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State the four sections of a buisness cycle. state endogenous and exogenous conditions that affect the buisness cycle. Explain the reasons that inventories of producers are an impoertant in the growth-and decline-in a buisness cycle. Take a shot. Be sure to do a little ...


1. How does Zune HD relate to information technology? 2. How does it improve upon an existing technology? 3.Why is it important for student or buisness and computer students to know abbout this technology?

algebra 1

You recently have found a location for your bakery and have started implementing the first phases of your buisness plan. Your budget consists of an 80,000 dollar loan from your family and a 38,250 dollar small buisness loan and these loans have to be paid within 10 years. ...


In the 1930s what did brazil do to restore its fallng economy? A. brizal moved away from dependence on a single export. B. brazil fozused efforts on forestry C. brazil restored its silk trade with china D. brazil privatized the nations buisness and restoed personlal buisness ...

Social Studies

Where did the Egyptians go to expand their buisness?

buisness communications

non verbal symbols


please check these 1.kristi jogged for 3/5 of an hour, swam 1/2 of an hour, rode her bike for 1/4 hr. how long did she exercise/=1 17/20 2.victor owned 5/6 of a family buisness, he sold 2/7 of the buisness,what portion doe she still own?=23/42 3.subtract 8/11-1/5=38/55 reduce ...

principle of buisness

can u explain to me the potential for growth externally and internally


What market segments are the target markets of NASCAR?

math buisness 141

what does equivalent rate in decimals mean?


how had big buisnesses changed the face of the american buisness by 1990?


How do the elements of the Web site reflect Nike's target market?


2. What market strategy is NASCAR using to reach its target markets

college buisness

What about today's society reinforces American civic values?

Buisness Ethics

In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain

Buisness Ethics

In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain


describe two forces that you believe shape the relationship between business and society


How did U.S. manufactures become vulnerable to offshoring outsourcing? give examples to support your answer?

keyboarding and word process

in a buisness report, what spacing should you use between lines?

Buisness Ethics

Identify and explain a situation where you have seen Machiavelli's framework at work

buisness princples

Rose worked 32 hours at $2.75 per hour and made $85 in tips. What were her weekly earnings?

types of buisness writing

Give me an example on how to Draft an e-mail of at least four complete sentences


How would you accomplish exposure netting with currencies to two countries that tend to go up and down together in value?

buisness and tecnoligy

How can lean manufacturing and near-sourcing help a company gain a competitive edge and prepare for the future


explain how social cultural differences ceate problems for walt disney in opening parks over seas


1. How does Nike's Web site help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? Give examples to support your answers

Buisness Math

Given the following matrices: Compute (i) AB (ii) A+2B (iii) AC (iv) 5C (v) B-C Note:Give proper reason where computation is not possible.


ethically would it be fair to pay U.S. empoyees that are relocated overseas a different wage than local employees, please explain


3. Does Nike invite comments from visitors to its Web site? If so, how does this affect its attempt to build positive relationships with its customers?


how will you apply the knowledgeyou have gained about effective buisness communication in your current or future job and college courses?

Buisness - Finance

Determine the value of a $500 Canadian Pacific Limited perpetual 8 percent debenture if the required rate of return is 14%:

buisness law

Can the federal court hear a case over the fda removing stoping a new product from being distributed?


In what year did Minnesota passedthe first state law requiring buisness,restaurants, and other institutions to establish no-smoking areas??


How did the pro-buisness enviroment of the 1920's contribute to the causes of the great depression? By whom and in what way was the 100 days legislature criticised?


What advantages might a socialist system have when responding to the needs of the poor in an emergency situation as it was after Hurricane Katrina?

buisness math

the single equivalent discount rate of the trade discount 3/3/1 is

Visual Buisness

Explain the legal and ethical principles you need to follow for all visual image use


what are the trade-off among increased wages for unions productivity effects and profitability effects on organization?


what are the economic benefits of union membership to employees and to what extent can these benefits be increased before employers face problems?


What information must be included in a sales contracts? Also, name a few documents which could possibly be construed as a sales contract.

International Buisness

The marketing department is asked to formulate a strategy for disseminating product information on new drug Tigason. As the marketing manager what do you recommend?

buisness communication

Repeating in your own words the verbal content of the critic's message is: paraphrasing. checking for feelings. checking for inferences. buying time with limited agreement.


Scenario 1: The trip scheduled for Mexio during spring break has been cancelled due to the bankruptcy of the bus company. You must tell 25 of your classmates that the trip has been cancelled and that they have lost their $100 deposit. How will you convey the information and ...

check geo

in the 1800s ___________ opened up the western united states to immagration and buisness. A. The transcontinental railroad B. The underground railroad C.Route 66 D.Cattle farming .The answer I chose was B .


4. List your references according to APA guidelines in the space below. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your viewpoint and this source can be the textbook.


i LOVE this website, but it won't let me post personal questions. So were is a good sight that i can go to and not have to sign up for anything. I just want a sight that gives you advice without popups or a log-in acount, Can you Help?

buisness essentials

Ricki Cohn Encyclopedia sales Commission rate: 11% Month’s sales: $2,550 What is the monthly commission?

Buisness Law

What is the function of a negotiable instrument? Describe the essential elements of a negotiable instrument.


1. No economic system has been able to respond quickly to the devastation caused by war or natural disasters. Why is the free market system more likely to respond faster?


. When disasters hit an area, the cost of everything seems to go up immediately: food, water, housing, gas and so forth. Explain why this phenomenon may be a good thing, using the laws of supply and demand to explain your answer.


I want a project on 'case study on soft drinks' of about 30 pages which should include information abou history,nature of soft drinks, process of manufacturing and a casestudy on a particular softdrink brand


what role do managers play in helping their organization become successful? How might this impact you as a employer? Managers play a big role in helping their organization become successful. The manager makes sure that everything is going well and that there are no problems in...


Is it a good idea to open america fast food resturants in disney parks overseas, selling the same types of food as sold in U.S. disney parks? why or why not?


Hello, just a quick homework question. How do you say: working for my sister's buisness - is it sister's with an apostrophe s or just s or apostrophe after s?


The electricity costs of a buisness increased from $15,000 in one year to $16,000 the next. To the nearest whole percent what was the rate of increase?=7% Write the following as a common fraction or mixed number write in lowest terms 5.035 = 5 7/200


Use the example on p. 97 of the text as a guide.Edu the example on p. 97 of the text as a guideWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format explaining the business plan youselected and your SWOT analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,and threats of the ...


I need help in a project on 'case study on soft drinks' of about 30 pages . Please provide some websites details which can help me. It should include information abou history,nature of soft drinks, process of manufacturing and a casestudy on a particular softdrink brand


have students to create their own pictorial vision of the buisness cycle. students may choose pictures of snakes roller coasters or anything else that can be labled to reflect the phases for the buismess cycle. I know u cant draw it for me but can you at least give me a visual...


I need help on a project on 'case study on soft drinks' of about 30 pages which should include information abou history,nature of soft drinks, process of manufacturing and a casestudy on a particular softdrink brand. Please provide some websites where i can get information

Buisness finance

4. A firm's net income last year was $1.5 million. Its net income grew 5 percent during the last 5 years. If that growth rate continues, how long will it take for the firm's net income to double?


◦Summarize what you learned in this Orientation Workshop. ◦How will you apply what you learned in this Orientation Workshop to your educational, personal, or professional pursuits?

Buisness retail

Im am going to be doing an open debate in one of my lessons. We'll be debating a number of points, but i am finding it hard to reseach one of the points. The point being; "Is it fair that employers ask for experience when advertising for a new post?"... please could someone ...

Buisness Management

Contingent workers are assuming a greater role in today’s organization. With that as a background, discuss compensation and benefit issues associated with the following workers: part-time, temporary, independent workers, and flexible/telecommuting. What impact may these ...


The hudson record store is having a going-out-of-buisness sale. CD's normally sell for $18.00. During the first week sale, all CD's will sell for $15.00. a. written as a fraction, what is the rate of the discount? b. what is this rate expressed as a percent? Round your answer ...


I am doing Partial Quocients Division for homework. And I need help.But, my mom didn`t learn this method.And my dad`s gone on buisness, my brother doesn`t know how to do it, my other brother is doing his homework and my sister is only in the 3rd gade. What should I do? Post a ...

Buisness Management

Contrast the principle difference between executive pay and non-executive pay, including a discussion on controversies associated with the growing disparity between executive and non-executive compensation packages.


in 2009 Nokia decided to move from Germany ro Romania and then to china . in this question we need to decide whether it's ethical or not.or if it's just a business decision . i have been reading and and saw articales that support my opinion . i believe it was unethical ...

Buisness Math

You are interested in purchasing a wide-screen television set at Target. On this type of TV, the ratio of screen width to screen height is 16 to 9. If a certain model you are considering has a screen width of 48 inches, what is the height of the screen (in inches)? (Points : 2)

buisness math

your high school diploma from american academy landed you a payign job.you are about to strike a deal of nuts.the nuts are 0.1per unit.you are buying 3million nuts and you need a price break.the opwner agrees to give you a 50%discount on your purchase.what would be your price ...


If you find a job posting for a community college that clearly states that the job will close on 08/15/2017, what does this mean? a. Someone will be hired by that date. b. The employer is only hiring until that date. c. After that date, the employer will no longer accept job ...

mathematics(pure), life science, business,tourism

Hi i need help with career choice. I am currrently Grade 9. I choice the subjects Life Science, Buisness,Tourism and Mathematics(pure) Where can this lead me into? And what College/university can i study at? Please help if any potions available. Thnx

contemporary buisness communications

for what audience or readership do you think the article "blogs will change your business" was written? what is the purpose of the article (to entertain, inform, persuade, or a combination)? explain answer how do the writers organize information in the article? what purpose do...


the profits of Mr/ Lucky's company can be represented by the equation y=-3x^2+18x-4, where y is the amount of profit in hundreds of thousands of dollars and x is the number of years of operation. He realizes his company is on the downturn and wishes to sell it before he ends ...


How did china influence the economic development od taiwan. A. Chinese buisness men invested in taiwanese companys. B. Taiwan grew economically because of chinas acceptance of captialism C. Chinas cultural revolution allowed taiwan to devolup its high technology industry D. ...


Kodak made film and was the major employer in Rochester, New York. When digital photography decreased film sales, Kodak laid off two-thirds of its work force, but Rochester did not become a ghost town. Why? A)taxes went down B)the local economy had other industries C)gold was ...

buisness statics

Mean yearly salary of employes of a company wasRs20,000.mean yearly sakaries of male and female employes were Rs 20,800 and 16,800.find out the percentage of male and female employed by the company??b


this is difficult for me... #5 A carpenter needs 4 boards, each 2 feet 9 inches long. If wood is sold only by the foot, how many feet must he buy? the answer is 11 but how do you get 11? You need to multiply 4 times 2 3/4 to find the total amount of board feet the carpenter ...

buisness english

Mookie4571 Beginner (16) Which of the following sentences uses passive voice appropriately? A. "Your order was shipped yesterday and should arrive by Friday." B. "The shipping clerk sent your order yesterday and it should arrive by friday." C. "The decision was made after much...

us history

1. The early social legislation of the first part of the 1900's was designed to improve the a. lives of farmers b. social rank of immigrants c. conditions of wage earners d. wealth of business owners. --------------------C? it's not D because Woodrow Wilson tried to limet the ...


Throughout the corporate world, businesses are transforming labor into a more flexible (and variable) cost. Among such companies are Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, DuPont, Sun Microsystems, and British Airways. Discuss whether direct labor is a fixed or a variable cost. ...


Think of a way Centura College Online could utilize one of the systems for decision making or control mentioned in this chapter to improve the way it educates students. Write a proposal (minimum of one page) to the School Director “selling” your idea. Be specific on the ...

NVQ level 3 buisness admin

ok im really struggling on the questions on unit 314 hy the hell is there no question marks i have to anwser them like questions,its confusing me?? please can anyone shed a light over my way please.x cheers ema We don't have access to NVQ questions. Please post one or two of ...

buisness finance

Series Average return Standard Deviation Large-company stocks 10.7 % 19.3 % Small-company stocks 16.4 33.0 Long-term corporate bonds 6.2 8.4 Long-term government bonds 6.1 9.4 Intermediate-term government bonds 5.6 5.7 U.S. Treasury bills 3.8 3.1 Inflation 3.1 4.2 What range ...


I have to make a buisness. For example If i have open up Video game store just like gamestop. What can i put in my essay. Others may have additional ideas for you, but it sounds to me as if you need to write up a business plan, and then maybe write an essay based on the ...


could someone help me with this question? Which of the following scenarios would not be considered international business? Choose one answer. a. A Chinese manufacturer sells toys to a large toy retailer in the United States. b. Intel sells its processors to a computer ...

Finance for Buisness

The target capital structure for QM Industries is 42% common stock, 12% preferred stock, and 46% debt. IF the cost of common equity for the firm is 18.9%, the cost of preferred stock is 9.2%, the before-tax cost of debt is 8.4%, and the firm's tax rate is 35%, what is QM's ...


Martha realizes that the microwave she bought is faulty after a month of purchase. The manufacturer of the microwave asks Martha to pay the repair expenses as the fault was with a part that was out of warranty. Martha was unaware of this warranty condition. What should Martha ...


Industry downsizing has been a major part of the corporate world, even government agencies are downsizing. GovernmentExecutive website "covers the business of the federal government and its huge departments and agencies - dozens of which dwarf the largest institutions in the ...


For this Individual Project you are required to address how a service related example company like C&M has implemented e-business and explain in detail how the example company implemented the e-business strategy and was it successful? Focus on how well or how poorly the ...


I need help please: Because Saudi Arabia and Australia have ____ in production of crude oil and petroleum products and wool respectively, Saudi Arabia can specialize in the production of crude oil and petroleum products, and Australia can specialize in the production of wool. ...


Please let me know if this is correct? Broad Subject-Phonebook Character Limited Topic for Thesis Statement- Oliver Tolivr Main Idea- Wealthy Buisness Man Three Step Format #2 Appearance-Sloppily dressed #3 Surroundings-State of the art mansion #4 Actions-Penny pinching ways ...


Broad Subject-Phonebook Character Limited Topic for Thesis Statement- Oliver Tolivr Main Idea- Wealthy Buisness Man Three Step Format #2 Appearance-Sloppily dressed #3 Surroundings-State of the art mansion #4 Actions-Penny pinching ways Thesis Statement: The sloppily dressed, ...


I need to write an essay to explain 'why companies use logos'. Help me. Companies' logos help sell their products. Long before they can read, small children recognize the McDonald's big M and know that it means hamburgers and treats. Think about other logos you know and think ...


1. Research “two” examples of companies that have implemented the extended enterprise model. (Hint: the Information Builders site link above has a “customers” section which might help you in reading and using some examples to address this deliverable)! 2. Discuss the ...

Numerical & Proportional Reasoning

Kendra traveled to Europe and Japan on a buisness trip. In europe, she exchanged 300 U.S dollars for euros and spent 100 euros. she went to Japan and exchanged her remaining euros for yen. She spent 10,000 yen while in Japan. the exchange rate during the time she traveled is ...


Read about Wanda’s complaint to the FDIC. What action did the regulator most likely take in this case? The FDIC found out that a company misreported information to a credit scoring company about Wanda. Wanda contacted the company and asked them to fix the problem. The ...


Which sentences highlight a unilateral contract? a. Monique goes to a supermarket and picks up a shampoo. She then goes to the counter and pays for the shampoo. b. John offers a ride back home to Jack in exchange for his favorite music DVD for a day. Jack then gives John the ...


What does environmental studies mean Environmental studies is the systematic study of human interaction with their natural environment. It is a broad field of study that includes, in addition to the natural environment, built environments, social environments, organizational ...

U.S History

5. The purpose of the progressive era was to drive reform in which of the following areas. (1 point) A. Politics and goverment B. Buisness C. Social welfare and labor conditions D. All of the above.<--- 6. During the Progressive Era, muckrakers were. (1 point) A. Big bosses...

International Business

Your organization (you may select any organization you wish, real or fictional) is considering investing in the Philippines, and you have been asked to give a presentation on this opportunity. In the presentation, you need to address the following: Investigate the economy of ...


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