for my comparison essay i am analysis of the 2nd device for katy perry song fireworks.. i need help explaining this line into details. could somebody give me like at least 1-2 sentence explaining it. the device im using is

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  1. Com150

    When I wrote my essay and sent it through the CWE it showed me alot of passive voice. Can someone give me an examlpe of this and the right way to re-write so I can fix my mistakes. My example.... All factors needs to be looked into before closing schools.
  2. Social Studies (Check my answer plz)

    Hey, I don't understand this question... ~~What were the positions of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the new Constitution? Provide at least two details supporting why each side supported or did not support the new Constitution.~~ My answer was gonna be, "What were the...
  3. English

    I am trying to find an analysis of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's (formerly Kath Walker) poem "No More Boomerang." All i desperately need is the year it was written if you can't find a full analysis. I have looked everywhere. Please help.
  4. Music

    I Need help on writing 5 pages essay on 5 major components that make up music . must name them , describe them , and give examples of how they can affect the style of the music .
  5. English

    for narrative essay i want to write about death, like before i used to think my world be perfect everyone be with me I have everything until my great grandmother died, and that be the first time someone in my family die that i be really close to, so that be heart shattering ...
  6. Literature Essay (Writeacher)

    Writeacher, I truly need your help. I must finish this essay tonight but I am struggling. I read my thesis statement along with the first body paragraph, but it doesn't correspond whatsoever! I think I may need to rewrite the entire first paragraph. I don't know what to do.
  7. Literature Essay (Writeacher)

    Writeacher, I truly need your help. I must finish this essay tonight but I am struggling. I read my thesis statement along with the first body paragraph, but it doesn't correspond whatsoever! I think I may need to rewrite the entire first paragraph. I don't know what to do.
  8. English

    Literary Analysis: Character and Characterization Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow.People who don’t know Harry tend to underestimate him. They cast a skeptical eye on his typical outfit: ragged jeans and shirts that bear evidence of his most recent ...
  9. Spanish

    I have a question-I need to compare Spanish nouns in the singular versus plural to English. I know to make it plural in Spanish- I add s to a noun ending in a vowel and es if it is a consonant but I don't know how to actually put the comparison between the two languages into ...
  10. 7th Grade English

    Ms. Sue or any other teacher I need your help. This is what I wrote for my english essay about Diversity Means. Diversity means the condition of being different. What good about it that you can ... That's all I got like this is a intro. I need help writing the info. for it. ...
  11. math

    A group of 9 workers make up a business team. One of the 9 is the manager, another member is the engineer. The remaining 7 are analysts. If the entire team is standing in line at the cafeteria on lunch, and the manager is standing 1st in line, and the engineer is standing 2nd...
  12. Statistics Please Help

    Hi Ms. Sue I was wondering if you could give me some advise in doing explain and unexplain variation and least-squares regression line. I know how to compute the numbers, but I am having a problem with: say there is 3.0270, 30.0463 and 33.1120. I sometimes get it right and ...
  13. Fixed Critical analysis essay

    In "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou, the speaker is advising all women to be self-confident no matter what others say, or think. The theme that Angelou portray's is that it's better to be yourself, than trying to act like a different person. In this poem Maya Angelou uses ...
  14. Creative Writing

    Right now, i'm learning about two types of ways to develop writing: directional Process Analysis, and Informational process analysis. In directional: this is when you follow step by step directions to complete something. some examples of topics that might use this process are...
  15. chemistry

    *This is part of an exam. so please don't give full solution* just trying to bump ahead of a block. The decomposition of NO2 at room temperature exhibits the following variation in concentration with time: The concentration of NO2 is expressed in mol/liter, while time is ...
  16. essay

    i'm writing a persuasive essay about teachers giving students too much homework. i need 2 more supporting topics 1. interfering with activities 2. 3. please help and thank you
  17. Business Communications

    Is the subject line "Improving Customer Service" appropriate in a message to superiors? A. Yes, because it focuses on solving the problem. B. No, because the word "service" makes the subject line seem negative. C. No, because the boss is likely to think that you caused the ...
  18. english

    Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. a Give me a call tomorrow, veronica, when you get home, so we can discuss the details of the upcoming event. b. Give me a call tomorrow, Veronica, when you get home so we can discuss the detail of the upcoming event. c. Give ...
  19. Data Analysis

    Formulas are a great way to save time and effort when using Excel… what are some ideas for formulas you could create to help you with this situation? * You wish to calculate the commission on sales. The commission is 6% on all sales that are at least 20% above cost. Really ...
  20. Engish

    Is these correct: Simple-Dolphins are very intelligent, social creatures. Compound- Dolphins are very intelligent and social creatures. Help on these on: Simple- Katy is thinking she might like to become a marine biologist one day.
  21. Physics

    A mechanical device requires 420 J of work to do 230 J of work in lifting a crate. What is the efficiency of the device? I keep getting 0.5% am I right?
  22. English

    I need an attention grabber for my essay about comparing 2 genres of media, a TV news show and a gossip website. Can anyone help me with an attention grabber, I've basically written the whole essay already I just need a really good attention grabber... Any Help?
  23. Statistics

    I am trying to work a case problem, I have to take a group of numbers and using the data by product line, there is three different products lines, I need to compile a breakdown of sales by product then give a total of all three. then I need to find the expected sales for each ...
  24. Calculus

    The line that is normal to the curve x^2=2xy-3y^2=0 at(1,1) intersects the curve at what other point? Please help. Thanks in advance. We have x2=2xy - 3y2 = 0 Are there supposed to be 2 equal signs in this expression or is it x2 + 2xy - 3y2 = 0 ? I'll suppose it's the second ...
  25. Maths

    Consider the Ferris wheel above. It has an axle standing 38m off the ground and a radius of 35m. The wheel takes 5 minutes to complete one revolution. The wheel moves in clockwise motion and you are sitting in one of the carriages which are horizontally in line with the axle, ...
  26. chemistry

    how do you do acids/bases, oxidation, buffers, and Boyle's Law. what are the rules for each, can u give me an example for each and explaining how you get the answers, because i'm confused on how you do these.
  27. Enriched College Writing

    I am reading an essay from Robert Bellah called, "Community, Commitment, and Individuality" and he mentions the phrase "community of memory and hope". What does he mean by this? Explaining it in simpler words would be very helpful! :) Thanks!!!!!!
  28. business

    arguments for and against competing in a mass market. please could somebody give me some pointers?
  29. Science

    Can somebody give me their simple definition (6th grade level) of a point source and pollution?
  30. music

    in the song day-o the song is part of the________ section music and sug by____________?
  31. algebra

    write the equation of a line parallel to the given line but passing through the given point y=x+4;(-7,1) discuss the steps necessary to carry out each activity. describe what each line looks like in relation to the original given line
  32. writing

    i just had a question. if i write down an essay a sort one can someone read it and tell me if its in the level that i want it to be in and/or give me some suggestions on how to improve it? Please answer because im applying for a program and need all the help i can get.
  33. Chemistry

    Energy Level Transfer of Hydrogen's electron. For each line, determine the prinicpal energy level to which hydrogen's electron was excited. When the electron fell to the 2nd level, energy was released corresponding to each of the lines. E= 2.179X10-18 (1/n2 lo- 1/n2 hi). The ...
  34. Health

    We have to do an assignment where we pick a song and then change most of the words to go along with definitions. The chapter I was given is special senses. ( only eye & ear though ) I was thinking of doing a country song. But any ideas?

    learning geometry i need to determine whether each pair of figures is similar. and explain why or why not: since I cant draw can you help me with this pls im so lost. 1) triangle xyz <x 65 degrees <y is 65 <z is 50 line xy is 2.55 line yz is 3 line zx is 3 triangle ...
  36. speech

    i need an example on " You will choose an aspect of your life/personality to highlight and speak about to give your audience a better idea of who you are. Your goal is not to reveal as much information as possible to your audience, your goal is to let some aspect of your life/...
  37. English

    Early Inklings Short Essay by John Updike. The title, “Early Inklings” is an example of a pun (a witty play on words that suggest a double meaning) . Explain the pun and the meaning of the title. I don't even know where to start... Also, How does the last line ...
  38. statistics psy/315

    Based on the information given for each of the following studies, decide whether to reject the null hypothesis.For each, give (a) the Z-score cutoff (or cutoffs) on the comparison distribution at which the null hypothesis should be rejected(b) the Z score on the comparison ...
  39. Physics

    I am a little confused about kinetic and potential energy regarding roller coasters. I understand that the first hill has to be the highest to gain the potential energy (PE). I hope someone can help with this example I just made up to help me understand: 1st Hill: 50 m from ...
  40. literature

    name three rhetorical devices Sojourner Truth used in Ain't I a Woman? and give an example of each device from the speech
  41. English12 (EssayCheck Part 1)

    I know I posted this but, I need suggestions on my essay. I'm going to break this into parts so it doesn't look so long make it easier. Please give me any feedback. I just want to know what you think about it. Don't worry about grammar errors for now. I need this for marks on ...
  42. calculus

    Please help. I need ( with details) how to differentiate with the chain rule f(x)=(x^2-6x+23)^3/2. I need to
  43. math

    i don't understand what they are asking me to do when they give me a quhat looks like this (write acute,right,or obtuse for each angle 1.AFD 2.BFD and thers a bunch of line that intersect off to the side
  44. Math

    Find an Equation for the least squares line then use it to find the missing value. (400, 50) (500, 65) (500, 70) (600, 80) (700, 85) (800, 95) (550, Y) Interpolate I think the least squares line is y= .10538X+ 12.6923 Could someone verify and please instruct me how to complete...
  45. ms.sue english check

    i talk to you about a two paragraph essay and you help me chhose boxing and give me a intro is there anyway i can write my essay now and you can grade it or tell me what i got wrong fixmy mistakes and tell me if its good.thank you i will appreciate it. :)
  46. Science

    I recently got a project to do on a country other than the U.S. my teacher sucks at explaining things, so in literal terms the instructions say "reasearch a country other than the US, draw two maps: 1, a map that has all borders and rivers and 2, a Biome map. Your research ...
  47. physics

    A device is designed to measure the speed of a bullet. The device consists of two rotating disks, separated by a distance of d=0.850m, and rotating with an angular speed of 95.0 rad/s. The bullet first passes through the left disk and the through the right disk. It is found ...
  48. math

    answer these or you don't have to just need some help? 13. Which set of numbers has 270 as its least common multiple? A.30, 90, 390 B.18, 30, 54 C.25, 125, 120 D.2, 9, 15 14. Which list shows the numbers in order from greatest to least? A.16, 8, 4, –12, –15 B.–12, –15...
  49. 2nd grade math requestion post

    Okay, my child is doing problem solving lesson 5-7 in scott foresman addison wesley book. The question that we are having a problem with is a number line. there are 10 spaces in the number line and the clues are: Clue 1: the number are between 70 and 82 Clue 2: the first ...
  50. maths

    A point P is uniformly chosen inside a regular hexagon of side length 3. For each side of the hexagon a line is drawn from P to the point on that side which is closest to P. The probability that the sum of the lengths of these segments is less than or equal to 9√3 can be...
  51. Kodaly Beats

    Hi i have found a nursery rhyme and sounded out the beat using Kodaly below. Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse ran up the Clock The Clock Struck one The mouse ran down Hickory Dickory Dock The pattern of this song is as follows: Ti-ti ti-ti ti-ti ta Ti-ti ti-ti ti-ti ta Ti-ti ti-...
  52. english essay

    * I need help writing research essay. The topic is to write about an issue or problem that you want to change. Well, I am mostly interested in Science, particularly Chemistry and Nature.
  53. MUSIC HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A blank is a mechanical or electronic device used to keep a steady tempo a- metronome b- crescendo c- ritardando d- bar line
  54. math

    Can somebody help? A = 0,5x + 4 B = 0,5x + 8 x=? I need x.
  55. MATH

    Can somebody help? A = 0,5x + 4 B = 0,5x + 8 x=? I need x.
  56. buisness

    Use the example on p. 97 of the text as a guide.Edu the example on p. 97 of the text as a guideWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format explaining the business plan youselected and your SWOT analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,and threats of the ...
  57. plant biology

    I'm doing a writing assignment on plant stress physiology. The stress that I chose to research was heat stress. One of the things that I have to do is describe at least 3 experiments that I plan to perform (hypothetically speaking, of course). At least one experiment should be...
  58. physics

    If the relationship between the manipulated variable and the responding variable is an inverse proportion, what will a line graph of this relationship look like? A. a straight line B. a curved line C. a jagged line D. none of the above B?
  59. math

    I've got a problem i need help on i need to find the proper comparison symbol the problem is xy yx
  60. english editing (the rest))

    "Yes I did" the turtle said. They went on arguing, and arguing the rabbit lost his mind; He got a stick, and start beating the turtles back shell. Break the shell all up. That is why the turtle has spots all over him. The Turtle was all beat up, broken back, and laying down ...
  61. criminal justice

    Could someone give me an example of how to create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. give details on who what when ...
  62. Math HURRY !!!!!!!!

    There are two bikes one with normal wheels and one with regular hexagon shaped wheels. Imagine you put a reflector on the front wheel of each bike. You stood on the side while the bikes are ridden past you you watch the reflector's path. If the reflector is placed at the ...
  63. Economics

    can someone help me put (yuan depreciates against the dollar into one stanza of a song.
  64. Language

    I have to write a essay and I don't know how to lengthen the rough draft could someone please give me tips? Here's my rough draft Comparison-and-Contrast Essay The Story-Teller and The Drummer Boy of Shiloh Comparison and Contrast means to tell the differences and similarities...
  65. Information Technology

    I have this assignment due tonight in about 2 and a half hours. I am going to try to finish it the best that I can but I do not know if I will be able to. I really am stuck. I have no idea where to even start on this. Can somebody please help?! • Read the following scenario...
  66. math check

    Posted by Nora 56 on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 7:32pm. Sorry to repost but no one answered after I posted on the 2nd,please help, Suppose that you are in a class of 31 students and it is assumed that approximately 13% of the population is left-handed. (Give your answers correct ...
  67. Math

    Rachel’s biscuits require 0.75 cup of milk for 1 batch. Use dimensional analysis to convert this amount into liters. Use the conversion factors 1 cup/0.5 pints to convert cups into pints, 1 pint/0.5 quart to convert pintos to quarts, and 1 quart/0.94 liter to convert quarts ...
  68. math graphs

    4. Which equation would you use to find out if the two lines in the graph are parallel? (1 point) LINE #1: point a: 1, 4 point b: -2, 1 LINE #2: point c: 3, 3 point d: -1, -1 a. 4 - 1/-2 - 1 = 3 - 1/3 - 1 b. 4 - 1/-2 - 1 = 3 - (-1)/3 - (-1) c. 4 - 1/1 - (-2) = 3 - (-1)/3 - (-1...
  69. Grammar and Composition

    can someone please help me by giving me suggestions for a topic,for my Descriptive Essay it can be about anything; that can be described please give me some suggestions. because i'm not sure what to write on, and i'm going to be asking for help a lot in the essay too.
  70. language arts

    I am writing a letter from the view point of an Italian immigrant in the 1920s. I am having trouble finding some sites that would give me reliable information about what their life is like and what kind of working conditions they have (hours, pay, opportunities for advancement...
  71. music

    how can i write really good song lyrics? i suck at writing! can someone help or better yet, give me a verse to work with? thnaks
  72. technology... please help!

    I have to write a poem and a song about computer graphics and animation. I'm really bad at this so can someone give me an idea?
  73. education

    In a minimum of 300 words, discuss at least five selection criteria you would use to “weed” the sites, explaining why you chose the criteria you
  74. MaTh AlgeBRA

    Type or write the essay question into a Microsoft Word document or on a separate sheet of paper and submit your completed essay to your teacher. Let f(x) = 2x^2 + x - 3 and g(x) = x - 1. Perform the function operation and then find the domain. f(x)/g(x) Note: x^2 is x squared
  75. MaTh AlgeBRA

    Type or write the essay question into a Microsoft Word document or on a separate sheet of paper and submit your completed essay to your teacher. Let f(x) = 2x^2 + x - 3 and g(x) = x - 1. Perform the function operation and then find the domain. f(x)/g(x) Note: x^2 is x squared
  76. English

    Can some help me find a site that lists the types of heroes in literature? Specifically Tragic and Anti heroes. No Wiki or anything like that please, I need to be able to cite it for my essay. Thank you!
  77. Algebra

    Can somebody please explain how do I turn decimals into fractions?
  78. Business

    I have to make a buisness. For example If i have open up Video game store just like gamestop. What can i put in my essay. Others may have additional ideas for you, but it sounds to me as if you need to write up a business plan, and then maybe write an essay based on the ...
  79. math

    ) A wierd number is a number that is the product of two consecutive primes, such as 7x11=77 . What is the least common multiple of the 5 smallest wierd number 7) According to an ancient belief, when a friend visits a sick person, 1/70 of his sickness is taken away. What is the...
  80. geometry

    Line e bisects line xy at m and divides line xy into two equal parts. name a pair of congruent segments.
  81. bus210

    • Via Microsoft Word, write 700 to 1,050 words explaining the business model of University of Phoenix and also write a SWOT analysis about University of Phoenix strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  82. college math

    Give a verbal, visual, numerical and graphic representation of the idea three fourths? Can you help by explaining this to me? I'm not understand what they are wanting
  83. History

    Oliver Hazard Perry, Francis Scott Key, Treaty of Ghent, James Jemmy Madison, Fort Mchenry, Andrew Jackson, blockade, impressment 1. ended the war of 1812 Treaty of Ghent 2. Battle at which Francis Scott wrote Star Spangled Banner Fort McHenry? 3.American navy hero that ...
  84. Art

    How does a landscape artist make an object in the foreground appear closer than an object in the background? **A. by making the object in the foreround larger in comparison to the background objects B. by making the object in the foreground less detailed in comparison to ...
  85. Physics

    The figure shows the treatment of fractures of the humerus shaft with a cast of the upper arm bent by 100 to 110 degrees at the elbow joint, and an attached traction device. The traction device keeps the upper arm under tension to lower the risk of fracture dislocation due to ...
  86. math

    Zach's rope is 15 feet long. He cuts it into three pieces. 1st piece is 3.57 ft longer than the 2nd piece. 3rd piece is 2.97 feet longer than the 2nd piece. How long is third piece?
  87. communication

    Is the subject line "Improving Customer Service" appropriate in a message to superiors? Yes, because it focuses on solving the problem. No, because the word "service" makes the subject line seem negative. No, because the boss is likely to think that you caused the problem. Yes...
  88. Science

    I need help writhing an Essay about Energy! I have to includ at least 9 of these words listed below ; - heat energy - energy transfer -molecules -motion -traveled -data -centimeters -minutes -observations -colder -warmer -conduction PLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEE HELP!!! (:
  89. Reading

    Can any give a brief description of these: What was the Kristallnacht? What was like in the ghettos? What was like to lose faith during being in the camps? What was like in the transports?
  90. American Lit project help (Literature needed)

    So for my amer lit class I am doing a project on American foods in the 1950s and I need a piece of literature to write my essay on. It has to be a short peice not a novel. I really wanted for my literature to be a magazine from the 1950s. Like better homes and garden cooking ...

    A yo-yo-shaped device mounted on a horizontal frictionless axis is used to lift a 19-kg box. The outer radius R of the device is 0.50 m, and the radius r of the hub is 0.20 m. When a constant horizontal force Fapp of magnitude 154 N is applied to a rope wrapped around the ...
  92. Chemistry

    Given data collected for a liquid. Equilibrium vapor pressure in torr: 4.6, 17.5, 149.4, 525.8 T in *C 0., 20., 60., 90. *Find T in K, Find 1/T in K-1 and 1n VP. *Then make a graph of 1n vapor pressure (1n VP) versus 1/T (where temperature is in units of Kelvins.) Using linear...
  93. Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations

    The objective of your Final Project is to identify a company that might be worth much more if it were broken into pieces and valued using EVA analysis separately. The rationale for this difference can perhaps be explained by the difficult investors have valuing companies with ...
  94. math

    what else does a number story mean ?can you give more details
  95. English III (advice)

    My Assignment: Write a reflective essay in which you explore a personal experience or an event and reflect on its deeper meaning. I'm between a rock and a hard place with trying to find the perfect topic for this. I know you don't know anything about experiences I have been ...
  96. science

    Do experimental measurements give the true value of a physical quantity? explain. ~I say no it doesn't. But why that is is up to debate on my part. I think that it doesn't give the true value because there is always a source of error and also varying factors such as ...
  97. English

    On the various types of patterns of development, choose a pattern to plan, organize, and write an essay. I have chosen Youth Violence as a cause and effect for my pattern development. In writing your essay, base your writing on your own experiences and general knowledge about ...
  98. English

    Identify the problem in the sentence: James's feet are longer than Steven. a.) double comparison b.) illogical comparison c.) double negative d.) incorrect degree of modifier I think it is D...?
  99. writing

    I have a essay due in two days just got it today topic is your surroundings create who you are persuasive essay mostly 3 rd person pronouns I need ideas
  100. english essay

    essay on taking risks with examples containing Edward Jenner and Mother Teresa (need a thesis, intro, and conclusion, already got body paragraphs)
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