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  1. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of molecules in 4grams of oxygen gas
  2. Chemistry

    What kind of reaction is it when you put a potato in hydrogen peroxide?
  3. Science Chemistry

    How do I make an electron dot diagram for MgO? (
  4. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of a 0.45M solution of Na2SO3 where Ka1 = 1.5 x 10^(-2) and Ka2 = 6.3 x 10^(-8).
  5. Chemistry

    Why is trioxonitrate v acid not used for preparing hydrogen from metals
  6. Chemistry

    How do you make 5% ammonium oxalate? I know the mass is 142.11g.
  7. Chemistry 11

    Mass of oxygen needed to react completely with 64.3 g ammonia?
  8. Chemistry

    How can I determine the H3O+ concentration of 0.50 M HCHO2 if I don't have the Ph of the solution?
  9. chemistry

    i need the exat percentage of nitrogen in magnesium nitride
  10. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for the neutralization of CHOOH with NaOH?
  11. Chemistry

    What is the shortest possible wavelength for a line in the Balmer series?
  12. Chemistry

    What is the chemical formula for slime using glue and borax?
  13. Chemistry

    The amount of k2Cr2O7 required to prepare 100 ml of its 0.05 N solution
  14. Chemistry help pls

  15. chemistry

    calculate the volume occupied by 30.5grams of ammonia gas at s.t.p. (N=14,H=1)
  16. Chemistry

    C3H8 +________O2 ---------3CO+4H2O . Which is the balance the reaction A. 1 B. 7 C. 5 D.3
  17. Chemistry

    How many atoms of sulfur are in a 3.4g sample of sodium thiosulphate, Na2S2O3?
  18. chemistry

    theoretically, how much iodoform could be prepared from 25ml of 95% of ethanol( 0.79)?
  19. chemistry

    How do you find the number of moles required to neutralize acids?
  20. chemistry

    Are triglycerides made of three ethene saturated or unsaturated?

    What volume of 2.5*10^-2 M H2SO4 is required to neutralize 125mL if 0.03 M KOH
  22. Chemistry

    How to distinguish between 3 alcohol types explain please
  23. Chemistry

    Why are the atomic masses of elements usually decimal numbers?
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of neutrons present in 12.10^25 atoms of water
  25. chemistry

    I need help with this question please help, I just don't understand it Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one another Mr Pursley posted this response, but I don't understand ...

    dT/dz=−α forz≤11 km where α=6.5 K/km (Kelvin per km) and z is the height above the sea level. The temperature stays then approximately constant between 11 km and 20 km above sea level. Assume a temperature of 5 ∘C and a pressure of 1 atm at sea ...
  27. chemistry

    Hi. I have a little problem with my chemistry task. I have 4 unknown solutions: 1 light blue (A),1 green (B), 2 without colour (C & D). As I understood that the blue one is CuSO4, green one is NiCl2, but 1 uncoloured is NH3, then... A - CuSO4 [couldn't ir be Cu(OH)2?] B - ...
  28. urgent!!

    Summer Swimming Selection The municipal swimming pool in Nicetown has three different ways of paying for individual open swimming. Evan is trying to decide which way to pay. • Early Pay: Pay $45 before Memorial Day; swim any number of days • Deposit Plus: $20 deposit plus...
  29. Math

    Can you please check my answers? Thank you! 18 out of 25 people love chocolate what percentage of people do not love chocolate? I got 28% 15% of the Chemistry class did not pass their chapter 7 test if the class has 38 students how many students did not pass their chapter 7 ...
  30. Chem

    A carless chemistry student pours 200 grams of methanol, a flammable substance into the sink. Another careless chemistry student causes the bad situation to get even worse by dropping a lit match into the sink. The metanol burns completely with 300 grams of oxygen from the air...
  31. Chem

    if the pressure was increased in this reaction : 2NO(g)+ O2 =====> 2NO2 <==== wouldnt the product side be favored? Please tell me if I'm right or wrong There are three volumes on the left, two on the right. If pressure is increased, the reaction to the right is favored. ...
  32. Chemistry

    I got pH = 5.3 A 1.00 L buffer solution is 0.250 M in HC2H3O2 and 0.250 M in NaC2H3O2. Calculate the pH of the solution after the addition of 0.150 mol of solid NaOH. Assume no volume change upon the Additon o f NaOH. The Ka value for HC2H3O2 at 25 C is 1.8 x 10^-5. Chemistry-...
  33. Chemistry

    how many electrons take part in redox reaction: Cl2 -> ClO3^-
  34. ap chemistry

    What product is formed by this reaction: H2 + (CH)2 Answered the original post below.
  35. Science

    Chemistry: What is the general formula for a chemical reaction? reactants >> products
  36. Chemistry

    Why is water considered a universal solvent? It dissolves many, many common things.
  37. chemistry

    What would the formula be for barium chloride dissolved in water? BaCl2(aq)
  38. chemistry

    How can a mixture of liquids be separated? Fractional distillation. Read about that.
  39. Chemistry

    Does fission store or create energy. answered the duplicate question.
  40. chemistry

    How many moles in 10g of Cu(NO3)2 mols = grams/molar mass.
  41. Chemistry

    Is it the second law of thermodynamics that provides a criterion for spontaneity? I don't think so yes
  42. Chemistry

    What describes a molecule in which the positive and negative charges are separated? Dipole
  43. chemistry

    Balance the following equation CH4+NH3+O2=HCN+H20
  44. chemistry

    What are the acids and bases of the following salts? Na3PO4 PbS KIO3
  45. chemistry

    How many ml of a .25M HCL would be required to neutralize completely 2.5g of NaOH

    How do I use the distribution coefficient to find the amount of a substance extracted?
  47. chemistry

    if a sample of cough syrup has the mass of 50.0g and a density of 0.950 what is the volume
  48. Chemistry

    How do you know when to put roman numerals into formulas of binary compounds?
  49. Chemistry

    What do i do when i have a question that ask to compare the size and density of an atom with its nucleus.
  50. chemistry

    i nned to know the reason for crystal formation in magnesium sulphate salt.
  51. chemistry

    what is the net ionic reaction for coppper(II)chloride and sodium hydroxide?
  52. Chemistry

    If I wanted to get cubic picometers to centimeters, what would be the easiest way?
  53. chemistry

    give the name of a solvent other than water for dissolving sugar?
  54. chemistry

    what chemical properties of the nitrogenous bases contribute to stability of DNA?
  55. chemistry

    At 1100 K, Kp = 0.25 for the reaction 2SO2(g) + O2(g) equilibrium with 2SO3(g) What is the value of Kc at this temperature?
  56. chemistry

    the unit in which the quantity of heat energy is usually expressed is called the ?
  57. chemistry

    what volume of 0.100 M NaOH will react completely with 28.00 mL of 0.550 M HCl?
  58. chemistry

    why would h2s have a smaller bond angle (93.38) than scl2 (97.90)?
  59. chemistry

    how can equivalence points of 2 titration curves not be in the same volume range?
  60. Chemistry

    Convert each quantity to an amount in moles: a) 4.27 x 10^21 atoms of He b) 7.39 x 10^23 molecules of ICl
  61. chemistry

    how do u set up the lewis structure for H30+? i know the available electrons is 3 but it has a +1 so it makes ir 2??
  62. chemistry

    how many moles of Cl- ion in the solution containing 0.187g Cl- dissolved in 50.0 ml water.
  63. Chemistry

    How do I figure out what element is it describibg if I am given the temperature the pressure and the g/L.
  64. Chemistry

    Write the binary formulas for the compounds formed from the following ions: Na+, Cl-
  65. Chemistry

    Why do ionic compounds conduct electricity when they are melted or dissolved in water?
  66. Chemistry

    which must be a mixture of substances? 1. solid 2. liquid 3. gas 4. solution
  67. Chemistry

    Can carbon monoxide leak (from a fireplace, barbeque, water heater)?
  68. Chemistry

    Rank the ions in order of decreasing size. Sr2+, Ba2+, Cs Cs>Ba>Sr
  69. chemistry

    do the resonance structures only apply for oxygen and double bonds?
  70. AP Chemistry

    Find the grams of NaF added to 300ml of .2M HF to create a buffer with pH=3.5.
  71. ap chemistry

    Find the grams of NaF added to 300ml of .2M HF to create a buffer with pH=3.5.
  72. Chemistry

    The principal quantum number of the valence electrons in a atom of lead is A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 6
  73. Chemistry

    The principal quantum number of the valence electrons in an atom of lead is: A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 6
  74. Chemistry

    How many moles of sodium will have same number of atoms as 5 g of copper?

    How many electrons does the p-orbital of a methyl radical carbon CH3^. contain?
  76. Chemistry

    What does the ozonolysis followed by hydrolysis of an unsymmetrical, unbranched alkene form?
  77. Chemistry

    Can someone help me tell in term of electrons why the bonding in NaCl is ionic?
  78. chemistry

    a piece of silver cut in half,density stays the same.Why?
  79. Chemistry

    I do not understand sp,sp2,sp3 hybridization. How do they form from the valence orbitals?
  80. Chemistry

    Which of the following is a weak base HOCl LiOH Ba(OH)2 KOH NH3
  81. chemistry

    Why doesn't the hydrogen produced in the Lithium/water reaction catch fire?
  82. Chemistry

    What effect does diluting the sodium hydroxide have on the basicity of the solution?
  83. Chemistry

    How do I the molarity of 200 mL of solution in which 2.0 moles of sodium bromide is dissovled?
  84. chemistry

    What is the main reason so many different molecules are made from carbon atoms?
  85. Chemistry

    How would you find the mass in grams of the following 4.01*10^23 atoms Ca, 40.08 g/mol
  86. Chemistry

    I need help balancing this equation. NaOH + HSO4 ====== Na2SO4 + H20
  87. Chemistry

    How many moles is each of the following? 15.5 g SiO(subscript 2) 0.00688 g AgCl 79.3 g Cl (s.s. 2) 5.96 g KOH
  88. chemistry

    Convert 385 mmHg into kPa and atms. What does this mean?
  89. Chemistry

    What would increase the pressure inside a tank of helium gas?
  90. ap chemistry

    give a scientific reason for why perspiring is a mechanism for cooling the body
  91. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20C must be changed to ? C to triple the pressure.
  92. chemistry

    A gas initially at 30C must be changed to ? C to triple the pressure.
  93. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20 C must be changed to ____ C to triple the pressure.
  94. chemistry

    what is the mass in grams of one molecule of ethanoic acid CH3COOH?
  95. Chemistry

    can the energy originally stored in gasoline be traced to rotating wheels?
  96. chemistry

    can someone explain electrolysis of water using a hoffman apartatus to me?
  97. Chemistry

    can the energy originally stored in gasoline be traced to rotating wheels?
  98. chemistry

    please help me. write the following in names:- CaHCO3 H2SO4 CaCl2
  99. chemistry

    Among water, ethanol and isopropanol, which has the largest molar mass.
  100. chemistry

    If the reaction is zero order, how long would it take for I2 disappear?
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