directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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  1. math

    the wheel ( including the tire) of a sports car under development by one of the Big Three auto companies has an 11 in radius. what would be the car's speed in miles per hour if its wheel are turning 800 rpm? ------------------- 800 rev/ 1 min x 60 min/ 1 hr x 2 pi radians/ 1 ...
  2. Physics

    A sports car with a very powerful engine driving on a surface with a coefficient of static friction µs = 0.8 wants to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/hr. (You may neglect air resistance.) a) What is the fastest that the car can accomplish this? b) How far will the car travel...
  3. Advertising research: theory and practice

    James wants to change the creative strategy in order to make consumer think differently about his product. He wants the product to be viewed as a product for sports enthusiasts. In order to do this, he must: a. conduct demographic research b. reposition the product c. find the...
  4. Maths

    The ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys in a sports club is 3:6. There are 15 more boys than girls in the club. How many pupils are in the club altogether?
  5. IPC

    okayy sooo this matching thing is wierd.. i don't understand it.. Zeroth First Second -Heat can change energy from one form to another, but the amount of energy in the universe is constant. -Two objects in thermal equilibruim will have no net heat flow between them. -The ...
  6. Math: Word Problem

    A security fence encloses a rectangular are on one side of a park in a city. Three sides of fencing are used, since the fourth side of the area is formed by a building. The enclosed area measures 450 square feet. Exactly 60 feet of fencing is used to fence in three sides of ...
  7. chemistry

    Suppose you live in a different universe where different amount of quantum numbers is required to describe the atomic orbitals. These quantum numbers have the following rules: N principal 1,2,3,…. L orbital =N M magnetic -1. 0. +1 How many orbitals are there all together in ...
  8. math

    A softball team wins 5/8 of their 32 games. How many games did they win? How many did they lose?
  9. math

    if a team has played 7 games but only won 1, what is there chance of winning the last 4 games
  10. help math

    word problem need help: suppose you own a card shop. you buy one line of cards at a rate of 4 cards for $5. you plan to sell the cards at a rate of 3 cards for $5 how may carfds must you sell in order to make a profit of $100.00 i don't understand how to get answer can you help
  11. English

    1. Select the letter that indicated the correct modifier in the following sentence. A. The young Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been one of the ________ people in the U.S. A. strongest B. most stronger C. stronger D. most strongest I think it's D? 2. Select the letter that ...
  12. Strategies for the independent learner

    1.When you approach a text, you should A. survey it, using the technique called SQ3R. B. dive right in at the first page and read the assigned section. C. skip over words you don’t know. D. read only the boldface type. 2.The proctored exams for your degree courses are A. ...
  13. Algebra 1

    Which of the following questions is a statistical question? How many professional sport leagues are there? Where do the professional sport leagues play? How many hours of professional training took place over the weekend? How many hours do you spend each week training for a ...
  14. health

    Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you discuss corrections accreditation and privatization. Address the following questions: • What is corrections accreditation? How does corrections accreditation affect the professional development of corrections officers? How can ...
  15. communication

    Compose a 1000-2000 word essay in which you do the following: •Identify a person who is a role model of a communicator to you, and briefly describe the characteristics that make this person a rolemodel of a communicator. Please choose someone you actually know, not a famous ...
  16. History

    Why did Jews feel entitled to claim Israel last there nation following following World Word 2? a) they had no place to go b) they believed that god promised them this land c) they had the military strength to hold the land d) the united nations had given them this land
  17. Algebra

    Word problem: When making a phone call using calling card a call lasting 3 minutes costs $1.60. A call lasting 10 minutes costs $4.40. Let y be the cost of making a call lasting x minutes using a calling card. Write a linear equation that relates to the cost of making the call...
  18. ALGEBRA 2

    HELP the bulldogs won twice as many games as they lost. if yhey played a total of 36 games,how many did they win?
  19. Arithmetic Reasoning

    A team won 8 of the 24 games it played in one season. What percent of games did it win?
  20. Math-pre algebra

    If you won 84 out of 162 games what is the ratio of Wins to total games
  21. language expression

    choose the word or phrase that best completes the answers are all at the bottom 6)by now,the relay team _____ their practice laps. F)swam G)swum H)has swum J)was swimming 7)the director ______ a speech when the guest of honor arrived A)giving B)is giving C)has ...
  22. java

    Write a java application that finds the smallest of several integers. Prompt the user for the number of integers that will be input, then prompt the user for that number of integers. Evaluate the integers to determine the smallest value. Run the program to test for 3 numbers...
  23. english

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. Bold each adverb. Underline each adjective. Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three ...
  24. English Comma splices and run on sentences

    Question 17 5 points Save The movie was over _______ everyone really seemed to enjoy it. insert a comma insert the word however insert a semicolon insert a hyphen my answer insert hyphen
  25. math algebra 1

    x + 3 > 7 and 3 + 7 > x x > 4 and 10 > x 4 < x < 10 Replace the dimensions of the above figure with 12 ft and 18 ft and write the inequality for x.
  26. Math

    How would you solve for these word problems in one variable inequality form? 1. A number, n, decreased by 6 is less than or equal to 4. 2.One half of a number, increased by 9 is less than 33. 3.Six less than or equal to the sum of 4 and -2x.
  27. ENglish09765

    write the use of the pronoun is it subject or nominative absolute Q1. We taxpayers will have to pay for this project Q2. cautiously, Grace and they crossed the street. Q3. I think he will be the best judge. i think they are all acting as a subject!!
  28. Algerbra 1

    The Quotient of 6 times a number and 16 ? "Quotient" is what we call the result of a division, the result of multiplication is called a product. You used the word "times" which shows multiplication. BTW, I refuse to tell you what 6 times 16 is.
  29. Language Arts

    Of three automobiles left on the lot, one was inexpensive, one was cheap, and one was economical. Which word describes the automobile that represents a prudent purchase? inexpensive, cheap, economical. COuld you help? I don't get it.
  30. Math

    Word Bank agenda amiable befuddle blight boisterous clarity compliant conserve debut gory gross induce leeway limber maze oracle partisan reimburse vacate vagabond Ms. Fillmer explained with such ____- how to go about changing a tire that I felt that even someone as clumsy as ...
  31. English

    I need to re word this paragraph. Hemingway's distinctive writing style is characterized by economy and understatement, and had a significant influence on the development of the 20th century fiction writing. His protagonists are typically stoical men who exhibit an ideal ...

    An appeals court ordered the money returned,however,the IRS didn't comply. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. DANGLER C. RUN-ON D. COMMA SPLICE I THINK THE SENTENCE IS A COMMA SPLICE, WHAT DO YOU THIMK? AM I CORRECT? You are correct!
  33. English (Reunion by John Cheever)

    In John Cheever's story reunion, what do the restaurants symbolize. Why does Charlie call hi father daddy at the end of the story? Examine the first and last sentences of the story. What is common and why? How do you interpret the ending of the story? Does Charlie accept of ...
  34. Grammar

    I would just like to know if I have correctly written the first sentence in which it is an attributive adjective sentence. And the second sentence in which it is a predicative adjective sentence, where the adjective used both attributively and predicatively in both sentences ...
  35. Business Communications

    Which of the following would be the MOST useful strategy for learning to communicate effectively with international employees working in your overseas divisions? a) Devote time to learning the rules for communicating with people from each of the countries you will be ...
  36. Grammar

    What part of speech is the word surveillance in "surveillance camera"? Also what part of speech is video in "home video"? Are they just considered part of the noun, or do they modify the nouns they come before, making them adjectives?
  37. word problems

    The revenue R from selling x number of phone widgets is given by R = 32 x R=32x, and the cost C of producing those widgets is given by C = 22 x + 1830 C=22x+1830. Find the number of widgets it requires to break even.
  38. Riddle

    Solve this riddle: What does CHICHARON DE POLLO MEAN? HINT: IT IS A FOOD. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The word "chicharrón" (misspelled above) is "residue of hog's fat or burnt meat" while "de pollo" meand "of chicken." This is a Dominican dish of ...
  39. English

    Regardless of whether the uranium was solid or pulverized, pure or in a compound, wet or dry, or whether exposed to light or heat. --This is just a section of a sentance and I would like to know what word I can use instead of pulverized. And don't just give me dictionary,com ...
  40. chemistry

    Can someone please explain why there are so many gas laws. I've been doing my homework with the appropriate formulas, but I'm confused why everyone keeps say that PV=nRT is so wonderful? You can't get the same solution by using this ONE formula, so what is so wonderful? Is ...
  41. Math-please help!!

    Make a word document with the key points (in tables/charts) for the following functions, given in the form y=asink(x+d)+c Start with multiplication/division (multiply ‘y’ by a, divide ‘x’ by k) Then add c to the y values, subtract d from the x values 1.y=3sinx+2 2.y=1/...
  42. History

    What elements of modernity and progress represented nineteenth century goals of liberalism? What characteristics did nineteenth century liberals consider to be impediments to achieving a modern and "civilized" society? P.S. I really just need help understanding the questions ...
  43. 12th grade Math - word problems

    #1.) The population of bacteria after t hours is given by P(t) = 500/(1+83.33e^-0.162t) a.) What is the initial population? b.) When will the amount of bacteria in the population be 12? #2.) Which investment yields the greater amount after 4 years? a.) $900 at 9% interest ...
  44. English

    Word bank: Adverse arid assailant billow confront constrain contemporary depict disinterested encompass groundless hypocrite incomprehensible manipulate maximum mimic ruffle serene sheepish stamina If you (billow confront) your problems honestly and openly instead of trying to...
  45. MGT

    help please my mind is going crazy trying to figure this out Follow the steps listed below to complete this 200-300-word CheckPoint: 1. Assume that you—as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant—have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, ...
  46. Cultural Diversity

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and two ...
  47. English

    Some examples of tricky plurals include a.changing to y to it and adding -es in nouns that end in y after a consonant, as in city/cities. b.changing f or fe to a v and adding -es to most singular common nouns that end in f or fe, as seen in life/lives. c.making compound nouns ...
  48. project

    Im not really sure what topic to make a presentation on can you give me wome ideas please? well can you tell me what class this is for, subject and grade level Computer Apps., we can do it on anything we want, 9th okay i would say do it on the controverseal subject on breast ...
  49. Math

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. What does B measure? My Equation Answer: b=180-(a+c) 72+113=185 180-185= -5 My Word Answer: When you need to find the measure of B the answer is -5. First, you need ...
  50. com 155

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. · Bold each adverb. · Underline each adjective. · Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three ...
  51. math

    in a class of 38 children,19 play tennis, 21 play squash and 10 play neither sport. (1)how many children play both sports?(2)how many children play only tennis
  52. Math

    Hi! The question I need help with is 6cos^2x-3 and the directions say to use a double-angle formula to write the expression. This is what I have but I don't know if it's right? 6cos^2(x)-3 =3(2cos^2(x)-1) =3cos(2x)
  53. language arts

    I need to rewrite my concluding sentence from my topic sentence by using synonyms to sound the same but worded different
  54. child development am i on right track

    2. Assignment: Reading and Writing Development • Compose a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper addressing the following points: o Choose two age groups from different periods in the physical development process. Give some thought to the age groups you choose, as you will focus on ...
  55. math

    A man is walking at an average speed of 4 miles per hour alongside a railroad track. A freight train, going in the same direction at an average speed of 30 miles per hour, requires 5 seconds to pass the man. How long is the freight train? Give your answer in feet. What would ...
  56. Word Problems

    If your car gets 18 miles per gallon of gasoline, how many pints of gas will you need to take a 698- mile trip? I no that 1pt = 480ml and 1g= 3840 ml so do I x 18 miles per gallon by the amount of pints in a gallon?
  57. word problem

    a woman age and her son added to 45, 5 years ago the woman was 6 times as old as her son. how old was the woman when the son was born.
  58. English

    Could someone explain to me why the word "like" is plural and not singular because I actually thought "like" was singular. And isn't "the girls" singular? "the girls like the movie"
  59. English

    He is the very person that the boy has been looking for. ---------------------------- What is the antecedent of the 'that clause'? Is the antecedent 'person' or 'the very person'? Is an antecedent composed of 'one word'?
  60. Math

    We played 24 games. We won 6 more than we lost. How many games did we win? 24÷2=12+6=18÷2=9+6= 15 wins? Am I even close? Confused...
  61. Algebra

    We played 24 games. We won 6 more than we lost. How many games did we win? 24÷2=12+6=18÷2=9+6= 15 wins? Am I even close? Confused...
  62. Math

    A volleyball team has won 7 games during their 21 game season. What is the ratio of losses to total games?
  63. Math

    each of 5 basketball teams in a league played N games with each of the 4 other teams. If no games were played outside the league, which of the following could NOT be the number if games played by one team? A. 8 B. 14 C. 16 D. 20 E. 32
  64. bio/science

    Which of the following would be the best advice for the farmerof this land: h t t p ://tinypic. c o m /r/smydsg/3 (take out spaces) a. replace your current crop with a potato crop b. replace your current crop with a corn crop c. replace your current crop with an asparagus crop...
  65. arithmetic

    play 160 games and won 60% how many games did the team win
  66. College math

    A team played 24 games and won 2/3 of them. How many games did they win?
  67. Math

    A basketball team won 70% of the 30 games they played. How many games did they win?
  68. English

    I forgot to include these sentences: 1) I use the Internet to be kept up-dated (or to keep-up-to date) on the latest news (meaning to be informed on the ...) 2) is the spelling and word choice of the following food correct? Saurkraut (without plural), some asparagus (without ...
  69. Pre-calculus

    a triangular shelf is to be placed in a curio cabinet whose sides meet at an angle of 105 degrees. If the edges of the shelf along the sides measures 56 centimeters and 65 centimeters, how long is the outside edge of the shelf? Round to the nearest tenth. Thanks for any help--...
  70. Word Problem.

    Describe the misuse or misinterpretation of statistics that may be involved: Over 60% of the people who fly to Normal, Illinois, do so on American Airlines. Hence, most people prefer American to any other airline. I would think the statistic of 60% and it being on American ...
  71. Algebra 1

    I'm having a hard time understanding distance rate and time word problems, and my teacher doesn't really make things clear. I don't ask questions, because I'm busy trying to keep up with writing notes. Can someone possibly give me an example on a distance rate time question ...
  72. GED-Word Problems

    Anna decided to start an exercise program. She kept track of how much she exercised each week. On Tuesday she took an aerobics class for 3/4 hour. On Thursday she went on a hike for 1 1/2 hours. On Saturday she played basketball for 3 1/4 hours. How many hours did she exercise...
  73. Language

    In which of those lines is the meaning of the word intercede best expressed? A. The attacker between the goal and goalie. B. In court cases, attorney intercede on their client's behalf.•• C. If you don't agree with someone you should try to Intercede. D. In a conversation ...
  74. English

    1. Which of the following is not a type of folktale? (1 point) A. cautionary tale B. mystery** C. legend D. myth Read the following sentence: Some friends from my dance class went to the museum's ballet exhibit. Which of the following is an adjectival phrase? A. went to the ...
  75. algebra word problem

    Not exactly sure how to solve this. 2000 tickets were sold for a play generating $19,700. The price for tickets $5 for children, $10.00 for students and $12.00 for adults. There were 100 more adult tickets sold than students. Find the number of each type of ticket sold. Thanks...
  76. gemoetry word question

    can someone tell me the missing leg of the right triangle if 10 is the other leg and 26 is the hypotenuse its 16 "confused gurl" is indeed confused a^2 + 10^2 = 26^2 a^2 = 676-100 a^2=576 a=24 Your triangle is simply a multiple of one of the basic right-angled triangles, the 5...
  77. English

    OKay i need help thinking of more traits to describe oedipus. the question is: How do Oedipus's personal characteristics interact with his fate to bring about his downfall? The only trait i can think of is rash, but towrite a 500 word essay i think i need some more.
  78. Word Problem

    The Web-based company Oh Baby! Gifts has a goal of processing 95 percent of its orders on the same day they are received. If 485 out of the next 500 orders are processed on the same day, would this prove that they are exceeding their goal, using á = .025?
  79. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    4. In the phrase, "the grim-faced Yankee principal," how is the word "Yankee" an example of semantic slanting? (1 point) It is used with a negative connotation. It is an exaggeration. It presents a vivid image. Is the answer: It is used with a negative connotation.
  80. algebra word problem

    To remodel a bathroom a contractor Charles $25 er hour plus material costs, which amount to $3825. Therefore, the total cost to remodel he bathroom is given by f(x)=25x+3825 where x is the number of hours the contractor works. Find a formula for f^-1(x). What does f^-1 compute...
  81. Social Studies

    In England, during the 16th century, why did the people then not take a bath regularly? Why did they carry around nosegays (if anyone thinks this word is funny, it is not because it means small bouquet)? Did they carry around the nosegays to help make their bad smell a little ...
  82. Please please help. French.

    Can you check if my french is right? Each part of France has its own type of cuisine. The French cuisine varies by season. In the summer season, salads and fruit dishes are popular and the winter and autumn seasons are the hunting seasons, foods of all kinds are eaten. There ...
  83. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is the word you use to tell how you get the macaroni and cheese into a bowl. My mom _______ the macaroni and cheese into my bowl to serve
  84. English

    1. The products are on the 2nd floor in section D. 2. The products are in section D on the 2nd floor. -------------------- Are both grammatical? Which word order is better?
  85. research writing

    Can someone help with com 220 wk6 day 6-subject-Global warming: Write a 350 word paragraph that uses one of your arguments and counterarguments to support your thesis. Be sure to include the evidence that supports your thesis and that may support or refute the counterargument...
  86. Grammar and Composition

    please check these: 1. Traveling down the road of life. a. sentence structure is correct b. the subject is missing c. the predicate is missing d. the sentence contains a nound and no verb B 2. Erick ran in the race. a. sentence structure is correct b. the subject is missing c...
  87. word problem

    If 258 hamburgers and cheeseburgers were sold and the number of cheeseburgers sold was two times the amount of hambugerssold how many hamburgers were sold? Is this right? 258 divided by 2 =129
  88. daily word promblems

    The line for the cake walk was one-third the length of the line for the hoop shoot if there were 12 people in line for the hoop shoot how many people were in for the dunking machine?
  89. English-The Hunger Games

    I have to create a magazine that would be published about the games(capitol) -Magazine format which I am doing is : * Regular issue during the games. CRITERIA: Create an authentic product true to the details of the novel. INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: *min. 6 pages with a min. 1 ...
  90. spanish

    what is the third person singular form of the verb estar? Re-write the following sentences replacing the underlined direct object with a direct object pronoun. Remember, the direct object pronoun needs to be placed directly in front of the conjugated verb. The following is an ...
  91. Literary

    what does this mean the definition: Word: "anapest" definition: three syllables with third stressed: a metrical foot of three syllables with the stress on the third syllable, or of two short syllables followed by a long syllable. The word "unconcerned" and the phrase "up the ...
  92. English

    I need to find a good site containing colloquial expressions used in everyday conversations (example, at the phone, at meals etc). I'd also like you to check these sentences, please. 1) Can you use the word “class party” where(to which?) you invite all your classmates? I...
  93. Sentence Agreement Errors

    What agreement error would this sentence be? One of the options concerning his future surgeries were discussed with him. Verb tense agreement error, subject/verb agreement error, pronoun agreement error, modifier placement error or parallel structure error
  94. Spelling Vocabulary

    These are the words in the word bank that you can use:hydrant,thermos,hydrophobia, thermostat,hydrogen,thermometer, hydraulic,thermal,dehydrated,diameter, hydroelectric,geometry,chronic, speedometer,chronicle,barometer, synchronize,centimeter,chronological, symmetry this is my...
  95. Types of Business Writing

    Write an e-mail of 6–10 sentences based on the scenario described here. Your boss has asked you to set up a meeting with a client, Joceyln Talbot, for next Wednesday at 2:00 pm. He wants to meet at the King Charles Hotel on River Street and have a lunch meeting. He’ll be ...
  96. Chemistry

    In the qualitative test for nitrate anion, the test goes like this: - Add dilute sodium hydroxide, then add a little aluminium powder. Warm. When describing the test, is it acceptable to use the word "mixture" as in "warm the mixture"? thanks.
  97. math

    how do i work out the following word problem. a particular ball retains half of its heght on each bounce when dropped from a height of 80 m. give the height of the ball on the fifth bounce after being dropped?(will the ball comes to rest?)
  98. Quantitative Reasoning

    How to figure out the word problem which states that under normal conditions, 1.5 feet of snow will melt into 2 inches of water. After a recent snowstorm,there were 4 feet of snow. How many inches of water will there be when the snow melts?
  99. English

    Choose the answer that best matches the word "minutely" She examined my costume minutely before declaring it the winner. with close attention to even the smallest details*** for a minute piece by piece, minute by minute casually *** - My Answer
  100. maths-word problem

    james and hannah both run 4km race.james runs 1km faster than hannah and finished a quater kilometer ah head of long did james run in 4km plz show step!
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