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Physics please help its urgent i need help

A crate of oranges weighing 209 N rests on a flatbed truck 2.0 m from the back of the truck. The coefficients of friction between the crate and the bed are μs = 0.41 and μk = 0.20. The truck drives on a straight, level highway at a constant 7.5 m/s. (a) What is the ...

Physics URGENT!!!

A commuter train passes a passenger platform at a constant speed of 31 m/s. The train horn is sounded at its characteristic frequency of 330 Hz.Assume the speed of sound is 343 m/s. (a) What is the frequency detected by a person on the platform as the train approaches? (b) ...

Quadratic Relations, Algebra, Math

URGENT!! PLEASE HELP In a volleyball match. Jenny serves the volleyball at 14m/s, from a height of 2.5m above the court. The height o the ball in flight can be estimated using the equation h=-4.9t^2+14t+2.5, where h is the height, in meters, and t is the time, in seconds, ...

Math Urgent Please Help

Which construction is illustrated below? a. a perpendicular to a given line from a point not on the line b. a perpendicular to a given line from a point on the line c. perpendicular bisector of a given segment d. bisector of a line segment Please help with this. It doesn't get...


a 7.0 kg object weighs 55 N when submerged and weighed in water. A) what is the value of the buoyant force of the water on the object b) what weight of water is displaced by this object? c) water weighs 0.0098 N per cubic centimeter. What volume of water (in cubic centimeters...

math URGENT!!!!!!!

a certain type of candy is sold in small boxes of 8 and large boxes of 15. notice it would be impossible to buy exactly 12 candies without breaking up a box. it would also be impossible to buy 17 candies without breaking up a box. what is the greatest number of candies that it...

Language Arts URGENT!

2. Which of the following from "Take the Junk Out of Marketing Food for Kids" is an example of semantic slanting? (1 point) "food pyramid" "food manufacturers" "food police" 3. Which of the following testimonials would be MOST appropriate to support the ideas in "Take the Junk...

Physics Help Urgent Please!!!

A crane is used to lift air conditioning units to the top of a 5-story building. Each story is 3.5 m high. The crane accelerates the units while lifting the units past the first story and then lifts them at a constant velocity past the second through fourth stories. it hen ...

Classical Mechanics Physics - Urgent help please

A ruler stands vertically against a wall. It is given a tiny impulse at θ=0∘ such that it starts falling down under the influence of gravity. You can consider that the initial angular velocity is very small so that ω(θ=0∘)=0. The ruler has mass m= ...

Economics - URGENT

Suppose we now care about the long run decisions of a firm that has a production function of the form q = 4L^1/2 + K Suppose w = 1 and r = 0.5 Assume that, at the beginning when w0 = 1 and r = 0.5, the firm chose to produce q0 = 20 units of output. Then, the wage increased to ...


I am interested in doing a science project on the math and science of different snowboarding tricks and techniques. Does anyone have advice and suggestions about how to do a project like this?? Please help! Very Urgent! Well you could do a nu,ber of different things. You could...


Describe the differance between chemistry and chemical technology. Technology is the making of applications. Chemical technology...making chemicals for practical or commercial purposes. Chemistry...the study of materials, their reactions

Science Urgent😖😖😖

Why most organisms reproduce A( organisms must reproduce to maintain genetic similarity in the species B( organisms must reproduce to continue to build genetic diverse city into the species C( organisms must reproduce to continue the species D( organisms must reproduce to ...

URGENT Home Economics

I've got this assignment that has to be posted to the board of examinations in the morning and I don't know how to go about this question AT ALL... Reserch has highlighted the close relationship between health, nutrition and socio-economic status. Attention has been drawn to ...


Find the next three terms in the sequen 1. 30, 22, 14, 6... -3, -12, -21**** -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3 -2, -10, -18 4. Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. 4. 3n+5 5,8,11,14 8,11,14,17 3,6,9,12 0,8,11,14 (idk about this one)^^^^^^^^^ Find the ...

physics need urgent helpp

i have tried everything, please helpp A snowmobile, with a mass of 530 kg, applied a force of 410 N backwards on the snow. What force is responsible for the snowmobile’s resulting forward motion? (Hint: Think action–reaction force pairs.) If the force of friction on the ...

Urgent!!! Physics

A meteor streaking through the night sky is located with radar. At point A its coordinates are (5.60 km, 1.25 km), and 1.12 s later its has moved to point B with coordinates (6.16 km, 0.900 km). A. Find the x component of its average velocity between A and B. (in Km/s) B. Find...

Algebra, URGENT!!!

1) Mio can build a large shed in 15 days less than Yuuko can. If they build it together, it would take them 18 days. How long would it take each of them working alone? 2) If Kamina can do a job in 29 hours and Simon and Kamina working together can do the same job in 10 hours, ...

Urgent Calculus Help

Based on the following table of values for the function w(t), answer the questions below. t and w(t) are a table with the following values: (100,2.6), (110,7.3), (120,12.7), (130,19), (140,26.1), (150,34.1) a) Which of the following best describes the derivative of w(t)? A. ...

Maths Urgent please help

Sir Donald Bradman had scored 6996 runs in 69 completed test innings. he had one more innings to play. How many runs did he need to score in his final innings in order that his test batting average was greater than or equal to 100? You must write down the inequality that you ...


I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. It is really urgent!! 1) Where are you going to have a holiday next summer? 2) I'm going to stay there for (is for necessary in writing?) two weeks with my family. 3) I'm going to visit many cities in Calabria, like ...

grd 12 U chemistry

Hi, i have a project for chemistry, i have to choose a scientist (i chose Micheal Smith) his career is biochemistry and i have to create a career related to biochemistry.. Question: After finding the famous chemist and then using their field of chemistry, create a career that ...

Pre-calculus; urgent ! Please help !

1.Graph the polar equation r=3-2sin(theta) 2. Find the polar coordinates of 6 radical 3,6 for r > 0. 3. Find the rectangular coordinates of (7, 30°). 4. Write the rectangular equation in polar form. (x – 4)2 + y2 = 16 5. Write the equation –2x + 6y = 7 in polar form. 6...


A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student performance on a test. The teacher offered half the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not offered any money. What ...

Physics URGENT!!!

A crate of mass 52.8 kg is being transported on the flatbed of a pickup truck. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the trucks flatbed is 0.351, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.305. (a) The truck accelerates forward on level ground. What is the...


Find the next three terms in the sequen 1. 30, 22, 14, 6... -3, -12, -21 -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3 -2, -10, -18**** 4. Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. 4. 3n+5 5,8,11,14 8,11,14,17 3,6,9,12 0,8,11,14 (idk about this one)^^^^^^^^^ Find the ...

Sta 112

This is my question every one . Please help me have it already I had 6 as my answer. In a class of 50 student 28,22,20 of them offer physics,chemistry and biology respectively also 4 of them offer physics and chemistry but not biology,3 offer physics and biology but not ...

Grade 12 University Chemistry

Hi, i have a project for chemistry, i have to choose a scientist (i chose Micheal Smith) his career is biochemistry and i have to create a career related to biochemistry.. Question: After finding the famous chemist and then using their field of chemistry, create a career that ...


(I answered a couple of them but am not confident on my answers, so can you please tell me if my answers are not correct to the ones I answered and for the ones I haven not answered that is because I do not know how to do them. PLEASE HELP!!! This assignment is already late). ...


I left out these last sentences. I really hope you can have a look at it. It is very urgent! 1) She is the one outside the window, always watching other people indulging themselves on the pleasures of life. 2) When given the chance herself in this meal, however, she is tempted...


Compute the maximum product for two positive numbers x and y with the property that the sum of the first plus five times the second is 5000. 1) Indicate the objective equation 2) Indicate the constraint equation So the objective = f(x)=xy and the constraint = x+5y=5000 Now ...

Urgent!!! Physics

At an air show, a jet plane has velocity components Vx = 625 and Vy = 415 at time 3.85s and Vx = 838 and Vy = 365 at time 6.52s . A. For this time interval, find the x component of the plane's average acceleration in km/h2. B. For this time interval, find the y component of ...


Can you help me express the following ideas in a letter? It is really urgent and I don't want to be misunderstood. Thank you. 1) We're looking for a double room plus extra bed for my six-year-old child for 15 nights from 4 August to 19 August. 2) In particular, we would be ...

Math - urgent

When solving for x by completing the square as in the equation 3(x-1)^2-1=0 should I add one to both sides then divide by three or add one to both sides then square root both sides? It makes sense to me to first divide by three, but if I do this, I'm not getting the correct ...


Don is planting flowers in the school garden's planter box. The planting are is five and one-half feet long and 10 inches wide. Each plant is 2 inches wide. There must be 8 inches of space between the flowers. What is the largest number of plants he can put into the planter ...

URGENT! discrete math help please

1. for any sets X and Y, we define the symmetric difference X ∆Y by: X∆Y = (X - Y) ∪ (Y - X) = (X ∪ Y) - (X ∩ Y) Prove the following: -for all sets A,B and C, if A - (B ∩ C) = ∅ then A- C ⊆ B - for all sets A,B and C, if A ⊆...


1. for any sets X and Y, we define the symmetric difference X ∆Y by: X∆Y = (X - Y) ∪ (Y - X) = (X ∪ Y) - (X ∩ Y) Prove the following: -for all sets A,B and C, if A - (B ∩ C) = ∅ then A- C ⊆ B - for all sets A,B and C, if A ⊆...

kindda URGENT-social studies/world civilizations

i have about one more page to write in this report about the egyptian god of death, osiris, and i've gone on about how he was born, who was involved, not much to his life, but got a good part of his death covered...i have one more page and i am at loss for what to write about ...

Calculus (urgent!!)

Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does f(x) have a local min...

just wondering...

what is harder, chemistry or physics? because i've been struggling all year in chemistry and i'm taking physics next year... i have a solid a in alg.2 though... oh yeah, and i want to be a physical therapist. so if i'm not to good in chemistry can i still be a physical ...

Social Studies (URGENT)

Why was it much more common to help and visit on'es neighbours during the 1820's in Upper Canada than it is here today? This is the only part in the textbook that talks about it but I can't find answer. text: It was much more common to help and visit on'es neighbours than it ...


How about -- class structure in your town or school? prejudice about a particular ethnic group? classroom group projects? perceptions about authority figures? sorry i wrote in dat language i need to do a project in sociology for 20 marks and i am not able to decide on a topic ...

finance... please help me urgent

an you help me please to get an ideas or relevant answers to the questions. thank you 1. how does money affect in business firms. ans. money or the exchange rates is the most important in order to maintain and stabilise the business firms. 2. Is political will can contribute ...

Algebra joint, inverse and direct variation

Urgent! If t varies inversely as the cube of z and directly as the square of r, and t=4 when z=3 and r=6, find t when z=6 and r=9. T= k (square) r/(cubed) z 4=k (square) 6/ (cubed) 3 The electrical conductance of a wire varies directly as the square of its a diameter and ...


ok this is the scenario 12. Industry: cell phones Event: 1.) cell phones are reported to cause brain tumors 2.) the cost of cell phone electronic chips are cheaper so in this scenario, demand decreases and the supply increases....thus demand shifts to the left and supply ...

URGENT Physics PLEASE help

5. A 1,600 kg car is moving south at 24 m/s. What is its momentum? (Points : 1) 66 kgm/s south 66 kgm/s north 38,000 kgm/s north 38,000 kgm/s south Question 6. 6. The velocity of a 150 kg cart changes from 6.0 m/s to 14.0 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse that acted on...


I am doing stoicheometry and I need help. Is there anyone who knows about it? It's in my chemistry class. HELP! I am in tears and cannot figure this out.


Why was Wohler's synthesis of urea significant to the field of carbon chemistry? Please help. Thank you.


answers to latenite labs chemistry lab#9 stoichiometry by loss of CO2


I need some help with making a solubility rule for CrO4 -2 for my chemistry homework.


what else could you use the Volhard method in Chemistry for? like is it used in a certain context?

college chemistry

what major concepts makes chemistry useful in everday life?


Why a model of the atom is crucial to understanding chemistry and in explaining the behavior of matter?


which of the following has highest binding energy (nuclear chemistry) Fe-56 , O-16 , H-3 , U-235 and explain why

Physics-- urgent

A block of mass m = 3.20kg slides from rest a distance d down a frictionless incline at angle θ = 30.0° where it runs into a spring of spring constant 425 N/m. When the block momentarily stops, it has compressed the spring by 22.0 cm. (a) What is the distance d? I found ...

Physics. Need urgent help.

A scuba diver searches for treasure at a depth of 20.0m below the surface of the sea. at what pressure must the scuba device deliver air to the diver? (density of sea water= 1030kg/m^3;atmospheric pressure= 1.013x10^5 pa) another one A king's crown is said to be solid gold but...

Physics URGENT!!!

The overall length of a piccolo is 30.6 cm. The resonating air column vibrates as in a pipe that is open at both ends. Assume the speed of sound is 343 m/s. (a) Find the frequency of the lowest note a piccolo can play, assuming the speed of sound in air is 343 m/s. (b) Opening...


hey i need help on finding a good oxidation chart for chemistry.


Where would you find iron II sulphide outside a chemistry laboratory?


Is Procion Red Dye a suitable model for chemistry lab?


I really need help with this; it'll be the last chemistry question I ask: 44. Identify the type of reaction. a. AB ---> A+B b. AB + C--> AC + B c. AB + CD --> AD + CB Thanks -MC

Chemistry II

Why is YBa2Cu3O7 a super conductor? Explain Chemistry and Structural bases.


I need help on a balance ionic equation in chemistry Ca(NO3)2 + NaOH


how would a chemistry student make a 600 mL of 1.5 M solution of NaBr?


how would a chemistry student make a 600 mL of 1.5 M solution of NaBr?


what major concepts makes chemistry useful in everday life?

Urgent Spanish Check

La clase no es _____. Hay pocos alumnos. Grande? How would you express the following question in English?: ¿Cuántos libros hay? How many books are there? Hay muchos ____ diferentes en una escuela secundaria. cursos ¿Hay una clase de biología hoy? Sí, ______. lo hay There ...


where would you find calcium carbonate and sodium chloride outside a chemistry lab?


where would you find iron II oxide and sodium hydrogencarbonate outside a chemistry lab?


This is question 4a on section a.12 chemistry. What will you observe happening to the balloon as it sits in the warm car


What is the difference in molecular chemistry between silicone polymers and other polymeric materials?


What is the difference in molecular chemistry between silicone polymers and other polymeric materials?


What is the difference in molecular chemistry between silicone polymers and other polymeric materials?


Does anyone know the answers to the Chemistry unit 4 lesson 11 ( Chemical Bonding ) test ?? In 11th grade


what is the purpose of using an ice bath in organic chemistry when isolating the final product?


If the temperature is constant, then the atmospheric pressure P (in pounds/square inch) varies with the altitude above sea level h in accordance with the law given below where p0 is the atmospheric pressure at sea level and k is a constant. P = p0e-kh If the atmospheric ...


Please exlain rate distance and time for me Distance is how far. Time is the clock time it took to move. Rate is the speed you went. distance= rate x time

Socials Studies (URGENT)

I need to create a children's book of at least 15 pages. I must write about Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain or what life was like in New France. I was going to do Jacques Cartier, but it was too hard. I didn't know how to do it. I've decided to try what life was like in ...


I'm not doing so well in ap chemistry. i think i'm not studying the right way. can anyone suggest how i can raise my grade? i do my homework but it doesn't seem to help.

Academic 4-year plan: Zoology

Can you take AP Chemistry without taking any previous chemistry class?


This is another question on my chemistry worksheet. What is a gas's molecular mass? I guess they want the definition because there are no numbers involved.

chemistry .............chemistry

what color emission would you see if you heated each solution to an extremely high temperature? why

Physics. Urgent help need!!

A baseball player hits a triple and ends up on third base. The baseball "diamond" is a square, each side with length 24.2 m, with home plate and the three bases on the four corners. What is the magnitude of his displacement? * I'm not familiar with the sport i divided the ...


Why would a firefighter or a reporter need to understand chemistry?

previous chemistry.

can some one reply to my last chemistry post? thanks.


can you tell me how can i make a chemistry working model for class 9


Someone please answer my question below in AP CHEMISTRY.


Why is the mole considered an important quality in Chemistry? What does it allow us to do?


how can analytical chemistry help on different fields of sciences and technology?

Urgent! Help please!

On January 5, Ebony Davis borrowed $6,500 on a simple interest loan from a lending institution to finance her catering business. She borrows the money at a rate of 8.5% with a term ending on December 9. a. Calculate Ebony's interest on the simple interest loan if she waits ...

algebra 1,urgent

the expression (4x^2-3x+1)-(x^3+2x+7) what is the coefficient of the x term in the simplified expression? what is an equation of a line parallel to the line with equation 2 y=14-6x a.y=-6x+18 b.y=-3x-9 c.y=6x+3 d.y=3x+8 Solve linear system, which substitution of unkowns is ...

Urgent History, Check Answers Please

The first significant trading post was __________. Poste de Arkansea The reputation of the Spanish was diminished after the Battle of __________. The Twin Villages The Twin Villages were located in Montague County, Texas, and __________ County, Oklahoma. Jefferson Which of the...

Math - Need urgent help!

A residential property is assessed for tax purposes at 40% of its market value. The residential property tax is 3 1/3% of the assessed value and the tax is $1200. a)What is the assessed value of the property? b) What is the market value of the property?

Courses *URGENT*

I have to complete a course selection form for school but I'm having some trouble understanding some of the courses. Can someone please help me please? Science and Technology: This is a science course provided to meet the needs of students requiring a general science course ...


Who used x-ray diffrection experiments for the periodic table


Need help with this: 'Social bees survive by collecting nectar or pollen from flowers, pollinating the flower in the process. They must keep their hives at a constant temperature, moisture, and oxygen content for their larvae to develop. One way they do this is by beating ...


why is an understanding of chemistry important in biology? All digestion, nutrition, muscle usage/reactions, cell division/reproduction, and all of the enzymatic processes at work in the body are chemisty. Even eyesight is a chemical reaction. So you need to know something ...


can you give me examples of pictures just name it, ummm.. CHEMISTRY IN DAILY LIVING , TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY


what does SPDF mean in chemistry on the periodic table? What is the PDO format in when writing a lab report? pls help


Could someone please tell me where to find the 2008 AP Chemistry Multiple Choice for FREE ONLINE? Thank You in advance!


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