algebra II-URGENT

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  1. Algebra

    I need help on doing a math problem for my algebra class so if u could help i would be really grateful any way please explain. : Find two consecutive negative integers with the product of 110
  2. College Algebra

    need help in solving how many miles can i drive on 60 gallons of gas, with the Mpg 30 in the city, and 42 highway. I would like all the steps, never had algebra before, so i am very lost.
  3. Urgent everything

    Answer as many possible please! 12X13+167-34X56X47= What does bipartite graph mean? When was Judy Blume born? How is 2 negative 1 equals 0? Is Sheila a german name? Thats some hard questions for a year four like me.PLEASE HELP ME For your Sheila question: http://www.etymonline...
  4. math 116

    Should algebra be taught to everyone? Who should study algebra?
  5. Algebra Please Help

    If x is 10, is 2/x in proportion to x/50? Why I am not understanding the question very well. Algebra is not easy for me.
  6. Algebra

    What is the riddle to Algebra with Pizzazz worksheet number7?
  7. algebra 2

    how do you creat a number games for algebra i dunno how to do that? help please
  8. Algebra

    Find the x-intercepts. y=x^2-4x+4. Thanks for helping. All of this Algebra has lost me.
  9. Algebra

    could someone help me please this is my first time with algebra. what is the difference between an equation & an expression? thanks
  10. ALGEBRA 2

  11. Algebra

    Homework help please: algebra inequality 0.3 - 0.5n + 1 is greater than or equal to 0.4
  12. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    Which equation is an identity? a. 3x - 9 = 3x b. 4p + 7 = 7 + 4p c. 2w = 0 d. 5k = 5
  13. Algebra

    what is the development of algebra during the year 1200-1400?
  14. Algebra.

    I'm in 8th grade, im in algebra, and this is my question: x=a+b+c ----- ab solve for a. please help!!
  15. algebra

    algebra with pizzazz!In music,what does allegro means?
  16. Algebra

    I need same help for Algebra class some time is defunct for me that why I need help but every day if they help I will do
  17. algebra

    Translate to algebra One half of a number decreased by 16

    Any one know of free sites where I can use a algebra calculator or download one?
  19. algebra 1 or pre algebra

    Which of the following numbers is not in the domain of the function (f)=x(x^2-16)/x^2-5x-6 4 a B) 4 C) 0 D) 6 E) 1
  20. Urgent

    Please exlain rate distance and time for me Distance is how far. Time is the clock time it took to move. Rate is the speed you went. distance= rate x time
  21. Powerpoint (URGENT)

    I need to do a powerpoint on a career. I have to find information on the web about that career. One of the slide requirements was to include a bibliography. So, I'm wondering what does a bibliography for a powerpoint include? Do I need to include the sources I used to gather ...
  22. Math: Pre-calculus

    A rancher wants to build a rectangular pen with an area of 180 . Let W be the width of the pen and L be the length of the pen. a) Find an equation for the perimeter P in terms of W and L . b) Use the given area to write an equation that relates W and L . c) Find the pen ...
  23. maths urgent

    The cost of 2 badminton rackets and 2 tennis rackets is $240. The cost of 3 tennis and 2 badminton rackets is $300. How much is a tennis racket?
  24. Physics (Urgent Please!)

    Two parallel wires conduct equal currents in the same direction. (a) At a point in the plane of the wires midway between them, do the individual fields of the wires cancel or reinforce each other? (b) At a point far away from the wires, do their individual fields tend to ...
  25. Algebra II

    I first want to make it clear that I have only taken Geometry, Algebra I, and pre-Algebra. That seemed to clear things up last time. Question: Matt bought a car at the cost of 25,000 dollars. This car's value goes down 15% every year. 1. What is the decay factor? 2. Write the ...
  26. Geometry (Urgent)

    Hi, one Professor gave me a very hard question, He has a little Disk (used in machines) that has a big hole in the middle, he measured the thickness every 90°, and he got the following measurements: 0.95 mm 1.02 mm 1.02 mm 0.96 mm He tells me that with 3 of these measurements...

    1. Write the equilibrium expressions for the following reactions: a) 2 N2O(g) + O2(g)  4 NO(g) b) H2(g) + CO2(g)  H2O(g) + CO(g) c) 4 HCl(g) + O2(g)  2 Cl2(g) + 2 H2O(g) d) 3 H2(g) + N2(g)  2 NH3(g) e) H2(g) + Cl2...
  28. English

    Can you please check these sentences? It's really urgent. 1) At school I mustn't cheat during a test (also tests?). 2)When I do the washing-up, I have to put the dishes into the dishwasher, then put the washing-up gel (powder) into the dishwasher, start it and wait for the ...
  29. Chem Urgent Help

    Plz explain in detail.... i tried to search on internet but i am confused with co-efficents.. how to set up the equaiton .. plz help me ??? Bond enthalpy is the energy required to break a mole of a certain type of bond. O=O = 495 kj/mol S-F = 327 kj/mol S=O = 523 kj/mol Use ...
  30. math [pls help. it is urgent]

    2/5 of my sister's beads are yellow, 7/13 of the remaining beads are green. The rest of the beads are black. If there are 32 more yellow beads than black beads, how many beads are green.
  31. MATH URGENT!!!!!

    The graph represents function 1 and the equation represents function 2: A graph with numbers 0 to 4 on the x-axis and y-axis at increments of 1. A horizontal straight line is drawn joining the ordered pairs 0, 3 and 4, 3. Function 2 y = 2x + 1 How much more is the rate of ...
  32. Algebra

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -3 6 15 24 Geoff planted dahlias in his garden... please help with Lesson 13 Functions Unit Test Algebra for Connections Academy!
  33. math 116 algebra 1A

    can someon help please. why is it important that you follow the steps rather than solve the problem from left to right?I have no clue. this is my first time taking algebra
  34. Algebra/Calculus

    If x + y = xy = 3, what is x^3 + y^3? I have tried solving this using algebra alone, but my teacher told me to use complex numbers, and I don't know how to start. Can someone please guide me to the solution to this problem? Thanks Kevin
  35. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    1.) simplify: (y3)(y3) A y1 B y7 C y12 D y43 2.) y6/y2 A y8 B y4 C y3 D y1 3.) convert to fraction 5-3 A 1/5 B 1/15 C 1/25 D 1/125 4.) 150=? A 0 B 1 C 15 D 1/15 5.) Select all the expressions that are equivalent to y4. A (y2)(y2) B y6/y6 C y0 D y9/y9 E (y4)(y1)
  36. maths (variation)

    different questions pls! Very urgent! 1) the force E needed to make a machine pull,a load is partly constant and partly varies as the load to be pulled itself.when the load is 20g,the force needed is 1.4n,where as the force needed for 30g load is 2N. Find the: A)law connecting...
  37. Physics URGENT!!!

    A coin rests 18.0 cm from the center of a turntable. The coefficient of static friction between the coin and turntable surface is 0.420. The turntable starts from rest at t = 0 and rotates with a constant angular acceleration of 0.650 rad/s2. (a) After 3.00 s, what is the ...
  38. Social Studies (URGENT)

    Why was it much more common to help and visit on'es neighbours during the 1820's in Upper Canada than it is here today? This is the only part in the textbook that talks about it but I can't find answer. text: It was much more common to help and visit on'es neighbours than it ...
  39. math urgent

    Solve the inequality. 8. c + 6 < –20 (1 point) c < –26 c < –14 c < 26 c < 14 9. ≥ –3 (1 point) d ≥ –16 d ≥ 39 d ≥ 10 d ≥ –39 10. –3p > –48 (1 point) p < 16 p > –51 p < –16 p > 16
  40. account (urgent!!pls help)

    accounting question [prepare journal entries for the year end adjustment] A fire broke out in the office during the year. the insurance company agreed to pay compensation of $3000 to the company in December 2009.No entries for this compensation were made at the year end.This ...
  41. MATHS URGENT !!!

    5 ladies working at the same rate can make 500 curry puffs in 1hour . How long will 3 ladies working at the same rate take to make 500 curry puffs ? Give your answer as a mixed number .
  42. Algebra 2

    I have taken algebra 2 for three years in a row. I take notes daily, I pay attention in class, I have a tutor, and yet I am in the same position again. I currently have a 56.7% in my algebra 2 class. I have one test and the final exam before final grades are figured. The ...
  43. URGENT - Trigonometry - Identities and Proofs

    Okay, today, I find myself utterly dumbfounded by these three questions - Write a proof for - 2/(sqrt(3)cos(x) + sin(x))= sec((pi/6)-x) Solve the following equation - 2sin(2x) - 2sin(x) + 2(sqrt(3)cos(x)) - sqrt(3) = 0 Find all solutions (exact) to the equation - sin^2(x)cos^2...
  44. Physics..Urgent!!!

    In the sport of pole vaulting, the jumper's point of mass concentration, called the centre of mass, must clear the pole. Assume that a 59 kg jumper must raise the centre of mass from 1.1 m off the ground to 4.6 m off the ground. What is the jumper's potential energy at the top...
  45. URGENT physics

    The escape velocity of a bullet from the surface of planet Y is 1695 m/s. Calculate the escape velocity from the surface of the planet X if the mass of planet X is 1.37 times that of Y, and its radius is 0.887 times the radius of Y (in m/s).
  46. Pls help urgent math

    2/7 part of a cable was laid on the first day, 1/5 part on the second day and 1/3 part was laid on the third day. If 443 1/3m was laid on the fourth day to complete the work, what is the total length of the cable laid?
  47. chemistry! URGENT

    A standard solution is prepared for the analysis of fluoxymesterone (C20H29FO3), an anabolic steroid. A stock solution is first prepared by dissolving 10.0 mg of fluoxymestrone in enough water to give a total volume of 500.0 ml. A 100.0 micro liter aliquot (portion)of this ...
  48. Biology URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    I can't find how Acrasiomycota and Myxomycota excrete and circulate. I have tried wikipedia and every other thing i could think of. Please Help.

    1.In a pith ball experiment, the two pith balls are at rest. The magnitude of the tension in each string is |T| = 0.55 N, and the angle between each string and a vertical line is θ = 27.33°. What are the values for the magnitudes of electrostatic force, Fq, and the ...
  50. Math (URGENT)

    A word problem. David flew 300km on a commuter plane, then 2000km on a passenger jet. The passenger jet flew twice as fast as the commuter plane. The total flying time for the journey was 3.25 hours. What was the speed of each plane, in kilometers per hour? Please help. I've ...

  52. Physics

    someone please answer these Physics Q answers no explanation 1 What is the opposite force to gravity 2 an example of a contact force 3 an example of a non-contact force 4 What effect does ‘mass’ have on inertia 5 two examples of forces that could slow an object down 6 two ...
  53. Chemistry-Urgent

    The partial pressure of CO2 inside a bottle of soft drink is 4.0 atm at 25°C. The solubility of CO2 is 0.12 mol/L. When the bottle is opened, the partial pressure drops to 3.0 ✕ 10-4 atm. What is the solubility of CO2 in the open drink? Express your answer in grams per liter.

    i wrote these questions before but no one helped me so im writing them again 1. a.) name the structures of the male reproductive system that sperm do not travel through. b.) what is the name given to these structures? 2. Name the other body system that the p e n i s is part of...
  55. History, Urgent

    Early in the war, American Indians living in Indian Territory disagreed on which side to take. Which of the following best describes the split that occurred? A.groups split along religious lines (Christians vs. non-Christians) B.groups split along tribal lines (Cherokee/...
  56. pre-algebra

    Simplify- 2(x+2y)-y 5a+2b+3b-7a 2(2r-2)-8(2r+2) Here are some rules that might be helpful: I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  57. Algebra

    Which resource provides instructions and practice related to the content in the online textbook. A. TI - Nspire *** B. Sample work C. Power Algebra D. Teachlet tutorial
  58. Physics URGENT!!!

    An accelerometer in a control system consists of a 2.42 g object sliding on a horizontal rail. A low-mass spring is connected between the object and a flange at one end of the rail. Grease on the rail makes static friction negligible, but rapidly damps out vibrations of the ...
  59. Chemistry Urgent Help Please!

    You use 100 ml ethylchloride (density 0.92 g/ml) to extract 25 ml ethylene bromohydrin (density 2.41 g/ml) mixed with 100 ml. Is the aqueous layer the lower or the upper layer. How could you easily test this. You dissolve sodium chloride 40g. in the above mixture. Assuming the...
  60. Electricity

    Very very urgent please help me... A small ball with mass =0,4g charged with electricity= 3x10^(-10) coulomb is united with the edge of a silk rope with length=8cm. The other edge of the rope is on a big insulating material with concentration of the electric energy: 25x10^(-6...
  61. Inter. Algebra

    square root sign 2x+3 - square root sign x-2 =2 In my head, I worked it as x=3. I did that because only sqr roots that are rational integers can be subtracted to give a whole number. Now, analytic method. I have no idea, I don't see a simple method in ordinary algebra. how do ...
  62. pre-calculus urgent

    The first term of an arithmetic sequence is 6, and the tenth term is 2. (a) Find the common difference d. d = Find the 100th term of the sequence. a100 = (b) Find the partial sum of the first ten terms. S10 = how do i do this, there's an example I tried following but it did ...
  63. Physics, URGENT!!!

    We consider tobacco virus diffusing along a 0.47 m long tube filled with water. The cross-sectional area of the tube is unknown. The diffusion coefficient is found in Table 10.5, p. 319 in the textbook. A total amount of virus of 2.6 x 10-16 kg is transported in a steady state...
  64. Urgent - Physics

    The U-shaped glass tube in the figure below contains two liquids in mechanical equilibrium: sea water of density 1.025 kg/L, and an unknown liquid of density ρ. The unknown liquid is in the left tube, floating on top of the water with a clearly visible interface. Use h1...
  65. Physics *(URGENT)

    Use a sentence to describe how the spacing of the dots for the accelerated motion is different from the spacing of the dots you would expect for uniform motion. In accelerated motion the dots are spaced further apart as the time increases. Would my answer be correct? If not ...
  66. Physics URGENT!!!

    A sled loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.0 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 40.0o above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 16.0 m on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge and surface is 0.510...
  67. Chemistry- URGENT please HELP

    NH4NO3(s)+H2O(l)→NH4NO3(aq) ΔH = +25.7 kJ. What is the final temperature in a squeezed cold pack that contains 49.0g of NH4NO3 dissolved in 125 mL of water? Assume a specific heat of 4.18J/(g⋅∘C) for the solution, an initial temperature of 28.5∘C, ...
  68. Help pls urgent

    A disk of radius 30 cm is spinning about it axis at 60rmp it deacelerate at a constant rate of 2.0 rad/s^2 until it reaches 20 rpm A find the initial and final angular speed in radians per sec B fine the time it takes to deacelerate from the initial to the final angular speed ...
  69. Physics URGENT!!!

    A sled loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.0 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 40.0o above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 16.0 m on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge and surface is 0.510...
  70. math URGENT HELP

    Mr. Hobbs was just about to take out a home mortage of $120,000 for 20 yrs at the rate of 10.0% compounded monthly. The monthly payments would have been $1158.03. But a competitive bank offered him a 30 yr mortgage at 9,5% which has monthly payments of $1009.03. Mr Gibbs went ...
  71. Algebra

    Here is what I got to do : write an inequality for my classmates to solve. In my inequality, use both the multiplication and addition properties of inequalities; before I summit this to class I want to know if I did it right: 5(x + 8) -6 > 4(x + 6); 5x + 40 - 6 > 4x + 24...
  72. Chemistry Urgent

    Consider the following problem: Target: 2NOCl(g) ? N2(g)+ O2(g)+Cl2 (g) ?Hrxn= ? Steps: 1. 1/2 N2(g) + 1/2 O2(g)? NO(g) ?H= 90.3 kJ 2. NO(g) + 1/2 Cl2(g) ? NOCl(g) ?H= -38.6 kJ As you determine the ¥ÄHrxn value for the target equation above, what must be done to step 2? ...

    assume that 13.5g of AL react with HCl according to the following equation, at STP: Al(s) + HCl(aq) ---> AlCl3 + H2(g) Remember to balance the equation first. a. how many moles of Al react? b. how mang moles of H2 are produced? c. how mang liters of H2 at STP are produced? ...
  74. Socials Studies (URGENT)

    I need to create a children's book of at least 15 pages. I must write about Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain or what life was like in New France. I was going to do Jacques Cartier, but it was too hard. I didn't know how to do it. I've decided to try what life was like in ...
  75. Science (urgent!)

    Three characteristics of friction force and surface type. Three characteristics of friction force and mass. Three characteristics of friction force and surface area. I don't quite understand what they mean by characteristics, or what they want me to do. Could I please get some...

    A ship leaves port at 1:00 P.M. and sails in the direction N36°W at a rate of 25 mi/hr. Another ship leaves port at 1:30 P.M. and sails in the direction N54°E at a rate of 16 mi/hr. (a) Approximately how far apart are the ships at 3:00 P.M.? (Round your answer to the nearest...

    for each of ariane's statements, tell her one thing she should do. ex. j'ai soif = il faut prendre une boisson. 1. j'ai faim = Il faut manger de la pizza. 2. je voudrais faire une quiche? 3. il n'y pas de legumes dans le frigo= il faut acheter des legumes. 4. je veux regarder ...
  78. Urgent Chemistry Problem!!

    Calculate Delta G at 298 K for the following reactions. Ca(s) + CO2(g) + 1/2O2(g) -> CaCO3(s) 2KClO3(g) -> 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) CH4(g) + 3Cl2(g) -> CHCl3(g) + 3HCl(g) Delta G^0f CHCl3 is - 70.4 kJ/mol The following reactions are important ones in catalytic converters in ...
  79. Foreign languages

    Can you please check these sentences, Writeacher? It's urgent. 1) I'd like to get/have my money sorted out ( I need a synonym) before I leave for university. 2) I want the bank to give (issue is possible?) me a credit card. 3) I've tried many times to stop smoking but I have ...
  80. math..urgent pleasehelp :(

    the purchasing power (in dollars) of an annual amount of A dollars after t years of 5% inflation decays according to P= Ae^-0.05t a) how long will it be before a pension of $60,000 per year has a purchasing power of $30,000 b) how much pension A would be needed so that the ...
  81. pre-calculus urgent

    Please help me here as well to clarify more my understanding. Let a1, a2, a3, . . . be a geometric sequence with initial term a and common ratio r. Show that a1^2, a2^2, a3^2, . . . is also a geometric sequence by finding its common ratio. Given that the ratio for a1, a2, a3...
  82. Chemistry(Urgent, please respond, thanks!!)

    1) For the reaction system, 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) = 2 SO3(g), Kc has a value of 4.62 at 450.0 K (Kelvin). A system, at equilibrium has the following concentrations: (SO3) = 0.254 M; (O2) = 0.00855 M. What is the equilibrium concentration of SO2? Is set this up as 4.62=(SO3)^2 / (...
  83. pre-Algebra

    How can you solve algebra equations? The idea is to find a way to isolate the unknown by itself. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide both </s> sides of the equal signs to do that.
  84. Algebra

    We are learning using the log button in algebra. I have a TI-83 calculator. My book says that log10 85 (there is no space between thet 10 and the 85, that's just to show the different numbers) is equal to 1.93 approximately. But I got 85. How do you properly type this in? ...
  85. Algebra II

    Evaluate: ƒ(2) + 5 It says to use this graph to solve the equation: h t t p://i55 . t i n y p i c . com/2qdvfur.jpg Right now we're on Algebra and Composition with Functions. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, and there are no instructions for any of these problems in ...
  86. Algebra ASAP (Please helpeth this lost soul)

    Simplify (2sqrt(5)+3sqrt(7))^2 ~~~ Can you show the steps. I want to learn how to do it now so I won't have to pester y'all again with my feeble algebra questions :3
  87. pre-algebra

    Simplify- (-2c+d)(-5)+3(-2c)(-8d) Solve the Equation- y/12= -3 -9+a=11 Here are rules that will help you. I hope it helps. Thanks for asking.
  88. MATH! URGENT!!!

    There are 32 teams in the NFL. Sixteen of the teams are in the American Football Conference (AFL) and the other 16 teams are in the National Football Conference (NFC). At the beginning of the season, Julia tried to predict the teams that would be in each conference's ...
  89. Algebra

    please help me to figure out in algebra 2/3-4/5-(-11/15) +7/10-5/2 the answer is 6/5 and I do not know how to work this out
  90. Algebra

    What is the distinct letter in the word algebra?
  91. Algebra

    Will you explain the concept of "i" in algebra? Problem: 4+2i/4-2i
  92. Algebra

    What do A & B stand for in algebra can some one please explain this to me because I'm really confused:/
  93. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    what is the solution to q+ (-9) =12?
  94. algebra 2

    what does the sign that has a C and = over top of it mean in Algebra? Is it equals to or something else?
  95. Algebra

    In Algebra terms, what does "restrict the variables" mean?
  96. Algebra

    y^2-7y+p. Find the value of p that it becomes a perfect square algebra
  97. algebra

    show this algebra equation on the graph 4x-6y=12 4x+3y=24
  98. Algebra

    Algebra - Substitution Question? A+B+C=1 A+C= -1/2 A-B+C= -7 What are the values of A, B, and C?
  99. Algebra 2

    What's the answer to Algebra With Pizzazz B-50, Page 60???
  100. Algebra

    How do you solve x/a - 1 = y/b for y? Algebra question I'm stuck on. Thanks!
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