directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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  1. P E and Sports

    What are the branches of philosophy of physical education and sports
  2. biology

    I got a biology project that's about the excretory system & I have to write the word excretory & draw pictures inside of the word that compares it to real life. What pictures can something be compared that involves with the system?
  3. english

    Q3. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence. (1.0 ) i. First, I must go shopping, then I have to decide what to fix for dinner.(comma splice) ii. She was, however, tired and worn out.(comma splice) iii. I hiked for five hours ...
  4. Math

    To make a sports drink for the football team , Jayden filled 9/10 of a large cooler with water. Then, he filled the remaining space with 6 cups of sports drink concentrate. 1 gallon = 16 cups How many gallons of sports drink did Jaylen make?
  5. reading

    what are 2 sentences using the word overwhelm? what are 2 sentences using the word hysterically? what are 2 sentences using the word appetizing? Also sorry for the 3 questions,but I must finish my mission.THANK YOU!
  6. English

    choose the letter S if the word group is a sentence or the letter F if the word group is a clause fragment. A:As soon as I heard about them.F B:Because I never seen a moose up close. F C:That the oryx has long,pointed horns that point up. S D:Whoever drew the picture of the ...
  7. English

    One of the proverbs I have to explain "a word is sufficient for a wise man." Does this mean people shouldn't go on and on and on when talking if one word will do?
  8. English

    Hello. Thank you very much for the previous answer. Please help me with one more question. Which word order is better: "Chinese state-run companies" or "state-run Chinese companies"? I haven't found any precise rules, so maybe the word order here doesn't matter? Thank you for ...
  9. English

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. We they us themselves
  10. 3rd grade

    write a sentence using the word gull
  11. Math

    Write the word sentence as an equation. The product of a number n and 2 is 2.
  12. Social Studies

    Hi. Can you please write a sentence for the word: tariff.
  13. Algebra

    Write an inequality for the word sentence: k is less than zero. A. k > 0 B. k ≥ 0 C. k < 0 •••• D. k ≤ 0
  14. writing

    1. In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Large fish swim swiftly in the sea. A. Verb B. Noun C. Adjective D. Adverb 2. In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Large fish swim swiftly in the sea. 3...
  15. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Which preposition is correct in the context "to work at/in a company"? 2)Is it "a vacancy at" or "in our company"? 2)Which is the correct word order in the following word-group: "British TV dance show" or "British dance TV show"? 3)...
  16. English

    1.Everyone in the club (has, have) read this book. 2.Most of the field (needs, need) mowing. Tell if the indefinite pronoun is singular or plural. Then choose correct word in () 1.singular=has 2.singular=needs
  17. math

    Robert has three boxes of letters: The first box contains the six letters in the word "bubble" the second box has the three letters in the word "zoo" and the third contains the four letters in the word "taxi". If he randomly selects one letter from each of the three boxes, ...
  18. math

    24 How many 5-letter “words” can be formed from the letters of the word FORMULATED, if each must contain 2 vowels and 3 consonants? How many of these will have the vowels at the two ends on the “word”?
  19. English

    Choose three items from the list below. Define your three chosen errors. Write two sample sentences for each choice: one that demonstrates the error and one that corrects the error. In a paragraph, describe how you plan to improve these areas in your writing during this class...
  20. math

    (parent). My son's problem says "the product of a number and 17"...supposed to write as expression... I'm thinking it would be a 17x=y but he's adamant that because the word "and" is in the sentence that he needs to add something as well.... (no math books provided by school ...
  21. math

    for the following equations, write a word problem draw a picture, and find the solution to the equation. 5/12 - 1/3=? I know the answer is 1/12 but am stumped on how to write the word problem and draw a picture
  22. Vocabulary

    I have gotten help from here before and I was hoping that another kind person could help me again, since I always get such helpful answers. I have written an essay and I have my ideas stated pretty well but I am adding the final touches to it. This include spicing up the words...
  23. L.A.

    1. Which is the best paraphrase of these lines from "New World"? eagles / hie and / hover / above / the plain a)Eagles hurry and hang above the flatland.*** b)Eagles hang in midair and wave their wings. c)Eagles race and rush in an ugly way. d)Eagles soar and swoop in a simple...
  24. Spanish

    Can someone check my answers to this? I'm really confused on these practice problems. Thanks! Directions: Using informal, formal, plural and nosotros commands (use Dop's/Iop's if needed) to correctly answer the questions. The names in parathenisis are what form the sentences ...
  25. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer D? Thank you
  26. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer C? Thank you
  27. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is a possessive pronoun? Joe's sister showed me the new puppy her family adopted. A.her*** B.Joe's D.sister
  28. English

    After having studied all the sites suggested by Sra and Writeacher, I have found, that "eponym", as well as "toponym", has two definitions. EPONYM: 1) a name from which another name or word is derived. 2)a word derived from a person. This would make both, Athena and Athens, ...
  29. spanish

    I am looking for a spanish word 9 letters and I need to find the answer by the photo provided: Photo is of two human hands shaking next is a 10 letter word photo is: balloons Next 10 lette word photo is: beach, bird, sunset or sunrise not sure and clouds Next: 11 letter word ...
  30. English (Check)

    The word root -vid-, from the Latin "videre," means "to see." Explain how each word that follows conveys the meaning of the root. 1. videotape 2. evident A: 1. This word conveys the meaning of the root as it refers to a magnetic tape for recording and reproducing sound and ...
  31. English (Check)

    The word root -vid-, from the Latin "videre," means "to see." Explain how each word that follows conveys the meaning of the root. 1. videotape 2. evident A: 1. This word conveys the meaning of the root as it refers to a magnetic tape for recording and reproducing sound and ...
  32. Language Arts

    What's a good way to teach the word "Accolade" to the class. I have to make a prsentation that's less than 2 minutes, and teach my classmates the word so that it sticks. Any help???
  33. 1st grade

    if yo have three words friend, things & might which word has the long i sound and which word can you get by adding a sound to in? a tin,b hid c find
  34. English

    Gent is an informal word for: ? First, I have no idea what an informal word is. Please help!
  35. 7th grade

    What is the definition of the word "hamebells" from the book "The Red Pony" by Steinbeck. I have searched all dictionary sources I could and can't seem to find out anythin on it. Is it, perhaps, a slang word for something else?
  36. English

    7. Identify the sentence that contains a word or phrase that should not be in italics. *Is Mel Gibson in the movie version of Hamlet or Macbeth? Lenny has trouble pronouncing the word bonjour. Glenda subscribes to Smithsonian and Time magazines. Thornton Wilder's play Our Town...
  37. health crossword puzzle

    studying about drugs i have a crossword puzzle and stuck need a 11 letter word that describes psychological depencene on a drug need a 11 letter word for : effect some drugs have when mixed together i got: sideaffects need 9 letter word blocks a persons abilitys to perceive ...
  38. North American Climate

    If this statement is false please replace it with the correct word Subarctic continental is not a climate zone found in the lower 48 states of the U.S.? desert or mid latitude dry I believe that the statement is correct.
  39. Noagist and non racist

    She is a very capable black woman. If that is an effort to write a politically correct non-racist sentence, you have nearly succeeded. It would be better without the word "black". Otherwise, it might be thought of as having a condescending "attitude", as if it were unusual for...
  40. Spanish (double check my work please)

    Choose the sentence in which the "" word is grammatically correct. A. Esta varilla negra "está" parada sobre otra cosa negra. B. Esta varilla negra "esta" parada sobre otra cosa negra. C. Esta varilla negra "es" parada sobre otra cosa negra.<<< not sure? D. Esta ...
  41. Language

    Which word in the following sentence restates the word spry? My grandmother who keeps active by jogging and playing tennis is as spry as a teenager. grandmother who keeps active*** sab-o-tage n 1. any interference with production work in a factory, especially by enemy agents ...
  42. English

    Which sentence includes a compound-word preposition? A. There was no one at home but me. B. The lightning struck from out of the blue. C. Don't come along on my account. D. The younger boys decided to play tag. B , because the compound word preposition is from out of?
  43. 6th Grade Grammar

    Underline the form of to do or to have in the sentence. Today, many do their best to learn about Einstein's work. Also, what does the "to do" and the "to have" mean?
  44. english

    Could someone please check for me? I have to list the adverb and then list the word the adverb modifies. 1. She is particularly interested in sports. 2. Have you ever climbed a mountain? 3. Which part of the assignment would you do next? 1.particularly-is interested 2.ever-...
  45. English

    Similes Choose the best word from the Word Box to complete each simile. quiet as a_________ quick as a_________ sly as a___________ smart as a_________ happy as a _______ playful as a_______ free as a_________ Word Box mouse wink kitten whip ...
  46. math

    Suppose your teacher tells you to write a word problem using the number 3. Which would be the best object to use in your problem? Explain. Then write and solve a word problem using that object. (tricycle, bike, wagon)
  47. grammar

    if your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. I not sure where the dangling modifier is in this sentence. I think it is fine the way it is. could you help me The problem is the word "it" -- does that word refer to the baby or to the apple juice? Since "...
  48. English

    Write a sentence using the word: programme to show the meaning.
  49. English

    Write each sentence pair. Underline the simple predicates then write a conjunction you could use to join them. Ray baked cookies. Ray served cookies.
  50. English

    1. None of the guests (has, have) left. 2. Each of these apples (is, are) ripe. 3.One of my favorite songwriters (is, are) Billy Joel. 4.Some of my cousins (has, have) come to my party. 5.All of the bread (was, were) eaten. Tell if the indefinite pronoun is singular or plural ...
  51. english

    1.Identify the reason for the comma(s) in the following sentence: When you have the opportunity to interview for a job, you can improve your chances for consideration by dressing for success. a.To join two independent clauses (along with a conjunction) b.To separate an ...
  52. English Comma splices and run on sentences

    18. I plan to go shopping for Christmas gifts soon ______ I have to buy several gifts to mail to friends and family who live out of state. insert a colon insert a comma and the word or insert a comma and the word for insert a comma and the word therefore my answer insert colon
  53. statistics

    A class has 100 students, 70 of which are boys. 70% of the boys are involved in sports, while 40% of the girls are involved in sports. A student is chosen at random. If the student chosen is a boy, what is the probability that he is involved in sports?
  54. English

    Word bank agenda amiable befuddle blight boisterous clarity compliant conserve debut gory gross induce leeway limber maze oracle partisan reimburse vacate vagabond Choose a word from the word bank to find a word that is most nearly or the same to the words in () offended by ...
  55. math

    write two different word phrases for the expression t/30
  56. Math

    1. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the sum of 3 and 4x? 2. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of 8 and the difference of x and y? 3. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the ...
  57. Grammar

    The word peace has many origins. OR: The word "peace" has many origins. So would you put the word in quotes or not? Thanks
  58. Grammar

    the directions are"Write 3 adverbs to describe each verb noted. Do not use a word more than once." the words are run,dance,tripped,fly,play,jump,read, sing,growl,laugh,write,and eat.What are the answers?
  59. business math

    Of the 4800 students at Medium Suburban College (MSC), 50 play collegiate soccer, 60 play collegiate lacrosse, and 96 play collegiate football. Only 6 students play both collegiate soccer and lacrosse, 6 play collegiate soccer and football, and 16 play collegiate lacrosse and ...
  60. English

    1. To be poor, he could not buy the sports car. 2. Being poor, he could not buy the sports car. -------------------------------- Which one is correct? Is #1 correct grammatically?
  61. com155

    • Write a third and final paragraph in which describe your strategy for using WritePoint in the future. o Include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. o Underline your topic sentence.
  62. Enlgish

    1. What was your parents' dream? 1-1. They all wanted to be a singer. 1-2. They all wanted to be singers. (Which answer is correct? Do I have to use a singular noun or a plural noun?) 2. What did you give to your parents on Parents' Day? 2-1. I gave them a flower. 2-2. I gave ...
  63. Greek Origins

    From what greek word did the word 'day' originate from (day as in a day of the week)? and what does that greek word mean in greek? I`ve been searching around and I havent found anything :(
  64. Math- please check

    I have to write a word name for 8.032 Eight and thirty two thousandths. IS this correct? Looks good to me.
  65. ms.sue 3 grade english

  66. 9 word sentence, please help!!

    aamaesneadsiainnacedgthteohkhmecy * it's 9 words long * it has to do with sports * it rhymes those are my clues....please help.. Try these: =) Thank you for using the Jiskha ...
  67. writing for HR

    I am to Create a diagram in PowerPoint® or Word mapping job opportunities starting from, or advancing to, the position focused on in your final project. How do I create this word map or diagram in powerpoint? I know what I want to say but how do I do this with the computer ...
  68. word pronunciation

    I have to do a presentation and I just wanted to verify that the word heroine (female hero) is pronounced hair-oh-in, like the drug. Yes, they have the same pronunciation. There is something ironic about that.<G> Once they get into your heart, you can't get away from them.
  69. Grammar

    In this sentence: "He tried to right the overturned canoe." I am trying to identify what function the word "to" has. What I know: He-pronoun(subject?), tried-verb, right-adverb(modifing tried?), the-demonstrative adjective(aka-definite article), overturned-adjective modifing ...
  70. english

    A split infinitive is an infinitive that A. has a word between "to" and the verb. B. is used as an adjective or a noun. C. is used without the word "to." D. must have a subject ..A? Each one of the following sentences contains a clause. In which sentence is the clause used as ...
  71. Critical Thinking

    Do you need to cite a source even if you don’t quote it word for word?
  72. unscrambling word

  73. math

    find the number of distinguishable permuations in the word mississippi then the word hippopotamus
  74. word puzzle

    made a loud , shrill , high sound. ( 8 letter word )
  75. Science

    (microscope crossword puzzle)What is a 6-letter word for eyepiece and the word begins with an "O?"
  76. 4th grade

    A five letter word that ends in "X" and another word for "bodies of water"
  77. English

    Is there a difference between a root word and a base word, or are they the same thing?
  78. word question

    Settle a debate between two friends? Is sciencey a word? Thanks!
  79. english

    A prepositional phrase modifies a word and relates that word to the preposition's _____.
  80. English

    I am trying to help my son do "word extensions". I don't know what that means. Can someone help me? Example? rate Extension ? Extensions?? Would they be suffixes or extended meanings from the base word, do you think? rate ~~> ratio ?? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework...
  81. English: use of the word "absolve"

    Is the following use of the word "absolve" correct? The transaction on your credit card has been voided and should absolve from your statement in 72 hours. Thanks in advance.
  82. Math

    402 students were surveyed about their preferences of sports. 140 students like football, 144 students like baseball, and 42 students like both sports. How many students like exactly one of the two sports? a) 200 b) 140 c) 284 d) 98 e) 102
  83. vocabulary

    what is a word that describe someone with good deeds, and the antonym of that word too..thanks
  84. language

    a word that comes from the latin word poena mening punishment
  85. English

    Please help me to jumble this word: UIDNVSEH and it should b a loving word.
  86. English

    please give me a word that can be associated with the word "pirates" that starts with ex- . thank you.
  87. Math

    Can someone check these inequality word problems to see if I did them right? Correct me if I'm wrong! Write a linear inequality using word problems. 1. A sculptor is selling his work at an exhibit to earn at least $25,600 in revenue. Small pieces go for $1600 and large pieces ...
  88. English

    Decide if the underlined pronoun in the sentence below is used as a subject, a predicate nominative, or an appositive. 1:Both Ben and (he) will graduate at the same time. A:Subject*** B:Predicate nominative C:Appositive 2:The driver of that station was (she). A:Subject B:...
  89. science-measurement

    what word has this vocabulary??? displays information in rows and columns it ends with an e but i don't know the word
  90. unscrambling

    What word does this make aaaeiiocchnrrtz.The word starts with a 'c' and ends with an 'n'.Help it is homework that is due tommorrow. Thanks for your help!!
  91. music

    ok what could be another way to state the dynamics what else could you call it in one word that's acctually a word. please and thank-you
  92. Word Play

    What are some good one word names. Using Interest and Entrepreneur
  93. language arts

    what is a word that is spelled the same backward and forward like this word:racecar
  94. greek vocab.

    which word did not originate from the word of the arts? 1. maudlin 2. martyr 3. character 4. colossal
  95. English

    Did he tell you anything, or is he still ---------cat---? I can't think of the word, please help. It's a 15 letter word.
  96. English

    change general into a word that means make bigger... the word starts with an e.

    IS The italicized word in the sentence below an adverb or a preposition? Why don't you come OVER this evening? A. Adverb. B. Preposition. C. None of the above. Which sentence below uses the word FINE as an interjection? A. The weather is very FINE today. B. Did you pay your ...
  98. English

    Which sentence from Frankenstein most directly references the title character? A:Cerval spent the evening with us. B:This professor was very unlike his colleagues. C:His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful.*** D:Before this I was not ...
  99. english

    Make a noun by adding a suffix to the word priest. write a sentence.
  100. Language Arts

    How do I write a sentence using the word Parliament in a dialogue? I am confused.
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