directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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Pratical English

Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry. B. Jerry looks ill today. C. Jerry looks into the microscope. D. Jerry looks at the map.

math word problem

A rectangle garden is 30 ft by 40 ft. Part of the garden is removed in order to install a walkway of uniform width around it. The area of the new garden is one-half the area of the old garden. How wide is the walkway?

practical english

Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks ILL today. B. Jerry looks INTO the microscope. C. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry D. Jerry looks at the map. Is it c?

Derivative-Word Problem

Volume in liters of antifreeze remaining in a leaking radiator after t minutes is V= 20- 2t- 0.1t^2 a) how long does it take to drain the antifreeze mixture from the radiator? i got t= 10 b) how fast is volume changing when t=5? i got 9.75 is this right. thanks


1. What is the Algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of 8 and the difference of x and m? 8/x-m * 8-x/m x-m/8 8-x/m 2.Which sum of difference is equivalent to the following expression? 5-3x/5? 1+3/5 1+3x/5 1-3x/5 * 25-15x * is my choice and the second...


Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks into the microscope. B. Jerry looks ill today. C. Jerry looks at the map. D. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry. I think it's B.

English: Showing Possession

In my English composition, I wrote the phrase "... my sister and I's favorite CD ..." According to my word processor's spell check there should not be an 's after I. Can 's be used after I? If not how would I show possession in the above phrase?


A baseball team won 50 of the first 92 games played in a season. If the season consists of 152 games, how many more game must the team win to finish the season winning 62 1/2% of games played?


There are 24 electronic games in each case of electronic games. Find the number of electronic games in 15,000 cases and express your answer using a number multiplied by the power of ten . How do I get the answer for this problem?


I have to identify the adverb and the word or words the adverb modifies. 1.Some kinds of opals are extremely beautiful. 2.The ocean appears especially beautiful at sunrise. 3.On Sunday, the dogs in my neighborhood barked early. 4.No room remained at the end of the row, so ...


Tracy wants to purchase custom-made bumper stickers to advertise her business. Two websites offer different deals: Website A: Pay a fee of $116.00, plus $0.50 per bumper sticker or Website B: Pay a fee of $99.50, plus $0.65 per bumper sticker At least how many bumper stickers ...


Reuben bought a ski helmet from an online sports store. The helmet was shipped to his home in Stirling, Alberta from Provo. Utah. The list price of the helmet was $165.00 US. On the day Reuben purchased the helmet, the currency exchange rate was $1 US= $1.04 CAD. How much did ...


2. Which of these was NOT included in Darwin and Wallace's theory of natural selection? a. variability b. high reproductive rates c. survival of the most fit. d. traits passed on from parents to offspring. e. mutation. I don't remember the word mutation until genetics was ...

Language Arts/English

My word is "dynamite" which has two meanings. 1)n. a powerful explosive made by soaking nitroglycerin in some absorbent, such as ammonium nitrate and wood pulp. 2)adj. outstanding, very exciting. My question is - name the part of speech given in the first entry. I don't ...


Quick questions about vocab, Insidious literally translates to "sitting in," but the word means "secretly working to cause harm." Explain the possible connection between the actual and literal definitions? Also, list as many words as you can think of that contain the root sid...


Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answer. Will you please help me with several more sentences which I made up but I'm not sure they are natural. 1)He's got a lot of experience and knowledge, which is undoubtedly to be applied in practice. 2)His classes that I was present at were...

Language Arts

In which of theses lines is the meaning of the word "gratitude" best expressed? A. Why its old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; it's Fezziwig alive again! B. The happiness he gave is quite as great as if it cost him a fortune. C. Feeziwig had the power to make us happy or unhappy...


Good Morning- Each of the following sentences has an agreement error in it. Match the correct type of agreement error to the sentence. a. Verb tense agreement error b. Subject/verb agreement error c. Pronoun agreement error d. Modifier placement error e. Parallel structure ...

english help please!!

Which of the following sentences uses the word "diction" correctly? A broad vocabulary will allow you to use good diction. Diction comes from rhyming words in poetic literature. He never used any diction in his many lengthy novels. Let's go diction before we jump in the water ...


Use the formula y=50x-25 Approximately how many minutes will it take a student to type a 2500 word essay if in 8 minutes they can type 375 words and in 15 minutes they can type 725 words


DIRECTIONS ARE. WRITE THE EQUATION OF THE LINE L satisfying the given geometric conditions. Problem is: L has y-intercept (0,-3) and is parallel to the line with equation y=(2/3)x +1. So, this is what i did: Y=(2/3) passes through (0,-3) -3=b so, the equation is: y=(2...


The following paragraph contains five errors in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, or usage. Copy and paste the paragraph into the textbox, and then revise to correct the errors. 2. Often, however, the dictionaries are wrong about this, in fact, by putting one word first, they ...


17. A survey of 594 students about the sports program at a school finds the following results: 528 students like the program 66 students think the program is inadequate. If a circle graph were made from the data, what would the measure of the central angle be for the group ...


An artists creates a mural depicting a local celebration of health and fitness for all community members. What would be the best subject choice for this mural? The figures of local sports heroes. The figures of local high school athletes. The figures of local athletic trainers...


You have inserted an image within a paragraph of text in a word 2007 document. You want the edges of the image to fade into the document. How do you accomplish this? image and slide the fade controller B. format the image and check the soft edge picture style

Algebra Word Problem

COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!! The base of a triangle is 3cm greater than the height. The area is 44cm^2. Find the height and length of the base. The height of the triangle is_______ cm The base of the traingle is_______cm

Word Problem

The length and width of a rectangle are to each other as 4 is to 3. A second rectangle are 4 units longer and 2 units wider than the first one, and has twice as great an area as the first. Find the dimensions of the first rectangle.


The admission fee to a video game arcade is $2.00 per person, and it costs $0.50 for each game played. Shelli and Veronica have a total of $20.00 to spend. What is the greatest number of games they will be able to play? 20.00 -4.00 (admission for two people) x x divided by 2 (...


You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at several different firms simultaneously. You expect to be asked the same questions in each interview dealing with what you think are some good new marketing opportunities for each firm to pursue. You know that being well...


Michael Reeves, an ice cream vendor, pays $17.50 for a five-gallon container of premium ice cream. From this quantity he sells 80 scoops at $0.90 per scoop. If he sold smaller scoops, he could sell 98 scoops from the same container; however, he could charge only $0.80 per ...


I have a few doubts regarding the following questions. Can you help me, please? 1)Provide a definition of "poetry" including its most important elements. 2)Briefly refer to the description of the mirror as provided by Sylvia Plath in her poem "Mirror"? What does the mirror ...

Decision Making

I am looking for information on (groupthink/devil's advocate). Why I need it. The CEO has been extremely frustrated with what has been occurring within the organization lately. In a recent manager meeting he exclaimed, "Everyone around this place just follows the status quo. ...


edit the following sentence with pronoun case:"the shower of sinking bricks caused he and his diving partner to race away from the collapsing seawell."


1. You may have a jellyfish at the right top in the picture. 2. You may have a jellyfish at the top right in the picture. 3. You may have a jellyfish on the right top in the picture. 4. You may have a jellyfish on the top right in the picture. 5. You may have a hawkfish in a ...

language arts Ms. Sue please

1. Which of the following is an example of metaphor? (1 point) an overwhelming wave of embarrassment as harmless as a newborn chick a hissing and slithering snake 2. When writing a poem, sensory details are used to (1 point) compare two unlike things or concepts. give human ...


directions: rewrite each sentence using parentheses to make it true. 1.) 4x6+2-6=26


fraction word problem. please advise on how to work the problem Phillip and Jane had a pie each. Phippip ate 1/4 of his and Jane ate more of the pie than Phillip. Which fraction of his pie could Jane have eaten. Possible answers: 2/5 1/6 2/8 or 1/8 Please advise whether or not...

Ethics in Criminal Justice

What word could have the definition: "Everything in its proper place and order"? I really need this help legal? obsessive-compulsive disorder? meticulous ? Structured? Disciplined? How about "harmonious"? The Thesaurus has these possibilities" Synonyms balanced, congruous, ...


1. What do the pictures remind you of? They remind me of my childhood. They remind me of love. They remind me of life. They remind me of babies. They remind me of the importance of life. They remind me of the word cute. 2. What do the pictures make you think of? They make me ...

English!! Double check my answer?

Choose the answer that identifies the underlined word. Well, I must say that your ideas are quite creative. ("creative" is underlined) direct object indirect object x objective complement predicate adjective

Word Problem-Calculus

A spherical balloon is being inflated in such a way that its radius increases at a rate of 3 cm/min. If the volume of the balloon is 0 at time 0, at what rate is the volume increasing after 5 minutes? my answer is 45 cm/min. is this right. thanks


Can someone help me! The word metaphor comes from the Greek prefix meta-, meaning “across,” and pherein, meaning “to carry.” Which of the following words does not contain the Greek prefix meta-? a. metaphysics b. metamorphosis c. metallic <---- my answer d. metabolism

math word problem

Need help setting this up! A corner store has 54 pieces of candy. The number of gumdrops is six less than two times the number of jawbreakers. The number of lollipops is four more than the number of jawbreakers. How many each type of candy?

second degree equation word problem

A theater that is rectangular in shape seats 720 people.The number of rows needed to seat the people would be 4 less if each row held 6 more people.How many people would then be in each row?

*repost* - Grade 11 math

Word problem: Wes saw fireworks at 28 degrees; Abby (who was standing 20 m away from him) saw the same fireworks at a 40 degree angle. Where was Abby standing? (The answer is 61.8m, but I don't know how to figure it out or sketch the triangle).

Pre Algebra

Use a five-step plan to solve the following word problem. Show all five steps in your response: Doug is twice Anne's age. Doug is 34 years old. How old is Anne?

Business law

The state of Confusion enacted a statute requiring all trucks and towing trailers that use its highways to use a B-type truck hitch that is presently being manufactured by only one manufacturer, which is located in Confusion. The result of this statute is that any trucker who ...


A certain sports car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 9.0 s (average acceleration = 3.0 m/s2). The mass of the car is 1354 kg. The average backward force due to air drag during acceleration is 280 N. Find the forward force required to give the car this acceleration.


She herself knows the truth. Is this correct? The reflexive pronoun is added for emphasis.


Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word what occurs. Hannah's data has mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?


The letters of the word Mississippi are placed in a hat. What is the probability that the first two letters drawn are both i if the first letter drawn is not replaced?


Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word "what" occurs. Hannah's data has a mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

If you had to describe the classic novel, Great Expections, by Charles Dickens, in one word, what would you describe it as?


which word fits the sentance best A horse is called a ______________. A frog is called a ______________. A school is called a _____________. A kangaroo is called a _____________.

language arts

idntify gerunds and then write how its used:S is subject PN predicate nominative DO direct object OP object of a preposition 1)CHEERING the team gave me a sore throat 2)Joanna's mother enjoys PRESERVING fruits and vegetables 3)We stopped him from TELLING the secret 4)Alicia's ...

english language

meanings of the following with sentence example. accept Arctic Balloon Banana Barrel Bruise Burglar Chocolate Eight February Fierce Island Journey Niece Scissors Thief Visitor Weird Woolen Yacht accept= to aggree to do sth. ex. She accepted our offer. Arctic= a big sea ex. We ...

Our Own

which word in english if pronounced wrong is right and pronounced right is wrong?


1."interest" is the root morpheme of the word disinterestedly Answer "Yes" interest is the root morpheme


Tell a word that if we say right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right

math/unit rate

please help me find the definition for unit rate. It depends upon what kind of unit. Go to and type in unit rate. There is one source there for hotel unit rates, another for unit rates for the medical field, etc. You may also go to and type in...


Vince's average bowling score for 5 games was 106. The average for the first two games was 102, and the average for the next two games was 108. What was the score of the 5th game?

Math Question

Hello! I have a question about a word problem: A garden supply store sells two types of lawn mowers. The cashiers kept a tally chart for the total number of mowers sold. They tallied 30 mowers sold. Total sales of mowers for the year were $8379.70. The small mowers cost $249....


I was not surprised when I learned that. Identify the sentence... simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence I do not understand these Ms. Sue....I went to your link - please help I have alot Ithink it is A

Algebra 2

I have solved these equations but the directions require me to show work or provide an explanation and I don't know how.Here are the questions: Write each of the following in exponential form: 1) log3 x = 9 3^9= x 2) log2 8 = x 8= 2^x 3) ln x = 2 e^2 = x 4) log x = 5 10^5= x


why do people need to follow rules? Use "looked in a dictionary in a sentence as subject-predicate.


Write the verb "see" in the present perfect tense. Use the pronoun "I" as the subject. A. I am seeing. B. I have seen. C. I see. D. I am seen. I think the answer is (C) but i'm not sure if that is right. thanks


1. I will go to a sports goods store and buy a skipping rope and enjoy skipping rope. 2. Foreigners like to buy Korean souvenirs at a traditional Korean shop. 3. Our anscestors lived in thatched houses long ago. Some noblemen's family lived in Hanoks, which are traditional ...


After all, I have always been a night owl, and I prefer moonlight to sunlight. Identify the sentence... simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence I think it is C


PLEASE HELP !! Identify the pronoun in the sentence below. Also identify the class and noun function of the pronoun using the abbreviations from the chart. For intensive pronouns, put NONE for noun function. 1.Robert was successful because his planning paid off 2.Tim said he ...


two teams meet in playoff series at the end of the regular season. Team A won 55 of 81 games played in its home stadium during the regular season, while Team B won 48 of 81 games played in its home staduim. The first two games of the series will be played in Team A's home ...


two teams meet in playoff series at the end of the regular season. Team A won 55 of 81 games played in its home stadium during the regular season, while Team B won 48 of 81 games played in its home staduim. The first two games of the series will be played in Team A's home ...


What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? By serving as a popcorn vendor, Don saw many good games. appositive?


Hey, I have to write a 200-250 word paper on my life in the future as a famous person. I am in a magazine, and i have to write about how my life, career, and family are. I would appreciate it if someone could proofread my Spanish. Thanks! SPANISH: La revista de prensa rosa, In...

keybording and word processing

7. to adjust a column's width in a table, you should? a. click on the TABLE menu and select AUTO FORMET, b. HIGHLIGHT the column to be adjusted, c. set apprppriate cell alignment for the column d. use the mouse to drag the column border either left or right


I need help with these kind of problems. We are dealing with word problems and/or pictures that are solved by the Law of Sin or Cosine. If any one kows a wonderful web site that can help with these, I would greatly appreciate it. A parollelogram has side lengths 3 and 5, and ...

English - Native speakers

Hello once again! Can you tell me the difference between Don't underestimate me! and Don't underrate me! Which one is more used in English and what's the difference between those two words? Is there any other similar word? My second question. Can we say both I'm Croatian and I...


a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you outline the steps required for a multicultural education to be effective. Describe types of activities you would incorporate into your classroom that would support a multicultural education for all groups in this class. How could each ...

Don't get scared when you hear the word Physics!

A 1500 kg car traveling at 16.0 m/s to the south collides with a 5100 kg truck that is initially at rest at a stoplight. The car and truck stick together and move together after the collision. What is the final velocity of the two-vehicle mass? Answer in units of m/s

I have returned

Many thanks in advance as always. 1) Is there a resource through which I could obtain *old* newspaper material from between 1889 and 1900? 2) Both of following two topics concern the American Revolutionary War. 2)a What were relationships between white masters and black slaves...


1. There is no one but knows it. 2. There is no one that does not know it. ------------ Are both the same? Is 'but' a relative pronoun in Sentence 1?


a baseball played 120 games during a season. The ratio of the number of games won to the total number of games played is 2/3. how many games did the team lose during the season? 120/1=2/3 360 divided by 2=180 or 120/x =2/3, 120 divided by 2 = 60


Are these answers correct? Punctuation within Sentences—Colon 1. The book had three different features: a hard-bound cover, a ribbon for a bookmark, and the author’s signature. Punctuation within Sentences—Colon 2. German grammar is simple: In that language, there are no...


identify and explain at least one real-world application of mathematical concepts covered in the text, your job or daily life, for one of the following areas: business, health and wellness, science, sports, and environmental sustainability. Do you think it is easier to relate ...

Algebra II

Solve the following word problem using a linear equation: John has been recently looking at his phone bill. It costs $2.65 for a 4 minute call and $4.75 for a 10 minute call. How much will it cost John for a 30 minute call?


Word problem: Radiator in a certain make needs to contain 50 liters of 40% antifreeze. The radiator now contains 50 liters of 20% antifreeze. How many liters of this solution must be drained and replaced with 100% antifreeze to get the desired strength?


can someone correct these for me i'll appreciate it thank. dirctions: solve 3x-7=2x+8 my answer: x = 15 directions: solve 2/5x=-10 my answer: x = -25 Directions: solve -3(x+1)=2(x-8)+3 my answer: x= -3.2 1 looks ok. Show your work on 2 and 3 and we can correct them. okay this ...

Algebra, word problem

A small firm produces both AM and AM/FM car radios. The AM radios take 15 h to produce, and the AM/FM radios take 20 h. The number of production hours is limited to 300 h per week. The plant’s capacity is limited to a total of 18 radios per week, and existing orders require ...


i need help on a couple of questions. I did all my other questions but i need a lot of help with the word problems... 1. The side length of a small square is s. A larger square has a perimeter of 124.8 cm. Its sides are 3.2 cm longer than those of the small square. a) ...


I have a word problem in my homework that confuses me. How long is 1 billion seconds simplified into years then months then days, etc. Years then months then days as in xx years xx months and xx days to count to 1 billion seconds. Just one answer not an answer each for years, ...


Need help on how to balance equations. Here are a few of the problems. First let me supply the w/s directions: Predict the products of the reactions below. Then, write the balanced equation and clasify the reactions. Here are examples of a few of the different kinds of ...

Language Arts /The Giver

1. What is the jonas apprehensive about at the beginning of the novel? A. a plane flying over the community B. a dream that he had recently C. the upcoming ceremony and his assingment ***** 2. In Jonas's community, members are released from the community under which ...

Language arts: check my answers

For questions 7–15, rewrite each sentence, adding commas where needed. (7) While I was researching skateboards I found an interesting old newspaper story. (8) In the June 29 1999 edition of the Mercury there was an article on skateboarding. (9) Some scientists in San ...


“The real world is riddled with people who have never learned to carry their own skis…” What does this quote from “Carry Your Own Skis” mean? A. A lot of people who go skiing don’t know how to carry their own skis. B. A lot of people in the real world have never ...


You will be presented with three crystallographic directions drawn in a unit cell. Please write the identity of the direction in the space provided below each picture. Use the correct form of brackets for describing a direction, and leave no spaces between numbers. If you must...


You will be presented with three crystallographic directions drawn in a unit cell. Please write the identity of the direction in the space provided below each picture. Use the correct form of brackets for describing a direction, and leave no spaces between numbers. If you must...


The line spectra of two elements are not identical because- (A)The element do not have the same number of neutrons (B)They have different mass numbers (C)Their outermost electrons are at different energy levels (D)They have different valencies

How to solve algebra word problems

Pecans sells for $3.50 a pound. Almonds sells for $5 pound. How many pounds of each should be used to make 15 pounds of mixture that sells for $4 a pound?

writing skills

Sentence 3: One of the approaches taken by these psychologists has been -------- to investigate the foundations for a happy marriage Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you think the original is the best way,choose option...

English Comma splices and run on sentences

Question 17 5 points Save The movie was over _______ everyone really seemed to enjoy it. insert a comma insert the word however insert a semicolon insert a hyphen my answer semicolon

Math Exponenet Word problem

A microscope is set so it makes an object appear 4x10^2 times larger than its actual size. A virus has a diameter of 2x10^-7 meter. How large will the diameter of the virus appear when it is viewed under the microscope?


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