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  1. chemistry

    name an isomer of pentane (that is not cyclic)and write down its structure
  2. chemistry

    Among water, ethanol and isopropanol, Which has the largest molar mass.
  3. chemistry

    Does the element sodium have properties in common with NaCl? Explain
  4. Chemistry

    IS glass etching by Hydrofluoric acid a physical or chemical change? Thanks you
  5. Physics/chemistry

    Describe the partcle Theory of a HOt air Balloon?
  6. chemistry

    How can you differentiate between the solid and the gas states at the molecular level?
  7. Chemistry

    How can you differentiate between the solid and the gas states at the molecular level?
  8. Chemistry

    Can someone help me balance this equation ZnCl2 + (NH4)2S ------- NH4Cl + ZnS
  9. chemistry

    What is the mass of hydrogen produced from the reaction of 2.31 grams of HCl with magnesium?
  10. chemistry

    If the molecular speed of a gas increases, its rate of diffusion will__________.
  11. chemistry

    Which must be a mixture of substances? a- Solid b- Liquid c- Gas d- Solution
  12. Chemistry

    What is the final product of citric acid combined with sodium hydroxide
  13. chemistry

    Determine the percentage composition of each of the following compounds a) NaCl b) AgNO3 c) Mg(OH)2
  14. chemistry

    What mass in grams of potassium hydroxide is cntained in 500 mL of solution that has a pH of 11.5?
  15. chemistry

    why do some M&M dye's travel farther than others when placed in water?
  16. chemistry

    What is the maximum amount (in grams) of CO2 that can be obtained from 454g of Fe2O3?
  17. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the pH, pOH, [H3O] and [OH] for a 0.067 M solution of sodium iodate
  18. chemistry

    In 2 - 3 scentences, please write how electrochemistry is involved in preventing corrosion. Thank you
  19. chemistry

    Enter the oxidation number with the sign above each element H2 OH^- Mg^2+ CO3^2-
  20. chemistry

    The atomic masses of elements are generally not whole numbers. Explain why.
  21. Chemistry

    The molecular structure around the oxygen in water is _________ I don't know what to put
  22. Chemistry ? help!

    How do I perform the following conversions of pressure units: 168 torr = What?
  23. chemistry

    What functional group(s) must be present in a monomer of a condensation reaction?
  24. chemistry

    What functional group(s) must be present in a monomer of a condensation reaction?
  25. chemistry

    sir i didn't understand the first i made it more detailed for u though ty
  26. Chemistry

    Manganese has the oxidation number of +5 in ______ . . (A) [MnF6]3– (C) [MnO4]2– (B) Mn2O7 (D) [Mn(CN)6]–
  27. chemistry

    What is the bond order of OH- and OH+? I tried to solve it but couldn't so Im about to give up. Help me please.
  28. chemistry

    My best answer would be: HCl]4[O2] / [H2O]2[Cl2]2 Is this correct?
  29. chemistry

    Why can two different elements have similar atomic masses?
  30. chemistry

    where on the periodic table are most natural radioactive nuclides located?
  31. chemistry

    So if there is Ag2CrO4, the metal wire, in a SCE and Hg2Cl2 which will be the anode and cathode?
  32. chemistry

    how do you draw a calomel electrode. Does it require two or one cells?
  33. chemistry boiiii

    to find the number of moles is it... mole=mass/grams
  34. organic chemistry

    what's the relative cost of petrochemicals to the materials they have replaced??
  35. Organic chemistry

    How many stereogenic carbon atoms does the alkaloid morphine have?
  36. organic chemistry

    How many stereogenic carbon atoms does the alkaloid morphine have?
  37. chemistry

    If K = 1.8 x 10 for HC H O (aq) „\ H (aq) + C H O (aq), and 100 mL of aqueous solution has [HC H O ] = 0.50 M, [H ] = 0.090 M, and [C H O ] 0.0010 M, is the system at equilibrium?
  38. Chemistry

    im curious if i post my work on here will anyone check it for me to see if it is right?
  39. chemistry

    Calculate the number of english tons(2000 lb per ton) in 6.03 lb
  40. chemistry

    f the pressure of 2 L of a gas at STP doubles, the new volume would be
  41. chemistry

    Why do gases deviate from ideal behavior at very high pressures
  42. chemistry

    what change occurs when sucrose solution is heated?Give evidence.

  44. Chemistry

    Why isn't hydrochloric acid used to both dissolve and precipitate silver?
  45. Chemistry 101

    How many kg of chlorine are in 23kg of each of the following? CFCl_3 C2F3Cl3 CF3Cl
  46. Chemistry

    Given that for ethanoic acid pKa=4.75, calculate the pH of sodium ethanoate 0.1M.

  48. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for.... 1 Ca(NO3)2 + 1 K2CO3 ==> 1 CaCO3 + 2 KNO3
  49. Chemistry

    An object has a mass of 128g and a volume of 27cm3. Find the density.
  50. chemistry

    Rank the following from Longest to Shortest bond length: i) H-F ii) As-As iii) NC iv) O=O v) Cl-Cl
  51. Ap Chemistry- Organic

    How does polairty of isopropyl alcohol differ from polarity of water?
  52. chemistry

    can nuclear chemists convert elements into unstable ones? If so how?
  53. Chemistry

    How is the temperature change in an alcohol related to how storng the intermolecular forces are?
  54. Chemistry

    a bottle of a soft drink looks pure, but it is not, how could you demonstrate that it is a mixture? thanks
  55. chemistry

    Which of the following is an acidic oxide? a. ) NO2 b. ) H2O c. ) K2O d. ) NaCl e. ) Ca(OH)2
  56. chemistry

    All gases are in soluble in water.Whether it is ture or false
  57. chemistry

    What is the chemical composition of ozone, carbon dioxide, salt and water
  58. 11th grade chemistry

    whats the ionic name for strontium iodide
  59. chemistry home work

    2 examples on sediment plz reply fast...
  60. chemistry

    How many moles of gas does it take to occupy 120L at 2.3atm and 340K
  61. chemistry

    Why is water a liquid but carbon dioxide a gas at room temperature.
  62. Chemistry

    If you add hydrochloric acid (HCl) to magnesium (Mg) metal, what will you observe?
  63. Chemistry

    What is the group 3A element that forms the most basic oxide? I thought it was TI, why isn't it? thanks
  64. chemistry

    What is formed when Na2S is added to a beaker containing amonnia solution?
  65. Chemistry

    why do we use different instrument to make absorbance and fluorescence measurments?
  66. chemistry

    what 3 groups do scientists put elements into in the periodic table?
  67. Chemistry

    What would happen if you mixed sugar and sulferic acid together?
  68. Chemistry

    If I was to react a borax solution with a sulphuric acid to neutralise it, what products will I get?
  69. chemistry

    Calculate the number of C, H, and O atoms in 4.50 g of glucose (C6H12O6), a sugar. help please?
  70. chemistry

    What happens in terms of energy and stability when a covalent bond forms?
  71. chemistry

    what is the electron configuration of a calcium atom whose atomic number is 20
  72. Chemistry -- plz help

    how do i calculate the percentage of ionic character .. ex. H-O = electronegativity difference = 1.2
  73. chemistry

    What mass of iron contains the same number of atoms as 70.05 g of nitrogen?
  74. chemistry

    where would you find silicon dioxide outside a chemitry lab?
  75. chemistry

    where would you find silicon dioxide outside a chemitry lab?
  76. chemistry

    how do i draw lewis structures for: CH2Cl2, CH3OH and NH3 .. plz help
  77. chemistry

    how many electrons are shared by two atoms that form a triple bond?
  78. Bobpursley+Chemistry

    Hey Can you take a look at my previous post that you replied on.
  79. college Chemistry

    Ok this is the question... Complete the combustion of butane... CH3CH2CH2CH3 + O2 ====> ____________
  80. chemistry

    how do i balance Cu+O2 arrow(i don't know how to make one)CuO. And what is the reaction type.
  81. chemistry

    What is the relationship between the molar mass of Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe and the melting points of their solids?
  82. chemistry

    If a satellite orbits the earth at a velocity of 3.2 x 10⁶ km/hr, this would be the same as how many ft/s?
  83. Chemistry

    Suppose we want to know whether on mixing h2o2 with fe+2,the oxidation of fe+2 to fe+3 will take place or not.
  84. chemistry

    symbol used in a chemical equation to indicate the phrase with react with?
  85. Chemistry

    Is rate of evaporation directly or inversely related to molecular weight
  86. Chemistry

    A scientist has 0.46mL of a solution. How would she convert this volume to microliters?
  87. chemistry

    how many grams of solid NaOH are required to prepare 200 ml of a .05 M solution?
  88. chemistry

    how many milliliters of 5M NaCl are required to prepare 1500 ml of .002M solution?
  89. organic chemistry

    what is the first and second step in a alkene halogenation reaction
  90. Chemistry

    Name an isomer of pentane (that is not cyclic) and write down its structure.
  91. Chemistry

    What are some advantages of using nuclear power as a source of electricity?
  92. Chemistry

    Are these compounds organic, if not what are they? Kmno4 CH3OH C6H6 PdC12 CH3CO2H
  93. Chemistry

    Why is the benzene molecule represented as " a flat cyclohexane with a ring inside?"
  94. CHemistry

    Why do cis and trans isomeric compounds exhibit different properties?
  95. Chemistry

    Name an isomer of pentane (that is not cyclic) and write down its structure.
  96. Chemistry

    i need help. Calculate the pH of a 0.24 M CoCl3 solution. The Ka value for Co(H2O)63+ is 1.0 10-5. how do u do these with like the Cl there?
  97. Chemistry

    Why does the simplest ketone have three carbon atoms and no fewer?
  98. Chemistry

    Name the following: CH3CH2CH(OH)COOH CH3OCH2CH2CH3 C4H9O(C=O)CH3
  99. Chemistry

    What would be the molality of a solution made up of 75cm^3 of water and 0.21 g of NaCl?
  100. Chemistry

    How do you determine the number of moles in 78.6 grams of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) ?
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