directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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  1. Grammar

    In the following sentence: "These beginning songs are not my favorite part of the album, but I feel that each play an important role in the album." Would "play" have to be "plays." I know that each is a singular pronoun, but are we referring to the songs or to each? Does that ...
  2. English 4

    1. Which of the following displays a correct use of pronouns? A. Soung spent more money than me B. Jamal was as interested as her C. Claudia has always been better at math than I. 2. Read the following sentence and determine which sentence in each set of three is punctuated ...
  3. Math

    Professor Baird wants to mix a solution containing 10% acid with one containing 15% acid to obtain a 20 ounce solution containing 12% acid. How many ounces of the 10% solution should the professor use? Translate the word problem into an equation.
  4. algebra

    The Answer is (32/20)^2=2.56times the kinetic enrgy at 20 m/s 2.56x4500 Problem The kinetic energy (k) of moving object varies jointly with it mass (m) and the square of its velocity(v). If an object has a mass of 22.5 kilgorams and moving with a velocity of 20 meters per ...
  5. Fix a RUN ON sentence - due today please

    Do I put a comma or semi colon? For example, when looking at a subway map to plan a route or completing challenges from hack nights I attended weekly at Pace University I began to see patterns in everything I came across. ------------ Also, what is the correct way to write the...
  6. English Essay

    When it comes to conversation, husband and wives often have problems that close friends of the same sex don't have. First, they may not have much to talk about, and second when they do talk. misunderstanding s often developed that lead to major fights. our research concludes ...
  7. english

    whats another word for private? Scroll down and look for synonyms. =)
  8. English

    1. You can take the marker to the starting point. 2. You can put the marker on the staring point. 3. You can move the marker to the starting point. 4. You can put the marker on the word, Start. (At a dice game.... Are all the expressions grammatical?)
  9. History

    You do not need to gain approval for your role. Choose the one you want and start working on the assignment Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper, written from the perspective of your chosen role, that addresses how each of the following factors may affect your character: Based on ...
  10. Lang. Arts

    Which sentence in the stage directions shows correct punctuation of an introductory structure? A.As he makes no move she turns away. B.As she is about to open her bedroom door, she catches sight of Mrs. Van Daan. C.As she regains her poise she goes to her mother and father and...
  11. English

    Writing sentence and Paragraphs. Does the below look correct? Paragraphs 2 I am very excited about making medical billing and coding as my new field of my career. Since I use to work for Mary Brecking Ridge Hospital for 6 years. I learned a lot so now I have decided to get ...
  12. sci 241

    hi this is my assignment and i need only 123 more words out of 1400 can anyone please help me 3. Create a healthy eating plan for yourself using your personal recommendations from the Website. 4. Write a 1,400 to 1,750-word paper in APA format outlining your healthy eating ...
  13. English

    Whats a correct principal part of a verb , and infinitive part of a verb? Verbs have three principal parts, although some dictionaries and grammars list four. So I'll show you four in case that's what you are supposed to know. For "regular" verbs: Base form = walk Simple past...
  14. adult education

    Post a 200 to 300-word summary of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection. Consult the National Congress of American Indians website, the ...
  15. English

    I checked the sentence as you told me. I included a few other sentences I need to prepare on Poe. 1) In July 1814 the couple fled to France and later moved to Switzerland, where they rented a house on the banks of Lake Geneva. 2) Under the influence of her husband she was ...
  16. Sci 275

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format that includes the following: o A brief description of your selected water resource issue and how it originated. o A management and sustainment plan that you think will alleviate the problem. o Any opposing views of the issue. o ...
  17. Grade 12 Physics

    A young woman named Sassy Sue purchases a sports utility vehicle that can accelerate at the rate of 4.88m/s^2. She decides to test the car by dragging with another speedster, McSpeedy. Both start from rest, but experienced McSpeedy leaves 1.0s before Sue. If McSpeedy moves ...
  18. English

    They are the definitions of 'another' 1. one more person or thing of the same type 2. DIFFERENT a different one not the same thing, person etc, but a different one =================================== 3. One man said, "Yesterday, I killed a big dragon with my kick." 4. Another ...
  19. sports

    how is cricket played? Previously answered. There's no need to post questions more than once. Thanks.
  20. English

    They are composed of five groups. Each group is going to act out a play in front of other people. What directions can we use for them? 1.It's time to act out the play. 2. As soon as the director says, "Ready. Action!", you have to act in the play. 3. Why don't you act the play...
  21. math algebra

    can you check if i have right these word problems of finding product or quotient 1) the value of jims telphone calling card decreases 15 cents for every minute he uses it. yesterday he used the card to make a 6 minute call. How much did the value of the card change? i got: it ...
  22. English (please read)

    Hi. I am suppose to write an essay based on a Sherlock Holmes short story. Our teacher wants us to pick an image from the story and explain why that image is important in the story. The image I selected it "Cooee!" and it is an important part of the story because it helps ...
  23. Thesis statements??

    Which of the sentences below is the best option for a thesis statement? A. An after-school program at the community center might involve classes, sports, and other activities in which children can take part. B. I think young children should have a club or activity to go to ...
  24. Algebra

    How do you know if a value is a solution for an inequality? How is this different from determining if a value is a solution to an euation? If you replace the equal sign of an equation with an inequality sign, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both ...
  25. algebra final, please help

    Solve (x+17)(x-20)(x+8)>0 The solution set is (x )? Use at least one inequality or compound inequality to express your answer. For answers with more than one inequality, separate the inequalities by a comma or the word 'or'. Type R is the answer is all real numbers. Type N ...
  26. algebra-word problem

    Flying to Kampala with a tailwind a plane averaged 158 km/h. On the return trip the plane only averaged 112 km/h while flying back into the same wind. Find the speed of the wind and the speed of the plane in still air. TIA
  27. math word problem

    A car is traveling on a road that is perpendicular to a railroad track. When the car is 30 meters from the crossing, the car's new collision detector warns the driver that there is a train 50 meters from the car and is heading towards the same crossing. How far is the train ...
  28. Statistics

    Determine the Null and Alternative Hypothesis for the following: A.) A company manufactures flares, they select 100 at random to determine if the flares last at least 3 hours on average. B.) A consumer group believes that a new sports coupe gets significantly less MPG than ...
  29. Psy/355

    I need help with my research paper please. 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the concept of motivation. „h Address the following items: o Define motivation. o Identify at least two sources of motivation. o Explain the relationship between motivation and behavior...
  30. Math

    In the 2001-2002 regular season NBA team Sacramento won two games less than three times that perdio.este team played a total of 82 games in the regular season . how many games won and lost equipment sacrament during the season 2001-2002
  31. english help please!!

    Which of the following sentences uses the word "synthesize" correctly? - I was so tired I feared that I might synthesize, which would be dangerous. -The Internet company was known for its excellent ability to synthesize. - The Coast Guard had to rescue the family when their ...
  32. Algebra (Word Problem)

    Jack and Jill each tipped their waiter 50 dollars. Jack tipped 4% of his bill while Jill tipped 10% of her bill. What is the total bill of the two?
  33. Spanish Help, Por Favor!

    Please help me correct the following paragraph for grammar, spelling, and word usage. Thanks! El testigo del Jehová estaba parado en el borde de la tabla y gritó para sus pantalones. Desafortunadamente, los tres enanos habían funcionado ya lejos, llevando sus pantalones en ...
  34. History

    Compare and contrast the views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton on the Constitution, National Bank, and Foreign Affairs. Anyone please i got to write an essay on this and cant find the information i need. PLEASE HELP ASAP Search for the word constitution here: http...
  35. computer

    You are running two applications on your computer. You highlight some text in a word document and initiate the copy command. You then go to paste the text into a publisher document. Where is the text temporarily stored after it is copied? They used to call that area of ...
  36. Religion and Global culture

    How's this so far? In the current global culture, religion should be understood correctly and valued as one of the defining factors. If we look today at various global issues today, especially the key issues relating to ties between various countries, religion can be seen as ...
  37. verb practice

    I am not under standing what this is wanting me to do. Can some one please help me? Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
  38. math PLZ HELP

    In an adventure game, you can open the door to a treasure room if you have the correct key. The number of the correct key is divisible by 3 and 4, but not 5. Which color key will open the door? 5 colored keys hang on hooks in a row. Each is a different color and labeled with a...
  39. english

    can you please correct the following sentence : i have no information on the subject
  40. psycology

    700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the discipline of environmental psychology. As a part of your examination be sure to address the following items: o Define the discipline of environmental psychology. o Compare and contrast at least two major theoretical approaches...
  41. Business Communication

    Is the subject line "Improving Customer Service" appropriate in a message to superiors? a. Yes, because it focuses on solving the problem. b. No, because the word "service" makes the subject line seem negative. c. No, because the boss is likely to think that you caused the ...
  42. Alg2

    Help w/Word Prob: LAW ENFORCEMENT A police accident investigator can use the formula s=2√5l to estimate the speed=s of a car in miles per hour based on the length=l in feet of the skid marks it left. How fast was a car traveling that left skid marks 120 feet long?
  43. math

     9. On a spelling test Carlos had to spell 25 words. He earned 4 points for every word he spelled correctly. Which equation can be used to find p, the total number of points Carlos earnedfor spelling w words correctly? A p w −. B p = 4. ) C p w. = 4. D p...
  44. Word problem

    Sung has 22 carnival ride tickets and it takes 3 tickets to ride the roller coaster. How many times can he ride the coaster? How many tickets will he have left over? Number of times he can ride the coaster? Number of tickets left over ?
  45. English

    (Although is underlined) Although he had never tried it, Jeff knew he would like hot and sour soup. a. relative pronoun b. subordinating conjunction c. personal pronoun d. preposition
  46. English

    Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? 1. Since we can get another one, it didn't matter anyways that we can't find it. 2. She felt badly that she arrived so late. 3. Of all the students in the class,he asked permission most politely. 4. He sure was real ...
  47. Math

    A Quadratic Word Problem If one side of a square is increased by 2 inches and an adjacent side is decreased by 2 inches, the area of the resulting rectangle is 32 square inches. Find the length of one side of the square.
  48. com170

    3. Individual Assignment: Practice with Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Comparisons • Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least ...
  49. English

    How can i write 5 sentences on the topic education using a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective and preposition
  50. french

    As-tu repondu a la lettre se ta soeur? How would I know whether to use indirect object pronoun or the pronoun y? J'y ai repondu. or Je lui ai repondu. Sorry i don't know how to do the accents.
  51. Business/ideas

    I need to answer questions about Prince tennis. One of the questions is "Because sales of Prince Sports in tennis-related products depends heavily on growth of the tennis industry, what marketing activities might it use in the U.S to promote tennis playing? I came up with the ...
  52. Math

    In a complete sentence, explain why you can cut the rectangles into different shapes and still have four equal parts?
  53. true/false history

    hi everybody. I have been trying to answer these true/false question all day, can someone help me please?Are my answers correct? "Militarism" is warfare that combines the use of infantry, armor, and air power in a fast-moving campaign. I put false & replaced the false word ...
  54. Word Problem

    Suppose a newspaper published the following in a boxed corner of the want add sectioin: Should handgun control be abolished? You can call the shots if you participate in our poll tonight. If yes, call 1-900-for-guns. If no, call 1-900-Ban-guns. You will be charged 50 cents for...
  55. English

    1. I made up my mind to stop playing computer games. 2. I made a decision to stop playing computer games. 3. I made decisions to stop playing computer games. 4. I made a determination to stop playing computer games. 5. I made determinations to stop playing computer games. [Are...
  56. Business

    Hiring o Performance evaluations o Discipline o Termination o Diversity o Harassment o Manager as a role model • Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper addressing the following points: o Describe the moral and ethical issues faced by managers dealing with your selected topic. ...
  57. Finite Math

    An experiment consists of tossing a coin 14 times. (a) How many different outcomes are possible? (b) How many different outcomes have exactly 9 heads? (c) How many different outcomes have at least 2 heads? (d) How many different outcomes have at most 10 heads?
  58. Probabilities (Math)

    An experiment consists of tossing a coin 14 times. (a) How many different outcomes are possible? (b) How many different outcomes have exactly 9 heads? (c) How many different outcomes have at least 2 heads? (d) How many different outcomes have at most 10 heads?
  59. English

    Could you paraphrase this sentence for me? His wish was to keep his country's independence from the United States. It's best if YOU do the paraphrase and then post what you write. Someone here will give you feedback. To paraphrase, cover the sentence and write the ideas in ...
  60. english

    Write five grammatically correct sentences about the role of time management in an academic environment, in which you correctly use a different verb tense
  61. 3 grade english ms sue

    compare and contrast when you compare and contrast two or more things,you tell how they are alike and different. some clue words that signal that things might be the same are like,same,both,also,and as well as. some clue words that signal differences are but,however,different,...
  62. secondhand lions essays

    I have to write a typed (doubled spaced)1 page essay on each of the following ... Discuss the scenes where the boy speaks his own opinion what do these scenes tell you about the boy? How did the decisions made for the boy affect the boys life? How does this movie define family...
  63. english - Please revise

    As a psychology major, when choosing my classes my main emphasis and focus is on my course of study such as, psychology, social skills, English etc. However, there are other subjects that might not be a requirement, therefore, the skills might come in handy in the future. ...
  64. english

    can some body give me a example of a clause sentence Eric or Bear or whoever -- If you have one independent clause, you also have a sentence if you punctuate it properly. If you have one dependent clause, however, you have a ...
  65. Algebra II

    One number is two less than a second number. If you take one-half of the first number and increase in by the second number, the result is at least 41. Find the least possible value for the second number. HELP PLEASE!!!! I hate word problems!!!
  66. Word problem

    . A catapult launches a boulder with an upwark velocity pf 184 feet per second. the heigh of the boulder in feet after t seconds is given by the function h(t)=-16t^2+184t+20. how long does it take the boulder to reach its maximum height? What is the boulders maximum height? ...
  67. English

    Identify the sentence below that includes an indefinite pronoun. A)The graduating students threw themselves a party. B)Everyone enjoyed the celebration. C)The principal herself attended and had a great time. My choice: B
  68. English

    What type of pronoun is used in the following Sentence Under the most splendid house in the city is still to be found the cellar where they store their roots as of old? a- personal b- reflexive c- indefinaite d- interrogative my answer is a
  69. Understanding Muslims and Arabs

    Write a 700-1000 word paper that covers the following aspects: 1 Accurately define the differences between Muslims and Arabs, giving examples of the geographic locations of concentrated populations of both in the United States and in the Middle East. 2. Accurately Explain the ...
  70. math correction

    can someone correct this problem for me thanks A group of 7 workers decide to send a delegation fo 2 to their superviosr to discuss their grievances. a) how many delegations are possible? my answer: 21 b)If it is decided that a particular worker must be in the delegation, how ...
  71. English grammar

    A beggar with two children ____ taking a rest in the shade. (be) In the sentence, the subject is 'a beggar'. 'Two children' is not the sucbject of this sentence. Bracket 'with two children'. Then you can notice that you have to use a singular auxiliary verb 'is' in the blank. ...
  72. possessive nouns

    Write the noun in this sentence so it shows possession. The bus driver is named Mr. Ed. Would it be? The bus's driver is named Mr. Ed. I personally think the sentence should be rewritten to read, The bus driver's name is Mr. Ed The second sentence is definitely the better one...
  73. Word Problem

    In last Saturdays parade Tom counted a total of 76 bicycles and tricycles, for a total of 227 wheels. How many tricycles were in the parade? i got a 73 x 3 =219 wheels in tricycle 3 x 2 = 6 wheels in bicycle for a total of only 225 wheels im short by 2 wheels
  74. algebra

    two junked cars were sold at auction to a buyer who paid a total of $2,000 for both cars. If the more expensive of the two cars was $240 less than three times the price of the cheaper car, how much was the more expensive car? how do I solve this word problem?
  75. math word problem

    Andy and Kate are running around a 400-meter track. If they run in the same direction, Andy will pass Kate in 100 seconds. If they run in the opposite direction, they will meet in 25 seconds. What is Andy's velocity in meters per second? 4 6 10 16 Explain your answer.
  76. 5th Grade Math

    OMGosh Please help me (mom) so I can help my daughter with this word problem!!! Cam rode her bike 5 times as far as Dante did. Dante rode 187 meters farther than Michael did. Cam rode 15.25 kilometers. How many meters did Michael ride? Explain how you got your answer......
  77. Technology

    1. Which of the following is NOT an example of a objective question? A. multiple choice B. essay** C. true/false D. matching 2. Why is it important to recognize the key word in an essay question? A. It will provide the answer in an essay B. It will show you a friend’s answer...
  78. Grammar-Capitalization

    True or False 1. The sord South is always capitalized. Answer: False 2. The word doctor is capitalized if you are addressing the doctor as such, as in "Hello Doctor." Answer: True
  79. College Algebra

    Can you please explain this in detail so I can write it down and know how to do it for future reference? Hockey teams receive 2 points when they win and 1 point when they tie. One season, a team won a championship with 64 points. They won 11 more games than they tied. How many...
  80. religion

    What are these scriptures trying to tell us about happiness/joyful? 1. Matthew 13:44 "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field." 2. Luke 8:13 "They on the ...
  81. Language Arts

    Word Bank: deliberately, derision, despair, diligent, fatigue, felicitous, fervent, impudent, insolence, keen, lingered, meagerness, merit, mock, obliged, resentful, tedious, terse, treacherous, vast. The fact that the lottery winner flaunted his newly acquired wealth made all...
  82. math

    I need to prove my answer is correct, the directions say to simplify the problem, one problem was 2a + 10a I got 12a. how could I prove that it's correct, if i can?
  83. English

    Could you please check these sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you. 1)Who (amont you) gets the best marks in both English and science? Who achieves the best results in both English and science? We are going to choose high achievers who get the best/highest marks in both English...
  84. MGT 330

    Due Day 7 – Pay Raise Exercise – Post to Assignments link as Word.doc attachment Complete the exercise 10.2 “The Pay Raise” at the end of Chapter 10. You are the supervisor and you must determine the pay raise allocations. Explain your rationale and decisions in detail...
  85. ELA

    In Sitton Spelling and Word Skills Practice Book, What is the answers antonyms: after less south remember against tall unimportant import evening backward unusual disorganized rebel periphery temporary latter Synonyms: change assist deficit revive coastline harbor notify ...
  86. Math

    Reasoning Word Problem: A school's lockers are numbered 1-100. One hundred students enter the school one at a time. The first student opens the lockers. The second student closes the even-numbered lockers. The third student either closes or opens every third locker. The ...
  87. english, Writing in the Vernacular: Burns

    I just want to get a better understanding of this. I need help badly. 1. What mood does the dialect in “To a Mouse” and “To a Louse” by Robert Burns convey? a. longing and evocative b. proud and provocative c. cheerful and down-to-earth 2. Using context clues, how ...
  88. Math

    In school we're learning to use the quadratic formula. I understand how to use it and what its applications are, but I don't understand why sometime it's okay to simplify and sometimes it's not. For example, I got the result (-2 ± 2 square root of 6)/2. According to the back ...
  89. Math

    In school we're learning to use the quadratic formula. I understand how to use it and what its applications are, but I don't understand why sometime it's okay to simplify and sometimes it's not. For example, I got the result (-2 ± 2 square root of 6)/2. According to the back ...
  90. Plz Hel, word problem:)

    I have tried hard to solve, but I'm stuck.... Let’s use our knowledge of quadrantic equations to analyze a real world business application. If P dollars is invested at r rate of interest compounded anually t years, then the amount of money, A, accummulated at the end of t ...
  91. algebra interest word problem

    Erin Grabish recevied $2,000 for speaking at a financial planning seminar. Erin invested the money in a certificate of deposit for 2 years. When she redeemed the certificate of deposit, she received $2166. What simple interest rate did Erin receive on this certificate of deposit?
  92. English

    Do you eat a lot of fast food? - Yes, I do. - It's not good for your health. What do you have to do? -I'd better not eat a lot of fast food. -------------------------------------- Do you play computer games too much? - Yes, I do. - It not desirable because you have to study ...
  93. Spanish

    I'm doing my work but i don't get these three questions at all. Could you explain them as well? ★Which part of this sentence is not correct? Esta muchacha tan bonito es alta. A. Esta B. bonito ✔C. muchacha ★Choose the correct verb for tastes in the following...
  94. can someone edit my body paragraph thanks :

    can someone edit my body paragraph thanks : The senate has important jobs that not many people know about. One of them is to disapprove or approve any piece of government legislation; with the help of the House of Commons. As well the senates investigate political and social ...
  95. thesis help

    I know I m asking for a lot of work but please if somebody can help me , I would really appreciate it <3 1. About to dress in Suzanne’s clothes—and see herself as Suzanne—Annie in Through Black Spruce thinks, “I will crash if I look. Everything will crash …” (...
  96. fundamentals of policing

    Post a 350- to 700-word response, describing the duties, functions, and responsibilities of local and state law enforcement agencies and explain the major differences between the two. Then, identify three federal law enforcement agencies. Describe their responsibilities within...
  97. math help!!!!! Thanks

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play baseball. Thirty students in the class play either or both sports. In a Venn diagram which one shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball? A. 13 (1) 12 B. 13 (6) 11 C. 14 (4) 12...
  98. English

    What does this paragraph mean---what did Martin Luther abominate? "For when we have laid bare our conscience to our brother and privately made known to him the evil that lurked within, we receive from our brother's lips the word of comfort spoken by God Himself; and, if we ...
  99. Language Check Ms.Sue

    Choose correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 1. Thank you for you're prompt response to my request information about traveling to Australia. A. Thank you for youre B. Thank you for youre' C. Thank you for your D. Thank you for your' E. Correct as is MY ANSWER: C. ...
  100. college algebra word problem

    Lisa drove 8 miles to pick up her friend Laurie, and then drove 11 miles to a mall at a speed 15 mph faster. If Lisa'a total travel time was 24 minutes, what was her speed on the trip to pick up Laurie? Thank you!!
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