1. Math

    Please help me with the following problem, I have submitted the answer: 88.2 and was told that it was incorrect. The word problem reads: If you do not consider air resistance, gravity causes a falling object to descend a distance of (9.8)t2 where t is the time in seconds. If a...
  2. history

    At the close of the Crimes and Misdemeanors, Levy has the final word in a voice over narration: “It is only we, with out capacity to love, that give meaning to an indifferent universe. And yet, most human beings seem to have the ability to keep trying and find joy from ...
  3. Sci 275

    Write a 250 to 350 word response to the following: · If you were an environmental researcher and were given funding to assist with one environmental issue, which of the following topics would you choose to spend your funds on? (I encourage you to use the same specific issue ...
  4. English

    1) The poet's initial mood Or state? of solitude turns into happiness 2) The flowers are introduced/described in the first stanza ( can you use PRESESENTED???) 3) Nature is presented as something positive, as a friend and a comforter to man (is it correct to use positive?) 4) ...
  5. Arcetype journey - lion king

    What in the world is archetype journey? please someone explain, thanks! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Board. Begin with the word "architype" and here is the definition: the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or ...
  6. college

    200- to 300-word response addressing the following questions: o What everyday changes, if any, might you make to increase the amount of energy expended in your day-to-day activities? o What types and amounts of exercise would work best for you? o Can the activities be ...
  7. English 4

    Describe the tone of the final line in “Anthem for Doomed Youth.” What specific words help to establish this tone? The speaker ends with an image of blinds being drawn before dark. That word "slow" reflects the way the poem has been slowing down throughout this second ...
  8. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    What does the word mimetic tell us about the difference between novels and most of the literature of the 1800s? A. Novels present fantasy as reality. B. The authors were new and unknown C. Novels presented common things in new ways. D. Novel were unique in trying to imitate ...
  9. sports

    I want to know about cricket sport. Can you tell me something about cricket sport. What do they do.. how they play it. The "sport called cricket" is better phrasing, not "cricket sport" -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cricket =)
  10. Intergated chemistry/physics

    The Lamborghini Diablo sports car can accelerate from 0 kilometers/hour to 99.2 kilometers/hour in 4.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of this car in kilometers/hour^2. (hint: you must convert 4.0 seconds before putting it into the equation.)
  11. Algebra

    Please help me to to solve this quadratic equation word problem. Here is the question: Studying Microgravity. NASA'S Glen Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, has a 435-foot drop tower that begins on the surface and descends into Earth like a mineshaft. How long will it take a ...
  12. English 101

    A question of faulty parallelism 1)) Activities on Wednesday afternoons include fishing trips, dance lessons, and computers. 2)) Hannah told her rock climbing partner that she bought a new harness and of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs. Did you read through the webpage at the...
  13. eth 125

    t a 200- to 300-word summary of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection. Consult the National Congress of American Indians Web site, the...
  14. Finance:capital budget

    I am suppose to write a 1400 word paper based on the purchase of three new trucks costing $30,000 each and $10,000 of equipment for each one, with the life expansion of the trucks to be 5 years by calculating the firms' required return using the capital asset pricing model and...
  15. com155

    • Post your three paragraphs as Microsoft® Word attachments. The paragraphs are as follows: o The corrected version of the paragraph submitted to WritePoint o The paragraph describing feedback from WritePoint o The paragraph in which you talk about your strategy for using ...
  16. Math

    Word Decimal fraction 50 .50 1/2 hundredths 20 .20 1/5 hundredths 25 .25 1/4 hundredths 75 .75 3/4 hundredths 60 .60 3/5 hundredths Am I right???
  17. reed

    14. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? He stood beside the pool watching the children play water games a. he stood b. beside the pool** c. watching the children d. play water games
  18. english

    14. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? He stood beside the pool watching the children play water games a. he stood*** b. beside the pool c. watching the children d. play water games
  19. com/155

    Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The errors are in one of the following four categories: subject–verb agreement, run-on sentence, verb form and tense, or sentence fragment. Identify which of the four errors, if any, is present in each sentence by ...
  20. English (Check)

    As you read these sentences from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, use context clues to determine the meaning of each italicized word. Write your definition on the lines provided, along with an explanation of how you used context clues to help determine the word's meaning...
  21. Algebra Word Problem

    COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!! The base of a triangle is 3cm greater than the height. The area is 44cm^2. Find the height and length of the base. The height of the triangle is_______ cm The base of the traingle is_______cm
  22. philosophy

    This is a prompt that I have to write a 600-900 word response on. I have some ideas of what to talk about/address in regards to the prompt below such as answering if I believe in a supreme Being, then talking about how going to church has influenced my belief in a supreme ...
  23. physics

    can some one help me with coming with a better way to word theses annswers. As the angle increases, what happens to the tension in the string? *the the tension in the string will get tighter or larger for t1 What would you have to do to the angle to make the tension in the ...
  24. physics

    can some one help me with coming with a better way to word theses annswers. As the angle increases, what happens to the tension in the string? *the the tension in the string will get tighter or larger for t1 What would you have to do to the angle to make the tension in the ...
  25. Marketing

    Select a product or service that you would like to introduce to the marketplace. It may be a product or service from an existing company or a new concept. · Prepare a 1750-2100 word Marketing Plan for your selected product/service. Include the following elements:
  26. All the Word Scramblers

    Thank you all for the Unscrambled Words but there are way too many! To ALL of you, here are some sites to try. My favorite is #1: 1. http://www.ssynth.co.uk/%7Egay/anagram.html 2. http://www.utsire.com/anagrams/ 3. http://www.crossword-dictionary.com/anagram.asp
  27. college

    CheckPoint: Court System Structure I * Resource: The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System * Due Date: Day 2, 10/20/2009 [Individual forum] * Review Ch. 4 in The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System. * Write a 200- to 300-word response comparing the state court system in ...
  28. English

    Bobpursley, Ms Sue I urgently need you to check this paragraph. Thank you very much in advance!!! I made a change in the last sentence. 1) I spent my Easter holidays with my family at my grandparents' house in London. I had a very good time there, especially on the very last ...
  29. Language Arts

    Directions: Circle the correct form of negative to complete each sentence. 1. I decided that there wasn't (no, any) point in finishing the project. Answer: Circle any 2. I could name (none, any) of the singers we heard. Answer: Circle any 3. The woman left the store without (...
  30. algebra

    The Answer is (32/20)^2=2.56times the kinetic enrgy at 20 m/s 2.56x4500 Problem The kinetic energy (k) of moving object varies jointly with it mass (m) and the square of its velocity(v). If an object has a mass of 22.5 kilgorams and moving with a velocity of 20 meters per ...
  31. grammar

    IN this sentence, I am trying to identify all the parts of speech. "As for me, I don't care for it." As for me- prep phrase I- pronoun subject don't care for it- verb/predicate phrase? or is "for it" something else? thanks, Pegg "As" is serving as a subordinating conjunction...
  32. English

    Combine these sentences using techniques of parallelism. Writers who specialize in humor bankroll a student humor writer at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. A horse-racing association sponsers a student sports writer. The Student must attend vanderbilt ...
  33. math

    The box plots show attendance at a local movie theater and high school basketball games: Which of the following best describes how to measure the spread of the data? The IQR is a better measure of spread for movies than it is for basketball games. The standard deviation is a ...
  34. language arts

    directions: decide which form of the verb given in parenthases is needed write the correct form on the line identify the form you used by writing present,past,or past participle. sentance one: have you (speak)to anyone about your vacation plans? if you can please help me i don...
  35. 5th grade math word problems

    bob started each work on the hour. one day he decided to start work twenty minutes early. he started work when his digital watch had consecutive numbers. what time did he start work
  36. help math

    word problem need help: suppose you own a card shop. you buy one line of cards at a rate of 4 cards for $5. you plan to sell the cards at a rate of 3 cards for $5 how may carfds must you sell in order to make a profit of $100.00 i don't understand how to get answer can you help
  37. English

    What is the participle in the participle phrase italicized below? Refusing to settle for less (italicized), the girl kept searching for her job. A. refusing B. settle C. for D. less A What does the compound word foremost mean based on what you know about the words "fore" and "...
  38. word problems

    lizzie bought several apples at 20 cents each, ate two of them, and sold the rest for 30 cents each. she made a profit of $2.20. How many did she buy? Mercedese had a total of 37 nickles, dimes, and quarters. She had 3 fewer dimes than nickels and 4 more quarters than nickels...
  39. word problem 3

    Rosie's Palm Pirates, a manufacturer of electronic organizers, estimates that when x hundred Palm Pirates are made, the average cost per unit is given by C(x) = 0.4x^2 -3.68x+9.524, where C is in hundreds of dollars. What is the minimum cost per unit? is the answer $ 10.60
  40. english

    can anyone help me with providing an expalnation for each correct answer? Pronoun-antecedent agreement B 12a. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually test drives them. 12b. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually test drives it. Pronoun-...
  41. Algebra II

    Solve the following word problem using a linear equation: John has been recently looking at his phone bill. It costs $2.65 for a 4 minute call and $4.75 for a 10 minute call. How much will it cost John for a 30 minute call?
  42. English

    Which sentence contains a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The best person for the job is she. B. The ground is sloping and uneven. C. We wondered what happened to him. D. Amy is employee of the week. I think it is either A or D
  43. English

    What type of pronoun is used in the following Sentence Under the most splendid house in the city is still to be found the cellar where they store their roots as of old? a- personal b- reflexive c- indefinaite d- interrogative my answer is a
  44. English

    Hi, I would like an English expert's feedback on my essay. I would like it to be proofread. Also, I would like to know of any weaknesses there are in my essay. Thanks you in advance. -Roxy In the “Boscombe Valley Mystery” by Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes successfully ...
  45. math word problem

    the difference between two numbers is 55. four times the smaller number plus 5 times the larger number is 176. what are the numbers? L-S=55 4S+5L=176 solve by substution.
  46. Algebra 2

    The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9. If the digits are reversed, the new number is 27 more than the original number. Find the original number. I hate silly word problems like this, please help me out.
  47. math

    Please help me solve this word problem. If Leah is 6 years older than her sister, sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
  48. secend grad math

    if 3+x=6 what is x You can turn that around. Work it as a word family. 3 + ___ = 6 6 - 3 = ___ What do you think? ?? What number can be added to 3 to make 6? 3 + ? = 6? Sorry! I should have written "work it as a number family"!! =)
  49. Word Problem

    It is necessary to have a 40% antifreeze solution in the radiator of a certain car. The radiator now has 60 liters of 20% solution. How many liters of this should be drained and replaced with 100% antifreeze to get the desired strength?
  50. math

    a hall charges $30 per person for a sports banquet when 200 people attend. for every 10 extra people that attend, the hall will decrease the price by $1.50 per person. what number of people will maximize the revenue for the hall?
  51. 4th grade math

    write 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 in each box. write a number sentence that has the greatest sum _,_ _ _ + _ _ _ write a number sentence that has the least sum _,_ _ _ + _ _ _
  52. Algebra word problem

    A pack of Jellybeans contains 7 different flavors: Apricot, Banana, Coconut, Date, Eggplant, Fig, and Grape. You can Eat each flavor individually or come up with some crazy combinations. How many flavor combinations are possible with these 7 flavors alone or mixed? You can use...
  53. Algebra word problem

    A pack of Jellybeans contains 7 different flavors: Apricot, Banana, Coconut, Date, Eggplant, Fig, and Grape. You can Eat each flavor individually or come up with some crazy combinations. How many flavor combinations are possible with these 7 flavors alone or mixed? You can use...
  54. Statistics

    Determine the Null and Alternative Hypothesis for the following: A.) A company manufactures flares, they select 100 at random to determine if the flares last at least 3 hours on average. B.) A consumer group believes that a new sports coupe gets significantly less MPG than ...
  55. Physics

    A sports car with a very powerful engine driving on a surface with a coefficient of static friction µs = 0.8 wants to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/hr. (You may neglect air resistance.) a) What is the fastest that the car can accomplish this? b) How far will the car travel...
  56. Math

    Which type of graph would you use to display the data for each of the following purposes: a. To predict the world's population growth in the future b. To compare the percent of Canada's population with each blood type c. To look for a relationship between the number of hours ...
  57. 3 grade english

    a cause tells why something happened. as effect is what happened. words such as because and so are clues that can help you figure out a cause and its effect. a desert is very hot during the day, so many desert animals are nocturnal-they sleep during the hottest part of the day...
  58. French/Italian/Spanish Translation

    how do you translate the french word générique into italian and spanish?
  59. word problem

    if 1 is added to both numerator and denominator of a fraction, the fraction becomes 1/2. if 8 is added to both fractions, the fraction becomes 2/3. what is the fraction
  60. morpheme vs phoneme

    A prefix such as in the word unhappy, can be called a? My answer was a morpheme but can't it also be called a phoneme?
  61. grammar

    1."interest" is the root morpheme of the word disinterestedly Answer "Yes" interest is the root morpheme
  62. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is the word you use to tell how you get the macaroni and cheese into a bowl. My mom _______ the macaroni and cheese into my bowl to serve
  63. 3 questions~~~

    1. What does the term "fair-use exception" mean? (1 point) to use only material that has never been published the ability to use material made by others for educational purposes an exception to copyright restrictions for images only Educational material is no longer under ...
  64. Spanish

    I need homework help. Here r the directions. Write 2 statements about each of the following. Use the correct verb form and adj. that is givern. Theb give the opposite of what u wrote. 1. ella/alto ______ 2. yo/grande________ 3.el/joven________ 4.el libro/pequeno______ 5. la ...
  65. please help-plasma membrane

    I got this question marked wrong on a paper. Unfortunately, my prof didn't explain. _________________ subtances can pass through the plasma membrane. I put "nonpolar". What is wrong with this and does anyone know the correct solution/answer? Thanks all. http://www.recreation....
  66. sci 241

    hi this is my assignment and i need only 123 more words out of 1400 can anyone please help me 3. Create a healthy eating plan for yourself using your personal recommendations from the Website. 4. Write a 1,400 to 1,750-word paper in APA format outlining your healthy eating ...
  67. spanish

    Tú no necesitas estar nerviosa, porque tù conoces este material. Tienes que pacer la presentacion en inglés tendrás un traductor que te ayuda. Si tu relajas, será fácil. Ellos te escogieron por una razón; eres inteligente. I am not understanding what you are telling me ...
  68. English

    Use the correct pronoun. I wanted Sue to ask Bob and ______ to the meeting. he, his, or him?
  69. Writing Sentences & Paragraphs

    Please help! I have this assignment and really don’t know where to begin! Please let me know all my mistakes like grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentences and any other mistakes which you think I have made. Thank you all so very much in advance!!! I would really appreciate ...
  70. Language Arts 7 A

    In ¨Life Without Gravity¨ How does word choice help support the author's point of view in the selection? A) He uses words with negative connotations like unpleasant and sticklike. B) He uses descriptive words like gooey and smells. C) He uses words with positive connotations...
  71. L.A.

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help you ...
  72. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7:22am. Posted by rfvv on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 11:22pm. 1.Thank you for visiting our nursing home. It was great fun last weekend. ------------------------ In Sentence 1, what does 'It" refer to? 2. Look at the elderly ...
  73. Grammar and Composition

    1. John and Nicole washes the dishes a. sentence structure is correct b. "Washes" should be changed to "wash" in order to make the subject and verb agree c. a verb usually agrees with its subject in number d. sentence needs a helping verb B 2. A kitten or a puppy make a good ...
  74. grammar..subjects and predicates

    Subjects and Predicates: Copy each sentence. Draw a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate. Underline the simple subject once and underline the simple predicate twice. 1. Edgar Allan Poe lived a double life in many ways. CS:Edgar Allan Poe CP: lived a ...
  75. Writing

    Please Help Re-Word!!! I have close family members who are part of the LGBTQ community, and as a reader I ------------- that this bill would pertain to “individuals not in the LGBTQ community may not understand the political forces that impact people in the LGBTQ community, ...
  76. 5th grade math (word problems)

    Problem: A receipe for 4 dozen cookies requires 1 1/2 cups of flour. How much flour is needed for 1 dozen? work: 4 divided by 1 1/2 = 4/1 x 3/2 = 4/1 x 2/3 = 8/3 cups of flour Can you explain why i don't need to change 4 dozen to 48 and then divide by 1 1/2?
  77. Math

    A professional baseball team won 84 games. The team won 14 more games than it lost. There were no ties. How many games did the team lose?
  78. English

    Choose the pronoun that correctly completes each sentence. 1. (who, whom) will the choir director choose? Is it whom?
  79. English

    1. It has been such a long time. -------------------- What does 'It' refer to in Sentence 1? Does 'It' an impersonal pronoun referring to 'the time'?
  80. math

    There are 24 electronic games in each case of electronic games. Find the number of electronic games in 15,000 cases and express your answer using a number multiplied by the power of ten . How do I get the answer for this problem?
  81. Stressed syllables

    Here is a list of words now can someone help me find the stressed syllables: 1. diff(icult) 2. (imag)ine 3. (fam)iliar 4. relative 5. compan(ions) 6. (won)derful 7. impat(ience) 8. (coun)tryside 9. for(gott)en 10. univ(erse) 11. un(iver)sal 12. (acc)ident 13. (acc)idental 14. ...
  82. bio/science

    Which of the following would be the best advice for the farmerof this land: h t t p ://tinypic. c o m /r/smydsg/3 (take out spaces) a. replace your current crop with a potato crop b. replace your current crop with a corn crop c. replace your current crop with an asparagus crop...
  83. English

    My class and I have to write a a-z story. It can be about anything. A-Z means that each sentence has to start with each diff letter from the alphabet. So the first sentence would start with A; second sentence would start with B, etc. I want to do a story on the "The Ugly ...
  84. ANT101

    "In Tikopia, when the paramount chief dies, there is an election among the lesser chiefs to replace him" (Nowak & Laird, 2010, p. 177). Suppose you write the following in your post or paper: When a Tikopian chief who rules over other chiefs dies, the chiefs beneath him hold an...
  85. English expression

    Hana Middle School This is our school. It's 37 years old. There are 780 students and 34 teachers. We have a computer center and a library. We have a gym and a music room, too. Our Classroom This is our classroom. There are 40 students in our class. Our homeroom teacher is Ms. ...
  86. French

    Why do you have to replace plus bon ina sentence with meilleur, but not when you're using moins bon?
  87. Elem. Ed.

    Can you please help with this question? Home visits,where a teacher visits children from her classroom and their parents in their homes,are valuable to all concerned. Which of the following is the greatest challenge to this form of parent involvement? 1. Teachers' concerns ...
  88. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? By serving as a popcorn vendor, Don saw many good games. appositive?
  89. Computers

    1. What does the term "fair-use exception" mean? (1 point) to use only material that has never been published the ability to use material made by others for educational purposes an exception to copyright restrictions for images only Educational material is no longer under ...
  90. english

    now i need a sentence that goes in this exact order, adverb, verb, pronoun, adverb.
  91. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1)The pilgrims start their pilgrimage at/from Tabard Inn, a place linked with pleasure and go towards the Cathedral of Canterbury, the celestial city of God. 2) You limited yourself to reporting what on the photocopy ...
  92. vocab help

    i need 3 sentences using wretched plz help Look up the word in various dictionaries. They'll have sample uses that you can convert into sentences: http://www.answers.com http://www.onelook.com http://www.dictionary.com =)
  93. math

    I have trouble solving word problems. Can you help me solve this problem? If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take both of them to paint the house together?
  94. Math

    Use the formula y=50x-25 Approximately how many minutes will it take a student to type a 2500 word essay if in 8 minutes they can type 375 words and in 15 minutes they can type 725 words
  95. Algebra

    Word problem: Radiator in a certain make needs to contain 50 liters of 40% antifreeze. The radiator now contains 50 liters of 20% antifreeze. How many liters of this solution must be drained and replaced with 100% antifreeze to get the desired strength?
  96. Math

    Professor Baird wants to mix a solution containing 10% acid with one containing 15% acid to obtain a 20 ounce solution containing 12% acid. How many ounces of the 10% solution should the professor use? Translate the word problem into an equation.
  97. Math

    Pages are being printed for a brochure. Four out of every 20 are in color. What is the ratio of noncolor pages to color pages? A.20:4 BB.4:16 C.16:4 D.16:20 A? What is the ratio of Ms to all the letters in the word MATHEMATICS? A.2/9 B.2/11 C.11/9 D.11/2 B? What is the ratio ...
  98. math finite

    Assume that there are 7 different issues of Newsweek, 8 different issues of Time, and 4 different issues of Sports Illustrated, including the December 1st issue, on the rack. You choose 4 of them at random. (1) What is the probability that you choose 2 issues of Newsweek and 2...
  99. math algebra 1

    x + 3 > 7 and 3 + 7 > x x > 4 and 10 > x 4 < x < 10 Replace the dimensions of the above figure with 12 ft and 18 ft and write the inequality for x.
  100. algebra word problem

    To remodel a bathroom a contractor Charles $25 er hour plus material costs, which amount to $3825. Therefore, the total cost to remodel he bathroom is given by f(x)=25x+3825 where x is the number of hours the contractor works. Find a formula for f^-1(x). What does f^-1 compute...
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