directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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  1. Computer

    Multiple Choice Which of the following study tools would work well for memorizing vocabulary? A. making an outline B. summarizing the textbook C. flash cards D. comparing notes to the text Which of the following can be helpful when you are studying for a test? A. hanging out ...
  2. Computer

    Suppose there are b black, w white and r red tiles on a table. We are allowed to replace two tiles of different colors with the third color. Note one thing here that this third colored tile is from our pool containing infinite black, white and red tiles. If we start replacing ...
  3. math word problem

    the difference between two numbers is 55. four times the smaller number plus 5 times the larger number is 176. what are the numbers? L-S=55 4S+5L=176 solve by substution.

  5. English

    For English class, we're doing a vocab. review for seventh graders, as part of our teaching project. Should seventh graders know what inevitable means? What age should people know that word by? Thank you.
  6. percentages/word problem

    The Quick Plumbing Supply sells a set of faucets for $79.75. If a 45% markup based on cost was used, what was the cost of the faucets to Quick Plumbing? (Round to the nearest cent.)
  7. ECE

    If you ask a young child to give you a red ball and he brings a blue one, the child does NOT possess the word red in his: A. productive vocabulary. B. receptive vocabulary. C. oral vocabulary. D. growing vocabulary
  8. Word problem

    suppose you deposit $350 in a bank account that pays 6% annual simple interest. Find the interest earned in 4 months and in 1 year. 350 x 0.06 = interest in 1 yr. 4/12 of that is the interest in 4 months.
  9. English

    I'm writing a paper in microsoft word, but I am having problem with the spacing of my paragraphs. I want the paper to be double space, but the paragraphs seems to be more than double space. Is there a way to change this?

    Sally will clear and set tabs in the Tabs dialog box. Desi will set and clear tabs on the Horizontal Ruler. Who is correctly setting and clearing tabs?
  11. math word problems

    A room is a square with integer dimensions. it is made 3 feet wider and 2 feet deeper. the increase in area is 46 square feed. What were the dimensions of the old room?
  12. math

    Which word phrase can be modeled by the expression? Choose all that apply. 8 - 3n A- eight decreased by the product 3 and a number B- the difference of 8 and the quotient of 3 and a number C- the difference of eight and the product of 3 and a number D- eight less than 3 times ...
  13. Math

    Jane is 5 years younger than Mary. How old is Jane if Mary is 23 years old? Please show step so I can understand how you get the answer .Because word problem confuse me.Thank you in advance
  14. English

    I need to write a short toungue twister. With a word describing me. and then my name followed my adjectives. using the letter B in as many words as posiible. Have any ideans.... im kind . hard working resposible lovingcaring . etc etc. Have any ideas for me.. ?? __________ ...
  15. spanish

    how do you say pool in spanish? piscina = pool charca is pool If you are talking about "pool" as the game... it is billar If you are talking about swimming pool, it is piscina piscina Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, it's always a good idea to ...
  16. math

    Again, I already know this answer... It's 12 but I do not know how to come up with this answer. Plz show me step by step how to come up with the correct answer. My test is tomorrow. Thank you in advance!! A basketball player averaged 20 points a game over the course of six ...
  17. Math

    One day, a deli sold a total of 39 hamburgers and hot dogs. The revenue from these sales was $137.35. The hamburgers were $3.87 each and the hot dogs cost $2.90 each. a) Write a mathematical expression for the number of burgers, x, and the number of hot dogs, y, sold that day...
  18. college

    Explain three rules for exponents listed in the chart on p. 239 (section 4.2). Do not explain the first two definitions listed in the table (Exponent of 1 or 0). Create an expression for your classmates to solve that uses scientific notation and at least one of the rules for ...
  19. mat117

    Explain three rules for exponents listed in the chart on p. 239 (section 4.2). Do not explain the first two definitions listed in the table (Exponent of 1 or 0). Create an expression for your classmates to solve that uses scientific notation and at least one of the rules for ...

    Jerry needs to buy a used car, but only has $630.00. He wants to purchase a yellow sports car with 61,000 miles. The owner is asking $1,920.00. If he earns $120.00 per week at the Coffee Shack, which equation represents the number of weeks he is going to have to work until he ...
  21. language

    Underline the present-tense verb. Tell whether it is singular or plural. 1. A craftsperson uses small shells or pieces of large shells. (uses ,singular) 2. most people glue the shells into the frame. (frame, plural) 3. Then they place it on a flat surface. (surface, plural). 4...
  22. English

    my son has vocabulary words using in sentences, I don't understand these word and their meanings, please, make a sentences using these words please 1. enthusiastic 2. assure 3. peculiar 4. pastel 5. translation 6. insisted
  23. English

    What if I used the word "both" to refer to the two adjectives? Translate the following words into English; then choose two adjectives describing a person's character and define them both briefly.
  24. chem1 WORD PROBLEM!!

    6. how many grams are in 4 moles of Be (OH)3? 7.How many atoms are in 4 moles of C6H12O6? many moles are in 12.04x10 23 to the power molecules of hamburgers? 9. how many molecules are in grams of Helium gas (He2)? hint:convert then moles then moecules
  25. 6th Grade Math Help Please

    Hi, I need help because I'm really stuck on this math word. Can someone please define what rational coordinates means what? I really need help fast because this project is due today! Thank You :)
  26. math

    Please help me solve this word problem. If Leah is 6 years older than her sister, sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
  27. college

    Post a 200-300 word response to the following: Computer technology continues to make rapid advances. Health care facilities have used computer programs for administrative functions such as payroll and billing. How do health care facilities use electronic (or computerized) ...
  28. math

    There are 21 students in 6M. 12 students play football, 16 students play cricket and there are 2 students who don't play either sport. How many play both sports?
  29. math

    need help with math word problems. just don't understand. What is the number? you have a four digit number where the thousands digit is four greater than the hundreds digit.The tens digit is twice the thousands digit. The ones digit is half of the thousands digit. What is the ...
  30. Pre-Calculus

    A farmer can plant a combination of two different crops on 20 acres of land. Seed costs $120 per acre for crop A and $200 per acre for crop B. Government restrictions limit acreage of crop A to 15 acres, but do not limit crop B. Crop A will take 15 hours of labor per acre at a...
  31. science

    pls. pls. pls. somebody help see im on a science class and i don't want to go to the regular section, so pls.... give me an acrostic for the word "SCIENCE"
  32. word problem

    if 1 is added to a numerator and denominator of a fraction, the fraction becomes 1/2. 8 is added to both fractions the fraction becomes 2/3, what is the number.
  33. math

    many of the health fads were actually healthful. what does the word ''healthful'' mean? a- not healthy b- full of health c- cause to be healthy d- a state of health
  34. English

    Because I want to go to the movies later, I am going to make my homework now. Word used incorrect To Am going to Make To go Make is incorrect

    And if a length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice the width and the are is 90 cm squared than what are the dimensions of the rectangle? The width of the rectangle is 43.5 and the length of the rectangle is 87. All together when you add it up it will make 90 cm squared. If ...
  36. Algebra

    i try this one but graphmatica gives me different graph. Please help. Solve for y in terms of x and replace y with the function notation f(x). -2x + 5y = 9
  37. grammar

    Does the following sentence contain any grammatical errors? Those are the kinds of people whom I will never talk to. Thanks, Leo Although it ends with a preposition, which some purists consider poor form, I see nothing wrong with the sentence. It also used "whom" correctly ...
  38. accounting

    Olympic Sports Wear estimates its Annual Federal Income tax as $10,000. It has paid the tax in four installments of $2,500 each. However, at the end of the year, the actual tax amount is $11,200. Therefore, the company needs to pay $1,200 to the government. Instruction: ...
  39. english

    identify gerunds and then write how its used:S is subject PN predicate nominative DO direct object OP object of a preposition. 1)CHEERING the team gave me a sore throat 2)Joanna's mother enjoys PRESERVING fruits and vegetables 3)We stopped him from TELLING the secret 4)Alicia'...
  40. English

    What does diverge mean in the following sentence? After traveling approximately 3.5 miles, the old highway will diverge. Stay in the left lane and follow until you see the new mall. a. the highway will end. b. the highway will divide into two lanes that go in different ...
  41. MATH

    Word problem mark and melinda collect baseball caps. mark has 7 more than melinda. togheter they have 115 caps. how many baseball caps does each of them have? i got: melinda has 54 mark has 61 is that right? i have 2 more i cant figure out: 1) in a pet store the number of dogs...
  42. lang arts

    1. Which sentence describes setting? As much as it saddened her, the first thing Nan had to do was leave her beloved family home. Marcy wanted to go to the dance, but Rob’s treatment of her that day gave her second thoughts. Steve was fairly short, with glasses and dark hair...
  43. Math

    I'm doing some word problems on finding the areas of rectangles, its just like all complicated. I don't understand how to do them. For example: A square field had 3 m added to its length and 2m added to its width. The area is 90 m2(squared). Find the length of a side of the ...
  44. word histories

    which would measure more water,a "bath" or a "gallon" see the section on capacities:
  45. math

    Mr. Caldwell buys 3 times as many basketballs as soccer ball, and 3 les that 4 times as many footballs as soccer balls. If he buys 37 balls all together, how many of each does he get? This is a word problem that my teacher assigned, but I don't understand... help please ^^ ...
  46. Algebra 2

    The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9. If the digits are reversed, the new number is 27 more than the original number. Find the original number. I hate silly word problems like this, please help me out.
  47. English

    Which fits better Wow! He hit that ball good or well. Does the missing word describe how he hit it or him? Which fits better? I'm glad he raised his glove real or really quickly quick and caught the ball.
  48. Algebra II - Word Problem

    If a car is traveling downhill at 45 miles per hour on dry pavement, then the braking distance B is B = 45/(0.4+m), where m<0 is the slope of the road. Find the slope of the road if the braking distance is 125 feet.
  49. math

    having an issue with this word problem. Jordan travels 3/4 of a mile longer to school each day than Harrison does. Combined,they travel 5 1/4 miles to school. How far does each travel? Let n stand for the distance jordan travels.
  50. Inclusive Language Talking about People with Disab

    Her brother’s friend is an AIDS victim. in rewriting this sentence so it would not be Talking about People with Disabilities and Diseases. would I just say her brother's friend is a victim and leave out the word aids. I think it would be better to say something like this -- ...
  51. English

    Hello. I have several grammar questions and will really appreciate some help. 1)Is the following word order possible in standard English: "I'll tell about it to all my friends in the team" or is it "I'll tell all my friends in the team about it." 2)the same question: "share ...
  52. plz explain or translate this question!!!

    How were things resolved? what does this sentence mean? how do you write your answer for this Q? The sentence means there were two or more differing opinions, measurements or explanations about something. You are supposed to find out which is correct, or explain how the ...
  53. English II

    Revise the following paragraph until you can answer yes to each of the questions listed below. After you are finished, copy the revised paragraph in the space provided. 1. Does the paragraph have a clear purpose, and does each sentence contribute to that purpose? 2. Is every ...
  54. English 2

    Revise the following paragraph until you can answer yes to each of the questions listed below. After you are finished, copy the revised paragraph in the space provided 1. Does the paragraph have a clear purpose, and does each sentence contribute to that purpose? 2. Is every ...
  55. Grammar

    Type the word that has been incorrectly capitalized or needs to be capitalized: 1.Pardon me, Captain, but have you had some of the russian caviar? Ans- Russian 2.The blue waters of San Francisco bay signaled our entry into California. Ans- Bay 3.Cross the Bill Benson Bridge ...
  56. english

    How do I write 5 sentenses about the role of education in successful financial planning using a different verb tese in each sentence. Past,present, future, progressive, and perfect.
  57. english

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
  58. Comm

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
  59. spanish

    Can someone check my work? Read the school rules listed below. In the the blanks write (P)profesor for realistic rules that were most likely written by teachers for their classrooms. Write (E)estudiante for improbable rules that were most likely submitted by students. P 1.Se ...
  60. math

    the wolves basketball team has a win to loss ratio of 6 to 1. so fare this seasn, the wolves have won 12 games. if ht e wolves ein 18 more gamees during the season how many games would you expect them to lose dureing the entire season? 18 + 12=30 30/6=5

    Which one of the following sentence represents an example of an effective definition? A. An animal is a living creature that is not human. B.An animal is different from a vegetable or mineral. C.All animals are the same in some ways, yet different in others. D.An animal is a ...
  62. health Care

    . CheckPoint: Hospitals • Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Hospitals are generally categorized as nonprofit, for-profit, or governmental. Identify at least one example of each from your community or state. What are the differences in populations served by ...
  63. English; Grammar

    Hey there! I'm just needing to check my 10 questions because I'm still lost and need assistance. Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me why! ----------------------------- 1) Choose the answer that identifies the participial in the sentence. Dozens of sweating runners ...
  64. Science

    What is the science of measurement 9 letter word. Thanks, Lindsey Hi there, I was able to find the answer online by typing "science of measurement" in quotes into the google search engine. I hope that helps. Thanks I had done that but without the quotetion marks. Thanks, ...
  65. Chemistry

    hi I'm having a serious problem with balancing chemical equations , can someone explain to me how we can do them also if i had a word equation hhow can i convert it into a symbolic equation and balance it e.g can someone show me how we do this equation: KOH3+HNO3 ---}( what's ...
  66. Chemistry

    hi I'm having a serious problem with balancing chemical equations , can someone explain to me how we can do them also if i had a word equation hhow can i convert it into a symbolic equation and balance it e.g can someone show me how we do this equation: KOH3+HNO3 ---}( what's ...
  67. business

    2. Individual Assignment: Functions of Management Paper • Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you define the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). In your paper, include an explanation of how each function relates to your own ...
  68. word problem

    Ashton and molly start out 97.2 miles apart .They begin riding their bicycles toward each other with Aston riding three mph faster than Molly. If they meet in three hours, how fast was each person riding? Please help
  69. Microsoft Word 2013

    You often insert your company's logo into documents you create. One way to make it easier for you to quickly insert it is to save the logo as a A. custom block. B. text block. C. building block. D. shortcut. My answer is C.
  70. Algebra

    Bill has 12 hours available to study for his final exams in history and psychology. He decides that he needs to spend twice as much time studying for history as for psychology. How long should he study How would I even begin to solve this...I am not good with word problems. ...
  71. percentages/word problem

    The Sweet Candy Shop buys 600 pounds of chocolate covered strawberries at $5.59 per pound. If a 10% spoilage rate is anticipated, at what price per pound should the strawberries be sold in order to achieve a 60% markup based on cost?
  72. Math (Word Problem)

    An open gift box is to be made from a square piece of material by cutting four-centimeter squares from the corners and turning up the sides. The volume of the finished box is to be 576 cubic centimeters. How to find the size of the original piece of material?
  73. French!!

    I know one word for "finish" in French is finir, but how would you say "You are finished?" (in the vous form). I know how to say "Vous finissez", but not how to state that someone is finished.
  74. math

    Reasoning: Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word what occurs. Hannah's data has mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?
  75. chemistry

    what is the word equation for aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and silver nitrate are mixed to make an aqueous of sodium nitrate and silver choride solid
  76. Math-word problem

    A new train goes 20% further in 20% less time than an old train. By what % is the average speed of the new train GREATER THAN that of the old train?
  77. English (quick Sentence)

    Hi Teachers, I wrote a sentence in which i think has a wrong sentence structure. Will you correct me with it, please? When his daughter told us of what he said we promised that we will all be in part of helping him and making him feel like family.
  78. Geometry

    1 How many faces does a square pyramid have? 2 How many edges does a square pyramid have? 3 How many vertices does a square pyramid have? answer? 8, 5, 10 Viualize one of the great pyramids of Egypt. It's base is a square and it has four sides. So the total number of faces is ...
  79. Math

    I usually have big problems with word problems but here it goes: On his twelfth birthday, Ben was 4 3/4 feet tall. On his thirteenth birthday, Ben was 5 3/8 feet tall. How much did Ben grow between his twelfth and thirteenth birthdays? 5 3/8-4 3/4=3 feet Can you please tell me...
  80. Science

    Please complete the formula and process in arriving the answer. Please. Thank you. Nathaniel is driving his sports car down a four lane highway at 40m/s. He comes up behind a slow moving dumptruck and decides to pass it in the left hand lane. If Nathaniel can accelerate at 5m/...
  81. econ

    a new sports store was selling 50 soccer balls for $20 each. recently the store changed the price to $30 each and sold only 30 soccer balls per day.what is the approximate price elasticity of demand for soccer balls?
  82. HELP!!!! (Math)

    WORD PROBLEMS WITH EQUATIONS -Harry and Nicky share $120 but Nicky takes $58 more than Harry. How much does each person have? -When Katy was 12, her father was three times her age. Now he is twice her age. How old is Katy now? -a rectangle is 4cm longer than it is wide. Its ...
  83. cda

    The Afterschool Education and Safety (ASES) program, created in 2002, provides funds for programs A. to keep children off of the street and in school. B. focusing on literacy, homework assistance, and youth development. C. throughout America increasing afterschool sports. D. ...
  84. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. I wanted to include an exercise on vocabulary related to kitchen equipment. Can you please help me find examples? I think I should improve my exercise. 1) Complete the following sentences with a suitable word. 1) A...
  85. Algebra

    Algebra Word Problems: 1. The length of the floor of a one-storey building is 14 feet longer than its width. The building has 1,632 square feet of floor space. Write a quadratic equation for the area of the floor in terms of w. Find the length and width of the floor. 2. A ...
  86. physical

    Below i copied the assignment but, I only need help finding a peer reviewed article about the effects of optimism on physical help. Can someone PLEASE help me fast? Here is the assignment.... Find a peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and ...
  87. Oral Book Report

    My book is titled The Battle Of The Labyrinth. I have to do a Sentence Outline for this Oral Book Report. But i don't know where to start from to write my sentence outline. Should i go over the book again, or just find important stuff about it? The author is Rick Riordan. ...
  88. Intergated chemistry/physics

    The Lamborghini Diablo sports car can accelerate from 0 kilometers/hour to 99.2 kilometers/hour in 4.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of this car in kilometers/hour^2. (hint: you must convert 4.0 seconds before putting it into the equation.)
  89. spanish

    we have to conjugate the verbs in () into subjunctive and indicative, are they right? thanks! 6. Soledad hable con su amigo Hugo. Ella acaba de comprar billetes para un concierto fabuloso. Es cierto que Uds (23) (conseguir) billetes ayer para el concierto? Si, al principio mis...
  90. math

    at a local sports event students paid $3.00 each and non students paid $5.00. There were 120 more students at the event than non students. if the total receipts were 2960 how many tickets of each were sold?
  91. reading

    Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause? A. Kicking and leaping, the three deer behaved like rambunctious rabbits. B. Please clear the table and wash the dishes. C. Jared eagerly climbed into the boxing ring; he was on his back and out for the count in ...
  92. Word Problem- Algebra

    1. Multiply a number by 4, then multiply this product by 5, then you get 80 Whats the way to solve it, the equation. 2. Add 4 to a number, then subtract 5 from the sum, and you get 43 Whats the equation to solving that if anyone can answer either of those, that'd be great. 1. ...
  93. word problem

    james has a metal frame with an 8.32 inch perimeter. If the sides are 0.04 inches thick, what is the perimeter of the inside of the frame? 0.04 x 4 + .16 8.32 - .16 = 8.16 But the book gives an answer of 8. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can any one help me out. The book...
  94. Pratical English

    Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry. B. Jerry looks ill today. C. Jerry looks into the microscope. D. Jerry looks at the map.
  95. math word problem

    A rectangle garden is 30 ft by 40 ft. Part of the garden is removed in order to install a walkway of uniform width around it. The area of the new garden is one-half the area of the old garden. How wide is the walkway?
  96. practical english

    Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks ILL today. B. Jerry looks INTO the microscope. C. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry D. Jerry looks at the map. Is it c?
  97. Derivative-Word Problem

    Volume in liters of antifreeze remaining in a leaking radiator after t minutes is V= 20- 2t- 0.1t^2 a) how long does it take to drain the antifreeze mixture from the radiator? i got t= 10 b) how fast is volume changing when t=5? i got 9.75 is this right. thanks
  98. Algebra-help

    1. What is the Algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of 8 and the difference of x and m? 8/x-m * 8-x/m x-m/8 8-x/m 2.Which sum of difference is equivalent to the following expression? 5-3x/5? 1+3/5 1+3x/5 1-3x/5 * 25-15x * is my choice and the second...
  99. english

    Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks into the microscope. B. Jerry looks ill today. C. Jerry looks at the map. D. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry. I think it's B.
  100. English: Showing Possession

    In my English composition, I wrote the phrase "... my sister and I's favorite CD ..." According to my word processor's spell check there should not be an 's after I. Can 's be used after I? If not how would I show possession in the above phrase?
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