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  1. Trig

    Verify each trigonimetric equation by substituting identities to match right hand side of the equation to the hand side of the equation. Please help. -tan^2x+sec^2x=1
  2. Precalc+trig

    Solve tan(40/90) for the double angle cos(2theta). I know I use the x^2 + y^2 = r^2 formula and cos(2theta) = cos^2theta - sin^2theta. But I don't understand my answer
  3. algebra 2 trig

    lighthouse b is 9 miles west of lighthouse A. a boat leaves A and sails 5 miles. At this time, it is sighted from B. If the bearing of the boat from B is N64 E, how far from B is the boat?
  4. trig

    The angle of elevation from the top of a house to a jet flying 2 miles above the house is x radians. If d represents the horizontal distance, in miles, of the jet from the house, express d in terms of a trigonmetric function of x.
  5. Math Trig

    I have to find the x (bottom length of the triangle) in a right triangle. angle A is 33.9 degrees angle B is 90 degrees and the height of the triangle is 3.3cm What formula do I use to figure out this question?
  6. Math-Trigonometry

    Show that if A, B, and C are the angles of an acute triangle, then tan A + tan B + tan C = tan A tan B tan C. I tried drawing perpendiculars and stuff but it doesn't seem to work? For me, the trig identities don't seem to plug in as well. Help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. TRIG

    In a right triangle ABC, C = 90°, b = 380.1 inches and c = 589.1 inches. Solve for all the missing parts using the given information. (Round each answer to one decimal place for side and to two decimal places for angles.) A = ° B = ° a = inches IM lOST!
  8. Advanced Functions/Precalculus

    Trigonometry Questions 1.) Find the exaqct value of tan(11π/12) 2.) A linear trig equation involving cosx has a solution of π/6. Name three other possible solutions 3) Solve 10cosx=-7 where 0≤x≤2π
  9. trig

    Wires are attached to a pole to make it more secure. The diagram shows one of those wires having a length of 220 feet. The angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the pole is 36. What is the height of the pole? A. 178.0 ft B. 374.3 ft C. 159.8 ft D. 129.3 ft
  10. math (trig)

    Prove: sin^2(x/2) = csc^2x - cot^2x / 2csc^2(x) + 2csc(x)cot(x) On the right, factor the numberator as a difference of two perfect squares. In the denominator, factor out 2cscx. You ought to prodeed rather quickly to the proof.
  11. trig

    An aifplane is flying on a compass heading (bearing) of 170* at 460 mph. A wind is blowing with the bearing 200* at 80mph. a) Find the component form of the velocity of the airplane. b) Find the actual ground speed and direction of the airplane.
  12. Precalc/Trig

    wave is modeled by the function ... h(t) = 3cos(p/10)*t What is the period of the wave (T) *frequency (F) is defined as the number of cycles of the motion per second. What is the relationship between F and T? Find the wave height (H) which is the vertical distance between the ...
  13. trig

    Find all solutions to the following triangle. (Round your answers to one decimal place. If either triangle is not possible, enter NONE in each corresponding answer blank.) A = 115.2¡ã, a = 43.6 cm, b = 23.1 cm First triangle (assume B ¡Ü 90¡ã): B = ¡ã C = ¡ã c = cm ...
  14. Trig-Medians and law of cosines and sines

    In triangle ABC, we have AB=3 and AC=4. Side BC and the median from A to BC have the same length. What is BC? Not making sense to me, I think the answer must be simple, but I don't know how to solve I applied the law of sines but to no avail. Help is appreciated, thanks.
  15. trig

    Question #1 Suppose that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at −−2029,2129 Find the exact values of cscθ cotθ sinθ .
  16. trig

    two ships p and q left a port at the same time. q sailed on a bearing of 150 while p sailed on the north side of q. after a distance of 8km and 10km by pand q respectively, their distance apart was 12km. find the bearing of p and r
  17. Alg 2

    Hello All, I am stuck on this question for homework, help appreciated ( I really only need the answer to number one) A new high school opened seven years ago. The number of members, M, in the high school marching band can be modeled by where y is the number of years since the ...
  18. trig

    Is the answer to this problem correct? I'm not sure and I want to make sure I do well on the test. Evaluate the following logarithms given log 4/log a = .321 The answer my teacher gave me was 0.963. What is the reasoning behind the answer?
  19. Trig

    a) Determine the equation of a sine function that would have a range of {y€R|-7<(or equal) Y <(or equal) 1} and a period of 135degrees. b) determine the cosine function that results in the same function an part (a). Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.
  20. trig

    To calculate the height of a cliff, a surveyor takes the following measurements. The cliff's shadow is 12m, while at the same time a meter stick has a shadow of 2m. Draw a diagram and find the height of the cliff.
  21. trig

    From post C, An airplane and a helicopter travel to different islands.The plane travels.415 km N 60degrees45minutes E to island A. and the helicopter travels to island B at S 19degrees5minutes E for 120 km. what is the distance between tthe two island
  22. precalculus

    find the values of the requested trig functions using the given value and quadrant in which the point corresponding to the angle lies. quadrant II; sinθ=4/5 find cosθ and tan θ
  23. Trig/Pre-Calc

    A bird is flying 30 mph in a direction 30 degrees south of east. Affecting the flight of the bird is a wind blowing from the northeast to the southwest at a speed of 10 mph. What is the resulting speed of the bird?
  24. Trig

    sin(2 tan-1 7/24) (that is inverse tangent) Draw a 7 24 25 right triangle. Label the angle whose tangent is 7/24. What is its angle? What is the sin of twice that angle.
  25. trig

    for the geometric series shown, state whether the series in convergent. If the Series is convergent give its sum 9+6.3 +4.41 +... a tutor helped me earlier but how is the sum 0.7
  26. Trig

    Given sin= -√5/6 with π < u < 3π/2 and cos v= √3/5 with 0 < v < π/2 find sin(u-v) and tan(u+v). Please show work and simplify.
  27. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation: cot x sec x = 2 cot x. A) x = 2ð/3 + nð or x = 4ð/3 + nð or 0 + nð B) x = 2ð/3 + 2nð or x = 4ð/3 + 2nð or 0 + nð C) x = ð/3 + 2nð or x = 5ð/3 + 2nð or 0 + nð D) x = ð/3 + nð or x = 5ð/3 + nð or 0 + nð
  28. trig

    What is the domain, range, and period of y= sin x + 1 What is the domain, range, and period of y= -cos x Can someone please help?
  29. Trig

    (tan/cot)- (sec/ cos) Also I need help with tan sin +cos = sec
  30. Trig

    Please help. I can't get this problem at all. When two bubbles cling together in midair their common surface is part of a sphere whose center D lies on the line passing through the centers of the bubble. Also, angles ACB and ACD are 60 degrees. Show that the radius r of the ...
  31. trig

    Cos 2x - cos 4x =.
  32. trig

    Sin 2x - sin 4x =.
  33. Trig

    ( sec -1 )(sec +1 ) = ?
  34. trig

  35. trig

  36. trig

  37. trig

  38. TRIG

    An airplane flying at 550 miles per hour has a bearing of 53°. After flying for 2.5 hours, how far north and how far east will the plane have traveled from its point of departure? I'm having a REALLY hard time with this one. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone walk...
  39. Trig

    The Stratosphere Tower is Las Vega dominate the city's landscape by rising 1,149 feet above the desert floor. The restaurant at the top of the tower turns slowly and completes a full revolution in one hour. How many radians will the restaurant have rotated in 52 minutes?
  40. Trig

    h t t p : / / m a t h c e n t r a l . u r e g i n a . c a / Q Q / d a t a b a s e / Q Q . 0 9 . 9 9 / a n g e l a 2 . 2 . g i f give that picture how do I solve for (h) I know that you you From the diagram tan(3.5) = h/(13 + x) and tan(9) = h/x. Solve the second equation for x...
  41. trig

    Sitting in your sailboat, you see a lighthouse 500 feet away. Looking up at a 20°angle, you see the light at the top of the lighthouse. How far off the ground is the light in the lighthouse? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  42. trig

    A space shuttle 200 miles above the earth is orbiting the. Earth once every 6 hours. how far does the shuttle travel in one hour? Note the radius of earth about 4000 miles.
  43. trig

    A skateboard wheel has a radius of 2.08 inches and is turning at a rate of 945 rpm. a. what is the angular speed in radians per second? in degrees per second? b. how fast is the skateboard traveling (in miles per hour)?
  44. trig

    A rear windshield wiper on a car has a total arm length of 10 inches and rotates back and forth through an angle of 95 degrees. The actual wiper blade is 7 inches long. Find the area of thr windshield that is being cleaned.
  45. trig

    A rear windshield wiper on a car has a total arm length of 10 inches and rotates back and forth through an angle of 95 degrees. The actual wiper blade is 7 inches long. Find the area of thr windshield that is being cleaned.
  46. trig

    a hedgehog wishes to cross a road without being run over. he observes the angle of elevation of a lamp post on the other side of the road to be 27 degrees from the edge of the road and 15 degrees from a point 10m back from the raod. How wide is the road??
  47. trig

    A pilot is flying over a straight highway. He determines the angles of depression to two mileposts, 4 mi apart, to be x = 27° and y = 53°, as shown in the figure. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) (a) Find the distance of the plane from point A. mi (b) Find the ...
  48. trig

    A car drives 1000 feet on a road that is 8 degrees to the horizontal, as shown in the figure. The car weighs 3400 lb. Thus gravity acts straight down on the car with a constant force F=-3400j. Find the work done by the car in overcoming gravity?
  49. trig

    A planes actual resulting ground speed and direction are 550 mph and N26E. A wind is blowing from the northeast. If the pilot is holding a course of N27E how fast is the wind blowing I'm just stumped. It's an extra credit question is basically why I'm stumped.
  50. trig

    Find the bearing and airspeed for a plane to fly 630 miles due north in 3 hours if the wind is blowing from a direction of 318* and is blowing at 15mph. Approximate the bearing to the nearest degree and the speed to the nearest mile per hour.
  51. math

    identify all of the basic trig functions that fit each description. 1) is negative for angles in the 2nd and 4th quadrant 2) is unbounded answer: tan, cot 3) has a range of -1 ≤ y ≤ 1 answer: sin, cos are my answers correct? and i'm not sure what the answer to ...
  52. Trig

    A line goes through points (2ã3,-3) and (8ã3,3). Find the equation of the line through these 2 points and the angle of incline (between the line and the x-axis).
  53. trig

    A tower is supported by a guy wire from the top of the tower to the ground 16 ft from its base. The wire makes an angle of 62 with the ground. The length of the wire is a. 30.09 ft b. 18.12 ft c. 28.41 ft d. 34.08 ft
  54. Trig

    Does this result in no triangle, 1 or 2 triangles? If so, then solve. B= 88 degrees, b= 4 and a=23. I know that A= (sin 88)(23)/(4)= A=5.74 degrees C= 180-5.74-88= C=86.26 degrees c=(sin86.26)(4)/(sin 88)= c=3.99 My question is how do you know if it's 0,1, or 2 triangles. And ...
  55. trig

    a balloon is tethered to the ground by a string 5 m long if the string makes an angle of 65 degrees with the ground how high above the ground is the balloon
  56. Trig

    The width of the box is 9 inch more than its length and the height of the box is 1 inch less than its length write an expression for the volume of the box
  57. trig 30

    If cos^2 theta -6 sin 2 theta =0, one value of theta is a)0 degrees b) 90 degrees c)180 degrees or D)255 degrees. Please show me how to do it and not just give answer cause I have two more questions that are similar. Thanks so much.
  58. college trig

    From a point on the ground a person notices that a 110-ft tree on top of a hill subtends an angle of 3°. If the angle of elevation to the bottom of the tree, represented by angle A in the figure below, measures 37°, find the height h of the hill
  59. trig

    Two men on the same side of a tall building notice the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 30o and 60o respectively. If the height of the building is known to be h =120 m, find the distance (in meters) between the two men.
  60. Trig

    a ship leaves port at 12:00 noon sailing at a bearing 193° measured clockwise from north. if the ship sails 20 knots, how many nautical miles south and how many nautical miles west will the ship have traveled by 6:00pm?
  61. trig

    If sin 2 theta = (2/5) in Quadrant 2, find sin theta, cos theta, tan theta, and draw triangle theta.
  62. trig

    If tan theta = sin theta, and theta is greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 2 pi. find cos theta and what is theta
  63. trig

    For the function -2sin(x-(pi/3)) between x = 0 and x = 2 : (6 marks) For what value(s) of x does y have its maximum value? For what value(s) of x does y have its minimum value? For what value(s) of x does y=1?
  64. trig

    Given the radius of a wheel is 12inches and the angular speed is measured to be 3pie/4 radiant per second, find the linear speed of the piece of gum stuck to the where. Give both an exact answer. And a decimal answer rounded to 4 decimal places.
  65. Trig

    A sprinkler on a golf green is set to spray water over a distance of 20 meters and to rotate through an angle of 160°. Find the area of the region that can be irrigated with the sprinkler. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) I really have no idea how to go about this ...
  66. trig

    A coil of wire rotating in a magnetic field induces a coltage E=20sin((PIa/4) - (PI/2)). Use an identity to express this in terms of cos(PIa/4). Types of Identities: Double Angle, Half Angle, Sum and Difference of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent, Pythagorean, Reciprocal, Quotient. ...
  67. Trig

    Solve the equation on 0° ≤ θ < 360° and express in degrees to two decimal places. sin(2θ) = -0.7843 I've gotten 308.345° (QIV) and 231.655° (QIII). I'm unsure how to get the answer though? The final answer is: 115.83°, 295.83°, 154.17°, 334.17°. ...
  68. trig

    given that sin(a+b)= 56/65, cos(a+b)-33/65, cos(b)=-12/13 and pi/2<b<pi Find: sin(a)? cos(a)? tan(a)?
  69. Trig

    If sin(t)=4/5 & 0<t<pi/2, find the following: a)sin t(-t) b) sin(t-2pi) c)cos t d)cos(pi-t)
  70. trig

    If cosecant of theta equals 3 and cosine of theta is less than zero, find sine of theta, cosine of theta, tangent of theta, cotangent of theta and secant of theta
  71. trig

    Why do you have to leave one side alone when proving a sentence to be true? This question relates to identifying trigonometric identities to be true, however, my teacher says this question applies to everything. I do not understand this question, let alone, the answer. Can ...
  72. algebra2/trig

    tina can paint a room in 8 hours, but when she and her friend emily work together, they can complete the job in 3 hours. how long would it take emily to paint the room alone?
  73. TRIG..............

    Q.1 Prove the following identities:- (i) tan^3x/1+tan^2x + cot^3x/1+cot^2 = 1-2sin^x cos^x/sinx cosx (ii) (1+cotx+tanx)(sinx-cosx)/sec^3x-cosec^3x = sin^2xcos^2x.
  74. trig

    i have to draw a flat unit circle all the way to 4 pi in radians. i can get to 2 pi but i have trouble finding the radians if i went one more time around the unit circle.
  75. algebra 2/trig

    Tina can paint a room in 8 hours, but when she and her friend Emily work together, they can complete the job in 3 hours. How long would it take Emily to paint the room alone?
  76. trig

    Please answer b)only a) If a triangle has angles of 35 and 65 degrees, what is the measurment of the third angle? Is it a right triangle? b)Find all angles of a right triangle triangle RST given that r = 18 cm and s = 20 cm
  77. trig

    The angle of depression as measured from the top of a 41 foot tower to a reference point on the ground is 65 degrees. How far away, to the nearest foot, is the reference point from the base of the tower?
  78. Alg 2

    Expressions, Equations and Inequalities I am struggling can someone please explain how to get the correct answer choice thank you! 1. Which of the following is equal to (3x/5-7)+7 5x/3 3x/5 3x-35/5 (3x-7)+35 5. name the property of real numbers illustrated by the equation. (2+...
  79. Trig

    If I have a triangle with the hypotenuse side as 7, and the opposite side as 3, how would I find the angle? (This is a right triangle.) ......III .....IIII .7..IIIII ...IIIIII..3 ..IIIIIII _IIIIIIII<--90 degrees Find this angle
  80. trig

    guy wire is attached to a pole for support. If the angle of elevation to the pole is 67° and the wire is attached to the ground at a point 137 feet from the base of the pole, what is the height of the pole (round to 2 decimal places)?
  81. trig

    I have to solve for side B of a right triangle. Side A is the square root of (25-x^2) and the hypotenuse is 5. when i do A^2 + B^2 = C^2 then at the end i end up with b^2 = -x^2 but the square root of a negative number is not possible so what am i doing wrong?
  82. TRIG

    what is the exact value of sin^2 pi/6-2 sin pi/6 cos pi/6 +cos^2 (-pi/6)? a) 2- sqrt 3 b) 2- sqrt 3/ 2 c) 2+ sqrt 3/2 d) 2+ sqrt 3 I am not sure how to work this out and would appreciate you how to show me the process. Thank you in advanced!!!!!!!
  83. Trig-Please check

    What are polar coordinates of (4,6) 1.Round r to nearest hundredth and theta to nearest hundredth of RADIAN My work: r^2 = x^ + y^2 r^2 = 4^2 + 6^2 r^2= 16 +36 r^ =52 r=7.21 I'm stuck on how to do theta in Radians, could you please assist
  84. trig

    Since cot x = cos x / sin x, if cot x = 1/2, with the angle x in the first quadrant, then cos x = 1 and sin x = 2 (1) State true or false. Is this a possible situation? (2) If false, explain why.
  85. Math - Trigonometry

    If sin theta +cos theta =1.2, then what is sin^3 theta + cos^3 theta? Hmm...I don't understand how to proceed. I know I must apply a trig Identity, but which one? Thanks in advance
  86. Math-Trig

    A ball is tossed up in the air at an angle of 70 degrees with the horizontal and with an initial velocity of 36 ft/sec. What is the position of the ball 1 second after it is released? When will the ball hit the ground? What is the maximum height the ball will reach? How far in...
  87. trig

    find the exact value given that cosA=(1/3) in quad I, sin B=(-1/2) in quad 4, and sin C=(1/4) in quad 2 sin(A-B)?
  88. Precalc/Trig

    evaluate the expression assuming that cos(x)=1/7, sin(y)=1/3, sin(u)=2/5 and cos(v)=1/3. what is cos(u+v)? sin(x-y)? and tan(u-v)?
  89. trig

    how do you solve this problem? 1+sinØ/cosØ +cosØ/1+sinØ = 2secØ and cosß- cosß/1-tanß = sinßcosß/sinß-cosß
  90. trig

    Prove the identity sin squared 0 with line/2 = csc zero with line -cot zero with a line /2csc zero with a line
  91. math (trig)

    if cos 2 theta = -(1/3) and theta is in Quadrant 2, find sin theta, cos theta, tan theta, and draw triangle theta
  92. trig

    Determine the value of cos(theta) given that cos(pi − theta) = .2 (A)p.96 (B) .2 (C) −.2 (D) −sqrt.96 (E) None of the above.
  93. algebra2/trig

    Write the next term of sequence,and then write the rule for the nth term. 1)1,8,27,64,....125 the nth is n 2) 3,8,15, 24,.....35 the nth is Can you help me and correct ? thank you
  94. algebra 2/trig

    Write the next term of sequence,and then write the rule for the nth term. 1)1,8,27,64,....125 the nth is 2) 3,8,15, 24,.....35 the nth is Can you help me and correct ? thank
  95. math

    I need help with this trig problem cotθ=-√3/3 and 3/2π≤θ≤π, find θ
  96. Trig

    Find the magnitude and direction angle for each vector. Give the measure of the direction angle as an angle in [0,360]. <5sqrt2,-5sqrt2>
  97. ALG 2!!!

    9. Write an equation of a line that passes through (9,-5) and (3,-5). Hint: To answer this question, first find the slope using these 2 points. 10. Write an equation of a line that passes through the points (2,3) and (2,-6). Hint: To answer this question, first find the slope ...
  98. trig

    the height of a projectile is modeled by the equation y=-2x^2+38x+10, where x is a time, in seconds, and y is height, in feet, During what interval of time, to the nearest tenth of a second, is the projectile at least 125 feet above ground
  99. trig

    from an observer tower, a ff.above the level of a river,the angle of depression of a point on the near shore is theta and that of a point directly beyond on the far shore is FI. show that the width of the river is a (cotan theta=p+q/r)
  100. trig

    an airplane has an airspeed of 430 miles per hour at a bearing of 135 degrees. the wind velocity is 35 miles per hour in the direction N30degreesE. Find the resultant speed and direction of the plane.
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