chemistry! URGENT

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    Find the volume formed by rotating the region enclosed by: x=2y and y^3=x with y greater than or equal to 0 about the y-axis
  2. Physics urgent

    What is the weight of a 76 kg astronaut on the Moon where the value of 'g' is only 17% the strength of 'g' on the Earth? (Answer should be expressed in N).
  3. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve the equation using the method that seems easiest. Please Show All Work! x^2+12=0
  4. history urgent

    the tarquins were responsible for creating which of the following? a.twelve tables b.republic c.pax romana
  5. Precalculus(URGENT)

    determine the domain of the function and express in interval notation square root of x-9 =y show work
  6. Geometry

    Perimeter of a right angled trangle is 40 cm. Hypotenus is 17cm. Find the area. Urgent help required. Thanks in advance
  7. Workpplace Environment

    Can you direct me to someone that will help me with writing the paper or even give me a website to go to for some information. Urgent!!!
  8. Social Studies Urgent

    what freedoms does the people have when the country is run under a socialist government please and thank you
  9. science

    I need urgent help. Use two diagrams of amnomia molecules to indicate the inter- and intramolecular force
  10. physics hw urgent please

    show how you would you arrange to find f in terms of v,m and r from four equations below. f=1/t, f=ma,v=2piR/T,a=v^2/R Thanks
  11. Math - urgent

    Evaluate the definite integral 8 S (3x^2 + 3)/(x^2) dx 5 Not sure which substitution to use. Please show your work & explain. Thanks
  12. Urgent math

    perform the indicated operation and if possible simplify. (2x+4y)/(2x^2+5xy+2y^2)*(4x^2-y^2)/(8x^2-8)÷(x^2+4xy+4y^2)/(x^2-6xy+9y^2) i don't understand this the answer is (2x-y)(x-3y)^2/4(x-1)(x+1)(x+2y)^2
  13. Urgent math please help

    find a quadratic function that fits the set of data points. (1,4), (-1.6), (-2,16) what did i do wrong, i got -2x^2-x+7
  14. English I Speech

    Can anyone tell me 3 reasons why fracking is either good or bad and 3 supporting details? Please, thank you It's urgent
  15. maths-urgent

    if xi 's are the mid points of the class interval of grouped data, fi 's are the corresponding frequinces and x^u is the mean, then (sum of) fi( xi-x^u) is?
  16. physics URGENT

    3. Using conceptual meaning of g = Fg/m [N/kg], answer the following: a) What does the spring scale read on the surface of the Moon?
  17. Lo its urgent please

    explain the importance of buildng a person confidence levels.give an example from the article of twillightchildren
  18. Math

    what is the sum of a profit 0f $8000 and a loss of $13000? I'm realy struggling and need URGENT Help! plz respond
  19. Math - Urgent

    I'm sorry I need 1 more question to be asked. Use the LCD to write equivalent fractions. 5/6 , 2/9
  20. physics

    car doing 60 mph and skids for 52.3 meters what is the speed at end of skid co/friction is 0.693 urgent help please
  21. Theology 10 - HELP .... URGENT!!!

    what is your greatest talents? how has it helped the community any ideas... or topics i don't know what to write nor do i know how to start this essay
  22. Urgent geometry help

    On a isosceles triangle, how would you find the area and perimeter when given the bases: 12 and 32 and a 45 degree angle?
  23. science- urgent

    How do humans grow crops on land that would naturally be either too dry or too wet? Explain. ?
  24. Urgent math

    Find the first five terms of the given recursively defined sequence. an = 3an − 1 + 6 and a1 = 1 a1= a2= a3= a4= a5=
  25. Calculus (Urgent, please)

    Find the area of the region enclosed by the intersection of the circle x^2+y^2=4 and the parabola y=x^2. Show work

    By making the substitution u =ln x show that the following equation has exactly one real-number solution: 9/ln x + ln x^4 =-12
  27. Chemistry URGENT/DR BOB

    Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure consider the following container of helium at 45C. intially the valve is closed. After the valve is opened what is the pressure of the helium gas. your start points are 2.00 atm and 9.00L. after opening the valve you have 3.00 atm and 3.00L. ...
  28. chemistry! URGENT

    A standard solution is prepared for the analysis of fluoxymesterone (C20H29FO3), an anabolic steroid. A stock solution is first prepared by dissolving 10.0 mg of fluoxymestrone in enough water to give a total volume of 500.0 ml. A 100.0 micro liter aliquot (portion)of this ...
  29. Technology ..Urgent help

    Analyze an example of new technological use that contradicts the principle of technological determinism. In other words, think of an example in which culture, social context, or other factors result in very different uses of an identical technological device. “New technology...
  30. Physics

    Simple Harmonic Motion With the equation x=Acos(2 pi f) t why and how does f affect x This is really urgent! Thanx for any help! frequency determines how rapidly x oscillates.
  31. Sports---Urgent

    Does anyone know where I can find information on the genealogy of basketball? So, it came from blah, which was in turn derived from this or that. Please, any help would be great. Thanks.
  32. urgent spanish one question

    is this correct grammar - si, ponemos nuestra los vestidos en la habitacion del hotel?
  33. Math(Urgent)

    Find the domain of the function. h(x)= 10 over x^2 - 2x I think the answer is all real numbers except 2 but I do not know if it is right!
  34. Career Urgent

    Why do you need math, business, and computer-related courses to become a web designer/developer? please help and thank you
  35. Pre-Algebra[URGENT]

    How would I solve this? Change 18.35 into a mixed number. Reduce your answer to lowest terms Thanks -MC
  36. calculus HELP URGENT

    Find the equation of the line through the point (3,4) which cuts from the first quadrant a triangle of minimum area.
  37. maths urgent please

    the chord PQ joining the points P(2p, p^2) and Q(2q, q^2) on x^2 = 4ay always passes through the point A(2,0) when produced. show that (P+q) = pq thanks!
  38. 7/8 Math URGENT!!! PLZ HELP!! ANYONE????

    Could ANYONE please explain this formula to me and what the words mean... I=prt (Intrest= principle x rate x time)
  39. urgent...maths

    Find the sum of all primes p, such that p divides u(p), where u(p) is the p-th Fibonacci number. this iss very urgentt...
  40. English-Urgent please!

    What phrase structure rule creates coordinate structures? I am confused here. Is it prepositional phrases?
  41. english

    how to write in the conclusion at the end of the medicinal plants project?please give me an examples with details.It's very urgent.
  42. Science- Very Urgent

    is it reasonable to expect that these models will change again in time? Explain. Like the bohr diagram and etc;
  43. Chemistry Urgent

    95.0mL of H2O is initially at room temperature (22.0∘C ). A chilled steel rod at 2.0∘C is placed in the water. If the final temperature of the system is 21.3∘C , what is the mass of the steel bar? Specific heat of water = 4.18 J/g⋅∘C Specific heat...
  44. Urgent Chemistry Problem!!

    Calculate Delta G at 298 K for the following reactions. Ca(s) + CO2(g) + 1/2O2(g) -> CaCO3(s) 2KClO3(g) -> 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) CH4(g) + 3Cl2(g) -> CHCl3(g) + 3HCl(g) Delta G^0f CHCl3 is - 70.4 kJ/mol The following reactions are important ones in catalytic converters in ...
  45. Chemistry Urgent

    A calorimeter contains 32.0mL of water at 13.0∘C . When 2.30g of X (a substance with a molar mass of 82.0g/mol is added, it dissolves via the reaction X(s)+H2O(l)¨X(aq) and the temperature of the solution increases to 30.0∘C . Calculate the enthalpy change, ƒ¢...

    URGENT!! PLEASE HELP ASAPPP!! What are the directions and magnitudes of joint reaction forces (both horizontal and vertical) and moments of the KNEE (running)? Data you will need are: Mass of participant: 67.2 kg Running direction: anterior Joint: Knee Segment: Lower Leg Knee ...
  47. economics

    i have to submitt a project on "consumer awareness in india", so can i get some writings or a sample of it and a case regarding it. pleaseeeeeee its urgent!!!!
  48. Biology URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    How do eubacteria and cyanobacteria digest, excrete, respirate, and circulate? I have already tried wikipedia. try an encyclopidia
  49. math urgent...:(

    Write the equation of a line perpendicular to 2y=3x+4 and passes through the point (7,-2). Please help me i have no idea in this. and please4 explain me how you did it. thanks.
  50. science -- urgent

    can you pleaseee list all the things that Earth needs to provide us with life?? like energy, carbon, and so on.. THANKS A LOT!
  51. Math urgent

    If two "fair" dice are tossed what is the probability that the sum of their faces will be a multiple of 3? Show or explain how you got your answer?
  52. Organic Chem (URGENT)

    What is the monomeric unit of a chain of molecules joined by peptide bonds? Answer:?? If anyone can help with this question. Thank you very much.
  53. Math-URGENT,

    Given that y varies directly with x, write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. x=1/3 <---(fraction), y=2 **Provide an explanation as well, please.
  54. math (Urgent)

    What is the angle (in standard position - i.e. measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis) formed by a line from the origin to point (1,-2)? Please help and Thank you
  55. biology i need help urgent

    what characteristic distinguishes arthropods from other invertebrates? a. the colem b.the endoskeleton c.jointed appendages d.bilateral symetry
  56. Urgent Chem Help

    A certain substance has a heat of vaporization of 55.30 kJ/mol. At what Kelvin temperature will the vapor pressure be 3.50 times higher than it was at 361 K?

    1. You travel 400km in 4 hours. Your______ speed is 100km/h. (1point) constant average*** instantaneous initial am i right?
  58. math

    Find the sum of all primes p, such that p divides up, where up is the p- th Fibonacci number. please tell me the answer it's urgent about this..///
  59. geo..very urgent

    describe some factors that likely affect the climate of the ivvavik national park. Think of LOWERN.
  60. Math-urgent-mid term exam review question

    Please help me simplify. I keep getting some weird answer. 3x^2(4x^3-2x^2+6x)-(x^5+5x^4-4x^3)+7x^5
  61. Urgent math

    Two polynomials P and D are given. Use either synthetic or long division to divide P(x) by D(x), and express P in the form P(x) = D(x) · Q(x) + R(x). P(x) = 4x3 + 5x + 9, D(x) = 2x + 1 P(x) =(2x + 1)*()+
  62. Calculus - HELP URGENT PLEASE

    The region R is bounded by the x-axis, x=2 and y=x^2. Which of these expressions represents the volume of the solid formed by revolving R about the line x=2?
  63. physics (urgent)

    A flywheel with a moment of inertia of 1.00kg m^2 is rotating at 100 rpm. What torque is required to bring it to rest in 10.0 revolutions?
  64. Please help needed urgent

    N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) → 2NH3(g) ΔH = -92.2 kJ What mass of ammonia is theoretically produced if the above reaction released 168 kJ of heat?
  65. Urgent Chemistry!!

    I have done everything to solve this problem and I can't get the right answer (153.8J/degrees C). Ammonium nitrate, a component of fertilizer, decomposes: NH4NO3(s) > N2O(g) + 2H2) (g) the delta H=-36.0kJ/mol. 7.65g of ammonium nitrate was allowed to decompose in a bomb ...
  66. Chemistry URGENT

    I need help figuring out the calculations of my experiment. I'm sure I did something wrong cause I can not figure how to calculate the mass of sodium chloride. My measurements follow. 1. 250 mL beaker = 8.4 2. Mass of container = 0.4013 3. mass of container + sodium chloride...
  67. CHEMISTRY- urgent

    Using the tables of enthalpies of formation and entropies of formation, estimate the boiling point for the following liquid: methanol (CH3OH), ethanol (C2H5OH) and acetic acid (CH3COOH). compare to their tabled boiling points. how would i go about working this question? table ...
  68. urgent urgent algebra / precalculas

    lcohol and Driving The concentration of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream is measurable. Suppose that the relative risk R of having an accident while driving a car can be modeled by the equation R = e kx where x is the percent of concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream ...
  69. Biology: URGENT

    Can someone please explain the role of NAHD and FADH2 in cellular respiration, I don't understand, no matter how many diagrams/explanations I read. Thanks!
  70. research report...urgent

    we have viewed several sites...but we still don't know wat we can actually prove...we need to do a thesis statement [[1 or 2 sentences]]
  71. Algebra (urgent!)

    Find an equivalent inequality with absolute value #1: -5 < y < 5 #2: x < -4 or 4 < x I'm not sure at all how to solve this problem. Please walk me through the process. Thanks!
  72. History (urgent!)

    What would a noble family do on a daily basis? Please give me a specific site instead of a google search. Thank you so much!!!
  73. Social Studies (URGENT)

    10. Why did many Native people start adapting to Victorian society? Can someone please help me answer this question? Thank you very much.
  74. urgent maths help needed now

    jafar has an isosceles triangle with an area of 20.25cm squared, what is the length of the side facing the right angle?
  75. Math (URGENT)

    Use transformations and the zeros of the quadratic formula f(x)=(x+4)(x-2) to determine the zeroes of each of the following functions: a. y=3f(x) f. y=f(-1/2x) I have no idea how to start this. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  76. anatomy/urgent

    What is the functional advantage of the cat having so many muscles performing the same or very similar action? How does this relate to the human musculature?
  77. Math Literacy, Business Studies, Economics& Tourism

    Im in grd12 and would like to know which available courses are there for these subjects and which career can I get into. #Urgent
  78. Math / Pre-Algebra

    Seriously stuck on this: "Find the LCM of n^3 × t^2 and n × t^4?" 1) n^4 × t^6 2) n^3 × t^6 3) n^3 × t^4 4) n × t^2 Can anyone help? URGENT! NEED THIS ANSWERED TODAY! ASAP!! :( Thanks for your assistance in advance, NatR
  79. 8th grade Pre Algebra

    Seriously stuck on this: "Find the LCM of n^3 × t^2 and n × t^4?" 1) n^4 × t^6 2) n^3 × t^6 3) n^3 × t^4 4) n × t^2 Can anyone help? URGENT! NEED THIS ANSWERED ASAP!! :( Thanks for your assistance in advance, NatR

    Calculate the lengths of the straight lines joining the following pairs of points, leaving your answers in surd form: (a) A(1,-5), B(6,10); (b) A(4,-3), B(7,6).
  81. calculus

    Equilateral hexagon is revolving around one of its edges. Find the volume of the solid of revolution. no idea how to do this can someone please help!!! urgent!
  82. History URGENT!

    Young civil rights activists attempted to desegregate Southern restaurants by holding A) Protest B) Sit-ins C) Boycotts
  83. urgent urgent algebra / precalculas

    Alcohol and Driving The concentration of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream is measurable. Suppose that the relative risk R of having an accident while driving a car can be modeled by the equation R = e kx where x is the percent of concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream ...
  84. Urinalysis: URGENT DUE TOMORROW

    If the process of ion attraction within the nephron is not functioning properly what would you expect to find in the blood and urine?
  85. Urgent Physics!

    A top starting from rest is spun for 3 seconds achieving an angular speed of 20 rad/s. How many radians has it gone through in this time? (a is constant)

    Write a balanced equation for the following reduction-oxidation reaction. SO3(2-) + MnO4(-) --- SO4(2–) + Mn(2+) numbers in parenthesis means the charge
  87. english

    Which of the following usually gets a source note on the same page it appears? a. Quote b. Photo c. Paraphrased Passage d. Statistics please help me it urgent!! thank you!
  88. algebra II URGENT

    if peter received grades of 88,83,75,and 80 on four tests in English, what is the minimum grade he has to score on the fifth test to have an average of at least 85 for the course?
  89. Criminal justice

    Can someone please help. Who is responsible for the concept of crime prevention? Ive been stuck on this question for two days and i need help urgent. Thank you!

    HI! I searched on a lot of websites for this, but none of them actually was right for me. I need to do an egg drop withh only straws and glue/tape. Thanks!
  91. Math - Urgent!!!

    Write the equation of the hyperbola for which the length of the transverse axis is 6 units long anf the foci are at (0,5) and (0,-5). Someone please help me with this question. Thanks in advance.
  92. english

    When you had a car accident last month,a friend offered to help while you were recovering at home.write informal letter and thank her for her kindness!please its urgent
  93. english

    When you had a car accident last month,a friend offered to help while you were recovering at home.write informal letter and thank her for her kindness!please its urgent
  94. URGENT language arts question~!

    Which of the following compound words is spelled incorrectly? (1 point) afternoon teamate masterpiece earring My Answer: 1)B Is this correct? .
  95. Calculus Please Need Urgent :/

    Find the most general antiderivative of f(x)=–8e^x–6secant^2(x) where -pi/2<x<pi/2 Note: Any arbitrary constants used must be an upper-case "C". F(x)=?
  96. Physics urgent pleasw

    Stone is thrown vertically downward with an inital speed of 2.0m/s from height of 10m, determine time it takes to reach the bottom. Thanks!
  97. American Government

    PLEASE HELP URGENT How has the power of congress evolved through the Necessary and Proper Clause? What role did McCulloch v. Maryland play in this evolution?
  98. math URGENT HELPPPP!

    Regular triangular pyramid has the slant height k=12 cm and lateral area AL = 198 cm2. Find the length of the base edge.
  99. World Geography URGENT!

    What are the physical landmarks and the physical land features of Switzerland?

    find the radius and interval of convergence for the series the series from n=0 to infinity of ((-1)^n*x^n)/(n+1)
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