chemistry (doubt)

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Im completly lost in this one. Im suppose Answer the following: Punctuating Sentences Without a doubt, cramming for the test. my answer> Without a doubt; I study to extend of cramming the test. Just to clarify... my answer> Without a doubt; I study to the extend of ...

Language arts

Shrieking from in the tenth row, the girls were no doubt her biggest fans. Which best identifies the word modified by the boldfaced participle phrase? A. doubt B. Her C. Girls D. fans I think it's B, but not sure.


To look with admiration at someone or something is to ______ but to look at something very closely is to _____. If we seek to verify something, we are seeking to find out if what we heard _____. If you doubt someone's veracity, you doubt that he or she is ________


Rewrite the sentence using the correct punctuation sentence: Without a doubt, cramming for a test. Please help. Thanks, Your words are not a complete sentence. You need to add a subject for "cramming for a test." Who is cramming for a test? Ok, is this a complete sentence: ...

Criminal Procedure

proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case to convict is required by: A) The 6th Amendment B) The 5th Amendment C) The equal protection clauses. D) The due process clauses. If you ask me the answer is in the question..Proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But if I had to ...

To Anonymous - English Help

I'm sorry but I accidentally removed your post. Homework Help: English help Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 9:51pm. To look with admiration at someone or something is to ______ but to look at something very closely is to _____. If we seek to verify something, ...

Adult Development and Life Assessment

The ________________ stage of Erikson’s model of psychosocial development is like a “hub” that early stages lead to and later stages depend on. identity vs. identity confusion intimacy vs. isolation generativity vs. stagnation autonomy vs. shame and doubt identity vs. ...

chemistry (doubt)

We know that all matter are made up of atoms and all atoms consists of electrons ,protons, neutrons ,etc.Then why do we find such a variety of matter?Why is wood not gold?


Feelings of uneasiness of doubt _ U _ L _ _

Economics- Micro

You have an option to hire 2 hunters. The first hunter is able to kill two deers in an hour, the other hunter is able to kill one deer in an hour. Do you, without a doubt, hire the first hunter because he has an absolute advantage? My question is that as there is only one ...

question (doubt)....

solve to find x and y:- x^3+8y^3+x+2y=0


-3n-(-1)=29 My answer is n=9.9 I doubt plZ help. Thank you,


what is the role of doubt in relationship to faith?

Organic Chemistry

I'm a beginner in the subject. It's a category that is overviewed in my AP Chem class. I need some help understanding the following: dimethyl-n-butylmethane diethylmethylmethane diethyldimethylmethane trimethylisobutylmethane diethylisopropylmethane dimethylisopropylmethane...


Portrays the alternation between faith and doubt?


can u see if i did this right because i highly doubt i did name each of the following acids: a) HF i put Hydrogen fluoride b) HBr i put hydrogen bromide c) HNO3 don't know this one d) H2SO4 didn't know this one either e) H3PO4 i put Hydrogen phosphoric


radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following


A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following

ENG 225

Why do many theorists doubt that genres exist at all?

Social Studies

"But assuming that national identities will persist, can a European identity be built alongside them or over them? Is there such an identity, and if not, is it desirable? Is there, or can there be, such a thing as European patriotism." Based on this excerpt, what is the main ...

phil 103

A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? (Points : 1)


I have to summarize 10 articles relating to the topics we had covered in class. However, there are 3 sources out of the 10 that I don't understand. Could someone possibly go through the sources and summarize them. 1.) This article covers Nuclear Chemistry (Nuclear Reactors) to...


How would one work through this problem? -Calculate the number of liters of 1.25M solution that can be made from 6.400g of barium nitrate. - I know that it's just stoichiometry, but I'm confused. The formula for molarity is the number of moles of the solute divided by liters ...


Suzuki no doubt hopes his arguments will spur us to action .Does his closing help to achieve that goal


what is the solution of the system y=-3x 3x+2y=6 a. 2, 6 b. -1, 3 c. -2, 6 d. 1.5, -4.5 I have an answer but I seriously doubt it's wrong. Please help for this one? Thanks

Critical Reading

Inductive arguments leave no room for doubt as to the truth of their conclusions. true or false

Math /Algebra

Equation: y=mx+b If m= slope b= y-intercept what is x and y??? I doubt I worded this in a way that makes sense but I need help.


The main purpose of a transition is to: A. conclude a thought. B. indicate doubt. C. add emphasis. D. link ideas. D


How many tutors actually volunteer their time on this site? I doubt 200...not being rude, just want to know honestly.


i have a doubt if "the" should be capitalized in this sentence: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence for our country.


A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? 3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening. *All of the above Is this correct?


1. A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? (Points : 1) 3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening. All of the above

work with parents and families

To succeed, a parent-caregiver relationship must be based on mutual A. Trust B. Wariness C. Doubt D. Ability A.

Child Care

To succeed,a parent-caregiver relationship must be baed on mutual B.wariness C.doubt D.ability I chose A as my answer.


1. He will ask you what you like. 2. I doubt what he will do. 3. Tell me what you want. 4. I don't remember what he said. 5. I know what his job is. 6. He told me what I liked. (Are the sentences all correct? 'What' in each sentence is an interrogative pronoun, right?

PHYSICS (conceptual doubt)

If a professional jumper jumps in a running train and remains in air (say for ~5 sec),does he return back to his orginal position?


As a student of Erikson , you realize that your search for independence is a challenge of A..mistrust versus trust B..autonomy vs shame and doubt C...initiative VS guilt D...industry vs inferiority


PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone said to you that...."doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty."....what would this mean to you???

Children Development

At Erickson Autonomy Shame and Doubt stage how do parents hinder or promote a child development?


Two objects are at different temperatures,and occurs thermal equilibrium, does the size of the object affects the transfer of heat? I need help. This doubt is not allowing me to continue in my homework.


i have another doubt in this sentence with "son" one rule is to capitalize any title when used as a direct address. Jesus is the son of God.

law and ethics in allied health

res ipsa loquitur means the burden of proof? a.falls on the plaintiff b.proves the negligence c.shifts to the defendant d.exceeds reasonable doubt my answer is c

Sue: acc300

I removed your post because it contains 25 questions for your final exam. We do not do exams. I also doubt if your instructor would welcome this exam being posted on the internet.


Another doubt. Thank you very much for your help. 1) She said to me (she told me) that I could go to the cinema as long as I finished my homework. 2) Is "she said to me" a mistake? say is normally followed by direct speech.

child development and human behavior

what does the statement "Extremely autonomous children" mean a)usually have a strict displine at home b) can't be creative c)suffer from self-doubt d)may not follow rules easily


A last doubt. Who did the Tories descend from? What did the Tories .... Where did the Tories ...? The Royalists would be the answer. Which is best? Thank you.


A solution of I2 was standardized with ascorbic acid. Using a 0.1000-g sample of pure ascorbic acid (C6H8C6), 25.32 ml of I2 were required to reach the starch end point. What is the molarity of the iodine solution? Please check to see if I did this right: (0.1000g Ascorbic ...


Which one of the following sentences or phrases is most likely to be considered a cliché? A. How dead is a dead doornail? B. When in doubt, pout. C. Are you a man or a moose? D. Look before you leap. Answer is "D"

criminal justice

IN a search warrant, the description of the property you searching for must meet the standard of a. reasonable particularity b. clear and convincing c. beyond a reasonable doubt d. preponderance of evidence i think its C

Foreign languages

I still have a doubt. Thank you, Writeacher. The best times to visit the temples are sunrise and sunset (or at sunrise and at sunset).

anyone plz check if its right

(4q+2)-(2q-3) if i simplify it will it be 2q+5? correct You can drop the parentheses and rearrange the terms to get (4q+2)-(2q-3)=4q-2q + 2-(-3)=2q+5 definately correct! i don't think that it is that hard if you drop the brackets you can't doubt it!


I have a doubt in this statement: We've been best friends for years and still we're going to be more than best friends 1)What is the simple predicate in this sentence?


I need two examples where in the book Huckleberry finn. Huck doesn't believe in himself or he is having self doubt. does anyone know an example or two where this happens in the book? thanks


I last doubt on the same sentence. I just want to summarize the use of "leave". We are leaving Turin at ... We are leaving for Malpensa Airport at .... The verb "to leave" can be followed by "from", "for" or the place. Is it OK?


I still have a doubt. Are the following sentences possible? 1) She accepted to drive me home. 2) Emma blamed me for taking her money. She accused me of taking her money.


A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? 3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening All of the above I'm thinking (all of the above), but I'm not sure.

French I for Danielle

There is still some confusion as to which "Discovering French" you currently have. No doubt it is one of 3 published by D C Heath, but is it the "rouge" or the "bleu" or the "nouveau." It would also be helpful to know which edition (copyright date.)


Also with calculator, graph f(x), and determine all the possible maxima/minima coordinates to within two decimal points. f(x)=x^3+2x^2-x-2/x^2+x-6 i did this and got my answers but i doubt they are right, can anyone get the answers if you have a TI-83-84 please? thank you.


1. Tell me where she lives. 2. He asked me how she should do. 3. He showed them how to open the bottle. 4. Do you know why he was late? 5. I don't remember when she arrived. 6. I wonder how he open the door. 7. I doubt why he didn't come here. ---------------------- ...


what is the appropriate level of proof for showing a valid Miranda waiver? Proof beyond a reasonable doubt, Probable cause, Preponderance of evidence, Clear and convincing evidence


How many bulleted topics must be included in documentation relating to a detailed psychiatric analysis? I doubt if the APA has a standard number. It to me, would be determined by how many salient points are in the analysis. I read one today that had 13.

world civilizations II

Hitler expected to find lebensraum for Germany's expanding population: a) in lands of inferior Slavic peoples b)in Africa c)by moving more of the German population to cities d)by conquering France I am doubt between a and d :


A 453 K and 755 mm Hg , what volume of N2 completely react with 22.2 L H2 to produce NH3 ? N2 ( g ) + 3 H2 ( g ) -> 2 NH3 ( g ) I doubt if I use the ideal gas formula PV = nRT or another , but having only a pressure and a temperature which is not used because it is not what...


Which food would be hard to digest if a person's gall bladder were removed? A. Fat B. Starch C. Protein D. Fatty acid I think that it is fat but I am still in doubt what do you think??? You are correct.


This is for a 4th grd science project. I am in doubt in what independent variables to use for the project. The topic that my daughter selected is Does heart rate INCREASE with INCREASING SOUND volume? Thank you for your help!!!


1. I know why she was late. 2. I wonder why she was late for school. 3. I doubt why she came back home late. 4. He told me how he got there. 5. He asked me why I didn't study. 6. He showed me how to get to the station. ------------------------ Are they all grammatical? Are ...

Theories and issues in working with school-age chi

The stage described by Erik Erikson as most commonly seen in seven-year-old children is A. initiative vs. guilt. B. industry vs. inferiority. C. trust vs. mistrust. D. autonomy vs. shame and doubt. D.


A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? 3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening. All of the above I think it would be that cheese is fattening but not exactly sure. Please help!


How can a particle have energy but no mass?when there is an equation E=mc^2. Another question how can light particles have momentum without mass !When p=mv>>>>>>>>>DOUBT PLZ CLARIFY! DOUBTS ARE THE KILLERS OF HUMAN BRAIN!


I still have a doubt, Could you check this sentence, please? 1) I think it would be best if our science department (head??) teacher would get in touch with you directly so that you can discuss every detail before drawing up the project.


ANTONIO SAID, "TO SOLVE 506-288, I CAN THINK OF 5 HUNDREDS AS 50 TENS." HOW MIGHT THIS HELP HIM SUBTRACT? I doubt if it would help. The logic is this. Take away 28 tens from 50 tens. that leaves 22. Now you have 226 -8 which is 218


I just have one more doubt on the previous definition. A cameraman operates a camera for film or TV /for a film or TV program. (Do the two phrases have the same meaning? Are they both grammatical? Thank you.

Chemistry (Check)

True or False? In a structural formula a shared pair of electrons is represented by two dashes. Is this True? Fill in the blank Structural formulas show the arrangement of____________ in molecules. is it electrons? A shared pair is represented by two dots. Structural formulae ...

Theories and issues in working with school-age chi

The stage described by Erik Erikson as most commonly seen in seven-year-old children is  A. initiative vs. guilt. B. industry vs. inferiority. C. trust vs. mistrust. D. autonomy vs. shame and doubt.  Is the answer C.


I have a last doubt. Thank you I taught to my students (or my students?) how to speak? I'll write to you soon. I can't understand why in English the indirect object is not always preceded by "to". Can you give me examples? Thank you. He gave his life to his fatherland. Or He ...


"Investors and their wives" is considered sexiest because: a)investors may be female b)not all investors are married c)"investors" refers only to woman d)business document should not mention people's lives outside work I doubt between A and B?Can you help me,THANKS:)))


Can you please check these sentences as a comment to the famous soliloquy "To be or not to be"? 1)Hamlet wonders whether it is better to leave things as they are bearing the “slings and arrows” of outrageous fortune or to make a stand against his mass of troubles. 2)He can...

English check

Which is correct? For this section, choose the answer choice that represents the correctly punctuated sentence. 1. A. The tall, dark, and handsome man was actually a con artist, and he fooled his friends for years. B. The tall, dark, and handsome man was actually a con artist ...


The sign on the parking meter says “Out of Order,” so the meter isn’t working. a) true beyond a reasonable doubt b) probably true c) possibly true or possible false my answer is "B" please help


Rewrite the paragraph, correcting all errors in subject-verb agreement. In this article about Arthur Ashe, there is several stories about the tennis player's inner strength. Here is some examples: Ashe did not let the other players know what he was feeling. There were always a...


If I said "The great American classic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain and first published in 1884, is without a doubt...." would I put a comma after novel? Yes -- so far you have the commas in the right places. =)


I have a last doubt. According to your exlanations: I gave him the book/or the book to him. BUT I wrote him the letter(or the letter to him. BUT I wrote to him. (is also possible) She explained to me how to get there.


I left out one more thing. 1) I have a doubt: How is Elizabethan theatre structured (or the Elizabethan theatre) structured?


Delta H is 20.1 kJ/mol and Delta S is 45.9 J/(mol-k). Assuming these values change very little with temperature, over what temperature range is the reaction spontaneous in the forward direction? Is the reaction spontaneous for temperatures less than or greater than the solved ...


Hello. I will highly appreciate some help. Please check the sentences (whether they are natural and grammatically correct): 1) "His life can justifiably be considered exemplary." 2) "I have always acknowledged his intellect and erudition." 3) "He is no doubt a unique person ...

connections academy

So this isn't a questions about any subject really. I'm just here to ask, is this website ok to use or is it cheating? If it is cheating then why is it created . I also saw a couple of teachers so I doubt its cheating but I just want to make sure so I don't do anything wrong.


Thank you. Can you please clarify this doubt to me? If the answer is "since 1998" can the question be: How long is it since you got married"? Is the sentence "How long ago did you marry"? wrong. The verb is "get married". When did you divorce your fist wife?

spanish last one thanks

subjective with doubt, disbelief and denial 1. Creo que ellos ( jugar) al futbol. 2. No Hiego que ustedes ( estudiar ) 3. Es obvio que Luis (aburrirse) so confused on how to conjugate these - I have ten but these first three should give me direction on how to do this.


I really need you to consider this rephrase of Hamlet's monologue "To Be or not To Be" and help me check it. I added a few more things and I'd like know your opinion. Thank you. 1)Hamlet wonders if it is better to bear the slings and arrows of outragous fortune, that is to ...

ELA - English

Choose the correct function for "needs" from the sentence below: my friend cooper needs to go to the orthodontists office on wednesday because one of his brackets is loose * complete predicate object of preposition transitive verb intransitive verb***my choice (doubt it)


3)How mnay subsets of 6 integers taken from the numbers 1,2,3...,20 are there such that there are no consecutive integers in any subset (e.g. if 5 is in the subset then 4 and 6 cannot be in it)? This is a fairly challenging problem, what have you tried so far? There are 20 ...

Using the factor Theorem

use the factor theorem to determine whether x-c is a factor of f(x) f(x)=x^3+8x^2-18x+20; x-10 I have a doubt in my answer, i determined that x-10 is not a factor... am i right? please verify as my exam is tomorrow night at college. thank you for your time and hard work:)

PHYSICS work on a ramp!!!

How much work is it to push a box (mass 190 kg) up an incline (angle 16 degrees with the horizontal) that is 8.3 meters long, if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the incline is 0.6? My doubt is how do I find force?

Calculus: implicit differentiation

Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation 1. x^3 -xy+ y^2= 7 The given answer is (y-3x^2)/ (2y-x), but I'm not getting it. 2. How would I do this one? If I couldn't do the above one, which looks a heck of a lot simpler, I doubt I'll get through this one. x^ (6/7) + y^ (8/5) = 16


I forgot to include the following sentence. I corrected it but I still have a doubt. 1) The poet says that the girl's song is more welcome than any chant of the nightingale to weary travelers in the desert, and that the cuckoo-bird has never sung with such a thrilling voice (...


which of the following is not a type of break in the graph? a) holes b) horizontal asymptotes c) jumps d) vertical asymptotes I know for sure that a is not the answer and i doubt that c is the answer. I think the answer would be b. 2. Describe what can be inferred about the ...


I have to write sentences with subjunctive verbs in them, and I'm supposed to remember WEIRDO to help me remember the uses of the subjunctive. I understand Will/Wish and Emotion and Impersonal expressions and Requests and Doubt/Denial, but I don't understand the last one. What...


Was Richard Wagner ever commited into an insane asylum? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some bios on Richard Wagner. They are most interesting and I saw Parsifal at the Bayreuth Festival one summer. Skimming these bios, I did not see he had been ...


Solve graphically. x-y=0 y=x² The reason I don't understand the question is the second equation with the x². How do I graph that? I'm not sure if I ever graphed with an exponent, and if I did, it was a long time ago. I'm reposting this because I didn't understand Damon's ...


can somebody who has done LLB advice me on studyn for da first year exam in may..i fear cz i was not really in touch n i doubt whethr i can score well for all 4 subjects(criminal/contract/constitution/english legal system) pls advice me how to pass all outline of ...


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