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  1. trig

    If sec(4 = csc(6 ) and Theta is an angle in radian measure determine m angle theta
  2. Trig

    Solve for 0≤x≤2π ---> (2√2)cos²(x)-(√2-2)cos(x)-1=0 much thanks .
  3. trig

    the shadow of a tower is 2y meters longer at 30 degree than when it was at 45 degree. find the height of the tower
  4. Math/Trig

    Solve: 2 sin x - 1 = 0 for 0 degrees is less than or equal to x is less than 360 degrees.
  5. Trig

    Solve: cos2x(2cosx+1) for 0degrees is less than or equal to x is equal to or less than 360degrees
  6. trig

    Determine the value of cos(theta) given that cos(pi − theta) = .2 (A) p.96 (B) .2 (C) −.2 (D) −p.96 (E) None of the above.
  7. trig

    Given Tangent theta = -5 on 4 and cos theta >0, find sine theta and sec theta
  8. mth, trig

    Given cos a=-7/25 in quadrant II , and sin b=-12/13, in quadrant IV , find cos(a+b) and sin2a
  9. trig

    find the angle between vector U=<2,3> and V=<1,-5> answers: 88 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, or 92 degrees...?
  10. Calc- Trig Substitution

    integral of dx/square root(x^2-64) My answer is: ln (x/8 + square root(x^2-64)/8) +c is this right?
  11. Trig

    Verify the identity. (secx + tanx)/(secx - tanx) = (1 + 2sinx + sin(^2)x)/cos(^2)x
  12. trig

    Choose the expression that is equivalent to the given expression. sin 6x tan 3x I got 2 sin^2 3x
  13. Inverse Trig

    Using -pi/2 ≤ y ≤ pi/2, what are the following solutions? y=arcsin root3/2 y=arcsin 1/2
  14. trig

    Establish the following identity: CosA/1-TanA + SinA/1-CotA = CosA-SinA
  15. Trig

    A jet is 115 mi east and 88.3 i north of Niagara Falls. What is its displacement from Niagara Falls?
  16. Trig

    Solve each equation for the given domain. cos^2 theta + cos theta - 1 = 0 for 0-180.
  17. Trig

    Given Tan(A) = 5 in Quadrant III and Sin(B) = ⅔ in Quadrant II, find Sin(A-B).
  18. Trig

    Solve equation for 0 less than or equal to theta less than 360. 3-1/5*tan(theta)=16/5
  19. Trig

    Please help me to simplify using identities 1+tan^2x/tan^2x I don't really understand how to do please help
  20. trig

    It's in sigma notation, so I'm not sure how to type it. I'll just use E lol. Find each sum. 6 E (n+1)/(n+2) n=1 Is this a geometric or arithmetic series? That is pretty much all I really need to know. I appreciate all the help you guys give.
  21. trig

    Two sides of triangle CDE are 9 and 4, as shown. Write an equation in standard form for the line CD. Leave values as radicals. There is a picture of a triangle that passes through point (4,0) The answer is 65^1/2x + 4y = 4(65^1/2) But, I don't understand how to do this problem.
  22. trig

    Hi I need to solve this question for x, where 0<x<2pi. The question is 2cos^2 x + cos x =1. Then it asks me to wrtie a general solution for it. I really don't understand how to do any of this. I just started this unit and I'm finding it so difficult. Any help would be so...
  23. Trig

    I need help solving the two problems below. Thanks For each equation, determine whether its graph is symmetric with respect to the -axis, the -axis, and the origin. Check all symmetries that apply. 1. y=-sqrt(4-x^(2)) 2. 34x^(2)+12y^(2)=18
  24. Trig

    How do I prove the following Identity? sec x(sec x-cos x)=tan^2x If there is a certain website or suggestion to help with these type of equations I would greatly appreciate it. I've been studying these for a while but still get pretty confused.
  25. trig

    Alan is using the equation mg sin A = umg cos A to determine the coefficient of friction, u, between a flat rock and a metal ramp. Find u to the nearest hundredth, if the rock begins to slide at 19º.
  26. Trig

    Sketch a unit circle and label the terminal points corresponding to t= pi/4, 3pi/4, 5pi/4, 7pi/4. Include the coordinates of each point. I have 3 other problems like this and i have no clue how to do them. can someone help please?
  27. algebra2/ trig

    The figure at the right shows three circular pipes all with 12inch diameters the have been strapped together by a metal band.What is the lenght of the band? I don't even know where to start , please help?
  28. Maths Trig

    A 60m long bridge has an opening in the middle and both sides open up to let boats pass underneath. The two parts of the bridge floor rise up to a height of 18 m. Through what angle do they move?
  29. math ALG 2!scientific notations helpp

    1.)Write the following value in scientific notation. 23,000,000 2.)Write the following value in scientific notation. 7,400,000 3.)Write the following value in scientific notation. 0.00000021 4.)Write the following value in scientific notation. 0.00003165 5.)Which value below ...
  30. math ALG 2!scientific notations helpp

    Write the following value in scientific notation. 23,000,000 Write the following value in scientific notation. 7,400,000 Write the following value in scientific notation. 0.00000021 Write the following value in scientific notation. 0.00003165 Which value below is not ...
  31. trig

    find the exact solutions (è in degrees) sin^2è+2cosè=-2 change the sin^2 to 1-cos^2, then rearrage the equation into quadratic form, use the quadratic equaion.
  32. math(trig)

    i need to figure out how to write the formula for the following question In a right triangle a = 30 yds and t5an A = 2. Find b and c. I have the answers but do not know how to write the formula. Can you help me ?
  33. Math/Trig

    The average temperature, in °F, for Atlanta, GA is modeled by the sinusoidal function y = 18.25 sin(pi/6 t - 2.09) + 61.15 where t is the time in months and January is t = 1. What is the average temperature for the month of February? How do I do this problem ? Please Help
  34. college Trig

    Solve this equation on the interval 0 θ < 2π. Round your answer(s) to two decimal places. 2 sin θ + 3 = 2 (smaller value) (larger value)
  35. trig

    whats the horizontal distance traveled by a model rocket launched with an intitial speed of 120 feet per second when the rocket is launched at an angle of 60 degrees
  36. Trig/Precal

    An airplane flies on a compass heading of 90° at 310 mph. The wind affecting the plane is blowing from 332° at 40 mph. What is the true course and ground speed of the airplane?
  37. trig

    This identity means that translating a basic sine graph 3π/2 units to the right produces a basic cosine graph. True or False? sin(X-(3(pi)/2)) = cosX
  38. trig

    From a tower 57 ft high two objects in a straight line from it are sighted at angles of depression of 27degrees and 40degrees5' respectively. Find the distance between the two objects.
  39. Trig right triangle

    A ship leaves port at 6 am and heads due east at 20 knots. At 10 am, to avoid a storm the ship changes course to N 47°. Find the ships distance from port at 4 pm.
  40. Trig

    Two rays with common endpoint O form a 30 degree angle. Point A lies on one ray, point B on the other ray, and AB=1. What is the maximum possible length of OB?
  41. math trig

    If a ferris wheel with a 20.5 meter radius, how high would one car be from the loding dock at these given angles trveled by the rider?: 90 135 180 225 270 315 405 450 495 and 540?
  42. Trig

    The postal service places a limit of 84 inches on the combined lenght and girth (distance around) of a package to be sen parcel post. What Dimensions of a rectangular box with square cross-section will contain the largest volume that can be mailed?
  43. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation. Leave answers in trigonometric form. x^5-1024=0 I got 4(cos tehta + i sin tehta), tehta = 0, 2pi/5, 4pi/5, 6pi/5, 8pi/5 is this right
  44. trig

    On a typical day at an ocean port, the water has a maximum depth of 18m at 6:00 am. The minimum depth of 9m occurs 6.8 hours later. Write an equation to describe the relationship between the depth and time.
  45. Alg 2

    Suppose you deposit a principal amount of p dollars in a bank account that pays compound interest. If the annual interest rate r (expressed as a decimal) and the bank makes interest payments n times every year, the amount of money A you would have after t years is given by ...
  46. trig

    (sec(x) / (sec(x)-1)) - (sec(x) / (sex(x)+1)) = 2cot(x)csc(x)
  47. trig

    solve for theta 6. tan theta=-1 7. sin(theta/2)=1/2 thank you for your help!
  48. Trig

    Solve the following interval 0<_ (less than or equal to)0(Theta)<2pi: 1. sin0(theta) + sin2 0(theta) = 0 2. 2cos^20 (theta) + cos0 (theta) -1 = 0
  49. Trig

    Use a calculator to find θ to the nearest tenth of a degree, if 0° < θ < 360° and csc(θ)=1.4307 with θ in QII θ=?
  50. Trig

    Given that tan θ = - (√3/8) and θ is in QII, find the exact value of a. r = b. csc θ c. cos θ d. cot θ
  51. Trig

    Given that cos θ = 5/13 and θ is in QIV, find the exact value of a. y b. sin θ c. sec θ d. tan θ
  52. Trig.

    79): Find the area of the sector of the circle. Radius: 2.5 feet. Central Angle: 225 degrees. I multiplied (1/2)(25/4)(5pi/4), and I got 100pi/16, which reduced to 50pi/8 when I halved it. I reduced that to 25pi/4 or 19.63. But the book's answer is 12.27. How'd I mess up?
  53. trig

    I need help with this problem: If San Francisco Giants homerun king, Barry Bonds, hit a baseball due west with a speed of 50.0 m/s, and the ball encountered a wind that blew it north at 5.00 m/s, what was the resultant velocity of the baseball?
  54. Trig

    Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi) . cos(theta)=0.7125 If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. Do not round any intermediate computations, and round your answer(s) to the nearest hundredth. Can someone help me with this? Thanks

    1) Find the exact value. Use a sum or difference identity. tan (-15 degrees) 2) Rewrite the following expression as a trigonometric function of a single angle measure. cos 3x cos 4x - sin 3x sine 4x
  56. Trig

    Find the exact value of sinx/2 if cosx = 2/3 and 270 < x < 360. A)1/3 B)-1/3 C)sqrt 6/6 D)-sqrt 6/6 C, since I KNOW cosx is always positive but I don't know the work involved. I know the half angle formula
  57. College Preparation

    I'm trying to major in history or journalism. Should I take trigonometry, or do you think that's not needed? I know it varies from school to school, but overall, do you think I'll be fine without trig?
  58. Trig

    Find the exact circular function value for: sec(23pi/6) I know the answer should be: [2sqrt(3)]/3, but I do not understand how to solve the problem. I have a unit circle, but 23pi/6 is not on it, so I don't know how to find the (x,y)
  59. Trig

    The lengths QR, RP, and PQ in triangle PQR are often denoted p, q, and r, respectively. What do the formulas 1/2 pq sinR and 1/2 qr sin P mean? After you justify the equation 1/2 pq sinR = 1/2 qr sin P, simplify it to a familiar form.
  60. Math/Trig

    Find the linear velocity of an object, 3 cm away from the center, rotating on a circular object with an angular velocity of 0.56 rad/sec. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  61. Math

    Trying to understand an inverse trig function. Evaluate Cos^-1 (sqr3/2) So I know it's 30 degrees, but wouldn't it also be 150 degrees because the Arc-cos is defined in the 2nd quadrant?
  62. trig

    city A is 300 miles directly north of city B assuming the earth to be sphere of radius 4000 miles determine the difference in latitude in degrees of the two cities
  63. math algebra trig

    For the graph of each function, find an equation of the line of symmetry and the coordinates of the vertex. Tell whether the value of the function at the vertex if a maximum or a minimum: a) y = -x^2 + 4x - 7; b) y = 2x^2 + 4x; c) y = -3x^2 - 18x + 5.
  64. Trig

    P was at its maximum after 5 seconds. Use this information to write the value of the last constant, h. (If the value is a fraction, use a slash to separate the numerator from the denominator without spaces, such as 3/4.)
  65. trig

    A loading ramp is 35 feet long and forms an angle measuring 10° with the ground. How high is the top end of the ramp off the ground? Round your answer to the nearest tenth?
  66. Trig

    A planes actual resulting ground speed and direction are 550 mph and N26E. A wind is blowing from the northeast. If the pilot is holding a course of N27E how fast is the wind blowing?
  67. Math Pre-Calc/Trig

    If 11 square meters of tile are available to make a rectangle whose width must be 6 meters less than its length, what would be the dimensions of the rectangle?
  68. trig

    Please find sin (alpha/2) and cos (alpha/2) sec alpha = 3, -pi/2 < alpha < 0
  69. trig

    how does this work? (Sin2x+cos2x+2sin²x)/(sinx+cosx) = (sinx+cosx
  70. trig

    is this right... a) give reference angle -200=20 degrees reference angle??
  71. trig

    lx - 2l - lx + 2l > x The absolute value of x - 2 minus the absolute value of x + 2 greater than x. What is the Answer Please Help!
  72. trig

    How do you solve for these identities: 1-sin^2è/cosè= cosè sin^4è-cos^4è=2sin^2è-1
  73. trig

    sin(theta)cos(theta)sec(theta)csc(theta) How do I simplify
  74. trig

    suppose sin(x)=5/6, and x is in the first quadrant. Determine cos(x), sin(2x), and cos(2x).
  75. Trig

    tan^2t/sect=sect-cost cott^2/csct=csct-sint
  76. trig

    from the intervals 0 less than or equal to theda less than 2 pie, what is cot theda of 2
  77. Prove trig identity

    Prove the following trigonometric identity: (sec^2x-1)(csc^2x-1)=1
  78. trig

    What is cos(11pi/3)? Explain your thinking. What is sin(13pi/4) ? Explain your thinking.
  79. Trig

    Prove (3cosθ-4sinθ)^2+(4cosθ+3sinθ)^2=25
  80. Advanced Functions/Trig

    Prove the following: sin(x+y)sin(x-y) = cos^2 (y) - cos^2 (x)
  81. Pre-Calc/Trig

    State the domain and range for each function. y=2x^2/(x^2-1) domain: ? range: ?
  82. Alg 1

    Issa is driving to the airport to catch a flight to miami, and her arrival depoends on traffic. If the traffic is light, then she can drive 60 mph and arrive at the airport 1 hour early. If traffic is heavy, she can drive 35 mph and arrive at the airport on time. The equation ...
  83. ALG. ASAP

    The orbit of comet Hale-Bopp is an ellipse as shown below. The units are astronomical units (abbreviated AU). 1 AU ≈ 92,960,000 mi. (a) Find an equation in standard form of the orbit of the comet. (Enter your answer in terms of AU.) (b) The distance from the center, C, ...
  84. trig

    Question Part Points Submissions Used The angle of elevation to the top of a very tall Building is found to be 7° from the ground at a distance of 1 mi from the base of the building. Using this information, find the height of the building.
  85. math (trig)

    Given tan 0 = -5/12 determine the possible values of 0 to the nearest hundreth So what I did is find that tan-1(5/12) equals 0.35. Then because tan can be negative in quadrants 1 and 3 subtract 0.35 from pi and then from 2pi. So I got 2.79 and 5.933 I'm not sure if this is ...
  86. trig

    find in degrees the value of Ө in the interval O¡ÜӨ¡Ü 360 for which 2cos^2Ө-cosӨ-1=sin^2Ө give your answers to 1 decimal place where appropriate
  87. trig (pre-cal class)

    Suppose è is an acute angle of a right triangle. For this function, find the values of the remaining five trigonometric functions of è. Round to four decimal places. sin è = 0.1 cos è = tan è = cot è = csc è = sec è =
  88. trig

    I am doing a similar assignment as Anaa please help! y = 3cos(x-1) Amplitude: Period: Two x - intercepts: y-intercept: Domain: Range: Shift along x: Shift along y: Kind of reflection Thank you so much!
  89. Trig

    A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 17deg leads from a lodge to an elevation of 900 feet to a mountain lake at a elevation of 5500 ft. what is the length of the trail? (im soo stuck on this problem)
  90. Trig

    I'm trying to find out which quadrant some trigonometric functions lie in. The problem is one of them is equal to zero, and zero is neither positive or negative. How do I determine which quadrant it belongs in then???
  91. trig

    fridge temp equation: T(x)=3sin(pi/10x)+36 What are the high and low temps that will occur in the fridge after its been chilled to 36 degrees? How many mins between these temps? What is the period length?
  92. trig

    Please help me solve this problem. I have a test tomorrow and I do not understand at all. Determine all solutions of the equations in radians. Find cos x/2, given that cos x = 1/4 and x terminates in 0 < x < π/2.
  93. Trig

    Water is being pumped at a 3 cubic feet/minute into a cylindrical storage tank with a circular base of a radius 4 feet. Find the depth of the water (d) as a fucntion of time (t)
  94. Trig

    If sinx = 1/4 Find the exact value of cos2x I used the formula for double angle identities : cos2x = 1-2sin^2x and got the answer 1/2 The book says the answer is 7/8 How would they get to that conclusion?
  95. calculus

    need help simplifying some trig identities such as: (csc t) (sin t) cos t = 0.75 and tan t = 0.88, find sec t and cot t; (cot2t) (sin2t) + sin2 t; csc2t - cot2t/sin2t
  96. Geom./Trig.

    an airplane flies directly overhead at 540mph. 1 minute later is seen at an angle of elevation of 34 degrees. how far did the airplane fly during that time? what is the elevation of the plane?
  97. Trig Help Please!!!

    Find the indicated angle è. (Use either the Law of Sines or the Law of Cosines, as appropriate. Assume a = 95 and c = 137(angle B=38). Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  98. Precalculus/Trig 3

    The degree measure of an angle theta is 40 degrees. What is the radian Measure of theta? at what point P does the terminal ray intersect the unit circle (what is the ordered paid P(____, ___)?

    Can someone please give me a step by step answer on how to find the complex cube roots of 8(cos(4π/5)+isin(4π/5))? I need to know how to do this for my trig final next week.
  100. trig

    Given that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side contains the given point, provide the exact value of the indicated function. (-2, -3) Find sec θ.
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