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  1. Pre-Cal(Urgent!!)

    Find all the solutions of the equation in the interval (0,2pip) sin(x + pi/6) - sin(x -pi/6) = 1/2 I am only stuck on the last part. I have 2sinx(sqrt3/2) = 1/2 Does the 2 cancel out with the sqrt 3/2. I am not sure what to do.
  2. English

    I have a last question.It's urgent. While I was getting ready for school, my mum made/was making breakfast for me. I think I should you the past continuous in both cases because the two actions are continuous.

    Please Help, The last question has to be done by midnight. A chevy Bel Air, a classic car today, cost $2,400.0 new in mid-1963. How much would that be in 2012 dollar.
  4. steps please

    Use implicit differentiation to find the points where the parabola defined by x^{2}-2xy+y^{2}-6x+2y+17 = 0 has horizontal and vertical tangent lines. List your answers as points in the form (a,b).
  5. Please help! Urgent

    A homeowner installed a new swimming pool for $8500. He paid 8% down and then paid 36 monthly payments of $243.07. Determine the APR of the loan to the nearest one-half of a percent.
  6. maths

    I don't know how to solve this question.urgent A one side open cylindrical drum has inner radius 28cm.and height 2.1m.How much water you can store in the drum.Express in litres.(1 litre=1000cc.)
  7. Urgent math

    I eliminated 2 of the 5 and now I have 3 I am confused towards which is the right one? help mathematical induction to determine which formula is true for all natural numbers n ≥ 3 a) 2n2 > (n + 1)2 b) (n − 1)2 > n2 − 6 c) (n + 1)2 < n2 +
  8. Physics-Urgent

    A sign with a mass of 23 kg is hanging in two wires both making an angle of 27 degrees with the vertical. Find the tension in one of the wires. Give your answer in newtons (N) and with 3 significant figures.
  9. history

    hi... i need to know what the name of the native people of ecuador are called...and i also need a brief summary about them.. i need websites..and some information that u might know.. please help (urgent)...
  10. Honors Biology - URGENT!!!

    Remember that the greater the concentration of hydrogen ions, the lower the pH of a solution. How do you suppose the pH of the solution in the thylakoid space compares with the pH of the solution in the stroma? What is responsible for the difference?
  11. urgent finance help

    There is neither gain or loss on sale of despreciable asset for an amount exactly equal to its A.aquisition cost value C.oportunity cost D.histicorl cost
  12. math - URGENT

    I'm don't understanding how to solve this question: The graph of a line passes through the x-intercept of y-20=2/11(x-31) and is perpendicular to the line y=1/7x+7 . The equation of the line, written in Slope-Point form, is y-p = m(x-q). what is the value of m*q ?
  13. Grade 8 FRENCH plz ppl its urgent

    How do you say I am half scottish and half irish in french?thanks :)
  14. Science-Urgent

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other science posts, Please and thank you :-)
  15. Biology Research Paper--Urgent

    How do I make parenthetical references of a website throughout my research paper? Thanks -MC
  16. TO M--urgent

    I named that compound as cis and it should be trans. The I atoms are on opposite sides and that's trans, not cis.
  17. Urgent math

    A quadratic function is given. f(x) = x2 − 8x + 8 (a) Express the quadratic function in standard form.

    If vector |a| = 12 cm, |b| = 13 cm, and the angle between them when placed tail to tail is 35°, find |a × b| to the nearest centimetre.
  19. Math Urgent

    (square rt. 5) +(square rt. 20)=
  20. MATH URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    SIMPLIFY: s^2+4s-4 SIMPLIFY: x^2-4x-3
  21. Urgent math

    5x + 2.8(480-x) = 2.68(480
  22. Math- Urgent, please help!

    3(4-2X)=-2X -1 1 2 3** Please help, thank you!
  23. Chemistry URGENT

    I am not good with math problems. I need help with these two problems. I'm not sure what equations to use. please help. A student heated a hydrated salt sample with an initial mass of 4.9702 g. After the first heating, the mass had decreased to 3.0662g. 1. if the sample was ...
  24. chem

    I have a really urgent question. I am wondering wheter or not esters are polar and what types of intermolular forces they have. can anybody answer this question nvm
  25. earth science urgent

    in the continental United States, what happens to rain that falls west of the Great Continenetal Divide? Rain that falls east?
  26. Calculus - urgent

    An isosceles triangle is inscribed in a circle of fixed radius R and centre O. What is the minimum area of the region outside the triangle and inside the circle?
  27. urgent math

    find the equilibrium point for the demand and supply functions D(p)=79-8p and S(p)=37+6p, where p is the price, in dollars, D(p) is the number of units demanded, and S(p) is the number of units supplied.
  28. french

    i want to learn this language. Please write some french sentences and also translate them into english. Please earlier, its very urgent.

    What distance would the skydiver fall during 7s of free fall ? Use the formula d= 4.9t^2, where in d is distance in meters and t is time in seconds. Pleeeeeeeeeese help me!!!!!!
  30. algebra URGENT HELP

    analyze the graph of the following function solve R(x)=x(x-16)^2 /(x+11) solve the following inequality write solution in interval notation x+14/x-8 less than or equal to 1
  31. urgent maths pls

    A goat is tied at point A with a rope of length(L). How long can L be so that the goat can feed on exactly half of the field if the field is a circle.

    Only one of the following reactions occurs. HCl + F HF + Cl For the one that does occur which side is favoured? Explain WHY the other reaction will not occur.
  33. Maths urgent

    One regular polygon has twice as many sides as another. If the ratio of the interior angles of the first to that of second is 5:4, find the number of sides in each polygon?
  34. Calculus - urgent

    A lamina. defined by y>=0 with edges y=0, y=3/2(1-x^2) and x=-y+2y^2, for which the density is given by p(x,y)=y. a) define domain as union of type 1 and type 2 region. b) Calculate mass of lamina.
  35. Urgent geometry help

    On my test over parallel lines and proportional parts in triangles today, there was a question that asked to solve for x. There was 2 problems with x in them in the triangle. So would I just have to multiply each part by two and set them equal to each other?
  36. ALG 2! plz help urgent!!

    Karen is 13 years older than Juan. The sum of their ages is 55. How old is Juan? (Be sure to type only Juan’s age in the answer blank. No variables or words.)
  37. Geography (Urgent)...

    I need to know 3 reasons why my Ecological Footprint is smaller than the world average Footprint (3.4 vs. 2.2) I am unsure as to how mine alone is larger than the whole world's. THANKS -Dex
  38. Science (urgent)

    Suppose 13.7kJ of heat are removed from 33.5g liquid sample of ethanol at 26.8^oC. When all this heatis removed from the substance, at what temperature and in what states will you find the substance?
  39. Math(Urgent)

    Find the exact values of the vertical asymptotes for o is less than or equal to Q is less than or equal to pi for the function y= cot(3Q) I need to show my work for this one but I do not know how to do this.
  40. Pre-Cal(Urgent)

    Find f X g , g X f , and f X f f(x) = 3sqrt x-1 g(x) = x^3 + 1 For f(x) the 3 is little above the sqrt sign. My answers were: f(g(x)) = 3sqrt x^3 + 1 -1 g(f(x)) = 3sqrt (x-1)^3 -1 f(f) = 3sqrt x-1-1 My teacher said these were wrong. Please help. I do not know how to correct ...
  41. URGENT HELP QUICK math rate of change

    A line with a slope of -2 passes through the point (1, 7). What is the closest point on the line above (1, 7) which has whole number coordinates?

    Two forces are exerted on an object. A 32 N force acts at 220° and a 53 N force acts at 315°. What are the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant? ___N ___°

    a. Solve a – 9 = 20 b. Solve b – 9 > 20 c. How is solving the equation in (a) similar to solving the inequality in (b)? d. How are the solutions different? I don't know how to do this i forgot ... could u help (Steve, or Mrs.Sue, or Writeteacher plz help)
  44. French

    Hi guys cud anyone help me?? I need a simple letter in french, describing the new apartment I have moved in, to my friend. Its pretty urgent guys....Thanks in advance
  45. Math urgent! :( plz help

    3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? 3x - 3 + -4x 2y+ 4 -y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y -2 =2 (y-1) Write the inequality and solve for the following problem: The result of 6 subtracted from a number n is at least 2 n - 2>6; n > 8 n-6&...
  46. Chem Help Please Urgent!!!!!!

    What is the boiling point of a solution of 0.515 grams of acenaphthene (C12H10) in 15 grams chloroform (CHCl3) given pure chloroform has a b.p. of 61.7 C and a Kbp of +3.63 C. Thanks!
  47. History, Urgent

    Settlements in America were not sponsored by: London Company Raleigh De Soto Dutch West India Company Its for a friend, 8th grade history
  48. programming urgent

    so i have two arrays . I need to figure outh how to multiply each value of the first array by each value in the second array. how doy ou do thtisT? thanks
  49. urgent physics help

    when the full moon directly overhead the angle from one edge of the moon to the other is measured to be 0.6970 if the diameter of the moon is 3650 km how far is it from the moon
  50. MATH

    this basic recipe for split pea soup serves 8 people. Find the amount of each ingredient that serves 32 people. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT URGENT QUESTION
  51. Enlightenment- Mary Wollstonecraft

    Can anyone give me a website detailing the education of Mary Wollstonecraft? It's urgent.
  52. math help urgent

    From the graph find the maximum δ>0 which is such that if 0<|x-4|<δ , then |x-2|<0.8 The graph is of f(x)=√x
  53. College Algebra

    Solve the logarithmic equation for x. log(base 3)(x+6) - log(base 3)(x+1)=1 urgent! help!
  54. urgent -plsee

    Let a,b,c be positive integers such that a divides b^2 , b divides c^2 and c divides a^2 . Prove that abc divides (a + b + c)7 .
  55. Math urgent

    What is 4.1 repeating written as a fraction? I don't know if it should be written over 100 or over 10.
  56. Chemistry (equlibrium direction) urgent

    Consider the endothermic reaction 2 NO(g) <-> N2(g) + O2(g) -If I decrease the volume of the vessel and increasing the total pressure in the vessel, what direction will the equilibrium will shift? (left/right) (I know that decreasing the volume would shift to produce ...
  57. Multiculturalism (URGENT)

    Identify TEN different cultural traditions, customs, foods, clothing that are part of Canadean lifestyle: 1. Pizza 2. Spaghetti 3. Soccer 4. ? I can only think of 3. Can someone help me think of 7 more? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  58. geometry

    i need help with this geometry prblem my math book is online on this site: w w w . k e y m a t h . com / D G 3 the class passcode is: 1574-4c524 The chapter is 0 Lesson 0.2 pg. 9 problem number 6 REMEMBER 4-FOLD SYMMENTRY IS NEEDED !!! URGENT !!!
  59. geometry

    i need help with this geometry prblem my math book is online on this site: w w w . k e y m a t h . com / D G 3 the class passcode is: 1574-4c524 The chapter is 0 Lesson 0.2 pg. 9 problem number 6 REMEMBER 4-FOLD SYMMENTRY IS NEEDED !!! URGENT !!!
  60. bio

    Would you agree that it is valuable for a nation to have a citizenry that is reasonably well versed in science? Give reasons for your answer. Would you say this need has become especially urgent in the last two decades? Why or why not? Evaluate
  61. History, Urgent

    Why did the Jamestown settlement almost fail? Settlers hunted for gold rather than plant crops. The settlement was led by Henry Hudson. Fur trading replaced farming as the main industry.
  62. Physics/Chemistry HELP!! URGENT!!

    Arsenic in geomedia contaminates an aquifer by naturally occurring geological processes. The aquifer has a bulk density of 1.55 g/cm3 and a particle density of 2.63 g/cm3. The distribution coefficient, Kd value is 0.0370 L/kg. The initial concentration at the source is 40.0...
  63. Calculator problem-- urgent!!!

    Hi, I'm trying to graph the equation "y=3x" on my graphing calculator BUT the "x" is in exponential form-aka small and up to the right of the 3. How do I graph it? I know that you go to "y=" and then I typed a 3, but how do I get that little x? Thanks very much
  64. French Cuisine (URGENT)

    I need to find 5 foods (dishes/meals) from before the french revolution. I've searched and can't find anything. Can someone help me please? Thank you very much
  65. math/urgent

    PLEASE tell me how you are supposed to come to the answer to this. and what is the answer: a number x is y more than a number y times x i'm a little confused, and i have to teach this to a student. thanks a lot
  66. Math (urgent) hw due tommorow!

    The speed of a stream is 3 km/h. A boat travels 25 km upstream in the same time it takes to travel 35 km downstream. What is the speed of the boat in still water?
  67. Reaearch - URGENT PLZ HELP

    Hi An pdf file called RUssian COllectivisation was written by a George Beers. I cant find any info on the date of publication or on the author, George Beers HELP!

    When a ball is thrown upward, its height, h, in metres, is given by h=1.5 +19.6t -4.9t², where t is the number of seconds after it is thrown. For what length of time is the ball above the ground?
  69. 7/8 Math URGENT!!!

    8 - 3x = 128 Subtract 8 from both sides. -3x = 120 x = 120/-3 x = -40 Can someone explain this to me?? I don't understand why you would subtract 8 and not add 8... also, why did the 3 suddenly become a negative? HELP ;D
  70. Science quick question urgent check my answer

    bacterial structures which could survive unfavorable conditions are called? Spores Flagella Cysts Granuless My answer: spores?
  71. English

    Write the derivative. Urgent care doctors use a variety of methods to determine a patient's ______. (sentient) Choices: sentient or sentience Answer: sentience
  72. Geometry- URGENT PLEASE HELP!!

    Medians $\overline{AX}$ and $\overline{BY}$ of $\triangle ABC$ are perpendicular at point $G$. Prove that $AB = CG$. In your diagram, $\angle AGB$ should appear to be a right angle.
  73. world history

    Three grandsons of the Emperor Charlemagne Became ruler of territories that would include all of the following modern day states except A England B Italy C Germany D France please help im in urgent need f an answer
  74. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Find a formula for a curve of the form y=e^((−(x−a)^2)/b) for b greater than 0 with a local maximum at x=−5 and points of inflection at x=−8 and x=−2.
  75. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Find a formula for a curve of the form y=e^((−(x−a)^2)/b) for b greater than 0 with a local maximum at x=−5 and points of inflection at x=−8 and x=−2.
  76. Biology- Urgent

    1. There is no ____ that is specified by a stop codon on an mRNA molecule. 2. Why is it impostant for RNA polymerase to start at the right place and transcribe in the right direction? I really had no ideas on these two. Please help. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  77. physics urgent

    A 1.5 m tall man stands 2 m in front of a flat wall mirror. Please find: image distance and height of image I have the formulas but i don't know how to solve this without the focal point or a radius...pls help!!!!!!!
  78. Urgent- Science

    Dalton theorized that matter is made of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. In what way did the theories of each of these scientists support or differ from Dalton’s theory? K/U (a) J. J. Thomson (b) Ernest Rutherford (c) James Chadwick
  79. Socials Study (URGENT)

    Okay, I need to write 2 editorials. the year is 1599, but i think any editorial during the "renaissance" will do. So, anyone have any ideas for 2 editorials i can write about?\ Thank you ver much.
  80. URGENT: Grade 8 Math

    In my math question it says: Multiply. Simplify before multiplying. Use benchmarks to estimate to check the product is resonable. a)3/4 x 8/5 is one of the equations What are benchmarks?
  81. Math-SPSS

    hello! i need some help urgent! does anyone know how to work with SPSS? we need to calcualte the frequency of the most and least used language learning strategies in correlation with grade.any help?
  82. british Lit-URGENT

    The speaker in Ted Hughes's poem "Hawk Roosting" is the hawk. What figure of speech is this? A)simile B)metaphor C)personification D)hyperbole. I feel is is personification but am not sure.

    find the inflection points of the function: f9x)=x^2(ln(x)) Now I don't think there are any inflection points because both intervals are concave up. Am I right, or could someone help me if this is wrong?
  84. Physics URGENT!!!

    A hockey puck is hit on a frozen lake and starts moving with a speed of 9.7 m/s. 4.1 seconds later, its speed is 7.2 m/s. (c) How far does the puck travel during the time interval?
  85. math(urgent)

    What is the value of the variable cost ? If the break even point is $ 130, the fixed cost is $ 330, selling price per unit is $ 25,and unit of sell is $50. (3 marks)
  86. Math URGENT!!!

    Jason bought 10 of the 30 raffle tickets for a drawing. What is the probability that Jason will win all 3 of the prizes if once a raffle ticket wins a prize it is thrown away?
  87. Math

    You are randomly selecting one catches on a 52 card deck.find the probability of selecting: a 2 or a 3 I got 2/13 A red 2 or a black 3 I got 1/13 I want to make sure it is correct This is very urgent Thanks
  88. Opt math URGENT

    prove that : cos^3(θ)sin^2(θ)=1/16[2cos(θ)-3cos(θ)-5cos(θ)]
  89. maths-urgent

    If the sums of n terms of 2 A.P. are in ratio (3n+5)/(5n+7), then find their nth terms ratio

    The formula for the circumference of a circle is C = 2(pi)r , where r is the radius of the circle. What is the formula when solved for r?
  91. math urgent

    what number has the prime factorization of 2 to the 6th power and 5 to the 6th power
  92. Science

    URGENT! How is Miami's summer solstice different from Singapore's summer solstice?
  93. chemistry ap ...urgent! please help me!

    The measurement of pH using a glass electrode obeys the Nernst equation. The typical response of a pH meter at 25.00 degrees C is given by the equation: E(measured)= E(ref) +.591pH where ref contains the potential of the reference electrode and all other potentials that arise ...
  94. physics..... please....urgent....

    A 1.0 kg mass is attached to the end of a vertical ideal spring with a force constant of 400 N/m. The mass is set in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 10 cm. What is the speed of the 1.0 kg mass at the equilibrium position?
  95. Algebra 2 help its urgent please(:

    Jacob is standing 112 m from a building. The angle of elevation when he looks up to the top of the building is 62°. How tall is the building? Enter your answer, rounded to the nearest tenth I'm really confused on this question
  96. HCS 325

    In the role of a health care manger, you are expected to respond to daily urgent and emergency situations as they arise by mobilizing your staff and available resources to attain specific objectives. How would you describe the function of control involved here?
  97. Finance: Urgent Please help

    Describe the goals of financial management. The description should include how earnings are valued, how shareholder wealth can be maximized, and how management decisions affect stockholder wealth.
  98. Grade 8 math urgent

    The question is : Jason took 3/8 of his savings on a shopping trip. He used 1/4 of the money to buy a new coat. What fraction of his savings did he spend on the coat? My answer is 3/28. Am I correct?
  99. URGENT - Vectors

    Two vectors, A and B, are added by means of vector addition to give a resultant vector R. The magnitudes of A and B are 9 m and 8 m, respectively, and they can have any orientation. What are the maximum and minimum possible values for the magnitude of R?
  100. Math (URGENT)

    write a formula that gives you the number of regions formed when x points are placed on a circle and all possible chords are drawn. ex. 2pts has 2 regions, 3pts has 4 regions, 5pts has 17 regions
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