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IT 210 Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms
Currency Conversion Test Procedure

Max 2
what is the effect of the delete operations on stack and queue. design algorithms

Housing is a problem in Nigeria, write an algorithms to solve these problems.

how to do arrays and expanded algorithms for multiplication example 17x 23 this is for a fourth grader help

Creative thinking tends to be: Divergent Convergent Functional fixedness Dependent on algorithms

read the volume of three objects and sort them in increasing order , then print their values ?

algorithms and logic
i need an example of a peer review of the currency conversion test procedure exercises

Arrange the following functions in increasing order of growth rate (with g(n) following f(n) in your list if and only if f(n)=O(g(n))). a)2^2^n b)2^n^2 c)n^2 * log(n) d)n e)n^2^n

Programming & Algorithms
Consider the algebraic expression E=(2x+y) (5a-b)^3. Draw the tree T which correspond to the expression E and find the pre-order traversal of T.

Mathematichs concepts
To understand subtraction, children must understand A. patterning and sequencing. B. algorithms, symbols, and quantity. C. fractions. D. estimation. my answer is b.

It/210 Axia College
Design complex program algorithms using the three basic control structures.Currency Conversion Design Appendix h

Cryptology 101
DES and AES are both “turn the handle” algorithms, in that they use repetition of some number of very similar cycles. What are the advantages to implementer, users, cryptanalysts of this approach?

Discrete Mathematics
Sort with Insertion Sort and Selection Sort algorithms the following list: 329, 364, 373, 334, 320 Give the intermediate lists at each step.

draw a flow chart and write algorithms description that accept three mark of students and print the mark which greater than the average mark of the students?

Programming & Algorithm
(1) How to design algorithms to implement the stack operations. (2) Write a program to multiply any two matrices. (Using Basic) and finally, (3) Consider the algebraic expression E=(2x+y)(5a-b)^3. Draw the tree T which correspond to the expression E and find the pre-order ...

Computer Science
"write a program that asks the user to enter the price of an item and rate of discount. If discount is 9%, display the final cost of item" What message do I display if its not 9%? Algorithms btw

Algebra 2
Can somebody please give me a short explanation (like, a very simple sentence) on how exponents and algorithms are related? I know what they are (for example:) Exponents are the inverse of logarithms and vice versa. 6^2 = 36 Log6(36) = 2 But can somebody please help me explain...

Computer Science
I am learning in my computer science class about algorithms. My teacher wrote on the board: n= 1 running time= 1 3 1+1= 2 7 1+2= 3 15 1+3= 4 31 1+4=5 63 1+5= 6 127 7 255 8 511 9 1023 10 How in the world does this happen? It has something to do with log n steps. I don't ...

in Table E [N] are the names of the students, in Table L [M] are the names of the subjects, in Table T [N, M] are the grades of students for each subject. to find the student with the highest grade in the class "Math" (name of the subject given by keypad)

Write the following algorithms using pseudocode: 1. Calculate the net pay for an hourly employee. You will be given the name, pay rate and hours worked. You must calculate the state withholding (5%), federal withholding (18%), and Social Security (8%). You should display the ...

computer science
suppose binary heaps are represented using a pointer-based tree representation instead of an array. consider the problem of merging binary heap LHS with RHS. assume both heaps are full complete trees, containing (2^L) - 1 and (2^R) -1 nodes, respectively. Give two O(log N) ...

java programming
You need to provide more than a yes or no answer for this question. Consider both the selection sort and the bubble sort. If these algorithms will work with duplicates explain why they will still work. If they will not work, explain why they will not work. If one will work and...

essay: we are all confident idiots Dunning observes that “An ignorant mind is precisely not a spotless, empty vessel, but one that’s filled with the clutter of irrelevant or misleading life experiences, theories, facts, intuitions, strategies, algorithms, heuristics, ...

Data Structures and Algorithms
Given integers R,M with M≠0, let S(R,M) denote the smallest positive integer x satisfying the congruence Rx≡1(mod M) if such an x exists. If such an x does not exist, put S(R,M)=0. Each line of this text file contains a pair of space separated integers representing...

Information Retrieval Architecture and Algorithms
What is the primary problem in Information Retrieval (IR) and what is the objective of an IR system? For each of the “Ingest” steps discuss how decisions on it can affect the primary problem (e.g., can it reduce the problem or have no effect) and the primary objective if ...

Data Structures and Algorithms
The "random" numbers produced by computers aren't purely random. They are actually pseudo-random, meaning that they are produced by mathematical formulas that simulate randomness.The linear congruential generator takes a seed X0 and generates subsequent pseudo-random numbers ...

Data Structure and Algorithms in Java
A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. On the other hand, a composite number is a natural number greater than 1 that is not a prime number. For example, 5 is prime, as only 1 and 5 divide it, whereas 6 is ...

Can I have help on how to do this? A programmer is writing a total ticket price calculator for a theme park. The park offers the price of £13 per adults and £8 per child. There is a bulk purchase discount of 10% off the total price if there are more than 5 people. Write an ...

Programming and algorithms
For each of the following problems, use the top-down modular approach and pseudocode to design a suitable program to solve it. 1. Input names of students from the user, terminated by ZZZ, and create a data file GRADES with records of the form: student (string), test1 (integer...

The Banking e-Teller system allows bank customers to perform ATM transactions from their cell phone. BET will allow customers to check balances, make remote capture deposits, and perform balance transfers to their checking or savings account. Balance transfers should only be ...

IT Programming in South Africa for a 2007 matric..
IT Programming in South Africa for a 2007 matriculant? I matriculated 2007 with a Senior Certificate : HG Afrikaans 2nd Lang 45% HG English 1st Lang 51% SG Maths 66% SG Science 49% HG Biology 44% SG Computers 62% And I have experience with ms-dos, vbscript, javascript, css, ...

c# programming
Trying to create a program using following algorithms. JumpSearch(list,lower,upper,jump,x) {Look for X in List[lower ... upper]. Report its position if found, else report 0. List is sorted in increasing order. upper>=lower>0; upper-lower+1>=jump>=1.} index = lower...

Graph Theory/ Algorithms / Computer science
I am working on this problem from the book, Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++. The problem is: 9.40 Give a polynomial-time algorithm that finds ceil(V /2) vertices that collectively cover at least three-fourths (3/4) of the edges in an arbitrary undirected ...

C++ programming
Elevator Bank Design and Implementation 1 Project Description The goal of this project is to design and develop C++ code and algorithms to control a bank of elevators, which services many oors and transports people \eciently ", that is, as per the given speci cations. A ...

technology in criminal justice
provide examples of and discuss how less-than-lethal ammunition has revolutionized the way law enforcement deals with situations of civil disobedience and unrest. In addition, explain why there is no such thing as "non-lethal ammunition." Thanks for any help. Stun guns?? ...

Time Remaining: 1. If the concept is truck, the prototype might be: (Points: 5) a Ford pick up. bulldozer. gravel eighteen wheeler. personnel carrier. 2. If the prototype is block or ball, the concept is: (Points: 5) construction. toy. child. play. 3. All major cities have a ...

I'm writing a personal essay for an internship. Is everything in this essay clarified? Where can I expand? I don't know about you but I like living. And in order for me (and those who proceed me) to live a nice, long and happy life, we have to do something about the still ...

Program logic design
• Assignment 1: Chocolate Delights Candy Company, Part 1 Due Week 5 and worth 210 points Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy. Design a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following: 1. A program that accepts a candy name (for example, “ ...

Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy. Design a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following: A program that accepts a candy name (for example, “ chocolate-covered blueberries”), price per pound, and number of pounds sold in the average ...

Help Please: I need some help and guidance to solving this problem Week 4 CheckPoint – Repetition and Decision Control Structures In one of the week 3 discussion questions we discussed the algorithm that would be required to make a peanut butter sandwich. In this CheckPoint ...

C++ Algorithms
Binomial numbers (or binomial coefficients) are important positive integers that arise frequently in computing and mathematics. A function to compute binomial coefficients will have two inputs: n and k. The corresponding coefficient is written as nCk. /* pseudocode for ...

Java Programming
Hi, I have the following assignment: "Write a Java application program using Eclipse to do the following. Write a program that contains 5 Java classes, each in their own file. The first class is called Main and contains the main method that runs the program. The main method ...

The Mass Budget: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Repair Mission Operational Concept Math Problem: The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has encountered a failure in its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera. Mission Case: As the HiRISE camera contains the ...

Math essay
Can you please proofread my essay? My teacher is grading on accuracy, quality, correct spelling and grammar. The History of Mathematics As of today, there are plenty of new developments in the area of Mathematics. In at least some Mathematics courses, it doesn’t cross the ...

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