

    What are fuses and why do they come in different sizes? Fuses are devices placed in electrical circuits as protection for those circuits. They consist of small pieces of wire, sometime as ribbons, and are placed in series with the circuit so that the current passing through ...
  28. English

    1. In Gore Vidal’s article titled “Drugs,” the word “exhortation” means: A. language intended to incite and encourage. B. deportation. C. depression. D. a sad facial expression. is it A 2. The purpose of a causal analysis essay is to: A. apply successfully for a job...
  29. Geography

    In aerial photography and remote sensing image interpretation involves analysis of a series of key visual elements. Discus at least six of these elements
  30. Managerial Economics

    I am trying to understand how to variate between MC and MB using the theory of optimization the circumstance which a waste site could be made too clean. Note: Good answers are dispassionate and employ economic analysis. Draw a graph, put cost/benefits on the y-axis, % of waste...
  31. Computer science

    What is the count for the instruction CountMe as a function of n for the fragment below? Line 1: j = 1 Line 2: while (j<= n/2) { Line 3: i = 1 Line 4: while (i<=j) { Line 5: CountMe Line 6: i++ Line 7: } Line 8: j++ Line 9: }
  32. English 2

    Which hero's story, King Arthur's or Sundiata's, has the more relevant message for young people today? Compose an essay that answers this question, giving at least two examples from the selections and applying them to issues young people face today. Need help with the first ...
  33. Probability

    A large governmental survey of dental care among children 2 to 17 years old found the following distribution of times since last visit to the dentist: (1st column)Time since last visit (1st column)6 months or less (1st column)>6 months but no more than 1 year (1st column)&...
  34. literary

    Hi, I don't seem to understand Stephen King's "Why we crave horror movies" Give three examples of figurative language (in this case, a metapor) King uses. For each, explain what two things are being compared and state why you think this is an effective comparison?
  35. Freshmon Comp

    Can someone please help me come up with a simple topic for a division Analysis Essay. It only has to be four hundred word so it cant be to general please help me its due tomorrow and i still havent got a clue, for a topic
  36. MATH

    How do i find the center of a circle using 3 points. Also need to find the radius and the equation of the circle.... My 3 points are (2,8) (-4,6) (1,-1) I found the Equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line between the first and second point which was y=(3/2)x + 5 And...
  37. Anatomy

    I have a project where I need to explain to third graders so they understand the blood flow through the heart. It can be a skit, song story or game. Can you recommend some sites that can help
  38. Algebra

    Simplify -4^3 – 2 * 4^2 45 ÷ 3^2 – (3-|2-16|) There should be a line between the top numbers and the bottom, like in a fraction but longer. I typed it on word but when I tried to copy the line never showed when I pasted. Thanks!!

    Calculate the monthly finance charge for the following credit card transaction. Assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $500 balance, 20% rate, $50 payment, previous ...

    I have to do an essay analysis and it's asking me for the topic sentence, supporting points, and a paragraph response. I have a few questions. topic sentence, how do you know which is the correct one? supporting points, is it in your opinion? and how would you find the good ...
  41. english

    That, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue is this a simile? how? Yes. It's a simile. It compares whatever "That" refers to to mouths. It also uses the word "like," making it a simile, not a metaphor. An easy way to remember ...
  42. English

    really need help on this question it is worth 5 marks. The question is: Explain how "A Thankless Experience" is a satire with support with direct reference to the essay. The short essay is called A Thankless Experience by Stephen Lautens' it is on the internet jiskha does not ...
  43. Family and Consumer Sciences

    I am doing a sewing project. I need to decide what project to do. I have four choices. I need find pros and cons. I am having trouble finding the right format for these pros and cons. they need to be written like " I chose the bunny because it costs less than the cat." Any ...
  44. chemistry

    How would this problem be worked using dimensional analysis? Answer is 1.32g and I can work it (.900/13.6) * 20 = 1.32 But i need it in dimensional analysis and the hint was to first find volume of mercury. How many grams of alcohol with a density of 0.900 g/cm3 will have the ...
  45. math

    ethan wrote a new song,The first time he wrote it,it had two verses,the second time 4 verses,the last time 6 verses.How many verses will he sing if he sings the song 8 times?look for a pattern and solve the problem
  46. Trigonometric functions

    1)Which angle is coterminal with a -400 degree angle in standard postion? A)40 B)80 C)320 D)400 I chose A (for the next one I don't know what its called but it looks like 0 with a horizontal line through the middle.) 2)Find the exact value of cos looks like 0 with a horizontal...
  47. Physics

    You are on the Moon and would like to send a probe into space so that it does not fall back to the surface of the Moon. What launch speed do you need?
  48. Ms.Sue

    MsSue can you give me a general analysis of what Kalamazoo Poverty Reduction Initiative is about and how they're beneficial. I've read the site and not comprehending it.
  49. english

    okay i have 2 out of 3 supporting ideas for my essay but i need 3 so i need 1 more here is mine "does being shy effects my education" please help and thank you
  50. English

    In Frost's poem "Mending Wall," the lines "I see him there,/ Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top/ In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed" uses which poetic device? a. simile*** b. metaphor c. alliteration d. personification
  51. Science

    Hello, Have you seen the new app MarkSharks Class 8 Science? I like it a lot.It's very interactive and makes learning fun. Please try it and tell me what you think. You can download it here and use it on any android device.
  52. English

    I posted a question like this earlier but I forgot to add something. If I were to write an essay about the experiences of Jewish individuals or communities living under Nazi occupation during World War II, what could be some things I could add to it? I have to write about ...
  53. physics

    an arrow was shot at a suspended clay target. the original KE the arrow was shot with was 2.0 J. the final KE from the arrow-target collision was 0.2 J. What happened to the original KE of the arrow? Give at least four possible ways in which this KE could have been lost. I ...
  54. writing

    I am having difficult time trying to find out what is actually at the base or root of the healthcare crisis in this coutry. I'm really getting confused. I have to write a 10 page argumentative essay including all of the evidence to support my claim...Is it the lack of Medicare...
  55. Physics

    A fireworks rocket is moving at a speed of 48.4 m/s. The rocket suddenly breaks into two pieces of equal mass, which fly off with velocities v1 and v2, as shown in the drawing. What is the magnitude of (a) v1 and (b) v2? In the image the two pieces are going off in a right ...
  56. English

    I'm also noticing that theres some sort of problem with this paragraph but I...I don't know. Like im nots sure if its the right example and if it links to intolerance. The only figurative device that is completely and effectively used in this text is first person. The use of ...
  57. Math

    The line L has equation of 4x + 3y = 7. Find the equation of the line perpendicular to L which passes through the point of intersection of L and the y-axis. Give answer in ax + by + c = 0.
  58. english.. can u tell me if my answers are right

    1)c 2)c 3)c 4)c .. k this looks ridiculous but i think the answers are all C !!! please check!!! 1) At the end of the poem(song of myself number 52), the speaker a.proclaims his love to democracy b. encourages us to read more of his poems c. reaffirms his link to the reader d...
  59. Alegebra

    Find an equation of the line containing the give pair of points. (-2, -1), and (-7,-4) The equation of the line in slope-intercept from is y= what
  60. Social Studies

    Part 3: Write. 1. Write a persuasive argument explaining why you think this innovation is the most important development of ancient China. 2. Your argument should include the following: a. Begin with an opening sentence, introducing your argument. b. Add three specific facts ...
  61. Social Studies

    On a worksheet I have to do, I need a few details about how the Royal Road (in ancient Persia) helped unite the Persian Empire. I have a few things, but I need some more. Answers?
  62. english

    1.Virtual reality systems can be used to train pilots, doctors, and engineers. These systems are seen most often in video games. 2. a head-mounted display is made of a headset with a screen for each eye. the display connects to a computer. 3. a tracking device senses the eye ...
  63. A Curious Question

    What do these instructions mean? "Draw a river across the land that empties into the bay. Draw at least two tributaries that feed into the river. Draw rivers that lead into both the lake in cell F-3 and the swamp in E-12."
  64. english

    Hi. Can you help me with my homework? I have to write a 5 paragraph essay that is due to tomorrow. It is about: should us 5th readers have fun Fridays. But what I mostly need help is how to write a 5 paragraph essay. Thank you for your help. Have a nice night.
  65. college physics

    small one-cylinder gasoline engines sometimes use a device called a magneto to supply current to the spark plug. A permanent magnet is attached to the flywheel, and a stationary coil is mounted adjacent to it. Explain how this device is able to generate current. What ha[[ens ...
  66. intro to computers

    your boss is considering a BYOB program for your company. he asks you if there are any negatives to such a program. what do you tell him? limits the freedom of the user to access the websites and introduces security and control problems. c. it requires ...
  67. PE

    Not exactly a question but still considered as homework i need help with. Thanks in advance for answering if you do, its a great help. Ive been given a task to survey people about excercise and fitness. The answers don't have to be long but please atleast write a sentence for ...
  68. Statistics

    QNT 561: I want the Statistics question problems for chapter 3 and chapter 5 from the book "Statistical techniques in business and Economics" by Lind, Marchel and Wathen. Can somebody give the questions? Thanks.
  69. History project

    Before writing my paper I need a theme.Can omeone give me some ideas.I havent had a project like this since sixth grade and now I am a freshmen in highschool.
  70. Algebra 1

    Who would be interest in a data in which the data is a recorded age (in months) of when infants first walked and Why? I need help, I am kind of stuck on this problem. Like just give an example and you don't have to explain why.
  71. history

    i need 2 write a paragraph about anubis wot shood i write????? i fink i need some info to copy??????? I think you need some religion: The kind that a tough hard nosed teacher can give. It appears you are long overdue. Apparently, no one has ever told you that you don't have to...
  72. English

    Does Hamlet reach enlightenment? I personally think not because he is still unaware that he has become exactly like Claudius and dispute saying things that virtuous and just he is hypocritical in his actions. Also follow up question: What did Hamlet die thinking (like of ...
  73. Quantitative Analysis

    To make meaningful causal inferences when conducting quantitative analyses, one must employ...? A. Dummy coding when using regression models B. Parametric methods of analysis robust in relationship to violation of basic assumptions C. T-Tests and Analysis of Variance methods D...
  74. math ASAP please

    4. What would the graph of y = x^2 + 1 look like? (1 point) a straight line a parabola a dotted line none of the above 5. What would the graph of 10/x look like? (1 point) a straight line a parabola a curve none of the above 6. What would the graph of y = 3/4x – 7/8 look ...
  75. Economics

    Hi beautiful people! I'd like to know a good website where I can get practise essay topics for economics. I have to write a extended written response to stimulas exam soon and as this is a weakness I'd like to find some practise topics. Its on the aging population but I'd like...
  76. Preschool

    Can you help me to choose the best answer to fill in the blank to this question? Goonight Owl is a good __________ because the children can make the animal sounds while the teacher tells the story. 1. acting story 2. fable 3. story song 4. participation song would it be (1)...
  77. social studies

    This is an essay I really need help on. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable. How does this excerpt from the declaration of independence connect to the ideals upon which the U.S...
  78. Math

    Can someone please help me? I have to turn in this homework really soon and I'm only stuck on this last question. "Describe how you would use the distributive property to simplify 39 x 5" I don't know how Distributive property works and if somebody could at least explain that ...
  79. 7th grade

    You need to give examples for someone else if they would need help on controlled experiments which includes pictures that you give and someone tells if it is a controlled experiment or what the variable is
  80. Physics

    A large fish tank is filled with water (of refractive index 1.33). One side of the tank is made of a parallel-sided piece of glass. A ray of light strikes the glass from the outside at an angle of incidence of 48. Estimate the angle through which this ray is deviated as it ...

    For my analyzing media essay I will be writing about the topic of law, as I was assigned it in class. I want to write about how society sets its own predetermined laws for everyone to follow but sometimes certain people disobey the common norms to hide something deeper within...
  82. socials

    i writing paragraph on whether the first nations within canada be granted some form of self government with the regard to their economy, education, laws, and environment? i have to give evidence to back my claims. i not sure if this good idea because if they have self ...
  83. Math

    A bag contains 10 marbles: 1 red, 2 blue, 3 green, and 4 yellow. I reach into the bag and pick 5 marbles at random. Determine the probability that my pick has: (a) At least 2 yellow marbles. (b) At least 2 yellow marbles and at least 1 green marble. (c) All four colors ...
  84. American Lit => Ms.Sue (Poetry analysis help)

    Poem "for rosa parks" And how was this soft-voiced woman to know that this was "No" in answer to the command to rise would signal the begining of the time of walking Soft the word like the closing of some aweful book, a too-long story with no pauses for reason, but yes, and ...
  85. Texas Government English

    A look back on the terms of recent governors shows just how tricky it can be to get this mixture of political support, skill, personality, and luck right. Bill Clements (1979-1983, 1987-1991) played an historic role as the first Republican elected governor since Reconstruction...
  86. Social studies

    Verbs for present. Past and future write about something you could invent. Tell how people will use your invention.some verbs you can use are invent,use,like,and name.Write at least 3 sentence, under line the verb in the sentence.
  87. SAT Math

    I don't remember what problem I struggled to understand... But it was something like this... There are 3000 numbers so how many of them are odd.. Something like that.. Please give me a problem like that and please teach me!!!! I hope you know what I am talking about!!
  88. Math

    Can somebody help me with the following probability question? There is none like it to refer to in my textbook and I am confused. Explain how you would determine the probability that a given household in your community is watching the 10:00m tv news on a Wednesday night?
  89. Introduction to Educational Theory

    How do you feel about this situation? I'm trying to collect opinions from teachers/adults. The Scenario: A teacher assigns an essay. However, on the due date, the teacher says that the he will not accept essays because he has decided to extend the deadline. William has his ...
  90. science

    sorry to annoy anyone, but WHAT is the big idea of energy? i would really appreiciate a response In what context? Too much use. Not reneewable? Cost? availability? in the context of an ironsulphide reaction I still don't understand the question. explaining the iron/sulphur ...

    Last fall, a gardener planted 56 iris bulbs. She found that only 49 of the bulbs bllomed in the spring. Find the empirical probability that an iris bulb of this type will bloom. give answer as a fraction in lowest terms. How many bulbs should she plant next fall if she would ...
  92. business question

    I am given a project to Develop and Incorporate a Business. I decided about video game business for example companies that make big systems like xbox. What is the concept? Type of Entity?: LLC Reason for selecting Entity? Financial Assistance? Marketting Audience? who are the ...
  93. forensic

    Select the proper order of examination "Fingerprints, trace evidence, DNA" "Disease diagnosis, DNA, fingerprints" "Ink analysis, content analysis, DNA" "Handwriting, ink analysis, DNA" None of the above my answer is the first one

    Tomorrow I am to write a formal persuasive essay of up to 500 words ONLY, within ONE hr ONLY, as a written portion of an application. We are to be given a passage & then are to respond with a formal persuasive essay in response to a following given proposition arguing for or ...
  95. science

    For the people who has nothing for homework. what is the difference between weight and mass? please give a two sentences giving specific details which tells, how to figure it out. And how you got your answer! :-)
  96. Essay

    I'm trying to start an essay paragraph with the topic " Contributing to the community" and I was wondering if this is a good starting sentence.If not, please give me some ideas or suggestions for one.Thanks -Everyone in life had made significant contributions to the community ...
  97. please rate my essay

    I had asked earlier if anyone had any ideas for an essay over the importance of accepting others as they are, and now I am finished with my essay so I am curious to see what you think. It will be given a rating of 1-4.
  98. Helppp

    Mom in need of help! The x-intercept of a line is -5 and the y-intercept of the line is -2. What is the equation of the line? A) y=-5/2x-5 B) y=2/5x+2 C) y=5/2x-2 D) y=-2/5x-2 Thanks so much
  99. Physics

    A fireworks rocket is moving at a speed of 48.4 m/s. The rocket suddenly breaks into two pieces of equal mass, which fly off with velocities v1 and v2, as shown in the drawing. What is the magnitude of (a) v1 and (b) v2? In the image the two pieces are going off in a right ...
  100. Physical Chemistry

    Please help, about real gas deviation from ideal behavior. when we plot graph against P and PV, at 17¡ãC,: for H2, there's straight ascending line. for N2, line a little curved at low P then become ascending straight like H2. for CO2, line curved, very descending at low P, ...
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