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  1. Trig/PreCalc

    Use an algebraic method to eliminate the parameter and identify the graph of the parametric curve. x=5-3t y=2+t -1<-x-<3
  2. trig

    Suppose that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at , −15/17,−8/17
  3. Trig.

    Given sin ∅ 3/5, find a, the other angle in the right triangle The answer is 30,60,90 How is this someone explain?
  4. Trig

    For parametric equations x=a cos t And y=b sin t Describe how the values of a and b determine which comic section will be traced.
  5. elem alg

    On a certain test, the student gets 3 points for each correct answer and loses 2 points for each incorrect answer. The test has 37 questions total. (no question can be lfet blank.) If x is the number of answers a students gets correct, write and express fro the students total ...
  6. Alg 2 HELP!!

    1.) Find an exponential function of the form y=ab^x whose graph passes through the points (2,48) and (5,3072) 2.) The variables x and y vary inversely. Use the given values to write an equation relating x and y. Then find y when x=3. x=6, y=-1 3.) The variable z varies jointly...
  7. geometry/trig

    Initially a fifty foot ladder rests against a wall. As I start to climb it, the ladder slides down, finally stopping such that the ladder touches the wall at a point 8 feet below where it originally touched the wall. During the slide, the base of the ladder slid 16 feet from ...
  8. trig

    How do I find 1 positive and 1 negative coterminal angle for: 1) -460 degrees 2) 11pi/4 3) -12pi/5 WERE DO YOU GO TO GOOGLE BECAUSE I TIRED!
  9. Pre Calculus/Trig

    find the area of a circle inscribed in triangle ABC where a=9, b=13, and the measure of angle C=38 degrees
  10. math (trig)

    Im having problems solving this equation: 2sin(x) = cos(x) + 2 I keep getting an imaginary number..:/
  11. trig

    Solve the given triginometric equation analytically 7 sinx - 2 = 3(2 - sin x) If your are online, thank you my dear Reiny:) Priya
  12. trig

    Evaluate giving exact values and identities. Calculator based solutions are not acceptable. Thanks for any help cos (7pi/12)
  13. trig

    Evaluate giving exact values and identities. Calculator based solutions are not acceptable. Thanks for any help cos (-5pi/12)
  14. trig

    tan=.6524 use a calculator to approximate two value of an angle (0<0<360) that satisfy the equation.
  15. trig

    for a set of data the line of best fit is given by y=-.687x + 3.431 and r^2=.325. what is the correlation efficient
  16. Trig

    Please explain inverse functions. i.e. find angle if Sin x = 2.3 divided by 8.15. Answer 16.30 degrees. How did they do that??? Tks
  17. Trig

    Using a double angle formula how would you find the exact value of this expression? Cos²105° - sin²105°
  18. Math Trig

    As the time changes from 4:10 pm to 6:45 pm on the analog clock, determine the change in radian measure of the minute hand.
  19. Calculus (trig stuff)

    How do I do these type of problems find the exact value. Do not use a calculator cos 7pi
  20. trig

    Find the exact value of the trigonometric function: sec(-pi/12) I am not sure how to answer this off the unit circle.
  21. math

    correction: use the unit circle to fin the ecaxtvalue for all trig functions theta=2pi/3
  22. trig

    using the trigonometric identities find the exact (radical form) value of cos (105 degrees)
  23. Trig

    Need answer check pls. Find the rectAngular equation for the plane curve by parametric equAtions. X=t +4 , y= t^2
  24. trig

    use the calculator to find the trigonometric values. express your answers in ten-thousandths. sin 53 degrees 30 ft
  25. trig

    the leg opposite the 50 degree angle in a right triangle measures 8 meters. find the length of the hypotenuse
  26. trig

    find all sets of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is greater than 54 and less than 63
  27. trig

    Write an equation of a secant graph that has amplitude of 3, period of pi/2, is shifted to the left pi/4, and is flipped over the x - axis.
  28. Math 12

    trig question 2sin^2x+sinx-6=0 how to solve for x when the restriction is x is greater than or equal to zero but less than 2pi
  29. Pre Calc Trig

    Verify the following: tan( a + p/2) = -cot a a= alpha and p= pie since I do not have that button.
  30. trig

    Find the values of the trigonmeric functions of t from the given information cos t = -4/5 terminal point of t is in quadrant III
  31. trig. identities

    sin2x+sin2y=2sin(x+y)cos(x-y) Please helpp mee!! thank you sooo much really!!
  32. precalculus

    how you do you use the power-reducing formula to find the exact value of the trig function: sin^2(37pi/12)
  33. trig

  34. trig

    verify the identity. cos2 x - sin2 x = 1 - 2sin2 x the 2's next to the sin and cos on the right sides are powers.
  35. Math Trig

    Find all solutions on the interval [0,2pi] for the following: 2sin^2(x)-5sin(x)=-3 cos^2(x)+sin(x)=1
  36. trig

    determine wheather each of the following is an identity or not prove it 1. cos^2a+sec^2a=2+sina 2. cot^2a+cosa=sin^2a
  37. trig

    Use the appropriate cofunction to find an equivalent expression for cos 54° cot 24 sec 32 sin 36 csc 44
  38. ah trig help

    use an apropriate sum or difference indentity to prove the double-angle identity cos2u=1-2sin2u
  39. trig

    Find the numerical value of cos(60degree) + cot(30degree): (A) 1/2 (B) 3p3/2 (C) 12 +p3 (D) 52p3 (E) None of the above.
  40. Trig

    How would you write the partial fraction decomposition of the rational expresion 1/(x^2)-25? I know that you factor the denominator, so that's 1/(x-5)(x+5). What are the next steps?
  41. trig

    how much force is necessary to stop a 2500 pound car from rolling down a 40degree slope
  42. trig

    An arc subtends an angle 15 degrees at the centre of the circle. If the radius is 4 centimetres, find the area of the sector?
  43. Trig

    Find the exact value of each of the following using reference angles. a)sin 225degrees b) cot 120degrees
  44. trig

    I have to factor the expression and use fundamental identities: sins^2xcscx^2-sin^2x sec^4x-tan^4x
  45. trig

    A rocket is launched at an angle of ascent (elevation) of 18 degrees. When it has traveled 6000 ft, what is its height above the ground?
  46. math c30 trig

    Determine the period length of y= 2/3 sin (3x/2 ) I had 3pi/2 but the correct answer is 4pi/3 how do you get that???
  47. Trig

    Find the measure of the central angle, in radians, given the area of the sector as 22.6 cm2 and a radius equal to 3.7 cm
  48. Algebra/trig

    How would i use my calculator to find the approximate value of the expression, cot 0.2748 rad
  49. trig

    find the coordinates of the terminal point on the unit circle determined by t=9pt/7 to two decimal places
  50. trig

    Use the Law of Sines to solve each triangle. P=110 degrees p=125, r=200 in triangel PQR
  51. trig

    Find the length of the circular arc intercepted by a central angle of 20 degrees in a circle or radius 5cm
  52. trig

    The hypotenuse of the right triangle PQR is 16ft. length. The sine of the angle <P is 3/5. How many feet long is the line if QR?
  53. trig

    Describe the possible values of variable a such that (/72) + (/a) can be simplified to a single term. Note: (/a) is the square root of a.
  54. math, trig

    Graph one period of the following function. Show all work . y=2sinx+2cosx
  55. Trig/Precalc

    solve 6=e^0.2t Round your answer to the nearest hundredth Someone please help me - I don't understand this problem at all!
  56. TRIG

    find the degree measure of a central angle subtended by an arc of 8.00cm in a circle with circumference 20.0cm
  57. Trig

    Using this graph: imgur [dot] com/utSgKI9 Find the measures of angles A and G in the drawing (m is parallel to n) if C=4x-18 and F=2x+34
  58. Trig

    Use a half-angle identity to find the exact value for sec(x/2) if sinx = -12/13 ; 3pi/2 < x < 2pi
  59. trig

    Solve rounding to 2 decimal places. 9cosx + 4cos(2x) + 1 = 0 over 0° ≤ x < 360° Thanks to anyone that can help! I'm totally stumped.
  60. math

    In right triangle ABC, a = 52 ft and c = 63 ft. Which of the following trig ratios of angle B, would combine the given sides?
  61. Trig

    Evaluate tan(a-b). No decimals. Only exact answer. Sin a = -7/25, cot b = -8/15 neither a nor b are in quadrant IV.
  62. Trig

    Evaluate tan(a-b). No decimals. Only exact answer. Sin a = -7/25, cot b = -8/15 neither a nor b are in quadrant IV.
  63. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Use Descartes' rule of signs to describe the roots of the polynomial function. m(x)=x^3+3x^2-18x-40
  64. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Go over this with me please, I forgot how to do it. Solve the polynomial equation. 15x^3-119x^2-10x+16=0
  65. TRIG!

    true or false, the two sets of parametric equations x=t, y=t^2+1 and x=3t, y=9t^2+1 have the same graph. justify your decision.
  66. trig

    How much does it cost to paint a triangular surface of sides 6m,5m, and 11m at the rate of rs.20/-per metre square.
  67. trig equations

    Find all solutions (if they exist)for the given equation on the interval [0,2pi) cos^2x-5sinx+5=0
  68. functions and trig

    write the transformation of X cubed if it is shifted right four units and then reflected over the X axis
  69. Trig

    Find the exact value of the trigonometric function given that sin u=3/5 and cos v=-8/17. Both u and v are in quadrant II. Tan (u+v)
  70. Trig

    Convert the polar equation to rectangular form. r=4cos-4sin What I have so far: r^2=4rcos-4rsin x^2+y^2-4x+4y x^2-4x+y^2+4y=0
  71. trig

    Find the exact value of costheta if ,sintheta=-2/3 and theta is in standard position with its terminal side in Quadrant IV.
  72. alg. Connections

    Lucy wants to be exempt from her semester exam. In order for that to happen, she has to average an 85 over 3 test grades. Her first 2 test grades were 81 and 86. What does Lucy need to make on her third test in order to have an exact average of 85 and be exempt from her exam?
  73. Math - Alg

    How much pure acid must be added to a 30% acid solution to make a 60L solution which is 50% acid? This was the answer I got from Reiny. amount of pure acid to be added -- x L 1(x) + .3(60-x) = .5(60) 10x + 3(60-x) = 5(60) 10x + 180 - 3x = 300 7x = 120 x = 120/7 or appr 17.14 L...
  74. trig

    I am almost finished iwth my questionings:) Solve the given triginometric equation analytically sin4x - cos2x = 0 Priya
  75. trig

    Evaluate giving exact values and identities. Calculator based solutions are not acceptable. Thanks for any help cos (4pi/3 – 3pi/4)
  76. trig

    for a set of data, the line best fit is given by the y-0.697x + 3.431 anr r^2 = .325. what is the correlation co efficient
  77. trig

    solve the following equation in the interval [0,2pi]. Give the answer as a multiple of pi. Do not use decimal numbers (sin(t))^2=3/4
  78. trig

    give 3 different coterminal angles in radians to: pie/3 i changed that to degree and got 60 degress, but now i'm stuck...i don't know what to do
  79. Algebra 2/Trig

    Solving Multivariable Linear Systems: 3x-5y+5z = 1 5x-2y+3z = 0 7x-y+z = 5 I am confused on how to solve this. I'm supposed to use the Row-Echelon form. Thanks.
  80. trig

    Point P is located at the intersection of a circle with a radius of r and the terminal side of an angle q. Find the coordinates of p to the nearest hundreth. q = -60° , r = 7
  81. Trig

    We started a new lesson on Monday on identities. Our test is tommorrow. I have no idea of what I'm doing! Can somebody help me study?
  82. Trig

    How do I simplify this? cos4xcos3x-sin4xcos3x I pulled the cos3x out as a common factor but that doesn't really help. Can someone please direct me on this. Thanks!
  83. trig

    The function d=-8cos2t describes a simple harmonic motion, where d is the distance(in meters) an object travel in t seconds. What is the frequency?
  84. trig

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 1- sin x = 3 cos^2 x over the domain 0 degrees to 360 degres
  85. trig

    find all values of x on interval 0-2pi. (sin4x)(cos7x)=(cos4x)(sin7x) identities should be used.
  86. trig

    Given that sin x = - ã2/2 and that cos x is negative, find the other functions of x and the value of x. can you explain how this problem can be solved please.
  87. trig

    Given a right triangle with legs 8 and 5, find the measure of the two acute angles. (Round to the nearest hundredth
  88. trig

    how do you graph y=-(1/4)sin(3/4x+pi/8? include the amplitude, period, vertical translation, horizontal shift, and table of values please.
  89. trig

    Find the angle between 0 and 2pi that is coterminal with negative one half pi; expressing the answer in radians in terms of pi.
  90. trig

    Ok, so im brand new at trigonometry. If i have a right triangle with an acute angle of 30° an opposite side of 4 and a hypotenuse of x how do ii find x
  91. trig

    I get that we have to put it into radical form, but I don't understand the process. Can someone walk me through it and explain it? arccos(-1/2)
  92. trig

    i can not figure out how to write the complex number in rectangular form the question is 4(cos 5Pie/6 + i sin 5 pie/6)
  93. trig

    find all values of theta in the interval (0,360) that have the given value: sintheta= √2 ______ 2
  94. trig

    use a calculator to find the decimal approx. (roud 8decimal places) : sec28°6' does it equal 1.13362379 or 87.99624264 ???
  95. Trigonometry

    Solve. 2sin(2ƒÆ) + ã3 = 0 interval [0, 2ƒÎ) How do I start this? I feel like maybe Trig Identities, but I'm not really sure.
  96. trig

    write an equation expressing: cos37cos99 as a sum Review question. I know the formula. Having trouble with working it out.
  97. Trig/advance math concepts

    state the amplitude, period, and phase shift of the function -0.4 sin (10x+pie/2)
  98. trig/math

    If A is between 270degrees and 360degrees, and cos A=12/13, find the exact value of: sin2a, cos2a, sin1/2a, cos1/2a
  99. trig

    an isosceles triangle has a perimeter of 60in. the congruent sides measure (2x+9)cm. the length of the third side is 3xcm. what is the value of X?
  100. Calculus

    Integrate [1/square root of(e^(2x)-1)]. I have to use u substitution. We are doing the integrals of inverse trig functions, but I cannot get it to work out!
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