1. English--Please, help me!

    1. You can often tell the part of speech of a word even if you do not understand it. Identify the part of speech of three of the made-up words in this poem. Explain how you arrived at each answer. (Three made-up words are wade, gimble, gyre). 2. How can a poem like "...
  2. math

    Andrew earns $2 more than Barbara, who earned $30 more last week than Andrew. All amounts earned were at straight time. This is a number cross word puzzle mind bender homework problem. ? Andrews hourly rate and Barbara's hourly rate
  3. Math word problem

    claudia went on a skydiving adventure. she jumped when the plane was at an altitude of 10,000 feet and landed safely on the gound at sea level. whhich integer best represent claudia's elevation in feet when she landed? a. -10,000 b. 0 c. 5,000 d. 10,000
  4. Huge Math Word Problem

    The owner of a rental house can depreciate its value over a period of 27 1/2 years, meaning that the value of the house declines at an even rate over that period of time until the value is $0. My question is by what fraction would the value of the house depreciate the first ...
  5. Math

    Solve each inequality by using algebra. 24. x 2 - 11x + 13 ≤ 25 25. -2x 2 + 3x + 4 ≥ -1 26. x 2 - 5x - 4 < -9 27. Sports A football thrown by a quarterback follows a path given by h(x) = -0.0095x 2 + x + 7, where h is the height of the ball in feet and x is the ...
  6. world issuse

    I'm a 7 letter word u read daily,my 5th 6th and 7th letter increase each year,my 3rd n 4th letter are the same,my 3rd 2nd n 5th letter cover 75% of the world.
  7. 5th grade word problems

    if we need 5 oranges to make 3 small glasses of orange juice, how many small glasses of juice can we make with 100 oranges? please explain how to get the answer in terms i can understand
  8. English

    Identify the choice that best describes the word "strongly" However, when a science article is about something that strongly appeals to me, such as snowflakes, I become interested. article adjective*** proper adjective*** adverb *** - My Answer Not sure whether adjective or ...
  9. Maths word problem help!!

    a pan of cake was left out on the counter ana 1/4 of the cake has already been eaten.Then zwell came along and ate 2/3 of the cake that was left.How much of the whole pan of cake did zwell eat? show work plz
  10. English

    1. He must have missed the class yesterday. 2. He must have cut the class yesterday. ---------------------------------------- What is the difference between two sentences? Is 'cut' a worse word than 'missed'?
  11. word problem money

    you have $ 1.55 in dimes and quarters. find all the possible combinations of coins that you might have i got; 1) 1 quarters 13 dimes 2) 3 quarters 8 dimes 3) 5 quarters and 3 dimes is this right 3 ways?
  12. Spansh #2 (URGENT)

    Can someone please check my work? Julieta's friends all have different personal tratis. Complete the sentences below using the verb in parenthesis. 1. Maria <es> intelegente. (ser) 2. Julio y Marcos <están> en Ecuador. (estar) 3. Norma y yo <estamos> ...
  13. spanish Homework

    The directions say... Complete the following sentences with the correct preterit form of the logical verb in parentheses. Here I have listen 3 out of the 15 questions. I am not really sure what the directions are asking me to do. Mis padres me ____ (llegar / llamar) por telé...
  14. Math

    A survey of 594 studnets about the sports program at a school finds the following results: 495 students like the program 99 students think the program is inadequate. If a circle graph were made from the data, what would the measure of the central angle be for the group that ...

    Write S or F to identify each group of words as a sentence or a sentence fragment. Wish on that star. I think it is a sentence fragment (f)
  16. Math

    I'd like to know if I'm understanding how to set up the problem. Mrs. Vasquez selects a marble from a jar containing 6 red marbles and 2 green marbles, and does not replace it. She then selects a second marble and does not replace it. She then selects a third marble. What is ...
  17. Social studies

    Verbs for present. Past and future write about something you could invent. Tell how people will use your invention.some verbs you can use are invent,use,like,and name.Write at least 3 sentence, under line the verb in the sentence.
  18. COM155

    I think I found all of the errors, what do you think? Identify those with errors by marking each of the errors in bold. Make the correction in parentheses after the error. For those that are correct, write correct at the end of the sentence. Their (There) are three kids in the...
  19. English

    I forgot to include these other three sentences. Thank you very much in advance. 7) He went to visit Kurzt’s intended who had continued to wear black though Kurzt had died more than a year before. 8) He gave her the papers and documents and told her that he had known him. ...
  20. Math (check answers)

    please check these answers and thanks 1.C 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.C 1.select the word tha correctly completes the sentence below. To convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit,you ___ by a power of 10. A.add B.subtract C.multiply D.divide 2.A textbook weighs 3 kilograms.How many grams...
  21. english

    What if anything, is wrong with the following sentence? The new drug proved to be highly effective, it has no side effect. a. Comma splice b. Properly constructed sentence. c. Lacks parallel parts d. Has unclear pronoun This is an example of a comma splice. You have two ...
  22. Algebra

    a cessna can fly at a rate of 220 mph in calm air. traveling with the wind, the cessna flew 780 mi in the same amount of time as it flew 540 mi against the wind. find the rate of the wind. how do i set this problem up? please explain in detail cuz i don't get these word ...
  23. algebra

    Compound word problem Sarah decides to open up her own bank account for her schooling and wants to save money. She decides to put $500.00 in the savings account she is opening. The amount she earns has 8% interest and it’s compounded quarterly. How much would Sarah have in ...
  24. English

    Hello everybody! Next week I have to teach English (as a foreign language)to 6th-graders. The lesson is called Danger or thrill.It is about extreme sports.there is a text about snow boarding, some statements and a few exercises. My mentor will first present them the lesson on ...
  25. Statistics

    I have the answer to this question,, but i'd like to know how to do it. I need help finding z. Any help would be great. Thanks. Children and McDonaldfs In a Sports Illustrated for Kids survey of 603 children, 43% preferred McDonaldfs for fast food. The next highest rating ...
  26. american government

    A bill has been approved in the House and Senate, albeit in slightly different versions. The bill now goes to the president for her/his veto or signature. a conference committee. the standing committees in the House and Senate where the bill originated. the House Rules ...
  27. Health

    Visit the website for Board of Medical Examiners or the State Board of Nursing for the state in which you live. Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: What is the purpose of the agency? What services does the agency perform? How does the agency maintain the ...
  28. English

    I urgently need to know if the following sentences are all possible. Thank you. 1)I didn't know your address but I manged to/was able to/ (but not could) find you. 2) When I was young, I was able/could play the guitar quite well. 3) I called Mary many times yesterday evening, ...
  29. Algebra 1 HELP!!!(Word Problems!)

    Sunset rents an SUV at $21.95 plus $0.23 per mile. Sunrise rents the same vehicle for $24.95 plus $0.19 per mile. For what mileage is the cost the same? Hint: Using "m" for miles, write one equation for each rental company. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1162665287 BUT I...
  30. 8th grade

    According to the CIA fact book there were 1018057384 internet users in 2005. The same source states that in 2005, Canada had 22 million internet users. What percentage of internet users in 2005 were canadian? Give the answer in standard, word, expanded form and scientific ...
  31. statistics

    Given that x is a normally distributed random variable with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 10, find the P(56 < x <74). Please show all your work and write your answer in a complete sentence. Using the information from question 1, what percentage of the ...
  32. French 1

    I have to Rewrite the following sentences using future proche. 1. II dine restaurant II vous dine restaurant 2. Grand-maman va a' son e'glise. Grande maman ira à l'église Please check for me.Thanks I believe that for the first scentence you should have had there word "au ...
  33. *** Discrete Math ***

    I have solved parts of the question, but I want to know if they are correct. Other parts I'm not sure how to do, like part b and c. g(x)=2x+1 Define g^3= g^2 o g,...,g^n =g^(n-1) o g (where "o" means composition) a) Give rules for g^2, g^3, g^4 Ans: g^2= g o g= g(2x+1)= 4x+3 g...
  34. computers

    You have been hired as a consultant by your neighbor to help her with her computer. You notice that she has a screen full of icons which appear to be Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and other graphic files. How would you help her organize her data i.e. documents, ...
  35. Chemistry

    What is the final concentration (M) of a solution prepared by diluting 50.0 mL of a 6.00 M KCl solution to a volume of 0.500 L? A. 1.67 B. 0.600 C. 0.0167 D. 3.0 E. none of these My initial thought was to take the 6.00 M KCl/0.500 L, for an answer of 12. This baffles me that ...
  36. Last Math problem I promise

    a cellular phone company offers a contract for which the cost C, in dollars of t minutes of telephoning is given c=0.25(t-300)+65.95 where it is assumed that t >== 300 minutes what times will keep costs between 106.20 and 139.20? I am already lost at word problems... please...
  37. word problem

    A 62 foot rope hangs from the top of a pole. When pulled taut to its fullest length the rope reaches a point on the ground 31 feet from the base of the pole. Find the height of the pole to the nearest tenth of a foot. Let p equal the height of the pole.
  38. COMP 100

    You have been hired as a consultant by your neighbor to help her with her computer. You notice that she has a screen full of icons which appear to be Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and other graphic files. How would you help her organize her data i.e. documents, ...
  39. ELA

    Most people consider the journey to b an archetype in literature. Which is the best meaning of the word archetype? A) the struggle between opposing forces in a story. B)an element of a story that matters only to a certain period in time C)a unique and very culturally specific ...
  40. question

    Which sentence has a preposition-related error? 1.There was a fight between the two men. 2.The Cerritos Center is near to my office. 3.They gave a party for Mary and me. 4.The report was sent to everyone except her. One of those sentences has TWO prepositions, next to one ...

    Choose the correct pronoun. The girl in the red and white kimono was (I, me). Jeff and (her, she) live down the street.
  42. Algebra Please Help Urgent

    Bob is going from his house to his uncle Sam's house in another state. He started running. After a while he switches to a bicycle. After a while he switches to a truck. After a while he switches to a sports car. After a while he switches to a helicopter. In each segment he ...
  43. Math- Multi-step word problems

    A canoe in still water travels at a rate of 10 miles per hour. The current today is traveling at a rate of 3 miles per hour. If it took an extra hour to travel upstream, how far was the trip one way? about 14 miles about 15 miles about 16 miles about 17 miles
  44. Spanish 8th grade

    I have a question about describing my house. I know the word is viejo for old, nuevo for new and modern is moderno. If I say Mi casa is modern do I say Mi casa is modena by changing the "o" to the feminie "a". The same for viejo if I describe my house would I change the "O" to...
  45. algebra

    hi! im having some problems with my word problem. Ann regularly swam .4 km in 20 min at the school pool. Swimming in a river against the current, she swan .25 km in the same time it took Ann to swim .75 km with the current. Dind the speed of the current and the time it took ...
  46. mgt

    Post your 200-300-word response to this question: How did that experience with your fellow classmates illustrate one of the concepts (group norms, group cohesiveness, group pressure, group conformity, groupthink, group influence, group leadership, group self-direction, group ...
  47. Algebra Word Problem

    I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Elena bicycles 7 km/h faster than Dennis. In the same time it takes Dennis to bicycle 60km, Elena can bicycle 81km. How fast does each bicyclist travel. Dennis travel_____ km/h Elena travel ______ km/h
  48. Word Problem

    Suzie’s flower shop estimates that supplies costs for one month will be given by the polynomial 5x2 + 4x – 7. She estimates that utilities costs for one month is given by 8x + 8. Find and simplify an expression that would estimate Suzie’s total costs for one month.
  49. word problem

    a farmer has 800 yards of fencing to enclose a rectangular pasture. Since one side of the pasture boarders a river that side does not need to be fenced. if the side perpendicular to the river must be twice as long as the side parallel to the river, what are the dimensions of ...
  50. grammar

    He was then awakened and extubated. He = not a noun or pronoun was = not a noun or pronoun then = not a noun or pronoun awakened = not a noun or pronoun and =not a noun or pronoun extubated = not a noun or pronoun
  51. social studies

    What was the substance used to stuff the mummies's nosterals? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "making mummies nostril" to get this source: http://library.thinkquest.org/J002046F/mummies.htm Use the <Find> command to locate ...
  52. business Communication

    1, Which of the following is NOT something a group should do when it plans a collaborative writing project? A. Divide the work ahead of time according to how the leader thinks it will best be done B. Make your analysis of the problem, the audience, and your purposes explicit ...
  53. algebra

    While working at The Nut House you are asked to make a mixture of raisins and nuts worth $2.75/lb. You have 12 pounds of raisins worth $1.25/lb. How many pounds of nuts worth $4.00/lb should you add to the raisins to get the right-priced mix? I have no idea how to solve this. ...
  54. computer

    You are running two applications on your computer. You highlight some text in a word document and initiate the copy command. You then go to paste the text into a publisher document. Where is the text temporarily stored after it is copied? They used to call that area of ...
  55. Grammar

    I'm having trouble with these sentences. The focus is on modifers, shifts and parallel constructions. I've attempted some of the sentences i was wondering if you can check if they are correct. Thank you for the help. 1. We are not only what we eat but also the thoughts we ...
  56. 1st grade,Middle Sound

    Hello there, My daughter going to first grade and i have very hard time to understand the middle sound on a word. I'm from Greece original so is hard for me This is the only thing she can not understand and i cant help her. Any Ideas how i can learn about it?
  57. English

    Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics. Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark Twain. a. Orient Express b. Istanbul c. Mark Twain d. none***
  58. Algebra Word Problem

    COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!! Television Sets. What does it mean to refer to a 20-in TV Set? Such units refer to the diagonal of the screen. A 20-in TV Set also has a width of 16 inches. What is its height what is the height of a 20-in TV? ______ inches.
  59. language

    Select the word or words that the italicized phrase modifies or describes. According to this map, the smallest region in the UNITED STATES IS NEW ENGLAND. a) map b) smallest c) region d) United States
  60. Math

    The word problem is: Nancy's quiz average is a 74. Her quiz average is 1/4 of her grade. The test average is 3/4 of the total grade. What test average does she need to get at least an 88? Would you be able to set up an equation, and explain how the answer was acheived? Thanks!!!
  61. Word Problems

    1. Express the area of a square as a function of its diagonal. 2. The height of a cylinder is half the diameter. Express the total surface area as a function of the height. SA = 2πh + 2πr^2
  62. list some harmful effects of plagiarism.

    please ineed answer for this question by his or her own word list some harmful effects of plagiarism. In other words, explain what is morally wrong with plagiarism. How does plagiarism harm the perpetrator? thank you
  63. Politcal Science

    Complications in the practice of America’s ideals occurs because these ideals a. are general principles, not precise rules. b. sometimes conflict with one another. c. are only one of the many sources of political action. d. are enduring and powerful. e. All these answers are...
  64. English

    What is the meaning of the bold print word in the following quote? “That spiritual and physical oneness we all share with this common homeland explains the depth of the pain we all carried in our hearts as we saw our country tear itself apart in terrible conflict, and as we ...
  65. English

    Insert semicolons in the following sentences as needed. In some sentences, semicolons will replace commas, Above the sentence, write the words before and after the semicolon. 1. At the market Flora selected strawberries, which were on sale, a pineapple, which is her favorite ...
  66. eth

    ‚· Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the community, you ...
  67. Business/ideas

    I need to answer questions about Prince tennis. One of the questions is "Because sales of Prince Sports in tennis-related products depends heavily on growth of the tennis industry, what marketing activities might it use in the U.S to promote tennis playing? I came up with the ...
  68. general knowledge

    I am a 7 letter word (an animal) Remove the first 4 letter the remaining is a feminine gender Remove the last 4 letter the remaining is the part of cooker Remove the last 3 letter the remaining is a costume (dress) Pls answer me immediately

    The current I in an electrical conductor varies inversely as the resistance R of the conductor. The current is 9 amperes when the resistance is 940 ohms. What is the current when the resistance is 580 ohms? Thank you yet again. Almost through with this part of the class thank ...
  70. Math

    a basketball team won 60% of the first 70 games it played. there are 40 games still to be played in the season. How many of the remaining games must the team win in order to end the season with a 70% win record?
  71. Math

    Given the following axioms: Axiom 1: Each game is played by two distinct teams Axiom 2: There are at least four teams Axiom 3: There are at least six games played Axiom 4: Each team played at most 4 games. I need to come up with 1 to 2 more theorems. The first theorem I know ...
  72. Math

    1. Which expression is equivalent to (-2)(a+6)? A. -2a+6 B. 2a+12 C. -2a-12*** D. -2a+12 2. To which sets of real numbers does the number -22 belong? Choose all subsets that apply. (There's two right answers) Whole Numbers Rational Numbers*** Integers*** Irrational Numbers ...
  73. ENGL-1020

    Please help me figure this out! What is he trying to say/What is this poem's meaning? Why did he write it? How does the denotation, connotation and/or level of diction found in the majority of the italicized words play against the level of diction found in most of the rest of ...
  74. AED 200

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3 Native American ...
  75. Maths

    In a class 40 students,31 play football,26play hockey and 13play volleyball.19 play football and hockey,8play both football and volley,and 7play both hockey and volleyball. Each student plays at least one of the three games. i. Illustrate the information on a venn diagram. ii....
  76. English

    1. I don't play computer games much. 2. I don't play computer games a lot. 3. I don't play computer games more than my brother. 4. I don't play computer games as much as my brother. 5. I don't play computer games less than my brother. 6. I play computer games more than my ...
  77. Math: Word Problem

    A ball is thrown upward from the top of a building which is 96ft tall w/ Initial velocity of 80 ft per sec. Distance s(ft) of ball from the ground after t sec is s=96+80t-16t^(2) 1) how many sec. will the ball pass the top of the building when it is coming down? How would I ...
  78. College Algebra Word Problem

    I have been racking my head with this one and don't know how to approach it. The question is: A bank loaned out $64,000, part of it at the rate of 13% per year and the rest at a rate of 5% per year. If the interest received was $6000, how much was loaned at 13%. I know the ...
  79. Physics: Help

    A coin is placed 12.5 cm from the axis of a rotating turntable of variable speed. When the speed of the turntable is slowly increased, the coin remains fixed on the turntable until a rate of 36 rpm is reached, at which point the coin slides off. What is the coefficient of ...
  80. math

     9. On a spelling test Carlos had to spell 25 words. He earned 4 points for every word he spelled correctly. Which equation can be used to find p, the total number of points Carlos earnedfor spelling w words correctly? A p w −. B p = 4. ) C p w. = 4. D p...

    Write the verb "see" in the present perfect tense. Use the pronoun "I" as the subject. A. I am seeing. B. I have seen. C. I see. D. I am seen. I think the answer is (C) but i'm not sure if that is right. thanks
  82. Math

    In how many ways can the word INITIAL be arranged? I know that if all the letters were different (aka ABCDEFG) then the answer would be 7!, and I think if two of the letters were the same (aka AABCDEF) then the answer for be 7!/2! (or maybe 7!/2?), but I'm not sure what the ...
  83. Word Problem

    Suppose a newspaper published the following in a boxed corner of the want add sectioin: Should handgun control be abolished? You can call the shots if you participate in our poll tonight. If yes, call 1-900-for-guns. If no, call 1-900-Ban-guns. You will be charged 50 cents for...
  84. Data Management

    Q1: Consider the word BASKETBALL a) how many of the arrangements begin with a k? (60 480) b) how many of the arrangements start with a B and end with a K? (10 080) For this question, I am not sure what they mean but it beginning with k or b... Q2: Joanne's bag of marbles ...
  85. Bible Fill In The Blank

    1. God can use suffering to cause us to ? spiritually and to bring ? to Himself. I Think the first one is "grow". I'm not sure about the other one. I'm Not Sure For Numbers 2-4 (Below). Please Help Me! 2. Ethical, doctrinal, numerical, and factual variances and parallel ...
  86. reading

    which word is the best replacement for big in the first paragraph? enormous important older spacious i put important ( it said lumberjacks are big strong men. but Paul Bunyan was the biggest and strongest of all.he was so big that he used a pine tree to comb his beard. he was ...
  87. calculus word prob

    Two buildings at opposite corners of a parking lot need to be connected by cable that will be buried under ground. It costs $11/ft to lay accross parking lot and $8/ft to lay along the sides. The lot is 300ft by 360 ft rect from pt A to the opposite corner with indents of 60ft...
  88. english

    Please check my answer because i don't know for Sure Which pronoun or pronouns correctly complete the sentence? Everybody had chosen __________ own meal to eat on the field trip. A. its B. his or her C. their D. they're I think it is either B or C but i don't know for sure
  89. English

    Choose the sentence in which the italicized pronoun agrres in number with its italicized antecedent or antecedents. 1 The boys want their dessert now. 2 The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.
  90. To Wyatt re English 101

    I don't like leaving that entire test available online, so I'll post my response to you here: 1 - 31 are correct. Incorrect = 32 33 and 34 are correct, but they sure are clumsy, aren't they? 35 is odd -- your second sentence implies that baseball (what? the ball? the game?) ...
  91. true/false history

    hi everybody. I have been trying to answer these true/false question all day, can someone help me please?Are my answers correct? "Militarism" is warfare that combines the use of infantry, armor, and air power in a fast-moving campaign. I put false & replaced the false word ...
  92. Percent word problem

    A pitcher holds 2 gallons of orange juice. The orange juice is made 20% concentrated juice and 80% water. How much water is used in the orange juice?
  93. Math word problem

    you buy a bottle of juice for $1.00. The juice costs 90 cents more than the empty bottle. How much does the empty bottle cost? The answer is not 10 cents.
  94. math word problems

    Sally and marta had the same number of postcards. After sally sold 18 of her postcards, marta had 4 times as many postcards as sally. How many postcards did each girl have to begin with?
  95. word math

    len puts ten marbles in each bag. two tenth are stripped.if len makes ten bags of marbles how many stripped marbles do he need?
  96. electronics

    definition, kinds/types, illustration, equation, tables/graphs of: a) diodes b)capacitors c) conductors, semiconductors, insulators d)transistors e) integrated circuit f) logic gates Try looking these up in the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
  97. english II

    Word Choice and the Use of Idioms (errors in the choice of words and in the use of idiomatic expressions) the answer is d A.The plural form of criterion is criteria. B.Not all employers who believe in the principle of equal employment are in favor of affirmative action ...
  98. English please help!

    I really need you to check these answers for me, I don't know if they're correct, so please check my answers. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. Reminder: In an imperative sentence(command), the subject is often you...
  99. Statistics

    Having trouble with these four questions: 1. Given the rules of the different games of chance described in the sheet you downloaded, think about your odds of winning in each of these three scenarios: A. Craps: Either roll or a 7 or 11 on the first roll, OR match the point ...
  100. ELA

    1. which of the following details about the author's life most likely influenced her ideas for the novel Walk Two Moons: A. she came from a large family B. Her family was typically a noisy and rowdy bunch C. she enjoyed family vacations piled in the car on long drives D. as a ...
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