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  1. URGENT MATH please

    Chris cuts half a rectangular lawn, 40m by 30m, by mowing strips of equal width around the perimeter. Jerri cuts the small rectangle in the middle that's left. How wide a strip does Chris cut so that they share the work equally? Solve by using quadratic formula.
  2. physics urgent

    I need help with this problem. I know the answer is (2.1630342940) but I have no idea how to get there. I know i need to sum the forces for each. Block m1( 6 kg ), lies on an incline plane with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.15. m1 is connected to mass m2 by a massless...
  3. physics urgent please asnwer it i m begging u

    a metal sample carrying a current along X-axis with density Jx is subjected to a magnetis field Bz(along z-axis). the electric field Ey developed along Y-axis is directly proportional to Jx as well as Bz. the constant of propotionality has SI unit. 1. m²/As 2. m²/A 3.As/m³ ...
  4. URGENT~MATH For Steve or Reiny

    For questions 5-7, find the solution to the system of equations by using either graphing or substitution. 5)y=6-x and y=x-2 (1point) (2,4) (-4,2) (4,2) no solutions 6)y=2x-1 and y=x+3 (1point) (4,7) (7,4) (-7,-4) no solutions 7) y=4x and y+x=5 (1point) (-4,1) (1,4) (-3,2) (2,3...
  5. math

    1. The x-intercept of a line is -3. The y-intercept of a line is 6. What is the slope of the line? 2. What is the equation in slope-intercept form of the line described in Exercise 1? can you please explain and answer it?? im having lots of trouble with this. it's urgent... ...

    A particle has a mass of 5kg. It is held at a height of 3 metres above the ground. Find: a.Its potential energy b.It’s kinetic energy when is hits the ground c.The speed with which the particle hits the ground
  7. physics. urgent answer please

    Two forces 10 N acting in the direction N 30 east and 15 N acting in the eastern direction, if both forces act at a point, find the magnitude and direction of (a) the resultant force (b) the equilibriant force.
  8. Algebra 2

    URGENT HELP PLEASE the temperature of a room during an experiment can be modeled by the function f(x)=23.7 cos (Pi x /60) +18. Where f(x) is the temperature F degrees and x is the number is hours into the experiment. What is the lowest temperature the room reached during the ...
  9. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q: Why do all the fragment...
  10. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q: Why do all the fragment...
  11. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q: Why do all the fragment...
  12. Chemistry (URGENT)

    I have a test soon. If you can help me with these questions, that would be great. 1. Define and describe the following. a)Alkaline - metal - base b)Corrosive - burn/eat away - acid c)Caustic - harsh - both? (acid + base) d)Low pH - 0-6.99 - acid Please check my answers and ...
  13. Urgent math

    how do I do this can any body show me how? An arithmetic sequence begins 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, . . . . (a) Find the common difference d for this sequence. d = (b) Find a formula for the nth term an of the sequence. an = (c) Find the 35th term of the sequence. a35 =
  14. Chemistry Science Project

    I need some ideas for high school science projects. It doesnt really matter what field of science, but i would prefer chemistry, biology, or physics. Really Urgent! Thanks! What about a project on osmotic pressure. Put a salt solution inside a thistle tube, place a membrane ...
  15. English/ History-Urgent

    Was there a person in history whose personality changed dramatically in his/ her life? Who was he/ she? I did google search but still had no ideas? Can someone please give a name of person who changed dramatically in history? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.
  16. algebra URGENT HELP

    form a polynomial whose degree and zeros are given. don't expand a) degree 3,zeros,-2,0,4 b)degree 4,zeros, -2 multiplicity 3,1 multiplicity 1 solutions a)p(x)= x(x+2)(x-4) B)p(x) =(x+2)^3(x-1)
  17. HELP URGENT Phyiics

    What mass (in grams) of steam at 100°C must be mixed with 446 g of ice at its melting point, in a thermally insulated container, to produce liquid water at 65.0°C? The specific heat of water is 4186 J/kg·K. The latent heat of fusion is 333 kJ/kg, and the latent heat of ...
  18. Physics pls anyone can help me? its urgent

    Four charges are arranged at the corners of a regular tetrahedron (a pyramid with four sides that are identical equilateral triangles). The charges are 1 Coulomb each, and the sides of the tetrahedron are all 1 meter. How much energy in Joules is required to assemble this ...
  19. calculus (please help. URGENT!)

    A hemispherical tank with a radius of 10m is filled from an input pipe at a rate of 3m^3/min. How fast is the water level rising when the water level is 5m from the bottom of the tank? (hint: the volume of the cap of thickness of h sliced from a sphere of radius r is pih^2(3r-...
  20. Urgent help here! Math

    If 270kg of corn would feed 42 horses for 21 days, for how many days would 360kg of it feed 21 horses?
  21. music urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need help with annotating a piece of idian bollywood music is there anyone who can help me? xXx uzi xXX hi hi back can can you help me with my music course work that is left before it is complete??? xXx uzi xXx
  22. Urgent english help

    I'm writing an English persuasive essay and I'm wanting to put a quote from a person as the thesis. How would I quote it? Do I quote it then put the name of person in parentheses? Please help me thanks!
  23. 2 questions really urgent

    sorry i have 2 more questions: what happens when a contour line crosses a river: stays flat, bends upstream , stops why do contour lines never cross eachother: they each represent a different elevation, the map would be too confusing, you cant tell the shape of the land please...
  24. physics urgent help !

    if a 3e charge is at the origin and a magnesium nucleus is 3 cm from the originin the x-axis direction.what is the magnitude of the net electrostatic force a Boron nucleus would experience at the point half way between magnesium nucleus and 3e charge on the y-axis in N

    Landscape with Classic Ruins and Figures by Marco Ricci and Sebastiano Ricci To evaluate the success of this image, you would do all of the following EXCEPT A. Describe the scence presented B. Analyze the color schemes C. Interpet the meaning of the color usage D. Judge the ...
  26. urgent (physics)

    A 2 kg brick falls at 5.1 m/s from a height of 6 m above a spring that has a spring constant of 47 N/m. The brick strikes and compresses the spring until it stops moving. Ignore friction effects. How much is the spring compressed by the brick? Assume that there is no Eg after ...
  27. Maths urgent help needed,

    1.Mr Sim bought new tv at a discounted price of 15%.He paid $836, inclusive of 3% GST(goods and services tax. What was the original price of the tv? 2.How to calculate original price before GST and before discount? What is the formula? Tks
  28. Image Search (URGENT)

    Can someone please tell me how I would be able to find 19th century (1815-1901) pictures of canadian landscapes such as: architecture (houses, churches, towns, cities) transportation (roads, cars, rails, bridges) farms native villages industry recreational areas Any help would...

    Can someone please give me a link for a website or websites that provide shsat student handbooks-other than 2011-2012 and 2010-2011. thank soo much in advance i only have a few more weeks to study and have no resouces please.
  30. Math could you help this is kinda hard and urgent

    The diagonals of a trapezoid are perpendicular and have lengths 8 and 10. Find the length of the median of the trapezoid. I tried figuring this out... by the way i got median times height is 40 and also notice that we are talking about the diagonals not the bases....that is ...
  31. mathematics (urgent)

    I eventually figured out the last one, so I'll only need some help with this: The cafeteria has 144 bananas, 36 pears, and 72 apples. Each student gets the same number of pieces of fruit. What is the greatest number of students who can receive fruit? I figured out that the GCF...
  32. mathematics literacy

    Ed,edd,eddy and Ben shares an Apple pie ed has 8\3 edd has 1\5 and eddy has 1\4 how much is left for Ben? Please answers please please urgent!
  33. Physics - URGENT

    A boat travels at 3.8 m/s and heads straight across a river 240m wide at an angle of 145'. The river flows at 1.6 m/s. a. What is the boat's resultant speed with respect to the river bank? b. How long does ti take the boat to cross the river? c. How far downstream or upstream ...
  34. Calculus Need of Urgent help

    find the indicated limits, if they exist. 1. lim (3x^3+x^2+1)/(x^3+1) x-> -infinity 2. find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the given function at any point: f(x) = 2x +7 Could anyone please, please, please explain to me how to do these problems? It seems like ...
  35. Math Urgent help please

    A lamppost casts a shadow of a man who is standing 15 feet away from the lamppost. The shadow is 5 feet long. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the lamp is 50. To the nearest foot, the lamppost is _____ feet tall. (Points : 2)
  36. Physical education URGENT PLEASE HELPPPP

    Explain how sprinters use flexibility. Explain how javelin throwers use flexibility. Explain how gymnasts in floor routines use flexibility.
  37. math help plz really urgent

    1. The formula M=log I/S determines the magnitude of an earthquake, where I is the intensity of the earthquake and S is the intensity of a “standard earthquake.” How many times stronger is an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 than an earthquake with a magnitude of 6? Show ...

    Because she wants to go to medical school, Becky will need to take extra science classes, and she also wants to learn Latin. The sentence above is a A. compound sentence. B. complex sentence. C. compound-complex sentence. D. simple sentence. I think..... it's A.... or C I ...
  39. biology -urgent...highly confused

    How does pH affect the activity of catalase? Consider both high and low pH, and explain your observations by discussing the effect of pH on protein structure. I cannot find anywhere in my notes, or text book, or even on the internet how pH affects catalase. I know that with pH...

    Farmer McDonald is building a fence. He will place posts six feet apart and stretch the wire fencing between the posts. If his pasture is thirty-six feet long and twelve feet across, how many posts will he need? Please help immediately1
  41. Math

    Not Urgent But Please Check My Answer: A pencil at a stationery store costs $1, and a pen costs $1.50. Stella spent $21 at the store. She bought a total of 18 items. Which system of equations can be used to find the number of pencils (x) and pens (y) she bought? I think it is ...

    Add these two vectors: I used component law, and I got an answer, but I am unsure as to how to do the direction at the end. Add: 9m/s [N30E] and 2m/s [N60E] I wound up with 10.8m/s and I found an angle of 55 but I am unsure as to what do with the 55: thanks for the help, I ...
  43. History, Urgent

    In 1801, which of the following were Robert Livingston’s objectives when negotiating with the French? i. to stop Spain from transferring land to France ii. to buy New Orleans and Florida from France iii. to create an alliance with France against Spain iv. to purchase Canada ...

    a shopkeeper buys an article at a discount of 15% on the printed price. after charging a sales tax of 5% on the printed price, he sells the article at rs.630. find the profit
  45. Maths urgent

    a sum of money is invested for 3 years at a certain rate of interest. had the rate of interest been 1% more, it would have fetched rs 18 more than before. find the sum invested?
  46. urgent math

    Paul is standing on a 39 m high building. The angle of elevation to the top of a taller building is 47 degrees and the angle of depression to the bottom of the same building is 36 degrees. What is the height of the taller building to the nearest tenth. 
  47. Microeconomics help please (urgent)

    You go to an auction and set a maximum price of $100 you are willing to bid on an item. However, you are fortunate and purchase it for $50. 1) Does the lower price alter the marginal utility you originally placed on the item? 2) Is your potential total utility increased ...
  48. Treasury securities and Inflation (URGENT)

    How does inflation figure in when it comes to treasury securities?
  49. Physics urgent help needed!

    Suppose the position of an object is given by ->r(vector) = (3.0t^2*ihat - 6.0t^3*jhat)m. Where t in seconds. Determine its velocity ->v as a function of time t. Determine its acceleration ->a as a function of time t. Determine ->r at time t = 2.5 s. Determine ->...
  50. Urgent-Chemistry Help

    I need help with the heat effects and calorimetry worksheet. Please explain how to solve it! Thank you so much! A metal sample weighing 45.2g and at a temperature of 100.0 C was placed in 38.6g of water in a calorimeter at 25.6 C. At equilibrium the temperature of the water ...
  51. English- URGENT! due date tommorow!!

    my teach gave me a project in which i have to make my own advertisement on a product of my choice. i have no idea what product i shud use!! please help!! The due date is tommorow and i still havent done it!!
  52. maths

    really urgent plsss help... the digit at the ten's place of a two digit number is four times that in the unit's place. if the digits are reversed, the new number will be 54 less than the original number. find the original number. check your solution.
  53. Urgent message for all Jiskha users!

    Hi Everyone! I hope this message finds you well. I would like to make myself known to you. My name on here is Tutor Maddie. I am new here and would love to help you in your studies! Let me know what you need! :) -Tutor Maddie
  54. maths-urgent

    a metal block of length 4cm ,breadth 3cm and height 2.5 weighs 500g.what is the mass of a block of length 5cm,breadth 4cm made of the same metal.

    if answers are wrong tell me the correct ones please. Thank you! which description fits the limerick about the fellow named Hall? A) a poem about something funny with five lines. B) a serious poem without rhyme<--- C)a poem about nature with three lines.
  56. algebra

    if sin alpha is 0.28° where 0° is less than or equal to alpha less than or equal to 90°, evaluate cos alpha, tan alpha, sec alpha, cosec alpha and cot alpha. please help, it's urgent.
  57. Math..urgent.pls help!:(

    A Volkswagon Beetle convertible sedan is worth $16,615 now and is expected to be worth $8950 in 4 years. a) find a linear depreciation function for this car. b) estimate the value of the car 5 years from now c.) at what rate is the car depreciating? thanks in advance people!
  58. physics(URGENT!!!!!)

    An object of mass m=80 kg moves in one dimension subject to the potential energy U(x)=λ4(x2−a2)2+b2x2.(1) Here we use λ= 1 kg/(m2s2), a= 7 m, and b= -11 kg/s2. (a) How many equilibrium points (stable and unstable ones) does this potential have? n= (b...
  59. Urgent math quick

    A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185°F and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 75°F. (a) If the temperature of the turkey is 150°F after half an hour, what is its temperature after 45 min? (Round your answer to the ...
  60. Calculus

    Find all points on the graph of the function f(x) = 2 cos(x) + (cos(x))2 at which the tangent line is horizontal. Consider the domain x = [0,2π). I have pi/2 and 3pi/2 for x values. But when I plug them I get zero. Is this correct as y values or am I solving it wrong? I ...
  61. plz help..its urgent

    What art period was Vincent Van Gogh part of? According to this article, VanGogh was a post impressionist.
  62. science-urgent(plz help)!!!!

    a hockey stick has a mechanical advantage of 4. if the effort arm(which is the distance between the fulcrum and your pushing hand-effort)is 25cm long, how long is the stick? if your hand is pushing at a speed of 20km/h, how fast will the puck move?
  63. Precalculus plese check urgent

    Give an example of a function whose domain is{3,4,7,9} and? whose range is {-1,0,3} plese give me the trick of finding such functions Is this answer coreect the function must only consist of individual points: {(3, -1), (4, 0), (7, 3), (9, 0)} is an example.

    I had posted these questions before but no one helped me so ill repeat the questions: Please Help Me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family
  65. math very urgent

    First, do you get the same sum when you use 18 rather than 9 as a common denominator for 2/3 and 4/9? Explain the answer. Also what extra step will you have to perform if you do not use the least common denominator when adding fractions? Please explain the answer.
  66. Math Urgent

    1. A hexagonal prism 6ft tall with a regular base measuring 9ft on each and an apothegm of length 7.8ft. 2. A prism 2m tall. The base is trapezoid whose parallel sides measure 7m and 3m. The other sides are each 4m. The altitude of the trapezoid measures 3.5m.
  67. Physics URGENT!!!

    A 4.02 kg steel ball strikes a massive wall at 11.8 m/s at an angle of 60.0° with the plane of the wall. It bounces off the wall with the same speed and angle, as shown in the figure below. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 0.174 s, what is the magnitude of the ...
  68. Chemistry(Urgent, please check)

    I completed a lab to find the determination of Kc. I have to find the concentrations of reactants at equilibrium using an ICE table. The equation that were are using is Fe^3+(aq) + SCN^-(aq) -> Fe(SCN)^2+(aq) I have to create 5 ICE tables because we used 5 different test ...
  69. Physics -URGENT-

    A 55 kg boy and a 37 kg girl use an elastic rope while engaged in a tug-of-war on a frictionless icy surface. If the acceleration of the girl toward the boy is 2.4 m/s^2, determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the boy toward the girl in m/s^2
  70. Physics

    Urgent. A density bottle weigh 0.25 when empty and 0. 75 when. Filled with water and 0.65N when filled with alcohol calculate the volume of water,the density of alcohol. Take density of water=1000kg/m3 acceleration due to gravity= 10m/s
  71. URGENT ANY PhYSIcs teacher help thouroighly pls

    The coefficiant of friction between rubber tires and wet pavement is 0.5. Breaks are alllied to a 750kg car, intitally travelling at 30 m/s and the car skids to a stop. What is the magnitude and direction of the acceleration. Ik the magnitude and i kinda get how to do the ...
  72. Chem Urgent Help Please!!!!

    Chromatography is a powerful analytical technique for separating complex mixtures into their components. Do you think it would be practical to use it on a large scale for preparative purposes? Consider the problems this would involve. You have a product for which counterfeit ...

    Consider a case in which a 60 kg diver takes off from a diving board located at a height of 10 m above the water level and enters the water at a horizontal distance of 5 m from the end of the board. If the total time that the diver remains in the air is 2.5 seconds, determine ...

    While flying at an altitude of 7.25 km, you look out the window at various objects on the ground. If your ability to distinguish two objects is limited only by diffraction, find the smallest separation between two objects on the ground that you can resolve as distinguishable. ...
  75. maths urgent please

    A vessel is being filled at a variable and the volume of liquid in the vessel at any time t is given by V = A( 1- e^-kt) V a) Show that dV/dt = k(A-V) b) if one quarter of the vessel is filled in 5 minutes, what fraction is filled in the next 5 minutes? c) show that lim (x->...
  76. urgent calculus help please

    A 20m long ladder is leaning against a wall. The top of the ladder is sliding down the wall at a constant speed of 2m/s. How quickly is the bottom of the ladder moving away from the wall when the bottom of the ladder is 5m from the wall? Give your answer as an exact expression.
  77. Urgent =Math

    Tell whether this survey describes a good sample and if so, name the method of sampling used. A phone company randomly calls 6 names from the phone book to find whether the person is satisfied with the phone service. yes, random yes, systematic***** yes, stratified not a good ...
  78. Planning (URGENT)

    Describe 5 positive activities, events, or experiences in your life and why was it positive. Please help me. What does it mean when it talks about positive experiences? So would meeting my best friend be a positive experience? Please give me examples. So I can understand what ...
  79. Math Finals - URGENT - Transformations

    when you have "y = 1/2sin2x". . . Does the equation have a vertical compression by a factor of 1/2? And does the equation have a horizontal compression by a factor of 2?
  80. math URGENT HELP!!!

    The area of the base of the regular quadrilateral pyramid is 36 cm2 and the area of a lateral face is 48 cm2. Find: Lateral area of the pyramid
  81. Help (URGENT)

    If this is a graph from 1996, someone listed in the 30-34 age group would be in which age group in 2016? (hint: each age group goes up by five years) GRAPH: 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85+ Can someone pleaseh help me? I don't know how to ...
  82. Econ - urgent please help

    Suppose local govt decides that a tax is the best way to address the inefficiency created by outdoor concerts. Assuming the social cost curve and the private cost curve are parallel to each other, how much does the tax on concerts have to be to achieve the socially optimal ...
  83. Physics pls anyone can help me? its urgent

    Three negative charges with charge -q occupy the vertices of an equilateral triangle with sides of length L What is the magnitude of the electric field in units of k*q/L^2 at the center of the triangle? Give a numerical answer that is the number that would go in front of k*q/L...
  84. Trig (Last URGENT)

    sin2x+cosx=0 , [-180,180) = 2sinxcosx+cosx=0 = cosx(2sinx+1)=0 cosx=0 x1=cos^-1(0) x1=90 x2=360-90 x2=270 270 doesn't fit in [-180,180) what do I do? Or maybe I did something wrong. sinx=1/2 x1=sin^-1(1/2) x1=30 x2=180-30 x2=150 is this correct? Please and Thank you
  85. Check my math question please? Very urgent!

    The commute times during rush hour traffic on a local interstate have a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Repeated studies of this section of interstate are considered normally distributed. What percent of commuters drive between 20 - 25 minutes to work...
  86. Algebra Its Urgent!

    A second number is three times a first number. A third number is 15 more than the first number. If the sum of the three numbers is 330, find the numbers.
  87. Math urgent

    X,Y and Z can do a piece of work in 15 days. If X takes twice as much as Y and Z together and Y takes thrice as much as X and Z together, how long days will each take to finish a work.
  88. Pre calc 12 urgent help pls!

    Radioisotopes are used to diagnoa various illnesses. Iodine-131 is adminsitred to diagnoaw thyriod gland activity. Original dosage contains 280 MBq of Iodine-131. If. One is lost from body then after 6h, there r 274 MBq. What is half life of I-131 to the nearest day.
  89. Geography

    Jared Diamond’s theory that geography was the principal factor in determining how Europeans came to dominate the world can also be seen as an explanation of how particular systems have formed and clashed throughout history. Explain. I NEED AN ANSWER SOON. I have troubles in ...
  90. physics URGENT! HELP

    If an object is thrown in an upward direction from the top of a building 1.60 x 102 ft. high at an initial velocity of 21.82 mi/h, what is its final velocity when it hits the ground? (Disregard wind resistance. Round answer to nearest whole number and do not reflect negative ...
  91. Chem lab last question!! Urgent help

    Commodity prices of NaCl and urea are about $0.033/lb for NaCl (as rock salt) and about $0.10/lb for urea. Calculate the cost of treating 1000 lb of ice on a surface to produce a solution that melts at -3.9 degrees Celsius with each chemical. I know you use to delta T= mkfi ...

    Describe the major goals of two of the following movements: women, Latinos, Native Americans, people with disabilities, and consumers. Why do you think some of the same people who helped with these movements also helped with the environmental movement? I'm very confused and ...
  93. L.A. Urgent

    During her time in the secret annex, Anne demonstrates that she is a unique and remarkable young person with many dimensions to her character. In an essay, explain what makes Anne a complex character. Include details from The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I and Act II, in your ...
  94. URGENT!! PLEASE Calc

    Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Theorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers "c" that satisfy the conclusion of Rolle's Theorem. f(x)=sin4pix , [-1/2,1/2] Well according to Rolle's Theorem, it has to be continuous on [a.b] and it is ...
  95. math URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a 12x12-inch square is divided into n^2 congruent squares by equally spaced lines parallel to its sides. circles are inscribed in each of the squares. find the sum of the areas of the circles. answer and please explain step by step how u got the answer!! please!!!!
  96. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    A cone-shaped paper drinking cup is to be made to hold 30 cm^3 of water. Find the height and radius of the cup that will use the smallest amount of paper. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Height = ? Radius = ? Show work please!!!
  97. Physics Derivation URGENT!!

    Can someone please show me how to derive this...I am going crazy I have tried everyhthing that I can think of with this equation..even the Range Equation and that doesnt work! So please! I am dying and aahaha! How does this work in terms of mass and L? I think L has to be ...
  98. Bio(please it's urgent!)

    A person suffers from abdominal pain. other symptoms are - nausea and vomitting - fever 103 degree - pain in the middle of back - clammy skin her blood test tell the following things?: -high serum amylase -high serum lipase what do u think she is suffering from? please help!!!1
  99. English

    Incorrect sentence: The report considers important factors in choosing a medical facility, ratings of services at the urgent care center, reasons why HMO members do not use the center, and offers suggestions for increase in member usage. I know this has parallelism problems. I...
  100. Socials Studies (URGENT)

    1. Why did Canada go to war in Korea and why was this war significant for Canada and the UN? Went to Korea to aid the south against the north from communism. (Don't know why it was significant. Any help?) 2. Describe two instances which Canada influenced international ...
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