chemistry! URGENT

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physics- vry urgent

An ideal monatomic gas initially has a temperature of 333 K and a pressure of 7.15 atm. It is to expand from volume 581 cm3 to volume 1360 cm3. If the expansion is isothermal, what are (a) the final pressure (in atm) and (b) the work done by the gas? If, instead, the expansion...

Algebra, URGENT!!!

1) The first leg of a right triangle is 6 cm longer than its second leg. If the hypotenuse has a length of 8 cm, find the exact lengths of the two legs. First Leg: Second Leg: 2) The length of a rectangle is 10 m longer than its width and the area of the rectangle is 480 m2. ...

maths (it's urgent)

the path of the rocket is represented by the equation y= root under(25-x)^2. the path of a missile designed to intrersect the path of the rocket is represented by the equation x = 3/2 root under (y). the value of x at the point of intersection is 3. what is the corresponding ...

Chem Help URGENT

Could someone help me with these molecular formulas, i don't know what im doing wrong. For this example, i did it like this and it says its incorrect. Could you solve the the equations below your way and i match it to mines? Thank you so much Fe (s) + Ni(NO3)2 (aq) =Fe(NO3)2 (...


In polymer chemistry, it is often said that obtaining a polymer with certain desired physical properties is often more a problem of engineering than of chemistry. Why is this the case? bgfhftghgfgfnhgf

math urgent please

A fish tank in the shape of a cuboid has length 320 cm. Its length is twice that of its width. To enhance viewing, the area of the four vertical faces should be maximized. Find the optimum "viewing area" of a fish tank that is fixed to the wall so that the area of three faces ...

Ecomonics(Urgent,please respond)

The table below shows the market basket quantities and prices for the base year (year 1) Base year 1 Price in price Quantity base year yr 2 Product Pizza 15 $3 $3.75 t-shirts 4 $10 $9 rent 1 $500 $550 In year 1 the CPI was? In year 2 the CPI was? I know that cpi= (expenditures...

math urgent

A cyclist travels 70 miles in 7 hours going against the wind and 56 miles in 4 hours with the wind. what is the rate of the cyclist in still air and the rate of the wind. rate in stir air = rate of the wind=

algebra 1...urgent

a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle. *write an expression for the area of the larger circle. * ...

Ap chemistry

I'm taking ap chemistry also! I was just wondering about how much space they give you on an ap chemistry test the Multiple choice section, is it enough space for work? Do they give you scrap?


I need help with this please it is urgent! : ok so 1 what are accomplishments of the Incas? 2 what did not contribute to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs. 3 the first European colonies to win independence4 in the Americas was, 4 two leaders that contuted to the independent ...

Algebra (urgent!)

I am a bit confused about conjugates in algebra. I am supposed to multiply 8/(the square root of two + 4) by the square root of 2 -4. My math book then goes on to simplify this to (8 times the square root of two minus 32) divided by (2-4 times the square root of two plus 4 ...

math urgent

2 rainstorms occurred in one week in a certain area in the first storm, 15ml of rain fell per hour, and in the second storm, 20ml of rain fell per hour. rain lasted for a total of 40 hours, resulting in a total rain of 675ml. how long was each storm. 1st storm = hours 2nd ...

Science urgent

1. Explain why the melting points of ionic compounds and molecular compounds differ? 2. A.) What laboratory procedure allows you to test a compound is ionic or molecular? b.) what results would you expect? 3. A.) What do we call the smallest particle of an element? b.) what do...

Urgent Chem Help

Question.. Nicotinic acid (niacin) is a monoprotic acid with the formula HC6H4NO2. A solution that is 0.012M in the nicotinic acid has a pH of 3.39 at 25C. what is the acid-ionization constant, Ka and pKa for this acid at 25C? Attempt.. HC6H4NO2 <----> C6H4NO2- + H+ [H...


In polymer chemistry, it is often said that obtaining a polymer with certain desired physical properties is often more a problem of engineering than of chemistry. Why is this the case?

Urgent Please helpSustainable Urban Infrastructure

What would be the range of impact of an individualized travel marketing program that covers 200,000 workers in Denver by 2022? The program would inform workers about mass transit options. Assume each worker drives 17.5 miles one way, 5 days a week with an average fuel economy ...


We are standing at a distance d=15 m away from a house. The house wall is h=6 m high and the roof has an inclination angle β=30 ∘. We throw a stone with initial speed v0=20 m/s at an angle α= 37 ∘. The gravitational acceleration is g=10 m/s2. (See figure...

Science Geology (URGENT)

WHICH OF THE FOLLIWING BEST DESCRIBES THE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT OF SUPERPOSITION 1. Strata with fossils are generally deposited on strata with no fossils 2. older strata generally are deposited on younger strata without intervening,intermediate age strata 3. Older fossils in ...

Physics Help Urgent

On a dare, you decide to try bungee jumping. You fall freely you are moving at 15 m/s downward. At that point the cord begins to stretch. The cord slows you to a stop as it stretches, then pulls you back upwards. When the cord is no longer pulling on you, you are moving ...


Hi, I have to take chemistry placement test for college this week. Does anyone here have advice for studying to prepare for the test? I took chemistry in high school 2 years ago so I don't remember anything.


At noon, Professor Simon has a petri dish with 10,000 cells of Bacteria A. In another petri dish, he has 33,000 cells of Bacteria B. Every hour, Bacteria A grows by 8%. Every hour Bacteria B cells die off, decreasing the number of cells by 6%. After how many hours will there ...


At a certain college, 15% of the students received an A in their required math course, 10% received an A in their required Chemistry course, 5% received an A in both. A student is selected at random. a.) What is the probability tha he receieved an A in either Chemistry or Math...


We are standing at a distance d=15 m away from a house. The house wall is h=6 m high and the roof has an inclination angle β=30 ∘. We throw a stone with initial speed v0=20 m/s at an angle α= 35 ∘. The gravitational acceleration is g=10 m/s2. (See figure...

Urgent Chem help plz

is answer +103 KJ.. plz chk Plz explain in detail.... i tried to search on internet but i am confused with co-efficents.. how to set up the equaiton .. plz help me ??? Bond enthalpy is the energy required to break a mole of a certain type of bond. O=O = 495 kj/mol S-F = 327 kj...

College Algebra (Urgent)

The demand equation for a product is p = 60 – 0.0004x, where p is the price per unit and x is the number of units sold. The total revenue for selling x units is shown below. Revenue = xp = x(40 – 0.0004x) How many units must be sold to produce a revenue of $260,000? (Round...

Physics URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

 bat­ watcher
 76 kHz .

Maths Income Tax

1) A man with an income of $7500 and allowance of $1800, paid $1824 in tax. What is the rate of taxation? 2) Mr Green earns $95 per week and has allowances of $ 2450. Mrs Patel earns $19400 per annum and has allowances of $3680. They both pay all their tax at basic rate. How ...

Urgent maths homework help

At a boarding school, in the evening, 9 students always take walks in groups of 3. How can the groups be arranged so that each person walks in a group with every other person exactly once in 4 days? I would like to know whether there is a trick to these type of questions. My ...


A small object of mass m= 30 kg slides down a spherical dome of radius R=12 m without any friction. It starts off at the top (polar angle θ=0) at zero speed. Use g=10 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the force (in Newton) exerted by the dome on the mass when it is at θ...

Physics URGENT!!!

Gayle runs at a speed of 9.00 m/s and dives on a sled, initially at rest on the top of a frictionless, snow-covered hill, that has a vertical drop of 20.0 m. After she has descended a vertical distance of 4.00 m, her brother, who is initially at rest, hops on her back, and ...

Physics URGENT!!!

Gayle runs at a speed of 9.00 m/s and dives on a sled, initially at rest on the top of a frictionless, snow-covered hill, that has a vertical drop of 20.0 m. After she has descended a vertical distance of 4.00 m, her brother, who is initially at rest, hops on her back, and ...


A meteorite of mass m= 2 ×104 kg is approaching head-on a planet of mass M= 7 ×1029 kg and radius R= 5 ×104 km. Assume that the meteorite is initially at a very large distance from the planet where it has a speed v0= 5 ×102 km/s. Take G= 6.67 ×10−...

physics (it's rather urgent help is appreciated

We are standing at a distance d=15 m away from a house. The house wall is h=6 m high and the roof has an inclination angle β=30 ∘. We throw a stone with initial speed v0=20 m/s at an angle α= 35 ∘. The gravitational acceleration is g=10 m/s2. (See figure...

Physics *(URGENT)

Use a sentence to describe how the spacing of the dots for the accelerated motion is different from the spacing of the dots you would expect for uniform motion. In accelerated motion the dots are spaced further apart as the time increases. Would my answer be correct? If not ...


A pair of jeans is on sale for 25% off the original price. Which expression represents the sale price? If the original price of the jeans is $40,evaluate the expression to find the sale price. s=p-0.25 p;$30 s=p-25:$15*** s=p-0.25p;$10 s=p-0.25;$39.75 Simplify the expression (...


500 students sat for an examination in mathematics,physics and chemistry.45 passed all the three subject,60 passed mathematics and chemistry,70 passed physics and chemistry,50 passed mathematics and chemistry,10 passed in mathematics,80 passed in chemistry and 35 passed at ...

physics (urgent)

A car of mass 1000kg is travelling along a straight flat road at a constant speed of 30.0ms^-1. It then accelerates with constant acceleration of 3.00ms^-2 for 10.0s, after which it continues to travels at a constant speed. Determine: (a) The final speed of the car (b) The ...

US History-- URGENT

2. Which original political party appeared to have the broader or more democratic base of support? I said the Democratic-Republicans had a broader base of support bc they wanted protection of their basic rights for the common people. There were more common people than ...

2 math questions, urgent plz help!!

The line with equation a + 2b = 0 coincides with the terminal side of an angle θ in standard position and cos θ<0 . What is the value of sinθ ? −1/2 <my answer 5√ 5√/5 −25√/5 The line with equation x−y=0 coincides with the terminal side of an angle θ in...

Contracts URGENT!

I have a question on Contracts, Janice bought a gym membership at a local fitness club. Does the Sale of Goods Act govern this contract? Provide a statutory reference. This is my answer: Yes, Sale of Goods Act does govern this contract. The Sale of Goods Act gives you a right ...

Pre-Algebra [repost]

I'm sorry I had to repost, but this is urgent and i need it done by today!! Can someone please show me how to do these problems? I've been trying but I'm having a hard time... 1.Simplify the expressions on each side of the equation to obtain an equivalent equation: 5x + 12 + ...


someone please answer these Physics Q answers no explanation 1 What is the opposite force to gravity 2 an example of a contact force 3 an example of a non-contact force 4 What effect does ‘mass’ have on inertia 5 two examples of forces that could slow an object down 6 two ...

Plz someone Chem Urgent Help

The overall energy involved in the formation of CsCl from Cs(s) and Cl2 (g)is - 443 kj/mol. Given the following information: •heat of sublimation for Cs is +76 kj/mol, •bond dissociation energy for ½ Cl2is +121 kj/mol, •E(11) for Cs is +376 kj/mol, and •E(a) for Cl2is...


Please urgent help me A cryogenic storage container holds liquid helium, which boils at 4.20 K. Suppose a student painted the outer shell of the container black, turning it into a pseudo-blackbody, and that the shell has an effective area of 0.487 m2 and is at 3.01·102 K. a) ...

urgent physics ?

I have drawn my force body diagrams, but I need help making forming the equation for this problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! A 60 kg block slides along the top of a 100 kg block. The lighter block has an acceleration of 3.8 m/s2 when a horizontal force F= 390 N is...

Health and Physical Education 8 - It's urgent!

Please check my answers because I need to do good at this. 1. When consuming fats the healthiest choice is foods high in? A. saturated fats B. unsaturated fats * C. trans fat D. cholesterol 2. The body's main energy source should come from what essential nutrient? A. protein* ...

Science URGENT

Write down the number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms of the following H2O 3H2O 5H2O Write down the number of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms: C6H12O6 2C6H12O6 10C6H12O6 Write down the number of molybdenum, oxygen and hydrogen atoms: Mo(OH)4 3Mo(OH)4 5Mo(OH)4 Write the Number ...

algebra...urgent help

A bag soccer balls contains 8 balls with black design and 7 balls with red design with no other types of soccer balls. Coach graves reaches into the bag and randomly pulls out two soccer balls. please check my answer a) explain these events are either dependent or independent...

Grade 12 Math-Urgent!

Bacteria have a doubling time of roughly 10 hours. A normal bacteria starting population would be approximately 10,000 bacteria per ml of fluid...I am not sure if I have done these questions correctly and would like some confirmation before I hand this in to be marked! a.) ...

science-plz help this is so urgent!

8. a) after the oceans, where is the next largest reserve of water found? b) does this reserve contain salt water or fresh water? Fresh water lakes on the surface. Glaciers and icecaps account for a greater amount of water than lakes swamps and rivers if they were melted. I ...


A spherical non-rotating planet (with no atmosphere) has mass m1= 5 ×1024 kg and radius r1= 7000 km. A projectile of mass m2≪m1 is fired from the surface of the planet at a point A with a speed vA at an angle α=30∘ with respect to the radial direction. In...


A yoyo of mass m=2 kg and moment of inertia ICM=0.04 kg m2 consists of two solid disks of radius R=0.2 m, connected by a central spindle of radius r=0.15 m and negligible mass. A light string is coiled around the central spindle. The yoyo is placed upright on a flat rough ...

Help! Urgent!

You know tangentTheta=h/4 take the derivative sec^2 Theta * dTheta/dt= 1/4 dh/dt you know dtheta/dt solving for dh/dt You know sec Theta from the right triangle: sec theta = sqrt(h^2 +16) /h check me. Georgina: in the future, please put the title in the subject box, in this ...


I need help!!! I am suppose to give an opinion on "No Man is an Iland": "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." If people died somewhere does it affect in other place in the world because of this loss. This is my answer: Yes, it would affect the ...

PHYSICS Urgent help please

A red ball is thrown up off the edge of a building 10 m tall with an initial speed of 4 m/s. A) how long does it take for the red ball to strike the ground below? B) If a black ball is dropped off the edge of the same building, how many seconds after the release of the red ...


Mr. Hobbs was just about to take out a home mortage of $120,000 for 20 yrs at the rate of 10.0% compounded monthly. The monthly payments would have been $1158.03. But a competitive bank offered him a 30 yr mortgage at 9,5% which has monthly payments of $1009.03. Mr Gibbs went ...

English (URGENT)

How many paragraphs does a literary review have? This is a writing assignment for Grade 12 English. I need to write literary review on an article I find on the internet. I have an identification paragraph that talks about the author's credentials. Then I have a paragraph that ...


A stationary police car emits a sound of frequency 1200 Hz that bounces off of a car on the highway and returns to the police car with a frequency of 1250 Hz. The police car is right next to the highway, so the moving car is traveling either directly towards or directly away ...

chem please help urgent due tomorrow

I am having trouble on this please help Indicate which of these statements is true? For those that are false,.explain why a) addition reactions always involve compounds with multiple bonds b) all addition reactions produce polymers, but not all polymers are addition polymers c...


A ball is hit at an angle of 36 degrees to the horizontal from 14 feet above the ground. If it hits the ground 26 feet away (in horizontal distance), what was the initial velocity? Assume there is no air resistance. math - Henry, Friday, April 8, 2011 at 9:59pm X = hor. = 26Ft...

Accounting urgent

What would be considered quick assets out of Cash& Short term investments......$47.3 receivables.........159.7 inventories...........72.3 prepaid expenses&other current assets...32.0 total current liabilities..........130.0 total liabilities............279.4 total stockholders...

math urgent help!!!

I need serious help with this problem. it is making me pukk my hair out!!! Yolanda and Yoko ran in a 100-yd dash. When Yolanda crossed the finish line, Yoko was ten yd behind her. The girls then repeated the race, with Yolanda starting 10 yd behing the starting line. If each ...


Which branches of science do pharmacists need knowledge of to do their job properly? A.physics and chemistry B.biology and chemistry C.chemistry and geology D.physics and computer science Is the answer B?

Maths proportions

1) Nine milk bottles contain 4.5 litres of milk between them.How much do five bottles hold? 2) A shopkeeper can buy 36 toys for $20.52. What will he pay for 120 toys? 3) Three men can build a wall in 10 hours. How many men would be needed to build the wall in 7.5 hours? 4) ...

Math Urgent

In a survey of 63 people, 23 people subscribe to magazine A, 21people subscribed to magazine B,and 17 people subscribed to magazine C. For any two of the magazines,4 people subscribed to both magazines but not to the third magazine. If 5 people in the survey did not subscibe ...

word problem urgent

The half-life caffeine in the human body is typically about 6 hours. If john drinks a large cafe mocha with an extra shot of expresso from a coffee shop at 8am (255mg caffeine), and then starts to feel drowsy around 4pm and drinks another large cafe mocha (no expresso, 180mg ...

urgent!!!words questions dued tomorrow

Each phase is an anagram of a country and it's capital city. 1.CHEESE GARNET 2.OSSARIUM COWS 3.RARE NAUTICAL ARABS 4.SAVE UNITARIAN 5.ROYAL ITEM If don't know all still tell me what you know.HURRYHURRYHURRY... The first and last are in southern Europe, bordering the ...

MATH...somewhat urgent

I have three problems I would like checked please.1: I need to graph and find the y intercept of 6y+5x=-18 First I want to solve for y therefore I will let x be 0: 6y+5(0)=-18 6y=-18...I will now divide y=-3 Therfore the first set to plot would be (0-3) Now I solve for x, so I...

Geo...Help plz. Urgent.

It is 11:00am at 68W. Using Standard time, calculate the Line of Longitude at 6:00pm.. Help plz. Thanks so much At 11 AM at longitude 68W (in Eastern Maritime Canada's Atlantic Time Zone), at 6 PM you would be 7 time zones (or about 105 degrees) to the east (37E) . This would ...

Calc- Urgent Please

An open box (has a bottom but no top) needs to be constructed which has a volume of 500 cu. in. The bottom of the box is to be a square. Let x be one of the sides of the bottom. Express the area of the four sides and bottom of box as a function of x alone. What value of x will...

MATH URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara is researching the stork population living in a bird reserve. On her first day, she captures and tags 37 birds. Two weeks later, she captures 48 birds and finds that 30 are not tagged. Estimate the actual number of storks in the bird reserve. 27. In a marketing survey ...

Urgent! 6th Grade History School Help

Which is true about the Athenians? a) They grew poor as a result of the Pericles' battle strategies. b) They grew rich as a result of Pericles' battle strategies. c) They grew poor as a result of the Delian League. d) They are rich as a result of the Delian League. Please help...

american history

With the vital assistance of _______, Theodore Roosevelt established the first comprehensive national conservation policy.        A. Gifford Pinchot   B. Samuel Hopkins Adams   C. Upton Sinclair   D. William Howard Taft   Which of the following is true of the Spanish-...

math urgent please help

Mrs Buttler bought 1,800 shares of Stairwell Mutual Fund At an offer price of $3.00 per share. She later sold the shares at a net asset value of $4.60m per share. During the time Mrs Buttler owned the shares, Stairwell Mutual paid adividend of $0.80 per share. What is Mrs ...

biology urgent

Glucose is transported into a cell through a process of co-transport, where it is moved against its concentration gradient through a membrane channel. Moving any molecule against its concentration gradient requires energy, but these glucose channels do not require ATP or any ...

Physics urgent help needed

The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 2.5 105 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 1.0 10-3 m3. Determine the work done (including algebraic sign) in each segment of the path. a. A to b...


Compare the natural chemistry that takes place in the environment with the chemistry that takes place due to manmade factors like pollution. Discuss the effect of pollution at the local, regional, national, and global level.

SCIENCE Biology (urgent)

answer it with 2 paragraphs.. 1.How does chlamydia infect the human body? 2.What are the complications that can result from chlamydia infection? 3.What are the benefits of the CPAF inhibitor? 4.In what instances can control of endocycling be beneficial? 5.What are the ...

Calculus URGENT test tonight

Integral of: __1__ (sqrt(x)+1)^2 dx The answer is: 2ln abs(1+sqrt(x)) + 2(1+sqrt(X))^-1 +c I have no clue why that is! Please help. I used substitution and made u= sqrt(x)+1 but i don't know what happened along the way! Your first step was a good one. next, let u = sqrt x + 1 ...

physics urgent!

The magnetic field in the region shown below is increasing by 5 T/s. The circuit shown (with R=25 , C=55 µF, dimensions 1 m by 2 m) is inserted into the region as shown. The capacitor is initially uncharged. 1. What is the current in the circuit at the moment the circuit is ...

math URGENT!

28. You are surveying students to find out their opinion of the quality of food served in the school cafeteria. You decide to poll only those students who buy hot lunch on a particular day. Is your sample random? Explain. 29. Ira wants to determine the fast–food restaurant ...

Urgent help Ms sue

Education researchers believe that a new approach to tackling truancy may help to reduce truancy levels. They wish to carry out a trial to compare the efficacy of the new approach with an existing approach. It is known that some schools have lower truancy rates than others, ...

Algebra URGENT! Conic sections

A spacecraft is in a circular orbit 150 kilometers above Earth. Once it attains the velocity needed to escape the Earth's gravity, the spacecraft will follow a parabolic path with the center of Earth as focus. Suppose the spacecraft reaches escape velocity above the North Pole...

math need help urgent

Mr. Michaluk has a $50,000 personal (revolving) line of credit with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). The loan is on a demand basis at a floating rate of prime plus 1.5%. On the fifteenth of each month, a payment equal to the greater of $100 or 3% of the combined ...

Urgent: Spanish, Check Answers Please

6)Claudia y María ____________________ de México. Choices: Somos, Eres, Son, Es The answer is NOT Son or Somos My Answer: Es 9) Nosotros ____________________ mexicanos. Choices: Soy, Eres, es, Somos, Son The answer is NOT SOn, Soy, Somos My Answer: Eres

physics, help urgent!

charge Q = +4.5 ƒÝC is located at the origin and is fixed so that it cannot move. A small object with mass m = 2.0 g and charge q = +8.0 ƒÝC is released from rest at point A on the x-axis at x = 2.0 cm. The small object moves without friction along the x-axis under the ...

Physics Help Please!!!! Urgent!!

1) A 10 kg lead brick rests on a wooden table. if a force of 46N is required to slide the brick across the table at a constant velocity, what is the coefficient of friction? 2) A horizontal force of 100N is applied to a 200 kg refrigerator sitting on a horizontal surface. the ...


Yeah, so I'm in urgent need of help with this homework. 1. Assume that in a perfectly competitive market, a firm's costs and revenue are: Marginal cost = average variable cost at $20 Marginal cost = average total cost at $30 Marginal cost = average revenue at $25 A) How will ...

URGENT!!!!9th grade tech

i have my ISUs due tomorrow and if i don't get them in tomorrow they take off 50% the thing is idk wat 2 do 4 something its confusing me basically im supposed to find three different types of airplanes (being monoplanes, different models with the weird alphanumeric names?) and...

Social Studies - URGENT

Using the five themes of geography, which theme best illustrates each statement: Location, character of place, human-environment interation, movement or region. 1. Islam spread to Eastern Europe from Southwest Asia 2. The Scandinavian countries share common influences from ...

physics (urgent)

Two identical gas cylinders each contain 20.0 kg of compresses air at 1.00 x 106 pa and 275 K. One of the cylinders if fitted with a safety valve that releases air into the atmosphere if and only if the pressure in the cylinders raises above 1.10 x106 pa (the other cylinder ...

Algebra Please Help Urgent

Bob is going from his house to his uncle Sam's house in another state. He started running. After a while he switches to a bicycle. After a while he switches to a truck. After a while he switches to a sports car. After a while he switches to a helicopter. In each segment he ...


i wrote these questions before but no one helped me so im writing them again 1. a.) name the structures of the male reproductive system that sperm do not travel through. b.) what is the name given to these structures? 2. Name the other body system that the p e n i s is part of...


Here are some more sentences on the same theme. I hope you can have a look at them. Thank you.It's really urgent. 1)The upper stage was used as a balcony or by musicians. The inner stage was used, for example, for the Juliet’s tomb scene (can you say that???). 2)In 1588 the ...

Math Please Urgent

Here are the questions I need help with, please help. [(1/4)^-3 divide sign (1/4)^2]^-2 I got (1/4)^10 but I got it wrong (3^1/2)^3 _______ I got 1/216 9 (-56r^2)divide sign (-7r^2)= I got 8r x(y)(x)(2y) (12) (10xy^3) (3x^2y^2) (5x) (2y) simplify sqaure root of 160000 simplify...


Can you please check these sentences? It's really urgent. 1) At school I mustn't cheat during a test (also tests?). 2)When I do the washing-up, I have to put the dishes into the dishwasher, then put the washing-up gel (powder) into the dishwasher, start it and wait for the ...


a ball of mass m1 and a block of mass m2 are attached by a lightweight cord that passes over a frictionless pulley of negligible mass. the block lies on a frictionless incline of angle theta. (a) draw the free body diagrams (b) express newton's second law in component form (c...

English- Urgent

Can someone extend this paragraph. Rewording and extending please.. I would not let him disgrace us, disgrace himself, disgrace you. You see Annie, dear sweet Annie, My younger sister, he told me he was leaving me for someone, younger, sweeter, kinder than me. Patrick, the ...

Urgent - physics

Air molecules and dust particles in the atmosphere will scatter sunlight. From a consideration of the position of the sun, estimate the direction of incidence of the sun's rays on the atmosphere. In what direction will an observer on the earth's surface need to look if he is ...


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