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  1. home economics

    uses of computer in home economics
  2. Home economics

    What are d use of computer in home economics
  3. Computer Science

    What do you understand by life cycle of software development? Explain briefly the various stages of software development life-cycle.
  4. Computer Science

    What do you understand by life cycle of software development? Explain briefly the various stages of software development life-cycle.
  5. Computer Science

    What do you understand by life cycle of software development? Explain briefly the various stages of software development life-cycle.
  6. Computer Science

    Write an Assembly program that reads in a number of cents. The program will write out the number of dollars and cents separately.
  7. Computer Studies

    Write a pseudocode to input 10 temperatures per day for 20 days and output the average per day and average for the 20 days.
  8. math

    selling price of computer is $75 less than 2 times wholesale price. selling price of a tv is $550, what equation is used to find wholesale price of tv
  9. Math

    The computer school enrolment shows that there are 5 girls in every 12 boys. If the school enrolment in one year is 5,200, how many girls and boys are there?
  10. calculus

    For trigonometric substitution to solve the above integral, fill in the blanks below using the picture of the triangle given. integral (x^3)/(sqrt(25+9x^2)) dx / l / l / l / l / l / l / l / l / l side A / l / l --------- side B *** sorry hard to draw on the computer side a=3x ...
  11. physics

    In moving a standard computer mouse, a user applies a horizontal force of 6.00×10−2 N. The mouse has a mass of 125 g. (a) What is the acceleration of the mouse? Ignore forces like friction that oppose its motion. (b) Assuming it starts from rest, what is its speed after...
  12. Physics

    Your stereo is set to a sound intensity level (SIL) of 60 dB. I'd like to know what this means in terms of energy flow: what is the intensity of the sound wave this produces? Compute your answer in W/m2, but do not enter units. So in my problem it would be 1,000,000 OR 10 to ...
  13. Computer

    Input Process Output or IPO with Flowchart Question: A reel of electric wire 150 metres long is cut into two pieces.One is 40 metres shorter than twice the length of the other.How long is each piece. Please answer with flowchart.Thanks and god bless.
  14. Computer Programming

    Compute the income tax due on taxable income entered by the user, given the data as shown in the following table. Be sure to include error checking to make sure the user does not enter a negative number. Assume all entries are integer values.
  15. computer

    Which of the following is a form of cyberbullying? A. writing a friendly joke using etiquette B. posting embarrassing photos or secrets about somebody C. sharing a funny story about yourself D. posting a photo of someone with their permission I can't decide which one is right...
  16. statistik

    can you show me the calculation ;) The life expectancy of computer terminals is normally distributed with a mean of 4 years and standard deviation for 10 months. a. What is the probability that a randomly selected terminal will last more than 5 years? b. What percentage of ...
  17. computer ( Ms.Sue help )

    To reveal paragraph markers, such as spaces, hard returns, and tabs in your document, you should  A. click the General tab. B. click the Page Layout tab. C. right-click anywhere in the task bar and click the ¶ symbol. D. click the Show/Hide button.  C?
  18. Algebra

    I need to find the volume of a cylinder. Use 3.14 for pi...I think the answer is 24,501.42 m^2...the picture shown is a cylinder with a diameter of 34m and a heigth of 27m I know how to work these problems out and I got 24,501.42m^2 but the computer is giving me an answer of ...
  19. Computer science

    Take two inputs from user: N - #items B - budget. There are S items, each with some price value, out of which user needs to select N items in such a way that total bill does not exceed B. The program should print all such combination of N products.
  20. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur

    a. Describe how the statement that “language is the largest inhibitor to good communications” applies to Information Retrieval Systems. b. Relate this to the challenges in information retrieval that make it difficult to find the information a user is looking for. c. What ...
  21. computer programing

    What are the differences between fields, records and files? Need help trying to figure this out as what I can think of is just little as this So - a field is a SUBSET of a record; a record in turn is a SUBSET of a file, and a file is a subset of a database but not sure if this...
  22. Office Finances

    Your computer's hard drive has crashed and all data has been lost. To safeguard against data loss, you should have a.kept a tape backup, b. used a password on all confidential files c. stored your data frequently while working, d. an uninterrupted power supply
  23. Computer Tech

    I have to do a power point on a singer who has recently become famous. I chose Ariana Grande because she only has two albums. I have been trying to find her song and album release dates but cant find a website. Can someone please see if they could find one? It would be a big ...
  24. statistics

    4.90. Defective Equipment. A piece of electronic eqipment contains six computer chips, two of which are defective. Three chips are selected at random, removed from the piece of equipment, and inspected. Let x equal the number of defectives observed, where x = 0, 1, or 2. Find ...
  25. computer code

    Design a pseudocode for a program that accepts an ice cream flavor the price per gallon and number of gallons sold a year, display a message this flavor is the best seller having more than 40000 gallons a year sold
  26. business

    A data processing analyst for a research supplier finds that a preliminary computer run of survey results show that consumers love a client’s new product. The employee buys a large block of the client’s stock. Discuss the ethical ramifications of this decision. Which ...
  27. chemistry

    I am trying to calculate geometry optimization of cyclodextrin, however, the computer always show error 2070 in gaussian. I used sem-empirical pm3 and try pm6, and tried to find any method to do this work, but every try could not work. I hope any body on Jiskha can give me ...
  28. Physics

    A computer hard drive rotates at 5400 revolutions per minute. Starting from rest, what torque will get the hard drive up to that speed in just 150 revolutions? The moment of inertia of the hard drive is 1.3×10^-2 kg·m^2. I know the answer is 2.2 N.m, but I'm not sure ...
  29. business math

    a computer store sold 300 items -store sold 6 times asa many hard drives as theyn did cd-rom drives and half as many floppy dtives as hard drives how many of each item
  30. Computer Science (java1)

    can someone please tell me the equation for compshift? double Angle = 45.0; double AngleRadians; double ComptonShift ; //calculations AngleRadians = Math.toRadians(Angle); ComptonShift = Helpppp here
  31. math

    diego is saving money to buy a computer game. he saves $2 the first month , and each month after that, he saves twice as much as the previous month. which expression shows how much he saves in the third month
  32. science

    What are the parts of a computer? Please do not post duplicates. what i have to do mix gas and liquid in the house is dangoues what i have to do to mix gas and liqiuid in the house what is gases what i have to do in maths if is boring
  33. Math

    A computer store sold a total of 300 items in a month, and sold six times as many hard drives as they did CD-ROM drives, and half as many floppy drives as hard drives, how many of each item were sold?
  34. Computers

    Hello. Are there any programs with which we can change voice into text? How much are the programs? Would you let me know the website where the voice-text prrogrmas we cah purchase? It would be great if I can get my voice written on the computer?
  35. math

    nora has 1,555 on her computer .She rounds this number to the nearest ten ,to the nearest hundred,and to the nearest thousand . she gets three different rounded numbers. What are the numbers? why are there three different answers?
  36. adult education

    I am having a difficult time accessing information for a paper I need to reasearch on The American Medical Website. The topic is ethical opinions on computer confidentiality. They give you a hint that the articles should start with an E, but I have searched for hours and just ...
  37. computer sciece

    Let INFINITE PDA ={<M>|M is a PDA and L(M) is an infinite language} Show that INFINITE PDA is decidable.
  38. Math

    Computer processors are shipped in lots of 70 from a factory. Before being shipped, 21 are randomly tested from each lot. If any of these 21 fail, the entire lot is not shipped. What is the probability that a lot containing exactly 4 bad processors gets shipped?
  39. science computer

    Write a program to read the names and age of 10 people and print the name of the oldest person.assume that there are no person of the same is supplied in the following form:name,age,name,age
  40. Science

    Sir, I am Raveesh, I have done my M.Sc in Botany and B.Ed in Chemistry and Biology. Now i am working as a Lecturer in a college from last 2 years. I really interested to do online tutoring as a TUTOR / e-tutor. But I don't know how to do? Because I stay in Bangalore, INDIA. I ...
  41. Grammar

    Can someone please help me with these questions? I have noo idea about them! Identify the function of the relative pronoun in the adjective clause. 1.The game was designed by Zack, who studies computer programming. 2.We all enjoyed the play that you wrote. How can I find the ...
  42. English

    Can you check these sentences, please? 1)If you want to reduce this problem (a synonym for reduce?) 2)He thought that in a man there are good and evil parts (there is a good and an evil part) 3)You have to reuse them (instead of use them more times) 4)He said that he would ...
  43. computer science

    write a program that asks for the starting time and minutes of the call, and displays the charges. the program should ask for the time to be entered as a floating-point number in the form HH.MM. for example, 07:00 hours will be entered as 07.00, and 16:28 hours will be entered...
  44. math

    Norar compute three diffrent answers?r has 1,555 songs on her computer. S are therehe rounds this number to the nearest ten, to the nearest hundred and the nearest thousand. She gets three diffrent rounded numbers. What are the numbers? Why
  45. Statistics (Check Work)

    Can Someone help me with these 2 problems? I am certain I am solving them correctly, but for some reason the computer keeps marking my answers as incorrect. Question 1: Minnesota had the highest turnout rate of any state for the 2012 Presidential election. Political analysts ...
  46. pre calc

    The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? Please help I got 670,422 and the computer marked it round i then tried rounding it to 671000 but it was still ...
  47. Resume

    What is the different between posting a resume on line and hard copy An online resume is like a web page. It contains information about you, and other people can access it from a computer. A hard copy resume is a resume that is printed out on a piece of paper.
  48. Math

    There are 30 students in a math class. 12 belongs to the computer club and 8 belongs to the photograph club. three belongs to both. how many belongs to neither???
  49. Computer

    Write a pseudocode to input 10 temperatures per day for 20 days and output the average per day and the average for the 20 days.
  50. Math

    There Is 3/4 Of Class 218 Going To Art And 1/8 Going To Gym. The Rest Of The Class Is Going To Computer Class. What Fraction Of The Class Is Going To Computers ?
  51. math help please

    What is the perimeter of a computer graphic with sides measuring? 2√18, 2√32, 2√50, and 3√12 centimeters The perimeter is _______ centimeters.
  52. math

    what is the perimeter of a computer graphic with sides measuring 5 square root , 6 square root 108 , 2 square root 147 and 5 square root 8.
  53. English

    I need to double check my work please. Revise to create pronoun-antecedent agreement and eliminate the generic he and any awkward pronoun reference. 1) While shopping for a new computer for school, I noticed that a laptop costs much less then they use to. A) While shopping for...
  54. probability

    A computer has 12 hard drives. The probability that an individual hard drive fails within one year is .25. What is the probability that the system will have exactly 4 failures in one year?
  55. Literacy

    6. To avoid plagiarism in your written research paper, you must provide a citation for which of the following? A. The United Nations ruling on the Soviet-bloc countries B. Former President John F. Kennedy's birthday C. Statistics about Web usage you found in the Journal of ...
  56. Computer Science

    Write a regular expression defining strings that begin with an a and end with a b and can contain any number (including zero) of c's or d's in the middle. Every c that is in the string must be followed by at least one d. Construct a deterministic finite state automaton with no...
  57. Finance

    Dr. J. wants to buy a Dell computer which will cost $2,788 four years from today. He would like to set aside an equal amount at the end of each year in order to accumulate the amount needed. He can earn 7% annual return. How much should he set aside? A. $823.15 B. $531.81 C. $...
  58. Calculus

    Camille purchased a 10-yr franchise for a computer outlet store that is expected to generate income at the following rate measured in dollars/year. R(t) = 400,000 If the prevailing interest rate is 10%/year compounded continuously, find the present value of the franchise. (...
  59. computer graphics

    Write an OpenGL program that allows interactive creation of polygons via mouse input. That is, I click to create new vertices until I like the polygon, then make some indication (double click, right click, press a key, click a button; your choice) that I’m done, and the ...
  60. MATH

    20. A certain computer can perform 105 calculations per second. How many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds 21. Write the steps to solve the following problem. Explain your steps as you solve it. What are the steps to show the quotient in simplest form? 0.000027 ÷ 0....
  61. Statistics

    The lifetime of computer chips is approximately normal with mean 1.4×106 hours and standard deviation 3×105 hours. The statistics department has 5 computers built with that chip as the main component. What is the probability that all 5 computers last longer than 1.8×106 hours?
  62. Information literacy lesson 2

    Which of the following sources likely has the most reliable information? A. A computer science textbook written by an expert in the field in the early 2000s B. An article in last month's issue of a peer-reviewed trade journal C. A graduate student's blog that was updated ten ...
  63. English II B

    Deana created a computer-assisted slide show. To make the slide show legible, what is one thing she needs to avoid? A)typing bullets in a small font B)adding color and effects to the font C)printing handouts on paper D)adding tables and graphics
  64. operating system

    I need a breakdown of Windows, Users & Unix users.. Breakdown by year of computer virus growth... Breakdown of viruses by operating system... can you help me please???
  65. Math

    In Mrs Halls class of 30 students, 17 have computers at home and 20 have cassettes. If 4 students in the class have neither a computer or a cassette, how many of the 30 students have both?
  66. writing

    scenario describes an individual or organization with specific IT needs. Based on the information presented in the scenario, make a recommendation for which computer system type would be the best fit for each individual or organization and why. response should be 150 to 250 ...
  67. computer science

    Under the Von Neumann architecture, a program and its data are both stored in memory. It is therefore possible for a program, thinking a me mory location holds a piece of data when it actually holds a program instruction, to accidentally (or on purpose) modify itself. What ...
  68. math

    Which relationship would most likely have a positive correlation? The amount of memory in computer, and the number of keys on the keyboard. The rate at which a train travels, and the time it takes for it to reach its destination. The number of tickets sold for a baseball game...
  69. maths

    a computer game and battery costs£21. the game costs £20 more than the how much does the battery cost?
  70. math

    The markdown price of a computer game was $45.00, which represented 75% of the original selling price. What was the original selling price?
  71. math

    sales tax directions: find the total cost or sale price to the nearest cent? 1500 computer;7%discount Subtract 7% of $1500 from the price. This is the same thning as taking 93% of $1500. Your question mentions sales tax but you do not provide a rate for that.
  72. math

    A music store offers a prize to a computer who can guess the closest, the number of jelly beans that fill a litre jar on the counter. Estimate the number of jelly beans in the jar if 1 jelly bean is approximately 2cm long (h) by 1.5cm in diameter(d)
  73. math

    A certain computer program lets the user pick a positive number, decreases the number by 60%, and displays the square of the result. If the number displayed is 140% larger than the number that the user picked, what number did the user pick?
  74. Business Research

    A data processing analyst for a research supplier finds that a preliminary computer run of survey results show that consumers love a client’s new product. The employee buys a large block of the client’s stock. Discuss the ethical ramifications of this decision. Which ...
  75. Physics

    Computer-controlled display screens provide drivers in the Indianapolis 500 with a variety of information about how their cars are performing. For instance, as a car is going through a turn, a speed of 201 mi/h (89.847 m/s) and a centripetal acceleration of 4.00g (four times ...
  76. English

    what is the complete subject and complete predicate on the following sentances 1. Angela's favorite program changes the colors and sixes of images. 2. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red, blue or yellow. 3. They can also focus a photograph, or they can adjust its ...
  77. science

    At a murder scene, you have started making an image of a computer’s drive. You’re in the back bedroom of the house, and a small fire has started in the kitchen. If the fire can’t be extinguished, you have only a few minutes to acquire data from a 10 GB hard disk. ...
  78. art

    My internet is down for my computer and I can only use data. I can't go back for my notes 1. This drawing was made using what natural resource? (1 point) A. harvesting the clay from a corn plant B. making the clay from water and pigments C. making the clay by mixing sand and ...
  79. Computer Visual Basics 2008

    This questions is from Chapter 5, #54) Write a program to compute tips for services rendered. The program should request th person's occupation, the amount of the bill, and the percentage tip as input and pass this informaiton to a Sub procedure to display the person and the ...
  80. Econometrics

    Hello I have this econometrics question that I have to solve without computer. (True model) yi = B0 + B1x1i + B2x2i + B3x3i + ui (Regression model) ^yi = 13.16 - 0.052(x1i - x21) + 0.2x3i SST = 1833 R^2 = known R^2 (bar) = known n = known with the standard errors being ...
  81. Science

    Can you recommend some good website to use for this project? I get computer stumped sometimes. I have read where people want you to do the project, I’m not, I just need your help to recommend some good website to gather this information.
  82. computers ( basics)

    I was wondering I have an Excel project that needs to be done I have MSW 2007 and the school uses MSW 2003 are the compatibly or is the a way for me to get MSW 2003 ( of course keeping my MSW 2007) and not messing up my computer thanks
  83. trig

    Peter (P) and Jamie(J) have computer factories that are 132 miles apart. They both ship their completed parts to Diane (D). Diane is 72 miles from Peter and 84 miles from Jamie. Using the points D,J,and P to form a triangle, find m<PDJ to the nearest tenth of a degree.
  84. Programming Logic

    I need to create a flowchart/psuedocode for a dice game that give you 2 rolls with 5 dice, 3 rolls per game. the computer will roll the 4 dice and calculate your score. my question i need to repeat this 3 times and can i use nested loops and if do i set this up...
  85. computer

    suppose the 640GB western digital hard drive install in the RAID array has failed, find a replacement drive as close to this drive as possible. print three web pages showing the size, features and price of three possible replacement
  86. Buddha Story....

    May I post a Buddhist Koan (parable or riddle) that I wrote myself and get a critique of it? I already showed it to some of my Buddhist friends at the Pao Fa Temple and they really liked it. No. It is not homework, and we do homework help, and do that pretty well. We do not do...
  87. science

    Just need to know if my answer is wrong or right. Thank You! :) Joe's computer mouse doesn't work. He wonders if it is plugged in. He checked the mouse cord and discovers that it is unplugged. Which stage of the scientific method is Joe in when he checks if the mouse plugged ...
  88. Math

    I need help please A computer can execute 64 instructions per second. How many instructions can it execute in 10 minutes? Multiply 3 1/6 x 9/11 x 6/17. Write the answer in simplest form Divide 6/25 / 2/15. Write the result in simplest form.
  89. statistics

    The average teenager spends 7.5 hours per week playing computer and video games. In a random sample of 110 teenagers, what is the probability that their mean time for playing games is more than 8 hours per week?
  90. math

    65 men 75 women are enfolled in calculus. There are 30 business majors, 40 biology majors, 50 computer science majors, and 20 mathematics majors. No person has a double. If a single calculus student is chosen, find the probability that that the student is not a mathematics major
  91. computer

    you know when people show a film and they have some part cut off like when: you are holding a piece of paper but the hand part doesnt show because you did something to the film to make it look like the paper is flying. How do you do that?
  92. computer programing

    Car A, with a mass of 1250 kg, is traveling at 30 m/s to the east. A truck with mass of 2000 kg, traveling to the west at 25 m/s. An inelastic collision occurred, not sticking together, the car goes off 10 m/s to the west. What is the resulting velocity of the truck?
  93. Alegbra

    1. –9x – 5 = –95 a) 17 b) 11 c) 10 d) –10 2. x/4 – 5 = –8 a) –27 b) –12 c) –7 d) 12 3. x/5 + 6 = 10 a) 44 b) 30 c) 20 d) –20 4. –2(m – 30) = –6m a) –15 b) –13 c) –8 d) 8 5. 3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x a) 10 b) –1 c) 1 d) .1 Simplify this ...

    Given assumed valencies: H=1, N=3, & C=4 i am now required to draw the structural formulae of HYDROGEN CYANIDE and CYANOGEN. H:C:::N is the Lewis electron dot structure. If you want to use "sticks" as a bond instead of two electrons, one stick stands for two electrons. H-...
  95. mat115

    Need help with this math question and need to show work. A computer transmits 11 web pages in 4 seconds to a web server. A second commputer transmit 33 pages in 8 seconds to the server. are these two computers transmitting at the same speed. Yes or no and how?
  96. socials

    I try to post and see if work. It happen to me like this that one day I be able to post the other day not. That so weird. Thanks for help with my assignments days ago ms. sue. I ask my sister to post them for me my computer not work for Jiskha. If this be able to post I be so ...
  97. Computer proof

    Prove by induction on all positive integer k that if m is any ordinary nfa with k states, and m has fewer than k - 1 transitions, then there exists a state of m that is not reachable. Let N be the λ-NFA: "L" for "λ" b >(1) -----> ((2)) | ^. | b| | L. | a V |. V...
  98. Physics websites

    I just want to ask if there's a website in physics that you don't have to do the experiment on your own and you can just do it in the computer and study it and answer the question to that experiment/lab. I'm really having problems with my experiments and I don't have enough ...
  99. math

    Erika spent5/6 hr. on her computer visiting the History Channel and the Discovery Channel websites. She spent 12 minutes at the history channel website. What fraction of an hour did she spend at the discovery channel website?
  100. MBA Practice problems

    you are presently involved with a project to establish the cost of the gold presently used in the production of 1000 computer chips per month. each chip uses two grams of 20 ct gold with the remaining portion of a metal whose cost is insignificant. what is the monthly cost of ...
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