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  1. Computer Science

    Suppose we are trying to solve Simon's problem with n=4. We ran 4 iterations of Simon's algorithm and obtained 0000, 1101, 1010, and 0110. What is the secret string s? (Assume that s is not the all-zero string 0000.)
  2. Computer Science

    "write a program that asks the user to enter the price of an item and rate of discount. If discount is 9%, display the final cost of item" What message do I display if its not 9%? Algorithms btw
  3. computer

    What design aspects can you change in a table with the shading options? (Select all that apply.) color in the table border color fill for cells in the table text color A,B,C?
  4. 3-D Computer Modeling

    1. In the simplest terms, which of the following is 3-D modeling is all about? A. Computers B. Collaboration C. Creativity D. Shapes 2. Only animate objects can be made into three dimensions. A. True B. False 3. Nothing has revolutionized animation like 3-D modeling. A. True B...
  5. Business Law

    Explain how the advent of computer usage created the need for new laws to protect privacy in the United States? This is what I have so far, I am not finding much information on this other than what is in my text book. The rapid advances in technology being experienced today ...
  6. Computer science

    use a modular approach and pseudo- code to design a suitable program to solve it. Allow the user to enter a series of temperatures in degrees Celsius (C) termi- nated by the input of −999. For each one, find the corresponding tempera- ture in degrees Fahrenheit (F). The ...
  7. computers

    considering how technology enables people to communicate constantly with each other through mobile phones, instant messaging, video teleconferencing, and e-mail: How often do you gain or exchange information via your computer? In how many ways is this possible? How valuable do...
  8. Writing

    Please don't post my question or your answer because I do not want others to steal my idea! The only way we have to communicate with you is by posting on our message boards. Sorry. =( I need to learn to type on A computer.
  9. computer

    The Select tool allows you to ____________. select a part of a picture and alter it combine multiple pictures change what parts of the picture are visible select an image to insert into the picture

    5. Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary colon? A. Here's the question on all of our minds: Will our team be able to defeat their arch rivals tonight? B. My store list included: milk, soup, chicken, and ice cream. C. She wants one thing: a new job. D. ...
  11. Career

    13. All of the following traits contribute to your Myers-Briggs type, EXCEPT: (1 point) A.)agreeing–disagreeing. B.)introversion–extroversion. C.)judging–perceiving. D.)thinking–feeling. 14. Luisa has started up four different companies and served as the top manager of...
  12. which of these actions would most help a worker im

    which of these actions would most help a worker improve their productivity? A: Finding a new job in a different field. B: Taking a training course related to her job. ****** C: Buying a laptop computer for home use. D: asking her employer to give her a raise. The answer is B, ...
  13. introduction to computers

    you need to install an operating system on a computer that will be sharing files for the company employees. You estimate there eill be as many as 15 users accessing these files at one time. Which operating system is ideally suited for this machine?
  14. Computer science

    What is the count for the instruction CountMe as a function of n for the fragment below? (Assume that 2k-1 ≤ n < 2k). Line 1: j = 1 Line 2: while (j<= n) { Line 3: CountMe Line 4: j = 2*j;
  15. math

    there are 30 students in math class.12 belong to the computer lab,and 8 belong to the photography club. 3 belong to both clubs. how many belong to neither?? please help i am confused thank you..... :)
  16. Computer science

    What is the count for the instruction CountMe as a function of n for the fragment below? (Assume that n can be either even (2k) or odd (2k+1)) Line 1: j = 0 Line 2: while (j < n) { Line 3: CountMe Line 4: j = j+2; }
  17. Computer Studies

    Write a pseudocode to input 10 temperatures per day for 20 days and output the average per day and average for the 20 days.
  18. Computer Science (Basics_)

    How would I make an area2, if i already have a area1 in the program. I need to divide area2/area1.. then make a println statement for it... can someone help?
  19. medical records

    when the computer service bureau destroys or erases medical records, should the erasure be verified by the bureau to the physician?
  20. computer

    suppose the 640GB western digital hard drive install in the RAID array has failed, find a replacement drive as close to this drive as possible. print three web pages showing the size, features and price of three possible replacement
  21. Physic (algebra base)

    I need help with one of my last hw problem can you help me? A magnetic computer disk with a 4.03 cm radius is initially at rest. A small dot is painted on the edge of the disk. The disk accelerates at 500 rad/s2 for 1.76 s. How many revolutions has the dot completed during ...
  22. first steps in using a personal computer

    a window frame will expand to fill the entire desktop when you a.double-click the taskbar the title button marked with a single square the titlebar marked with two overlapping squares my answer is c
  23. URGENT Science question

    Justin wants to be the captain of an aircraft carrier when he gets out of school. Which subjects should Justin study to help him prepare for this career? biomedical science and meteorology oceanography and paleontology chemistry and biology physics and computer science*** Am I...
  24. law

    Revise and edit the following run-on sentence: Data in computerized form is discoverable, even if paper "hard copies" of the information have been produced, the producing party can be required to design a computer program to extract the data from its computerized business ...
  25. physics

    computer-controlled display screens provide drivers in the Indianapolis 500 with a variety of information about how their cars are performing. for instance, as ac car is going through a turn, a speed of 221 mi/h (98.8m/s) and centripetal acceleration of 3.00g are display. ...
  26. Science

    Sir, I am Raveesh, I have done my M.Sc in Botany and B.Ed in Chemistry and Biology. Now i am working as a Lecturer in a college from last 2 years. I really interested to do online tutoring as a TUTOR / e-tutor. But I don't know how to do? Because I stay in Bangalore, INDIA. I ...
  27. computer science 104

    Create a method areaOfaTrapeziod when given a, b, and h (all doubles), will return the area (double) of a trapezoid. Use the equation pictured below In the code, i should 1. Create the prototype for the method 2. create the method 3. call it from the main()
  28. Computer Science - Java

    Hi, For an assignment I am doing, we have to have 2 service classes and one application class. One service class is already written (i.e. DiceGame1) and I am writing another one (i.e. Player) that is supposed to use the previous service class an instance variable. I was just ...
  29. math

    A certain computer can perform 10^5 calculations per second. how many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds
  30. computer science

    Hi, I have this quick question: A Java interface can be used almost anywhere a class can be. Describe the one place/situation where it cannot be used in a place of a class name. Thanks a lot. Not sure what you mean by "in a place of a class name."
  31. computer

    Write an algorithm for a program that accepts a set of numbers and finds the smallest among them and computes the sum of the numbers accepted. The program stops when the user enters number 999. Convert the algorithm into flowchart
  32. computer science java

    write a program in java for a grocery (fruit shop calculate the prize of bananas @ $.89/kg declaring the the prices of all either as instances or class variables.declare the weight of the fruit as local variables
  33. math

    The community is having a book sale to raise money for a new computer. The library sells each book for $4.00. complete the table, where b represents the number of books sold. How much money will the library earn if b=44? b 4b 40 160 44 ? 50 200 I don't know?
  34. College Algebra

    Part 1: Measure the distance of the diagonal (from one corner to the opposite corner) of the screen on your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the height of the screen along the vertical as well. Use the Pythagorean theorem ...
  35. Mathematics

    Images on a computer can be stored many ways to account for quality and space issues. One of the factors we can adjust is colour depth. Colour depth determines the number of bits we use for each pixel of an image. The pixels are the small dots that make up an image. The higher...
  36. criminal

    The federal CAN-SPAM Act, which took effect January 1, 2004, regulates sending what? A. viruses from one computer to another B. commercial electronic mail messages C. electronic mail to government computers D. electronic mail to minors
  37. Computer hardware

    What circumstance would be the only reason for one to toil with processor and system bus frequencies? A. Purchasing a multi core processor B. Purchasing a chip with static ram C. Overclocking a processor D. Purchasing an AMD chipset I think it's c, but I am not sure
  38. german

    Write the conversation in present perfect tense: 1. das konzert/ euch/ gefallen/? 2. ja,/ die Band/ tolol/ spielen 3. was/ du/ machen/? 4. ich/ den ganzen Abend/ am Computer/ sitzen 5. du/ wiel/ fur deine Prufungen/ arbeiten/? 6. ich/ im Internet/ surfen
  39. Computer Science

    i Need help, using loops, visual studio 2013. write a program using loops that will calculate the following, how much would $24 deposited in a bank in 1626, have been worth at the end of this year if it had received an interest rate of 6% compounded annually compounded ...
  40. english

    what are the pros and cons of joining "netville 2" a computer company that came to your neighbourhood. We will be happy to critique your thinking on this. thanks im having trouble thinking of cons. The only thing i have for cons are: hidden fees and isolation and i have to ...
  41. pre calc

    The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? Please help I got 670,422 and the computer marked it round i then tried rounding it to 671000 but it was still ...
  42. computer science

    Write a method printBackwards that prints an array of integers in reverse order, in the following format. For the array {1, -3, 4, 7, 2}: element [4] is 2 element [3] is 7 element [2] is 4 element [1] is -3 element [0] is 1
  43. English

    Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary colon? A. Here's the question on all of our minds: Will our team be able to defeat their arch rivals tonight? B. Carlos has three goals in life: to graduate from college, own his own home, and work in the computer ...
  44. Technology

    'I posted this question a while back on jiskha. i don't even remember if i got an answer or not. here it is: the montior is a part of the computer that would be considered a(n) a. input device b. processing device c. output device d. memory device i think it's either B or D.' ...
  45. Computers/ Bussiness

    Select two organizational departments in a business. · Write at least 200 words in two paragraphs (one paragraph per department) in which you identify the roles of information systems within those two departments. Please be sure to discuss information systems, and not ...
  46. math

    A computer costs $799. To add memory it costs $25 for 8 megabytes. How much memory can you add if you have at most $1,000 to spend.
  47. Computer science

    What is the smallest value of n such that an algorithm whose running time is (2^15)n runs faster than an algorithm whose running time is 2^n on the same machine?
  48. Math

    A computer printer can print 3 pages in 25 seconds . Which proportion can be used to find x,the time it will take the printer to print 10 pages?
  49. math

    Brandon bought a computer monitor that cost $150. He had to pay 6% tax. How much did Brandon pay in tax?
  50. Computer

    Write a pseudocode to input 10 temperatures per day for 20 days and output the average per day and the average for the 20 days.
  51. computers

    I was wondering if anybody could please tell me what I need to do I went to work on my power point project and when I turned on my computer a lot of my icons were missing such as my excel power point microsoft office 2007 my documents pictures my back ground ( wall paper is ...
  52. Statistics

    foofy computes the correlation between an individual's physical strength and his or her college grade poing average. Using a computer, the correlation for a sample of 2000 people is r(1998)=+.08, p=<.0001. she claims this is a useful tool for predicting which college ...
  53. Econometrics

    Hello I have this econometrics question that I have to solve without computer. (True model) yi = B0 + B1x1i + B2x2i + B3x3i + ui (Regression model) ^yi = 13.16 - 0.052(x1i - x21) + 0.2x3i SST = 1833 R^2 = known R^2 (bar) = known n = known with the standard errors being ...
  54. English

    1. You should turn off the computer and go to bed now. 2. Ten more minutes, please. 3. Give me ten more minutes, please. 4. Wait ten more minutes, please. 5. __________________________ -------------------------------- #2 is the response to #1. Does #2 mean #3 or #4 or ...
  55. all

    I rarely do my homework. No matter how hard I try to focus and actually get things done, I just can't do it unless it's something I really want to/like to do. And even if I actually put my work right in front of me and turn off my phone, computer, tv, etc. and sit in silence ...
  56. physics

    orange light (lambda=630nm) hits diffraction grating which has a line spacing of (mu)m. The interference pattern is seen on a screen that is 4.0m away. what is the distance between the central bright spot and the first order bright spot on the screen. (sorry I don't have ...
  57. Computer

    Input Process Output or IPO with Flowchart Question: A reel of electric wire 150 metres long is cut into two pieces.One is 40 metres shorter than twice the length of the other.How long is each piece. Please answer with flowchart.Thanks and god bless.
  58. physics

    orange light (lambda=630nm) hits diffraction grating which has a line spacing of (mu)m. The interference pattern is seen on a screen that is 4.0m away. what is the distance between the central bright spot and the first order bright spot on the screen. (sorry I don't have ...
  59. nystce exam help with downloading

    On the Nystce exam site-- the first site that comes up when you google "nystce": Can someone please download and repost the * Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) (095) because my computer won't let me. Thanks very much.
  60. computer

    If you want to multiply the contents of each of the cells in column C by the tax rate that appears in cell A24, use a/an A. relative cell reference. C. filter. B. absolute cell reference. D. 3-D cell reference.
  61. English

    In this sentence Plenty of silicon is found on Earth, but it remains a valuable material for the computer industry. I'm still not sure if the simple subject is plenty or silicon, but I think it's silicon because the second part of the sentence says it.
  62. math

    A small company is pricing out computer systems. A basic system costs $5,718. A larger system, which will allow for growth, costs $38,249. About how much more will the larger system cost?
  63. English

    I really need help finding all the grammatical errors in the passage below. Look for commas, question marks, capitailzation and colons, semi-colons, commonly misused words. I did most of them I just need help in finishing. Students also realize that a traditional college ...
  64. Production & Operations Mgmt in Business

    If someone could help me, I am truly desperate here. I am struggle with this problem. – Simple Linear Regression Applications Interpretation and Use of Computer Output (Results) (1) The management of an international hotel chain is in the process of evaluating the possible ...
  65. Computer Science

    For MathMate: Mythical Man Ques. You answered my ques. several days ago, but I do not quite understand the answer. The ques. was as follows: If it took one person 3 months to make one quilt, why does it take 6 people four months to make one?
  66. Live Help

    This may not be homework...but how do I go about using the live help for this site? At this point, live help is not available. Computer glitches, you know. So keep posting your questions on the message boards. Especially in the afternoons and evenings, there are usually ...
  67. Algebra

    Use a graphing calculator or a computer to graph the system of inequalities. Give the coordinates of each vertex of the solution region. 5x-3y is greater than or equal to -7 x-2y is greater than or equal to 3 3x+y is greater than or equal to 9 x+5y is less than or equal to 7 I...

    I need help fixing these sentences, I'm supposed to conjugate the verbs and add an ariticle, pleasseee HELPP !: 1. Herr/Kommen/neun uhr 2. Wir/kenne/Computerspiele 3. Kaufen/ihr/Gitarre 4. Computer/sein/ganz neu 5. Wann/begginen/Film 6. Haben/anna/Schultasche Thankkkksss, Teutaa!
  69. Literacy

    6. To avoid plagiarism in your written research paper, you must provide a citation for which of the following? A. The United Nations ruling on the Soviet-bloc countries B. Former President John F. Kennedy's birthday C. Statistics about Web usage you found in the Journal of ...
  70. algebra 1

    Mrs. Hernandez owns a computer training business. She charges a lab fee plus an hourly fee to train office workers on various software programs. It costs $265.00 to attend a 6-hour course and $345.00 for an 8-hour course. Which equation relates x, the number of hours in the ...
  71. physics

    Computer-controlled display screens provide drivers in the Indianapolis 500 with a variety of information about how their cars are performing. For instance, as a car is going through a turn, a speed of 87.5 m/s and centripetal acceleration of 2.48 g (2.48 times the ...
  72. computer science

    c++ program question write a program that uses a loop to display the characters for each ascii code 32 through 127. display 16 characters on each line with one space between characters in c++
  73. Intro to Computer Engineering

    When solving 5x^2-50x+125=0, a space alien got x=8 for one of the two roots. What possible base could the alien be using? (Note: the coefficients are also in this base. That is 5,50,125 are all in this mystery base as well)
  74. computer programing

    What are the differences between fields, records and files? Need help trying to figure this out as what I can think of is just little as this So - a field is a SUBSET of a record; a record in turn is a SUBSET of a file, and a file is a subset of a database but not sure if this...
  75. Computer

    i need a image of a diskette with this sizes: size 8 size 5 1/4 size 3 1/2 (maybe they are size inches) i search and search and search but i cant find them please i will pass this on monday thx! Jiskha rock!
  76. Literature question

    Can you give me a summary to the story Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God? Thanks. By the way if you do give me a link please don't give me a google link because for some reason my computer doesn't want to pull up google's homepage. Thanks.
  77. math

    Norar compute three diffrent answers?r has 1,555 songs on her computer. S are therehe rounds this number to the nearest ten, to the nearest hundred and the nearest thousand. She gets three diffrent rounded numbers. What are the numbers? Why
  78. essay

    could I have to write an essay on the question what is the most important issue facing the global economy? explain the issue in detail and your reasoning for it being so important. I chose the topic of globalization. could someone help me figure out a few key points to ...
  79. Math

    The science test grades are posted. All students taking the test scored over 75. Unfortunately, 4 students were absent for the test and the computer listed their scores as 0 until the test is taken. Assuming that no score repeated more times than the 0's, what measure of ...
  80. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    An authorized program planted on a computer is known as a(n): A. Trojan Horse. B. Achilles Heel. C. Sword of Damocles. D. Cyclops Eye. My textbook only mentions an "unauthorized program" which is a Trojan Horse. But I looked on line and I think it may be B.
  81. computer graphics

    Write an OpenGL program that allows interactive creation of polygons via mouse input. That is, I click to create new vertices until I like the polygon, then make some indication (double click, right click, press a key, click a button; your choice) that I’m done, and the ...
  82. com 135

    Discontinuation of major equipment components for a computer network upgrade will cause a major setback in the installation of the network for a project you are managing. You must provide information about the delay to your project team members, to upper management, and to ...
  83. Statistics

    DM Co. sells computer parts by mail. The company claims that at least 90% of all orders are delivered on time. A sample of 150 orders showed that 129 were mailed on time. Is the company’s claim true? Test using the 2.5% level of significance. Use the 5 step procedure.
  84. computer information

    Create a flowchart for a program that will sort the top 1,000 customers by their annual purchase amount and print the names and addresses of the top 100 customers, or fewer if there aren’t 100 customers.
  85. Elementary Statistics

    A manager needs to fill three positions, computer softer engineer, team-leader, and test engineer. The manager finds 5 applicants that qualify for all three jobs. How many different ways can the manager place those 5 people into the three possible positions?
  86. repost

    computer store sold total of 300 items last month the store sol six times as many hard drives as they did CD-Rom drives and half as many floppy drives, based on this info how many of each item were sold ?
  87. Introduction to computers

    A network LAN that you are analyzing has the following equipment: *Each computer has a 10/100 meg NIC. *The network utilizes CAT 5 UTP Cable. * The network utilizes gigabit switches. What is the maximum bandwidth of the LAN?
  88. maths

    simn spent 2/5 of his pocket money on a computer game he spent 25% of his money on a ticket for a football match what is the fraction of his pocket money that he had left
  89. Computers

    Hello. Are there any programs with which we can change voice into text? How much are the programs? Would you let me know the website where the voice-text prrogrmas we cah purchase? It would be great if I can get my voice written on the computer?
  90. math

    diego is saving money to buy a computer game. he saves $2 the first month , and each month after that, he saves twice as much as the previous month. which expression shows how much he saves in the third month
  91. Guru Blue

    Ah your still alive my inspiring unkown helper. My computer crashed halfway through my time to finish so had to start again from scratch. Still cant get my head around the conditionals in terms of what is first second etc. I get it with some but others elude me. Havent found ...
  92. English:writing memo

    Write a memo of 6–15 sentences based on the scenario given here. You’ve been put in charge of planning a one-day departmental training seminar with Dr. Melanie Dobler as the speaker. You must make travel arrangements for the speaker, reserve a company room large enough for...
  93. Math:Ratios

    The Ratios for students who have a computer to those who do not are 22;8 while the ratio for the ratio of students who have a cell phone to those who do not is 12;18. Which is greater?
  94. economics

    Which of the following is an example of market size affecting demand? A. Restaurant visits drop after a causes a city to be evacuated. B. A computer chip maker moves to a town and hires hundreds. C. After a team wins the World Series, it becomes a fad to buy their caps. D. ...
  95. quantitative rsearch

    A manufacterer of computers designed to aid social scientists in analyzing rsearch data claims that are operational for at least 80% of the time . during the course of the year one computer was operational for 270 days. test, at the 1% CONFIDENCE LEVEL, whether the ...
  96. English

    what is the complete subject and complete predicate on the following sentances 1. Angela's favorite program changes the colors and sixes of images. 2. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red, blue or yellow. 3. They can also focus a photograph, or they can adjust its ...
  97. CIS 105

    Describe one technological device in 350 to 700 words. Include the following: When did it come (or will it potentially come) into existence? What scientific or technological reasoning explains how this potential has been (or can be) be reached? Think about the current ...
  98. computer literacy

    5. Which of the following BEST describes the concept behind Web 2.0? (A) Download Write Read-write Upload 6. The term cyberspace originated where? (A) Science fiction NASA Military University 7. Which of the following is NOT one of Facebook’s main features? (D) Private ...
  99. computer

    You want to turn off the bulleting feature in a list of items you’ve typed. How do you remove the bulleting feature? A. Click the Delete button. B. Double-click your mouse. C. Press the left-arrow key. D. Click the bullet icon
  100. Algebra

    I need to find the volume of a cylinder. Use 3.14 for pi...I think the answer is 24,501.42 m^2...the picture shown is a cylinder with a diameter of 34m and a heigth of 27m I know how to work these problems out and I got 24,501.42m^2 but the computer is giving me an answer of ...
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