1. persusasive essay

    i need help on writing a 5 paragraph essay on new parents must have to earn a parenting license to have a child.
  2. english

    hey people!! im new here and i just got an essay to do on english altough its the first day of school!! please guys i really need your help.. its a essay on the following topics: 1-summer 2-love is not all it's made out to be 3-a glorious sunset 4-stories like ours have happy ...
  3. Psychology

    Please provide me some points to write an essay on a case. Alexis had often wished that she could understand herself better. But the fight with her boyfriend the previous night really made her wonder what was driving her behaviour. For no reason at all, she had gotten annoyed ...
  4. calculus

    Please help with this question. I have a general solution to a differential equation of 18y^3/2= TOP LINE OF FRACTION is 2(x^2-6x+23)^3/2 and this is divided by 3.plus Constant .I work out constant c to be zero. Is this correct? What is the particular solution for which y=2 ...
  5. english

    What does don't let me hit the ground means? it's part of the verse in the song i chose to present in school please just give me an idea on what those words mean
  6. Art

    I need a website where I can covert photos into line drawings for my project. Thank you for helping me! :-D
  7. Math

    Can you show me how to do this and give me the final answer please. need help Find the equation of the line containing the given pair of points. (2,4) and (6,5)
  8. algebra

    Find the equation for the line that passes through the points (58,14) (57,27). Give your answer in point-slope form. You do not need to simplify.
  9. Carbohydrates

    I have to do an essay on Carbohydrates. Basically I'm just making a informational essay, but I need help outlining it, can anyone help me with this?
  10. us history

    I need help on an essay. My essay is on immigration but my teacher wants us to compare and contrast immigration from 1800's to now. HELP!
  11. Essay Critique

    I need someone to help critique my essay rough draft. My commentary, intro, and conclusion.
  12. writing

    I'm writing an essay about a book I read, and I need to make a personal connection with a character that is conceited, brave, and strong. Could someone give some examples of personal connections?
  13. US History

    Need help with this-- Americans remain an extremely mobile people, with most families moving several times in their lifetime. Write an essay in which you describe at least two similarities and two differences between American migration today and migration in the mid-1800s. ...
  14. math need asap

    7r-4s=-7 (7) 4r+7s=61 (4) 49r - 28s = -49 16r + 28s = 244 --------------- 65r = 195 195/65 = 3 (simplified) (3, is the first number of the ordered pair.) Now this is the part that I get lost on. I know I am suppose to substitute 3 into one of the equations above, but how do I ...
  15. Geometry

    The word cosine literally means "the complement of the sine." Write a paragraph explaining how complements of sine and cosine are connected. I know that the sine and the cosine of complementary angles are the same. but how can i add more details/write a paragraph?
  16. Spanish

    Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world. I am a bit confused about what they mean for the activities, do they want after school Spanish activities or what?
  17. Language

    I Have A Big Project And I Need Antynoms For Muzzle(the Device)
  18. Social Studies - NEED HELP ASAP

    The Line of Demarcation set an imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole at 50°W longitude, splitting South America into two empires. The __________ were able to colonize the land to the west of the Line and the _____________ were able to colonize the land east of ...
  19. english

    School Food Gets Good…Real Good! During the years food has been the same. Pizza, meatballs, pasta or even peanut butter and jelly. Don’t you want some good foods? Like real rice and beans, plantains etc. Frozen food has taken over our food . About 75% of kids in our school...
  20. LA Help!

    Some people argue that television has been a destructive force in our society. What do you think about the impact of television on people? Write an essay explaining your point of view. Use reasons and examples to support your position.
  21. social studoes

    Why do nations form an alliance? Give examples of different kinds of alliances and explain their purposes. Can somebody please help??
  22. to Katy re SOC

    Do NOT put requests for answers to tests on this message board. Doing so again will get you banned for sure.
  23. writing

    im writing an essay about the analysis of the origins of the american revelution. what would be a good thesis?
  24. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue what i name this process analysis essay? i not want to say how to stay healthy in winter.
  25. English

    How many sentences should a short essay have? I need to write a short essay for my world history class...I'm in 10th grade btw
  26. Language Arts

    What is the best method to writing a short summary or an essay? Are there any websites I can look at or can you list the general items I need in an essay or summary. Thank you
  27. english

    I need to write a one page report - not a complete story. It must be man vs man, as well as man vs self or man vs nature. not sure if i understand can someone explain What you are describing are different types of conflicts in literary (not psychological) situations. I hope ...
  28. English

    I need a comparison for saying I love you for the first time and an explanation for it.
  29. essay

    Please help I have an assignment to write an essay for compare and contrast between 2 romantic movies generes. I want to compare their acting, what words or could you give me an example of it. I want to compare the acting, story plot, and music or sound. thanks
  30. English

    I writing essay on where i draw my strength from, though i not sure what to title my essay, i want something interesting. i have to tell about every source that give me my strength. it have to have thematic and thesis statement too.
  31. math

    I need help with "write in equation in slope-intercept form for the line that is parallel to to the given line line and and that passes through the given point. y=1/2x=5;(4,-3) How do you find a line that is perpendicular. Please and thank you! :)
  32. english need help asap

    7. In Song of Myself, number 33, Whitman personifies death as something chasing a ship. This figure of speech — In Song of Myself, number 33, Whitman personifies death as something chasing a ship. This figure of speech —   a. suggests that the victims were doomed from the...
  33. math, really need some feedback on this asap.

    7r-4s=-7 (7) 4r+7s=61 (4) 49r - 28s = -49 16r + 28s = 244 --------------- 65r = 195 195/65 = 3 (simplified) (3, is the first number of the ordered pair.) Now this is the part that I get lost on. I know I am suppose to substitute 3 into one of the equations above, but how do I ...
  34. Numerical Analysis

    show that f(x)=xsinπx-(x-2)lnx has at least one zero derivative in [1,2]
  35. American Dream Project

    I have to do an american dream project and as part of it we have to pick a song that goes with our american dream or "The American Dream" My american dream is to go to college and become a vet. Im not sure at the moment if I want the song to be about my american dream or "The ...
  36. English

    In my journal, I've divided several pages into two columns. In the first column I write down selected quotations from an essay I've just read. My purpose in these procedures is most likely to be ___________ the essay. a. creating b.analyzing c. summarizing and d. revising
  37. exams

    Could you please give me some details about SAT scholarship exam?
  38. Geography

    In what model of the universe did philosophers of the middle ages believe? Give details
  39. poetry essay

    I'm having problems coming up with a thesis statement for Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven. I have to do an analysis paper. Any suggestions on where to begin?

    Can someone help me with the essay writing please First you should make a list of reasons you agree or disagree with this topic. Arrange these items in a logical order. Next, write an introductory paragraph, briefly stating these reasons, and concluding with your thesis ...
  41. Math

    Three friends each have some ribbons. Carl has 90 inches of ribbons, Tino has 10.5 feet of ribbon, and Baxter has 2.5 yards of ribbon. Express the total length of ribbon the three friends have in inches, feet, and yards. What I need: Instructions on how to do this because I ...
  42. Spelling

    Some of the sentences below are not complete. Rewrite the passage so that all have both a subject and an action. Turning the attic into another bedroom was a great idea. One problem, though. Like living on the equator. Al least when the sun is shining. I think I lost 10 kilos ...
  43. English

    Are these correct? Is this an example of a metaphor: Ms. Wyman's sigh is like a blanket she pulls over her on a cold morning. Is this an example of an understatement: All of a sudden Addie gets all sympethic like shes ten years older than me and engaged or something and I'm ...
  44. Business organisation

    I have an assigment in which they told me to make a pest analysis on an company..they gave the details of the company ..its an event company..can you plz help me as i don't know how to conduct pest analysi
  45. "personal development plan worksheet"

    This is from a college essay unit. What type of stuff do you think they want me to put when they say "my best abilities are..." I'm not sure if they're looking for stuff like leadership, responsibility, etc. or stuff like playing tennis, running, etc. Also, it says "areas I ...
  46. English

    In the novel; Twelfth Night A quote is stated: "And thus a whiligig if time brings in his revenges" I am to write an essay on this. I have put some ideas together, yet I am unable to create an intro. Could you help by giving me a few hints on how to start an essay revolving ...
  47. Chemistry

    I had a quiz today and one of the multiple choice questions was something like, "find the final temperature of aluminum when it is cooled" and then it gave you the specific heat capacity of aluminum, the mass of the aluminum, initial temperature, and enthalpy change. One of ...
  48. Racism Essay

    How do I start off an essay about racism? I need a topic sentence.
  49. statistic

    For the following dataset, enter the data into a calculator and find the least square regression line, correlation coefficient, and coefficient of determination. step by step please X1 Y1 10 8.04 8 6.95 13 7.58 9 8.81 11 8.33 14 9.96 6 7.24 4 4.26 12 10.84 7 4.82 5 5.68
  50. math - regression line - thank you

    The question states: Plot the regression line from D = 40 to D = 300. My question: Do you extend the line beyond those 2 points (as in going towards the axis) or does the regression line just connect those 2 points like a line segment? Thank you
  51. writing,essay

    I have to wirte an essay ,about 300 words on ''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'' Marcus Gravey I have really no diea where to start, thank you for the help
  52. Economics

    what is a hype song to rap to a economics question. Like this example: search (I'm on econ) on youtube
  53. english

    i need to create a eight song soundtrack and how they relate to romeo and juliet play.
  54. HCS 310

    ORGANIZATION AL ANALYSIS · Select one public sector not-for-profit health agency within the United States health care system. · Prepare a 1,050-1,400 word paper in APA format describing the type of health organization: government, quasi-government, or voluntary. NOTE: PLEASE...
  55. business

    Via Microsoft Word, write 700 to 1,050 words explaining the business model of University of Phoenix and also write a SWOT analysis about University of Phoenix strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

    when telling someone how to get to your house from campus, you need to a) give your direction of travel b) give your distance they need to travel c)give both directions and distance d) not enough information
  57. physics HELP !

    when telling someone how to get to your house from campus, you need to a) give your direction of travel b) give your distance they need to travel c)give both directions and distance d) not enough information
  58. physics - unowen

    You posted a question about having two cannon balls strike the same target simultaneously, with a time delay between shots: https://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1520556373 I have had some time to think about it, and have come up with the following ideas. Maybe you have solved...
  59. English expression

    A. What is the reading text about? a. School Introduction b. Family Introduction c. Self Introduction B. Draw a line between what we can know from the reading text as in the example. And referring the reading text, fill in the blanks. O. What is her dwelling place? From the ...
  60. English

    When a writer uses phrases like "Enough is Enough" are they using a rhetorical device?
  61. ms.sue please help

    so my intervention is how i'm going to reduce air pollution like convincing people to walk and ride bikes etc. and then how people are also trying to help reduce pollution? Ecology Intervention Project - Reina B., Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 10:13pm the requirements - a type...
  62. sociology

    I am writing an essay on the socialogical perspectives on the issue of unemployment. The symbolic interactism and function analysis. I went on the web and research the issue of unemployment and the meaning of the perspectives, yet I am stumped on how to form a thesis and how ...
  63. math

    Determine the pattern: What comes next? .1, 1, 2, 4, 7, _ .4, 9, 16, 25,_ Explain. I need help explaining. Thank you.
  64. math

    Determine the pattern: What comes next? .1, 1, 2, 4, 7, _ .4, 9, 16, 25,_ Explain. I need help explaining. Thank you.
  65. algebra

    i need help explaining the difference between the distributive property and factoring
  66. Science

    Trees don’t eat like the sheep in the image above. Construct an explanation as to how they get the energy they need for survival. Be sure to include the organelles in the cells that contribute to these different functions. I don't under stand it and it is worth 3 extra ...
  67. Trig

    Hi, I would like to ask anyone available a quick question. How would I explain WHY it is that the data/function of average monthly temperatures for a location are a sinusoidal function? I am having trouble phrasing and explaining it, although I am aware that it is in fact ...
  68. Excel

    What are the symbols I would use in Excel for each of the following Comparison Operators? "At Least" --> "More Than" --> "X Or Higher" --> "X Or Less" --> "Not More Than" --> "At Most" -->
  69. History

    Hi, my history task for this weekend is to write an essay on this topic: "Women in World War II: An important step in the women's lieration or another opportunity for exploition" -Could you give me any insight,tips,information or starters to make this essay great! Thank you. ...
  70. French/Sra

    You decide to enter a contest for a shopping spree at your favourite clothing store. Write a paragraph describing what new clothes you need for summer and why you need them. Include the color of 5 articles of clothing that you would like and what activities you need the ...
  71. algebra

    Find the equation for the line that passes through the points (58,1532) and (13,14). Give your answer in point-slope form. You do not need to simplify.
  72. algebra, how to do fractions?

    Find the equation for the line that passes through the points ((5/8),(15/32))and((1/3),(1/4)) Give your answer in point-slope form. You do not need to simplify.
  73. Writing an essay, help please?

    Here is what I've done so far: tinyurl(dot)com/25932b5 ( This is a link, so I put spaces there so I could put it) and here are the directions: //tinyurl(Dot)com/243s3q3 I need help filling out the rest of the paper, Can somebody help me fill out the next one? ( Commentary ...
  74. computer science

    Hi, I need to design a state machine for a simple CPU. The cpu has a word size of 4 bits, 4 registers, and 2 register ports (A and B) which go to a ‘181 ALU. Our data-input device consists of two DIP switches, which go to the data-in port of the register file. The sole ...
  75. english

    so i have to write a story in which the main character makes a mistake, get into amusing trouble, and tries to get out of it. i need an idea to start out with if someone can give me a who what when where why and how that wud be also fantastic thankz p.s. i need this by 7ish
  76. English

    In Langston Hughes poem "Theme for English B," in the lines 16-26 it says: It's not easy to know what is true for you or me at twenty-two, my age. But I guess I'm what I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you: hear you, hear me--we two--you, me, talk on this page. (I hear ...
  77. English

    I'm writing an essay involving analysis of a short story. I need to put in-text citations after quotes, etc. The short story was read online so there is no page number, etc. How do I cite this-I'm really confused. I looked in Purdue Online Writing Lab but that's not helping. ...
  78. Math challenge

    There are 3 circles divided into thirds with a number in each third. The 1st cirlcle has 18, 23 & 49. 2nd cirlce has 25, 62, 38. The 3rd cirlce has ?, 17 & 39. We need to figure out what number is missing from the 3rd circle, and how you figured it out.
  79. English

    Can somebody help me? I have to write a paper about the causes of the fall of ancient Rome + bibliography. I have no idea how to start. What do I need to do first? I really need help. Please..
  80. Pre ALGEBRA

    what are the next three terms in the sequence -6, 5, 16, 27? A)38,49,60 B)37,47,57 C)36,45,54 D)36,46,57 i think its a Am i right Somebody help me please DAMON,MS.SUE, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME
  81. English

    "You might not need it. But can you live without it?" What literary device is used in this sentence? Thanks!
  82. calculus

    Consider the straight line: y=1x+3. Calculate the area UNDER this line which is bounded by y=0, x=8 and x=15. (That is, the area from the horizontal axis (y=0) to the line, between the values of x=8 and x=15.) Give you answer to the nearest whole number, rounding up
  83. english

    my teacher gave me this homework... write a story about a student or you who lived in george washington day? i don't get this can somebody give me an example? thank you
  84. English

    For the book into thin air Your reaction to the 5 sections. Describe the section. But don't get too caught up in telling the plot. You can assume your audience has read the book. Tell which parts or characters were interesting to you or surprised you. Give your opinions. Pick ...
  85. calc

    Find the number a such that the line x = a divides the region bounded by the curves x = y^2 − 1 and the y-axis into 2 regions with equal area. Give your answer correct to 3 decimal places.
  86. Calculus

    Find the number a such that the line x = a divides the region bounded by the curves x = y^2 − 1 and the y-axis into 2 regions with equal area. Give your answer correct to 3 decimal places.
  87. music

    hey does anyone know which band plays the runaway song in the video game of the fast and the furious video game? cuz if anyone does tell me because i luv that song!
  88. history

    "Song of the South". What New Deal and Great Depression terms are mentioned? How does the song reflect our modern impression of the Great Depression?
  89. Ethics

    I am suppose to write an essay on a Moral Issue of my choice, but I do not really remember all of the Moral Issues, can someone give me a hand on the best one to write on, I need a awesome grade. Thanks Kelly
  90. Financial and ratio analysis

    I am suppose to choose at least five ratios(at least one ratio from each of the five categories and calculate each of the chosen ratios over the past three years using the financial data of Berry's Bug Blasters virtual organization, but it is so confusing I am not sure what to do
  91. eng 155

    Have a done the adverbs correctly? If you have not sung Karaoke yet, chances are you will have the chance real soon. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that is growing very rapidly in popularity. It started more than twenty years ago in a snack bar in Japan. Here is how it ...
  92. Language Kind of

    Could Somebody please help me find out where pigment and paraffin wax are found? Like, where they are extracted as Natural Resourses. Thanks
  93. Civics

    When conducting a stakeholder analysis, a group identifies the individuals or groups affected by a proposal action. A citizen group wants to open a new youth center in a location currently zoned for light residential use. The group is required to perform a stakeholder analysis...
  94. math

    Use the intersect command on a graphing utility to solve the following equation for the indicated value of b. X^3-218x=b b=2504 Can you please give me the exact steps of how to do it on calculator? i typed the below equation into the "y=..." page of my TI-84 Plus. y=... X^3-...
  95. Calc. checking answer

    Determine whether or not each of the following functions is invertible. Give your reasons for believing the function is invertible or not. Please check this for me. I am not sure if I am adequately explaining my answer and if my answer is right. a) y= log10(1 + 1/x) y'= ((1/(1...
  96. physics

    A bungee jumper jumps from a bridge with a 3 m long bungee cord. Once the cord starts to stretch, it acts like an ideal spring with coefficient of elasticity k=100 N/m. What should be the minimum height of the bridge in m so that this jump is safe for the jumper? Details and ...
  97. Science

    What do you think will be the perfect title of the essay about water resources? I don't have any good idea about what the title of the essay will be. Can you please give me good title of the essay about water resources?
  98. Essay

    I'm writing an essay on the topic " The most memorable moment in your life" and I was wondering if you guy could give me suggestions on how I could start my introduction. Thanks ( The most memorable moment I chose was the first day of my summer vacation)
  99. Science; magnets

    I know that magnets are attracted to iron. I don't know the proccess of how magnets stick to something. I also need to know more sciency magnet words like magnetism and ferrous.like that. what is magnetism. stuff like that. i need help because I might fail the pssa. i don't ...
  100. LA HELP! 2

    Passage: from “Life Without Gravity” by Robert Zimmerman Worse, weightlessness can sometimes be downright unpleasant. Your body gets upset and confused. Your face puffs up, your nose gets stuffy, your back hurts, your stomach gets upset, and you throw up. If astronauts are...
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