directions- write each sentence. replace the underline word or word with the correct pronoun. 1- sports and games have many different rules. (underline the word is in this sencetence - sports and games) 2- basketball players run, pass, and shoot.

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  1. writing

    Part II: Write one paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing (summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). Underline the topic sentence in the paragraph.
  2. English

    For class I read the poem by Wilfred Owen "Dulce et Decorum Est". I have most of my essay down but one paragraph where I focus mainly on the use of the word "beggars". I so far, only have one point/sentence: "The specific word ¡°beggars¡± reflects a beggar¡¯s reputation ...
  3. help plz

    Which word is a synonym of the word evolve? a}recession b}decline c}progress d}retrogression p.s.ive been working on this same question for 1 month todaysthe last day i have can some1 plz just give me the answer plzzz lol btw:who likes boxing?0_o
  4. English

    Identify the verbs and verb phrases in the following sentences. Then, classify each verb or verb phrase as transitive action, intransitive action, or intransitive linking. Give the object(s) of each transitive action verb and the subject complement(s) of each linking verb. 2. ...
  5. English

    I feel stupid for not knowing these but I can't figure it out! So in the sentence we have "underline the verb be (and its various forms) and decide how it's used. Circle the verb its helping or linking to and Write linking verb or helping verb on the line" so here is an ...
  6. geometry

    The center of a circular sports arena is 360 ft away from the wall surrounding the arena. What is the area of the sports arena? Approximate π=3.14.
  7. Physics

    If a solid glass cylinder is placed above the words Lead Oxide (Lead in red print and Oxide in blue) and viewed from the side, the word Lead appears inverted, but the word Oxide does not. Explain. What part of the cylinder is on top of the letters? From what direction is it ...
  8. English-Ms. Sue

    I have to make a list of male characters from action movies, t.v., and video games that I have see recently. -Does this mean write their names? I also have to write a bunch of other traits that men are shown to have. This is what i have so far: *brave *funny *humble *loyal *...
  9. DeskToping

    If you accidentlly delete a word or group of words you can get it back by choosing the _____ command. A. F1 B. Cut C. Redo D. Undo I got D. A word processor's _______ feature compares the words in your document against those in an online dictionary. A. auto correct B. auto ...
  10. English

    1.the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form? third person second person fourth person first person Question 2 Verbs indicate what? location punctuation history time Question 3 Verbs may also indicate what? use date number year Question 4 ...
  11. Language

    How do you know the underlined group of words is a dependent clause? Nancy pulled over to ask for directions because she was lost. //Because she was lost was underlined.// A. It can stand on its own as a complete sentence and starts with a conjunction. B. It cannot stand on ...
  12. English

    What is the part of speech for the word have in the following sentence? Does she have the flu?
  13. English

    Choose the best word to complete each sentence. My brother Luke _____ a computer genius. are am is*** were Sarah and her sister _____ to this city many times in the past year. has gone has been have been*** have went Are my answers correct?
  14. Sentence Completion

    Demonstrate your understanding of the Word Bank words by completing each sentence in the space below. Word Bank: obsessed, aesthetic, arbitrary 1. Because Scott McCloud really was obsessed with comics, he probably knew all there was to know about them. 2. McCloud's argument is...
  15. Writing process

    Can you write an eight-sentence paragraph using the topic, "Some people insist that a word processor is superior to paper and pencil."
  16. unscramble this word!!

    i need help unscrambling these words : slebsurs prusto tripcoa harbrub surgpassa bekrechuryl 2nd one- apricot 3rd rhubarb Is there a certain subject? asparagass-4th brussels sprout 1st huckleberry last one CERINOSMOG Okay.. so I am doing a math assignment and in our workbook ...
  17. english

    24. identify the word or words in the sentence that need to be capitalize will you be coming o the stadium to watch the giants play sunday? a. Will,Sunday b. Will,Gaints,Sunday** C. Will D. none 23. Identify the word or words in the sentence that need to be capitalize does ...
  18. English

    1. Write down the names of two your friends 2. Write down the names of your two friends. 3. Write down the names of two friends of yours. (Which one is correct?) 4. What year are you in? I'm in the first year. I'm in my first year. 5. What grade are you in? I'm in the first ...
  19. English/Grammar

    I need to re-write this sentence in a different light that would make it seem more correct. I am suppose to write it five different ways, I have written it in three other ways but I cannot come up with two more. The sentence is: Teen marketed films, try to apply different ...
  20. english

    Eliminate five letters from the word below to find one familiar word in the English language: FHIEVLEILCEOTPTTEERRS
  21. Language Arts

    Need Help with a Camp Crossword Puzzle. Need to know Another word for Lumberjack Beds and Another word for Who Helped the Cook?
  22. 2nd grade

    What 2 words make this compound word? The word is cowgirl. Also name two words in the ill family
  23. Physics

    A stone is thrown vertically up word by up word by a boy . It returns to his hands in 3sec . How high does the stone rise ?
  24. Sports

    What are some examples of some kind of disciplinary enforcement for sports?
  25. English word

    can't think of the word where: someone is actually guilty but their allowed to act like their innocent. like nothing happened
  26. meaning of a word(quick) thanks

    Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America What is a another word for surpass
  27. French

    Is there a French word for "a facial" like the treatment of the face. I'm trying to use it in my paragraph and I can't find the word for it.
  28. word/diction

    did i use ruminate correctly? ...which makes me ruminate if we are also....\ i was going for a word that was similar to wonder
  29. english

    What is a dependent word? What happens when you add a dependent word to an independent statement? Illustrate your point with examples
  30. English

    1) is real-life one word? My teacher considered it to be. 2) then would Spanish-Americans be one word?
  31. Math/Computer

    I had finished a project and the last question is making me graph something on Word. How do I graph (3, 0) on word? Thank you :)
  32. Language Arts

    1. In the following sentence, identify the word that the adverb is modifying. The ballerina danced gracefully on the empty stage. A. ballerina B. danced** C. empty D. stage 2. Identify the sentence below that contains coordinate adjectives. A. She wore a dark green sweater. B...
  33. cross word puzzle

    This is for tomorrow and i'm in trouble with this puzzle, please help:ACROSS 9 letters and start with (au)the hint is groups of people who watch or listen to a show, speech, or other performance. Down:It starts off with (aw) and the hint is: a synonym for uncomfortable or ...
  34. english

    how do i compose a complete sentence that contains a plural subject and one verb. Underline and identify each.
  35. Japanese Script 1

    あa かka さsa たta なna はha まma やya らra  いi きki しsi ちti にni ひhi みmi     りri うu ...
  36. vocabulary

    I need to find a six letter word made from the letters in the word favorite. There can be no repetition of the letters. FAITOR TAIVER VIATOR
  37. geometry

    Out of the word Tennessee 9 pieces of paper with each letter of the word written on it are put into a hat. What is the probability that that letter T or N is selected?
  38. meanings

    I was to make a word for creative arts class. Could you guess what my word means. I made it and it is supposed to be a challenge. What do you think "mudsul" means?
  39. Microsoft Word 2013

    What is the default file extension for a file saved in Word 365? A. .docext B. .doc365 C. .docx D. .doc My answer is C.
  40. English--quick question

    Is disbelievement a valid word? if not, what word could I use instead? It is being used as a noun in this context: The disbelievement of the people...
  41. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with the word order: 1)US forces have killed Osama bin Laden, who with his wives and sons has been living in a luxury compound in Pakistan for many years. (Is "who with" natural here; does "who together with" or "who along with" sound better?) 2)...
  42. math

    Find the number of words which can be formed by using the letters of the word EQUATION if each word has to start with a vowel. this a permutation question ans, choose are 40320 1260 1080 400 25200
  43. Honors English

    What does the vocabulary word "purl" mean? a.) to spin in place b.) a lustrous gem found in sea mollusks c.) swirl I cannot decide if it's a or c, even after researching the word and looking at synonyms. Can anyone help?
  44. English

    Please some one check to see if I got these right. Thank you:) 1.Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The pitcher for our team will be either __________ or Jake. him his he** 2.Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The boys who joined the...
  45. English Grammar

    What is the definition of 'two-word verb"? Would you name two-word verbs?
  46. Reading

    what is base word for calling, called, calls. what is the base word for burning, burned, burns
  47. Physical Science

    What is a nine letter word for the size of a measurement.. and the last letter of the word ends in "E".. Thanks, Priscilla
  48. Math

    A writer was paid $27,000 for a 3,000-word article. Find the rate per word
  49. lenguages

    help word definition word
  50. Word Meaning

    What's another word for unconsitutional?
  51. algebra1

    A sports team is building a new stadium on a rectangular lot of land. If the lot measures 6x by 10x and the sports field will be 1x by 4x, how much of the lot will be left over to build bleachers on
  52. Algebra

    A sports team is building a new stadium on a rectangular lot of land. If the lot measures 6x by 10x and the sports field will be 1x by 4x, how much of the lot will be left over to build bleachers on?
  53. fractions word problems fifth gradee

    I have fraction word problem made from a recipe. If it takes 2 1/2 cups of oatmeal to make 30 cookies. How much oatmeal will it take to make 120 cookies?
  54. writing

    I have to use the word wanton in a sentence as a noun, I can't come up with anything, any suggestions?
  55. English

    I'm writing a personal essay about a novel. Every time I use the title of my novel in the my essay my teacher wants me to underline it. For one part of the essay I'm supposed to talk about if the author has published any other novels. I was just wondering if I should underline...
  56. math

    write a word problem for 1/2 - 2/3 = and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 =
  57. Language arts

    What is the personal pronoun in this sentence? The children showed me their favorite games to play. children me the games My answer is B
  58. math

    Help!! I cant find this word fesselation. I looked in books and the internet nothing please help Spell it this way: tesselation ok do you know wht it means tesselation. I tried it both ways tesselation and fesselation.F ound nothing HELP!!!! I cant find tesselation and its due...
  59. math

    How do you work this word problem? The team played 125 games and lost 15 more than they won.How many did they lose
  60. word clues

    a slight suspicion or hint. _ _ k _ ing When you find a word you don't know, try a good dictionary. If it is not there, then try a Thesaurus for a synonym. This one is "inkling."
  61. english

    whats a good word for a quality that someone has i cant think of the right word. like if someone was brave or courageous, the courage that that person ______ ??
  62. general ability

    Move one letter from the word STEAM and rearrange the remaining letters to form a word meaning pole. The removed letter is; a) E b) T c) S d) M
  63. vocabulary power unit 5 grade 6

    I am trying to find the meaning of this homework: cicle the letter of the word that is a synonym of the boldfaced word. Can you please help me...PLEASE!!!!
  64. grammar

    I have to write 1234.567 in English word form. How do I write this number?
  65. Grammar

    There is mild-to-moderate tenderness on (deep) palpation. The word deep in this sentence is an adjective correct?
  66. French

    We just learned about the pronouns leur and lui. I really don't understand them but I attempted the homework so could you please check these thanks. Part 1 Directions: Rewrite each sentence replacing the italicized words with a pronoun. (the italicized word I will put in ...
  67. Microsoft Word

    Help! I pushed the wrong key, I guess. I think I clicked on the cursor when it was at the "measure bar at the top of the page that displays "1...2...3..4.." I have a paragraph written. I want to indent the second line. The first word on the second line is "coach." When I go to...
  68. Grammar

    The word "chance" is a noun right? The sentence is "People at a party welcome a chance to make a big impression." And "other" would be a pronoun... right? It says "If you let other people impress you, they will be impressed by your graciousness."
  69. Grammar

    When transcribing ratios numerically, you use a _____ to replace the word “to.” A) colon B) comma C) period D) semicolon I answered D
  70. Writing skills

    One of the approaches taken by these psychologists has been to investigate the foundation for a happy marriage. Which of the following is the best way to write the underline portion of this sentence? If you think the original is the best way, choose option (1) (1) has been (2...
  71. 6th grade english/pronouns

    Can the word "his" be a personal and a possessive pronoun? If so, can you give me a couple of sentences so I can see the difference. Thanks
  72. 1st grade

    What is a sentence a 1st grader can write using the word "past"?
  73. Language Arts

    I have to underline the simple subject and simple predicate and circle the prepositional phrase this sentence...There was a rank smell below the deck fromthe dead raccoon.
  74. English expression

    Is this your mother? Yes, It is. In the short dialogue. "This your" is pronounced as a linking sound just like one word. Look at the short answer. "It is' is pronounced as a linking sound as well. It is pronounced like one word. Repeat after me. ------------- Would you check ...
  75. Language Arts need help fast!!

    The rain and clouds made the day feel so dull (dull is underlined) which is the most vivid word to replace the underlined word sad gray dreary*** bland The French(underlined) Club will hold a bake sale the last Monday(underlined) of September(underlined); we hope the crisp ...
  76. English

    So for English we're doing poetry. With a partner we both wrote our own poems and compared them. We had to find one word that fits into both poems and we got the word "Change". Now we have to be able to read our poems while not boring the class by doing something, anything, ...
  77. math-word problem

    The width of a rectangle is fixed at 21cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 80cm. Please help with this word problem I do not even know where to begin.
  78. Keyboarding and word processing

    You're Creating A Table With Borders All Around The Cells Showing. Another Word For This Type Of Table Is A. Open. C. Boxed. B. Closed. D. Celled?
  79. Technology

    Katie typed a paper using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a type of? operating system software •• hardware data storage device
  80. Math (Algebra 2)

    What is the probability of choosing an H or a vowel? Honorable is the word. This is how I answered it Its mutually exclusive because of the key word "or" which is the Union. P(H)+P(Vowel)=1/9+4/9 Answer is 5/9 did I solve this right? Thanks
  81. 9th Grade Biology

    If you see a word that ends in -ase, it is probably an _________, and if a word ends in -ose it is a __ ____________. There are no answer choices and this is on my homework assignment...
  82. English

    I was just given this sheet in class and my teacher didn't help me at all.. She seems more concerned with her phone than teaching the class.. can someone help me do a few of these so I can understand? all prepositional phrases in parentheses. Underline the subject or subjects ...
  83. geometry

    In the English alphabet, there are 7 capital letters that look the same after being rotated 180∘. Those letters are H, I, N, O, S, X, and Z. How many different 3 letter "words" can be made from these letters such that when the word is rotated 180∘, the resulting ...
  84. 3 grade english ms sue

    adverbs direction make each sentence more specific by adding an adverb from the box or an adverb of yur own. write the new sentence. impressively cautiously always really outside suddenly 1- jonah practices korean martial arts in the mornings. my son write- jonah practices ...
  85. Grammar

    what prefix turns the word "town" into a word meaning "center of town"?
  86. Urgent Language Arts

    1) Which of the following sentences from "I know Why the Caged bird sings"contains context clues that help you understand the meaning of the word in italics? "Shame" made me want to hide my face.* She didn't " encourage" familiarity. The dress looks "professional". The "...
  87. English

    1. There are a lot of clubs in my school, like a sports club and an art club. 2. There are a lot of clubs in my school, like the sports club and the art club. (Do we have to use 'a' or 'the' in each sentence?)

  89. please check my work language

    -write the plural for each noun potato-potatoes shoe-shoes auto-autos speech-speeches -describe the kinds of information about words that can found in a dictionary *prononciation *parts of speech *definition and the word *how many syllabuls a word has is there anything else ...
  90. basic college reading

    main idea of mythMyth 2: You have to read every word. Some experts suggest that you don’t need to read every word of a passage. This is particularly true once you break your reading task into steps with distinct purposes. For example, the first step in SQ3R is to survey. ...
  91. Science

    I need help finding the missing word heres what i wrote. But i'm not to sure this word goes with it. An adequate supply of fuelwood helps to prevent disease by allowing water to be boiled to ____________ it. [Protect???] sterilize
  92. Writing

    I'd find better words to replace these: excerpt (whether it's spelled correctly or not) -excerpt--> anecdote impede -impede--> prevent regret (which needs a direct object after it) -regret--> regret IT The verb tense and word choice in this sentence need fixing. It's ...
  93. Direct objects please check ASAP

    1.D 2.C and A 3.canoe 4.D 5.B and E 2.Which words in the sentence are the direct objects? The woman grows tomatoes and cucumbers in her garden. Choose all answers that are correct. A.tomatoes B.woman C.cucumbers E.grows 3.Which word in the sentence is the direct ...
  94. Spelling

    The word "slippery" almost feels slippery! This may have to do with the blending of "s" and "I" so that the word glides or slips out of your mouth. Many English words seem to imitate their meaning. Try to record at least six such words. Plz help me-I finished everything except...
  95. computer science

    Hey I have three questions with creating these methods can any of you guys write an example code for this? Thanks Write a Function You will be given one of the following problems to solve using and writing Java functions. 1. Given a list of words, return an array which ...
  96. English grammar

    After reading the book she kept it in the cupboard underline the verb in the sentence and state its tense
  97. English/ 11th grade

    Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified in the appropriate boxes below... 1)When you obey your parents, you please the Lord. Adverb clause: When you obey your parents Subordinating conjunction: When Word modified...
  98. English

    Could someone please check my answers? I'll type the directions above the different types of questions. *Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb twice. 1. Below the sink is the garbage can. (prepositional phrase- below the sink subject- can...
  99. math

    if there are 14 stuents and the number of students stayed the same how many votes would each sport receive there are 4 sports, if all sports received an equal number of votes .
  100. sports

    hi i am having problems with a essay on national governing bodies. can you help me with-- 1. who awards it 2. how do you achieve it. 3. what are strenghts in terms of improving quality of sports development opportunities for participants 4. and weeknessess as in question 3. I ...
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